but omfg jay

I think some of my favorite kpop lyrics are these:

  • You look like a fresh salad, so smooth
  • Sexy, free, and single, I’m ready to bingo
  • Roll like a buffalo
  • You zoom zoom my heart like a rocket
  • We gonna go rocka rocka rocka rocka rocka rocka. So fantastic
  • Your love plus my love, supa luv
  • Yo girl a turkey on my dick gobble gobble, I fuck her till her knees wobble wobble
  • Yeogi buteora

from the moon, to the stars
while lingering in the universe
we got to know each other

— nuest (minhyun + jr) “daybreak” // a present for @trashanon  [insp.]


I ended up waiting, she said the main band was amazing so I took her word for it.
They were. They were beyond amazing. The vocalist was extremely into her music and I could feel it vibrating off of her. Being that passionate for music was a huge deal for me.

After they were done they headed over to the side. I quickly made eye contact with the lead vocalist but then everyone clamored over me to get to her. I ended up walking off. I didn’t know this band and I wasn’t too fond of celebrities, of any kind, to start with.

[actually just listen to all their songs. kbye.]