but okay listen to this au idea

okay, so modern au enjolras who loves music, like completely adores it and he is super pretentious about music. he loves the way that music can affect people and change their ideas.
unfortunately his friends have an… interesting taste in music…

courfeyrac is an avid lady gaga fan - this enj struggles to deal with but at least she’s a good person, his taylor swift phase was so much worse
combeferre has a very eclectic taste and listens to like medieval lyre/jazz fusion - enj doesn’t understand it but at least it’s a break from pop
bahorel listens to one direction and then like, black sabbath… there is no in between - he struggles to understand ‘rel at the best of times and his taste in music is part of that
jehan… don’t even get him started on jehan

but it is grantaire that bothers him the most, grantaire is an incredibly intelligent man but he appears to be labouring under the impression that 90s britpop is an acceptable thing to listen to… he listens to wonderwall unironically and that is something that enjolras cannot accept

but taire keeps playing it just to be obnoxious, singing loudly and purposefully out of tune - enj knows it’s purposeful because taire is actually an excellent singer

he moves on from wonderwall to blur but enj still thinks that it’s too much

but apparently, enj doesn’t hate britpop as much when taire is quietly singing a song about how gorgeous he thinks enj is as he wraps him up in his arms and tucks him against his chest, pulling the covers over them and kissing his forehead softly

cuddles-and-chocolate-cake  asked:

How about a Musician!AU with Elucien?

Elucien Musician AU: See now this one is right up my street. Because Lucien was born to be musical tbh. Okay, okay I can’t remember if I’ve posted about this before (I don’t remember) but @pterodactylichexameter and I turned this vague idea into a whole Thing a little while back. I will now share the vague idea with you. (This also kind of fits the elucien/modern AU ask I got too) 

The three Archeron sisters are all involved in their local ballet production. Feyre does most of the set design and creation. Nesta and Elain are both dancers but Nesta is the only one of the two who is naturally suited to it. Elain tries, she really does, but there’s just something about Nesta that was made for this in a way that she wasn’t. But that doesn’t matter. She loves it a lot and she enjoys herself. 

Lucien is an assistant, he mostly helps Feyre out backstage and just sort of generally floats around doing odd jobs here and there. However he spends a lot of time crushing on the very pretty dancer who almost always seems to have some kind of flowers included in her costume (Azriel is their costume expert and he always makes sure there’s a little personal touch in all the dancer’s costumes. Nesta has fire but Elain always has some kind of flower) Or insisting that he definitely does not have a crush on the very pretty dancer with flowers on her costume (he is fooling no-one. (except Elain who is too sweet/oblivious and this all goes entirely over her head (or at least she pretends it does anyway, she doesn’t want to embarrass Lucien))) 

The real reason Lucien puts up with coming to all of the rehearsals even when there isn’t really that much for him to do except babysit Tamlin and make Feyre the odd cup of tea while she paints is discovered by Elain a few weeks into rehearsals. She, Nesta and Feyre have wandered all the way along to the bus stop before Elain realises that she’s forgotten her phone and her purse. Insisting that her sisters just get the bus and not walk all the way back to the theatre with her in the pouring rain, Elain runs back on her own. 

Grateful for the shelter of the theatre she hurries around backstage before she finds what she’s looking for and is about to head off before she hears soft, familiar bars of one of her favourite pieces in the production being played. Curious, she follows the music and peeks out onto the stage, wondering why the aged old piano player who’s been doing this for years and knows every piece back to front, is bothering to stay so late. 

She gets a shock then when she recognises the long red hair and pale, delicate, long fingered hands of Lucien moving over the piano tucked onto a corner of the stage instead. Transfixed she watches him, completely forgetting about going home, lost in the flowing lines of his body as he moves with the familiar rhythm of the piece, how his hands fly deftly across the keys, how beautiful he looks, how happy, an expression she knows she’s never truly seen on his face until now. 

