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Dolokhov HATES kinky crap so like if he says anything like "the rope would be good for-" and Anatole would say "for your bondage tonight ;;;)))" and Dolokhov would say "I was gonna say to KILL MYSELF CAUSE YOU WONT LEAVE ME ALONE"

i am so sorry i never saw thi kvcgb i feel dso  bad but !! Omg yes fjdfhbg


Contains :  bestfriend!junhui, SMUT !  


Member : Jun/Wen Junhui

Words : + 2,8k

Summary : Junhui was a cocky guy, that was for sure, but you never thought that he was that cocky, as you glare at your phone screen, a shaky finger pressing on the imagine of his smooth torso, his hand wrapped around his cock.

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A/N : For all my babies suffering from the lack of seventeen smut, there you go ! + I’m writing this now instead of after my exams because I was revising and my friend sent me the video of Jun dancing to Who and yeah I couldn’t.
+ someone told me it was similar to other smuts and yes it is, I red other writings with the same plot so this smut is inspired by them

[11:06] you : jun, leave me alone

A sigh left your lips as you placed your phone beside you, trying to focus on the papers all over your desk. Fingertips rubbing your temples, you closed your eyes, trying to remember the things you were reading a few moments before. You hated it, you hated having to learn things by heart, just to recite everything like a robot in front of a teacher, as if it would prove that you were intelligent or something.

On top of that, your best friend was texting you non stop. You were already a pretty distracted person, but with him making your phone buzz every minute, it was even worst. He was a year above you, and didn’t have to pass any exams. His school year was over, and he was celebrating it tonight, in a party thrown by someone from his class.

But apparently, the party wasn’t that amazing, since it seemed like he wasn’t leaving his phone to go grind on some girl.

 [11:07] junhui : talk to meeeee :(
[11:07] you : omg jun why are you like this, leave me alone
[11:08] junhui : its boring without you :(

A laugh escaped your lips, he was probably at least a bit tipsy. See, Jun was your best friend, but you both had this thing were you acted like you hated each other. But when alcohol was running in his system, Jun was the first to spill his feelings, and it was always so rewarding to see his face the day after when you red him his drunk texts.

[11:08] you : you know i have my last test soon
[11:08] you : are you already drunk ? its not even midnight omg
[11:09] junhui : no shit i fucking know you have a test
[11:09] junhui : i cant believe you left me like that

You rolled your eyes at his text, before typing. Yeah, you could understand him. You two were ready to leave, because you were supposed to go with him, but you decided to stay at the last minute, quickly leaving your tight dress for your large pyjama shirt.
Jun had tried to convince you to go with him, after all, the test was only in a week, but you didn’t want to waste time partying while you could use this time to work.

[11:10] you : dont be like this, you know its an important test
[11:10] you : go dance or something, we’ll have all summer to party together
[11:11] junhui : i dont want to dance :( :( :(
[11:11] you : im gonna study byyye

For a moment, the boy stopped texting you, and you thought that maybe he was finally dancing and having some fun. Going back to your notes, you tried to memorize everything, repeating the important points to yourself.
A tired smile stretched your lips when you finally got everything right, moving to the next text. Rolling your eyes, you groaned, seeing how long the plan you had to memorize was, and how depressing the text was, talking about how Humans were damned no matter what.

You took a deep breath, sitting comfortably before starting reading every point, then, your phone buzzed again.

[11:25] junhui : hi
[11:26] junhui : answer me
[11:27] junhui : y/n
[11:27] junhui : :(
[11:28] junhui : i wont stop until you answer
[11:29] junhui : thats the worst party ive ever seen
[11:30] junhui : and i cant even leave because mingyu is the one driving
[11:30] junhui : plus im kind of drunk
[11:30] junhui : wow i cant believe you did this to me
[11:31] you : omg wen junhui ill kill you

You sighed, he wasn’t going to leave you alone, you had to navigate between answering him and revising, rolling your eyes, maybe going to the party was a better idea.

[11:31] junhui : i like when you call me by my full name thats hot
[11:31] you : wtf you have weird kinks
[11:32] junhui : wow cant believe my best friend is shaming me for my kinks !
[11:33] you : find mingyu, maybe he will drive you home
[11:33] junhui : nah i saw him going upstairs with some random girl
[11:34] you : gross
[11:34] junhui : i cant believe u did this to me
[11:35] you : omfg junhui how many times are you going to say that ?
[11:35] junhui : until you apologize ???
[11:36] you : fuck you this exam is more important than an obviously shitty party

You breathed, all your focus now on the coversation with your best friend. He would distract you anyway, and you wouldn’t be able to get any work done, so what was the point. Giving a last look at the pile of paper, you moved from your desk to your bed, trying to find a decently cold spot.

[11:37] junhui : ohmy god your test is in a fucking week
[11:38] you : fuck its just a party why are you getting mad about it ?
[11:38] junhui : because
[11:39] you : you’re a child
[11:39] junhui : whatever
[11:40] you : omg

You growned, dropping your phone on your side, your arm resting on your eyes. He didn’t respond, and it was for the best, when Jun was drunk, he could either be super whiny for nothing, or super angry for nothing, and you would rather stop talking to him for the night than have a conversation with an angry stubborn guy.

The summer night was growing hotter, your shirt starting to stick to your body. Tugging at it to let some air hit your skin, you thought for a moment that Jun finally gave up, maybe finding someone to drive him home.

[11:55] junhui : im in the bathroom
[11:57] you : k
[11:57] junhui : i have a boner
[11:58] you : dID I ASK

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes, drunk Jun could be either way super whiny, super angry or super horny, yeah you forgot about that.
See, another thing in your friendship was how comfortable both of you were when it came to sex. Junhui was already super comfortable talking about it, and so, you grew more and more confident talking about it with him. That was one of the few things you were grateful for.

[11:59] you : go get some girl to grind on i’m studying

You lied, hoping and praying god that you couldn’t have to deal with a drunk and horny Junhui.
A few moments passed, and again, you thought that he was out of the bathroom dancing on some girl, because you knew that a lot of them were willing to do it. It wasn’t news that Junhui was pretty popular, his delicate features and sweet voice were enough for a lot of girls, but he also had amazing hands, and those thighs, god, the result of years of dancing.
In addition to all of this, the way his hips moved was sinful. You remember seeing him dancing to one the songs he made with his friends, his hips moving slowly, his hand resting on his thigh, so close to his crotch.

Yeah, these were one of these days where you asked yourself, how the fuck do I even contain myself. 

After moving his hips, you remember his eyes finding yours before he started body rolling, his shoulders broad, toned stomach moving.
And it wasn’t all, the choregraphy continued again until his hands made contact with the floor, supporting himself as he fucking grinded on the floor, powerful thrusts over the floor, and you cursed under your breath.

You couldn’t admit it to yourself, but you couldn’t stop thinking about how his body moved, and you blamed it on sexual frustration, yeah that was it.

But more and more, your breath strated inching everytime he got closer, or when his hands got too adventurous, because he also wasn’t helping it.
But soon, you convinced yourself that you couldn’t think about your best friend in such ways, it was weird. You were making it weird at least.

[00:05] junhui : sent a video

Your thoughts got cut by the sound of your phone, your hand grabbing it before tracing your password, and your fucking mind went blank.

Your eyes stayed glued to your screen, blinking a few times, before checking again the name of the contact, yeah that was Jun.
Your troath was dry, and you tried to swallow the built of saliva.

The thumbnail was enough to leave you breathless, and even more sweaty.

Fuck, what was that for ?

You unconsciously licked your lips, your eyes fixed on the image.

Jun’s was sitting in what looked like a bathroom, his black jeans tugged to the middle of his muscular thighs, his black shirt riding up, revealing a parcel of his skin. His hand was wrapped around his cock, tip already red, several rings hugging his fingers. You couldn’t see his face, the image cut to his sweaty neck, but you could understand that his head was thrown back.

You cursed under your breath, a shaky finger pressing on the message, the image filling your screen before starting.
And it started right away, the boy’s hand slowly pumping up and down, his thumb stopping to collect the drop of precum. Touching his sensitive head, you heard a hiss, your mouth falling agape, waiting for more, and it stopped.

Your eyes widen, still locked on the screen, before catching the small three dots on your phone.

[00:06] junhui : fuck, im so hard
[00:06] junhui : help me

You looked up from your screen, as if someone would suddently appear at the end of your bed to help you in this situation.
Your heart was pounding, what the fuck were you supposed to do ? He sent it like it was the most normal thing to do.

And fuck, you wanted to run away from your phone and hide, but on the other hand, your eyes were still glued to the small picture, your mind replaying the faint hiss.

