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Easter eggs/ Staff Roster for LLSHP AU

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JIM MORIARTY X. // a fanmix about the world’s one and only consulting criminal
12 songs
// 43 minutes long // 27.01.2014

i. did you miss me - the veronicas | ii. the outsider - marina & the diamonds | iii. enjoy the silence - depeche mode | iv. circumambient - grimes | v. walk with the noise - iamx | vi. wires - the neighbourhood | vii. warrior concerto - the glitch mob | viii. survival - muse | ix. night of the hunter - 30 seconds to mars | x. let’s kill tonight - panic! at the disco | xi. you don’t get me twice - sleigh bells | xii. london’s burning - the temper trap


anonymous asked:

It's a show about dragons and ice zombies but you can't believe that a very injured Arya defeated an uninjured superior opponent? Lol ok.

lawl no i can’t becuz i canz recognize the diff btwn genre and plot armor n00b