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Handyman (m)

Word count: 9.4k

Genre/Warnings: smut, angst, sub!Jimin, dirty talk

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Summary: Jimin is your landlord’s son. After one stressful day he comes to fix your shower for you. You find yourself constantly thinking about him. Could he be the perfect submissive? (here’s some lovely Jimin moans for the occasion: credit to owner)

I’ve been working on this for forever so i’m excited about it! :)

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anonymous asked:

I feel so stupid lol ☺️ but i really need to ask this, i am 16-17 and i wanna be more girly and like lil'woman, how can i? Thank you soooo much again 💕

 Oh! You want to be more “girly” ? Well, I’m going to take in fact what girly normally means in this sense and use it like that ahhah! Don’t feel stupid, though.

First thing’s first:

You have your own style that is unique to you…etc. You don’t have to be something else, though if you are currently not happy with yourself and are working on self improvement, I encourage you to do so. Let’s start with some basics on what “girly” or “feminine” is! 

Girly is basically acting in very feminine and liking feminine things. However, there is MUCH more to it than just the look. I’m going to start off with the more “mature” side of things, as you said you wanted to be more like a woman (which includes maturity) and then we can work on other things! It’s not just a style, it’s a mindset. The “fuck you i’m going to get my goals” mindset.

Embracing yourself:

/Note: None of this is set in stone. This is just my opinion on to help her grow into a stronger and more mature woman.

  • Do not take shit. Walk with your head high and smile. If someone puts you down, ask yourself: “Is this a logical problem or is it opinionated?” If it is opinionated, ignore it. If it is logical and backed with evidence and reasoning, take it into factor and make note to work on that.
  • Learn to treat yourself. It’s okay to want to spend a little extra money on yourself sometimes.
  • Be independent. Don’t rely on others to get things done for you. Your homework is your homework. Your job is your job. Be independent and don’t rely on them to do it for you!
  • Treat yourself and others with respect. I have a rule, instead of just “you have to earn my respect” I say: “I respect until you disrespect, and at that point, I drop all respect I’ve had for you.”
  • Fight immaturity with maturity. If someone is being messy as hell, fight back with maturity. Give no fucks. Show no mercy. When they call you a name and try to fight, if you want to piss them off AND come off as mature, say something like: “Honestly, I have goals to reach. I don’t have time for you to be immature and try to ruin that for me.” And walk off.
  • Don’t be afraid to break sometimes. It happens to the strongest of people. There is no way I could count how many times I sat in bed at night trying to stop crying. Cry, and afterwards, take a deep breath and tell yourself that you’ll get through this.
  • DO NOT let people dictate who you are. Don’t let these little boys or girls tell you that you need to look like this or that. Don’t let them tell you who you should be. Not even your parents are allowed to tell you who to be. If they try, pretend to obey but do the exact opposite. Be who YOU are.
  • Get your schoolwork done, babe. Seriously this is important, it isn’t about the grades. It’s about furthering your knowledge and showing everyone that you can do what they think you can’t.
  • Have fun! Have fun if you want, but be safe.
  • Do everything with confidence, even if you have to fake it!
  • Follow your passions. Maybe you like dance, singing art, makeup or whatever else. Do it. 
  • Remember that if anyone ever says you fucked them, that only gives you power.
  • If you’re giving an assignment wednesday and are told you need it finished by friday, work on it wednesday. Cut off all distractions and work on that assignment. Afterwards, write down everything you didn’t understand. The next day, spend time learning about what you didn’t understand and proofread the assignment 3 times. This applies for ALL days.
  • Exams coming up soon? Stop staying up all night studying. Study in 10-15 minute intervals with 5 minute breaks. Quiz yourself every hour to find your weak links and then study those. What are you scared of failing most? Focus on that.
  • You’re 16-17. You know about sex. You know how it works. You may have already have sex. This is okay. All I ask of you is to be safe. Do NOT rely on someone to have condoms, if you need, go buy them yourself. Know how to do things safely. Remember: Kink isn’t spontaneous, it’s safe words. Anal isn’t a quick slip, it’s reading articles on how to do it and lube. Be safe, be real.
  • In the case that you get pregnant: Breathe. Make your choices. Do what you need to do and always remember that you can run in my askbox and talk to me about everything. I will always be here to listen. You can also read articles and such on parenting advice, how to do it as a teenager..etc.
  • I’m telling you the above because I’ve had friends who got pregnant at 15-16 or 17 and didn’t know what to do.
  • Also: 
  • Don’t slut shame  or talk bad about girls who want to have sex and have lots of it. Instead, encourage them to do it safely.
  • Don’t put anyone down that isn’t as popular as you. Bring them up. 
  • Being sweet will get you a long way.
  • Act twice your age if you want to look really mature in front of all the teachers and shit. Literally you can read articles..etc. on maturity.
  • Remember that maturity does not mean you can’t have fun.
  • If you feel depressed…etc. talk to someone. Don’t be silent.
  • One of the first signs I ever had of anorexia was that I craved the disorder. Which means I literally wanted to be it. Little did I know it was going to drag me through hell. If you have these thoughts, get help.
  • Do not be afraid of going to get help from a professional.

Inspirational Shit:

/Note:  Take notes on these. Take them to heart. Carry them with you like a blankie to a baby and don’t let go of them.

  • “All flowers must start as sprouts.” -  Me
  • “To fight or to cower down, that is the question. The question in which you should answer from the ground, even face down in the dirt, bloody and bruised from life with a smirk. Because to fight when you’re down is the most courageous thing.” - Me
  • “And she will bow to no one nor anything, and the day she does, you should fear.” - Me
  • “Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.” - Picasso
  • “Don’t run backwards, no never, even if it breaks down, oh better.” - Tomorrow
  • “If you feel like you’re going to crash, accelerate you idiot.” - Nevermind
  • “You don’t need a ‘reason’ to live. Live because you can. Live because in the end, even if it hurts, you don’t need a reason to live. All that matters is that you’re here.” - Me
  • “If I ever break through the wall of failure, people will be in awe at the sight of me rising from nothingness.” - Me
  • “Some girls are full of heartache and poetry and those are the kind of girls who try to save wolves instead of running away from them.” - Nikita Gill  //Be one of those girls. - me//
  • If you want to truly live, you have to be tested, whether by yourself or the cruel game of life. - Me
  • Stop living in fear of what might happen and start living in what is happening. - Me
  • “Don’t fashion me into a maiden that needs saving from a dragon. I am the dragon and I will eat you whole.” - Unknown
  • “She spun herself a crown of gold, thrones of bones and citadels, to the deaf stars she screamed: make me queen or I’ll make you bleed.” M.J.
  • “You’re masking past failure with your present success and it’s both beautiful and terrifying, like watching a witch write your name in the stars.” A.Ashstar
  • Lmao there’s a lot from me but most of them have literally kept my best friends from dying so I added them anyways.
  • “Touch me and you’ll burn.” - Margaret Atwood
  • This photographers work will inspire you
  •  “You’re worth it, you’re perfect, you deserve it, just work it.” - 21st Century girl 