[00:07] junhui : y/n
[00:08] you : you can’t send things like that omg
[00:08] junhui : omfg its okay youre my best friend
[00:08] junhui : just help me
[00:08] junhui : please

“Best friends”, was that a common thing to send nudes to your best friend ? You took a deep breath, before typing again, what the fuck were you getting yourself into.

[00:09] you : what the fuck do you want me to do
[00:09] you : you have a fucking boner its not my fault youre a horny fuck
[00:10] junhui : sent a vocal

You rolled your eyes, taking your headphones before playing the audio, and your heart sank. It started with a clear, deep moan, you could hear that he was trying to stay quiet, before muffling it, the sound of his hand moving in the background was faint, and he started talking. God, his voice was raspy, low, breathless, “What do you mean it’s not your fault ? I have a fucking boner because of you, fuck- That dress looked so good on you.”

Your breath grew uneven, catching your lip between your teeth. A breathy moan fell from his lips, probably picturing you in the dress you were wearing earlier, “And fuck- d-did you really have to start taking it off in front of me ?” You couldn’t help but smile as you remembered taking the straps off in front of him, letting him see a bit of your bra, but you couldn’t imagine that it had such and effect on him.

“God, please, send something, a picture, anything, I don’t care.”, he moaned, before ending the audio. You eyes widen, a picture ? Fuck, you wanted to continue whatever was going on, feeling the familiar discomfort between your legs but you really didn’t know how to take it.

Eventually, you moved your phone, stretching your arm above your head, opening the camera. Your moved to lay on your back, bending your knee up as your other hand tugged your shirt upwards, enough to show the right of your bra and your panties.

It was the exact same bra that Jun saw as you took your dress off earlier, the lacy black bra un panties hugging your body. You quickly took the picture, cutting it after your lips, your lower lip rosy after biting it, and you sent it.

[00:14] you : sent a picture

Biting your lip, you waited for his responce.

[00:15] junhui : fuck, you look so good
[00:16] junhui : sent a video

And this time, you didn’t hesitate to open the video, your breath stopping. Fuck, if he was touching himself while looking at a picture of you, you could to that too, right ? Your hand traveled down your stomach, letting your finger press on your clit, a gasp leaving your lips.
Keeping your eyes open, you watched as the video opened on your phone, Jun’s hand moving faster this time, and holy shit, he looked so big.
His tip was red, a groan coming from his chest as he moved the phone and,

“Oh my god.”, you cursed under your breath as you took your panties off, your digit spreading your wetness. You gasped as Jun moved the phone so you were able to fully see his hand pumping his cock and his face, and god, he look amazing.

His lower lip between his teeth, looking straight at his camera through the locks of his back hair. His mouth suddently fell open with a silent moan as his head fell backwards, letting you see his Adam’s Apple bobbing and the video ended.

Fuck, you were keeping those videos, for scientific reasons.

[00:18] junhui : are you touching yourself ?

Your finger started rubbing your clit, trying your best to reply, but you didn’t even know how, so you took another picture. Quickly opening the camera, you took another one in the same position, your hand clearly visible in the shot.

[00:18] you : sent a picture
[00:19] junhui : i knew it
[00:19] junhui : fuck, i wish you were here

And then, out of nowhere, your phone rang.

You didn’t hesitate long before you accepted the call, placing your phone on your pillow beside your head.

“Y/N.”, he breathed as your finger started to work faster.

“Jun.”, you wanted your voice to be as quiet as his, but it came out in a moan.

“Fuck, why did you have to stay home.”, he gasped, breathless.

“Why did you have to go to this party.”, you replied.

“Whatever, be fucking prepared when I come home.”, a broken moan fell from his lips as you cursed under your breath, your imagination running wild. You allowed a finger to enter your heat, your digit easily sliding in. You moaned, your other hand gripping your sheet.

“God, I couldn’t stop thinking about you in that dress.”, the sound of skin clapping grew quicker as he continued, “I wish I could feel your lips around me.”, he gasped, before continuing, “You’re going to let me fuck your mouth when I come home, won’t you ?”

You moaned, his words hitting your core, but he wasn’t having it, his cocky self coming back. “Words.”

You opened your mouth, breathing heavely before answering, “Yes.”

“Yeah.”, and he laughed out of pleasure, the sound ringing in your ears, adding another finger.

“I’ll make you feel so good.”, he purred, a long moan tumbling from his lips. “You’re touching yourself, right babygirl ? Fuck yourself with your fingers, curl them, imagine my fingers instand of yours.”, he rasped, clearly reaching his climax as he was finding it hard to talk.

And you did, curling your fingers and moving faster, picturing your best friend between your legs, your hips bucking against your hand.
Your moans grew higher, more and more frequent as you moved your hips.

“Are you gonna cum ?”, he asked, breathless, groaning as he tried to wait for you.

“Jun.”, you moaned, unable to give him an answer, feeling the knot in your stomach ready to explode.

“God, I can’t wait to be inside you.”, he cooed, a broken moan filling your ears. “Come for me.”

And that’s all you needed, moaned, your back arching, a clear layer of sweat near your collarbones. Collapsing, you tried to catch your breath, closing your eyes, trying to focus on what was going on on the other side.

A series of curse words mixed with your name tumbled from his lips, before he came on a long moan, gasping every now and then.

“Fuck, fuck.”, he cursed, trying to process everything, before letting a long sigh.

Both of you stayed silent for a moment, before Jun moved the phone, before speaking in a breathless voice.

“Wait for me, I’ll be here soon.”

Otayuri fic recs #3

Sweet Summer Mornings by thelonelywriter (oneshot, nsfw)

THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER OH MY GOD HOW CAN SOMETHING BE SO PERFECT Listen to me this fic made me smile so hard just when i needed it the most. So basically this is 10k words of Otayuri fluff and smut. They are so perfect together. SO BEAUTIFUL ❤❤❤❤

Hashtags by abrandnewheart (oneshot, sfw)

It is gonna kill you and your life will be ruined after reading this. In other words beutiful angst thet will leave you with a lot feelings. I hate it and I love it at the same time. Thank you @mylittlesecretshelter for recommending me this.Don’t read if you dont want to be sad,

Honey, We Broke the Children by blackmountainbones (oneshot, teen and up)

OMG this is so funny I’ve been laughiing the whole time while reading this. Victor is a main character and he is super worried about Yurio( Yurio has a daddy kink #daddybek ;) ) and it is super funny and adorable. 

Gold Medal by howlingmoonrise (TheDarkStoryteller) (oneshot, nsfw)

So in this one Otabek is completely different than in most fics but it is so cool to read. Also this one is super hot.

Halsey Series of Sin by siren of old (series, nsfw)

Ok so this is series of 6 short fics that shows development of their feeling for each other. I love it so much because you can find here fluff, smut and angst (aka everything I need from a good fic). and OMG everything is perfect here you have to read it you won’t regret it I promise

How Long You Walked For (til you got lost tonight) by LiviKate (oneshot, nsfw)

OH MY GOD I AM SCREAMING I LOVE IT SO MUCH the ending just killed me with its cuteness everything here is just perfect I am so in love just asdfghjkl AMAZING okay i am done screaming about it so Otabek here loves Yurio so much but is completely oblivious to the other boy feelings

I really hope you are gona like it. If you do, don’t forget to leave kudos and comments under the fics. This authors deserve them so much

  • brendon urie: allow me to exaggerate a memory or two, where summers lasted longer than, longer than we do
  • brendon urie: break involuntary ties, a secret so the spies could never find us out
  • brendon urie: fate will play us out with a song of pure romance
  • brendon urie: i'm not complaining that it's raining, i'm just saying that i like it a lot, more than you'd think if the sun would come out and sing with me
  • brendon urie: there's never air to breathe, there's never in-betweens, these nightmares always hang on past the dreams
  • brendon urie: there's nothing wrong with just a taste of what you've paid for
  • brendon urie: in love i've always been a mercenary but i never leave my post when the cash runs out. i want to make you quiver, make your backbone shiver
  • brendon urie: i'll take my chances with the devil tonight but i'm running out of time, if this is wrong i don't want to be right, let the fantasy die
  • brendon urie: you remind me of a few of my famous friends, well that all depends on what you qualify as friends
  • brendon urie: there's no residue of a torturer inside of your eyes
  • y'all: omg brendon is suuuuuuch a bad lyricist "im not as think as you drunk i am" lmaooo he SUX!!!!xD xD
Puppy Love - Part 2

Pairing: neighbor!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,371

Summary: The reader’s dog wanders off and she finds him hanging out inside of an Impala that belongs to her gorgeous new neighbor.

Part 1

“What do you do for work?” Dean asks before taking a big bite of his hot dog.

“I’m an event planner.” You say with a smile.

“That sounds fun.”

“What about you?” You wonder with a mouth full of corn on the cob. Real attractive.

“I’m a cop.”

