but omg the face he makes when he sees her

BTS Reaction: Their daughter says she want to marry them when she's grown up

Jin: “Awwww”. Jin would coo at her, his whole face turning red (including his ears). “Of course you do.” He shouts blowing a kiss and laughing with you.

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Jungkook: “Shhh, don’t say that too loud, mummy will get jealous!” He ‘whispers’ (actually shouts making sure you hear). He turn to face you see your reaction with a huge grin on his face. You jokingly pout and he gets up from where he is sitting and grabs you in a hug before pulling your daughter in for one too.

Originally posted by jeonify

V: Omg he would be so cute. He’d be playing tea party with your daughter when she would tell him. His whole face you immediately light up and. “Ahhh, thank you.” He’d whisper squeezing her cheeks. He would be so happy that his daughter loves him that much and it would get rid of any doubts he had about not being a good father.

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Jimin: As soon as she says those words he’d look over at you with a smirk. “Did you just hear that?” He’d say chuckling lightly. “Yeah, she’s too cute.” “She can’t resist my charm just like you huh?” He’d smile at you giving you a kiss on the cheek.

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J-Hope: He would get so excited. “Really? Me? Really?” He would question her so much that she’d get confused lol. “Hobi, just accept it.” You’d say laughing as you stand in the doorway watching them. “Thank you so much!” He’d shout squeezing her in for a hug.

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Rap Monster: “Really? Can you say that again?” He’d say after pulling out his phone. “What are you doing?” You’d ask confused. “I need to record this to show it to her when she’s older and starts to not spend as much time with me.” He’d be completely serious but you’d burst into laughter. “Wow, you really think ahead huh?” You’d reply before giving him a kiss. “Don’t worry, she’ll still love you.”

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Suga: “Well what can I say?” He’d reply as he shrugs his shoulders. “I am the best man you’ll ever meet.” But once he stopped joking he’d pull your daughter in for a hug. “Thank you, princess.” He’d say kissing the top of her head, a small smile on his face as he can’t stop thinking about how adorable she is.

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vanyhowwell  asked:

Hi! Can I just request a hc that RFA+V+ ??? know Vany from college or something but don't "recognise" her in the Chatroom and are really surprised seeing her at the party? So they're like "hey I know you haven't we met before?" Or "omg mc?!??!?" 😂 i think that could be quiet interesting! Thank you!

Interesting scenario! Hope you like these:) 

Let’s make this an AU where no drama happens. You plan the party successfully from the apartment. It’s held 11 days later at noon, and that’s the first time you met any of them.


  • When he saw your picture in the chatroom, he thought you were vaguely familiar
  • But he kind of brushed it off when you guys started talking
  • You recognized his face as well
  • But you thought it was just because you’ve seen it online
  • He was popular after all
  • When you met in person, you start talking about your life before RFA
  • He asks where you lived before Rika’s apartment
  • You tell him the area and gives a weird face
  • Turns out you guys were neighbors before the whole ordeal
  • “So you were the one stealing my paper in the morning!” 
  • “But, MC, my face was on it!”


  • You guys talked a lot outside of the chatroom
  • Turns out you had a lot of knowledge about games
  • Although there was something familiar about the way you spoke
  • Yoosung just thinks “It’s destiny! We’re connected.”
  • When you meet at the party, you come up to him and chuckle
  • “I’m pretty sure we’ve met before.” 
  • He’s confused
  • Wouldn’t he have remembered someone like you?
  • So you clear your voice and say “Would you also like to check out the new games coming in next week?” 
  • He finally recognizes you from the game shop down the street from his place
  • You used to work there and he visited often while his game addiction grew
  • Who knew you’d meet again a few months later?