Now we can get on to the typical “style” or such. This is just some stuff that I’ve accumulated. However there is so much more to it. You dress how YOU want to dress. Do what makes you confident. But if you want, I do have a polyvore. (celestial-sweets). Now onto some style recommendations to embrace your femininity! When most people think “feminine” they think “dress” when I think feminine, I think “gorgeous”. There will be a massive variety under this. So you can wear whatever you want and still have style recommendations.

Clothing Style:

/Note: I feel the need to say that you should wear whatever makes you confident and comfy again.

  • Chic:
  • Tucked in tank tops and body suits with jeans
  • White skinny jeans look amazing with this look
  • Get your glitter lipstick on if you want boo yes work it
  • Nude also works well
  • Normally they don’t add a lot of highlight but i you want, yesss
  • Wavy/curly hair looks gorgeous with this style
  • Heels (usually black or tan) are a hella yes
  • Mascara and nude eyeshadow
  • Natural looking brows
  • Button ups
  • Baddie:
  • Do the above with this new style too, itll work
  • But also if you wear bodycon itll be hella looking baddie
  • thigh high boots happen a lot
  • matte lipstick
  • with matte eyeshaodw but with a really clean glitter
  • yea that happens
  •  and gradient brows ive noticed
  •  but the best part about this look is that you can be casual with it and look like you’re some kinda goddess i swear
  •  literally if you toss on some highlighter, a pair of ripped jeans and a shirt with some adidas 
  • or likea bomber jacket, a sports tank and shorts, with adidas and some like nude lipstick, brown mascara and highlgihter
  •  you will literally glow like you have never glown before
  • Crop tops are a thing with this look yall
  • Hella Cute And  Casual:
  • Jeans, sweatpants
  • Toss on like a crop top hoodie and a cropped tank and boom
  • oh oh oh and if you wear an oversized plain white t shirt with like a pair of jean shorts
  • you will make heads turn
  • honestly tho and with this, you wanna have very very light eyeliner like
  • just tightline the top, light mascara, aa clear gloss on your lips
  • you will be a glowing boo without even trying
  •  but if your hair is too short for that that’s okay boo i understand, 
  • itlls still look cute as fuck
  •  Fancy As Hell:
  • Heels, strappy ass heels,
  • Small chain necklaces with tiny pendants 
  • A ring or two, with some shiny bracelets
  •  nails
  • dresses dresses more dresses
  • soft curls or straight hair works well
  • a black scarf paired with a button up shirt and some black slacks and a pair of heels will make you look like a business woman
  • or like a pencil skirt
  • but a black pleated one works too
  • stockings go well with this look
  • TBH tho just wear what you wanna wear.  
  • Remember to put an outfit together super easily you can stick to basic colors like black/tan/gray/white and throw something on so quick to look fancy
  • Also to be honest any fancy undies will make you feel so much more feminine i swear
  •  like i have some lace ones with poka dot and i cry they make me feel so good
  • Bbut if you want to look very mature then you should look at business women…etc. take notes on style from it and how to present yourself.

Self care:

/Note: yes boo get ur self care

  • Wash your face
  • Moisturize
  • Don’t sleep in makeup
  • Coconut oil your legs like hella
  • Don’t forget to brush your teeth darling
  • Organize and clean your room once a week
  • Get your dishes out of the room EVERY DAY
  • Go to bed at a reasonable time if you have school okay
  • Wash your clothes when the basket is almost full, not full. But almost full. And learn how to properly wash them.
  • Go on a walk once a week or do some kind of activity
  • Drink ya water girl!
  • all this is so stereotypical but idgaf
  • Watch movies sometimes
  • EXPLORE!! Safely, though
  • If there’s somewhere you want to go, start saving a little bit of money to go there
  • When you wake up, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you love you. 
  • Fight towards your goals
  • Ttake your damn vitamins boo bear. Like vitamins and nutrition support can help you so much more than you would know.
  • Don’t overwork yourself.
  • Love yourself, love myself. - RM

Okay boo that’s all the advice I have! Literally just have fun, much love dear. Always remember you can come to my ask box!! Have fun! Love yourself!!!

i’ll take care of you: tom holland x reader

tom holland x reader

A/N: Hello there! This is my first time writing anything x reader so I hope I’ve done a good job! Hope y’all enjoy!  Based off of Tom’s video after press in Beijing where he apologized for not being able to finish meeting everyone because he was sick and the newly released bts photos of Chaos Walking.


requested: nope!

Words: 1210

Warnings: vomiting i guess? other than that, nothing!

summary: you’re staying with tom for a bit while he films in montreal, and while you’re out seeing the city, he’s at home feeling awful.

let me know if you’d like to be added to my (thus far non-existent) tag list!


“Tom? I’m back, love,” you called through the dark hotel room, dropping your keys and wallet on the table by the door. When you heard no response, you called his name again. “Tom?”

You made your way to the bedroom where a sliver of light shone out and cut through the shadows of the unlit hallway. You pushed the door open and heard a soft groan from the connected bathroom where a figure was curled up in a ball by the toilet.

When you stepped into the light, you found Tom bent over and shivering, vomit staining the front of his white shirt, curls plastered to his clammy forehead.

“Oh, my God Tom! What happened?” you gasped, rushing to kneel by his side.

“I’m fine, darling, don’t worry about me,” he rasped, pushing himself up so he was sitting back on his heels. He sounded congested, nose running and eyes red and watery.

