but omg i love tucker

Gen’s 6,000 followers celebration request by anonymous 

- All Tuckered Out vlogging -

Looks like someone is All Tuckered Out” you say to the camera in your hand before turning it and panning it to your sleeping husband. You had decided to surprise the kids with a trip to Disneyland and Lance now dozed off. “Lance” you said loudly, zooming in on his face. 

He scrambled in shock before groaning “ah, what?” 

“Say hi to our family” you say laughing. 

“I need coffee” he mumbles, closing his eyes. 

“Such a princess” you tease turning the camera on yourself. 


bunch of sketches I haven’t published, bc I forgot about them, and the last one I’ve sketched yesterday :)

warm ups (from the stream last year): Ed with man bun, angry Ed (someone called him shorty again???), OC Edmund requested by @hitantenshi (baby), Winry, Nina Tucker requested by @ninatucker :D

Edward Elric: inspired by 3rd opening from FMA03 :3

Lizard Ed: from Lizard Chimera AU - bc Ed is such a cutie in this AU (at least he looks like cutie)

Xerxian ED: from Alkimia Shop AU - so cool! I love his piercings so much?! I need to draw more of him, bc it’s what I love the most - unusual clothing and a lot of piercings and tattoos 

both Eds are for @obersten bc you’re awesome man! Stay cool and keep up fantastic work :)


Craig and Tweek from tweek-0′s nature au ♥