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Sweethearts--Imagine #21

Anonymous said: Hey! Love ur imagines so frickin much omfg😍😍 could u write an imagine where my crush is sad about his parents divorcing and we get to talking and I cheer him up a lot and we hang out a lot and become really great friends?

A/N: Aww, thank you so much Anon for that sweet compliment!!! I am SUPER sorry for getting to your request so late. Hope this makes up for it! <3 Keep dreaming!~Logan

This was the fifth day that c/n had missed school. The fifth day he had been marked absent. The fifth day that I hadn’t seen his handsome face or passed him in the halls or gotten the chance to exchange a hello. 

I missed him horribly, to say the least. But the worst part was the bundle of nerves in my stomach that hadn’t left since the first day he didn’t arrive to class. For some reason, I felt like I could sense something was wrong. Like there was more to the story than him just missing a week of school. I couldn’t appease myself with the reassurance that he was probably just sick or maybe had taken an impromptu vacation. I couldn’t be calmed by any lame reasons I thought up of why he was missing for so many days. 

I was sitting on the grass, eating my lunch outside where tons of other kids had decided to take their lunch outside as well and take advantage of the pleasant weather. Where I was sitting though was farther away from everyone else. My friends were absent today so I was alone, and picking at the grass on the lawn. 

“You mind if I take a seat by you?” A tentative voice asked from behind. 

My head whipped around to meet the eyes of C/n. I was taken aback. What was he doing here so late? My body felt like it removed a hundred pound brick  from my stomach, though and I moved aside my lunch bag to make room beside me.

“Not at all,” I smiled, shyly. 

We had never really talked much aside from friendly smiles and the occasional greetings and “how are you”s. But I had harbored a crush on him for awhile and this was something I’d only dreamt about happening. 

He sat cross-legged next to me, heaving a sigh that made me feel heavy. Maybe my anxieties about him hadn’t been off. I looked closer at him as he pulled out a simple sandwich and apple from his backpack. His eyes had shadows that weren’t normally so dark, the redness rimming his irises making him look weary and suspiciously like he’d been crying. His lips were set in a tight line, chapped. His normally well-kept hair was covered in a beanie in a poor attempt to contain the wild shock of hair underneath. His clothes looked rumpled and hung off his hunched shoulders. 

Yeah, something was definitely up.

“It’s good to see you,” I smiled softly, hesitating.

I didn’t want to push him into talking about stuff he’d rather avoid but questions were threatening to spill out of my mouth. 

He turned his head to look at me and that’s when I knew for a fact he’d definitely been crying. His brows furrowed a bit.

“Yeah? I guess my homeless look suits me pretty well, hm?” He joked, but his smile didn’t reach his eyes.

“We all have those days. Had a rough day?”

“Try rough couple of months,” he mumbled, a frown settling over his face. 

Suddenly he looked up, regret written over his face. 

“Forget I said that. I didn’t meant to bother you by sitting down. I just didn’t feel like talking to my friends and you’re always so easy to be around– and now I’m rambling,” he cut himself off. 

“Hey,” I said, and he looked up from picking at his sandwich. “I totally get it. You want some space. And you’re not bothering me. I like your company and if you have anything you want to get off your chest, I’m all ears,” I said, smiling reassuringly at him. 

“Thanks, y/n. It’s been a stressful week what with not being here to understand my homework, and dealing with my parents’ divorce, and my friends being the careless bastards that they are,” his shoulders slumped even more, and I wanted to reach out and pull him into a hug. 

“I’m really sorry about your parents. I had no idea,” I whispered. 

He shrugged, trying to pass it off as not a big deal. 

“Is that why you’ve been gone?” 

“Yeah. Frankly, I’m surprised you noticed. None of my other friends have.”

“I noticed the first day you didn’t show. I was honestly worried about you. God, I sound like a creep,” I shook my head at myself, instantly regretting my words. 

“No, actually, it’s really nice to hear,” he said, his sunken eyes looking deep into mine. “My parents have been working on this divorce for awhile and any day where we said hi and you smiled at me really made my spirits lift. Even if just for a bit. I feel kinda lame talking about all my problems when this is the first real conversation we’ve had,” he confessed, looking apologetic. 

“There’s no rules for how to talk to people. At least, not with me. I’d much rather have you tell me about your bad months than suffer through awkward, forced small talk,” I chuckled. 

That got a real chuckle out of him and I savored the rough albeit soothing sound of it.