No fucking way. You didn’t think he could get any hotter but now you’re picturing him in his uniform.

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Contains : highschool!jungkook, mention of drug and alcohol, swearing, a bunch of illegal things, SMUT !  

Group : BTS  

Member : Jungkook/Jeon Jungkook

Words : +9,3K

Summary : Every each of his body screamed for revenge, since the very beginning. He hated how he had to change himself because of them, he hated how people viewed him because of them, he hated the person he became.
Maybe they forgot, maybe they thought it was just a little prank at the time, but it never left his mind.
And tonight, on the last day of highschool, he’s getting his revenge.
He had planed everything, every single move. He was confident, he knew he would finally get what he was craving for, but things take a strange turn when he finds out that he is not the only one seeking for revenge, and soon enough, his solo vegeance road trip welcomes a girl that looks oddly familiar.

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

A/N  : Omg that’s the longest thing i ever wrote for tumblr so far, I really really really hope that you guys like it,aND I’M SO SORRY FOR THE END DON’T HATE ME.

You can leave your feedback or questions etc, here ! Please remember that english isn’t my first language.

Jungkook took a deep breath, tugging a little bit more at his hood. Tonight was his night, it all starts after this door. Tightly gripping his bag, the boy carefully listened, standing in the middle of his room. Everything was silent between the four walls, and it seemed like his house was as silent, the only sounds being the rare cars passing by.

He looked at the clock hanging on his wall, the dim light of the moon helping him distinguish the numbers. It was near eleven post meridiem, he knew that his mother was already long asleep after a day of work, but he couldn’t be too cautious, right ?
Crossing this door was the first step to his revenge, but if his mother caught him, he was screwed.

What was he going to tell her ? That he was getting a glass of water, fully dressed with a huge bag ? Knowing his mother, she would probably freak out and think that he was running out of the house.

Jungkook tried to shake these thoughts away, his hand grabbing the door handle. One last time, he repeated to himself all the steps he had planned, exiting his room. Closing the door as quietly as possible, he quickly locked it before looking around.

The hallway was dark, no light coming from his mother’s bedroom. Walking as quietly as possible on the carpet, he grabbed the car keys, dodging every furniture in his living room.

It wasn’t a hard task, he could walk blindfolded in his house.

Getting out of his house, Jungkook almost congratulated himself, but somehow, he was still tensed, maybe even more.
A voice in his head asked over and over again if this was a good idea, and sometimes, he almost gave in, abandonning the idea. But the other voice, stronger, told him to get his revenge. He was greedy, craving for his revenge after all these years. He built and gained their trust just so he could crush them down, he wasn’t, he couldn’t give up. Not now.

He knew it, he would regret it, either way, but his spleen took over him.

Jungkook looked up, the sky was dark, but thankfully they were no clouds, no signs of rain. He hummed the air, the odor of grass, trying to collect himself.
The cold air caressed his skin, calming his nerves, helping the boy slowly regaining his confidence.

He did it everyday, he thought, the facade he built tricking people in thinking that he was bold and confident, but here, but now, it was only him, he couldn’t project the illusion on himself, he couldn’t lie to himself. Truth is, he was terrified, his hand gripping his bag so it wouldn’t shake.

Somewhere, he thought that getting his revenge would help him, even though it wouldn’t take back or erase what they did to him, he though that maybe, just maybe, it would lift a bit of weight of his shoulders.

Jungkook shook his head, walking towards his car, steps after steps on the little flat rocks.
Well, his mother’s car. It wasn’t as nice as his friend’s car, but he couldn’t complain. He knew that she worked hard, and a new, expensive car was a lot to ask.
Playing with his keys, he immediatly stopped when he saw a silhouette leaning against his car.

He froze, was it one of his “friends” ? Was he so bad at hidding things ? He took a step back, grass crushing under his foot, eyes narrowing to distinguish the face of the person.
His heartbeat grew faster, a ball forming in his throat, he was fucked.

At least, he thought, blinking multiple times, it was a girl.

A wave of releaf crashed over his body, all of his stress washing away. His head cooked to the side, who was that ?
He had to admit, he didn’t have a lot of girl friends, even if the rumors told otherwise. To be real, he couldn’t think of a lot of girls that he actually liked as a friend, all of them seemed to have hidden intentions.

Now walking towards his car, his eyebrows furrowed when the face of the person became clearer under the light of the column. He didn’t recognise it, who was she ?
Leaning against the door of his car, rolling a lollipop in her mouth, what was she doing in front of his vehicle in the middle of the night ? And she didn’t seem surprised at all to see him, actually, she looked amused, it was as if she knew.

“Can I help you ?”, asked Jungkook, clearly not amused. He had a plan to follow, everything was timed in his mind, he didn’t have the luxury to stop and talk to a random stranger.

The girl removed the sweet from her mouth, the candy leaving a red tint to her lips. She smiled, head tilting to the side, “I think I’ll be the one to help you.”

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Seventeen going to a SHINee Concert

Episode Ten: Where Seventeen decides to go to their Sunbae’s Concert to cause more destruction and chaos

disclaimer: this in no way is trying to offend any fans/ fandoms, this in no way represents a certain type of fan/ fandom and is just written for everyone to have a light-hearted laugh :)

Hoshi: “I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M GOING TO SHINEE SUNBAENIM’S CONCERT!!!” *flaps arms in the air*

The8: “You mean WE are going to Shinee Sunbaenim’s concert…”

Hoshi: “What do you mean we?”

Wonwoo: “Minghao means that all of the members are going to the concert not just you Soonyoung”


Hoshi: “But I didn’t buy tickets for you all”

Scoups: “WHAT”

Hoshi: “I didn’t know you all wanted to go!”

Scoups: “Soonyoung… I gave you like $4,000… why do you think I gave you so much money for?!”

Hoshi: “I thought you were finally giving me the love and attention I deserved and so you gave me more money!“

Woozi: “I am amazed at how highly you think of yourself”

Vernon: “Jeonghan hyung, I think you need to get Seungcheol hyung a glass of water, he needs to calm down”

Jeonghan: “Why me? Why don’t you get him a glass of water!”

Vernon: “Because you love him?”

Jeonghan: “Yeah sure.”

Vernon: “What is that supposed to mean??”

Jeonghan: “What are you waiting for Hansol? Go get him a glass of water!”



Hoshi: “Woozi I’m scared” *hugs woozi*

Woozi: “Ew don’t touch me”

Hoshi: “But you’re supposed to protect me, I’m your squishy!”

Woozi: “When did I ever say that?”

Hoshi: “In my dreams…”  *smiles*


Hoshi: “I don’t know anything!”

Seungkwan: “I can tell you what he did with that money”





Scoups: *taps foot waiting*



Seungkwan: “Money”

Scoups: ???

Seungkwan: “What? I’m not going to give away the information so easily…”

Scoups: *hands Seungkwan 5 bucks*

Seungkwan: “5 dollars can’t even buy me fried chicken”

Mingyu: “I want fried chicken…”

Scoups: *rolls eyes and hands Seungkwan another 5 dollars*

Seungkwan: “It’s a little short of what I expected but I’ll tell you anyways… he bought VVVVVIP tickets, front row, backstage pass, a meet and greet private session and also an autographed album, oh yeah aaaannnddd he bought two of everything”


Scoups: “WHATTTTTT?!?!?!?!”

Vernon: “Here’s a glass of water you need to calm down hyung”

Scoups: *throws water at Soonyoung’s face*

Hoshi: *screams*


Vernon: “Erm that was meant for you to drink it”

Seungkwan: “Oh yeah did I forget to mention he bought the entire merchandise store and the shirt he is wearing is one of the things he bought”




Seungkwan: “Yes finally some action! This is what I left Jeju for! Hey Vernon pass him another glass of water, I didn’t get to record it”

DK: “So why did he buy two?”

Jun: “Do you really need to ask? It’s so obvious”

Dino: “He bought it to go with someone duh”

DK: “Who?”

The8: “Even the maknae knows and he is like 3”

Dino: “heyyyyyy….” *frowns*

Woozi: “I hope it’s not me”

Jun: “Dude don’t even try wishing that it isn’t, because it’s probably you"

DK: “But what’s da point of buying front row tickets when Woozi hyung is too short to see anything”


Woozi: “Hang on for a moment, I’ll be back after I break everything in Seokmin’s room”

Woozi: *leaves*


DK: “He’s just joking right?”

*sound of glass shattering*

DK: “omg”

Hoshi: “Onew’s face is drenched in WATERRR!!” *attempts to dry it with a tissue*

Scoups: “Selfish jerk I can’t believe you did that!" 

Hoshi: “I can’t believe you threw water at my SHINee concert shirt!”

