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I have finally finished this school year (after having to spend an extra 3 days there retaking french coursework eugh) so I should hopefully be more active now considering how I have been mainly only been going on tumblr to fill up my queue recently. If anyone wants to talk to me, just message me because I will actually reply to stuff now (sorry if I haven’t replied before, I really don’t mean it personally, I just haven’t had the time, I am so sorry)

so basically I am back on tumblr properly so come and talk to me yaaaaay

Elijah and Olivia

Olivia was walking through town, just casually peering into the windows of different shops and such, when she felt a familiar presence behind her. She smiled slightly, immediately knowing who it was, not even having to turn around. She hadn’t seen him a while. “Hello father.” she said simply and turned around with a slight smirk, tilting her head and looking up at her father.  

Eve’s guide to cheering up:

  • Brownies (as in the children). Seriously. There is nothing better than a room full of 8 year old logic. Also, there are biscuits.
  • High School Musical soundtrack (so you can feel like a wildcat)
  • Fishfinger sandwich because IS THERE ANYTHING BETTER???
  • Tea and lots of it
  • Crumpets are also good
  • Distraction 

Using only song names from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. Then pass it on.

I was tagged by haveahartgrid! Thanks c:

Band/artist: marina and the diamonds

What is your gender: Girl(s)

Describe yourself: a primadonna girl

How do you feel?: Happy

Describe where you live: Living in the state of dreaming

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Hollywood

Favourite mode of transportation?: Mowlgi’s Road

Your best friends: Savages

Favorite time of day: Starlight

If your life was a tv show, what would it be called?: Miss Y

What is life to you?: Gold

Relationship status?: not in E.V.O.L

Your fear: Fear and Loathing

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