“You are absolutely not fine, Thomas! Why didn’t you tell me you were sick? How did this even happen? You seemed perfectly okay this morning,” you mused, gently brushing a sweaty curl off of his pale forehead.

“I didn’t want you to worry. You actually got to go out and see the city today and I didn’t want you to have to come back and take care of me,” he explained, closing his eyes tightly to combat another wave of nausea.

“Tom, I don’t care about sightseeing if you’re sick. You should’ve called me so I could be there for you when you needed me!” you argued, moving your hand through his hair.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I just didn’t want you to feel tied down here. Montreal is such a beautiful city and you deserved to be able to see it,” he whispered, eyes still closed.

Your heart melted as you cupped the back of his neck. “Tom, I’d never feel tied down with you. Now do you want to explain how this happened in the first place?”

“We filmed in the water today and I started to feel sick after a while so they sent me home,” he murmured, moving forward to flush the toilet then leaning his burning forehead against its cool rim.

“They had you filming in the water today? It’s barely fifty degrees out and raining! Don’t they know you get sick easily when you’re out in the cold too long?” you frowned.

“I was alright at first. I was wearing a full body suit, but they kept asking me to reshoot the same scene so I was in the water for, like, three hours,” he mumbled against the toilet lid. You started to respond when his body pitched forward of its own accord and he vomited once more in the toilet.

“Oh, my poor boy,” you murmured, rubbing soothing circles on his back as his body expelled the contents of his stomach into the gleaming white bowl. “Alright, love, let’s get you out of that shirt and into bed.” You helped him out of his shirt, pulling it gently over his head, trying your best to keep the drying vomit from touching either of you.

“If you wanted me naked, all you had to do was ask, Y/N,” Tom chuckled weakly, tossing the soiled shirt into the bathtub. You shoved him lightly with your shoulder, smiling lightly at his ability to joke even now.

“Shut it, Holland. And brush your teeth before bed, please,” you grinned, fanning a hand in front of your nose jokingly.

Tom smiled and picked up his toothbrush, applying toothpaste and water before starting to brush. He leaned his body against yours as you surveyed his figure in the mirror with an arm around his waist. He was pale as a sheet, his curls fighting mightily to escape his hair gel (and, apparently, winning), and his bloodshot eyes were closed as he went through the motions of brushing his teeth.

You’d known he was mentally and physically exhausted for a while, especially since they’d begun to start filming at the crack of dawn and ending well past midnight, but up until now, he’d been happy to throw himself completely into his work.

You could see that he was completely drained; he was hardly able to stand upright on his own, resting most of his weight on you as you rubbed his back slowly, making sure he didn’t fall asleep with his toothbrush in his mouth.

When he finished, you led him to the bed where you helped him pull a clean shirt over his head, and when you were done, he buried himself underneath the covers, pulling the duvet over his head until only his eyes peeked out. You turned to make your way to the door, but his hand shot out from beneath the sheets, grabbing your wrist before you got too far.

“Where’re you goin, Y/N?” he croaked, squinting up at you.

“Getting you some water and crackers, sweetheart. Do you think you can hold any food down right now?” you asked, reaching to rub a thumb over his pale cheek.

“Dunno. Wanna sleep,” he whispered, burying his head into his pillow.

“Okay, love. Don’t go to sleep until I come back with your water, though. You need to stay hydrated,” you smiled softly, pressing a kiss to his still-warm head.

When you came back, his eyes were still closed, but you knew he hadn’t fallen asleep as you’d asked. You helped him sit up and sip from the glass of cool water.

“Feeling better now?” you asked when he’d finished.

“A bit. Just wanna sleep now, though,” he smiled, pulling you into bed next to him after setting the empty glass down on the bedside table. You pushed your nose into his neck, breathing him in as you wrapped your arms tightly around his torso.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better, Tom. It sucks to see you so overworked. Seriously, if you need a break, you need to take a break,” you whispered into his shirt collar.

“I know, darling. I just want to be good, you know? Someone you can be proud of who works hard and does well at his job,” he sniffed in an attempt to clear his blocked sinuses.

“I’m already proud of you, Tom. Nothing will ever change that, even if you need to take a couple of personal days once in a while,” you smiled.

“I love you so much, Y/N. You know that, right?” he murmured, placing a kiss on the top of your head.

“Of course I do. And I love you, darling,” you whispered, eyes beginning to feel heavy as a result of the rather taxing day you’d had.

“Thank you for taking care of me, love. I have no idea what I did to deserve you.”

“Any time, Holland,” you managed before consciousness slipped away and you were dreaming of warm arms and the soft, huffing breaths of the man beside you.


The next week, when you woke up with a tingle in the back of your throat and a nose that wouldn’t quite stop running, Tom took the day off without a second thought.

Stereotypical (6) second date

Bucky Barnes x reader AU (short series)

Notes: angst, mentions of abuse, swearing, flirting, fluff, Bucky is a hopeless romantic.

A/N: Second date with heartfelt conversations.

“So, you didn’t tell her where you’re taking her? Or should I say, how?” Steve snickers and rolls his eyes when he sees Bucky’s mischievous grin.

How I’m taking her? Really, the mouth on you, Rogers..” Bucky grins triumphantly when Steve’s cheeks turn pink and he rolls his eyes again.

“You know what I mean, jerk”

“Yeah, yeah, punk” Bucky snickers. “No, I haven’t told her that I’m picking her up on my motorcycle. But I told her to not bother with her hair and I texted her earlier to wear pants, just in case she was planning to wear a skirt or somethin’”

Steve snorts when Bucky makes a disappointed sigh.

“What?” he chuckles and takes a sip of his own drink, “I like her in skirts”

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Same White Shirt by lululawrence

“Oh my God. What are you holding?”

Harry was startled to hear an English voice coming from behind him that he didn’t know. He’d thought he knew all the English employees around here. When he turned around there was a man with the most stunning eyes and incredible cheekbones known to man in the doorway looking with absolute distaste at the suit Harry had just been thinking of so fondly.

“It’s my suit for the show,” Harry said firmly. This guy was obviously an assistant if the badge and plate of fruit he was holding were anything to go by, but as he began walking to where the table was in the room, Harry noticed he was walking with a slight limp. Oh shit.

Or the one where Harry’s on the Late Late Show for a week and several misunderstandings with a certain mouthy assistant James recently hired make things that much more interesting.

