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omg so I just sent a message through the Moir's Skate Shop website asking about how I might be able to get one of those long-sleeved tshirts -- and Cara Moir emailed back (!) and said that right now they can ship to anywhere within Canada, and that in the future they might look to ship internationally. No indication as to how to place orders... I presume we'll just have to message and ask directly. In any case: time to make some friends who live in Canada I suppose!

omg! thanks for the info!

A Sunday Morning with Tom:

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- Tom snoring really loudly and it waking you up earlier than you wanted to

-Being angry about it on the low because you wanted to sleep in but also not because you know at least he’s getting a decent rest after travelling so much

-The little sliver of sunlight that’s peaking through the blinds illuminating his peaceful face

- You just watch him snoring and his whole body expanding with each breath

-Deciding to mess around with him and pinch his nostrils together to see how long it’ll take him to wake up

-After a little while he starts to wake up, swatting his hand at your grip on his nose

-”What ARE you doing?!”

-You start laughing hysterically, gripping your stomach, “I guess you could say I take your breath away Tommy.”

-”That’s bloody hilarious of you, too bad if I had DIED”

-Tom laughing at you laughing because he thinks it’s adorable how much you amuse yourself

-”Isn’t that my sweater love?”

-”It got cold last night, not all of us have abs of steel to keep us warm”

-”Well it’s morning now love, c’mon, give it here”






-Him pulling you back, so you’re sitting between his legs, and tickling you to get you to give the sweater back 


- You finally give in and give him the sweater back, and he has a shit eating grin on his face as he slips it over his head, leaving you with just your old t-shirt on

-”Pleased with yourself Thomas?” 

-”I certainly am”

-Him bending down and kissing the top of your head so softly 

-Just taking the time to sit their together for a few moments

-Tom combing his fingers through your hair slowly, because he loves your hair so much, he always has

-Tom tracing the outline of your ear while you close your eyes just to take in his touch

-Him moving his fingers down to your nose, moving his thumb along the bridge because he knows it relaxes you

-”If you keep doing that, I’m going to fall back to sleep”

-”Best we get up then hey darling? Why don’t you go put the kettle on while I make the bed?”

-Going to make coffee then coming back to find him standing on top of the bed holding either corners of the comforter 

-”Have you finished making the bed? The coffee is ready its in the kitch- Tom,  I thought you were going to make the bed? Not jump on it???!”

-”It’s the only way I can make it! I get tuckered out if I keep walking around either side of the bed”

-Just rolling your eyes at him because he’s an actual child

-Making him a runny eggs and toast solider’s because that’s what he asked for because he’s a fucKING CHILD

-”Can you make it really runny please love? You know I like it really runny”

-”Don’t I always Tom”?

-Boiling his stupid child eggs and jumping a little when he creeps his arms around your waist, his face in the nook of your neck, placing sweet pecks on you

-”How do you smell this nice when you’ve just woken up?”

-Bringing his plate of child’s breakfast to him at the dining table and sitting it in front of him, then sitting in his lap 

-”What are you having darling? You have to eat something.”

-”Didn’t I tell you Tommy? We’re sharing” you say as you steal one of his toast soliders

-Kissing his eggy lips with your buttery lips

-”You taste like egg.”

-”You are what you eat”


-Getting ready to go out into Kingston for the day and Tom just watching everything you do

-“What’s that love?”

-“It’s rose water spray.”

-“What does it do?”

-“It tones your face.”

-“What does that mean?”

-“It’s kind of like cleansing but different.”

-“…..what’s cleansing?”

-Doing your eyebrows and him paying very close attention to this particular step in your routine

-Tom actually being really impressed by how nicely you shape and fill them 

-”That looks really cool darling.”

-”Thank you Tommy.”

-”I just love how you do anything you do, you’re amazing”

-Getting into Kingston and taking Tessa with you guys, and just walking around looking at the different little shops and market stalls

-Finding a really cute cafe that looks so cosy and not even having to say anything just exchanging a look between one another that says ‘we need to fucking go in here’

-”We should get juices or something Tom, we’ve already had a pot of coffee this morning”

-”But…with great latte comes great responsibility,”

-”Did you just quote yourself misquoting Uncle Ben? I hate you omg”

-Ordering Tom and yourself green juices anyway and him frowning like a CHiLD

-Sitting outside with Tessa curled up in between both of your feet

-”This is nice. A nice Sunday with my two favorite ladies”

-Holding his hand across the table and just talking about every little thing and losing track of time, content with each other’s company





I just had a good Sunday yesterday so I thought of this and idk lmao, let me know if you like it xx

  • Lance: *went shopping with lotor*
  • Keith: Where did you go???
  • Lance: I just went shopping...
  • Keith: WITH WHOOO????
  • Lance: With Lotor... Okay, but our taste in fashion just rhymes so much and I bought everyone stuff. I even got you a shir-
  • Lance: You can insult me but don't bring our cow into this! KALTENECKER DOESN'T DESERVE THIS HORRID TREATMENT!!!
  • Kaltenecker: *cow noises*
  • Lance: OMG. Kaltenecker heard us...
  • Keith: who cares?? YOU WENT SHOPPING WITH LOTOR!!!
  • Lance: who cares??? No cow should live in this kind of environment. NO COW DESERVES TO BE DISOWNED AND DISHONORED.
  • Kaltenecker: *sad cow noises*
  • Lance: look, can we continue this some other time? Because unlike someone, I actually care about our cow.
Fake Dating Series; Joshua/Jisoo

