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OMG PLEASSE DO FRANK CASTLE X BLACK READER!!! Like she's sassy and doesn't put up with he's shit!! Idk just your writing is phenomenal bro!!!! 💕💕💕💕

A/N: OMG THANK YOU!! 💖😘 That means a lot to me, you have no idea ;-; 

“Why are you on the couch again?”

“So you can take the bed tonight.”

“Oh, am I staying here?” I forgot that I’d mentioned to him I was off tomorrow.

“Yes. You try to leave and I’ll muster up the strength I got left to pin you down.”

“And as little strength as that may be I’m sure it’d still be enough.” I looked the poor guy up and down as he lay stretched on his couch with nothing but a sheet and a pillow. “How much are you hating this right now?” I asked with a smile plastered to my face.

“Just about as much as you’re lovin’ it,” he groaned. At that I laughed because it was very true. As broken and beaten as Frank managed to get, never once did he take a day off in the time I’ve known him, and yet here is is laid out from something as simple as the flu.

“To be fair, you brought this on yourself. No one said to spend half the day shoveling my walkways; I told you there’s a guy in the neighborhood that offers to do it for cheap.”

“Yeah and I offered to do it for free.”

“And I’d kiss you right now if you weren’t all, ya know… sick and mucus-y.”

“Even now you’re still a smartass,” he sighed with a head shake.

I smiled. “I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere!” Which of course he wouldn’t and we both knew; he rolled his eyes at me as I left. I had been visiting him after work to check up on him and to take care of Max; taking him out for fresh air and bathroom breaks, filling his bowl with food and water. When I returned from doing so I kicked off my snow boots and hung my coat. “Have you eaten today?” I got a grunt in response from the giant mass on the couch. That was Frank speak for “No but don’t bother,” just because he didn’t wanna seem burdensome. Thankfully I brought a few groceries over; if Frank didn’t eat it was because one, he was too ill to get up and make something, and two, because he didn’t have anything I’d deem a meal here. Canned beans and toast wouldn’t sound very good to me healthy, let alone if I were sick. I parked it on the coffee table and he cracked an eye to look at me. “What do you want?”

“Hmm… chocolate,” he mumbled with a barely noticeable grin. I rolled my eyes. Initially it was weird for me, dating Frank. I never dated outside of my race before, and Frank just so happened to be that and significantly older than me. Every time I noticed the differences between us he’d tell me how it didn’t matter, how opposites attract, how the differences were what attracted him to me. I asked if the age thing was odd for him, an eleven year gap, and he said hopefully I’d keep him in shape. He resorted to jokes about our differences to help me come to terms, so this wouldn’t be the first time he’s mentioned wanting chocolate. “What, no hot chocolate? I mean the drink, not…”

“Chicken soup it is.”

“Please God, no,” he cried, trying to grab my arm as I walked away to head to the kitchen.

“You can’t stomach anything else-”

“-If I see another piece of chicken or noodle, I’m gonna lose my mind.”

“Fine.” I didn’t even bother looking for a strainer. This was Frank’s place after all; he was just shy of living in destitute. I held the lid of the soup I just bought and drained the broth into his favorite coffee mug, trapping all the noodles and chicken and everything else in the plastic container it came in. He didn’t wanna see chicken or noodles? So be it. I popped the mug in the microwave as I put away the rest of the groceries. “I’m here because you can barely stand up long enough to brew a pot of coffee, something I never thought I’d see you ever go a single day without. I’m here because Max needs me since you’re currently outta commission. If I thought you could handle a burger or pizza from Gino’s or anything else, I’d bring you that!” I grabbed the piping hot mug from the microwave and a sleeve of crackers and made my way back to him. “I gave you a turkey sandwich the last time I was here. You remember what happened?”

“Yeah, but-”

“-You were on the bathroom floor all night throwing up!” I set the soup and crackers down on the coffee table and cocked a hip, fist to my waist. “No noodles and no chicken, just like you ordered, boss.”


“-You will drink the broth, and you will eat the crackers.”