His eyes are closed, his back to her, so lost in the music that he hasn’t noticed he’s being watched by a doe-eyed young dancer who can’t take her eyes off of him. That is until Elain fumbles her phone trying to put it into her bag without looking away from Lucien and drops it on the floor instead with a very loud clatter. Lucien jumps like a cat that’s just been given a bad electric shock and Elain turns bright red and they both start babbling and apologising at the same time. 

Lucien jumps away from the piano as though he’s only just remembered he’s violently allergic to it, now flushing a deeper crimson than his hair and muttering to her, asking her to please not tell anyone about this. Elain tentatively walks towards him and tells him slowly, hesitantly that she, she won’t, she won’t tell a soul…But only if he finishes that piece. Lucien blinks at her in surprise, raising an eyebrow and regaining a little of his composure now the shock has worn off a bit. Elain blushes again and tells him that it’s her favourite. Lucien hesitates and rubs the back of his neck saying that he doesn’t usually play in front of people, that’s one of the reasons he comes here and waits til everyone is gone and…But Elain is smiling at him so broadly and looking so eager and enthusiastic that he just…can’t say no to her. He pats the bench beside him and she happily hurries over and sits down beside him and watches him as he plays through the entire piece for her. 

They’re very close and everything feels very warm and they’ve liked each other for so long and Elain is murmuring that that was so beautiful and she had no idea he could play like that. Lucien flushes again (there’s a lot of that going round) and mumbles that he usually keeps it quiet. He can’t practice anywhere else and no-one seems to mind him playing this one after rehearsals. Elain smirks and asks him if that means no-one’s noticed and Lucien grins a little bit and agrees that she’s quite right. Elain squeezes his hand and promises faithfully that she won’t share his secret with anyone else. Kissing happens this night. 

After that Elain starts making a lot of excuses to stay behind at the theatre and listen to Lucien play. Initially he’s still a little uncomfortable and can only properly lose himself in it if she makes sure and hides backstage. But he gets more comfortable around her and he plays for her while she practices her dancing sometimes and other times he just plays for the look on her face when she listens to him, the way she smiles for him. It’s all very fluffy and sweet and precious and piano playing!Lucien is deeply Important to me. Now you all know. 

((also yes, they definitely bang on the piano at least once)) 

“O-okay, Li-listen..”

Then he stole the train. Part of it anyways. :) that’s how Rick made his train. I’m really tired cause this took long too make cause I was drawing slowly cause reasons

Just an idea I’ve had in my head for a while… xd just did it. Old 19th century men

percyshell-why  asked:

okay listen., wolfboy, sep, and syrah all going on little missions every once in a while together that aren't too important but require a lot of skills. the three of them work rlly well under pressure and use these missions as an outlet for their ptsd