- you’re studying in the library of your university with your friends jeonghan and seungcheol and everything’s going well like you’re actually surprised you’re getting work done with these two together and it’s all quiet and peaceful
- but then jeonghan opens his mouth
- and he says “oh (name)… so i know this guy who—“
- you’re like “not this again omfg jeonghan SHUT UP I’M PERFECTLY FINE BEING SINGLE”
- seungcheol joins in and he says “(name) come on!!! you’re going to like this guy he’s so your type”
- basically they’ve been trying to set you up with someone because they don’t want you to be alone once they leave
- jeonghan and seungcheol have pretty much been your only friends since entering uni and they’re graduating that sem while you have one more year to go and they don’t want you to be all by yourself ISN’T THAT CUTE
- but you’re perfectly fine living the single life and you don’t need a bf but they’re like NOPE WE WANT YOU HAPPY WHILE WE’RE GONE WE WANT SOMEONE TO TAKE CARE OF YOU WHILE WE CAN’T
- you end up arguing with them to the point the librarian kicks all of you out because you’re all too loud and well there goes your studying
- they keep annoying you but you keeping refusing and they finally give up and you’re like THANK YOU
- seungcheol says “fine you’re paying for dinner then” and honestly you couldn’t care less because you’re not going on a blind date…
- …or so you thought.
- you get to the restaurant where you were supposed to meet jeonghan and seungcheol but WOW SURPRISE THEY’RE NOT THERE
- instead, a person you’ve never met in your life is sitting at the table reserved for “s.coups” seungcheol’s stupid nickname
- while you’re internally raging and plotting your friends’ deaths, the boy at the table looks up from the menu and locks eyes with you and your heart skips a beat
- he has. the most. gorgeous eyes you’ve ever seen and not going to lie he’s really cute and you’re like oh wow they weren’t kidding when they said he was your type in terms of looks
- but then you snap out of your daze because you’re angry at your friends
- you sit down and say “alright. jeonghan and seungcheol. sound familiar?” and all he says is “blind date” and you say “yeah”
- the boy runs his hand through his hair and sighs “i should’ve expected this” and his hair gets all messy and cute and you’re like don’t do that
- you say “i’m REALLY sorry about this” and he just smiles like “no worries it’s jeonghan and seungcheol like of course they’d pull something like this”
- you laugh and say “right? i swear, one day i’m going to get back at them” and the boy laughs “me too”
- but then his eyes widen and he looks up at you and says “……hey. i have an idea.”
- you look at him like what is it and he says “do you really want to get back at them?” and you ask “what do you mean??”
- he says “I MEAN…… we PRETEND to date. we trick them into thinking their plan worked and then we break up IN FRONT OF THEM like REAL BAD, that’ll teach them to quit setting us up on blind dates”
- and you just stare at him like… did this angel just say the evillest thing
- but you like the plan so you smirk and say “okay, sounds good. let’s do it.”
- the boy reaches out his hand and says “i’m joshua by the way. it’s nice to meet you”
- you shake his hand and say “i’m (name). nice to meet you too, boyfriend.”
- you two end up actually having dinner at the restaurant but the whole time you guys are just laughing and talking about how this whole thing is going to go
- unknown to you guys, jeonghan and seungcheol are watching your interaction from a distance and they high-five in victory because they think they succeeded
- by the end of the night you and joshua exchange phone numbers and schedules, and you both plan the entire thing. the breakup is set to be at the end of the sem so in about four months
- when you both go up to pay, you’re reaching for your wallet, but joshua stops you and says “if i’m going to be your pretend bf for the next four months, i should at least act the part well” and you say “what?? no no it’s fine you don’t have to do all this if it’s just pretend” and he just smiles and pays
- actual gentleman joshua hong everyone
- you guys ended up staying later than expected at the restaurant so it’s really dark by the time you guys get out
- your dorms are on the same side of campus and yours is a little further, but this is JOSHUA so he walks you all the way there
- while walking, you guys decide to tell each other a few things about each other and you find out you guys actually have so much in common???
- you get so into your conversation with joshua that by the time you reach your room, you’re disappointed by how short the walk was
- you say “well this is my room. thanks for walking me back” and joshua says “it’s no problem. so….. since we’re “dating” now and all….. do you want to go eat out for lunch tomorrow?”
- and you smile and say “sure!! this is perfect actually because i usually eat lunch with seungcheol and jeonghan so i can invite them along and we could tell them about how we’re “dating” and all”
- joshua laughs and says “i can’t wait to see their reaction by the end of this” and you just laugh “me too”
- joshua says “well, i’ll be going now. good night and see you tomorrow!!” and you say good night to him as well before entering your room and going to bed
- the next day, after your morning classes, joshua texts you “hey! :) i’m right outside your building. seungcheol and jeonghan are here too” and you’re like omg he used a smiley face he’s so cute LOL
- you go outside and see the three of them waiting for you so you run up to them, and they each greet you
- seungcheol and jeonghan both have smirks on their faces and when joshua says he’ll be right back, they both go up to you and say “sooo we heard you guys are dating!!” and you laugh “yeah…. i actually had a good time with joshua last night at the restaurant. you guys were right when you said he was my type”
- seungcheol gasps and says “joshua said that too!! i swear you guys are meant to be. jeonghan, we chose well.”
- jeonghan pretends to wipe away a tear and says “my baby’s growing up”
- when joshua comes back, you three go to a restaurant near campus just to have a quick lunch together, when seungcheol and jeonghan tell you guys they “have to go hand in an assignment” and you’re like OOOKAY RIGHT
- when they leave you turn to joshua and say “you think they’re convinced?” and joshua says “yeah. they are.”
- seungcheol and jeonghan actually do believe it at first, but after about three weeks…… they start getting a bit suspicious
- you and joshua don’t hold hands or kiss or do any of those couple stuff, you guys don’t even HUG
- you just tell them you’re shy because your relationship just started but you’re both starting to panic because NO THE PLAN CAN’T BE RUINED WE HAVE TO GET BACK AT THEM
- one day, you exit your class to see joshua waiting for you outside the door and he does his cute eye smile when he sees you
- he walks up to you and says “i told seungcheol and jeonghan we’re going on a date tomorrow. i was kinda thinking that we DO go on one since they’ll probably follow us around to see for themselves…. you know….?” and you say “oh, you’re right!! this would definitely convince them!!”
- the next day, you find yourself rummaging through your entire closet looking for something cute to wear but you’re like wait
- why?? it’s just joshua??
- but then you convince yourself that you’re doing this for seungcheol and jeonghan….. like it’s just to make it look like you’re actually trying…… right……
- you dress up and before leaving your dorm, you take one last look in the mirror to see how you look and then you leave to go meet up with joshua outside the building
- you spot him leaning against a tree and his hair is blowing in the wind and his skin looks so dewy under this bright sun
- just wow….. he looks like a model….
- and your heart may or may not have skipped a beat
- when joshua spots you, he pushes himself off the tree and he walks over to you, and you quickly compose yourself because you’re pretty sure you were gaping at him
- he gives you one of his deadly eye smiles and says “(name)!! how are you? you look really nice” and your ears are burning but you ignore it and answer “oh thanks, just…. threw on anything, you know……”
- joshua grins “so, ready for our date?” and you’re like asjhlaks DON’T SAY IT LIKE THAT but he’s like ??? but it is a date ???
- you ask “where are we going??” and he says “well, i was just thinking of spending a simple day in the city…… you know, street food, shopping, and other stuff we find on the way?? omg i hope that’s not too boring for you i’m so sorry you probably have to go study and—”
- you cut him off by laughing and he just looks at you and says “uhhh did i say something funny??” and you reply “joshua, our date hasn’t even started and you’re already worrying”
- and he laughs and says “my bad…. alright, so are you ready to go?” and you nod your head
- you both take the bus to the city and the date…… is surprisingly going well???
- joshua takes you to this little family restaurant and the food is so good, you’re like omg joshua you have to stop me or i’ll end up ordering the entire menu
- you expected it to be awkward because…. an ENTIRE day with him?? you’re going to run out of things to say
- but no. joshua’s so talkative and there’s never been an awkward silence the entire meal
- when you both finish, you take out your wallet to pay but joshua tells you it’s fine because of coURSE
- “joshua, we aren’t even dating for real, you really don’t have to do this”
- “i invited you out today and you probably have homework to catch up on, this is the least i could do for you”
- you guys walk a little further down the street after leaving the restaurant to see that there’s a street market going on
- and while joshua’s looking through a bunch of cute keychains and plushies, you notice two people looking at you from the corner of your eye
- you subtly turn in that direction and see two people rush behind a stand of mangoes and you’re like really, seungcheol?? really, jeonghan?? i saw you guys
- joshua notices you looking somewhere and he follows your gaze, but instead of focusing on the two heads popping out from behind the stand, he thinks you’re looking at this handsome boy buying street food