Wonwoo: "I saved up five months’ worth of my book buying allowance for the ticket…”

Mingyu: “I thought I already used that money for the pizza delivery last month?”

Wonwoo: “You what?”

Mingyu: “You heard nothing”

Hoshi: “I’m sorry sunbaenims… you got slapped with water” *cries*

Vernon: “You mean you got slapped with water”

Hoshi: “What did you do to deserve such humiliation? Amazing talent? Good looks?” *cries harder*


Hoshi: “I can’t its already gone!”


Hoshi: *uses two fingers to covered T-shirt Taemin’s ears*

Hoshi: “How dare you say that in front of Taemin! Don’t worry Taeminnie he is just jealous of your amazing talent and dancing skills and flawless looks which he doesn’t have" 

Scoups: "WHY I OUTTA-”

Scoups: *lunges and grabs hoshi’s shirt*


Joshua: "Okay okay calm down everyone if we just take a step back we will see that it’s just a small matter and it is not worth fighting over”

Seungkwan: “Soonyoung used your bibles as a stool when he tried to reach for his piggy bank”

Hoshi: “thanks a lot fam”


Seventeen: *gasp*

Vernon: “Whoa watch your language man”


Hoshi: “I’m sorry I needed my money if not how am I going to see SHINee?!!”

Joshua: “And I’m sorry that you weren’t born taller” *throws dino’s apple juice at hoshi*

Dino: “My…. my juice…”

Jeonghan: “I don’t know what is happening to Joshie these few days but I think I kinda like it”

The8: “You mean the crazy Joshua that suddenly rages and forgets about his gentlemanly self and attacks people with his vicious words like a dog with a serious case of rabies?!”

Jeonghan: “Yeah that Joshua, bad boy joshie, Jeonghan likey”


Seungkwan: “Well that’s gonna leave a stain…”

Woozi: “Just wash it”

Hoshi: “But I need it tonight! The concert’s tonight!”

DK: *yanks shirt off hoshi and throws it into the washing machine*

Hoshi: “Will my shirt be okay?”

DK: “I can’t guarantee that it’ll be okay but I’ll just lie to you and say yes” *smiles*


DK: “How much detergent do I put in this thing?”

*5 Hours Later… at the Concert…*

Hoshi: “I can’t believe I let you talk me out of wearing my shinee concert shirt to the shinee concert”

Scoups: “You’re lucky I haven’t murdered you with Jihoon’s guitar and sold your limps to the butcher”


Joshua: “I doubt the butcher would want to even buy it"

Mingyu: “Mingyu wouldn’t buy that rotten piece of meat from the butcher….”

Wonwoo: “How did Coups hyung manage to get us in?”

Jun: “He sold Hoshi’s tickets and whatever he had bought and purchased 13 tickets for us”

Mingyu: “Can I go out to buy some food… I think we’re too early… it starts in an hour’s time” *pouts*

The8: “Is there ever a day or a time where you can stop thinking about food?”




Woozi: “Omg shut up”


Seventeen: *covers ears*

Hoshi: “WHYYYYY SOOOO SERIIIOOUUSSS” *waves light stick*

Hoshi: *light stick falls out of his hand and hits woozi*


Hoshi: “Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry” *rubs hands together*

Shawols: *glares*


Hoshi: “No no, I was just saying sorry to my friend… no no um, my boyfriend?… errrrrm my girlfriend?”

Woozi: “Why am I your girlfriend?”

Shawol 1: “Girlfriend?….YEOJA CHINGU?! Gfriend???” *rage*


Scoups: “Oh my god you guys are such an embarrassment”

Shawols: *clenches fist*


Hoshi: “I love SHINEE I SWEAR!”

Jeonghan: “Ohhhh I~ Swearrr~”


Jeonghan: “What? Can’t I stan Sistar?”

Shawol 2: “Get me a bat”



Shawols: *gangs up*

Hoshi: “Wait or was it RING DONG DING OR DING RING DONG?”


Vernon: “Not making it better Seungkwan….”

Hoshi: “Wait don’t you know us? We’re Seventeen! You know everyday boom boom?”





Dino: *whispers* “Oh my god” #poseslikeCL


Hoshi: “That was actually really good my performance team! Maybe we can do that for one of our performan-”

Shawols: *grabs hoshi by the collar*


Mingyu: “DASI RUN RUN RUN” *runs*

Scoups: “What a loyal member…” smh

Wonwoo:TT… Mingyu… how could you abandon me…”

Hoshi: “How do you want me to prove it to you that I’m a 100% SHAWOL? I’M MARRIED TO THE MUSICCCC”


Dino: “I thought you were married to Woozi hyung?”

Woozi: o.O

Hoshi: “That was a secret chan how could you tell everyone my secret?!”



Shawol: “Get this fake shawol out of here!!!”

Hoshi: “No guys I can explain, I have it but then we got into a fight about me getting VVVVVVIP tickets and then they threw water and apple juice at my shirt-“


Scoups: “Okay guys I have a plan to get us out of here in one piece…. Hopefully….”

Wonwoo: “But I’m already broken into a million pieces it’s hurts so bad… my heart broke into a billion pieces when he left me here how can I ever get out of here in one piece when I’m so broken I cannot even be fixed back together even with superglue?”


Jun: “If only that was for me and not Mingyu…”

Vernon: “That’s deep man”

Joshua: “Somehow… I can relate to this”

Scoups: “Okay moving on…. I’m going to try to distract them and you guys try to escape alright?”


Hoshi: “FIGHTING!”

Woozi: “Oh god”


Shawols: *screams*

Hoshi: “WHEREEE???!”

Woozi: *facepalms*

Jeonghan, Dino, Joshua, Wonwoo, Jun and DK: *escapes*

Scoups: “Oh god Soonyoung”




Seungkwan: “I know what will help!”

The8: “It better not be a song”

Seungkwan: “Minghao! You’re getting smarter by the day!”

Seungkwan: “and a one, a two, a one two three, BABY YOU ARE MY ANGELLLLL!”

DK: *runs back into the concert hall*


Jun: *runs back into the concert hall*


Dino: “Hyungs stop it…”


Scoups: *glares*

Vernon: “What? I might as well promote myself right?”


Shawols: “EXO?”

DK: “What? Don’t you like EXO?”

Woozi: “Shut up Seokmin”

*Several hours later after much hair pulling and punching*

Mingyu: “What took you guys so long? The food I bought turned cold so I had to eat it all”

The8: “Don’t lie Mingyu, lying will give you food poisoning and you won’t be able to eat anything for three months”

Mingyu: “Erm… Manager hyung… can you drop me off at the temple? I erm have some things I need to ask God to forgive me for…”

Joshua: “Can I take this chance to tell you about Christ? Have you heard of him?”

Jeonghan: “YES like everyday Joshua…. *sighs* I miss my bad boy Joshie”


Joshua: “If anything ever happens to you… I don’t know what I would do… I’ll blame myself for not protecting you…. It’s all my fault…”

Vernon: “It’s just his hair man”

Joshua: “PRECISELY!”


Wonwoo: “Oh look, people who went to the concert are posting on their social media….”

Jun: “What does it say?”

Wonwoo: “Apparently Onew gave out free chicken to fans, Minho brought V onto the stage as a guest, Jonghyun gave everyone a copy of his book that he wrote, Taemin was shirtless 98% of the time and Key decided to sass everybody as usual”


Dino: “Even Woozi hyung?”


DK: “I feel like I’m forgetting something”

*meanwhile back at the dorm*

Washing Machine: *chokes*

Washing Machine: *rumbles*

Washing Machine: *shakes*

Washing Machine: *explodes*

*in the car*

DK: *thinks for two seconds*

DK: *shurgs* “Meh”

masterlist ✨

Read the previous episode: Seventeen going to a Buffet Pt. 2

Black [M]

A/N: hey all, this is my first fic on tumblr. i went with dean and i have a lot of plans for this fic so please so support it ;( i’m sorry if my writing sucks im terrible i know but ive just had this idea in my head for a while so i wanted to put it somewhere. i’m most likely gonna continue it even if ppl dont read it bc i kinda wanna finish it lol. but yeah if you like it pls tell me :) any comments are very much welcomed! btw it starts off boring but i wanted a nice& clear background. i promise it will get better!

characters: dean x oc, zico, crush, rome

genre: angst(ish?), university au

rated: m, alcoholism, stoners(lol), violence, abuse.

chapter one:

  “nayeon!” I dropped the box full of school supplies as I ran to my roommate whom I hadn’t seen all summer. she replied with equal excitement as we hugged each other. we had just moved into a new place for the year and we were both anxious to set up our cute little house. our other two roommates had already arrived and I was the last one, what’s new.

“I missed you!” she cheerfully exclaimed.

“I missed you too!” I replied as I reached down, picking up the box I had dropped.

