but oh sweet lord it's a relief

A New Addition - Chanyeol

Title: A New Addition (scenario)

Requested by anonymous

“ Could you do a daddy chanyeol scenario where he found out he will be a daddy soon! ” 

You’re in luck anon bc I’m in such a mood for Chanyeol, I’ll go ahead and post this now instead of waiting for Sunday. Tbh when I saw “Daddy Chanyeol” I kind of sighed like, ‘Oh Lord, it’s begun.’ but then I actually finished the message and it was about him actually being a father, so that was a bit of a relief. I’m new to Chanyeol so that would have been a bit daunting of a task. Anyway, this is sweet and fluffy. Hope you enjoy~   And technically this is a drabble bc i went so far over my word limit but lets just say its a scenario

It couldn’t have happened at a more inopportune moment, EXO was in the middle of promoting a new album and soon they would be on tour, gone for months. Nevertheless it was joyous news, you just needed to find a way to tell Chanyeol. He was so busy right now, always coming to bed after you and leaving before you could even wake up. You worried for him but this bit of news would carry him through all the work, you were sure of it, though it wasn’t exactly something you could relay over a text or even a phone call. So, one night, you waited up for him to come back. You sat up when you heard the door shut behind him, his keys clattering against the table and his footsteps growing closer. He seemed surprised to see you still up. 

“Hey.” He smiled at you as he began changing for bed. 

“I was hoping I’d be able to see you tonight.” You said, watching him as he climbed into bed beside you. Watching him lay down beside you, you gathered your what you were going to say. “I went to the doctor this week.. .  and they found something.” He looked up at you with concern. 

“Are you okay?” His eyebrows raised, fearing something horrible had happened but you smiled at him.

“I’m more than okay. I’m wonderful.” You paused long enough for him to grow confused. “I’m pregnant.” He sat up immediately. A variety of emotions crossed his face but the majority that you could see was unparalleled joy. 

“Really? You’re sure?” You nodded as he grinned and glanced at your stomach. “My baby? We’re having a baby?” His hands made it’s way to rest on your stomach. 

“Are you happy? Really?” You asked, suddenly insecure.
“So happy.” He reassured you, as he held your head in his hands and kissed your forehead. Chanyeol pulled you close and held you against him. “We’re going to be parents.” he whispered, the joy in his voice making you so happy you wanted to cry.