“-Or! Third option: you can watch my black ass strut outta this apartment and I’ll take Max with me. Your call, old man…” We stared for a second before he sighed and struggled to sit up, reaching for the mug and taking a sip of the chicken broth as he kept the sheet wrapped around his shoulders.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Good. Was that a thank you I heard?”I sat beside him, stealing a cracker for myself.

He set the mug back on the table and settled back into the couch, leaning his back against the arm. This was probably the most rest he’s gotten in years and I was thankful for it. If there was anyone that needed a break it was Frank Castle. I couldn’t get him to take two days in a row to recoup. Had I known a cold would be the solution I woulda sneezed on him forever ago. “Thank you so much, Y/N. I am truly blessed to have you.”

“Oh please, you flatter me.”

“Hmm… You know I only said yes so you wouldn’t take Max, right?”

“Oh shut the hell up,” I laughed, grabbing his pillow and putting it in my lap. “C’mere…” He shifted and grabbed a cracker before resting his head in my lap. I pulled out my cell and got comfortable myself, propping my feet up on the coffee table before stroking his hair with one hand, scrolling through social media with the other. “Someone needs a haircut,” I sang. “And a shave, too.”

“I’ll get right to it.” His eyes were already closed and I knew he wouldn’t last long. “After I get to that struttin’ ass-”

“-Shut up!” We laughed together before a coughing fit started. “See, that’s exactly what you get!”

“Mhm,” he said with a sniff. “You know I like it when that fire comes outta ya.”

“Yeah yeah yeah. Just hurry up and get better, please?” I bent down and kissed the side of his head; three quick pecks. “And thank you.”

“Hmmm, one more, right here,”he groaned, pointing to his lips.

“Not today, stud.” I placed one on his stubbly jaw before sitting up and going back to running my fingers through the grown out curls on his head. “Maybe in a couple days…”

“Just wait ‘til I’m on my feet again…” A sick, sleepy grin stretched on his face.

I smiled. “You gonna skip the coffee for hot chocolate?”

“Hot chocolate. With whipped cream.”

  • Dipper: You know Bill, I heard you were quite the tree-topper ;)
  • Bill: wait I'm sorry whut
  • Dipper: Don't worry, I'll let you top the tree this year~
  • Bill: Dipper wth are you-- *realization* omg
  • Dipper: Come on Bill. I'll let you <i>decipher</i> me all night long
  • Bill: nO omg pls
  • Dipper: What's wrong? Getting a little on the edge? :^)
  • Bill: fuck u
  • Dipper: I'll let you take a look at me from all <i>angles.</i> If you let me take a look at yours 👀
  • Bill: haha bYe
  • Dipper: Aw, you are so acute when your flustered
  • Bill: heck off
  • Dipper: Please Bill . . . I'll you drive my MIND insane ;^)
  • Bill: I'll give you twenty bucks if you leave me the fuck alone
  • Dipper: oh? Deer bucks? :^)))))
  • Bill: That's it you are sleeping downstairs tonight
Movie night (Part one)

I had to make this one a two part cause it was that good ;) lol 

Bae.. i mean Roman Reigns x Reader :)

for rocker-girl90

Okay, thank you for giving me my first Roman oneshot. HE IS SO BAE. OMG. Alright, here you go love <3


“Hey Ro, are you still coming over tonight for our movie night?”  You approached your best friend before leaving the arena. You and Roman Reigns had been best friends since you started in the wwe. He knew everything there was to know about you, and you knew everything there was to know about him. He was the first to welcome you into the WWE, the second was your other best friend Dean Ambrose. Not only were you and Roman close, you were both in love with each other and neither of you knew it.

“Yeah, i’m bringing the beer don’t forget.”

“Good… Hey Dean!!!” Dean had been standing next to Roman when you approached him.

“Hey darlin’.” He gave you a hug before turning to Roman. You gave Roman a hug too.

“I’ll see you later. Don’t forget, sweatpants and all that comfy shit you might end up staying over I have a lot of movies.” You gave him another quick hug and giggled.