- and he gets this look in his eyes
- he quickly takes your hand in his and when you look up at him in surprise, he smiles and says “don’t pay attention to them, only look at me”
- and you’re surprised of course but you’re also like…. come on, snap out of it, he’s just doing this because he saw seungcheol and jeonghan
- but for the rest of the date
- he doesn’t let go of your hand
- you guys spend the day shopping around, and joshua even gets you guys cute matching bracelets
- “you’re getting too into this fake dating stuff”
- “but it’s two for one!!!!”
- at the end of the day, you and joshua take the bus back to get to school and then you realize…. you’re still holding hands…..
- out of embarrassment, you let go and joshua’s like ??? and you say “ohhh uh i think they gave up on following us….. hahah…..”
- and joshua’s cheeks turn pink and he’s like right!!! i’m sorry!!!
- you guys sit next to each other, and you find yourself slowly dozing off as you both wait for your stop
- at some point you black out, but when you open up your eyes again….. you realize you’re resting your head on joshua’s shoulder
- you stop yourself from jumping up and instead take this opportunity to observe his features and….
- he really is good-looking. his cute eye smile, his warm smile, his soft skin….
- you close your eyes again because you feel your face getting warm, and two stops later, joshua shakes your shoulders to wake you up
- he softly says “(name), wake up, our stop’s next” and you pretend you just woke up
- and you’re like wow his voice too how unfair
- when you get off the bus, joshua walks you back to your dorm and you say “how much do you want to bet jeonghan and seungcheol are going to text me the second i step into my room?”
- joshua says “i don’t think they will….. i think they’ll attack you in person instead” and you say “what are you talking about, no way will they be able to wait that long”
- then joshua says “alright then, it’s a bet. loser pays for the next date” and you say “YOU’RE ON”
- you both reach your room, and joshua says good night before leaving. you feel kind of bad since he has to walk an extra few mins to get to his, so right before he’s out of view, you say “joshua”
- he turns around and says “yeah?” and you say “i say this a lot but….. you really don’t have to walk me back every time” and he just smiles and says “it’s fine. i just want to make sure you’re safe”
- when you enter your room, you just smile at his words because how could someone be so kind???
- your roommate says “you’re looking really happy. did something happen??” and you say “what?? no…… not at all”
- after changing into your pyjamas and plopping onto bed, you receive a text from seungcheol “HOW WAS YOUR DATE”
- you win
- dates become a regular thing, you and joshua go out every friday night or saturday, and he also picks you up after each one of your classes
- holding hands becomes so natural, it’s not even awkward at all when you guys have to in front of jeonghan and seungcheol
- this whole fake dating thing is going just as planned
- but then something goes wrong
- you fall for joshua
- this wasn’t supposed to happen
- but just one look from him sends your whole world spinning, when you hold hands with him you never want to let go, and just being with him makes you so happy
- it makes you sad knowing all this is going to end in not too long
- before you now it, you guys only have three weeks left before the breakup
- while eating out with him, you say “alright, so what did you tell them?” and joshua says “i said that you’re giving me too much attitude nowadays”
- you say “perfect, i keep telling them that you’re getting so clingy that it’s starting to annoy me. i also said we’ve been fighting lately” and joshua says “we still have to meet up secretly to plan the huge fight” and you say “ohhh you’re right”
- you guys meet up to practice but you realize….. that joshua’s WAY too nice
- “joshua, you have to talk back to me”
- “but what if i say something that makes you sad????”
- “this is pretend I KNOW YOU DON’T MEAN IT”
- it gets so bad to the point that you guys actually have to write a SCRIPT to follow
- the day of the breakup is here, and you and joshua are supposed to go out with seungcheol and jeonghan
- you decide to meet up in their dorm room, and to make things seem awkward, you both go SEPARATELY
- you take a deep breath before entering the room and it takes all your willpower not to laugh when you see joshua looking away from you
- you say “hey seungcheol, hey jeonghan” and they say hi back, but they quickly realize that you didn’t acknowledge joshua
- it’s quiet, until seungcheol coughs and says “so….. we should probably head to that restaurant now…..”
- and you say “sure, just make sure i’m not seated next to HIM” and joshua says “i didn’t even say anything”
- seungcheol says “hey, guys, don’t ruin the night, let’s just go get some food and—”
- you say “I’M ruining the night??? he can’t even look me in the eye. how immature” and joshua retorts “immature? i’m not the one picking a fight over NOTHING”
- jeonghan says “woah joshua, that’s not like you at all” and he says “well, some people can make others change for the worst”
- you say “why don’t you just say my name, we all know you’re talking about me” and he says “you’re just going to cause trouble if i say it directly”
- seungcheol and jeonghan look at each other, and they start panicking and feeling guilty because they were the ones who got you together
- at some point, you just look at them and say “meant to be, huh?” which made them sink into their seats and feel even worse
- you and joshua follow the script word for word, and slowly it’s getting hard to control your laughter
- until
- joshua says “keep going on those blind dates.”
- you say “yeah? maybe i will.”
- “good for you then. because that’s the only way you’ll ever find someone.”
- it’s in the script. those words are in the script…. but they hurt
- you’ve only ever been on blind dates with the help of seungcheol and jeonghan but without them, would you really be able to find someone?
- are you really this hopeless?
- this….
- lonely?
- you must’ve been quiet for some time because joshua says “(name), wait. i didn’t mean that”
- and you decide to end it there
- you say “well i meant every word i said. i was stupid for dating you….” you then turn to seungcheol and jeonghan and say “…..almost as stupid as you two for BELIEVING US LOL”
- they both say “what?? what are you talking about??”
- you start laughing hysterically and you say “WE WERE PRETENDING TO DATE”
- jeonghan says “WAIT THE WHOLE TIME??” and joshua laughs “the whole time”
- seungcheol and jeonghan are the ones to pay for the meal that evening, and afterwards, joshua walks you back to your dorm
- before you enter your room, he says “i’m sorry for what i said, it was mean” and you say “it was part of the script, you have nothing to be sorry for lol”
- he says “just know that…. you’re a great person, and you deserve someone as great”
- his words warm your heart and you say “thanks, joshua. you too.”
- he smiles and says “well…. good night, (name). it was fun.” and you say “it was. good night, joshua.”
- the next day, after your morning class, you exit and you feel sad because
- joshua’s not there waiting for you
- why would he?
- you guys aren’t “dating” anymore…… there’s no reason for him to
- you tell yourself “it’s just like before we’ve met, everything’s back to normal”
- but you really do start feeling lonely
- because joshua isn’t there to pick you up after classes, he isn’t there to walk you back to your dorm room, he doesn’t ask you out on friday nights or saturdays, and after four months of being “together”…..
- they’re all reduced to a simple “hi, how are you?” when you catch each other around campus
- you hate it
- seungcheol and jeonghan both notice how much sadder you seem these days, but you just tell them it’s stress from school
- but it’s really because you miss joshua
- you look down at the matching bracelet you have tied around your wrist and you just think of your first date and how fun it was and how happy you felt
- one night, you’re unable to sleep so you decide to make a quick trip to the nearby convenience store
- you buy some ramyeon and water for a quick snack, and while the cashier is ringing up your items, someone taps you on the shoulder
- you turn around to see joshua and you jump in surprise
- you say “joshua?? what are you doing here??” and he holds up a box of cookies and says “just getting a snack….. i couldn’t sleep”
- the cashier tells you your total, but joshua places his cookies on the counter and pays for both of your things
- he grabs the plastic bag and exits the store before you could say anything about it, and you follow him outside
- he takes his snack out of the bag and then hands you your things, but you say “joshua, why did you pay?? how much was it?? let me pay you back”
- he says “no, it’s fine, it didn’t cost a lot anyway” and you say “you really didn’t need to, i mean…. you’re not my “boyfriend” anymore”
- you immediately regret saying that because it creates an awkward silence between you two
- until joshua asks in a soft voice
- “can i be?”
- you notice his face turn red as he continues “can i be your real boyfriend?”
- you freeze for a moment because joshua just confessed to you…… but when you regain your senses, you get up on your tippy-toes and kiss him right on the lips
- the kiss is soft and slow, and if you can kiss him like this every day….. why. not.
- you both tell seungcheol and jeonghan that you’re official, but they don’t fall for it right away
- “nice try. do you guys think we’re THAT dumb???”
- you prove it to them by pulling joshua by the collar and kissing him, and that’s when they really both go crazy
- joshua goes back to picking you up after classes, and dates are back to being every friday night or saturday
- you notice that joshua always wears the matching bracelet you both got at the street market, and it makes you smile because you haven’t taken yours off after the “breakup” either
- seungcheol and jeonghan never shut up about succeeding in bringing you two together and they always joke about it
- but they’re really just happy that you won’t be alone anymore
- “joshua, take care of (name) for us, all right?”
- “i will. i promise.”

