but omg the lyrics are so true!!!


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  • knowing yoongi he would spend a good deal of time procrastinating on his own feelings for you because he’s both unsure and worried (though, he won’t admit it) about telling you what he feels but at the same time he’s a very blunt person - just skimming around the subject would ultimately annoy him and so one day he’d just be super straightforward and be like;
  • “I like you as more than just a friend. You don’t have to answer me now, but I hope that you’ll be truthful.”
  • and tbh it’s kinda chic and courageous the way he just tells you and you’re impressed by his brave front (and so is bangtan even though taehyung spends like 5 hours imitating yoongi later and adding in exaggerations and yoongi would fight him but he’s too busy being happy because you said you LIKE HIM TOO)
  • so the first date is really relaxed and laid back it’s just a trip to the movies with a nice dinner after and like yoongi is his usual self and you’re kinda nervous and you’re like holy shit he’s so calm?? and collected 
  • but tbh he got his phone open to the group chat and he’s like ‘listen jin don’t ever use this as blackmail against me because i still have that pic of you in a cheongsam in case you do so help me out whAT THE HELL DO I DO’ 
  • and you don’t see it but yoongi keeps kinda tapping his fingers and shaking his leg because you two are in such close proximity at the movies and you’re just eating popcorn looking cute laughing at all the corny jokes and yoongi even in the dark light of the cinema can see your cute feature illuminated by the movie lights and he just
  • ok he really wants to like kiss you but jin’s text was like ‘act natural and don’t say anything too mean and blunt’ and yoongi’s like in his head like jin is right but also jin is wrong i just wanna tell them i wanna kiss them
  • but he holds back and at dinner you two just talk and you jokingly ask if he wants to do twenty questions on the way back home and yoongi’s like you know what sure
  • and like you ask each other basic stuff like your favorite color/ dream vacation/ what kind of animal do i remind you of kinda thing but then he’s like 
  • “what do you feel right now? like in this moment?”
  • and it’s so straightforward but you like gulp down the lump in your throat and you’re like “well,,,,i feel like the luckiest person on the planet.” and he kind of gets taken back and like his eyes drop to the floor cutely and he’s like “why?” and you giggle into your palm and you’re like “it’s embarrassing,,,” but yoongi slowly lifts his eyes to meet yours and he smiles and it’s probably the most gentle one you’ve ever seen on him and he’s like “i promise i won’t laugh” and you’re like “i,,,,feel lucky because im with you and…….i….know i want to be even closer to you …know….if that’s ok….”
  • and yoongi kinda doesnt answer for a moment and you get a bit scared but it’s honestly because he’s biting his tongue with happiness and he’s just at a loss for words until he’s like 
  • “i want you to know that i feel the same way.”
  • and it’s cute afterwords your dates don’t really get fancy even though jin is always like for godsake yoongi take them to like a play or at least a more expensive restaurant but you never mind just meeting up with him to go like to the grocery store since the dorms running low on food or eating street food with him on a busy saturday night like it’s the small moments with him that count for you
  • and once you two kinda become official you like spend a lot of time with yoongi in the studio because he’s breaking his back over lyrical writing and guaranteeing armys a fantastic album and like
  • you love watching him so focused and determined even though every now and then you have to be like “yoongi here is some water and some snacks no you can’t eat them later eat them now because i know you will forget”
  • tbh you and jin bond over feeding yoongi it’s cute jin’s like thank you for keeping my son nourished and you’re like ??? ok ofc
  • but taehyung and jimin always peeking through the cracked door to see if you and yoongi are doing anything ahem “adult” and yoongi threatening to throw his notebook at them or something because god they’re like kids
  • but also like when he’s got a little time to spare he goes over and you cuddle into his shoulder and he’s just like “i wish i could nap” and you’re like “i wish you could nap too so i could nap with you” and he’s like “our next date should be a nap.”
  • and it’s in this like innocent small moment that he leans over and pecks your lips ever so gently and you’re like ,,,oh and yoongi just kinda lazily smiles and closes his eyes and the next thing you know he’s knocked out on your lap but you’re like touching your lips like ,,,, goddammit min yoongi you cutie pie 