o h m y g o d

i’m gonna?? do some headcanons for this if you don’t mind

  • it’s sep’s idea
  • he has a couple things he wants to look into because he found this disguised map in the library
  • he wants to keep it on the DL, and he knows it’s gonna require a lot of special skills, specifically stealth
  • his mind immediately goes to wolf boy
  • wolf boy agrees, obviously, and they look over the map, but they can’t decipher it
  • one symbol keeps appearing, and sep knows he’s seen it somewhere, but he can’t figure out where
  • it’s later that night while looking over something else that he realizes:
  • it’s an old magyk symbol
  • and he’s seen it on syrah
  • he and wolf boy go to see her the next morning and inquire about it
  • she recognizes the symbol, and the reason neither of the boys do is because it was the joint alchemie-magyk combination symbol, and after the Great Alchemie Disaster, all traces of it were destroyed
  • the map ends up leading them to an old, old sealed away store of alchemie things, deep under the house of an old wizard who’s wife was an alchemist, and, not wanting to destroy it all when instructed, he sealed it all there instead
  • it’s during this little mission where wolf boy and syrah really meet since she woke up, and the 3 of them realize they’re a pretty great elite team
  • sep calls them up whenever he wants something handled quickly or quietly, and the 3 of them go on these missions
  • they realize pretty quickly how messed up all of them really are, especially when it comes to paranoia
  • syrah especially loves puzzles because her mind is so quick, but she’s so unused to it being entirely her own. solving things helps her feel in control, of both the situation and of herself
  • nobody criticizes anyone else for how they cope, or for going into instinctive mode when something happens
  • instead, they try to calm each other down, learning what helps most along the way
  • wolf boy is the one who finally gets syrah to trust being asleep around other people
  • they all hate sleeping for long times, but syrah is the worst of all. she will willingly stay up for days on end, and wolf boy will absolutely not have it
  • he eventually gets her to sleep because he said she needs to be her best self for if they get into any fights or have to flee, she needs her stamina
  • (he feels kind of guilty because he threw in that he would hate to have something happen to him or sep because she wasn’t on her guard, but he knew she’d never do it for herself)
  • sep and syrah ground wolf boy, more than he would like to admit. having 2 people know what it’s like to never feel safe in your own skin is calming
  • they start to be able to silently communicate perfectly
  • wolf boy starts training the other 2 in hand-to-hand combat, which they both know, but are rusty at
  • syrah’s instinct is to punch, not use her own magyk, so she appreciates the combat exercises, but eventually she realizes on these missions that she knows a lot of magyk, she really should be using it
  • she sees how magyk is a comfort to sep, not a burden, and it kind of inspires her
  • this trio kills me
Okay, listen, I know how much everyone loves the idea of peridot taking pearl’s roles in the momswap au

But consider her in place of Amethyst instead!

  • Peridot emerging from the kindergarten alone without anyone to tell her what to do.
  • Peridot learning everything she can about what homeworld tech she can find because she has nothing else.
  • Flashback!Peridot being an annoying little curious kid who’s always messing with something and asking questions
  • Peridot using her knowledge of technology and science to make up for the fact she barely knows anything about her own species.
  • Younger Peridot hanging out with Dr. Maheshwaran
  • Peridot helicoptering up to the red eye only to just kick at it uselessly
  • Think about “On The Run” but with Peridot instead.
  • “Yeah, and don’t forget nerdy, annoying, obsessive. AND THOSE ARE ALL THE THINGS THAT MAKE ME A VALUABLE GEM!
  • “I don’t care about what all the others say, but I guess there are things that will just never go away. I wish that I could say there’s no better place than home; but home’s a place that I have never known.”
  • “This was a bad place where they made bad gems LIKE ME!”
  • Think about Amethyst being in Peridot’s role
  • “Ugh, this tech is so old and gross”
  • “Yeah, it would be hard for me to fly this iF I WASN’T USING IT TO TRAP YOU! OOOOOOOOOOOOOH WOOH WOOH WOOH!” 

Title: Extraterrestrial 

Pairing: jongtae

Rating: pg-13

Warnings: aliens

Summary: AU where Taemin is a fallen star and Jonghyun is really confused

Notes: I was super inspired by this picture of taemin (below) and i just had to write something aoehgiosfgn

he was completely naked from head to toe, bare skin glowing just slightly in the pale light where the dirt wasn’t speckled over it. and his hair. his hair was an obnoxious shade of bubblegum pink. jonghyun edged toward the rubble hesitantly, prepared to bail if the naked kid in the hole gave him any trouble. his thumb was pressed against the smooth surface of his phone, ready to dial an emergency hotline at any moment.

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can-u-not-sassy  asked:

Okay, but you Loverboy AU is so amazing, how did you came up with idea? I just love it sm

THANK YOUUU I’m honestly so flattered that people like this random AU omg i literally only expected like maybe 4 people to like it at best when i first thought of and drew it???

Honestly, I can’t remember exactly how it came to me - I was thinking about Otapliroy in general, I was thinking about Dj! Beka.  Annnd I was binge listening to Lana Del Rey and especially Ride and thinking about a sad beautiful pastel Yuri. It all kind of came together in my mind while daydreaming about a lot of random stuff, and because I have the best of friends when I went “hey, I have this random ass idea and it’s super crack but just listen”, they do and then end up encouraging these weird ideas of mine and talking to me even more about it. Then add me daydreaming while drawing and the AU just really came together organically. Some bits I’ve taken from real life, some aren’t – I keep seeing stuff lately that reminds me of the AU and keeps giving me more and more ideas ;;;

Hair Color Pt. 3 (soulmate!Michael)

Requested: yesses! The idea came from this amazing anon!