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hc of mc and rfa+v&saeran breaking up because of something terrible that happened, but they still love eachother, and after the breakup they don't talk for like six months and when they meet again in like a coffee shop or something on accident they become friends again and after a few days they're like LETS DO A ROUND TWO SHALL WE!~? i'd be really really grateful i love your writing🌟

This is so cute!

~Omg my heart!

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◉ Yoosung

  • It had been a while since you saw Yoosung
  • Or even talked to him
  • You don’t know how things ended up the way they did
  • Your relationship went from passionate to feeling more like roommates
  • Yoosung was always on his computer instead of spending time with you
  • And one night you couldn’t take it anymore
  • You packed up your things and you both were crying
  • Saying maybe it was for the best
  • You spent a lot of teary nights staring at your phone thinking maybe he’d call or text
  • But he never did
  • And you never did…
  • You were out shopping and decided to grab a coffee
  • After paying and grabbing it from the counter
  • A familiar voice called your name from a table across the cafe
  • You turned to see the blonde boy sipping from a cup alone
    • “Yoosung?” you called out
  • He waved you over with a smile and you sat down
    • “I can’t believe I ran into you here! How are you doing?” he asked excitedly
    • “Oh, I’m doing alright. Hey…”
  • You stopped to point at him
    • “Is that my scarf?” you laughed
    • “Oh…hah, yeah, it is.,” he blushed, “this is embarrassing but, I found it in the closet after you left. And it smells like you…so I wear it.”
  • He blushed
  • You two ended up talking for a long time after that
  • He seemed to have grown a lot
  • He was more into his studies
  • And less on the computer
  • You were leaving separate ways
  • When he called for you
  • You turned around to find him there beside you
    • “MC. I’m not that nervous young boy anymore. I can’t help but think that there’s a reason we ran into each other today. So…will you please let me take you to dinner? On a date?”