This fic was written as part of an ongoing challenge. We each select random numbers and are given a specific emotion from the book 1000 Feelings For Which There Are No Names. To read the other fics written in this challenge, click here, or you can find the masterpost on tumblr here.

My prompt was 678: The Fear of saying the wrong thing. I also based it off of this prompt by @harrys and @tvshows-addict, so thanks for the inspiration :)

FIC REC’S OF 2017 part 6 (may-june)

Can I Lay By Your Side? by Star_Henderson (59k) CHAPTERED 

Fate brings Louis to Harry. Alone, Harry’s buying vodka in Louis’ local shop. He takes him home, this beautiful stranger, giving him his undivided attention and the weekend of his life. Together they tick off Harry’s ‘to do’ list and fall in love at the same time. Harry has secrets and despairingly, on Monday morning, he has to go back to his old life. Louis and Harry meet up six months later by accident in quite different circumstances. 

Falling For Me Won’t Be A Mistake by Rearviewdreamer (58k) CHAPTERED

Harry is married to his job and so overworked that he doesn’t know how to stop. All it takes is a forced Hawaiian get-a-away, the warm tropical breeze of the island, and the most beautiful, elusive man he’s ever seen to make him remember what living is like outside of work. Well, that, and the little souvenir he accidentally takes home with him. MPREG!HARRY

Your Mess Is Mine by amory (176k)  CHAPTERED

Louis is the father to the most brilliant little boy in the world who is all Louis really needs, or at least that’s what he tells himself. Harry is a gorgeous boybander fresh off a two year break and a massive scandal that’s left him a little broken and more than ready to move on.

They fall in love. KID FIC, FAMOUS/NOT FAMOUS

Never Let Me Go by loveisalaserquest17 (55k) CHAPTERED

Harry and Louis have been friends forever, but they couldn’t be more different. One night, with a little too much alcohol, they make a pact to marry in ten years if they’re both still single.
Now, one month before the deadline, Louis is willing to do whatever it takes to avoid ending up with his best friend. But is he, really? 

Loosely inspired by The 10 Year Plan, FRIENDS TO LOVERS

Why Can’t It Be Like That by taggiecb (63k) CHAPTERED

Louis Tomlinson, head of his local hospital’s charity fund, suddenly finds himself in the heart of the Royal family when his mother marries the third son of the reigning monarch. Such an upset in lifestyle brings a lot of changes for Louis, one of them being the need for a stylist.

Enter Harry Styles, a cutting edge fashion stylist who loves his job and prides himself on his passion. The first time he sees Louis Tomlinson on the cover of a tabloid he wants to dress him, style him, make him as beautiful as Harry knows he could be. When he’s hired to do just that, he knows this will be a perfect partnership. That is, until he actually meets the man.

A fashion AU with a royal twist, where Louis doesn’t need a stylist, Harry’s thrilled to have a real life Barbie doll, and they’re both very wrong about each other. HATE TO LOVE


Same White Shirt by lululawrence (10k) ONE SHOT 

“Oh my God. What are you holding?”

Harry was startled to hear an English voice coming from behind him that he didn’t know. He’d thought he knew all the English employees around here. When he turned around there was a man with the most stunning eyes and incredible cheekbones known to man in the doorway looking with absolute distaste at the suit Harry had just been thinking of so fondly.

“It’s my suit for the show,” Harry said firmly. This guy was obviously an assistant if the badge and plate of fruit he was holding were anything to go by, but as he began walking to where the table was in the room, Harry noticed he was walking with a slight limp. Oh shit.

Or the one where Harry’s on the Late Late Show for a week and several misunderstandings with a certain mouthy assistant James recently hired make things that much more interesting. HATE TO LOVE

How Fast You Fall by FullOnLarrie (49k) ONE SHOT 

They meet as transfer students at university orientation, and Louis wants Harry the first time he sees him. But Louis isn’t looking for a boyfriend. With school and work, he doesn’t have time for anything more than a casual hookup. When they become roommates, Louis decides it’s best not to pursue Harry and take the chance of messing up their living situation. They quickly become good friends and soon Louis realizes that his attraction is much more than just physical. However, because Harry has a plan to stay single and celibate until he graduates, Louis assumes that he doesn’t stand a chance, and tries everything he can think of to make himself forget about his feelings for Harry. FRIENDS TO LOVERS 

Rivers ‘Til I Reach You by embodied (29k) ONE SHOT

Louis can’t begin to understand how he’s always this close and still can’t manage to make Harry his. He stands up and gets another beer.

AU. Louis studies astronomy; Harry studies Louis. They spend their summers on the water and it shouldn’t be complicated (spoiler: it is). FRIENDS TO LOVERS

Butterfly Wings


Coran had become accustomed to the strange ways of humans.
He no longer questioned their strange rituals such as pranks and dabbing after a successful mission.
So when he found Lance sitting in the control room in the middle of the night wearing his blanket like a cape and covering his face, Coran didn’t think twice about it.
“Ah Lance my boy, how are you this fine evening?”
Lance looked up in surprise tears streaming down his face and his makeup running.
Coran felt his heart skip a beat as he stared at the crying paladin.
“Coran?” Lance asked sounding so utterly defeated that the older Altean didn’t hesitate to cross the room and pull him into a strong hug.
“Oh Lance…” he whispered as Lance buried his face into Corans white shirt sobbing.
The two say their for almost an hour, Lance crying and Coran whispering quiet words of comfort and gently rocking him back and forth.
Eventually Lance’s sobs died down to the occasional sniff.
“Feeling better?” Coran asked running his fingers through his hair out of fatherly instinct.
Lance didn’t say anything only nodded.
“Do you want to tell me what’s wrong?”
“I had a nightmare… that when I got back to earth my home and family were gone.” Lance mumbled almost sounding guilty for admitting his weakness.
“It’s ok, everyone gets nightmares… you Paladins though… too many for children.” Coran sighed as he tilted lance’s face up.
His makeup was pretty much gone at this point and the pale patches across his face were now visible.
Lance looked away as Coran brushed his thumb across Lance’s cheek wiping away his tears.
“I can’t promise that that your family will be waiting for you, but I can promise that we will always live and support you no matter what. Strange human markings and all.”
Lance’s eyes widened before he spotted the makeup now covering Coran’s front.
He laughed rubbing his eye “sorry about your shirt.”
Coran smiled glad that the weight of the universe was off the boy’s shoulders even if it was just for a moment.
“Oh this is nothing, you should of seen the state my garments got in after I got into a skirmish with a Gottelwat.”
Lance raised an eyebrow “Gottelwat?”
Coran gasped “see me and Alfie were investigating a planet when we came across them. Dirtiest creatures I’ve ever seen in my life. Of course the kind who was the prince at the time decided to provoke them and well long story short we were trampled.”
Lance laughed long and hard “wow…” he was quiet for a moment looking embarrassed before throwing his arms around Coran’s neck and hugging him.
“Thanks Coran… really thanks.”
Coran smiled returning the hug “your welcome my boy.”

