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No DMs No Gods No Proficiency Bonus

Our paladin (Jhersar) had dropped out of his holy training at a church and uses his paladin skills so little it’s a joke that everyone in the group thinks he’s just a fighter. We happened upon an old temple and he wanted to check it out.

Paladin: I roll a religion check *rolls a 9*

DM: it’s too old and worn for you to make out, and remember you are a shitty, shitty paladin.

Paladin: oh I know, I don’t even have proficiency in religion.

DM: why don’t you have proficiency in religion?!

Paladin: because I’m a shitty paladin!

Warlock: Well I do have proficiency so I’m gonna check *rolls a 4*

DM: you don’t have any idea what god it is either

Warlock: but I have proficiency

DM: yes and Jhersar is a holy man that doesn’t mean shit 

Dear Drake stans

Okay, so liam and hana stans are engaged, and maxwell stans had the talk. We’ve been with Drake from book 1, like liam and hana, who are now engaged if you’re romancing them. Maxwell just recently became a li, so it’s obvious he (most likely) won’t propose.


We have been with Drake for quite some time (if you ignore the fact that he and mc haven’t gone on a date yet, unless you count the unofficial ones). So, does this mean that he will propose too??? Along with doing it with us. I am so sure next week is the week. Pb wants our money, they wouldn’t not do it.

If he is gonna propose, i will still quite frankly be shocked. But the chapter would be amazing. If he doesn’t I wouldn’t mind that much cause i enjoy accompanying drake on his ‘not-dates’. Whatever the outcome, I’m sure mc would have gotten down and dirty by then, so have hope my fellow drake stans! 1 MORE WEEK!

OK so you probably don’t know this about me but I really fucking suck at tones and shading and colouring in general and I like crafting better…BUT mom went and bought some product that had a pack of free Davidoff freeze dried coffee sticks BUT OH MY GODS, I took a sip, winced, took a second sip, grimaced then poured out my cup of coffee into the nearest sink because IT WAS THE SOUREST COFFEE I HAVE EVER DRANK IN MY LIFE. (do not fucking buy or consume Davidoff brand coffee, I stg, I thought they only made men’s cologne and they need to stick to that)

So, I thought, well this is my chance to do coffee art since I can’t bear wasting drinkable coffee on painting. This, is NOT drinkable coffee and we’re too miserly to throw it out.

And here we are, my first ever coffee art on a practice copy (shh, inkjet printer, i know i know the lines will bleed and did bled) with lineart of a fabulous The King’s Avatar/Quan Zhi Gao Shou fanart of Lord Grim, Ye Xiu and Su Muqiu by the fantastic @leblacknoir!

Putting in shadows on Lord Grim’s ridic long and flowy scarf IS FREAKING HARD WHERE ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BE, SHADOWS?

Also, where are the highlights on the hair are supposed to go? *shrugs* Somewhere there close enough OH SHIT MY HAND SHOOK nvm

Just…excuse the weird shadows here and there… @o@

It’s 3.30am Saturday Jan 20 aka my most productive time.

Actually, I should have just made Muqiu’s lines bleed like hell considering HE DIED BEFORE THE MAIN STORY and therefore he’s a ghost, maybe? Or at least in heaven.

The essentials: Chinese calligraphy brush, shitty freeze dried coffee, water, lineart printed on sketch paper with inkjet printer, an artist friend that you got hooked onto a Chinese webnovel/animation

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My mom: "I like that Rey is a nobody. I like that anyone can use the Force, not just the jedi." Me: "Mom, what kind of people do you think the jedi consisted of in the first place?" My mom: "Oh... I meant that it doesn't have to pass down through the Skywalkers." Me: "Mom, d'you remember how the jedi order did their recruiting in the prequels?" My mom: "Oh the prequels were so bad, I've made myself forget them." Me: "...I see. Well, I guess half of audiences did that to themselves too." 🤷🏽‍♀

Even through the collective amnesia of the PT, no one knew or cared who Yoda’s or Obi-Wan’s families were. This… really isn’t a new idea in the franchise.

