but omfg i miss these guys

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Just now, today, Sunday, at 14:55 in the afternoon, in 2017, I understood that it’s actually VILDE Even is talking to in the “Går ned på chicks”-clip (”Go down on chicks”)

I mean HOWWW on earth did I miss that?! You even hear her voice carry through the room so distinctly. I’m so exasperated with myself right now, you have no idea. 

Before I was just thinking “Yeh, all the girls are ofc flirting with this guy.”…..

You’re all allowed to laugh.

pet daycare worker!mingyu

not sure if im gonna make this a series bc it just suddenly pops into my head and i feel the need to make it so:

  • mingyu loves his job i mean who wouldnt maybe someone who doesnt like animals
  • he got the money and an adavantage of playing with these cute little creatures
  • the daycare actually accept almost all pets but the place is full of mostly dogs and cats and honestLY mingyu couldnt be happier
  • and it seems like this daycare is getting known more bc you know what theres this boy greeting everyone with that world winning smile
  • and he’s cute af so thats a bonus, lot of girls come by to get their pet washed/or to drop them here for a while + theyre here to watch this cute guy named mingyu based on his nametag
  • he’s basically popular, everyone address him as the tall boy bc duh
  • “wheres the tall boy who usually arranged the snacks over there?”
  • customers like giving him tip bc have u seen him he’s glowing and he looks like he enjoys this so much
  • likes to play with the dog more
  • he likes to wash them as well
  • “ok no saddie, thats soap you cant eat that”
  • “noooooo my clothes are all wet now thanks to u”
  • probably brought extra clothes with him
  • “i love u tho dont worry come lets dry you up”
  • when its play time lots of dogs want to play with him and some even climb up to lick his face and he cant stop smiling basically
  • and when he’s tired he’d go to check on the cats bc everyone there is basically chill and quiet, perfect when u want to take a break
  • when he lay on his back, small cats would climb up and just sleep there on his stomach and mingyu wants to cry bc cuteness
  • “omg nora dont eat my socks!!!”
  • he loves talking to them duh
  • “have u eat yet??? no??? ok lets go get u some nutrition so u can play with me”
  • “you think you can catch this???”
  • “ok dont eat that”
  • once somene dropped their goldfish here and he doesnt know how to play with it, he feels bad bc it doesnt have friends 
  • protecting the goldfish from the hungry cats like he went into panic mode when he sees a cat approaching him and the goldfish
  • “STAY BACK!!!!”
  • lowkey loves looking at the hamster when they run on the thing i dont know what its called in english but you know what i mean!!!
  • the daycare rarely get any bunnies to take care of but then ba bam one day you came in with your cute bunny and mingyu felt like he couldnt breathe was it bc of u or the bunny?
  • “um hey so do you take - “
  • “YEAH YEAH WE TAKE CARE OF ANYTHING HONESTLY” he said a bit more enthuasiatic than he should have he felt embarrassed after that
  • and youre like ah ok and told him youre going somewhere and want to drop him here
  • “oh great” and youd smile bc this guy is super cute and u stole a glance at his nametag and smiled wider bc the name suits him very well u dont even know why
  • you pay and all that and introduce ur bunny to him “his name’s bambi he might be a bit annoying to new people sometimes so.. .. .. “
  • “OH ITS OK IVE HAD WORSE HELLO THERE LITTLE GUY” mingyu doesnt know why he is too hype whenever he talks
  • “uh so…..ok? i hope u take good care of him”
  • “DONT WORRY ….?”
  • u told him your name and he repeats it bc he thinks its so pretty
  • “ill see you soon mingyu! and hey you be nice to him” he saw u kissing bambi and feel a little jealousy as you waved him goodbye
  • “u lucky guy!!!!! i cant believe im jealous over a rabbit”
  • he would scoop bambi in his hands and stare at it
  • “i hope we can get along and u can tell me more about ur owner”
  • u know what he’s gonna be with bambi for days and talk to him to the point he realizes he’s not gonna answer
  • “do u like carrot or this canned food oh wait she said u like carrot more so im gonna pick it up ok”
  • “im so nice to u now tell me something abt her”
  • “im more a dog kind of guy but youre cute and ur owner is cuter tbh”
  • “ok lets shower”
  • “you have long ears man”
  • when u come back 4 days later to pick bambi up he turned all sad and gloomy, like he’s not glowing anymore he’s SAD UR LEAVING AND MGIHT NEVER COMING BACK which is false
  • “please comeback soon”
  • and you only giggled at that this boy is finally calm
  • “ill see u soon mingyu” u hand him a tip and wave at him, forcing bambi to wave at him too and he smiled bc ill see u soon HECK YES
  • and he noticed there was a paper along with the money he wants to burst bc your number was written on it with a cute little bunny doodle AND HE SQUEALES THE WHOLE DAY AND TALK ABOUT IT TO EVERYONE (read: the animals)