  • and skinship like yoongi starts off reserved but after this like after he falls asleep in your lap and wakes up to see that you’re calmly sleeping as well with your fingers entwined with his he gains the confidence to be more affectionate
  • and like a big cat he gets very cuddly when he’s tired just head rubbing against your shoulder and murmuring against your neck that you’re warm and like pulling you closer by the waist
  • but most of the other times just holding hands is enough honestly yoongi will never say it but just brushing his fingertips over your skin makes him so comforted because like you’re so warm and you’re all his like ,,,, wow
  • jimin: i think you should kiss them more often yoongi: i think cHiLDREN shouldn’t know about these things 
  • kissing is kinda limited to soft little pecks and yoongi isn’t the biggest fan of making out, he’s much more prone to kissing other places of your body especially your hands
  • he’d just love pressing his mouth to the back of your palm while working just like a habit of his
  • but when he does want to get a little more……intimate….his kisses can be very slow and calculating and every step is dragged out until you can’t take it anymore and take control by just grabbing his face and honestly like
  • yoongi likes this go-forward, dominate side you can have
  • but like it’s just for him to know about it has to be hush hush around the members even though when he comes in with a scarf wrapped around his neck taehyung is just like OOOO SOMEONE GOT SOME LAST NIGH-
  • and yoongi like thumps him on the head like shut it boy
  • also yoongi lives for massages like sometimes he’ll just plop down in front of you and be like “my muscles are dying please revive them” and you’re like omf are you ok and yoongi with his eyes closed is just like a muffled “no”
  • when they’re preparing for a comeback or tour yoongi can get extra moody and hard to read and there are days when he just wants to be alone and like you know not to bother him but the truth is even in those stressful situations like he wants to feel you cuddled in his arms 
  • like he needs your touch to calm himself down and like when he’s too tired to call you over like 
  • namjoon will be like: taehyung get yoongi’s phone and call you know who because yoongi looks like he might kill all of us 
  • when you come over in a rush, probably in some sweatpants yoongi just sees you and he opens his arms and you’re like “is it tough? the dancing?” and he just nods and like curls you closer to him and you pet his hair and just kiss his forehead
  • the rest of bangtan like quietly slips away but like afterwords tae, jungkook, and jimin aren’t gonna let you two live until jin pulls them away by the ear
  • and when you’re there for long hours like watching over him while he practices and you’re like dozing off trying to stay awake yoongi catches himself just looking at you because your sleepy, dreamy gaze is just so adorable 
  • jungkook in the back: hyung you’re drooling 
  • you honestly probably get texts complaining from the maknae line about how naggy your boyfriend is they’re always like “control him, he keeps getting grumpy about everything” and you call yoongi and like literally while you’re on the phone he’s like “taehyung i swear to god if you drink all the milk before i can have any im going to-” and you’re like “honey, let it go he’s a child” and yoongi is grumbling like “child or not, he can be such a headache” and you’re just giggling like don’t be mean ill buy you some milk after work and some snacks ok and yoongi is like this is why i love you
  • yoongi actually never wants to show you how good he is at basketball and you never know why and it turns out that he’s just kinda shy about his skills infront of you like he’s worried he’ll mess up and look dumb but one day jimin invites you over to watch a match and like
  • yoongi is so good he looks so happy and like he’s having fun 
  • and at the end you run over and you like lean up to kiss him and be like “you’re so amazing!!!” and the compliment makes him falter a little and hide his face behind his bangs but you’re like leaning over to wipe the sweat from his face and you two are having your cute moment on the court while jin is probably like namjoon get your camera out take a picture of this sweet moment omg look at yoongi’s smile this is like a mOViE
  • whenever yoongi is away overseas or something you make it a point to listen to his compositions, even the ones that haven’t been released because they remind him of you
  • and yoongi, when he has no motivation or inspiration and needs to compose, he just automatically starts thinking about you and everything about you that makes him love you and that just makes him want to write
