but oh well :'d

I guess i might as well put a LAPIDOT thing here.

since it has been requested a few times now. This will be available as print. I just don’t know how large the endresult will be since the original file is not that huge.

you could put it up this way, or upside down (thanks to iwa-chan’s first name Kanji :’D ). The Kanji are their names “Hajime” and “Tooru” but as bonus if you take them together like this it will also read “obstinate” or “stubborn” :’D. Because they are.


hello I would like to talk about the ahoge trio please

Done… FINALLY … I don’t have to stare at this anymore… ohwait this is my business card design for the upcoming convention.. nvm….  눈‸눈


So I love the Film Gold Whitebeard Pirates cause I mean look at them!

Thatch: I thought we weren’t doing the glasses!?

Izo is just annoyed with him…


The magnificent @numinlavellan also drew some hilarious sketches for me that I wanted to share! I highly recommend commissioning her - she’s amazing! <3