“In all seriousness though, I’m really sorry you have to go through that. And you really don’t look bad, by the way. In fact, I’m kind of digging the beanie,” I bumped my shoulder into his playfully, eliciting another laugh out of him.

“What about my hair? What do you think of the style?” He asked, flipping his hair like those snotty girls do in movies.

I giggled. “It suits you. Looks rebellious.”

“Wow, didn’t know I’d be capable of pulling off a rebellious look,” he said, chuckling along with me. 

A few minutes of silence followed while we chewed on our lunches before c/n spoke up. 

“I know we’ve only had a real conversation today, but I was wondering if you wanted to hang out at the mall tomorrow? We could look around some stores and get some of those delicious cinnamon rolls?” He asked, eyes finally lighting up with what I could only describe as hope.

“I’d love to!” 


Two weeks had passed and though we had only gotten to know each other recently, I already felt like I knew c/n for years. 

His parent’s divorce was taking a toll on him, so when we talked and hung out I always made sure to keep the conversation light, unless he wanted to talk in-depth about his parents. I savored those moments when I cracked a joke and his dull eyes that used to shine brightly would spark again and for a moment he was his old self. 

Still, is situation was hard on him. Some days he showed up to school looking how he did that first day we talked and the only words he would say to me were hi and goodbye. Still, I stayed by his side even when he chose not to speak. I knew he needed my company, needed someone by his side, showing him they loved him no matter his mood. 

Today, I sat squirming in my seat, my eyes darting to the clock. The bell would ring any minute and c/n still hadn’t walked through the door. It seemed I had become just as addicted to his company as he was to mine. Right as the bell rang and our teacher was closing the door, he bursted through, bloodshot eyes and all. 

It took me only one glance for me to know he’d been balling his eyes out before he’d come. 

He darted to his seat, not wanting to draw attention to himself and sat down behind me. As the lecture began, I let my arm drop down to my side and reach back. Not even a moment passed before I felt his warm palm slide into mine and I squeezed his hand, offering what little strength I could to him. 

This had become a thing we did. Days when words failed for the sadness he felt or when we simply felt like being connected in some way, I’d reach behind me and hold his hand from my seat in front of him. I liked the intimacy of it. It was shy, but calming and the comfort we both got from it benefited us greatly.

Class couldn’t have ended soon enough and I pulled c/n out of the room before the rush of students could block the hallways. Without grabbing a hold of his hand, I led him to a quiet corner near our lockers. 

When I finally turned to him, I simply dropped my backpack to the floor and flung my arms around him. His body reacted immediately, his arms wrapping around my body cocooning me in his comforting embrace. Our bodies were pressed flush against one another and I couldn’t think of something I’d ever experienced before that was so bitter-sweet. A few sniffles escaped from c/n’s mouth and were muffled by my hair, which he had buried his face into. 

“It’s ok. I’m here. I’m right here and I’m not going anywhere,” I whispered to him. 

I pulled back just enough to see his face, every inch of the rest of our bodies still pressed against each other. 

A tear slipped from his eye, and I brushed it away gently with the soft pad of my thumb. The vulnerability with which he looked at me struck my heart and I reached up a bit to place a feather-light kiss to the cheek that had just been dampened by a tear. 

“I don’t know what I’d do without you,” he said, his arms holding me tighter.

“Well, you certainly wouldn’t be ditching class that’s for sure,” I said, a hint of a smile tugging at my lips. 

His eyes widened when he realized what I was implying. 

Fifteen minutes later, I had taken him to a nearby flower shop. On the way, I’d bought us hot chocolate because that had always seemed to help him cheer up a bit. 

But now, we perused the flowers in the shop, losing ourselves in the sweet scents they were giving off and feasting our eyes on the brilliant colors surrounding us. 

“Y/n check this one out,” c/n said, tugging my on my hand. 

I smiled as he brought me over to a beautiful bouquet of peonies. 

“They’re beautiful,” I breathed. 

“They have such a soft color. But they’re not small, they have personality. They take up space. Just like you,” he smiled, looking at me with earnest eyes.

“You calling me fat, c/n?” I asked, smirking.

“No!” He exclaimed, then laughed as I laughed with him. “God, no. I’m saying, that just like these flowers have a gentleness about them they’re not without personality. Look at how they fill up an empty vase. Just like how you filled up my empty heart,” he finished, entwining his fingers with mine. 

And that was the first day we referred to each other not only as best friends  but as sweethearts, too. 