“come in we have to talk about tonight’s plans!”

she helped me finish carrying the rest of my stuff upstairs, and after sochi had helped me put my room together my phone dinged. I flopped onto my bed and grabbed it. I hadn’t noticed how much the 8 hour drive had exhausted me.

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Doll? {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan Imagine 

Final Part (B) of here

Tagged: @tmrhollandkay

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested:  I just can’t get enough with the Doll? Series!! Ugggh its just soooo wonderfully made boo 😘!! Please make it smut for the next final part 😂😂,  I actually love this series so much omg,  OMGGGG THIS IS AMAZINGGGG,  Is there next part to doll? Cuz it ruined my life and I’m very emotional ❤,  Ohhhhhhh my lawd the doll feels are actually ruining me but I love it so much!!!!!! Much love for you and this awesome blog ❤️❤️ D O L L P L E A S E T H A N K Y O U L O V E,  Omg I need to know what happens at the end of doll 😍😍


                                              . L O N G   A  F.


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Stood Up

Prompt:  Peter Hale request! Prompt: Just got stood up on a date by a long term boyfriend,angry and about to leave, you run into Peter Hale. *I’ve never requested an imagine before,so i don’t know if i did it right sorry! And thank you if you get to it! xo”

Word Count: 636

A/N: I loved this request so much! And I’m thinking about making it into a fanfiction, so thoughts please?

Warnings: Fluff, Peter being super freaking charming and smooth omg. etc.

Requested by;  lydiawonderlost

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Take Care Of You Tonight - Duff Mckagan

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Pairing: Duff Mckagan x Reader

Words: 600+

Request: May I request a Duff smut where you’re making out and it leads to teasing and eventually you suck him off but Axl walks in? Sorry I’m in a weird mood omg                                      

Warning: Smut, oral sex.

Category: Smut.

A/N: –

His lips where hot on mine, our tongues fighting for dominance and our clothed crotches furiously rubbed against each other. His long fingers were digging into my hips, most likely leaving bruises. My hands were on his head, tugging on his hair

Duff pulled apart with a needy groan, his hands moved from my hips to rest on to the sides of my face, my hands resting on his neck and our foreheads pressed together. We were both breathing heavily, the air in the room felt thick.

“Let me take care of you tonight babe” I said, already reaching out to unbutton his tight jeans, he let out a shaky breath and he nodded, murmuring a “if you insist”.

I got on my knees, and he lifted his ass of the leather couch, helping me pull down his jeans and boxers. His cock sprung free, hard and proud.

I tied my hair in a ponytail and licked my lips, my mouth already watering at the sight. Spiting on my hand, I reached out for his dick and started with the up and down movements. His eyes closing at the feeling.

Leaning in, I took his tip on my mouth, rolling my tongue around it, the movement of my hand never stopping. He silently moaned and his hips lifted for a couple of seconds before going back to their original position, loudly groaning.

I took more of him into my mouth and started to bob my head faster, as I licked and sucked him harder, my hands holding him by the hips, trying to get him to keep his hips in place.

His hand reached out for head and grabbed onto my ponytail, taking control.

He guided my head up and down at a slow pace, until he grew desperate for release. Making me take him deeper and deeper, his tip hitting the back of mouth, he started to trust his hips against my mouth.

He grunted, and shut his eyes closed, one of my hands got a hold of my balls and gently started to massage them, my other hand moving to play with his short line of hair on his tummy.

I moaned onto his shaft, sending him all the good vibrations in all the right places.

I looked up at him from my lashes, there was a thin line of sweat in his forehead, his mouth was hanging open, his lips wet.

He locked his eyes with mine, closed his mouth, biting onto his lips.

“My god baby girl, you look so hot down on your knees like that” he started, “you like it huh? Fuck, you like sucking my dick” I moaned in response.

“I’m so close babe, so fucking close” I swirled my tongue against him and he moaned.

As his breath became heavier and his eyes rolled backwards, he let go of my head, letting me take control again. Knowing he was close to his release, I focused on the top half of his dick as my hand took care of the lower half.

In short time, his warm load was released into my mouth, as I swallow it and slowly kept on bobbing my head to ride out his orgasm.

“Well wasn’t that quite the show?” I deep voice said, making me look up, searching for the owner of the voice.

As I spotted the ginger man at the door, my heart stop.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

“What the hell Axl?!” Duff said, quickly covering his member with a pillow, “How long have you been standing there?” he asked as I got up and cleaned my mouth, my face red in shame.

“Long enough” Axl chuckled, “Anyway, we were all going to get dinner, you guys coming?” he asked, “If you are finished here, of course” he said turning around and leaving.

“Let’s go eat baby, I’ll finish you off when we get back yeah?” he said standing up and fixing his jeans. I nodded and did the same, taking my hand in his.

anonymous asked:

Hi angel!! Just wondering if you could write an imagine about Dylan Klebold being your prom date as a friend and he's stressed out bc things keep going wrong (limo is late, his tie doesnt match your dress/etc) and he eventually tells you he's got a lot on his mind and he says something along the lines of, "promise you'll always be my friend?" and you say he's always going to have you and Eric as friends and he getS EVEN MORE ANXIOUS AND TELLS U about him and Eric's plans and scares u off omG:(

This has been incredibly hard for me to write, I stopped several times because I started crying. I don’t know what feelings Dylan had during his prom. Was he happy? Was he tensed? Was he regretful? Was he pondering? Did it leave him cold? Was it a combination of all? I will never get to know but I like to think that he did have a good night and that it was a sort of goodbye for him. Anyway fetch the tissues.

(d/c) - your dress color

(f/c) - flower color

Tonight was the night. Tonight was your long anticipated prom. You sat in your mother’s car on the passenger seat, your heart beating like a drum as she drove you to Dylan’s. You nervously tugged at your dress to fix it, carefully to not wrinkle it up while sitting.

After long begging Dylan had finally agreed to go to prom with you. He didn’t like ‘all that stuff’ where you had to doll up and dance but your were his friend and if it was that important to you, then he’d make it possible. He even insisted that if he’d have to take you to the ball he’d do it properly. He rented a limousine and even bought a tuxedo.

You smiled as you watched the haunting and wild nature of Colorado passing by the car window. You were still thinking about moving away after school but everytime you went out the door you were greeted with the crimson red sun and the dusty rocks and the spiky plants that reached for the sky and it took your breath away every time. It made your heart jump with passsion and ache at the idea of moving away. You loved it here.

“Are you ready?”

Your mother asked with a smile as she observed you out of the corner of her eyes, noticing your rapid breathing and nervous shifting.

“I don’t know but I’m the one who wanted to go, can’t pull out now.”

You answered honestly with a short laugh and swallowed as your mother pulled up at the Klebold’s house. You could already see Dylan waiting in the driveway, facing the house. He turned around when he heard the car noises.

Oh my. Yes, he was only your friend but Dylan looked good! His black suit fitted him like a glove, a single red rose was attached to the left part of his chest. His hair was bound in a loose ponytail and he held a tiny white box in his left hand.

You gathered your dress with one hand and attempted to open the car door with the other one as it was pulled open by Dylan.

“Wait, I’ll help you.”

He looked at you and smiled.

“You look beautiful.”

Dylan murmured, reaching out his hand and you took it as he helped you out of the car.

“Thank you Dyl.”

“I should have chosen another bow tie though.”

He said seeming seriously concerned, observing your (d/c) dress before looking down his chest and you shook your head.

“You look fine.”

You said, reaching out and slightly tightening the bow tie around his lean neck a bit more. Normally Dylan didn’t like for others to be so close to him but it was you, he was familiar with you. You swallowed as your fingers pulled at the thin material around his delicate throat, he had become so skinny in the last months.


Dylan said quietly. He was so nervous.

“I have something for you. Reach out your hand.”

You did as instructed and watched as he pulled out a corsage with a simple white rose and a few (f/c) ones. You smiled as he attached it around your wrist.

“Thank you Dylan but you didn’t have to.”

You said as you looked at the corsage, your fingers stroking over the flowers.

“I wanted to.”

He said as he fixed it before he straightened again.

“This is our prom after all.”

He said with a grin and you felt your heart beat a little faster. You were sure that you would never again meet someone in your life who had such a gentle soul like the tall blonde boy you had the pleasure to call your friend. He always put others first.

“The limousine should be here already.”

He said and watched the road, trying to spot it. You once more tried to reassure him that everything was okay and not his fault. He still kept pacing up and down while he muttered to himself. You were glad as the limousine finally arrived and he calmed down.

“Dylan, (Y/N)! Wait!”

You turned around and spotted Dylan’s mother, waving at the both of you, a camera in her left hand.

“You can’t go to prom without taking a decent picture to remember.”

She almost yelled while running down the stairs towards the both of you. Dylan tensed next to you.