◉ Jumin

  • He had gotten into the habit of working extra long hours at C&R
  • When you confronted him about it he seemed like he wouldn’t budge
    • “MC. You keep bringing it up but you know my answer remains the same. I like to work. You have everything you could need in the penthouse, why are you being so difficult?”
    • “Yes. Everything but you. I’m not asking for a lot, Jumin. But I can see you aren’t willing to work with me, here. So I’ll leave. I didn’t sign up to be alone in a big house by myself every day and night.”
  • You packed up your stuff and left
  • It was almost like he was in shock and didn’t believe it was really happening
  • He just let you go
  • A few days after that he was sending gifts to you
  • Flowers and jewelry
  • But you turned them all away
  •  This wasn’t something money and gifts could fix
  • Weeks went by and months went by but you guys still hadn’t talked
  • You were out shopping when you heard a familiar voice from behind you
    • “That color would look really nice on you.”
    • “Jumin?”
  • You turned around to see him standing there smiling
    • “What are you doing here? In the women’s section?”
    • “I followed you over when when I saw you walking around”
    • “Why does that not surprise me?” you laughed
  • Seeing him now made your heart melt
    • “Why didn’t you accept any of my gifts?” he asked, a bit offended
    • “Why didn’t you call?”
    • “Because you didn’t accept any of my gifts”
  • You both were staring at each other
    • “It seems I approached this all wrong…” he remarked apologetically
  • You gave a nod that says ‘yeah, ya messed up buddy’
    • “Allow me to buy this?” he pointed to the dress you had been looking at, “it really would look good on you”
    • “Only if you’ll make time to actually see me in it”
    • “You are my number one priority from now on. I’ll tell you that 100 times over dinner tonight.”

◉ Zen 

  • You had to leave him
  • He was getting so caught up in work that it was like you never existed
  • He read fan mail more than he talked to you some nights
  • It hurt that you had drifted like this
  • You just told him you needed some time apart 
  • And he was seemingly too busy to drop what he was doing and try to convince you otherwise
  • Every time you passed a magazine with his face on it or saw something about him on the internet it made your heart hurt
  • You wondered how he was doing and if he missed you
  • But your life had to go on
  • You were going to a new musical that just opened up
  • One that, thankfully, Zen wasn’t in
  • You were a little chilly waiting outside for the show to start
  • Out of nowhere a jacket was draped over your shoulders
    • “What the-”
  • You turned around to see Zen
    • “You looked a little cold,” he grinned
    • “What are you doing here?” your heart skipped a beat
    • “I came to watch, I have some friends in the cast. What about you?”
    • “I was meeting someone.” you replied
  • You could see his face fall flat
    • “Oh…date?” he looked sad
    • “No, a friend, actually. But she apparently got sick and has bailed on me last minute.”
  • He perked up a little at that
    • “So…is there anyone you’ve been seeing?”
    • “No,” you laughed, “what about you Mr. Big Time Star?” you poked his chest
  • He grabbed your hand and held it in his own, looking at you directly in your eyes
    • “No. Of course not. You’re the only thing I’ve been thinking of since you left.”
  • He kissed your hand
    • “Well, then. Allow me to escort my lady to the show. I can’t have you sitting by yourself. Who knows who might try and approach you…”
  • You went back to his place afterwards

◉ Saeyoung

  • He started to push you away again
  • You wanted so badly to stay and help him work through his emotions but he just wouldn’t open up to you
  • He was barely sleeping and started to avoid you
  • You felt like you had no other choice
  • You could tell he was hurting when you left
  • But what more could you do?
  • It was eerie not talking to him anymore
  • Not seeing his smiling face around
  • Weeks and months went by with no word
  • You were really worried about him
  • One late night you went on a chip run to the convenience store
  • One bag of Honey Buddha left!
  • As you grabbed for the bag a hand reached over your shoulder to grab at the same time
  • A familiar jacket on the arm
  • You snatched the bag and turned around
  • Your heart was racing
    • “Saeyoung?”
    • “You got my chips,” he huffed
  • It made you laugh to see him pout
    • “You mean my chips? Seeing as I got them first.”
  • He put his hands out to signal he wanted to play you for them
  • It was your usual way of settling qualms
  • It was like you had never broken up at all
  • Like the months had just been a bad dream and here you were fighting over chips
    • “Alright then,” you nodded
    • “ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS” you said in unison
  • Saeyoung slapped his head when you won
    • “Have fun with your Lays!” you snickered from the cash register
  • He followed you out of the store and into the dark
  • He was just
  • Following you
  • You felt a tug at your arm
    • “How about round two?” he was looming over you seriously
    • “Of rock-paper-scissors?” you clutched the chip bag
    • “No. Of us.”
  • He pressed his lips into yours
  • You dropped the bag of chips

◉ V

  • You found a photo of Rika in the closet inside an old box
  • You admit now that you may have gone overboard
  • It started with a small argument
  • And eventually you left
  • You knew he cared for you
  • But you needed time to sort out your feelings
  • You were grabbing some coffee from a cafe you enjoyed
    • “Double-shot mocha!” the barista called out
  • However another person grabbed for the cup at the same time and ended up with your hand
    • “Oh, I’m so sorry! I guess we ordered the same drink,” V smiled
    • “V?” you said rather too excitedly
  • He couldn’t see but recognized your voice
    • “What are the odds?” he chuckled in that melodic way of his
    • “I didn’t know you still came here?”
    • “I can’t stop after you showed me this place. It…reminds me of you,” he smiled
  • You were glad he couldn’t see how much you blushed
  • Seeing him now made you understand how much you missed him and how stupid this whole mess was
    • “V…I-I’ve been meaning to-”
    • “Are you hungry?” he cut you off
    • “Um..yeah. Yes! I am.” you smiled
    • “It’s not much but I can manage my way around the fridge enough to make a sandwich. Shall we take our coffees back to the apartment?”
  • You almost skipped
    • “That sounds lovely, actually.”
  • He reached out to feel your arm, snaking his hand down until he found your own and grabbed it

◉ Saeran

  • Saeran was hard for you to read
  • Sometimes he was so distant that you didn’t even know if he liked you
  • You knew he had trouble sorting out his emotions…
  • But the pain on your heart at giving affection to someone you were beginning to wonder hated your guts, was pretty taxing
    • “If that’s what you want…”
  • It was his cold response to your mention of a break
  • You thought you saw the slightest hint of sadness in his eyes
  • But he didn’t say anything else
  • Just looked away and shrugged it off
  • You tried to continue life as usual
  • And at night you fidgeted with the necklace he gave you
  • It was one of the only keepsake you had from him and although it had been months, you never took it off
  • You wondered if he even gave you a second thought
  • That hurt the most
  • You waved goodbye to your friends after a late movie
  • It was a nice night and you just enjoyed walking alone
  • Three people approached you as you attempted to pass them on your way home
    • “Hey, pretty lady…you’ll be coming with us now.”
  • You clutched your purse, trying to decide whether you could outrun the,
    • “Touch her, and you little shits are dead”
  • You turned around to see Saeran
  • One look from him had them running
  • You stood there in shock staring at him
    • “What kind of idiot walks alone in the dark like this,” he scolded you as he walked up
    • “W-Well…I-”
    • “You’re lucky I was watching you.”
    • “You were…watching me?” you said, puzzled
  • He stood over you now
    • “I’m always watching you,” he admitted, “and I’ll always be there to protect you.”
  • You couldn’t help but cry a little bit
  • “He did care…”
    • “Hey-hey, cut that out.”
  • He wiped your cheeks
  • Kissing your forehead before pulling you into an embrace
Up close and personal with annoying shoppers

