but omg awww

morcey  asked:

I almost get teary whenever I see your Spiritassassin art; they're both so sweet and in-character, and your colour choices and grasp of anatomy are amazing! And I love that you always include Baze's large ears, cos others sometimes try to minimize them, but they're the best! And then I followed and realized that I love basically everything you post, so that's awesome too. Always excited just to see your icon on my dash :D

awww ;;;A;;; OMG this is so nice thank you ,,!!!! i love baze’s….. large ears. jiang wen is SO HANDSOME I DIE.. and his ears are.. guh i love em. hghhehe im really happy u like my blog thank u ..!! 

borea21  asked:

Awww :3 They're so cute~~~ Fill your blog with them if you want!! It's YOUR blog after all ;) Cute pokèmon images are always appreciated!

Awww omg if you really think so! Just watch out everybody cause im scrolling through the Mareanie tag rn and everything is?? perfection! truly the cutest of pokemon… what a smol cute! and you’re right my URL is mareanie-giveaways, so I mean? Mareanie is kinda expected, no? alright then I’m gonna go queue a lot of mareanie…. Hope y'all don’t mind lol