  • When you heard that Jaehee worked for Jumin, you thought the name sounded familiar
  • You realized C&R was the company you interned at back in college
  • You and Jaehee were supportive acquaintances as she was also interning there
  • When you heard about all the work she was putting in, you sympathized with her
  • You remembered the torture it could be sometimes
  • It was also the reason you pushed her so much to leave the company
  • You kept the fact that you’d known her before secret
  • When you met at the party, Jaehee recognized you right away
  • “You brought me extra coffee every day! I remember!”
  • She’s kind of beating herself for not recognizing you immediately


  • When he first spoke to you on the phone, he thought your voice sounded kind of familiar
  • But, he didn’t let it bug him
  • He always wondered how you knew so much about C&R and other business ordeals
  • At the party, someone asked where you worked before helping with the RFA
  • You mention that you were a secretary and assistant to some company nearby
  • Turns out it was a company that Jumin’s company owned
  • He had actually met you and interacted with you on more than one occasion
  • He apologized for not realizing who you were
  • You told him not to worry about it
  • But he started trying to remember whenever he interacted with other companies…even if it was a different department


  • You two talked in the chatroom like old friends
  • Much to the chagrin of the others, you worked together really well
  • It was strange to everyone, even the both of you, that you had only just met
  • Until it came to the party and Jaehee asked Seven when and where he went to church last
  • When he mentions the one from when he was fifteen, you realize
  • You two went to the same church
  • Apparently, you sat next to each other and would exchange notes in the sermon
  • Thankfully for Seven, you didn’t mention anything about him coming alone or about his family life
  • You were closer after that


  • When V first logged into the chatroom, it was a bit weird for you, but you tried to act cool
  • It turns out you and him went to college
  • You actually had some feelings for him
  • But then Rika came along and you backed off
  • When you met at the party, you tried not to act like you knew him
  • But it was the first time he heard your voice, and he recognized you
  • “MC….from college, right? You stopped contacting me.”
  • You chuckled and explained that you got busy
  • After that, he started to contact you more to catch up

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omg guys so my friend from elementary school took his girlfriend on a trip to this foresty waterfall hike for their 8th anniversary of dating and he just posted a video where he told her to go out onto the ledge facing the waterfall and to “stretch her arms out and pose like in Titanic.” without making a sound, he tiptoes up behind her, gets down on one knee, and says, “okay, I got the picture.” letting her arms down, she turns around and pauses when she sees him and like… you can just see her face go from confusion, to surprise, to joy as she says yes and they hug and they kiss and i just. it was so pure.

also, he posted the video with the caption “she thought she was posing for a picture 😂”

Seventeen in Dallas!

Short fan account of my experience with seventeen in Dallas!

I had the most fun at the show! A had an amazing view of the stage! I wish i would have gone down into the faux pit that was made probably would have more of an interaction with them but its all good.

Don’t wanna bore anyone with my dabbling about concert details so ill just give my highlights lol.

I had an interaction with woozi during a ment, like literally half the whole concert boy was like the 😑 emoji. So from where my seat was there is like a clear view of me like i was right there you can’t miss me lol I noticed through out the whole thing he was looking in my direction! We locked eyes and he looked away, so i was like okaaaaay. So I wanted to get a good video of my baby daddy coups ( WHICH I MAYSAY HE LOOK FREAKING DELICIOUS OMG) ahm Then I turned my head to see woozi staring at me again! So with my happy little self I decided to make a surprise finger heart at him, AND HE FREAKING LAUGHED AT ME AND SMILED OUT IF EMBARRASSMENT,AMUSEMENT? IDK BUT AHHHHHHHHHHH. My heart was doing little back flips like omg, I thought I caught the moment on my phone since i was filming but freaking nope I didn’t have my phone facing his direction when it happen fml. But the girl in front of me was videotaping to on her phone and caught the moment


at 2:30-2:36 its not my video and idk how to gif so if anyone wants to gif it I would be really grateful if you did!!! but im so glad she caught it!!

2nd highlight
Not a big one but I got Hansol (Vernon) to wave at me! Also he was having a full blown convo with a girl in the faux pit like shes so freaking lucky i wonder what they where talking about???