Charles's Bakery (18+)

[note. This is a fan made sequel to @noarthereonlyfat ’s ‘The Dough Girl’.
This piece contains sexual conduct, expansion, weight gain, force-feeding, and immobility.]

Charles’s Bakery..

She walked down the cold, gray streets. Uncertain and unexpected gusts of wind came from all angles sending chills through her whole body. She crossed her arms across her torso, her hood up as she forced through the pounding winds and pouring rain. Of all the days to forget her umbrella she had to choose the biggest storm in the last 10 years. Still, she had to get home. She quickly and clumsily walked down the streets towards the train station she knew was still a good five blocks down the way.
She nearly toppled over, still wearing her black heels from her office job earlier that day. She wore mostly muted tones, blacks and grays. She wore dark pinstripe suit pants that were snug to her modestly curvy thighs. Above that she wore a heavy wool winter jacket, thick enough to hide anybody’s figure, with three big red buttons clasped together. Beneath the beanie she wore a long strand of black hair covered half of her face, a stark contrast to her porcelain white skin. She had a very young and cute face, couldn’t have been any older than 22. Despite the stylish outfit, her very square glasses looked straight out of a 2011 geeky phase.

As she continued to walk through the storm, ahead of her a power line slumped over crashing into a light post. She stopped in her tracks and let out a small shriek. Glass tinged to the ground below, metal shrapnel clattering on top of a parked car setting off the alarm. The next few blocks went dark one after the other as the power surged out. It was completely silent apart from the rain and howling wind. The girl looked around her, alone in a blacked out part of town she’d never been to before. The only source of light left was a neon open sign flashing across the street. The last building receiving any power. It was a small shop, surrounding the entrance were metal scaffoldings covered in tarps with a black and white sign reading “Under Construction”. The soft yellow lights were on inside, shining out onto the wet streets. The sign above the shop read “Charles’ Treats!” in big outdated lettering.

She weighed her options, biting her thumb. She had made up her mind and quickly jay-walked across the street in between two taxis that were stopped due to the accident up ahead. She made it underneath the cover of the scaffolding, and was about to push the door open when loud thunder rolled in overhead followed by the crack of lightning. She jumped and squealed again, covering her ears with her hands. When the startling sound had faded she opened her eyes and looked up once more. Stood before her was a tall figure in the doorway.

“Horrible weather to be stuck in, ain’t it?!” Yelled the man over the howling winds. She looked up to his face, which was cast in shadow by the lights coming from inside.

“Come inside, won’t you?” He asked kindly, outstretching his hand to the girl. She looked him up and down, before showing a small smile and timidly grabbing his hand. The man lead her in, holding the door for her as she stepped past him. It was a quaint little cafe. A big glass display that serves as an ordering counter to the left side of the room, a hallway behind the cash register that lead to the kitchen. To her left and right were metal tables and chairs, the floor an old-fashioned black and white tiling. There was a dark hallway at the back right of the store that lead to the bathrooms, a water fountain, and two swinging doors that read “EMPLOYEES ONLY, UNDER CONSTRUCTION”. She paid no mind to it. But what she did pay attention to were the revolving displays on the counter filled with various desserts. Her eyes locked onto a slice of chocolate cake, with what she assumed was strawberry glaze on top.

“You’re lucky I’m here huh? I heard the pole fall over a few minutes ago, sounded terrible. I’m glad you’re alright!” Said the man warmly, with a polite smile. He wore a white apron covered in various ingredients from throughout the day. He had salt and pepper hair, and a handsome face beneath a well-trimmed black beard. He was wearing a tight gray short sleeve shirt beneath his apron, and skinny jeans tucked into a pair of brown hiking boots.

“Name’s Charles, owner of Charles’ treats which is the fine establishment you’re standing in now.” He smiled with his hand outstretched once again.

“Uh,..Jennifer..Jenny for short” She said quietly, smiled awkwardly, and shook his hand loosely.

“I’m just glad you’re still open. Not many small bakeries stay open until nine in this area.” She said looking around at the paintings hung up on the wall. Charles’ eyes widened as he quickly jogged over to the wall, standing conveniently in front of the list of weekly hours that read ‘9:00am-4:30pm’.

“Yeah, hehe, you know…never too late for a slice of cake.” He laughed.
The trail of moving air he left behind him had a strong and enticing scent of butter. Jennifer closed her eyes, and uncontrollably leaned forward taking in a long whiff before regaining her composure.

“Well, your baking sure does smell amazing.” She said.

“Speaking of!” He replied excitedly. He walked down the corridor behind the counter and returned with a metal tray of small squares of layered cake on little doilies. Jenny immediately noticed the very same cake she had been eyeballing in the display, chocolate with a strawberry glaze.

“Would you mind testing some of these new treats I’ve been working on?” He asked as he set the tray down on the metal table.

“Oh..Oh, no no no I shouldn’t. I wouldn’t want to eat anything I haven’t paid for.” She said indignantly, still staring at the cakes.

“No, please. Free of charge. I just really need some feedback.” He said, somewhat sternly while staring directly into her eyes. She stood there, thinking about it for a few moments.

“Well, if you insist.” She giggled walking over to the table. She took off her messenger bag and set it down on the ground.