Words: 1538

A/N: okay, listen i really need your opinion on this! did you like it or was it directly crap? please say something and come with ideas to the series, if you have any - i might use them. also like… should there be more parts? i literally have no idea! also i’ve been listening to james bay which makes me very… there’s no word for how james bay makes me feel.

Summary: Everybody has a soulmate. And whenever you or your soulmate would dye your hair, the other half would get the same hair color. Which makes it kind of hard for some people.

PART 1! - PART 2! - PART 4! - PART 5! - PART 6! 


Summary: Everybody has a soulmate. And whenever you or your soulmate would dye your hair, the other half would get the same hair color. Which makes it kind of hard for some people.

You didn’t think much of it after. Actually your life was going pretty well. Somehow you ended up at a party with Sally and getting a few shots down in you, you and Carter kissed. You hadn’t really kissed anyone before. Well, not like that. You’ve kissed boys, it’s just this kiss was… different. Carter didn’t even notice your lacking skills. The next day, he asked you out on a ice-cream date and you couldn’t help, but to say yes – because saying no is hard.

“I’m sorry bring this up, but have you ever dyed your hair? “ Carter said after understanding the problems with your soulmate. “Like chosen your own color? “

And you definitely had tried. After the 5 Seconds of Summer concert, you dyed your hair a natural brown, which clearly wasn’t the choice of your soulmate. He immediately changed it back to the purple. You tried some different colors, but he really just wanted the purple hair. So you decided to let it be and just move on. Dyeing your hair that much couldn’t be healthy.

“Yes, but he’s always dyeing it back. “ You said with ice cream hitting your tongue and thought back on the 5 Seconds of Summer concert and the weird coincidence with the guitarist. Of course, it was a coincidence, but you couldn’t stop thinking about it at night. You actually listened to some of their music now and you figured out the names of the boys – Michael, Calum, Ashton and Luke.

“What about your soulmate? “ You asked Carter. He looked at you with his pretty, brown eyes and a small smirk.

“Listen, it’s all very cute and stuff. But who says you have to be with your soulmate?“ He leaned in and whispered it like it was a secret. Those words hit you. You had always thought of it to be the only way. You didn’t say anything and you were sure, you must have looked scared.

“But hey, that’s just my opinion. It just kinda ruins the whole “young-romance-thingy”. “ He said leaning back in his chair. The sun was shining down on his tan skin and he looked beautiful. “It ruins our relationship, you know? Our chances of ever being together? “ He said, making it sound like a question, clearly waiting for an answer. He looked down on his hands, so you couldn’t get eye contact – which made it harder for you to turn him down. So you didn’t.

“It doesn’t ruin our chances. “

“So you’d like to go another date with me? “ Carter asked, looking up, catching your eye. You saw the sweet hope in his eyes and you didn’t want to see that hope go away.

“Yes. “

Quickly, one date more, turned to two. Two turned to three. And all of a sudden you and Sally had boyfriend-brothers, which Sally of course loved. She thought double study dates were one of the best things ever, even though you would just be distracted. Bill and Sally fooling around, kissing each other and just generally being loud would distract you. Then Carter wanted to show of a bit too, which you weren’t very fond of. But he quickly notices your annoying face and trembling leg.

“Do you wanna go to the library? “ He would ask and you both would go down to the library, finishing up the work. You were quickly done, since you weren’t the dumbest chick in class. Carter, on the other hand, was a bit slower. He sometimes needed help for some questions, and you would just giggle at him.

“Stop laughing at me! “ He exclaimed, putting down his pencil with a smile on his face.

“I can’t help it! “ You said, laughing in your wooden chair, almost failing off. “You’re so cute. “ You placed a small kiss on his cheek, making him blush.