“Mom we-“

He began but you cut him off.

“She is right, Dyl.”

You said with a grin and Sue smiled too. Dylan was obviously annoyed, he knew that you knew how much he hated it to have pictures taken of him.

“See, (Y/N) agrees. No protesting young man, get in position.”

Dylan muttered a few protesting words but nevertheless positioned himself. It took you by surprise when he didn’t hesitate to pull you to stand beside him and put his arm around you, resting it on your hip. You felt his hand digging into your side, way too hard then to be considered a ‘strong’ grip.


You said while smiling at the camera.

“I look ridiculous.”

Dylan said through clenched teeth and you grasped his arm and squeezed it lightly.

“You look good.”

You said quietly. A genuine and nice compliment always made his mood better, especially since he was not used to getting some.

“Have fun!”

Sue yelled after the both of you as you entered the limousine. The ride was throughly comfortable. You two rolled up the pane between you and the driver, joked around and Dylan seemed to relax.

“We two will shake a leg tonight.”

You said and Dylan shook his head, laughing slightly.

“No we won’t.”

He said and you punched him playfully.

“Of course we will.”

“No we will not because I can’t fucking dance.”

He almost snarled at you and you winced.

“Dylan what is wrong with you?”

You asked, finally adressing his mood.

“I’m sorry. I guess, I just have a lot on my mind lately.”

“You know you can talk to me.”

He nodded and looked outside the window. You weren’t sure if he would tell you now but it seemed like he was struggling to find the right words.

“Will we always be friends?”

He suddenly asked, his gaze locked to his hands. You frozoe shortly, wondering where this question came from before you gave a small laugh.

“Of course we will, Dylan!”

You said and took his hand, squeezing it lightly. He looked up at you, his eyes glassy and numb, not as expressive as they used to be when you two were little.

“You, Eric and me. The three amigos! We will always be there for each other.”

You reminded him but Dylan slwoly pulled his hand away from your grasp.

“No we won’t.”

He said sternly, his voice husky as he once more turned to look out of the window.

“What are you talking about, of course we will be there for each other.”

You said, panic in your voice. You didn’t understand what was going on.

“Not forever. This will be the last time, the last night.”

Dylan said and now you started to get really afraid.

“What the hell are you talking about? I don’t get what you are trying to tell me. Dylan, I know that something is not right. I mean just look at you!  You are as skinny as a bone. But I don’t know what it is because you don’t talk to me, you tell me shit in the last time. Is this something you want to file under ‘all the things I never told’? Give it to me straight, dammit.”

“I will be dead by Monday okay? Eric will be dead by Monday. You know why we bought the guns and you know why Eric is building propane bombs. You- just promise me you won’t go to school because we will finally get our revenge for all the shit that we got for years from all these pathetic bastards.”

He looked you straight in the eyes and you swore that you could feel your blood freezing in your veins. This had come so easily over his lips. You knew about all the bullying and teasing your friends had to endure. They had said things like that before, made threats and such but you never took them serious. You didn’t know this Dylan. You looked at him for a long time without saying anything. You couldn’t feel your skin, you couldn’t feel yourself at this moment. Your lungs breathed but you felt like suffocating. Your heart beat but it felt as if it’d burst out of your chest at any moment. Only when you felt the first hot tears rolling down your cheeks, you found your words again.

“Why are we here?”

You asked and  cried.

“Why did you agree to go to this ball? Why do you lead me to believe that everything is fine and that you care about this night and me? You want to kill people? You want to die? Why do you act as if everything is okay when it clearly isn’t?”

You sobbed. This was a nightmare and you couldn’t fucking breathe.

“Because I do care about this ball and you, I want to have a last night with you and the others. I don’t claim to be a good person (Y/N) but even I deserve one last goodbye.”

Your head spun. You felt like collapsing as you repeatedly gasped for air.

“You deserve a last goodbye?”

You asked almost hysterically and shook your head.

“I’m sorry, Dylan but no you do not! I deserve that you and Eric stay. All our friends and the people from Columbine deserve that you don’t shoot up our schol. Your mother deserves not to be put through this, your family and Eric’s does not deserve that and you know it. You don’t get to make claims on what you deserve if you don’t give others what they deserve, Dylan.”

You yelled and removed your seatbelt while you pressed the button for the pane to roll down and told the driver to stop. You turned to Dylan as the limousine pulled over.

“I would have never left you Dylan! We would have been friends forever but apparently forever ends on Monday for you and Eric.”

“(Y/N) please don’t do this I need to know that you will forgive me and-“

He reached out to hold you back but you flinched away.

“NO DONT TOUCH ME! You want to spend a last evening as your goodbye? You’ll have to spend it without me.”

You said and tore off your corsage, throwing it at him before exiting the limousine in the middle of nowehre. You didn’t care but just started to walk back into the direction you two had came from, tears streaming down your face as Colorado’s crimson red sun let her last rays shine upon you.

Now You Need Me || Happy Lowman Imagine *REQUESTED*

“Why don’t you believe me?! I told you that I’ve been trying to get a job! No one is hiring me.”

“I’ve heard that all before. I told you that once you turned 18 you would need to start paying rent. Money is tight and I needed help. You’re almost 19 and you haven’t helped at all.” 

“Dad! I am trying! How many times do I have to say that?!”

“You can say it as much as you want, but words don’t put food on the table for five people.”

“That’s weird because your words seem to put money in the club’s hands and coke in the Chinese’s noses,” I said out of spite.

“Get out.”


“Get. Out. NOW!”

“Fine, fuck you too, Jax. Oops, I mean ‘Dad’.” I went to pack my shit and get the hell out of the bastard’s life. I hate the fact that I have to leave Abel and Thomas behind, but that’s life. I bypassed Tara on the way out, and gave her a measly bye.

I took myself to a hotel with what money I had. I was unpacking my bag into the dresser when…


I looked at the caller ID and dreaded answering it.


“Hey Baby. How are you?”

“Fine, Grandma. How are you?”

“Ugh, I hate it when you call me that. Makes me feel old.”

“Would you like me to call you Gemma instead?”

“I guess not. I just want you to know that I love you and that we haven’t had any girl time lately.”

“I love you too, but you’re right and we should.”

“We should plan that soon. Alright Baby. I’ll talk to you soon.”

“Okay, bye.”

She obviously didn’t know that I was kicked out of the house. Otherwise, she would’ve just shown up instead of calling. What am I going to do? I’m fucking screwed. I can only stay in this hotel for so long before I run out of money, not to mention I need supplies and food. This is insane. God, help me.

One Month Later

“Good Afternoon, my name is Y/N and I’ll be your waitress. Can I start you off with something to drink?”

“Uh, yeah. I’ll have a coffee please.”

“Coming right up. Do you still need time to look over the menu?”

“Yeah,” he answered. I nodded and went to go the man’s coffee,

“Excuse me?” The man asked flagging down another waitress. “Is it alright if I move to the stools?”

“Of course!” With that, he took his silverware and menu and went to the stools that were stationed in front of the kitchen.

“Oh won’t you stay with me. Cuz you’re all I need. This ain’t love it’s clear to see, but Darling, stay with me.” I had my headphones in as I was pouring the fresh cup of hot coffee. I knew I wasn’t supposed to sing on the job, but I love this song. When I turned around, I almost dropped the cup.

“Oh my God! When did you get here?”

“I moved from the booth to over here. You have an incredible voice. Why are you working here?” the man asked.

“Thank you! But I need a job and this is what was offered.”

“I don’t accept that. Talent like yours shouldn’t go unnoticed. How would you like to go pro?”

“Like, become a professional singer? You mean like Halsey?”


“How exactly would you do that? I don’t even know your name. Or if you legit.”

“Of course it would take some time, but I don’t doubt you. By the way, my name is Scott Maylin and I’m a music producer. Here’s my card. Please come down to the studio and let’s see what happens.”

“Sounds good.”

“I have to go, but I’m looking forward to seeing you.”

“Thank you.” I was beyond stunned by what just happened as I watched him walk out the door. I really need this right now, but what if it doesn’t work? I guess I’ll never know unless I don’t try.

Later That Night

Knock Knock Knock

I hop off the bed and go see who is at the door.

“What are you doing here?”

“I haven’t seen or heard from you in a month.”

“What did you expect to happen after your President kicked me out of the house?” I asked letting him in the room.

“I expected you to stay in touch.”

Wow! Really Happy? You expected me to go back to the clubhouse and keep in contact?”

“Kinda, but I guess that wasn’t in your plans. I’m worried about you, Kid,” he said looking down.

“Don’t be and I’m not a kid. Those days are clearly over. I don’t know what you expected out of this little reunion, but I don’t think it’s anything I can offer.”