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How would the Sans personalities react to their crush trying to flirt with them using pickup lines and messing up because they’re nervous? Like “Are you a Dalmatian? Cause I can spot you from a mile away! wAIT FUCK I MESSED UP!” Cause that’s my muse Honey in a nutshell-

sorry but im not completely sure what you mean by sans personalities!! so ima just go ahead and do ut, uf and us! hope you dont mind <3

Sans - “Ayyye don’t worry, I got it.” He’s blushing, but don’t pay any mind to that, instead he’s shooting back pickup lines as well, partly to cheer them up on the slight failure, partly because holy shit were you being serious with that pickup line should I be doing them too or was it just a joke oh god I can barely tell what’s what anymore.

 Red - Not gonna lie, he’s laughing at them, both at the shitty pickup line and the mess up at it. But after his roar of laughter quiets, he’s definitely going to shoot back the absolute worst and cheesiest of all pickup lines he can think of. It’s not going to stop, you’re not going to hear the end of it for weeks. You may think he’s being a dick, but deep down in Red, he’s not sure how to respond to the slightest possibility you were trying to woo him and now he’s just panicking and doesn’t know what to do but sputter stupid pickup lines while desperately trying to act cool.

Blueberry - “L-LANGUAGE!” He’s not even going to comment on such a cHEESY PICKUP LINE. DID MY BROTHER TEACH YOU THAT ONE? STARS. Though the next day, Blue’s running over, stumbling over himself as he sputters out a pickup line as well. “DID YOU FALL FROM HAVEN? BECAUSE YOU LOOK LIKE- WAIT WHAT’S THAT WORD? THAT HUMAN THING THAT LIVES IN HAVEN? IS HAVEN EVEN THE RIGHT WORD??? OH STARS-” To put it simply, he’s flustered and works up the courage to say one back, but also messes up. RIP both them and Blue.

I like to post stuff I’ve never tried before when I hit follower milestones, and here I am at 1400 for some reason. I’d never drawn an oversized group shot before (17 x 14 inches, yikes!) so this was my first try at something this kinda ambitious. I’m never totally satisfied with anything I do but oh well. It was too big to fit in my scanner so there’s a seam on it where I didn’t get the scans to match right. :/

Thanks for the new follows!

This was drawn for my BFF’s birthday at her request. I’m drawing her a smaller one too (she wants Greg and Steven in their Zoo clothes) so I’ll post that too when I draw it.

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I am such newsies trash.I was texting my friend about how I'm throwing a baby shower and I wrote "I have no clue what I'm doing" and then immediately kept going in my head "Am I insane? This is what I've been waiting for! Well that and the screaming of ten angry editors" and so on and so forth. I can't stop.

oh my god ive been there. i was at a WORK MEETING the other day and someone brought up teddy roosevelt being a big part of why football became safer. and i was like, “yeah. you know he wanted to outlaw it for being too violent.” and my coworker asked if i learned that from drunk history like she did and i was just like “uh… noooo……….”

i feel like movies only have one sort of depression - the sort of kind where it’s sappy and romantic but like

i don’t think that’s just it??

i mean, honestly for me, my depression is like i lost my keys. And I can’t find my keys anywhere. And, oh dear, I think i’ve lost my shoes as well. And maybe I’ve lost my bag as well. And in this whole interaction of me losing everything and it feels like I’m behind a TV screen and I’m just watching my life fall apart, and i just can’t care anymore. And then I’m just too tired to do anything, even though I know I should be eating my medicine and brushing my teeth and changing out of the same godforsaken clothes that i have worn for a week (nobody notices when it’s a uniform) and I just- 


because i’m too tired and i just don’t care anymore.