  • honestly he has a notebook full of ideas that he’s gotten just because you inspire him you’re his lyrical muse it’s kinda cheesy but like ,,, it’s true he loves you so much
  • one time when yoongi was away on tour you got an email from jin and it was titled ‘photos of yoongi sleeping in weird positions’ and it made you almost fall out of your chair laughing 
  • yoongi likes seeing you wear his beanies,,,,he’s like you look cute and you’re like cuter than you and he’s like in your dreams lmfao
  • sometimes you’re like yoongi it’s been three days you need to go out in the sunlight and he’s like akhfgldens nooooo and you’re like yoongi if you go outside i will kiss you and he’s like ,,,, you already kiss me enough and you’re like Min YOONgi and he’s like uuuuuughhhh will you kiss me five times? and you’re like hmmm four and he’s like uuuughhhh but rolls off the couch and is like fine let’s go the things i do for your LOVE
  • he’d have a habit of like filming you,,,,like when you least expect it like you’d just be reading over something, tucking your hair behind your ear and when you look up yoongi’s there with his phone and you’re like !!!! omg yoongi and try to cover your face but he’s just chuckling like no no you’re cute
  • “my ideal date is us going to ikea, buying some really good blankets and pillows, going back home, and sleeping” 
  • i don’t think he’d be the biggest lover of like petnames or anything like that but i think he’d occasionally just hold you against him and be like “mine?” and you’d be like “yours.” and he’d press your foreheads together it’d be so great ,,, 
  • you and yoongi making sarcastic comments about tv shows as you’re laying on the carpet eating pizza out the box would probably be a regular thing for you two
  • also yoongi using your tummy as a pillow
  • and like yes being with him is cute and like not high maintenance at all but yoongi is a complex person with a beautiful and creative mind that sometimes drives him to want to be better than he already is but like ,,, there’s a limit and yoongi sometimes ends up blaming himself for mistakes that are ultimately out of his hand
  • and you’re like always stern about this you always let him now when too much is too much like being in the studio for over 48 hours straight or beating himself up over something he did at a fan sign or on a show that people were criticising him for
  • even though he’s stubborn and will argue with you about how no he’s wrong, like you don’t give up and in the end yoongi probably just hangs his head and you have to like hold his face in your hands and be like yoongi you can’t please everyone but im proud of you, bangtan is proud of you, please give yourself some credit
  • and yoongi doesn’t cry easily but he’ll just lean into you for support because hearing that validation from you makes him feel loved and sometimes that’s what he needs because otherwise he’d wear himself out to the bone trying to fix mistakes that can’t be
  • and out of everyone namjoon really thanks you for that and sometimes you and namjoon just go out so you can talk about yoongi and you thank him for taking care of him when you’re not around and namjoon is just like “im happy he finally found someone he never wants to be apart from. he used to be so lonely, but now he’s found you and you’re really his everything.”
  • and it’s true like yoongi hates noise and hates having too much company but like you are never a burden on him you are literally his shining light and like 
  • one day as you’re laying next to him, skin on skin, wish like the moonlight in the window he’s just like “seriously, i really don’t want anyone else but you.”
  • and you know it makes your heart melt and your knees go weak and you’re like min yoongi you have permission to wREck me but also like 
  • permission to have my heart forever 
  • like its so cute just you sitting with your legs over yoongi’s feeding him like cookies and he has those round glasses he likes to wear on and he got you a pair so you could match and you’re just comfy
  • like you’re his home and he’s your home and like 
  • watch his perfect face as he works and every now and then he leans in to let you kiss under his jaw and like 
  • it’s nice and relaxing
  • yoongi has the cutest bedhead in the world like you love when it’s all messy and you’re like don’t comb it i love it and he’s like ok and leans over to mess up your hair with his hands and you’re like yooNGI and he’s like look it’s cute on you two
  • you and yoongi the kinda couple to stand in the bathroom together and brush each other’s teeth or well like you’re brushing his teeth cuz he’s still very sleepy 

