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@alex-danvers-1 asked for either Kara Danvers or Alex Danvers in either 4 and 7 or 7 and 8 

either or (you and me)

yoonkook drabble inspired by yoonkook asking if they should do lamb skewers business together lmffkdjs and yoongi’s parents being like NOPE

“ahhhh i really wanted to do it!” jungkook flops onto his back, rolling round on the couch. yoongi pulls his headphones down.

“we can still do it,” he turns in his chair, hands folded in his lap. jungkook squirms onto his side, cheek smushed against the couch arm, glasses slightly askew; it’s cute. yoongi clears his throat. “i mean, it’s not like we’d be doing it for a while either way. it’s not really up to them to decide.” at this, jungkook extends one arm and waves a finger in a ‘no no’ fashion. yoongi’s brows rise.

“nope,” jungkook finally gives up and sits upright like a sort of normal human being, folding his legs underneath himself. “i know you care what they think,” he holds his hand up when yoongi opens his mouth to argue, “which’s good. i care too. and the furniture thing could be fun.”

yoongi sputters. “i was joking.”

“but you weren’t joking about the restaurant?”

“well, no,” if yoongi could back-pedal on a rolling chair he would; but the back of it is already against his desk. he blinks. “would you really want to?”

jungkook rolls his eyes and considers throwing a pillow at yoongi except that might be hazardous for all his equipment, so jungkook just stares at him. he thinks about the yoongi who used to hold him in the dance practice room when he’d fall asleep by accident; he thinks about yoongi grinning at him during their recent choreography break together, his hand at the back of his neck like it belongs there. he thinks about yoongi as he is now, his favorite version because it is also yoongi’s favorite version of himself – in his finest element; creating. he thinks about how he loves him, because that’s definitely what it is and jungkook has grown into himself now enough to know it. and it’s funny, how he can have his little crushes on the others too – because he loves them also, is inhumanly fond of all of them; and well why wouldn’t he be? they have only ever been there for him; and isn’t that everything? with yoongi it is different though.

the idea of a business together means the idea of a future together, beyond bangtan for all that jungkook wants this to last forever too.

the idea is: not having to say goodbye.

so when he asks yoongi if he’s serious, the smile he sends him is very serious – seriously warm, seriously open, seriously in love.

he watches carefully, the slight glare of the light caught on his own glasses doing nothing to obscure a flicker of something like comprehension that appears and disappears so fast, if jungkook had not been looking so closely, he would have missed it; but he sees it. he waits.

yoongi shifts in his chair, hands going to his knees. he’s nervous. jungkook wonders if that’s good or bad.

“of course i want to,” jungkook gets off the couch and stands so near to yoongi that they’re touching – barely but very all at once. jungkook imagines being bolder, imagines pushing yoongi’s beanie up off of his hair and watching the unruly light blue fall into his perfect dark eyes, imagines maybe kneeling down in front of him just to make a point or pulling yoongi up just to make another point; but it’s imagination and jungkook is not bolder, not yet. he’s just what he is right now: in love and knows he’s in love and likes to be close. it’s enough. for now. yoongi surprises him by leaning up to fix jungkook’s glasses, his fingertips grazing his skin brief warm and wanted when he lowers his hand.

“it doesn’t have to be furniture either,” yoongi more or less blurts out – the way you do when you’re so nervous you just let the first thing that comes to mind be what you say. all in all, it could be worse. yoongi could have said one of the other things on the heels of that thought, things like: that makes me happy, you make me happy, 'we’ make me happy. things yoongi knew but never consciously Thought and now that he’s thinking it, well. he looks away but the soft burn in his cheeks is there anyway; stupid complexion.

but when jungkook laughs he looks back up, his own smile suddenly there because jungkook’s joy is contagious. that’s something they all agree on. just the other day he’d been in namjoon’s studio, giving input where he wanted it and where he didn’t, saw the picture of all seven of them on his desk, picked it up and said: “we’re good now aren’t we.” namjoon pulled him in by his waist like the old friend he is and said,

“yep,” then asked why yoongi thought the transition in the current track needed to be moved.

a little after that they heard jungkook’s laughter. they know each other well enough to recognize that’s jungkook’s 'i’m watching something funny on my phone while walking down the hallway despite all the hazards that come with that’ laugh. namjoon chuckled and yoongi shook his head and namjoon said without any prompting, “love that kid.”

yoongi didn’t notice his own words as much as namjoon did when he murmured, “yeah….same.”

now, watching jungkook bubble over with brightness, yoongi sees parts of all of them in how he ducks his head, how he can laugh with his whole body, how he curls his fingers, how he emanates an invigorating sort of love that says: if you’re doing good, i’m good too.

yoongi considers the probability of being in love.

blinks again.

