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RM: Every time we ask Jungkook “are you having any burden recently?” he always replies “Hyung I don’t have any burden, i’m okay” The first time in 4/5 years we got to know Jungkook’s burden it’s because the hyungs who help him, who live together with him were having a hard time, that’s what burdened him the most (…) He said he wished we wouldn’t have to meet any hardships, like that he wouldn’t have any burden too. That time has been deeply imprinted in my memories.


(◍˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑) ♡♡♡


Hakyona Week || Day 2: Sleep

↳ I wish I could show you to Mundok and King Il. To those idiots who chased you from the castle. To the people of Kouka Kingdom. Look… This is Princess Yona. She cut her hair and took up a sword. She works harder than anyone to support the kingdom. “Princess Yona is here,” I’d tell them.


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