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For the first time i feel like the winner isn't at the level to be called smtm winner. I like him,but Nucksal is way better and Wonjae has better lyrics then him. Using Zion.T and Dean was a good move. I hate this 'omg, don't be salty just because your fave didn't win, he slayed with Zion.T and Dean' yeah, true. Song that the public enjoyed because of this 2, let's be honest,If the song was a solo, people would still talk like this? One good rapper, but def not the best out of 12000

lol I respect your opinion and I kinda see where you’re coming from but I would have to disagree on some accounts. So this is a bit long winded but I wanna cover all of your points fairly ^-^

For one thing. His song WAS a solo. So to say that people “enjoyed it” solely because Dean and Zion. T is kind of inaccurate. I think it did well because some of the crowd knew it already. Hangzoo dropped it three years ago. Much like a couple songs on SMTM people end up reusing or remixing old songs because since they’re going by crowd votes it’ll go over better if the crowd is somewhat familiar with it. (Vasco and Cjamm did that for almost all their songs on SMTM3, Basick did it was Ganzi and Blacknut did it with M.I.L.E, and Maniac did it with Killin’ It this year)

Also having a producer on his on stage wasn’t exactly a trump card. It’s not really mind blowing to see Dean on a stage and I kind of thought his appearance on the stage was underwhelming. Now if they got Crush on that stage I would have been like “Wow! Plot twist that was surprising!” Although Zion. T was a nice surprise.

This year I thought the top three for SMTM was incredible. You had Woo Wonjae, the rookie rapper that wowed everyone with his lyrics, Nucksal the old school veteran that everyone was betting on, and Hangzoo; the underdog.

By all accounts, Hangzoo was the underdog. Because of that automatic reaction of “Well, Nucksal is Nucksal and he’s more experienced and a better rapper. He’s Korean hiphop personified” or “Wonjae is a precious bby that needs to be protected and oh my god look at his smile and his lyrics are so deep, he loves his mom” And Hangzoo honestly can’t even get lines in Rhythm Power songs. (Seriously look at the line distribution in Horangnabi and Bangsaneung Hangzoo literally gets just back vocals and the hook in a three member group. He was the least popular amongst the three and out of everyone in rhythm power no one was betting on Hangzoo to pass the first auditions since his teammates did so well previous years. 

Which puts me in a weird place. I personally wanted Nucksal to win. I’m a big fan of veteran-ship, and experience over all. I’m a huge fan of that old school hiphop. Straight up boom bap, and lyricism. Which Nucksal does so well. And he only lost by 50,000 won that’s less than $50 USD so that’s how close the voting was so honestly it was anyone's game. I wanted Nucksal to win, but I’m not mad that he didn’t. Because it doesn’t mean he isn’t a good rapper it just means that it wasn’t his time, and Hangzoo brought something that people wanted more. It could be the fact that CoDean has mastered trendy trap/hype songs and they’ll always get votes for a lit song.  And Dynamic Duo tends to lean more toward old school.

And although Wonjae has won my heart with his style and lyrics. Many of his songs have the same “vibe” and don’t really allow much room for variety. To each his own on that account because some people dig that. But for an audience voting, they could tire of it. 

Now to bring it to my last point. I think SMTM is a great show. It test rappers and forces them to come out of their comfort zone. I believe it was Junoflo that referred to it as “Rap Olympics” Due to situations rappers had to be cut and in the end there is only one standing. Do I think that Hangzoo is genuinely the best rapper out of the 1200 people that audition? No lol I don’t. But I do think that he’s a good rapper, with solid form, punch lines, experience, and fundamentals. A trait that I thought was shared amongst all the semi finalist. I think it’s fair to respect the winners but take it with a grain of salt. 