and maybe there’s still the kind of depression you get from heartbreak, and yeah, i guess that’s the stuff you see in movies

i have felt this kind of depression before but now it’s just the i can’t and don’t care anymore

and i guess i just wish that movies and tv shows featured that kind, because i feel like depression is romanticized in social media

and it shouldn’t be, you shouldn’t be too tired to do basic human concepts

 i don’t know anymore

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romance, thoughtful, + heartbeat! :-)

yay !!! thank you x1000000!

romance (perfect date?): honesTLY i’m easy to please, so take me to a nice dinner or a fun movie or maybe even like a walk around the city at nighttime and i am 100 percent probably going to fall in love w/ you (again… like a golden retriever)

thoughtful: answered here!!

heartbeat (what fictional character do you love?): *pulls out a LIST* okay well clearly my #1 babies which would be 99.7 percent of the kids from glee… that SHOW. also josh from drake and josh (i’m weak). ginny baker from the show pitch (yea fox thanks i’m still not oVER IT). usagi tsukino !!! from sailor moon!!! MINDY LAHIRI FROM THE MINDY PROJECT I LOVE THAT SHOW. jane villanueva from jane the virgin…i can go on…………….

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Gotcha, the only reason I freaked out was because someone on twitter now thinks that Mon-El may cheat on her because the woman who is playing Winns mothers daughter, commented on one of the youtube videos he made talking about the Marriage being fake. And she said she read the script and something along the lines of them working their way back together?? I'm not sure there is a post on here by kb country where she screen shotted the comments.

Oh really?? Then I understand why people are kinda freaking out. I’ll be over here praying that the writers don’t pull that shit. Mon-El and Kara would never get involved if the marriage is real. I think the writers know them well enough to not do that so I’m not gonna worry too much. 

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Average hours of sleep: 5-ish.

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(so I saw the ask guidelines and now I gotta ask):Hamuko, what's your opinion on Mina dating a computer? Aigis, what do you think too?

H: Well… I do my best to support Mina with most of his choices but I’m not quite sure about this one.

H: I can’t help but wonder if it’s because of… oh nevermind he’ll do him… right;;

AIGIS.exe: I am but a program. At Minato’s request, the creator has even programmed me to “love”.


Peony: Hm? A penpal request?


Mixed_artist32: Hello?

Peachy_Vet: Hello, sorry if this is random I was given the assignment to write to someone, not in Windenburg

Mixed_artist32: Wait! Did you say Windenburg I would love to go there for my story I’m working on

Peachy_Vet: Oh really? Well my family is listed as a host family if you want to sign up you just have to go to the Windenburg host site, sign up, and join

Mixed_artist32: that easy? Wow ok I will do that in a little bit

Peachy_Vet: Shit I should get going classes start soon hope you get my family

Mixed_artist32: I hope so too wish me luck

Peach_Vet: Got everything crossed

**both sign off**

Am I insane? My grandma doesn’t believe me when I tell her her son was abusive to me and I don’t want reconciliation with him. She says it happened long ago and I should forgive and that I don’t give her enough specifics. How can I give her specifics when I’ve spent my whole life blocking it out? When everytime I do I get a panic attack. Hell she was there for a lot of it. I’ve told her tidbits here and there of specific things that happened and she’s always like “well that isn’t very nice” and then bends over backwards to find some way to make it okay from the perspective of her son. “Oh he’s not very good at seeing the other sides of things.” He’s always been in his own head and you’re too emotional.” Like this is the guy who made growing up horrible. The man who was so bitter toward my mom that I had no identity outside of her but as a way to punish her. The man who, to this day, makes me question every aspect of myself. I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, I’m not enough of an individual. I mean am I insane? I don’t think I should have to prove anything anymore. Obviously I’m never going to be believed. i just don’t know what to do and I hate this so much. I just want it to be over always. Fuck family. It’s a horrible word. It enslaves and shackles you to be the worst you can be. 


So instead of doing anything else, I got obsessed with the Howls Moving Castle AU.