but omg his look of concentration

YurixVictor marriage proposal

Ok so in the very short sequence for the next episode we see that Yuri and Victor are in Barcelona in the Church… But when we look closer, we can see what they’re maybe doing!

Yuri looks up to Victor and his eyes get a bit shaky, like when he’s about to cry or something…

And in the background we see the church…

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So we know that he looks up in Victors eyes and start to cry, maybe because Victor just made a marriage proposal? Could be…

Then we have the sequence were we see Victor talking and he looks very concentrated to something… Maybe in this moment he puts the ring on Yuris finger and say something sweet!

(ignore the sub and the bad quality)

OMG! if they really gonna engaged in the church, that would be soooo good!

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Omg that last ask...but what if while he caught u staring after teasing u he was asking your opinion on what shirt he should wear and you were like that one it looks the hottest on you and just stuff like that

its all the tiny details that ruin my life. the way he smirks at you, or how he pulls his shirt down over his head, maybe the way he pouts his lip a little while he concentrates on putting his watch on, his giggle when he catches you staring, how he jumps back on the bed after hes fully clothes, crawling up your body and smooshing down on top of you in a huff as you laugh and he nuzzles kisses into your neck and he smells so good and you wrap your arms around his shoulder and run your fingers through his hair and you cant stop the giggles as his beard tickles across your bare skin :( 

Studio Snuggles [Suga Fluff]

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It was just another lazy day in the studio. You were spinning in circles in Yoongi’s swivel chair as Yoongi sat across the room toying with various chord progressions for a new song he was working on. You stopped spinning your chair for a moment and looked over at Yoongi. A small smile spread across your lips. You couldn’t help but notice just how attractive Yoongi looked when concentrating deeply. His lips slightly agape and pursed, small creases forming as his eyebrows scrunched together, his dark eyelashes fluttering quickly over his eyes every time he blinked like he was afraid to miss a mere millisecond. You must have been staring for quite sometime, for he was usually oblivious to your shameless staring. He must have seen you just barely out of the corner of his eye. His expression changed, not drastically, but just enough for you to realize his music wasn’t the only thing occupying his consciousness. Fully diverting his attention, he glanced over at you questioning you with his eyes as if to ask “have you been openly staring at me again?” Normally you would have felt embarrassed and quickly looked away or even left the room claiming to have other engagements, but this time you didn’t feel odd about the matter. You used to always blush and look away every time he caught you, now even if you did blush a bit you didn’t look away, just smiled. A lazy grin spread over Yoongi’s lips as he motioned you over.

“Why don’t you put those eyes to better use and help me write this song instead just staring” You smiled a bit wide and got up to walk over to him.

“Grab that notebook too wouldya.” Sighing you grabbed a pencil too know exactly what he was suggesting.

“I thought you said you only wanted me to keep you company this time…” He rolled his eyes at your off hand comment.

“Were just so much better at writing lyrics together.”

“Together my ass” You mumbled just loudly enough so he could hear.

“Hey I heard that” You playfully glared at him.

“You were meant to.” You said back in a singsong voice

It was getting late, nearing the a.m. hours. You decided to set up the makeshift bed now so you could get comfortable before Yoongi turned off most of the lights. You walked over to the linen closet to grab the pillows and blankets.You smiled slightly. It was nice to think you and Yoongi were comfortable enough around each other to spend nights together in what not typically seen as normal circumstances, or a “normal date night”. This whole ordeal of songwriting while laying on the floor was not an oddity. Actually before their most recent comeback, this was a daily event. Sometimes the two of you would stay in the studio for two or three days before going home to sleep in your own bed. Not that you were really complaining, you always held those little moments of hearing the perfect melody, or getting the lyrics just right dear to your heart especially when you had someone as close to you as Yoongi to share it with. 

You placed  four fluffy pillows against the bottom of the couch and layed out your favorite fleece blanket on the ground placing a thinner purple blanket on top. Grabbing the notebook and pencil off of the side desk and kicking off your shoes, you laid down snuggling up in between the two blankets. While the floor wasn’t necessarily ideal in comparison to an actual bed, it was the best option at the moment. The only other option would have been the couch in which you had laid the pillows against, but that couch was stiff and several springs were broken inside of it leaving you worse off than if you would have slept on a bed of rocks. Turning your attention to the notebook before you, you started to scribble down some random lyrics that came to mind. Most of them pertained to Yoongi, but he was working on a love song, so those types of lyrics would fit just fine. Around five to ten minutes later Yoongi turned off all the lights except the small lamp on the end table next to the couch, providing just enough light to see what I was writing. Yoongi plopped down beside you hand you a set of headphones.