Because if we go back a couple years and look at when Bobby won. I call shenanigans. Because personally, I don’t think Bobby is a better rapper than Olltii, Vasco, or Cjamm. But situationally some things fell in his favor and he won. So I do understand where you’re coming from when you’re like “I don’t think he’s the best out of 1200″ 

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Don't think H is lying per say. Many artists have acknowledged that the music they are writing is made of projections, or written as if from the perspective of a close friend etc. Harry said this album is personal to him, so perhaps he is using different techniques. He is incredibly incredibly intelligent and I'm sure his songs will be laced with symbolism and double meanings (as he has demonstrated with Carolina and Olivia) while still being about his experiences.

When I say ‘lying” i mean not being honest about certain topics, not lying as in HARRY IS A LIAR!111 OMG SO FAKE IN EVERYTHING HE DOES!1HOW DARE HE!1111111. I meant that IF/WHEN (cause we don’t know the lyrics yet!!!!!!!!!) he sings stuff like ‘i slept with women,i had a one night stands, yeaaaaah sex drug and rock-n-roll bitches111!!11’ we know it’s not true and it might be a song inspired by something else or someone else, a story he heard, a dream he had, something he wanted to tell metaphorically using the image of a woman but if applied to his real life it doesn’t apply. Why? Cause 1.  i believe he doesn’t sleep with women and never has in the past 7 years (let alone in the ‘groupie’ way press wants us to know about) 2. i know that even if harry IS indeed an artist that lives in this rich&famous environment with everything this entails, he is also in a committed relationship which he sings about in songs that are indeed personal and close to his real life, songs he has written and published  for past 5/6 years and wrote for his new solo album as well. So I agree with you, he is clever and i think he explored different kind of genres and topics in his production, he has songs which are clearly about “someone” he is in love with who feels like home, a relationship he still has that had his ups and downs like a normal relationship has, that had struggles that were solved and they love each other more than before and will forever belong to each other etc., but he also might have (cause again, we don’t know what the context of the rest of the album is!!!!!!!!!!!!!) songs about women or angsty lyrics that might ‘hint at breakups’ or whatever houies like to get off on, and it doesn’t mean they are related to his real life (cause clearly they aren’t if we look at the reality presented in the past years and still now!) a life that remains private and not public to the world (cause he is in the closet!!!!!!!!! just like louis!!!!!!!!!!!!!) so it can be explored in songs for the audience only from certain angles. Plus, he has a big audience to appeal and people have to relate to his songs and make them theirs in order to like them and buy them so while he stays authentic in some songs, he also has songs that appeal hets and antis cause they are part of his public and if they like the content, they spend money and help with the sales. (let’s not pretend making an album is ONLY about art and music, it’s not a hobby, it’s his job and he earns money for that -a  lot of money!- just like the rest of the big acts in the industry, it’s music but also business and marketing, especially with ‘commercial products’ like Harry Styles™)  With this said, I suggest everyone to CALM DOWN and WAIT for the whole lyrics so we can know for sure what the songs are about instead of eating each other alive about interpretations that come from two lines possibly made up by an anti to mock larries. That’s all I meant with my post. I hope I cleared what I meant when I said this album is not 100% authentic and Harry is ‘lying’, his album will be as real as possible once he’ll be allowed to. Before that, this is the best he can do. Mixing metaphors, stories and real life in a work I am sure it’ll be very interesting, I agree. 


Cure Chocolat, Cure Macaron - Koi to Tokimeki no Macaronage (The Macaronage of Love and Excitement) - Romaji Lyrics

This song is so sweet and somehow sexy(?) ahhh I really love it!