At one time I lived in a shitty apartment in a very fancy part of Montreal. The grocery stores near me were either small organic independent shops, or one large but expensive grocer. We’re talking prices like $5, on sale, for a single red pepper. What I saved in rent went to my food budget.

The stores could charge this amount because their regular customers were very well off. Rich Montreal Quebecois have a certain air about them. Rude, aloof, and full of themselves. Going shopping was a lesson in patience until I learned how to amuse myself and not get flustered.

For some ungodly reason, the grocer was the socializing spot for these rich people. Every isle had groups of people chatting away with each other or had people on their phones. They would be sort of polite and hug the walls, but they would never move from their spots. If I needed a can of chickpeas, I’d point behind them and politely say excuse me. So meek and unassuming- my downfall. They would hold up a finger and imply that I should wait until they were done. They were never done.

After months of trying to get my shopping done in a reasonable amount of time, I had enough. If they were going to be rude, I would be too… but in the pettiest and most uncomfortable way possible. My new attack plan was this. I would ask to grab the item, and if they didn’t move, I would grab it anyway! But oh no, I wouldn’t just push past. I got way up in their personal space. I would step as close as possible, with my face right next to theirs, and reach with my arm on the other side of their head. We might as well have been kissing, it was that close. Then I’d move on and continue my shopping.

I made it a game- how uncomfortable I could make them but still be as respectful and polite as possible. 10/10 would recommend. The looks on their faces as they were forced to pause their conversations were priceless. I’m just an ignorant English girl after all. No one ever confronted me on my etiquette. And I cut my shopping time in half.

Tldr: shared breathing space with gilded statue shoppers to get my garbanzo beans.

Dating Elliot Alderson part 2

lmao, so my last part got surprisingly a lot of reblogs which is a fuckin surprise because I’m absolute shit at writing but i decided to do a part 2. If you haven’t read part one click here to read it (part 1)

☼ shy lil bab
☼ takes 10 years to text back
☼ sometimes he’ll realize how lonely he was before you and how much he loves you, so he’ll just go up to you and embrace you outta nowhere and you won’t even question it, and you guys will just stay like  that for a while

☼ I love el so much omg
☼ sometimes he’ll get overwhelmed and not want your affection and just want to be alone and that’s okay because you love and understand him

☼ shopping for a new microwave with him

☼ sometimes he’ll b kinda douchey and ignore you but it’s only cuz he’s doing work (lmao we all know work is slang for hacking with el)

☼ whenever you give him blowjobs he’s always really shy at first and tries to hide his moans but the moment he gains confidence he’s talking so much “fuck your such a good slut for me ” type of talk 
☼ 100% has a power kink, will tie you down, and not do anything for a while (like shit you won’t even know if he’s there) and then like fucking putting a vibrator in you

☼ baby cooks so well I love him

☼ him trying to hide his smile as he talks about you to Krista

Ok so yesterday I wore this shirt right. It says in rainbow writing “Girls Love Girls and Boys”, but I tied it up to where the only words visible were “Girls Love Girls”. Not really a big deal I thought. It was cute and I felt confident in it.

Well the county Ilive in is pretty open and full of some really nice accepting people (most of them are republicans but the cool republicans that aren’t like OMG HOW DARE YOU ISNCUIDBEBW HXUCBBEJSUDBD AAAAAAAAAAAH)). However yesterday I spent the day with my cousin.

The county she lives in is full of rednecks and isn’t the most inclusive county in Georgia. But hey I didn’t really think anything of it and it honestly didnt cross my mind.

She and I had to go run some errands for her mother in law and went grocery shopping and stuff. Well first we went to food depot. Quite literally the moment I stepped in almost everyone, employee and customer alike, stopped what they were doing and stared at us walking in. I thought “hey, maybe I look that cute today that I’m turning heads,” until my cousin pointed out what my shirt said and reminded me what county we were in. I just waved it off and dismissed the idea witha laugh.

After that we left and ran a few more errands. Well turned out we forgot some stuff at food depot so we went back, only for work to halt once more. We ignored it and continued to walk around until one of the employees walked up to us and started talking to us. The conversation went a bit like this.

Him: “Hey you two are back!”

My cousin: “yeah we forgot a few things so we came back.”

Him: “yeah I recognized the…. Uh… Black shirt.” Proceeds to realize we are both wearing black shirts. “I mean the…. Uh…. The uh…. Gay shirt.”

I have never…. NEVER wanted to break down laughing so hard in my life. Instead I let out a small giggle and replied with a yeah I figured I would show some pride today.

Well after food depot we ran into family dollar (not without me almost killing my cousin with my jokes about ruining family values single handedly with my shirt). As we’re walking in two older women are walking out and, me being the person I am, went to hold the door for her. On of the women smiled at me and thanked me but then prpceeded to stop in the doorway, read me shirt, look at me and with a huge smile say “what a sweet lesbian.”
Y'all…. I had to hold my laughter until we got in the store and dear god…. I could not breathe y'all. My cousin and I were actually dying from lack of oxygen from laughter.

Needless to say I am going to wear this shirt whenever I come to visit her for the soul purpose of causing more mayhem and funny comments.

I want to make it clear that the only hateful/disrespectful things that happened in this shirt were grown ass men looking at me like a piece of meat which resulted in my cousin almost commuting murder, but I didn’t get any disrespect for showing pride. Everyone else was very kind. There were just some really funny reactions that I felt like sharing.


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I was already envious of Leanne and other journalists who have been able to see ep 6 already but now i'm even more envious. I love that they are going to tell the reunion from both their points of view. Off the new article when he says twice about the scene does that mean we'll see the reunion twice or did I read that wrong.