“You’re talking and that’s enough for me. Since you’re not going to stay in touch, then I will. You don’t have to go through this alone.”

He sure as hell kept that promise.

One Year Later

“Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep money in our pockets and the Irish happy because I’ve got fucking nothing. So far everything we’ve done has resulted in blood shed. And with Patterson on my ass, we can make no room for mistakes.” Turns out that no one had any ideas, so Church was called as over. Jax walked out looking anything but content.

“Hey Baby, you okay?” Gemma asked.

“No. Major club money shit and just so much more.”

“How long has it been since you’ve talked to her?” 

“You think this is about Y/N?”

“Baby, her birthday just passed and it was the first one without her.”

“If I knew where she was or how to contact her, I would’ve,” he said walking away. Gemma was about to walk away when someone caught her eye.

“Happy! Come here for a second.”

“Yeah Mom?” She looked at him with the “Gemma” look.

“Where is she?”


“Really? I’m already pissed that she hasn’t reached out and can’t be reached. Do I need to take that out on you?” she challenged.

“She’s happy right now. She’s doing good.”

“How good?”

“Very good. She’s doing what she loves.”

“Yeah I figured that when I heard her on the radio taking Abel to school. The club needs money and Jax needs closure. Take me to her.” Gemma walked out and told Tara to get in the car too.

“What about Jax, Gem?” she looked at Happy knowing that he was right.



“I need you and everyone else with me.” Jax looked at her hella confused, but told the rest of the club to follow.

At The Venue

“Missy! Can you fix the mic range? Whenever I go to the back of the crowd I get a lot of feedback.”

“Sure thing, Y/N! Alright, we’re good! Ready to start when you are.” I gave her a thumbs up and waited for the music to play. 

“Woah, let’s go
But I’m Gerald and I can always have just what I want
She’s that baddest I would love to flaunt
Take her shopping, you know Yves Saint Laurent
But nope, she ain’t with it though
All because she got her own dough
Boss bossed if you don’t know
She could never ever be a broke ho
You don’t own me
I’m not just one of your many toys
You don’t own me
Don’t say I can’t go with other boys.”

I was really starting to get in to the groove of the song when I looked up and saw two very familiar faces walk in, then many more. It took everything I had to not stop the soundcheck, but I knew I only had 10 minutes until the show started. This was the last song of rehearsal before I have to go to my dressing room to get ready, so I decided to finish.

“I don’t tell you what to say
I don’t tell you what to do
So just let me be myself
That’s all I ask of you
I’m young and I love to be young
I’m free and I love to be free
To live my life the way I want
To say and do whatever I please.”

I finally finish and walk off the stage to my dressing room.

“Did anyone know she could do that?” Tig asked.

“Nope,” Chibs said.

“Not even in the slightest,” Juice added in.

“Mom, why are we here?” Jax asked with a little sadness in his voice.

“You need her. Let’s go.”

“I don’t think we can just walk back there, Gemma,” Tara pointed out.

“Watch us.”

“Uh excuse me, I can’t let you in here. Mr. Lowman, come on through,” said the bodyguard. Everyone looked at Happy with confused looks as he came in my room.

“I am her grandmother and this is her father! You let us back there, you fuck!”

“Mom! Stop!”

“Ma'am, one more outburst and I’m going to have to ask you and your little outlaws to leave.”

“Fine,” she said giving up.

“Why the fuck is Happy back there with her?” Bobby asked. But before anyone could answer…

“Ladies and Gentalmen! Please give it up for Y/N!”

I walk out on stage with my head held high, ready to do my best. I sang my heart out and realized it was the end of the show. 

“Thank you guys so much for coming out tonight! This last song is dedicated to my Old Man.” When I said that, it clicked for the club. 

“Are you fucking serious?” Jax asked Happy. 

“…Everything is blue
His pills, his hands, his jeans
And now I’m covered in the colors
Pull apart at the seams
And it’s blue
And it’s blue. 

Everything is grey
His hair, his smoke, his dreams
And now he’s so devoid of color
He don’t know what it means
And he’s blue
And he’s blue. 

Everything is blue
Everything is blue
Everything is blue
Everything is blue.”

I took a bow and walked off the stage. I gathered all of my belongings and walked out to the parking lot. 

“Hey! So you don’t talk to me for a year and now you try to leave without saying goodbye?” I smile to myself and turn around.

“Hi Grandma, Tara, boys.”

“Hi Sweetheart. You know, it would’ve been nice to be invited to a show.”

“No one but one person knew what it is I do.”

“Well, the next time you want to keep your career a secret, my advice to you is to not have your songs played on the radio.”

“Right. Gemma, what are you guys doing here?”

“We need to talk to you abou-”


“Uh sure!” I took a picture with the fan when I noticed about 70 more coming towards me.

“We can talk at my place. Tail us.” Gemma nodded and told everyone else. 

Happy and I hopped in the car and I stared at him.

“I couldn’t stop her from coming, Babe.”

“A heads up would’ve been nice. I wasn’t ready for that. Why are they even here?” I questioned.

“The club is in trouble and we need money.”

“Wow! Haha! That’s rich! The club needs money, so they come to me after a year.” I said sarcastically, but kind of hurt. 

“Babe, I get how this looks, but you cut them off. Jax misses and you know Gemma is miserable. Just be glad you’re still alive, I was kinda expecting her to kill you for cutting her off for a year.”

“Yeah, I guess I should consider myself lucky,” I said as we pulled into the driveway.

Happy and I hopped out of the car and I unlocked the door. Everyone followed us in and looked around like they were in a castle.

“Wow, Happy said she was doing well, but I didn’t think she was doing this well,” Tara whispered to Jax as she looked around the foyer.

“Jessie! We’re home!” I called out.

“Hey! How was the show?” the babysitter asked handing me my beautiful baby girl.

“Great! How was Alina?”

“Amazing as always. I’m glad you had a great night, but I gotta run. Bye, Hap! Bye, everyone else!”

There was a scatter of bye’s when I turned around to face everyone else.

“Who’s this?” Tara asked as she grabbed Alina’s little hand.

“Our daughter,” I said as I grabbed Happy. Jax and Gemma looked at Happy as if they were going to take turns beating him to death and beyond.

I look over at my father, “So you need money, huh?”

“Sweetheart,” Gemma started.

“No. That’s why you’re here right? Because you guys need money?”

“I’m not going to lie, yeah. But that’s not the only reason,” Jax said.

“Then why?!” Happy took the baby out of my hands and ushered the guys and Tara out of the room to give them a house tour.

“Why didn’t you tell me that I have a granddaughter? Or that Hap was your Old Man?”

“That is none of your business.”

“But it is mine,” Gemma butted in.

“What do you want?” I asked. Jax explained what was happening and I turned him down until Gemma gave me a speech on family. 

Jax told me that he really missed me and that he was proud of me for becoming what I’ve become. He told me what I’ve been waiting to hear, that he loved me. It was then that I decided to help the club. From then on, we all stayed in contact and I got to watch my brothers grow and everyone got to watch Alina grow. Even though life was tough for a while, the Universe came back around and gave me my family back. 


Net’s being shitty? Anyways I’ll be a bit busy because I’ll be preparing for Rampage 2017 (the league of legends con here in PH) – me and my partner will be going as xayah and rakan and we’ll be doing a dance &a skit – so I might be a bit inactive – also I’ll be leaving the country for a while and will be having a vacation overseas – need to get away from the stress of work =x=

Anyways, will post final stuff tonight before going on a bit of a hiatus ? :3

~ mun’s thoughts

PS: OMG THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL THE LOVE ON THE LULU ART!! ;v: I’m really glad you guys liked it

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I think your sweet talking hcs are absolutely cuuute, could we have some for supernovas please ?

Omg yes, now that Capone Bege is married in canon I can’t help thinking about his wife when I’m writing and it’s so hilarious. 

“Sweet-talking” Headcanon:

Luffy - done

Zoro - done

Law - done


  • “So, have you fallen in love with me yet?”
  • “I want to spend time together, holding hands and destroying cities.”
  • “I’ll kill anyone who tries to take you away from me.”


  • “You can’t notice it but I smile all the time when you’re here.”
  • “You shouldn’t hang out with a pirate like me. But please, don’t leave.”
  • “I’ve dreamt about you tonight.”


  • “I’ve written a song for you.”
  • “… don’t be so cute, you’re distracting me!”
  • “You’ve won a kiss from me.”


  • “The fate has brought us together, we can’t go against it.”
  • “My cards are telling me to kiss you.”
  • “You’re the only one I wish to spend my life with.”


  • “Do you want a slice of my pizza?”
  • “I like you, so you have to like me back.”
  • “You’re my lover now. Let’s buy food together.”


  • “I’ve no interest in other people anymore. Not after having met you.”
  • “I want to look at the stars together.”
  • “You’re my queen.”