“Stop it, I can’t concentrate. “ He muffled picking up the pen and starting writing notes from the reading again.

“Yeah, I get it. “ You said, throwing a couple of purple locks behind your back. “It must be hard concentrating with such a BEUATIFUL woman sitting right next to you. “ You yelled throwing yourself back in the chair.

“That’s not why. “ He said cheekily. You sat up and slapped his arm. “Of course, that’s why, babe. You’re the one who’s tripping me of. “ He said, moving closer to your face.

“Good. “ You said before kissing him. He then turned back to his homework and you would just watch him.

This wouldn’t last forever, would it? He was definitely not your soulmate, that’s for sure. But did you have to be each other’s soulmates to be in love? Were you even in love? He was the first boyfriend, you’d ever had and you really did like him. At first you thought he was just like his brother; a total fuckyboy. It wasn’t anything bad towards him or Sally. He just got a reputation for being a douche – but then again, that was the kind of people sally went for.

“I’m done! “ Carter bawled, smacking his book and throwing his hands in the air. “What do you want to do? “

“Honestly, I just want a cheeseburger. “  You said, getting up from the chair and taking your own books with you.

“McDonald’s, here we come! “ Carter yelled behind you making you shriek as he lifted you of the ground and carried you out of the library.

Bill and Sally would go with you guys too, being the loud, obnoxious couple who was really into PDA. You and Carter would always follow behind, laughing at small inside jokes and funny stories. You would all get cheeseburgers and some fries. There wasn’t anyone at the restaurant, except from you guys, the cashier and a middle-aged couple in the corner. It was pretty late, so you wouldn’t except there too be crowded like it normally was. While Carter and Bill was telling a story of their childhood, the door opened making the little bell ring. Two very tall guys walked in. One guy wore a baseball, but you could see the blonde tuft of hair sticking out. They both wore sunglasses and you wouldn’t have recognized them if it wasn’t for the purple hair.

“Sally! “ You whispered, kicking her under the table. “That’s the guys from 5 Seconds of Summer. “ Sally looked towards the disk, where they were now standing, probably figuring out what to get. Sally’s jaw dropped immediately and she stood up.

“Let’s go and say hi. “ Sally lifted her brow like you had an actual choice. You looked over at Bill, who was already up beside Sally. Carter shrug and got up too.

“C’mon, babe. They’re humans too. “ He said, holding his hand towards you like you needed help to get out of the chair. But he didn’t know why you didn’t want to meet them. It was Michael – the one you’ve thought was your soulmate. And confronting him was scary and you knew that was what Sally wanted you to. So you took Carters hand and walked towards the guys. Sally was of course the first one to speak up.

“Hi. “ She said quietly but loud enough for them to turn around. “Luke and Michael, right? “ She pointed towards them as she said their names. Michael took of his sunglasses, looking you up and down.

“Haven’t I seen you two before? “ He asked. His grey eyes were and when he squinted them, his eyelashes would almost hit his cheek.

“Yeah. “ You could barely talk, and it was terrifying. It wasn’t Michael who made you nervous. It was the fact that he might could be your soulmate.

“We were at your show a couple months back. “ Sally said, showing of her chest and giving them looks. Bill, who was standing right next to her, didn’t seem to be very happy about that.

“Oh yeah I remember! You guys almost sneaked onto our tourbus! “ Michael exclaimed, not showing any grudges. “You still have the same hair color as me! Awesome! “ He high-fived you clearly not thinking about what it could mean.

“Which brand is yours from? “ He asked. You opened your mouth, closing it again.

“I don’t know. “ You said, avoiding looking at Michael. Instead you looked over at Sally who was wide-eyed and clearly filled with curiosity. Because what if?

“How can you not know? “ He chuckled, his eyes crinkling. Luke was ordering now which was distracting.

“I didn’t really choose it. “ You bit your lip, waiting for Michael to get it. Carter kept pulling you closer, clearly not happy about what was going on. 30 seconds passed before Michael said anything.