Yep, it sure does sound like we’re getting it twice:

“It’s not just Claire’s story. It’s Jamie and Claire’s story,” Roberts tells EW exclusively. “So, we wanted to show both perspectives. In the book, you get it from Claire’s view. She comes in the print shop. It’s really kind of told from her POV. I wanted to give Jamie’s POV of the same moment. I wanted to also give the fans the moment twice. They’ve been waiting for it for a long time! So, rather give it to them one time, you give ‘em something they don’t exactly expect.”

I’m so fucking pumped. Like we see Claire searching and getting ready and preparing herself and stuff, but like the book doesn’t really get fully into how it was for Jamie to be so blown away by her sudden reappearance. Like yes, he faints. But I’m so excited to get his POV beyond the fainting.

Curious to find out how they structured the episode. Like half from one POV and then jumping back in time and playing it again but from the other’s? WHATEVER, I DON’T EVEN CARE. I JUST NEED IT IN FRONT OF MY EYEBALLS OMG.

Don't pay for a $20 CD, smash your Dad's $250 sunglasses.

This happened in grade 8.  First let me introduce the target; we’ll call him Douchebag.  Douchebag was loud and obnoxious and always walked around like he thought he was the sh*t.  I, on the other hand, was more of a wallflower, quiet and reserved.  

My dad loves buying the newest computer gear, and I was the first kid in school to have a CD-writer.  Back then, blank CDs cost $20 and word got out I could burn stuff for people, all they had to do was pay the cost of the CD.  A few of my classmates would come ask me for favors and I thought sure why not.  One day, along comes Douchebag, asks for a game, and I happily oblige.  He says he can’t pay until later, and since we’re in the same class, where is he going to run away to?  I give him the CD and a week goes by.  He acts like his usual self.  Tired of waiting, I gently asked if he had the money to pay my dad (I wasn’t making money, my dad wasn’t making money, CDs often failed and that was $20 in the trash each time).  He kept making excuses.  Months passed and eventually I gave up.

Now, in grade 8 we have a school trip to another city for three days before we graduate and go to High School.  While we were riding the overnight bus to our destination, Douchebag was being his usual over-the-top cocky self, except this time he was sporting a pair sunglasses.  He made it loudly and annoyingly known to everyone that he borrowed them from his father and that they were worth $250 and that no one is to touch them. The trip was to last three days, and on the final day, the school rented out a party room for everyone to have some fun.  For one of the activities, we were divided into groups and given a song to perform for the rest of the class.  I was placed in douchebag’s group.

The revenge:

Because the party room had dim lights, there was no need for Douchebag to wear his sunglasses and he left them on the table in front of him.  One group ahead of us went up to perform on stage, and Douchebag was just having the time of his life thumping on the table and hootin’ and hollerin’, but unbeknownst to him, he had thumped the table so hard the vibrations pushed his sunglasses off the table and under his feet.  I saw it all, but decided to keep quiet.  Douchebag continues to pound the table, and STAMPING HIS FEET.  All the while I was watching him with a smirk on my face.

Then it’s our turn to perform.  He gets up to go, but before I join them, I take his seat and also step on his glasses a few times for good measure.  After, we get back to the table, and Douchebag realizes his sunglasses are missing.  He freaks out, starts yelling at everyone angrily, accusing people of stealing his glasses.  I suggest maybe they fell off the table.  He finds them.  Bent and broken.  I’m living my life inside but acting surprised on the outside.  He starts crying, saying how his dad is going to kill him.  His friends are all around him trying to comfort him, saying maybe he can find a repair shop before the trip ends.  

I enjoyed the school trip much more after that.

The Good Doctor

Watching “The Good Doctor”. The opening scene at the airport, YES! The sights, sounds. It is so wierd seeing how you see everything displayed on TV. For the longest time I thought everyone saw the world the way I do and I just had a horrible time handling the amount of information. I always thought that for everyone, everything was screaming for attention. The smallest details, the sounds, the smells. That lead to quite a bit of self deprecation. Then I started to realize that they didn’t. That has lead to some self discovery, but has also taught me how to better deal with some aspects of it. And now to see it on TV.

OMG YES, the 3D visualization. Disassembling things in my head, reassembling them. Rotating the pieces, changing out pieces. Driving down streets in my head looking at shops in 3 Dimensions!!! I was discussing 3D visualization a few weeks ago with my therapist. And now they show him planning out a map of the hospital in his head.

I also loved how it showed the attention to detail. How he notices small things. That is something else many of us do, we notice and somewhat get fixated on small fine details.

The communication issue up on the catwalk. That can happen to many of us including me. Overall I loved it.
All of us on the spectrum are different and obviously there are major differences, but for me I thought that some of the parts really felt like a good representation.

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Ok but can we please talk about how Yuri specifically stated that the clothes that he was wearing were the ones he had bought in Barcelona WITH OTABEK LIKE OMG THEY ACTUALLY WENT SHOPPING TOGETHER???? AM I DEAD??? THIS IS TOO MUCH TO MY POOR SOUL???? LIKE???? KUBO PLS???????

we were wrong guys the cafe date in st petersburg was not their first fucking date they went shopping together and had lunch together and otabek probably paid for it like the gentleman he is what the FUCK 

✨happy fairytale things✨
🌸 lilly pads in a sparkling pond that make the water look enchanted
🌸 when the sun is golden and anytime someone take a picture in golden hour their skin is gold
🌸 people who do nice things and don’t expect anything back because they’re just that nice (we nEed moRe pEople like this)
🌸 going dress shopping and trying on all sorts of beautiful dresses on
🌸 looking at how beautiful the stars look on a nice night (bonus if your on a balcony)
🌸 blushing or making someone so happy that they blush !!!!!! 💕
🌸 oh my fuck sometimes i wish i lived in a fairytale film like sleeping beauty or cinderella or omG ANYTHING or I could be my own fairytale hahahah
I’d watch my own film

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Prompt : isak and even grocery shopping and looking for kardemomme but there are not any so even starts to make a big deal out of it and panics

Hahaha omg here we go Part 2 of the shopping series it looks like…Part 1 here

“Okay so lets look at this…” Isak said as he looked down at the list on his phone and pointed at the row of spices sitting in their trolley, “we’ve got the chilli, carribean Jerk barbecue, cinnamon, poltagaldra and rosemary.” he chuckled and shook his head at the strange mix of spices. “yep Even I think we’re covered.”

he scrolled down the list, “do you think we need vegetables or nah? like how legit is that 2 and 5 a day thing anyway?” When he didn’t get the answer he was expecting Isak looked up. “Evi?”

he turned around to see Even, his head pratically half in one of the shelves diggning deep inside it, spices shoved to the side.