“Alright (Y/N) i gotcha.” You nodded and said goodbye to your two best friends before leaving the arena.

“So, bro, you gunna tell her?” Dean was laughing at Roman who watched you walk out of the arena.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Dean.” Roman rolled his eyes and laughed at him.

“You two are obviously obsessed with each other.” Dean was laughing harder now while Roman glared at him. He waited for Dean to stop laughing.

“It’s not like that. She’s my best friend.”

“Oh yeah? She’s my best friend too, and she doesn’t look at me the way she looks at you. She doesn’t hug me the way she hugs you. SHE LIKES THE FUCK OUT OF YOU ROMAN DON’T BE STUPID.” Dean had a point and Roman knew it.

“Shut up, I gotta go change.”

“Yeah man, go change for your date.” Dean started laughing again at Roman while he rolled his eyes. Roman walked away from Dean who was still laughing hysterically. Before he could say anything else to Roman, Roman flipped him off and walked towards his locker room.


You had just gotten out of the shower and changed into a pair of black sweatpants and a red tanktop. You decided to wear your favorite pair of socks, they were all black with red kisses all over them. As you were brushing your hair, you heard a knock at the door.


You ran to the door, knowing it was Roman.  As you opened the door, Roman was holding a case of beer leaning against the railing.


He laughed “Hey” You grabbed his hand and brought him inside. He set the case down on the table in the living room. He noticed that you had pulled out a whole bunch of blankets and pillows so the both of you were really comfortable while watching the movies. He laughed at the display and turned to face you.

“You weren’t kidding when you said you took movie night seriously.”

“No i wasn’t! Nice outfit by the way.” He was wearing a pair of grey sweatpants with a black tshirt. You thought he looked good in anything and was always a sight to see.  You thought to yourself. “How can this man be so good looking. It should be illegal.”

“You too, nice socks.”

“Thanks they’re my favorite. Im gunna go finish brushing my hair ill be back down in a few minutes. I brought out all the scary movies so you can pick which one you wanna watch first.” The two of you loved watching scary movies so he didn’t argue.


You ran upstairs and finished brushing your hair. You heard the tv playing, quickly put your hair in a bun and went back downstairs. Roman smiled at you when he saw you return. He handed you an open beer and you thanked him with a smile.

“Well you’re not gunna watch the movie standing come over here!” Roman walked over to you and sat down. You threw one of the blankets over him and took another one and put it over you. As the movie went on, you sat closer to Roman without noticing. You were starting to get a little scared during the movie so you turned to him and asked “Is it okay if i lay on your shoulder? This is kinda freaking me out.” He smiled and nodded opening his arms. You put your head on his shoulder and your arms around his torso. He put his arms around your shoulders so you wouldn’t go anywhere. This felt great for you, it always made you feel like nothing was wrong. He would always hold you whenever you cried or if you were scared. As you were watching the movie, something had popped up on the screen and it caused both you and Roman to jump a little. You looked up at him and started laughing, this made him laugh. He always told you your laugh and smile was contagious.

“We just jumped like complete idiots!” You said trying to stop laughing. Within minutes you and Roman had stopped laughing and when you looked back at the tv, the movie had ended. You got up off the couch, leaving Roman’s embrace to play the next movie. You turned to Roman after you started playing the movie. “Want some popcorn and stuff?”

“Yeah, that’d be good (Y/N).” He took another sip of his beer. You walked over to the kitchen and started making popcorn and grabbing snacks you had in the pantry. You were trying to reach for a bag of Doritos but because you were short, you couldn’t reach. Just as you were about to call for Roman to get them you saw his arm reach for them. “Thanks”

“No problem baby girl.”

“Hey Ro?”


“You’re really cuddly, like a teddy bear.” You giggled pulling the popcorn from the microwave.

“And you’re fun to cuddle.” Roman had realized what he just said and looked at you to see if you noticed what he said as well. You looked over at him surprised at what he had just said to you. Whether you wanted to admit it or not, that small sentence made your heart race.