3rd highlight high-touch time
I actually have a video of it like i was a sneaky bitch and filmed it lol but its so crap you can hardly see there faces but got a really long I got a really long look at jun cause the girl I made friends with in front me gave him a gift and the security guy got mad lol coups was right there so i had good eye contact with him too! Woozi gave me a really shy smile lol! When i got to mingyu he like lend down and put his arm on the gate, grabbed my hand and with this silly sly grin and he did some shit with his eyebrows too lol My dumb phone wasn’t high enough to get ughh but he said thank you~ for coming and like dragged it lol

But thats my small experience i might upload my high-touch later.

runesandfaes  asked:


·         who said i love you first?

CHAOL because he cannot contain his love for her.

·         who laughs when the other trips?

Chaol: “See how it feels, dear?”

Yrene: “Oh, bite me.”

·         who pays the bills? 

It’s a joint effort. Neither will let the other pay the full price, so they end up bickering about if for awhile before deciding to split the costs.

·         which one makes a bigger deal around the holidays?

Chaol. He would secretly LOVE decorating for every single holiday and he’d deck out their lawn for Halloween and would SCARE ALL THE LITTLE KIDS and Yrene would pretend to be mad about it.

·         who’s more clumsy?

Chaol. For obvious reasons.

·         who checks their daily horoscope?

Yreneeeeeee! She would get mad at Chaol because her hororscope would say “expect a betrayal today” and Chaol would be like what did I do now?

·         who sings louder in the car?


·         who leaves the cap off the toothpaste?

Omg Chaol does EVERY DAY. Yrene waves the bottle in his face everyday and nags him about it each time. (He thinks its cute so he does it on purpose!)

·         who is more up to date in pop culture?

Chaol, due to his job as hand to the King. He knows all because Dorian is a gossip hog who loves to spill the beans (Dorian and the Suriel would be bff’s tbh)

·         who insists on going to see the newest movies?

Yrene will drag Chaol to the newest romcoms, and he will pretend he hates them but…. Whatever makes her happy.

·         who cries when the abused animal commercials come on?

Y R E N E. every time.

·         who’s the lighter sleeper?

Yrene. Chaol tosses and turns all the time and she will roll over and smack his shoulder to get him to stop.

·         who believes in ghosts?

They both do, having seen some inexplicable things more than once

·         who does the grocery shopping?

They go once a week together to the market and make a date of it.

·         who updates their facebook status more often?

Totally Chaol. Probably not by choice. The hand of the King has to maintain a presence with the people.

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10cent-city  asked:

In regards to the SnK Actor AU, bloopers?

YAYAY okay!

SO, you know the part where Carla is stuck underneath the wooden beams and Eren is struggling? Well, truth be told, Eren’s child actor refused to let his mother die in the scene so he would deliberately pick up the wooden beam and be like ,”MOM YOU’RE FREE” and Carla’s actor is like “no son I have to die.” and it takes alot of candy and cheering up from Eren’s adult actor for the child to be happy.

Mikasa’s actor always has those scenes where she has to be all graceful with her 3DMG and her swordplay, but it literally takes at least 50 takes in order for her not to get tangled up or she falls on her ass most of the time and she’s always cursing, so when it comes down to when she finally gets it, she does this little cheery dance before they can call cut and she looks at the camera and curses.

So, the “I came out to have a good time, but I honestly feel so attacked right now” is really popular within the cast and crew. So when Mikasa brought up the whole “Sasha farted” and it was eerily quiet, Sasha turned to her and said, “Wow, I came out to have a good time, but I honestly feel so attacked right now.” Everyone bursts out laughing and Jean’s actor turns to the camera and is like, “Attack on Titan? HAR HAR HAR GET IT.” And Eren’s actor says “BOOOOOOO. YOU KILLED IT. BOOO. LET’S RECAST HIM. BOOOOO.”

Levi’s actor can’t keep a straight face with the poop jokes. 

Mikasa’s actor forgets she’s supposed to have a scar on her face and she tends to wipe off her cheeks for dramatic effect and all, but she ends up wiping it off. So, Levi’s actor is always commenting on it behind the scenes saying “Now you see it, and now you don’t. Omg, Mikasa should be a magician.” Mikasa shakes her head, laughing and throws fake titan blood at the camera.

