but oh weyell


So really this was supposed to take place over the course of 20 days… but my tablet was handy. So this happened.

1- Handwrite your full name.

2- Handwrite your Tumblr url. 

3- Handwrite your Tumblr headline. 

4- Handwrite your favorite quote. 

5- Handwrite your best friend’s name. 

6- Handwrite your crush’s name. 

7- Handwrite your three favorite songs of all time. 

8- Handwrite whatever you want with a black pen in capitals. 

9- Handwrite your favorite word. 

10- Handwrite your lucky number. 

11- Handwrite all the websites you’re signed up with. 

12- Handwrite your name using the hand opposite of what you normally use. 

13- Handwrite the first 10 things that pop into your head. 

14- Handwrite your Tumblr crushes. 

15- Handwrite “hello”. 

16- Handwrite whatever you want, filling up the whole piece of paper. 

17- Handwrite on something other than paper. 

18- Handwrite a few words that sum you up. 

19- Handwrite your five favorite bands. 

20- Handwrite a letter to somebody