After listening to the full version, I wonder if this will picturing the next episode? lol if it’s true than maybe we’ll see tears from one of them yes angsty is nice #no

I literally scream at Chocolat’s “kimi ga daisuki dakara” “because I love you” and Chocolat’s “atsui kono omoi wo tsutaenakya” “I need to tell this heated feelings” when I first listened it OMG CHOCOLAT OMG somehow from this song, I could picturing that Chocolat is so falling in love with Macaron’s teases all these time? lol

I’m in the middle of translating it now, but I’m not quite sure at the translation in some lyrics, so, I cannot promise anything…. orz…. why translating is hard

The kanji-romaji below. Romaji by me :D

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Anastasia on Broadway Review

I saw Anastasia on Saturday, August 12 at the matinee and it was fantastic. I just have to say Christy Altomare=perfection and Derek Klena= perfection. I couldn’t believe at the beginning how Dmitry was like, “I bowed to someone once, I don’t know, I was young.” And I was like *gasp*..In A Crowd of Thousands. Ah! The Tsarina’s costume was absolutely stunning. The crowd was in awe when it came out. I cannot believe Linda Cho didn’t win costume design. Every costume especially Anya, Dowager Empress, and Tsarinas’ were beautiful. In My Dreams is such a sad, yet gorgeous song. Christy puts emotion into every song and you can tell she just loves playing Anastasia, she cried at curtain call and is just an angel. Learn to Do It is such a fun number and I loved when Anya got mad at Vlad and Dmitry; her mad face was everything. And her and Dmitry trying to dance was funny because Dmitry cannot dance, but every time he lifted her my heart soared because I’m a sucker for a good lift. Oh, yes, and why do we not talk about Derek’s dimples??? RAMIN KARIMLOO LIVE. HIS VOICE. OMG. Wow, every time he sang, I was just in awe. I used to not care for the Gleb songs on the cast album, but seeing it live definitely changed my mind. The Neva Flows was amazing.

MY PETERSBURG. MY PETERSBURG. I love Derek Klena, I love Dmitry, I love this song, and I love the set design so what is there not to love??? Ugh and the line, “But tonight, there’s a sky and quite a view” and him and Anya look out and it’s magical? And Derek hit the high note right in front of me and I probably ascended and went to heaven. It was the first song I fell in love with from the show. And Dmitry and this song give me, like, Jack Kelly vibes so I dig that. And every time, Derek ran his fingers through his hair, my life span extended. Once Upon A December is hauntingly beautiful and stunning live as I’m sure everyone can tell from the promo video. Wow, Stay I Pray You is just lovely. Anytime a Broadway show does something a capella, I’m just like major props. CONSTANTINE GERMANACOS. Can we please talk about his voice more? Damn, it is so pure and deep and makes the number. I love We’ll Go From There. Wow, the train is amazing, I was so excited to see it for longer than the one second it’s in the promo video, and it didn’t disappoint. Vlad, Dmitry, and Anya each went to their own part of the train to sing their part and I loved that. Omg, and their voices together are magnificent, and when Christy and Derek’s voices overlap it’s beautiful.

Ramin Karimloo killing it in Still, what else is new with this man’s voice? Journey to the Past, amazing. Love the line, “no one ever mentions fear,” because it’s true and shout out to Ahrens and Flaherty for the beautiful music and lyrics! And then when she hits the high note and the Eiffel Tower appears in the background with that gorgeous sky, it was beautiful. And I love Anya’s outfit and how her wig is so messy and untidy. And before she starts the song, Vlad and Dmitry are yelling “Anya! Come see this” and she’s just like no, I have to sing a song about how I finally made it to Paris, bye! And the music before the lyrics even start, you already get shivers.

Paris Holds the Key (To Your Heart) ! Everyone is so pretty and handsome. And Dmitry’s part is gorg, “paris holds the key to her fate.” Crossing A Bridge NEEDS more appreciation!!! I love this song, it is just so beautiful, and a lovely solo moment for Anya. Close the Door..oh this is why Mary Beth Peil got a Tony nomination, and I love her black gown! And when she sang it, Little Anastasia was at the door looking in and when she said ‘close the door”, Little Anastasia went away and it was wicked sad. Land of Yesterday- Caroline O’Connor has such a brassy Broadway voice and it was a very glitzy Broadway number and I loved how Vlad sneaked in and started dancing with the people. The Countess and the Common Man, the crowd loved, and I was like omg, Vlad and Lily are just the older Dmitry and Anastasia.