I told me that I’d draw one paper just for one of my favorite antecessor ^o^ So here we have draws from Lost, a beauty demon with a beauty design (?) I did my best with the English, but I just can’t :( Hmm… Here are a few of weird headcanons. Some stole, other from my dirty mind 9u9 (?) I would like to add something but I don’t know what! Well. If I post a draw of Lost PLEASE MAKE THE FAVOR TO HIT ME. Plz PS. Ciel is not OOC…(?)

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No but okay your main plot you have going with twiicetheheart, lordnegan, the-tenth-will-see-you-now, killthebxy, tyricnlannistcr, soldier306 and everyone else ( I KNOW I'M MISSING PEOPLE but I'm too lazy to look up urls ) I just wanted to say it's sooooooooo damn good. omfg like I read the shit out of these RPs religiously and I love the story that's going on!! Keep up the amazing work I'm a huge fan and I'll probably make you guys things sometime soon because I love this storyline so much!!

Tags @twiicetheheart @lordnegan @the-tenth-will-see-you-now @killthebxy @tyricnlannistcr @soldier306 because you angel cakes are mentioned.

Oh my Goddddddddddddddddddd thank you so much!? Like honestly this ask has made my entire week, you are an actual angel, okay ?! TYSM !!!!! There are tears in my eyes rn !!! -Hugs you forever- I’m keeping you, okay??

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i was reading one of your posts, and was zoey almost confirmed/hinted as gay? omfg i had no idea im so happy

I don’t know that it was actually confirmed in much of any way, but it’s my headcanon of her anyways! I like to imagine her reactions to Ellis as trying to politely turn a genuinely sweet guy down, and that Valve might sort of do the same thing they did with Miss Pauling and Scout, where they hint at a pairing with one-sided interest and then confirm her as gay. :o

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I just read your newest fic and I adored it. I missed hearing you write Angela so beautifully :,) you have such a great writing style. The voice and characterization you give the overwatch characters is just STUNNING. You make all the characters three dimensional and realistic. Thank you so much for such awesome fics :,)))

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It’s so nice to come back to these asks you guys omfg I thought I totally lost my touch so this is such a relief!! I take a lot of pride in my characterization, so this is really nice to read.

Thank you so much dear <3 This was delightful


collingwood nearly won, it was hot af, and they really made Adelaide fight for that grand final spot SOZ MELBOURNE, SOZ DAISY PEARCE

also at the end, they came around to sign and stuff and jess cameron came straight over to where i was b/c i was standing near her fambam omg omg one of them was like “pies lost b/c of that goal you missed” and she laughed omfg, and i said “good game” but idk what else to say lol


and i saw jazzy garner too but she had a whole group of friends around her, i think idk. oh well.


GUYS THAT WAS SERIOUSLY THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE. I LEGIT ALMOST LOST MY VOICE (jackson got me screaming too much ;) aayyee) 