Armin’s actor, during his big speech to save Eren, messes up from time to time and since the camera always zooms close to his face, he hits his blonde head towards it as if thinking it would make him stop messing up. He even likes to cross his eyes at the camera when he knows he messed up, “BELIEVE IN-IN-IN BLAERGH *crosses eyes*”

The guys’ undercuts are very addictive to pet, so the girls are always caught in the moment of petting the guys’ hair even when the director yells, “ACTION.”

Like, Sasha pets Connie’s head, Mikasa pet’s Jean’s head, and the fact that Annie’s crystal can open and stuff, you can actually see her arm petting Levi’s head and Levi’s actor begins cracking up because in the scene you can’t see it, but he couldn’t take it anymore and was like, “ARGH HER HAND IS DOING A FEELSKI. I AM CONTAMINATED BY TITAN GERMS.”

Hanji actually sits in the director’s chair for awhile so she can do her little commentary part, so when Erwin’s actor or Mike’s actor always comes on, you can Iiterally hear her purring and saying ‘those eyebrows/that mustache do it for me.’ The director had to take her commentary off because he believed that the audience might think it’s porn.

EXO REACTION - when he and his gf argue, he makes a sudden hand gesture and then she holding her hands out of reflex protectively in front of her face

 GUYS!! Have you see the teaser of BTS?? OMG I can’t control my self… I scream like a crazy T.T I was not prepared for it <//3


“Hey, girl. I never will hurt you, sorry for scare you. Let me apologize.”

Xiumin: “Ya! I’ll never do something like this in your pretty face, ok?”

Luhan: “OMO… Jagi i won’t do this. Aish, i’m sorry, i love you, you know.”

Lay: “Jagii… I-i’ll never do something… Oh, i’m sorry if i scared you.”

D.O: “… Sorry, i won’t do this, sorry if I scared you. I love too much to hurt you.”

Kai: “Ya, i can’t even imagine myself doing it. Lets talk about something else. I love you, ok?”

 ~ADM Jiminye

  GIF Credits To Their Original Owners!

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This is going to be weird because I'm a girl but santi sort of looks like me and it makes me so happy for some reason. I know everyone sees him as an ugly rat boy but somehow he makes me feel like I'm not totally gross looking 😅

OMG ;__; BYE ARE U SANTIS SISTER? If not ur her face claim now

That makes me so happy tho :’) I JUST WANNA SAY THO I don’t actually think santi is ugly…okay I don’t wanna be gross about my son but he’s hot lmao. Pretty spicy. When I call him ugly it’s because I like to make fun of him.and also he’s ratboy because of the simpsons ofmnf not because he actually looks like a rat. But yeah if you look like santi you’re probably hot too.

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So you'll excuse Gajeel but you won't excuse Juvia, sounds biased to me.


Let’s see here:

Gajeel, post redemption: never hurts his guildmates again, shows deep remorse for his actions, never repeats his past mistakes, goes out of his way to try and prove to Shadow Gear that he’s sorry for what he did.

Juvia, post redemption: still sexually harasses Gray, still hits on Gray without consent, still follows Gray all over the countryside without permission, doesn’t take no for an answer even when rejected to her face.

What bias? Juvia’s still doing the shit that makes me dislike her. Gajeel stopped years ago.

anonymous asked:

Can you write a vampire au for baekhyun like the one for suho?

oh bOY CAN I– hehe thanks for requesting! (i almost got a bit too excited there :D)