X Drake

  • “Please, let me turn all your dreams into reality.”
  • “My heart goes crazy when you touch me.”
  • “I could get lost into your eyes.”


  • “Your beauty has no rival in this world.”
  • “Let me marry you. Let me make you the queen of my heart.”
  • “You deserve only the best.”

Can we just talk for a second about how Jim & Bones clearly have the most gossipy pillow talk, telling each other who they saw coming out of whose quarters & betting on how long Chekov’s newest relationship will last & trying to guess what Spock & Uhura are fighting about this week?

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If I leave an apple pie underneath my flag tonight, will Captain America still pay me a visit?

Omg I bet if you put a hotdog underneath it with some old school baseball cards, he’d show up EXACTLY at midnight!!!

Talia still couldn’t even process what she found when she came home to see Lydia laying there in the kitchen of the Martin residence, with her throat slit. It was one of the worst things she’d ever seen, and words could not describe the immense grief she felt. She should have been home, should have been there to save her friend. But instead she was at her stupid job, working of all times. She could go on for days about how guilty she felt for not saving the banshee, but she was well aware that none of that guilt would do a thing about getting Lydia back. To only make things worse, Jake was nowhere to be found. He’d disappeared just like the rest of her family had, and yet again she felt completely and totally alone. The more she thought about how her brother flat out left, the more rage filled her. He was the only reason she refrained from reaching out to their mother, because he was supposed to be her big brother, her alpha. But all he did was run like a coward, and she wasn’t sure if she’d ever be able to forgive him for that. She was an omega once again, and she was reminded all too much of the way things were when she first came back to town. She had no one then, and she felt the same way now. She knew she had friends still, but the fear of losing them too was too much for her to think about right now, and she didn’t want anything to do with anyone. She’d decided to stay at the Martin residence for a bit longer, since Ms. Martin insisted on it. The woman was like a mother to Talia, and the werewolf knew she needed to stick around for a bit longer, no matter how painful it was. Besides, she had nowhere else to go. She’d finally had enough of sitting around in the guest bedroom by herself, so she grabbed some wolfsbane spiked whiskey that she had stashed away and made her way downtown. It was the middle of the night so there wasn’t really anyone out as she found an old building and stuck inside. It wasn’t hard, she just had to break a window. She took the stairs to the rooftop of the building and began drinking until nearly the entire bottle was gone. It helped somewhat, since she was more focused on how dizzy she felt opposed to Lydia. She was walking, or stumbling along the ledge when she heard someone talking up to her from the street, and she threw the bottle down at them, but completely missed as it shattered on the side of the street. “Leave me the hell alone!” She shouted as her words slurred together, and she nearly fell over right by the edge but managed to catch herself.

Birthday dinner

Hello! I’m a dark brown sista in my mid 20s, and I love your blog so I have my first ever story time to tell y'all! IM Shaking from excitement while i write this so excuse my typos! and this just happened so I’m writing it all out while my memory is fresh. I went to my friends pre bash birthday dinner just now (dinner before her party tonight) and let me tell you! I met the sweetest, most handsome Japanese guy I ever laid eyes on! he was there at another table with this handsome and also kind! Black man! Our tables were so close, so when we got there we sat down, ordered our food and then a few minutes later they came in and I thought it was some of my friends friends so I said Hello to them, thinking she knows them and he was so sweet he gave me a smile and said hello! and oh lord! so gorgeous, but I was so embarrassed, because my friend was like" uhhhh you know them ? they fine?“ So I told her I thought they were here for your dinner party and she told me, “No, I wish girl!” (face palm), I was so embarrassed, she kept turning around looking at them and I begged her to stop! but she couldn’t help it , they were handsome. BUT that didn’t stop him from talking to me still.

But before he talked to me again, I was scared to look at him from embarrassment, so we get our food and I’m talking to others around me and I wanted to look at him and kept telling myself, don’t do it, finally looked over at him and he’s staring dead at me ahahaha and how do I know? because he waved at me and smiled and I waved to him and he said, “I like your hair clip”, I had a sparkly butterfly clip and I told him thank you! And my friend (who was sitting in front of me) kept making faces saying “you betta get him girl” and being silly, and I’m just like stop! and he kept looking over at me! I swear, I usually stuff my face while eating, but I was eating so slow and proper trying to be cute. and playing with the curls in my face, so I try to low key look over at him again and pretend that I’m fixing my hair and not only is he looking up at me again but his friend also had his back turned, both looking dead at me. And I looked away so fast, I was shaking a little, because I get shy around guys I like, and I heard the Black guy speaking Japanese to him and I was like, Ok! I see you speaking Japanese, that’s so cool! I had no idea what was being said, but I looked over at them AGAIN and he was staring at me once again and my other friend saw it this time and he asked me “Why is he looking at you, do you have something in your teeth” ahaha! no I didn’t! But I’m so glad I’m not the only one that saw that he kept staring at me!

Before I continue, I have to point out that

I knew he reminded me of someone but I couldn’t point it out until later I went home and looked it up for like an hour trying to figure it out and finallly I go his name, he looks dead on like this Japanese actor named  Sota Fukushi!!!! I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of him, I even showed my friends and they thought it was the same guy and asked me how did I find him so fast and she called me a stalker! ahaha! He looks EXACTLY! to the T, Like Sota especially in this picture (I hope you can see it): *now i can’t stop looking up pictures of this Japanese actor, i need help!! ahaha*

So it was about time for us to leave so that we could go buy things for the party! The entire night I was blushing because I could literally feel him staring at me❤️ so I got a carry out plate (could barely eat because of him!) and while I was talking to my guy friend, I got up walking off sadly because I wanted to see him again! And I forgot my carry out so I was walking back to my table and I look up and see my friend talking to them and I was thinking omg! What is she saying?! Will she invite them to her party tonight?! Did she tell him I like him? Is she trying to get with him?! I was like forget my carry out! Let me walk out before she sees me and embarrass me! So I left my plate there! HHaha! But then she called put my name and was pretending like I didn’t hear her and kept walking so she yelled my name!! And I said “sorry I didn’t hear you girl!” (I did hear her!) she told me to come here and I gladly did I can’t lie, I picked up my carry out and said “oh I didn’t see this” ahaha! So here I am face to face …..O M G UP CLOSE!!!! LORD JESUS!!!!!! TALK ABOUT DROP DEAD HANDSOME!!! I was just thinking lord am I dreaming?! Up close he’s deadly and he looks like he should be a celebrity too! And why the fuck did he have to have dimples?!!! My weakness! You can really see them when he looks to the side instead of fave to face because when I walked over he just looked down and smiled shyly!

Ok back to it! So before I even walked over all the way she said to me that “they wanted to know where you went!” 0_o (happy me!) so I told them my name, they told me there’s, I’ll call him ‘Sotal’ lol! shook their hands, we said nice to meet one another and my friend said “He’s coming to my birthday party tonight, I invited him” I was so happy! But then I was like “oh that’s great! But Which one?” Laughing and she pointed to SOTA!!! I was so happy my heart dropped, his friend had to leave town so it’s just him and he said he’d bring his other friend so he doesn’t have to come alone, i told him that’s something I would do honestly! We didn’t talk much but he exchanged numbers with my friend (and later being the great friend that she is she gave me his number too and I was happy! ) they both were so sweet And they hugged us both! (He smell so fucking good!!!) and we said to him see you there! You better show up etc. and as we were walking off I looked back at him trying to be sexy and I did not know he was looking dead at me again!! So I was like “see you later again” ahaha and he laughed and said “I’ll see you there! I promise” I’m crying!!! The party is TONIGHT!!! So if he actually shows up and something happens I’ll tell you again! I’m so nervy! I gotta look good tonight! And also if I have a few drinks and get bold maybe we can take a picture together and I can show you how dreamy he is and how beat my outfit is!! or might make a story time video, I might have so much to say! Love you guys! Wish me luck tonight!

KM & BW: Girl! get ya man!! go GO GO! xD


tonight was one of those “do things that make you forget to check your phone” nights. my friend invited me over to her parents house for a july 4th party. when we got there they all greeted me with high fives and it was just so cute and welcoming haha. we just ate and chatted outside for a while. then her, her dad, and i rode bikes to her dad’s garden. he gave me a tonnnnn of swiss chard, beet leaves, and cilantro which was so so sweet of him. on the ride back we rode around a lake and the sunset was SO GORGEOUS OMG. when we eventually got home (7 miles later ahhh) the two of us walked down the street and picked these mulberries from some trees!! i’m so excited to have them - quite possibly a new favorite berry! i honestly was so content and full of happiness tonight. good food, good company, good memories. i’m grateful for the friendships i have made while being here. it really is the little things in life.