“You know you can make yourself comfortable, we have a coat rack right there for days just like this.” Charles said

“Right, good idea. No point in standing around in a soaking wet jacket.” Jenny replied. She began unbuttoning her heavy coat before turning around and walking towards the coat hanger. Charles watched her walk away, her hips swaying from side to side. The view of her form fitting pants was more than enjoyable. Jenny removed the Jacket quickly, her white dress shirt beneath rising slightly. Charles got a quick glimpse of her soft pale belly jiggle as she rose on her tippy toes to hang up the coat. She removed her beanie, letting her long black hair tumble down her back. Charles bit his lip and looked up to the ceiling mouthing the words “Thank you, god.”
She turned around, walking back to Charles bouncing for a moment before fixating back onto the cakes.

“So, which one should I start with? They all look so good.” She said as she sat down into her chair, scooting her chair in farther by bouncing. Charles noticed her cleavage peeking over the top unbuttoned button of her shirt.

“Yes, of course. I think you should start with the chocolate one there. It’s my new recipe I’m trying out. I think you’ll love it.” Charles said suggestively. Jenny didn’t notice the tone in his voice, she was too distracted by the array of treats before her. She lifted the doily into her palm, her purple painted fingers delicately scraping off some of the strawberry glaze before pushing the finger past her plump limps into her mouth.

“Wow, that’s amazing.” She muttered. She took a bite out of the cake and chewed for a moment before the sensation hit her tongue. The same smell from before, only now it was an even more intense taste. She swallowed the heavenly treat, the best she had ever tasted.

“Oh my god..” She whispered, goose bumps travelling up her arms.
“I never thought that chocolate and-”
“Butter?” interrupted Charles.
“Yes! Chocolate and Strawberry with that lovely Butter taste. That last taste really ties it all together.” She said excitedly, her eyes wide as she went in for another not-so lady like bite.
She scarfed down the whole thing before licking the doily clean of any chocolate remnants. She let out a small burp before leaning back in her chair, a small indentation of her belly button making itself visible against the white fabric of her dress shirt. Charles couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Try this one here, I think you’ll find it’s tastes even more tantalizing.” He said pushing the yellow cake with white frosting towards her. She looked it up and down and back to his eyes before she said

“No, I sh-” She suddenly stopped. She could smell the strong scent of butter emanating off of the cake. She grabbed it from his hands and instantly took a bite. All ideas of manners she had flew out the window once she smelt it. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head in pleasure as she continued to chew. Charles stood back, it was working just like he knew it would. He went to the kitchen and grabbed a room temperature pot of coffee off the counter and poured it into the mug. He walked over to her, the mug in his right hand before pretending to trip. He dumped the mug of lukewarm coffee onto her white shirt.

“Oh my god! Jenny! I’m so sorry!” He said, with a not so convincing fear. He quickly grabbed the towel in his pocket just like he planned and began soaking up the coffee around the table. Jenny sat there, cake puffing out her cheeks looking down at her ruined shirt. She set the cake down and began unbuttoning her shirt, still chewing while her eyes fixated on the cake on the table. She ripped the shirt off and tossed it to the ground, now she sat there in her thin purple tank top. She quickly grabbed the cake from the table again and began eating. Charles smiled smugly, grabbing the mug and taking it away. He pushed the tray closer to her and stepped back. He eyed her up and down. Her thick thighs were pressing against her pinstripe pants, the purple tank top she was wearing showed her pudgy belly off perfectly along with her large perky tits pushing out. She couldn’t care less about how she was dressed.

She continued to pig out, shoving cake after cake into her face. Over the course of about 5 minute she had cleared half the tray. Charles stood back watching her belly extend outwards by about an inch or two while she continued to stuff it. He watched her act just like the fattie he wanted her to, stuffing her face like an animal. Her tank top lifted at the bottom, exposing a bit of her pale stomach. Her bra became more and more visible as the tank top began to fit her less and less. Once she had finished the tray, she sat there catching her breath. She couldn’t believe that she ate all those cakes, in front of a man she met no more than 10 minutes ago. But the euphoria she felt from the dessert was still lingering. Charles opened the display on the counter and set down a full cake of the chocolate and strawberry glaze, the very same one she was eyeing from before. Charles walked over and clicked off the ‘Open’ sign in the window and locked the front door.

“Now now hold on, this one’s extra special.” He said as he grabbed the cake from her taking it to the counter. Her eyes followed it like a dog looking at a treat. He went to the kitchen and grabbed the warm pot of glaze, but not before grabbing a vial of golden liquid and pouring the whole thing in. As he walked out of the kitchen with the steaming glaze, Jenny perked up as she recognized the smell. He carefully cut one slice off the cake and put on a plate and poured the glaze over top of it. Jenny was salivating watching it pour, her eyes wide as could be. He walked over and handed her a fork. She cut a careful square off the cake and placed it into her mouth. Instant euphoria ran over her body once it touched her tongue. She let out a small moan as she chewed, her knuckles white as she crossed her feet in pleasure. She didn’t hesitate before finishing the rest of the slice and swallowing the masterpiece. Charles jogged over to the once dark hallway and flicked on the lights, unlocking the two swinging double doors. He returned to her.

“So, what did you think?” He asked pleasantly.

“It..It was incredible. I can’t bel-” She cut herself off. A loud gurgling came from her stomach. Jenny looked down to her belly, a lot pudgier than she remember it being when she got there. She placed both of her hands on the sides of her distended belly. Charles came from behind her and grabbed the chair, pulling her out from the table into the center of the room. The gurgling continued to grow louder. Jenny was puzzled as she felt the sides of her belly with her hands and stroked her thighs, entirely entranced by her body. Charles wheeled over an extra large leather office chair without armrests.

“Do me a favor and sit in this won’t you, Jenny?” He asked.

“H-Hey, what’s going on here” Jenny asked as she stood up from the chair. Charles held a small hershey’s kiss in his palm, the scent of butter rose through the air.