IN A CROWD OF A THOUSANDS. Um, relationship goals, I ship Dmitry and Anya so much. It was so cool how they showed Anya’s nightmare with her family standing above her. And then she screamed and Dmitry ran in and THE BICEPS ARE REAL PEOPLE. But, it was all just so romantic how they knew each other since they were kids and everything..ugh…I’m trying not to be a fangirl. And Christy and Derek’s chemistry is amazing and I really want to see them in Carrie now. I loved the Quartet at the Ballet, omg, not only are the ballet dancers so good, but when Derek and Ramin started singing together and then when Anya, Dowager Empress, Dmitry, and Gleb all sang together in the end and all  sang, “ANNNNASSSSTASIIIAAAA.” And I loved Anya’s blue dress, it’s so stunning, and I loved Derek in a tux and just stared at him during the whole Quartet at the Ballet because who wouldn’t? And then Everything to Win!!!! Gah, he couldn’t even finish the line, he sings, “the only thing I lose is..” And then when Anastasia sang it, she couldn’t finish it either (although they do on the cast album). But, I thought that was great; it just showed how hard it was for them to lose each other.

The reunion between Anastasia and the Dowager Empress was great and was nice to see such an intimate scene with dialogue. Wow, Still/The Neva Flows (Reprise) was so intense. It’s the scene where Gleb tries to kill Anastasia, and it was so intense to watch, I was like holy crap, what is happening, ah, I’m loving it, though. Also loved when Dmitry is like, “Next time you see from a carriage, don’t wave, I don’t wanna see someone I know I cannot be with.” The line is something like that, but it’s so heart breaking, though. And the orchestra played a little of At The Beginning from the movie and I was like ah! because I love that song and was kinda sad they didn’t put it in the musical, but it was a nice addition for fans of the movie. And yes, Anya does stand on a stool to kiss Dmitry. It was so cute and unexpected. I LOVE how they ended up together though!

At the stage door, Christy Altomare, Derek Klena, Ramin Karimloo, John Bolton, Caroline O’Connor, and Zach Adkins all came out. It was really crowded though and it was after a matinee, but everyone was super nice and took pictures and signed so it was still definitely worth it. But, THIS show was amazing! If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Thanks for reading.


On the seventh day of christmas my true love gave to me

Seven ushiwakas

(a) six foot tall russianfive volleyballs, four seijou darlings, three ugly sweaters, two stupid volleybirbs & the greatest brotp

//cue the rest of the team face palming in the background

The Confrontation
The Confrontation

/ when this song from Les Mis came on shuffle i screamed tbh because it fits with when Keith takes on Zarkon, the desperation at the start echoes Coran so much. then i had an idea to make this a trio with Zarkon as this big relentless force, Keith diving in recklessly with Coran pleading for him to stop and basically i wanted to attempt and capture the intensity of that whole epic scene through this omg 

lyrics (below cut) 

Zarkon, at last
You’re on the battleplain
Now it’s my time
To fight you face-to-face…

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So there’s this newer R&B artist called Punchnello from the Korean Underground music scene, right? Not only is baby boy maaaaaaaaad cute, but his music is 100% L I T. I came across this song he has called “True” where he basically talks about how he always was raised to see black (as in dark skin, dark people) as a bad thing or as less desirable but says he was so wrong and he loves blackness, the chorus of the fucking song goes “I like your black” shoutout to homeboy for showing us love!