“maybe we’ll do both,” jungkook says and locks his hands behind his back like a child, bending forward so that his face is level with yoongi’s, and it’d be both easy and hard to kiss him. yoongi wants to, isn’t as shocked by it as he might have been a couple years ago; but he doesn’t. instead he reaches a hand up to card through jungkook’s hair, ruffling it just this side of playful and adoring, hums a thoughtful sound and says,

“maybe we will.”

a moment passes. jungkook’s glasses slide down his nose. yoongi fixes them again, gently recedes…only to pull jungkook along with him by his wrist. at his desk he lifts his headphones off his own neck and puts them on jungkook; one ear still lifted, he says,

“not sure about this one. might be pretty good in the end but the foundation’s got to have more melody…ah anyway…” he smiles, all teeth this time, taps the side of jungkook’s neck and looks back at the screen as he hits play and says softly,“let me know.”

eventually, jungkook does.


them: new sims :) enjoy :)

me, in my bedroom ripping furniture apart and screaming: cool

jungkook trying to flirt with jimin pt. 6
  • jungkook: hyung!!!
  • jimin: yes, kookie?
  • jungkook: you're like my little toe
  • jimin: uhm, what? i know i'm small shu--
  • jungkook: please let me finish
  • jimin: ...okay? continue
  • jungkook: you're like my little toe because...
  • jimin: hmm?
  • jungkook: i'll bang you in every piece of furniture in this room
  • jimin:
  • jimin: oh my god

stefenjames  asked:

Hellloooooooo I've been looking at your content and i love it!!!!!!! Could you do one where Male Sole woke up one day and everything was back to the way they were before the bombs dropped, even after getting over Nora's Death and he has romanced either Piper, Cait, or Curie? Like maybe sole could be like "Where's Cait/Piper/Curie?

This was super fun to write (ironic lmao) but I loved your prompt!! Thank you so much for the support, It really means a bunch ☺️ This might’ve just gotten me back into the groove, y'know? Anyway, hope you enjoy even if it is a little or a lot angsty/cheesy!

With a sharp gasp, Sole sprung up from the mustard colored bed and as he opened his eyes, he was blinded with a ray of sunlight coming through the large, unbroken window.
As his eyes adjusted, they wandered to see the pure white puffy clouds, and the vast blue sky.. Sole was stupefied. Even more so when he looked upon the clean-.. well, everything…
The street, and the cars outside.. Oh my god, the room…
The perfect walls, and, a-and the furniture.
He almost started hyperventilating for god sakes.
“P-Piper/Cait/Curie..?!” His voice was shaky and full of desperation; hoping that they would burst through the door any second now..
But instead…

“Honey, what was that? What’s wrong?”

Nora rushed to the bedside and cupped Sole’s face. His eyes started watering in silence as he couldn’t believe it was actually..
“No, this can’t be.. no… y-you..” He murmured. This HAD to be a dream. It HAD to.
“This doesn’t make any sense!”
Sole shouted aloud, causing Nora to jolt back.
“H-Hey, just calm down..! Tell me what’s going on, Sole..” She reached for his hand, yet he pulled away from her as he shook his head in disbelief.
He was so confused, and absolutely terrified. If this were real, then that means..
“No… O-Oh god… no..” He kept repeating Piper/Cait/Curie’s name until he was practically screaming from the top of his lungs; sobbing as the horrified Nora helplessly watched.
Sole threw whatever was around violently in frustration, and rose from the bed. Even though Nora begged for him to sit back down, he rushed his way throughout the house, seeing how everything was somehow back to normal..
It couldn’t be. No fucking way…
He swung the front door open to see the perfect houses surrounding his.. The lush green grass, and trees.
At this point, even Codsworth was utterly confused and speechless just as Nora was. Nonetheless, they were exceedingly worried. But that didn’t mean anything to him. Except the whereabouts of his Piper/Cait/Curie.

Sole fell to his knees in the doorway. He felt yet another warm stream fall down his cheek, and stain the concrete like a rain drop.
Nora slowly came from behind and laid a hand on his back. Codsworth trailed not too far behind.
Sole could not believe they were actually gone. For good.

“…No.. please, no.. I still need you.”

blood status



I took yet another deep breath as I walked up the long, cobblestone path leading up to the towering black gates.

Once I approached them, they began to swing open before I had even reached up to touch them. I gasped at the sudden motion, which just made me realize how jittery I had become because of this.

I walked through the gates and up to the front doors, which were painted black, extremely tall, and each had a golden knocker.

I ran my hand through my hair and pulled down my dress a bit before knocking on one of the doors.

Almost instantly, the doors opened. Draco Malfoy, who wore a black suit and looked like he had worried a little too much about his hair, stood in the doorway and looked at me.

I grinned. “Hi.”

He returned the smile. “Hi.”

I stepped forward, and Draco put his right hand on the left side of my head as he pushed his lips onto mine for just a moment.

“Do I look okay?” I blurted. I was beyond nervous, and desperately wanted this to go well.

Draco smiled and said, “Yes, love, you look fine. Stop worrying about it, okay? They’re gonna love you.” 

I sighed. “We’ll see.” 

The Malfoys were known for being prejudiced, which already sickened me to the core. I had no idea how they would react if they found out the type of blood that flowed underneath my skin.

“Come on.” Draco said, holding his hand out to me. I threaded my sweaty fingers with his cold ones and stepped inside. The doors closed behind us.