  •  Jackson and bambam were being extra as always
  • Youngjae performed (but he still looked a little out of it)
  • Jinyoung was speaking English most of the time 
  •  During Yugyeom’s part in ‘Follow Me’ he changed the lyrics to “Dab,Dab,Dab” (while dabbing of course) and just burst out laughing after
  • Bambam did a sexy dance and said “you have to be 20 to think about that all day” and the rest of the members started teasing him after that. Like bambam you aren’t even 20 yet. 
  • I believe Yugyeom did a sexy dance too and Papa Jaebum threw something on top of Gyeom to cover him
  •  Their unit stages were amazing. After their units performed, they each talked about it. When it was Jackson, Bambam, and Yugyeom’s turn to talk, Mark called them the “swag unit”. Bambam was talking about the song W.O.L.O. and he goes “do you guys know yolo? It-” and Jackson just yells “NO, DON’T TALK ABOUT IT. It’s not yolo…It’s not because of copyright!!!!!“ 
  • They were talking about what they did their first morning in Chicago. Mark and Jackson slept, while the others went to get pizza and went downtown. 
  • During confession song, they walked through the aisles (my friend tOUCHED YUGYEOM…YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE). 
    • Before the show, people were handing out hearts that we would hold up during the song. Each member had their own color (I of course got jackson’s heart which was white)
    • People were also handing out ‘Fly’ banners that had cartoon!GOT7 on the front and fly’s fan chant on the back
  • During one of their songs (i think it was turn up the music) they dabbed like 1093034 times in a row
  • They didn’t do dumb dumb :((((
  • The graphics on the screen were really cool! They had a lot of bright lights flashing too. But in the beginning of the show they were having a glitch with the screen 
  • Mark said that since they always do concerts/fan meets in Asia, it was nice to finally come back to America. 
  • Jackson kept hyping up the crowd 
  • There were so many body rolls oh my lord yES
  • Bambam, Mark, and Jackson would ask the others questions in English and they would try and answer back in english. Although they did have to translate some words for the others
  • Like i said before, Jinyoung was talking in English throughout like the whole thing aND I LOVED IT. HE SOUNDS SO CUTE SPEAKING IN ENGLISH
  • After they performed Fly, bambam talked about how that was the song that got them their first win.. He said “we couldn’t have done it without you!” and pointed to the crowd. But Jackson thought he said “without yugyeom!” so he goes, “without you! not without yugyeom!” 
  • Jackson’s laugh sounds even cuter in person…i’m crying 
  • During Fly/ Home Run/ and Just Right, they wore these nice bomber jackets. Yugyeom’s was red and black, Youngjae’s was red and white, Jaebum’s was light blue and white (i really want it omg. If anyone can hook a girl up with a link to it that would be great), Jackson’s was blue and silver, Mark’s was blue and white, Bambam’s was black and gold (i think), and i believe Jinyoung wore a black and white one. (sorry if these colors aren’t right)
  • During Jackson and Bambam’s rap in Just Right, Jackson said “Say yeahhh” & “Say blab blab blab” and Bamba, said “Say dab, dab,dab” and “Say dab boiiii” (what else do we expect from him lmao) 
    • p.s. you guys better believe I was dabbing like fucking crazy the whole night  
  • They were talking about the different dances that they do, and Jackson announced that he loves the way Yugyeom does the little shoulder dance during his solo in Fly (I agree with Jackson, that is my fave part of the choreography tbh). And because of that, they made him do it for us. 
  • Before they performed “This Star”, Mark said that jinyoung wrote the lyrics. He then asked him why he named it that. Jinyoung replied with “It’s not called This Star, it’s called These Stars” and pointed to the crowd (that was smooth af)
  • At the end when they were saying their speeches, they all wanted Youngjae to go first. Before he started speaking the crowd started chanting “youngjae! Youngjae Youngjae!” even Jackson joined in.
  • Youngjae said that he performed today because he felt guilty. He didn’t want to let us down. He said he wasn’t feeling good and he hopes we understand. Jackson replied by saying “We will always be here for you Youngjae!!!” (i love supportive jackson)
  • All the members kept asking Youngjae if he felt okay throughout the whole show :’) 
  • Jackson asked if we knew who Mike Ditka and Michael Jordan were and then said that “Igot7 are better!!!”  
  • They did a dance roulette thing. There was a spinning wheel that would choose which choreography people had to do in order to pass the mission and to help them come back (to the city) again. There was a camera that would choose random people from the crowd to dance
  • Speaking of camera…during one of the songs (i think confession song but i’m not sure), bambam takes one of the cameras that was on the stage (the one that projects the crowd on the big screen) and started filming people in the crowd and they would show up on screen! 
  • Jinyoung took someones camera on stage and started filming the members 
  • MC Bambam made an appearance ft. MC Mark and MC Jackson
  • During the last few songs, Yugyeom wore the pink bulls hat that Jackson always wears. He even pointed to it during his speech
  • The members (but mainly bambam) would take peoples phones and take selfies / pics of the other members. 
  • Jaebum said he would say his speech in Korean to make it more sentimental. He basically thanked the fans for being so welcoming and for supporting them all these years. 
  • Before Jackson started his speech, he yelled “EVERYONE LEAVE YOUR BOYFRIENDS” and then started laughing. Then he just says “WHOEVER HAS A BOYFRIEND CAN LEAVE” and pointed to the door. He then said that he hopes we stay healthy. Fame and fortune don’t matter, what matters is that we all stay healthy. Because we only live once ;)
  • Bambam said the same thing he said in Dallas. He needs to forget about the haters and just move on cause he already has everything he needs. 
  • They asked us all to stick our hands out (like as if we were about to do like a handshake type thing) and they got in a half circle (as if they were including us) and say “Got7 and igot7!” 
Group chats