  • baekhyun would be a pureblooded vampire, but he wouldn’t be a part of a super high family like joonmyun’s
  • he is still somewhat highly regarded and wealthy, but not so much that he’s practically royalty
  • he doesn’t really understand why blood purity is such a big deal to some others- if you’re a decent being, it really doesn’t matter to him whether your parents were vampires or humans or whatever
  • because of this, he’s very level headed and doesn’t judge easily
  • his s/o is a servant that used to belong to another wealthy vampire family
  • after seeing her being horribly mistreated, he decided to buy her off of them
  • baekhyun treats her just as equally as he would treat a fellow pureblooded friend of his
  • his s/o is pampered- given some of the nicest clothes, bought everything that she even mentions about wanting, and baek even hires a human cook just so that he can feed her good food
  • while being lenient about her duties around the house (mansion), he does ask if she can allow him to feed from her whenever he needs to bc he used to have to go out and hunt down innocent humans in order to feed before
  • oh boy when baekhyun is hungry though ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • he could jump at you from out of nowhere, so you need to be careful
  • most often, he just pins you against a wall as he feeds because he’s too impatient to get to a room or a seat
  • when he feeds, he never bites once ;-) so expect a lot of bite marks all along your throat and collarbones and shoulders and sometimes even on the insides of your wrists
  • he’s a very messy eater so you spoil clothes every single time
  • once he gets a taste of blood, he can’t stop himself, so the entire time he feeds is spent in silence
  • when he finishes, he’s a bit more collected and composed and this is when he worries about you and asks if he hurt you
  • baekhyun would leave soft kisses over every single bite mark he left because he feels somewhat bad
  • once the marks do heal up, baekhyun doesn’t feel bad anymore and casually presses his fingertips against them with a smug smile, making your face get hot
  • his s/o is given a separate room to sleep in, but more often than not, baekhyun ends up slipping into bed next to her just to watch her sleep (that sounds creepy omg)
  • his nights used to be so boring before, but now baekhyun finds so much amusement watching his s/o sleep and loves to see her nose twitch and hear her speak nonsense when she dreams
  • he loves noticing the parts about his s/o that make her human ♡
Living Life With Eric; An Imagine.

 Everyday Life with Eric Harris; Story List; For Anon.

 Everyday life with Eric would be

v  Lots of sex. All different kinds of sex. Sex all over the house. You guys would have condoms and lube stashed all over the house! Like in random drawers, under the sofa cushions, etc! And random sex toys too! Eric would love to experiment with you in many different sex categories.

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Head cannons for what make starish and QN + satsuki cry? Like movies, songs, life events (like their wedding, seeing their child born) ect

I hope I answered this the right way! Warning: ONE OF THESE MIGHT GET A GET A LITTLE DETAILED AND SAD. Oh and some of these cannons can be linked to other headcannons of mine. See if you can spot them all! :)

Omg, this man… Natsuki could cry over how cute Ms.Birdie looks as she feeds her young. He could cry at the end of Finding Nemo. He could cry when Aurora awakes from her death sleep. He doesn’t hide his face when he cries either. Mostly because he doesn't realize he’s crying. And this one may be pretty obvious but Satsuki cries at any really big decisions that Natsuki makes on his own.

Sure, he cries after his child is born. But something Tokiya will never admit to this is that he cries each time he reads the ending to his favorite novel. No matter how many times he reads it the ending is just too overwhelming. 

He isn’t one to hide his emotions and it’s no secret that this prince has unbelievable faith in the muses! Sometimes, when certain prayers are answered Cecil cries joyful tears. 

No matter how much he prepares for the moment he cries on his wedding day. Ren will try to causally wipe away his tears so that his groomsmen don’t notice. But hey, so what if they do notice? Real men shed a few tears here or there.

This redhead isn’t afraid to show his soft side. Sometimes, Otoya finds himself crying at the end of  dramatic movies. He cried at his graduation. He cried after his first STARISH concert. He even cries at his friends’ life events (such as Ren’s wedding) ‘I’m j-just so happy!’

Syo will deny deny deny to his grave but he cried when he watched Ryuuya’s latest movie. The near death scene nearly put this blonde into a coma! 

Sometimes, he has a lot on his mind and visits the waterfall. That’s no secret but what is a secret is that Masato bottles up all of his emotions and let them ALL out there. Nobody sees the tears when you’re crying in the rain or in this case, waterfall.