“Did you try to dye your hair pink once? Then brown? Blonde? Pink again? “ He asked wide-eyed. This was it. You looked over at Carter who was just as surprised as Michael was. You knew this could ruin your chances of getting with Carter – but Michael Clifford was your soulmate and there was no going back now.

“Yes. “ You whispered almost like the word hurt.

request - srsly preference and other stuff
masterlist - theres some different shit on there 

this is pretty shit ok not gonna lie 

pic credit

this is part two to this

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Heist/Gun-for-Hire Crew AU Part 1 (?)

I’ve been listening to a lot of Twenty One Pilots and I’m not sure if this has been done before, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Note: this is a pretty dark and gritty au, not exactly light and fluffy. If anyone shows interest I’ll make a part 2 I’ll probably make one anyway

Okay, so the CREW consists of:

  • Marinette Cheng: the Leader/Mastermind, she’s a combat/weapons extraordinaire, and while she may be cute, Marinette could totally kick your ass with a nail-file if she wanted. She never does a heist without her trusted grappling-hook, which has gotten her out of many sticky situations before. Marinette was orphaned in middle school when her parent’s bakery burned down in a fire started by a local crime boss (more on that in a minute).
  • Adrien Agreste: the Inside Man, a rich kid gone wild, using some of his daddy’s money and his all-access-pass of a last name Adrien makes sure the Crew gets anything that they need for a job. He’s also quite the cat burglar himself, and even though he can’t stop making jokes, his agility and safe-cracking skills make up for it. He’s new though, and is still on a probationary period.
  • Alya Cesaire: the Tech Expert, a former investigative journalist, she found herself caught up in the story of a lifetime when Marinette brought her into the crew. Alya is the most in-the-know person in all of Paris. She has connections in the Black Market, the Paris Underground, and can get any information she wants. Her knowledge in technology is seemingly limitless, and she can crack any code or break into any database, making her an extremely valuable member of the crew. 
  • Nino: the Demolition Junkie, he provides the explosives, distractions, snacks, and pump-up music. A running gag is that no one knows his last name: Nino insists he’s too cool to have one. Originally he was studying pyrotechnics at film school, convinced he’d be the next Michael Bay, but after one little accident (he blew up the Dean’s car) he was kicked-out. Marinette recruited him on the spot because she saw the mushroom cloud from her apartment.
  • Alix Kubdel: the Get-Away Driver, a former Grand Prix racer, Alix was well on her way to becoming a champion until a competitor tampered with her car and she crashed, losing her left leg in the process. Even though her career as a racer ended, she didn’t stop driving and made several illegal modifications to her car. Eventually, she earned enough speeding tickets to catch Marinette’s attention, who brought her into the crew not only as their get-away driver, but also as their new mechanics expert.
  • Kim: the Muscle, a university student turned hired gun. Don’t let his beefy appearance and multiple tattoos fool you, he’s actually got a big heart and only turned to a life of crime to pay the bills. Once on a full scholarship for football (soccer), he lost it after his grades dropped (partied too hard), and while he still plays for his team, he’s also on Marinette’s team of misfits. He and Alix are dating, but get super competitive about everything (like who can punch better) which drives the rest of the crew nuts.

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A Hard Day’s Night

Hey guys. So I went on a pretty bad date tonight and now that I’m home I just got to thinking about love and whether or not I think it’s all real. After getting frustrated enough with the topic, I decided that I wanted to write some true love tonight, even if tonight wasn’t the night I found it for myself. Anyways, this is probably one of my favorite things I’ve ever written, so I suppose some good came out of my tragedy of a date. 

(if you guys ever want to talk to me about romance and what your ideas on love are, you know you can!)

Info: Destiel, College Roommate!AU, drinking, Dean is bi, Cas is gay. These fuckers just really love each other okay. 

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*listening to ‘Dear Theodosia’

You have my eyes
You have your mother’s name  
When you came into the world, you cried and it broke my heart
I’m dedicating every day to you
Domestic life was never quite my style
When you smile, you knock me out, I fall apart 

*Thinks about an AU where Roger is around when Ace is born and cries.