Isak squinted his eyes in curiousity and confusion. ‘Even what the hell you doing?”

“I can’t find it” he mumbled still shuffling through all the spices on the shelf.

Isak scratched his head and looked at the trolley “find what? we’re covered. Now help me find that hair remedy stuff Eskild always had that smelt like lavender. He never knew it, but I used to steal it because I like the smell”

Even finally stood up and looked at Isak “oh he definitely knew”


Even widened his eyes like it was obvious “why else would he buy you that lavender scented air freshner for your room?”

You could practically hear Isak’s mind blowing from across the store.

“Okay anyway, lets go find it.” Isak said, already walking down the aisle.

Even shook his head “no”

Isak stopped and turned around. “Even what is it? we have everything.”

Even raised his eyebrows. “are you kidding me?”

Isak looked over his shoulder and back at Even, confused “what?”

Even sighed deeply and rolled his eyes like he couldn’t believe how dense Isak was being.

“What is the trick Isak?” 

Isak narrowed his eyes. by the look on Evens face, he knew this was something he was meant to remember. Something important. he laughed nervously and licked his lips. 

“the trick?” he asked confused. 

“mmhmm” Even responded, not budging to give Isak another clue. 

Isak continued to wrack his brain, think, think. Then suddenly

the light came on. 

“Kardemmomme!” he sung instinctively as soon as he remembered what had his boyfriend frantically searching the spices aisle. 

Even’s entire world became a soundless bright blurry haze, with Isak the only thing in focus. 

The only one.

 He felt himself grow warm and fuzzy at his boyfriend singing the familiar words he fell in love with a lifetime ago. 

he couldn’t refrain himself from pulling Isak to him by his jacket and placing a soft tender kiss on his lips. 

“I love you” he said, his smile overtaking his face and making his eyes crinkle as he looked down at Isak. 

“shuuuut up” Isak whined as he blushed and brushed his fingers across Even’s cheek. 

“They don’t have any left” Even finally stated after remembering why he was upset. 

Isak stared at the aisle, finally noticing the emptiness behind the label “Kardemomme” and then looked back at his boyfriend. 

he smiled “it’s fine, it tastes like crap anyway.” 

Even pouted “but that’s what makes it good.” 

Isak shook his head and wove his arms around his boyfriends neck. 

“I lied” 

Even raised his eyebrows “you lied? about what?” 

“that wasn’t the trick.” 

Even smiled like Isak was the sun “it’s not?” 

Isak shook his head “no, you are….you making it, that was the trick.” 

Even pressed a warm kiss to his boyfriends forehead as the words found themselves wrapping around Even’s heart, keeping him warm and full of love. 

“You are something else you know.” he said softly.

Isak grinned, with rosey cheeks, as he licked his lips and looked like the softest and happiest angel in the world. 

“Can we look for my lavender hair cream now?” 

Even laughed and wrapped a hand around Isak’s shoulders as they grabbed their trolley and began walking towards the next aisle. 

“Of course baby. All the lavender you want.” 

“Shut up” Isak giggled, letting the sound echo through the supermarket. 

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Oh my goodness, Jess, I had a dream last night that (somehow?) I bumped into Sam in a coffee shop. We were both fixing our coffees and he just friendly said, “Good morning, how are you?” And I looked back and said, “We know.” He said, I’m sorry? I said, “We all know!” Then I walked away. 😂


So coolest thing happened to me couple days ago and since no one in my life found it as cool as i did, i just had to bring it to tumblr! I was on a getaway with uni friends last week in Rosebud Vic and we decided to go to a street market for the day. As we’re walking down the street I noticed a book store and ever since I heard that still star crossed has been canceled I’ve been trying to see if I could find the book. I told my friends to go ahead while I quickly went in. While I was waiting in line to ask one of the store girls if they had the book another girl came up and served me. Since no one really knows about the show in Australia I didn’t really expect her to know what it was when I asked, but as soon as I did she replied with “Oh do you watch the show?’. I was just happy to meet someone that had actually heard of the show so I said ‘yeah I love it, do you watch it too?!’ and she goes ‘my brothers actually in it’ ………… my first thought was maybe he’s just an extra but then I remembered that the leading man of the show (and my heart) is Australian too! So I say ‘I’m sorry but is your brother Benvolio???????” AND SHE SAID YES! Of course I freaked out a bit and my cheeks were hurting from smiling so hard but omg she was so lovely and stood there chatting for like 15 minutes! I was telling her how upset I was about the show being canceled and how annoying that there was literally no publicity for it and of course she agreed and since I have no brain to mouth filter I blurted out ‘I’m sorry but your brother’s really hot!’ and she laughed and agreed that the whole cast is rather good looking! Anyway the shop was starting to get busy and sadly she couldn’t find a copy of the book, so I had to say goodbye but not before telling her to tell her brother that even though the show got canceled its got a big fanbase and he’s brilliant in it! A couple hours later when my friends and I were on our way back we were about to past the shop again and I realised that I hadn’t even had a proper look around before (clearly starstruck) so i went back in and after being there for five minutes looking around one of the other girls who had been listening to my fangirling before comes over to me and points to another lady and says ‘That’s Wades mother!’ I love that girl cause she was clearly looking out for me! So I got to meet his mum as well cause when the sister saw me again she brought her mother over and said ‘mum this is the sweet girl I was telling you about before that watches still star crossed!’ and they were both so lovely and I just kept thinking about how cool it’ll be that they’re probably going to be telling Wade about this fan that they met randomly and they’ll be talking about meeeee! And his sister said that the cast is actually really close and everyones so lovely and omg it was awesome! And of course we both bonded over Rosaline and Ben and I told her how I hope they get together before the show ends and she said she thinks that something’s going to happen before it ends! I’ve always been one to believe in fate but I’ve never experience it like this before! So many things could’ve stopped us from meeting (my friends taking forever to get ready that morning, almost going to another location, me walking on the other side of the road and completely missing the shop, me getting served by the other lady, etc) but I don’t know, I like to think this happened for a reason, not sure what that reason is, besides the fact that it was super cool, but I’m going to love having that memory with me.