This one is a bit tricky. Reiji can cry in front of someone, play it off as a joke without being found out and for the most part he IS joking. But he will cry shamelessly when his lover announces that they are pregnant with his child.

So, Ranmaru once took in this stray cat that was obviously suffering from undernourishment. He’d done all he could to restore the cat’s health and it seemed to work! One day, he noticed the cat wouldn’t eat at all and so he took him to a vet. He cried after getting bad news that the cat had a pretty bad infection that was so severe it couldn’t be treated.

Ai cries during pretty big life events of his own. But for the most part, he doesn’t realize it or acknowledge the water leaking from his eyes as tears.

Aside from the every blue moon that the count has a bit too much to drink, Camus cries when he proceeds with a big life decision. He’ll cry when he has his lover in his arms after accepting his proposal. Proudly.


I was really excited to see Grimmjow when they introduced him again in Bleach. But I was looking forward to was a a GRimmjow and Renji encounter. Come on!!! Let’s face it we saw Ichigo reaction when Grimmjow mentioned what he did to Rukia I mean friggin punching a hole in her stomach.His reaction was anger but not enough for Ichigo to want to kill him until he mentions Orihime. Now I wanted to see Renji’s reaction to a comment Grimmjow would make meeting Rukia something like “So I guess Orihime patched up that hole I made.” Then Renji steps between Rukia and GRimmjow to give him a pissed look. OMG I was waiting patiently for something like that. But Alas, I can only picture it in my dreams. 

anonymous asked:

how about a shy fem so with McCree and he has a thing for her how would she react to his flirting and how would he react to her being all cute and shy

This is so cute omg(*^▽^*)


-would flirt on a daily basis

-wouldn’t always make it obvious though sometimes just little comments on your outfit or hair

-“my, oh my. Don’ you look pretty today.”

-when he sees you blush though

-he loses all his mind trying not to squeal at how cute you are

-since your shy he makes sure when he flirts he doesn’t make you too embarrassed

-but sometimes he can make you blush like crazy without trying and it makes you cover your face

-“aw, no darlin’. Don’t cover that pretty face. I think its cute when you blush.”

-will love hugging you whenever you don’t see each other for a while

-when he cracks a joke around the team he looks for you and your precious smile and smiles like idiot himself

-this man loves you too much for his own good

-he will make you blush when your alone like crazy because he loves it SO MUCH

Chapter 500 Thoughts (AKA He Totally Kissed Her)

Ok, I’m going to focus on the Gruvia, because REASONS.

First of all, I LOVE the color page. So pretty, and underwater, which is perfect for Juvia hee! If anyone doubted Juvia would be fine, the cover alone gives her fate away lmao. And I just love how serene she looks holding onto Gray. She’s in her happy place.^^ 

And of course Gray is being Gray, playing it cool, but so comfortable at this point with Juvia holding onto him. I remember some old chapter covers where he was grumpy over Juvia’s affections. How things have changed lol. ^-^

So, the first person we actually see of Gruvia is Juvia lying on the ground still unconscious….

But then we see Gray again, and just like we left him at the end of the last chapter, he is PISSED. Like… BEYOND PISSED. RAGE MODE. YOU KILLED MY WAIFU PREPARE TO DIE MODE. And Invel is SCARED. And he SHOULD be lol. 

The thing is, going back to Rave again, *SPOILERS* one of my favorite parts of the series was Musica in a fury over a girl (Nagisa) being tortured. *END OF SPOILERS* I always wanted to see something similar to that with Gray and Juvia. In fact, I was hoping for it during Tartarus, but we never got it. We’re getting it now though!!!! ^^

So, I loved this. IMO Gray is being powered by love and grief. And both of those emotions are running really deep for him at this moment. He’s just in a blind rage, punching the crap out of Invel. Nothing Invel tries to do works, because Gray is just THAT mad. I thought the ice armor Invel used was cool (no pun intended), but the fact that something that is supposed to freeze you on contact still didn’t work on Gray, and if anything, was something Gray then used against Invel, is supposed to show us the level of Gray’s fury. It’s triggering his true potential by how he is overpowering Invel with ease. 