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“When you have a soulmate, you can listen to whatever music he’s listening to, everywhere in the world.
But all Tony could hear in the back of is mind was silence.
So he listen to loud music, so loud he can’t even hear his thoughts .
He was so lonely, then the Pepper fiasco, the Avengers, then his friendship with Steve(and attraction because that man was a god)
One day, all the avengers where in the kitchen, and at some point Tony shout out loud:
And everyone looks at Tony, because Steve was listening the music with headphones on and the room was silence an Tony was like WHAT
And Steve smile was huge when he rushes to Tony side for kissing him hard
Because finally, finally there was no silence at all, he was not alone

Steve when was young was alone too, when he came into this new world he never expect to listen something other than silence, if he had a soulmate it was dead long time ago.
All the loud sound confuses him, he passes a lot of time with Tony, he liked Tony, a lot, and he was accustomed Tony’s loud music taste, even when they fought and Tony would go to the lab, Steve could listen his music loud and clear, he would think that it was the superhuman hearing.
Now that he was in their bed listening in his head the sappy love song that Tony listens to, to make Steve blush, he smiles to himself thinking how wrong he was.“

I’m not english so if anyone wants to continue this, making it better, I will be very very EXTREMELY HAPPY

Okay but listen to this Ranger’s Apprentice fic idea

An expedition a hundred years after the end of Queen Cassandra’s reign into the Mountains of Rain and Night unleashed something that completely warped the entire world, giving (back) magic to the people. For a few decades, everyone was pretty accepting of this change, those with the gift learning to use their powers and then teaching it to the next generations to help protect the land from these new monsters that plagued the lands. 

The country was divided after one of Cassandra’s descendants is killed, leaving no known heir. A civil war between two cousins, neither with a strong enough claim to the throne to be with out a doubt named the next ruler. One of them enlisted the powers of a Necromancer to summon the greatest war lord to ever live, Morgarath, from beyond the grave, but Morgarath, now returned to the land of the living and gifted with unimaginable power, quickly crushes the other side and begins a seemingly endless tyranny.

Emma, one of the last true Rangers still alive, is desperate to save her homeland from Morgarath’s tyranny. So she and her horse, Thud, travel deep into the Mountains, searching out one of the most powerful mages alive. A Dragon Mage named Aleksander Black-Heart.

Upon finding him, she begs him to help her resurrect the Heroes of Old Araluen, one of them an ancestor of her’s.

The other three the people who inspired her to become a Ranger.

Despite Aleksander’s disdain of outsiders, he agrees to help her, and together they resurrect the Heroes.

Can Halt, Crowley, Will and Horace learn to use the new abilities they’ve been given and defeat Morgarath, now with more power than he ever had before.

Or will this be the end of Araluen’s freedom forever?

okay guys listen to me i have a great idea for a dragon age spinoff: its basically a tv show parks and recreation style with josie as the main character and she has to deal with all the nobles and shit and everyone in skyhold is making guest appearances and the running gag is that the inquisitor is never seen in the show but highly anticipated and and announced at the start of every episode

Modern AU / Blind Date / Closed


Tauriel groaned as her mother’s name appeared on the screen of her cell phone. “Yes mother?” she asked, voice strained. “Well, of course I’m getting ready, you haven’t made it seem as if there is any choice.” The red haired woman rolled her eyes, thanking the stars her old fashioned mother couldn’t see her. “It’s just so old fashioned, a blade date set up by our parents.” She listened to her mother go on and on about how successful and handsome her date for the evening was, picking out a simple, blue dress that clung to her frame flatteringly. “No, no, no, I can get a ca- mom!” Tauriel’s protests were for naught, as her mother explained that she had already given the man her address, and he would be there to pick her up in fifteen minutes.

“Alright mother, I certainly hope he doesn’t kidnap me, thank you. I will call you later. Love you too. Bye.”

She hung up the phone and set to getting ready, hoping this date was at least somewhat enjoyable.