but okay no



I am…. SO READy… and terrified…. for Lance’s story arch climax.

Whether its Klance/Laith, Lance “dying”, or sacrificing himself. or WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY’RE HYPING HIM UP FOR

(like seriously can we acknowledge that there’s some creepy subtle foreshadowing for our boy??  Is it just me?? I got a bad feelinggg idk)

And one half of me is like noooooo my boy im scared let lance live 2k17 protect my blue boy space sokka lovely star boi meme king

But then the other half is like

yyyeeeessssss plllleeeeeaaaaasssseeeeeeeee i am soooooooooooooooo  

f u c k i n g  r e a d y

Anyone else..??

The first 15 minutes of Neo Yokio
  • there’s,,,, there’s a bachelor board in Times Square….. of all the eligible bachlors….. wtf why
  • Jaden Smith’s acting is almost as good as Spongebob’s Bubble Buddy
  • “We’re members of the magistocracy and you’re a magistocrat” motherfucker WHAT HE’S A WHAT
  • Honestly a realistically portrayal of someone’s first break up when you’re like 12 but the MC is 20
  • “She’s possessed? That sucks.”
  • “Now eat your tiramasu.” *DRAMATIC ORCHESTRAL MUSIC*
  • I’m gonna be real this is like one long and extended shitpost idea that got out of hand and they tried to make it serious but it’s still a shitpost 
  • “I AM NOT NEO RICHE” *blasts a fuckboy through half a dozen dressing rooms with his magic powers*
  • Neo Riche literally means “newly rich” as in someone who’s worked for their money like wtf that’s a great compliment why the fuck are they so up and scary about it
  • “We’re called Helenists you herb!” 
  • “Shall we get you a giant Toblerone? Chocolate always cheers you up.” “No Charles… I want to visit the grave.”
  • THE GRAVE WAS HIW OWN GRAVE WTF “You designed yourself a beautiful grave.” LAJREBFWELRGBL WHAT KINDA DIVA
  • “I’m tending my wife’s grave with her favorite perfume in the whole world.” “It’s not a very elegant perfume.”
  • “Maybe your wife’s spirit would be better settled with a younger perfume.” why is this shit criticizing an old man trying to memorialize his wife’s memory oh my GOD

I’m not even 15 minutes in and I want to die, be resurrected, and on the third day of my resurrection die again after trying to watch the second episode