And as we see a few pages later, we know where his emotional boost of power is stemming from. 

“You stole away Juvia’s future! Right from under her! And that’s unforgivable!”

It’s all because of his emotions over losing Juvia. Invel took her away from him is how Gray clearly sees it. And that’s why Invel needs to die at his hands. There is no forgive and forget in this situation. To Gray, what Invel did is irredeemable.And he is going to make him pay.  And that’s when we get his finishing move, right after he lets out his emotions about losing Juvia.

And OMG that panel of Gray’s face? The tears in his eyes? He’s calmed down a bit because he just avenged Juvia, and won. But you can tell from his face, and his eyes, that it doesn’t matter, because he still lost the person he cares the most about and he feels lost. I love this panel, because it really does carry home, even more so than all the rage that preceded it, how hard this hit him. How hurt he is. How much he cared. And how much he lost when Juvia “died.”

Now, the part that a lot of people surely have issues with. Juvia is ok lol. Now, for me? I knew Juvia was going to be ok. I had not one doubt she would live. In fact, I didn’t think she died in the first place. She was still alive when Gray woke up in 499. She was alive enough to still be performing magic on Gray, and speaking to him via her magic. 

Not only that, she was NOT giving Gray her own blood. I know it’s easy to think that’s what was happening (I thought so too at first), but what she was actually doing, was using her magic to (as she said) MAKE blood out of water for Gray. And then she fell unconscious. But she clearly never died. As Carla said, she WOULD HAVE if they didn’t get to her in time.  

However, even I didn’t expect Juvia to be well so fast. So, does it take some of the tension out of the situation? Probably for a lot of people, but for me? I always knew Juvia would be ok, so it just makes sense to bring her back sooner, rather than later, because otherwise, it would make even less sense if she was healed by Wendy at a later point, when she was clearly on the brink of dying NOW. Plus, I’m sick of Juvia conveniently being sidelined for large portions of arcs. 

So, the more I think about it, the gladder I am that Juvia came back into things quicker. Especially in this case, because she got ripped off of a fight. She only fought offshoots of other people’s Spriggans and Gray. If this means she gets something more to do in this arc, I’m all for that. Plus, there is definitely something deliciously satisfying about Gray raging and grieving about losing Juvia, and yet the readers knowing that she’s just fine lol.

Besides, Mashima doesn’t like making his readers suffer, or be sad for too long, and Juvia is a much loved character. I can understand why he brought her back into things fast. Especially since it was a milestone chapter, too.

Now, as for the title of this post. 

My first thought when reading the next part of this chapter, with Juvia saying she thinks Gray kissed her, was that he probably did lol! As many people already pointed out, the last thing we saw of Gray and Juvia together, was that panel of Gray holding Juvia’s face in his hands, and leaning his forehead up against hers. Mashima WANTS us to think the same way Carla is, that Juvia is just being silly again, and fantasizing. Even Juvia’s expression gives this impression, but I would NOT be surprised AT ALL if Juvia brings this thought up to Gray when they reunite, and he gets all blushy and embarrassed LMAO.

It just makes sense. Gray loved her. He was distraught. He was begging her to wake up. He was trying to bargain with her. He was talking about his feelings and her feelings. I can totally see him having kissed her in what he thought was a goodbye, and then going off to rage against Invel. 

Now, for me, IF he kissed, then we BETTER get a flashback! Or a redo! Juvia must insist that Gray kiss her again now that she’s awake to properly experience it lol! I always said, it makes sense for Gruvia to get a kiss. But I will be so upset if it was off-paneled. Mashima, please don’t be that cruel! ;_;

I also love that Juvia was so grateful to Wendy and Carla (that deep respectful bow), and how she almost immediately thought about Gray and his well-being again. And then we find out that Gray took off before Wendy and Carla got there, so we get confirmation several times in this chapter, that Gray does not know Juvia is alive.