             Harry has left the chat
Y/N: Tf?
       Y/N has added Harry to the chat
Y/N: why tf did you leave

Harry: um I don’t know, maybe because we haven’t texted in here for like a year!

Y/N: damn Harry, anyways how you’ve been
Harry: good and you, love

Y/N: I’m ight just miss you guys

Y/N: I see your punk ass Niall stop hiding, Ik you reading dis

Harry: ooh is that why it says Y/N and Niall has read I thought we were the only ones in here. And what does ight mean?

Y/N: omfg Harry sometimes I just wanna get you some lessons on how to use technology.

Harry: well that’s not very nice

Y/N: Niall answer tf up. I know you reading dis

Niall: hey guys


Harry: 😂😂

Niall: stfu Y/N

Y/N: well shit someone’s salty 🙄😒

Harry: what does salty mean?

Y/N: okay that appointment is gunna have to be soon.


Y/N: well here’s another salty bitch.

Harry: Okay

Y/N: salty bitches

Liam: well it’s not my fault that you guys have no life.

Y/N: well that’s not very nice I was going to invite you to a special place that holds on my heart but I guess it will be just me and Harry.

Liam: is it to late now to say sorry?

Niall: cause I’m missing more than just of yo sandwiches.

Y/N: Dafuq Niall?😂

Niall: you make good sandwiches

Harry: yeah there pretty good

Y/N: well peace out bitches I gotta go sleep

Harry: goodnight don’t let the bed bugs bite

Niall: really Harry

Did y'all this or Nahh I got many more if y'all did I got a wattpad account and it’s on there I have prolly like 5 more chapters anyways this was shit soooo

Okay ignore this if it’s old news but
HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS i just searched “negan” in google images to show my boyfriend what i was talking about and this photo showed up. I NEVER NOTICED THIS, OMFG they’ve been foreshadowing Negan since 4B!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE I MISSED IT!

and if you can’t tell what that is, it’s a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. holy shit, this means so many things. Negan was so close to the prison, and he was the one who killed this group????

If some of you do notice my absence for the past months, it’s NOT that i’m leaving tumblr but preparing for one of my bigggest exam in my whole life, therefore i had to be super duper inactive for over a month I’M SO SORRY GUYS I DO MISS YOU LOTS

And guess what had happened during the time i’ve been absented: 1100+ smexy followers OMFG 

Yep now i’m back for more FMA fanarts and reblogs *laughs*

[SPOILER] Miraculous Ladybug Episode 15!





Do you guys remember this photo?

Well our Master Fu was spying on these two heroes of Paris!

I’m literally freaking out! I saw him at a glance when I watched the new episode, so I had to replay it several times to catch it! But for some reason he never showed up behind the tree in this scene. Looking back at these scenes, there seems to be little changes made like Master Fu missing as well as the plates on Adrien and Marinette’s lap disappearing. I honestly, am not sure why these changes occurred but we can’t deny that that isn’t Master Fu! I have a feeling we’ll see him very soon! What do you guys think?