“Listen to this orchestral part I’m thinking of adding to the background.” Placing the headphones over your ears you listened intently, also trying to figure out how to incorporate lyrics you had previously written into the music.

“I like it.” You shifted the notebook you were previously writing in over slightly so he could see the lyrics. You pointed to the third line you had written “ I think this would go along nicely with the music so far as the “main phrase” repeated through the song. Maybe it could go something like this.” You sang the bit to Yoongi and he bobbed his head slightly to the words. While this idea seemed to work out alright not all of the ideas turned out great. As the nigh continued some were decent, some absolutely horrible.


“What about this for the next verse?”

“Nah, it sounds a bit out of beat compared to the rest of the song.”


“Do you think it should switch to a minor key here?”

“No it dampens the mood a little too much. It’s supposed to be a falling in love song, not a falling out of love song”


“Do you believe in mermaids?”

“I don’t know why?

“Ehh.. I was just thinking that this part in the song sounds like the siren song from Pirates of the Caribbean.”

“You do know sirens and mermaids are different?

“Ya but…”

“Weren’t you working on rewriting the fourth verse?”



“fly, sky, my, die, pie, n- k-…”

“What are you doing?”

“Trying to come up with words that rhyme.”

“Not all lyrics need to rhyme you know.”

“Yah yah, whatever.”


As the night progressed. The ideas became even more dysfunctional and off topic. You eyes felt drowsy and the writing in the notebook was no longer legible. At some point in the night, most likely around the 3:30 mark, the two of you had slid from a sitting position to a laying down position. You were curled up against Yoongi, his arm slung around your shoulder as if to keep you close to him. You eyes were glued shut, your mind slowly drifting from consciousness. Your head was resting against Yoongi’s chest. And you could hear his heartbeat mixed with the slight hum of the melody you two had been working on through the headphones hooked around Yoongi’s neck as you fell asleep.

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Marinette pwning Adrien in Le Gamer (1x15)


So, this further strengthens the analysis that started in Kung Food at how Marinette brings out the relaxed side of Adrien. @neverland-good-vibes posted a short thing on this. (I think so far only Nino and Plagg have seen that side?)

Of course, we do see Adrien gaming in school in intense concentration, but this seemed different to me. Also, there’s this moment of vulnerability:

I don’t know what he’s actually saying, but wow that’s honesty there.

An honesty that we, so far, have only seen with Nino.

I’m really loving the progress of their friendship here. Miles and MILES from the awkward “Hi”s in Bubbler.

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scenario where the gom becomes jealous of the seven-year old kid their s/o is tutoring

PRECIOUS CHILDREN omg please forgive me for the short answers

Akashi: “Sei! Quit glaring at the poor kid! He can’t concentrate on his homework!” you snickered as you gave your boyfriend a look. “You’re scaring the hell out of him, you know?”

“I just want the kid to know his place while he’s still young,” Akashi reasoned out. Your boyfriend wasn’t exactly childish, but whenever irrationality hits him, he would be damn stubborn.


Aomine: “D-daiki! W-we can’t do this here,” you breathed out, trying your best to remove Aomine’s lips from your collarbone by pushing his head away.

Aomine smirked against your skin as he eyed on the kid who looked so uncomfortable at the moment. “Who told you we can’t?” he asked before working on your sweet spot once again.

“AHOMINE!” you yelled as you prayed to the gods above to let you keep your tutoring house. Boy, how you hated whenever he felt jealous.

Kise: You sighed as you removed Kise’s arms around you for the nth time that afternoon. He gave you a pout, but you managed to build some immunity against this (thank goodness). You tried to get back on tutoring your seven-year old neighbor when suddenly, your boyfriend’s arms wrapped around you once again.

“Not now, Ryouta.”

He pouted one more time before sending a glare and sticking his tongue out at the kid. “(l/n)cchi is mine!” 

And for a moment, you were confused about who the real seven-year old was.

Kuroko: You never expected that Kuroko would use his lack of presence to scare a kid off. It was just so…childish. But there you were, hoping that you’d get to keep your part-time job despite your boyfriend’s antics. Man, bringing him with you was one huge mistake.

“Tetsuya, I think that’s enough,” you sighed as you gave the kid a comforting hug.