And we cut back to Gray, and he’s just still so mad. He’s saying that no matter how much he punches Invel it wont bring Juvia back. ;_; You can still see the tears running down his cheeks in those panels, too. He really does feel like he lost his most important person. And everyone reading just wants to shout out “she’s ok!!!” lmao 

But I just love the raw emotion from him here. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted. Gray truly showing how much Juvia means to him. I needed this for so long. And it feels so good, even though I feel so awful for Gray. The poor guy is hurting so much.  

And I thought the chapter title would be in reference to Invel revealing to Gray that Natsu is END, and so I wasn’t shocked by the ending. But, I was surprised that Invel was trying to pin all the blame and losses that Gray has suffered onto Natsu, though (and I was also surprised Invel knew Gray’s history). He was saying Natsu is the true root of Gray’s misfortunes in life. But what neither of them know, is that Juvia already broke this cycle. She’s come back. ^^

I don’t even know if Gray will believe Invel. I don’t know if this is enough to push him into actually attacking Natsu. But I assume it needs to be, otherwise why would a fight happen? We know we are going to get Natsu vs Gray. So, I guess we’ll see how far Gray falls, and how much more he loses himself in his grief to make that fight plausible.

And that’s the thing. The only way I would dislike Juvia coming back so soon, is if she also reunites with Gray too soon. IMO she’s going to need to stay away from him for a while, and at least until Gray and Natsu confront each other. Then her return can snap him out of it.

But she clearly wants to find Gray, so hopefully some Spriggan will delay her, or something. Because we need to wait for that reunion. And I’m definitely excited for it. It’s been set up REALLY WELL. Gray is miserable. He clearly loves Juvia. There shouldn’t even be a question about that at this point. And he feels like she’s gone forever, So imagine when he sees her again, how he’d react? Would he believe she’s really there? Would he think he’s imagining things? What will he do? What will he say? Will she save him from his own darkness? Will we finally get a kiss (that is ON PANEL, and where Juvia is actually CONSCIOUS?!)? 

There are plenty of good, emotional ways this could go. So, I’m just happy we get to wait for another Gruvia reunion. The Tartarus one was well worth the five months it took for it to happen. And as I said in my post for last week’s chapter, this reunion will make Gruvia CANON. 

Gray loves Juvia. 

Pass it on. 


Omg what about if Bard and the Bardlings are in a line somewhere and maybe they are all a bit younger and Bard is holding baby Tilda and she was crying but suddenly she stops and starts giggling and he turns to see what making her laugh and it’s Thranduil making funny faces at her and waving at her and just like he tries to play it off when he sees he’s been spotted but bard is just like ~heart eyes~

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your teddy lupin ones then :D

  • matching his hair colour to whoever he was with when he was younger
  • still kissing andromeda goodbye when he goes out even when he’s like seventeen
  • asking harry if he can also drive a ford anglia to hogwarts when he was younger omg
  • his patronus and his boggart are both wolves OOPS
  • changing into ted tonks on his birthday to make andromeda smile and seeing her eyes watering and getting upset
  • him not inheriting werewolf genes but still getting really irritable on full moons and him and vic just sit in silence
  • very very clumsy fight me on this
  • he smacked vic in the face during the world cup tho
  • harry gave him the marauders map first tbh
  • beating up all the people who made her cry BC THAT’S MY SISTER YOU GIT
  • he was a hufflepuff YES OKAY
  • he has piercings and tattoos YES
  • but he still gave fleur flowers when he went on his first date with vic
  • he tripped and smashed them in his own face
  • over protective teddy lupin is everything
  • thinks he can use his metamorphing skills on the professors and at first doesn’t understand why they laugh
  • grew up with the wotters tho
  • ‘james u nerd shut UP’
  • edward ‘teddy’ lupin is my life tbh 
fighting (woozi)

genre: slight angst???
synopsis: youre a trainee and like some girl ostracize u and u cry at the rooftop and jihoon just kind of like found u there…..
a/n: i found out that i wasnt supposed to write ‘type’ it was supposed to be ‘genre’ iM SO STUPID *mansae starts playing*

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