One long summary of tonight's episode
  • It starts: OMG I am so freaking ready clary you badass lets do this
  • Next: Nightmare? Jace? Simon? Awesome.
  • Next: Izzy ships it
  • Simon: blood?
  • Simon: throws temper tantrum and leaves.
  • Then: Magnus....we must speak with Magnus
  • Izzy: PARTY TIME
  • Camille's/Magnus's Necklace: k. Book fans know it is Cece's also but ssshhhh it's a secret.
  • Necklace: for real though is this blackmail or just bait?
  • Alec: smiles first time on screen at Magnus
  • Magnus: stay here or come with me safely CHOOSE CLARY TOO LATE PEACE OUT*
  • Oh wait: here's a thingamabob that will help us get to the next step in our adventure.
  • Then: parabatai.
  • More: parabatai
  • Then: clary saves strange girls life
  • Then: clary Jace and Izzy all be like #slay *wink*
  • And: clary vs Jocelyn
  • Clary: nice shadowhunter
  • And: Magnus flirts
  • With: Alec completely oblivious
  • And: Magnus? Or is this Harry being Magnus? Or Magnus being Magnus? Because that Dead Sea needs to have known Magnus as a sick lake.
  • Then: Jace says it may sting a little
  • And: clary screams bloody murder
  • Then: Clary is like Michelangelo-who was great in bed
  • Alec be like: chill man. Tmi? I think? #imconfused
  • And: eternal hand holding session starts now.
  • So: don't let go
  • Guess what: it wants the memory of the one you love the most
  • Clary: mom
  • Izzy: ALEC
  • Alec: Jace-wait what?!! No!
  • Jace: I didn't get to see who I'm stupid enough to love!
  • Magnus: well, no loosing the memory of a loved one-WAIT DONT LET GO ALEC DO NOT BREAK THIS CIRCLE
  • Alec: *lets go*. *internally hyperventilating and mentally talking really fast and freaking out because I can't love Jace it's wrong we are parabatai and omg omg omg he's a guy and it's wrong and they're gonna kill me and what do I do I can't ahhhh*
  • Jace: sucked into demon tornado
  • Izzy: nooooo *grabs Jaces*
  • Tornado: HES MINE
  • Izzy: Help!
  • Alec: *grabs jace*
  • Clary: whatdoidowhatdoidoahhwhatdoido!
  • Magnus: you kill it you never get your memories!
  • Clary: kills it.
  • Jace: almost dies
  • Magnus: wait is this Harry being Magnus or is this Magnus being Magnus AGAIN!! Eeepp.
  • Jace: very over dramatic resurrection.
  • Everyone: thank the Angel home we go.
  • Jace: enters Clarys room. Begins pointless conversation that serves no other purpose than taking time and clarifying the extreme amount of badass that is Clary
  • Clary: sees Valentine talk uh to her via creepy necklace
  • MEANWHILE: Simon goes home
  • Band practice: confirmed to have just been skipped by Simon
  • Ms lewis: you and clary need to be responsible *cough cough*
  • Marueen: jelly of clary. Feelings talk. Cuts finger accidentally
  • Simon: BLOOOOOOODDDDDDD*stares blankly*
  • Marueen: F*** this. Bye.
  • Simon: *phone* clary I've been all messed up since the vampire thing. It must just be a flu.
  • Simon: goes to vampire hotel
  • Simon: ignores Clarys return call.

zayn: tell me ur lies

  • Carm: Could we pretend- just for tonight that if I asked, we'd run away?
  • Carm: We'd find some way to leave and we'd just go. Somewhere without murder and sisters.
  • Me: omg please yes
  • Carm: We'd sleep in hotel rooms and never live in the same city twice.
  • Carm: No one to fail, or disappoint, or save.
  • Me: oh carm :----(
  • Carm: It would just be..
  • Carm: You and me in love.
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Laura: That would be nice wouldn't it?
  • Laura: But..
  • Laura: Our friends need us.
  • Me: off
  • Me: bye