The prints I ordered from @dement09 came yesterday and I AM LOVE THEM??? They were packaged really well and they’re all super pretty and I got a Bismuth sticker and a note and omfg -  I love you deni my sweet babu I hope you get your late ass christmas package soon <3 <3 <3

Bonus: pupper for scale, and envelope art

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That jimon superhero idea is really cute do you think you could do like headcanons of when simon ask jace to teach him self defense and jaces teaches him/they spend time together

hi!! sorry this is almost 24hours later. D: this verse - which is essentially about jace being a superhero and simon being catnip for evil and therefore jace’s frequent rescuee - may or may not go anywhere because i have 0 execution skills but if it ever does, these are some of the events that i’d want to happen as simon falls in love with jace / angel:

  • the very next day, simon runs into jace at their building lobby putting up flyers for a self defence class he teaches for free every tuesday and thursday. what a strange and serendipitous turn of events!! but, “oh man,” says simon, crestfallen, “my work schedule’s kind of all over the place though, i don’t think i can make it?” and jace’s gaze lingers on the bruise on simon’s jaw, the discolouration suggesting it was from the night before, and he says, “anytime you have an hour, just pop by to see if i’m home - looks like you needed to learn how to make a quick getaway years ago,” and simon is bewildered by the generosity of this offer but (obviously) he accepts 
  • jace is a brutal instructor and doesn’t cut simon any slack each time he takes simon down. “again,” he demands, “get up.” at first simon’s embarrassed by how easily jace kicks his ass, flustered by how jace is even more attractive when he’s covered in sweat and pinning simon down, face so close that simon can clearly see the darker roots of his eyelashes and follow the curve of the individual lashes to their delicate golden tip. but as their sessions keep going, simon stops seeing jace as someone he wants to make out with and instead as a threat he needs to take down. it shakes simon to realize what an easy target he is, how he might be dead if angel hadn’t saved him all those times and the reality is that if someone devastatingly sexy was trying to murder him - well, he can’t just let them because he’s too distracted by their beautiful eyes

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first off i wish i wasnt spoiled about this orz yet i was still shocked?? also too lazy to crop properly/kinda like what just happened anywaysss

aww victor so sweet still catching it 

does this kiss happen now ??? oh okay nope but booop

aww hes so cute running 

you did sooo great boy (i really was left so speechless after his performance alone)

okay nowww its gonna happen right ???






Akane: Maybe I die. Planning a nonary game. And then you go and marry Junpei. And it makes me sad. But if he’s gonna be with somebody, I’d like it to be you.
Carlos: Strange, but sweet.
Akane: Only, I didn’t really die. I was faking it. And I come back. I spy on you from my red Corvette. And I’m planning to kick your ass, but I see how happy you make him. And I have to walk away. I have to. And I do. Slowly. In a rainstorm.
Akane: But as time goes by it eats away at me. You’re out living it up with my boyfriend. And I’m alone, on the moon. Training. I thought you were my friend…I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY FRIEND!

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I have a hc that sweden and Russia are both cuddly when they are sad. Not like "aw I'm sad" but more like really fucking upset. (Can be mad to the point of years too) and when this happens you'll be doing something like laying in bed, on your phone, and they slowly walk in and shut the door quietly.Like they don't say a word. Which sounds both terrifying and sad. Then, the thing that makes this worse? They climb in bed and cry into your chest/legs/stomach, so much that they fall asleep.Thoughts?

That’s so sweet omfg. Like i know it’s not suppose to be but you’re such a comfort object that they just break down once they’re against you becasue it’s safe and imagine having someone find so much comfort in you that they just…cry on you. it’s so???? fuckign swe e t

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I imagine dating Jungkook has moments where you get in stupid arguments and you get so mad that you're about to storm off and Jungkook can't stand it anymore so he just grabs your hands really tightly and pulls you into a sweet kiss and just whispers apologies into your ear because he doesn't want to see you stay angry

ljalkfhalshdsoahfoaishd this made my heart flutter omfg that would be so cute D: I don’t think I could stay mad at him for very long if he did that to me

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I'd hang with u AN rose birb! I'll give her all acknowledgement. She can sit on my head if she wants!!!

omg that is so sweet of you. <3 i would love that so much. if you wanna come off anon and be friends id love that. im feeling really alone these days.

rose loves you too, and would love to sit and try and shag ur head.

she’s gross im sorry (this isnt rose but omfg this gif)

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Yowapeda Movie SanSaka Thoughts

Ok, so I got to watch the Yowapeda movie last night and OMFG I noticed some things about SanSaka that are just so real and I can’t even

First, we have Onoda looking cute

But as soon as he sees Manami he gets super happy and excited!