“Sit won’t you?” He asked in a stern tone.
Her eyes focused, and she waddled towards the chair taking a seat as he handed her the chocolate. She tossed it into her mouth and was met with the familiar euphoria, only intensified. She swallowed.
The gurgling in her stomach stopped entirely, met instead with silence. She suddenly felt the waistline around her pants grow uncomfortably tight. She tugged on the pockets, trying to pull her pants down to make them more comfortable. It was the she noticed it. Her belly was slowly rising. Her tank top began to pull further down as her midsection grew rounder and rounder. Her cleavage was more and more exposed as her tits began to balloon up slowly matching the speed of her tummy. She placed her hands on her belly, feeling it press out against her palms. She lead her hands down to her thighs which she felt rise and grow closer and closer together. Her breathing quickened in a panic. Her tank top straps began to groan as her tank top was simultaneously pulled down and stretched outwards. Her belly button was exposed, showing her fat round belly. The fat around her arms began to grow, making them thicker and thicker, working the way down to her hands. Her pants began to rip around her thighs, a loud sound of seams snapping. She kicked off her heels in a panic and began to worm around in her seat unsure of what was happening to her. A ripping sound came from the straps of her tank top as they fell around her. Her midsection that was blowing up like a balloon stretched it to it’s limit before it fell to tatters off her. She sat there only in her bra and what was left of her pants, growing fatter and fatter. Her waistline snapped, her pants slipping off of her growing body. Her stomach gurgled, her bra stretching and barely containing her giant breasts. She sat there ashamed, barely clothed by her panties and bra.

“Wh-Wha?!” She murmured, feeling her big fat body with her chubby fingers.

“You’ve been a real pig today, Jenny.” Charles said teasingly as he walked behind her.
“It’s only fitting you be treated like one.” He whispered in her ear as he pushed her towards the swinging doors. She was being wheeled through the hallway, covered in tarps and construction lights. Before finally they were in a large open room. It was as big as a gymnasium, and was entirely carpeted and covered with rose petals. But the biggest addition to the room was a large pink mass in the middle of the room. It was maybe 8 feet tall and nearly spherical. It was surrounded with wrappers and crumbs from foods. The mass was well oiled/shiny and looked visibly soft.
A sudden realization hit Jenny, and she was horrified. She began to struggle in the chair but was trapped by her own weight.
“No! NO!” She grunted through her teeth as she tried to move. Charles continued to wheel her towards the mass.

“Kristy? I have a new addition to the family..” Said Charles sensually.

“Oh, wonderful!” Yelled out a high pitched feminine voice excitedly. The mass began to wiggle from side to side. Jenny passed out then and there..

When She came to she was laying on her back against the carpet and looking up to the ceiling.
“Wh-Where am I? What’s going on?!” She yelled out as she struggled to move. Suddenly a chocolate fell from above and fell into her open mouth and down her throat.

“What the hell?!” She coughed.
A figure jogged past her and out of sight. Suddenly the gurgling sound returned from her fat stomach. An expression of fear appeared on her face as she lifted her head to look at her body.She could barely see over her mound of a stomach. She saw the flesh of her belly slowly begin to rise.
“N-no stop!” She cried out.
Her belly continued to jiggle and expand, growing fatter and fatter. Her bra snapped from her growing tits. leaving her entirely naked. Her body groaned and gurgled as she grew fatter and more gluttonous.
She saw Charles walking towards her with a device on wheels.
“Now you see Jenny, I’ve been watching you for a few weeks now.” Charles said as he struggled to get the device over the carpet.
“please stop it” she cried in-between moans.

“I noticed you began to take the same commute home every day, directly past my cafe. I saw your delightfully chubby frame stride down the streets and I knew I had to have you.” He said as he came into her vision to her left side.

“Have me?! What are you talking about?!” She yelled out frustratedly.

“Trust him! You won’t regret it!You’re gonna be so big afterwards ” teased a cheery voice off to her left, who she could only identify as Kristy. A large fat naked pink mass laid there immobile, her head and blonde hair stature a top the fat ball. What had he done to her? How did she get so huge? And how could she be okay with being a giant fat cow? All of these thoughts raced through her head.

“Getting you in here was the hard part, and now…Now this is the easiest part of all.” He smirked. A rubber tube with a silicon mask at the end of it was in his hands, and he slowly lowered it to her face. She had no power to defy him and no way to fight back. He secured the tube into her mouth and strapped the mask to the back of her head.

“Just let it happen, trust me. It’s amazing.” Said Kristy.

“Mmmm! Mmmmmph!” Jenny attempted to yell as she wiggled her feet and hands in defiance. Charles placed his hand onto Jenny’s belly and slowly began to massage it. With his other hand he nonchalantly flipped a switch as a golden liquid travelled up the clear tube and to the silicon mask. Jenny’s eyes crossed as she tried to follow the liquid, and suddenly the taste hit her mouth. It was direct from the source, making it incredibly intense, almost orgasmic. She instinctively began to swallow. She thought she was full before, but her body knew no difference and began to chug the liquid. Charles grabbed a squirt bottle from his side and squirted the same liquid into his hands before he climbed atop Jenny’s body. Her eyes widened as she looked at him.

“Mmmmph!” She tried to yell. He began to massage the liquid directly into her skin until she was shiny and oiled. His erection pressed deep into her soft belly. The action of her swallowing made her body jiggle back and forth like calm waves on a shore. She began to rise again as she felt the sensation from before. Her body began to gurgle and groan. She watched as her body began to expand once more, growing fatter and fatter. Her tits were soon to follow, growing larger and rounder keeping up with the pace of her belly and thighs. Charles rose more and more into the air as she inflated. She felt a pleasurable sensation down by her pussy as waves of pleasure ran up her body. Through the mask she still managed to moan loudly as she was turned into a fat blimp. She grew hornier and hornier, the feeling of herself expanding was like nothing she’d felt before.
Jenny continued to blow up as Charles rocked back and forth on top of her. She crossed her feet as her pussy became wet and sensitive, the liquid running down her fat body.
To her left she heard groaning and moaning coming from Kristy. She had the same tube in her mouth as she grew even more round, her hands flapping happily. Kristy grew and grew fatter and fatter. She sobbed to herself before pleasure took over. She was cumming, she couldn’t believe it. The pleasure rushed to her head combining with the euphoria of the liquid. She let go, a smile on her face as she stared up to the ceiling feeling her body expand widen and inflate. It was amazing. Charles climbed down as Kristy’s growing slowed to a stop.

“How do you feel now?” Smiled Charles.

Jenny looked up to him panting and sweating, catching her breath.

“…..more..” She said intensely, a devious smile on her face.

A New Member of the Family.

– Inflation Patron

[huge shootout to @noarthereonlyfat
, follow him on all his pages. I hope my piece held a light to his.]

Cafe Magnifique

@akumainoue​ brought this lovely idea to my attention and then it snowballed from there.

