but omg the face he makes when he sees her

omg guys so my friend from elementary school took his girlfriend on a trip to this foresty waterfall hike for their 8th anniversary of dating and he just posted a video where he told her to go out onto the ledge facing the waterfall and to “stretch her arms out and pose like in Titanic.” without making a sound, he tiptoes up behind her, gets down on one knee, and says, “okay, I got the picture.” letting her arms down, she turns around and pauses when she sees him and like… you can just see her face go from confusion, to surprise, to joy as she says yes and they hug and they kiss and i just. it was so pure.

also, he posted the video with the caption “she thought she was posing for a picture 😂”

EXO REACTION - when he and his gf argue, he makes a sudden hand gesture and then she holding her hands out of reflex protectively in front of her face

 GUYS!! Have you see the teaser of BTS?? OMG I can’t control my self… I scream like a crazy T.T I was not prepared for it <//3


“Hey, girl. I never will hurt you, sorry for scare you. Let me apologize.”

Xiumin: “Ya! I’ll never do something like this in your pretty face, ok?”

Luhan: “OMO… Jagi i won’t do this. Aish, i’m sorry, i love you, you know.”

Lay: “Jagii… I-i’ll never do something… Oh, i’m sorry if i scared you.”

D.O: “… Sorry, i won’t do this, sorry if I scared you. I love too much to hurt you.”

Kai: “Ya, i can’t even imagine myself doing it. Lets talk about something else. I love you, ok?”

 ~ADM Jiminye

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I was really excited to see Grimmjow when they introduced him again in Bleach. But I was looking forward to was a a GRimmjow and Renji encounter. Come on!!! Let’s face it we saw Ichigo reaction when Grimmjow mentioned what he did to Rukia I mean friggin punching a hole in her stomach.His reaction was anger but not enough for Ichigo to want to kill him until he mentions Orihime. Now I wanted to see Renji’s reaction to a comment Grimmjow would make meeting Rukia something like “So I guess Orihime patched up that hole I made.” Then Renji steps between Rukia and GRimmjow to give him a pissed look. OMG I was waiting patiently for something like that. But Alas, I can only picture it in my dreams. 

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Julie Gardner is TOTALLY the biggest Doctor/Rose shipper of them all. Everyone else plays it close to the vest when worried about offending fans and Julie’s remains all “HE LOVES HER OMG AND SHE LOVES HIM AND THEY LOVE EACH OTHER FOREVER. FIGHT ME.”

No but really. See this quote (from this post) about Tentoo telling Rose he loves her:

“He absolutely was going to say it. I can confirm for the nation - stop! [directed at RTD, who was trying to interrupt her, saying ‘you can’t know! you can’t say that for a fact!’] - I can! For the viewer, he was going to say it. He was going to tell her he loved her, I will not have it any other way.”

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One thing that makes me both sad and happy when I see this now:

Look at how tall Han is next to Leia.
Ben is even taller than he is.

The last time Leia saw her little boy he probably came up to her shoulder.
He was just 10 years old.
Now he’s 29 and over 6 feet.

And I imagine them coming face to face again after almost 2 decades. And I weep.

And taking Carrie’s and Adam’s heights into account

This is the height difference… ;-; she’s gonna be so tiny next to her tol son.
Can you imagine a hug tho? Tearful hug? Forgiveness hug? please make it happen disney..

OMG GUYS, I’m sure it’s already been mentioned, but it makes me SO excited because did you notice that Merlin made the same face to Merida, when seeing her future with the wisp, as the one he made to Killian in last weeks episode when Killian started talking to him about freeing Emma of the DO curse?

We now know that Merlin can see the future. So this makes this theory from the lovely: tough-lass - (click here) mean so much more, because maybe it wasn’t about knowing who Killian was and about a prophesy, maybe he got a vision, like he did with Merida about the wisp causing her death. I bet anything that Merlin had the vision that Killian will be the one to wield Excalibur and free Emma of the DO curse. 

I JUST OMG *ugly sobbing forever* 

Omg what about if Bard and the Bardlings are in a line somewhere and maybe they are all a bit younger and Bard is holding baby Tilda and she was crying but suddenly she stops and starts giggling and he turns to see what making her laugh and it’s Thranduil making funny faces at her and waving at her and just like he tries to play it off when he sees he’s been spotted but bard is just like ~heart eyes~