Then the rest of them talking is just really precious and instead of Manami intimidating Onoda by being like “I’m going to defeat you”, he says that he’ll enjoy their race and hopes they’ll have a race where it takes everything they have and I honestly think that’s really sweet of him to say.

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My emotional kink? Music. I don't know, but if someone plays any instrument or even just loves music or hums their favourite songs when working or anything my heart is like "omfg you have to know this person you have to be friends with them you pathetic loser who can't learn yourself how to play anything". yeah. ~Freddo

this is so lovely? i mean i don’t like the self-deprecating but otherwise that’s really sweet omg you’re a wonderful person?

Aurora's Route Prediction
  • MC: I just...I think im falling in love with you.
  • Aurora: I don't really do relationships sweetheart. It's probably for the best we don't-
  • MC: *shows the tiniest tiniest sign of a frown*

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I love your blog so much, it really makes me happy and it makes me laugh a lot :D I adore your drawings of the characters so much, they are sooo adorable (especially Ralph and Simon) Don't get me wrong, Jack's pretty cute too :3 Does Simon like to make Roger where flower crowns? Does Roger secretly like them?

roger: i have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about

(and thank you ?????? so much, you’re so sweet omfg ,,, we’re all rly glad that you think this blog’s funny and that it makes you happy !! because that’s always what we’re aiming for!)

(and here’s a better quality version if u need it ;^))

MONSTA X REACTION to finding out you're (wife) pregnant.

This one came out sweet~ I love these themes!



He’s a quiet guy, so I think his smile worths more than any word.


You wrote the news in a piece of paper, and when he reads it:



“Omfg….you’re serious? We finally did it?”


A really big smile would appear in his face. For the first time, he’d be out of words.


He had just woke up when you told him

“Wait what?” he’d be a bit sleepy yet so he thought he misheard you.


“WHUUUUTT??” Surprised af.


Fluffy ball is happy now.


Gif Credits To Their Original Owners!

~ADM Pandacchi

Having children with Justin...

Lemme just say that having children/a baby with Justin would be one of the most cutest and best things ever. I feel like he’d never take his eyes off of your baby and he’d constantly be wanting him/her to be happy and comforted. You’d probably always catch him rocking the baby in his arms, humming a lullaby or making his dorky faces trying to make the baby laugh. He’d call the baby really cute nicknames like “monkey” or “princess” and omfg it would be so adorable. You could just be rocking your lil baby to sleep and he’d be watching for a while before coming over and saying cute things like “You’re such a great mother” or “You’re both so beautiful” Idk he just seems so gentle and sweet and he’d probably value every moment, god it would be so fucking precious. Can he pls just father my children already I’m out

  • Friend: So I started watching Attack on Titan.
  • Me: OMFG REALLY! Do you like it?
  • Friend: Yeah, I love Marco, he's so kind I really hope he gets together with Jean.
  • Me: ........yeah?
  • Friend : And Reiner is so awesome! I bet he'll be the one to take down the Armoured Titan!
  • Me: ...yeah?
  • Friend: Oh and Bertholdt is soooo sweet, he'd never hurt a fly! And he's soooo tall, if I didn't know any better I'd say he was the Colossal Titan! Lmao.
  • Me: ...
  • Friend: ....why are you crying?

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Omfg, do not listen to that anon!! That drawing is seriously spot on and I love it. The black and white really adds a different tone to the picture than if it were in colour. I think your drawing is kickass dude. 10 hours for something like that ain't bad either! <3

thank you so much ah!!! you’re so sweet!!! ;U; 💜

Me & Sawyer This Weekend
  • she S L A Y E D as Martha in Heathers 
  • Minerva ‘Minnie’ MgGonagills 
  • fish pepper 
  • ‘Don’t kidnap her, I barely know you!’ ‘omfg wut no pls do’ 
  • doGGO 
  • international house of pancakes
  • ‘Tell him I’d go straight for him lmao’ ‘Thank you that’s really sweet -Jack’ 
  • grinch 
  • it’s lit 
  • ‘Sawyer, I can’t do anything straight’
  • and we sang Breaking Free on a ride at the fair 
  • it was awesome XD


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👀 your blog is really cool and your theme looks so good! your sims are really creative and i love seeing your posts on my dash! also if youre still doing blog rates, ☄️

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Thank you, that’s so sweet of you to say! ;;-;;