Waiter/butler cafe au where all of Tony’s boy toys go to the place where he works just for him.

And his boss/bff Pepper is shamelessly using that to her advantage for the business while keeping a close eye on them to make sure they don’t overstep their boundaries

Bonus for Rhodey coming back from his tour in Iraq, walking into the place, seeing all these guys shamelessy flirting with Tony, and being all, “what the fuck. Who the fucking fuck do you fucking think you fucking are.”

So Imagine Pepper is Tony’s Aunt who took him in when his parents died. It was really hard because Pepper not only lost her sister but was/is really young. Let’s say Maria and Howard were high school sweethearts, married right out of school and had Tony in their twenties. So Maria and Howard are 36, Tony’s 16 and let’s say Pepper is 22 when Maria and Howard die in the car accident.

Pepper opens the cafe as it was a dream and it helps keep Tony out of trouble . And Tony learns to love it, plus it lets him feel like he’s not being a burden to Pepper when he helps her out in the shop.
Since it’s Pepper’s restaurant but it’s themed so Tony has to wear this cute little uniform

A vest with a white shirt underneath and a cute little tie. Oh and short shorts cause why the fuck not
Maybe Pepper buys Tony a white orchid to put in his hair every morning he works .

It makes the customers swoon

Head to Toe, Tony’s go to outfit is his hair clip (a butterfly and a gift from pepper) holding his bangs out of his eyes, and a white flower behind his ear. (Which are pierced and he has a bar in the opposite ear.

(hair clip and uniform)

He wears a white colored shirt and black vest. Black watch and bracelets. Nice silver rings.
Black short shorts, black fishnet stockings and black boots. 

Tony is a well loved employee at the shop (Plus all the sales he brings in helps put him through college.)

Now Tony is 21, just graduated College and taking a break to help Pep with the shop
Pepper and her Partner Natasha, who is a fashion designer love dressing Tony up for the shop
In this AU I feel Tony is gender fluid so he doesn’t mind being dressed up like a girl

Of course the shop has other employees like Clint, Natasha’s free spirited cousin that can never be tied down except for his dog Lucky
Happy (the baker) is Pepper’s best friend since childhood
Peter Parker (the poor newbie) and Kamala Khan are the youthful high school students that were cool enough (and good enough) to work in the shop
and then Christine (Everheart) because she keeps the customers in line.

When Tony got back from College , cause he took a year off to focus on school - word got around that he’s back and sexier than ever
the high school girls have a fan club , the locals indulge , the tourist are confused . its a big place but popular.

It’s more of a sit down cafe although they do have take away options. Pepper runs the place, Happy cooks, Tony is the main server from lunch into the afternoon and Saturdays cause he’s popular. Clint and Christine are the morning shift. Natasha helps on Mondays during lunch and on Sundays.

Peter and Kamala work afternoons til close and weekends.

anyway they all wear these cutesy outfits , although Tony is the only one that has to wear short shorts or mini skirts but anyway they all have their regulars but everyone knows that Tony is in high demand.

Wade comes in looking for Peter a lot , Kamala has a few kids from school come see her and her brother, Christine has Justin and she hates it and Clint has his best friends Phil and Maria stop in

Natasha (when she helps out) gets along with Fury who’s a grumpy old man but somehow she is able to get under his tough exterior . and then there is Tony’s regulars

Tony has Sarcastic Loki
Beef cakes Steve and Bucky
Dorky Peter (Quill)
Asshole Namor
Big Tipper Mr. Wayne
Strange Stephen (lol)
Abroad Student T'Challa
Flustered and Stuttering Jarvis
Mr. Smooth Wilson
Cutey Brucie
Loud mouth Thor
Straight Forward Victor
Big Bad Brock
and slightly stalkerish Killian

not to mention the high school girls/boys and all his admirers from the less frequent customers

anonymous asked:

Hello! Hope you're having a wonderful day😋 can you do one where SHINee is at a formal family dinner?? (Whether it's with each other's family or just them together)

i hope you’re having an amazing day/night anon! omg this made me wonder if shinee and their families have ever sat down together to have a huge barbeque or something (bc korean families do that after big events so imagine after their debut they ALL just sat down together for dinner!!) but that’s a lot of moving parts so for now we shall see just shinee in a nice restaurant


  • why did he wear a white shirt and order something with red sauce
  • oh boy this is going to be a struggle
  • his water: *sweats* / onew: same
  • in a cruel twist of fate his entree is the smolest out of everyone’s
  • his life is hard but mccdonald’s delivers so
  • proposes a toast: “let’s go for a long long time shinee!!”
  • when they clink glasses he has the sunniest smile he’s so proud of them


  • staring at the menu for a really really long time (onew: you good?? / jong: i can’t read english)  
  • honestly not sure what he ordered
  • there are too many forks/spoons/knives he just wants to eat (*looks at key and lifts a slightly larger fork* / key: *shakes his head* / *points at smaller fork* / key: *nods*)
  • cuts up all his food into small bite-sized pieces
  • lowkey making dinosaur grumbling noises (minho: *elbows him in the side* / jong: *indignant dinosaur sounds*)
  • maybe it’s being in a fancy place that makes him want to act out more


  • befriends the sommelier
  • orders everyone wine in french (shinee: wow~ kibum oppa so cool~)
  • has to take off all his rings in order to use silverware properly (they’re in a little pile next to his plate)
  • runs back in flustered later bc he forgot them
  • swirls wine in glass and smells it (jong: aigoo this pretentious act / key: omg you’re supposed to do this you UNCULTURED SWINE)


  • his back is ramrod straight
  • can probably stack books on his head rn
  • excited af for his lava cake
  • keeps showing how red his steak is to the other members
  • someone is kicking his shins and he’s trying to kick them back with a pleasant smile on his face
  • the lava cake came with basil ice cream and dude it’s weird


  • goes to the bathroom and doesn’t come back for a long time
  • doesn’t want to say but he couldn’t find their table in the dim lighting and that he was too embarrassed to ask a waiter/tress for help so he waited in the bathroom for a lil bit
  • his wine glass keeps refilling itself and he is getting pinker 6///6
  • lowkey drunk at the end of the night
  • very happily stealing minho’s dessert
  • “can we say it’s my birthday to get another cake”
  • he does it and claps the entire time the staff sings