The link is to the song and below is a link to the translation of it <3


KM & BW: Speaking of him! omg check out this song I’ve used in my videos a lot, it’s: Penomeco - For You (Feat Punchnello, Crush)

BTS - When They Write Lyrics
  • Rapmon: guys we need to start writing songs again
  • Suga: let's write about big ringz
  • Rapmon: no
  • Suga: fur coatz
  • Rapmon: yoongi pls
  • Suga: the thug lyfe
  • Rapmon: already dOne NO you aren't allowed to contribute yoongi
  • Jin: what about the struggles...the struggles of living life as an underground rapper...of barely being able to afford food as you try to live life doing what you love
  • Rapmon: ok Jin WHAT are u talking about when were you an underground rapper
  • Jin: you don't know shit about me namjoon
  • Rapmon: taehyung do you have anything
  • V: any what
  • Rapmon: ideas
  • V: for what
  • Rapmon: for a SONG
  • V: ohhhh
  • Rapmon: ......
  • V: ........
  • Rapmon: ??????? So do you????
  • V: do I what
  • Rapmon: oh my GODDDD
  • J-hope: maybe it could be about all the sadness in the world
  • Rapmon: .....um
  • J-hope: and how the only thing that brings us happiness is smiles
  • Rapmon: uuuuuugH
  • J-hope: a smile full of radiance and beauty
  • Rapmon: why are u still talking
  • J-hope: my smile. it brings the most happiness. I'll be the center in the MV of course
  • Jungkook: whOA that sounds like a great idea
  • J-hope: you're learning from the master young one
  • Jungkook: oooo and let's add some butterflies
  • J-hope: wow kookie, you are learning so well, that is a wonderful idea
  • Jungkook: and maybe I can do a cool move like where I'm setting the butterfly free and-
  • Rapmon: first of all, you've aLREADY done that
  • Jungkook: yea but everyone loved it so let's do it again
  • Jimin: uhH what are we doing, a song?
  • Rapmon: yEs jimin
  • Jimin: well what about, a LOVE song
  • Suga: ooooo about who jimin ??
  • Jimin: my angel
  • Suga: omg
  • Jimin: my love
  • Suga: jimin bby
  • Jimin: you are my muse. I could write a million songs about you. how I don't want another pretty face. I don't want just anyone to hold. I don't want our love to go to waste. I want you....and your beautiful soul.
  • Suga: jimin....that...that was beautiful. *starts crying* I don't think anything has ever touched my thug heart so deeply
  • V: jimin, it must be true love if you can just come up with lyrics like that
  • Jungkook: hyung, your words are like a shining light!
  • J-hope: I think we found our new song, right leader?
  • Rapmon: I'm going solo bye


Edit: ok so I just listened to the lyrics carefully for “found my place” and words cannot describe how much the lyrics in this one are perfection… Like the descriptions for the Ninja in the rap are my one true love 💟💟💟

tbh I thought i wouldn’t like the movie cause it’s so different from the TV series that I’ve been watching for years and love so much… But honestly after watching the trailers a million times and listening to this AMAZING soundtrack I know I’m gonna love it!!!! 😍😍👌👌👌💟💟🎉🎉

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omg, that bitch attacking Pied Piper got me LIVID.

I won’t invalidate the experience of that op. These people are coming from a personal place of trauma so I guess I can understand why they may have felt offended by the lyrics. However, I am shocked they jumped to such a serious conclusion from the song lyrics, especially given that there may be several elements (connotation, true meaning, etc.) lost in translation. Moreover, the content of BTS songs are often commenting upon important social issues and they wouldn’t go write a song about being sexual predators to their fans. In any case, it was definitely an illogical leap that should have been looked over more in depth, but hey– emotions cloud judgement. 

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It's odd bc fob came back with sr&r clearly indicating to people that they're changing things up and despite the change it's Such A Strong Comeback but since then it's just ... going downhill ... like I've heard rumours that abap was a rushed album or that it wasn't even finished by the time centuries was released as a single and like seeing what's happened w MANIA being pushed back it wouldn't surprise me if that were true... I just? I don't get why they're rushing to release shit songs?

omg yeah i fucking know???? idk whats going on tbh when abap came out that was the first time i ever hated a fob song,,, and then they released that awful remix album and now its feels like theyre in such a rush .. the lyrics seem so shallow and the melodies are so basic i just cant

The song Stressed Out by twenty øne piløts is the realest shit I’ve ever heard guys