Okay, probably not the best idea since he only repeated his earlier doings the moment you took your eyes off the kid. 


“Kuroko Tetsuya! I swear to the heavens above that I’ll kill you later!”

Midorima: “Shintarou! Stop muttering non-sense to the kid! He needs to finish his homework!” you whisper-yelled at your boyfriend as you dragged him away from your tutee. “Okay, now, answer me honestly. Why did the kid look so horrified?!”

“I asked him for his zodiac sign,” you immediately shook your head in disbelief as soon as he started answering your question. “He told me that it was Scorpio. I then informed him that he ranked last today and if he didn’t carry his lucky item for the day, bad luck will follow him for the rest of his life.”

“We all know that’s a lie!”

“…and I told him that his tutor’s sign isn’t compatible with his so it’s better if—”

“Midorima Shintarou!!!”

Murasakibara: “Out of the way, (l/n)-chin. I want to crush that kid,” your commanded and glared at you the moment you blocked his path. 

“Atsushi, you can’t do that!”

“I can. He’s annoying. He doesn’t give me any of his candies and now he’s taking you away from me. I hate him,” Murasakibara pouted before giving the kid, who was already sweating liters, a glare. 

“You can’t!”


“No more cookies for you as soon as we arrive home!”

“That’s crue—”

“Then stop if you don’t want to be treated like that!”


title: antidote
genre: smut
characters: mark x you
plot: he’s a doctor and you’re a patient
extras: i need jesus after this omg. anyways, thanks for the request and sorry for any errors. feel free to request here when the ask box opens up.
song: A.D.T.O.Y. by 2pm

“So Miss… Y/N. What’s the problem today?” Dr. Tuan asked. You looked up at him with tired eyes and let out a shaky breath.

“I don’t know, Dr. Tuan. I was fine this morning. But then at work I just couldn’t concentrate and my shoulders were killing me,” You said groaning in pain. Dr. Tuan laughed and placed his clip board on the table.

“That’s the problem, Y/N. You’re just a little stressed. Lay down on your stomach, a massage wouldn’t hurt anyone,” He said smiling. You looked at him questioningly before doing as told. His warm hands started to knead the knots away from your shoulders. You hummed in delight as his hands slowly traveled down to your waist. His hands traveled lower and lower, then stopped just before the waistband of your leggings. Dr. Tuan kept repeating this process, loving the sound of you moaning lightly as he massaged away your stress. He stopped and you almost hissed in annoyance but quickly caught yourself. You sat up and smiled at him gratefully.

“Thanks. Didn’t know you were a chiropractor,” You said laughing. It lightened the mood a bit as he laughed along with you. 

“Anything else you’re having problems with?” Dr. Tuan asked and grabbed his clipboard again. Did he always look that good in a suit? 

Well other than my sore body, I’ve been having sleeping problems. Could that be because of stress also?” You asked him.

“It could be. Here, let me pull up some of your old files to see if you’ve had this problem in the past,” He said and searched through the computer files. Dr. Tuan huffed in frustration and turned back to look at you. “This computer doesn’t have your file for some reason. Would you mind coming into my office?” How badly you wanted to say no because his amazingly good looks and deep voice were driving you insane. However, you were really having trouble with sleeping so you decided it was best to just go with him. You followed him into his office and sat in the chair in front of his desk. You watched him intensely. Dr. Tuan caught you staring at him and stared right back. 

“I found your file but I couldn’t find any past sleeping problems. I could give you a temporary solution if you’d like,” He said nonchalantly. You nodded and waited for him to go on. “Well, first I have to lock the door. Just for precaution.” He got up to lock the door. Your hands started to get sweaty. Just what kind of medicine was this going to be?

I think the sleeping problems might have to do with you daydreaming,” He mumbled while grinning at you. You stared back at him, not understanding if he was being serious or not. “I saw how you looked at me, Y/N.” He smirked over at you. You didn’t even notice when he walked behind your chair. Dr. Tuan leaned in close to your ear. “I think you want me, Y/N.”

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Continued from meme

Sting blinked with his eyes when seeing Natsu look like a kitty. He looked damn cute that way! Not being able to concentrate on what was actually going on, the blonde stared at the other’s ears and tail while he absentmindedly wrapped his arms around Natsu’s waist.

“Oh, it’s just… I get really tired of all that paperwork I need to do for the guild.” He couldn’t help it but to pinch the tip of Natsu’s ear, curious to see how he would react on that.