I couldn’t help but look around in awe at the inside of the manor. It was huge, with high ceilings, chandeliers, and what I guessed was very expensive furniture.

“Oh my god.” I whispered. “You’re rich.” 

Draco smiled and shook his head. “No, my parents are rich.”

“Well, they gotta die someday.” I whispered, half-joking.

He just laughed and led me down a darkened corridor. “They’re in the dining hall.”

I pushed my glasses an inch up my nose and followed Draco into a large room, containing a long, wooden table and dark maroon curtains hanging on the walls. Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy were seated at the end of the table and stood up when we entered.

“Hello.” Draco’s mother said. “You must be Y/N. We’re so delighted to meet you.”

I removed my hand from Draco’s to shake his mom’s hand, but she pulled me into a hug instead. Surprised, I hugged her back and then pulled away. She smelt of mahogany and vanilla.

“It’s really nice to meet you, Mrs. Malfoy.”

“Please, call me Narcissa.” she replied, and I smiled. “This is my husband, Lucius.” 

I held my hand out and repeated myself, “Nice to meet you, Mr. Malfoy.” with a smile.

He looked reluctant to shake my hand, but proceed in doing so, along with a curt nod.

An awkward silence followed.

“You have a lovely home.” I said, trying to break the silence.

“Why, thank you, dear. Why don’t you come help me put the finishing touches on dinner, while the boys set the table?” Mrs. Malfoy said, gesturing to the door behind her.

“Oh, okay.” I said, an anxious twinge in my chest. I was not ready to be alone with one of Draco’s parents, but I didn’t really have a choice. I was also a little surprised that the Malfoys didn’t depend on magic and house elves to do everything. 

I followed her into the kitchen.


I removed the placements from one of the cabinets and began to arrange them, when my father finally spoke.

“So that’s the Mudblood.” he stated so naturally, as if he were talking about the weather outside.

I could feel my blood pulsing through my veins. I had no clue how he knew that Y/N was muggle-born, but that didn’t even matter at this point.

“Please don’t call her that.” I said, not looking up at him.

’Please’? My god, Draco. What has she done to my son?” he said, and I could tell without looking that his mouth was turned up slightly.

I swallowed my anger and said, “Nothing. I just… don’t use that word anymore. And I’d like it if you didn’t either.” I continued to set the table by myself, as my father just stood there and enjoyed making my skin crawl.

He chuckled, which just infuriated me even more. “Wow. She really has changed you.”

“No, she hasn’t.” I lied. She actually had, and definitely for the better. But I couldn’t admit that to my father. If he found out about my newly formed opinions on blood status, he’d disown me.

“So, is she?” he sneered.

I sighed. “Her parents are muggles, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Okay.” he replied, coldly. “So she is a-”

“Father, please.”

He just stared at me and smirked, clearly amused.


Draco’s mother had assigned some small cooking task to me as she finished up something else. The kitchen had fallen silent for a while, until she finally spoke.

“How long have you and Draco been dating again?” she asked.

“Um… seven months.” I said after thinking back, because I had honestly lost track of time. 

“Does he treat you well?” she said, and I could sense in her voice that she desperately wanted to hear a certain answer.

“Yes.” I said immediately, smiling. “He really does. Your son is… really good to me.”

I saw the relief wash over her face, and I saw Draco’s smile in hers. “I’m glad.” she said, squeezing my arm.

Dinner was fine, although I had a hunch Lucius didn’t like me very much. I tried to push that behind me and focus on Narcissa and Draco. My anxiety dulled as Draco sat at my side, offering me smiles and squeezing my right knee when I started to shake it subconsciously.

But, at one point, any hopes I had for pleasing Draco’s parents flew out the window.

Narcissa had just finished talking about Lucius’s job at the Ministry of Magic, when she asked me, “What about your parents? What do they do?”

I cleared my throat. “Well, my mom is a nurse-”

“At Saint Mungos?” Lucius intervened. The look on his face told me he already knew the answer to that question.

“No, at a muggle hospital.” I said, slowly, dreading what was going to happen next.

“Oh.” Mrs. Malfoy breathed. “Is she-”

“A muggle? Yes.” I said, proudly. “So is my dad, he’s a-”

“So you’re a Mudblood.” Lucius Malfoy spat before I could even say the word writer.

I opened my mouth and closed it again. I had no clue how to respond to that.

Draco sucked in a breath. “Father, don’t-”

“Don’t what, Draco? I deserve to know about the types of people you are… surrounding yourself with.” Lucius said, then turned to me. “And, I’m afraid I don’t approve. I don’t want your kind being associated with my son.”

That pushed me over the edge.

My kind?” I retorted, bubbling with anger.

“Yes. Your kind.” he stated. “Mudbloods do not deserve - quite frankly - to be considered wizards and witches. Or, to attend such a nice school for learning magic.”

Narcissa looked shocked. “Lucius!” she exclaimed, appalled at her husband.

Before I knew it, I was firing back.

“Excuse me sir, but - quite frankly - my blood status does not make me any less of a wizard as you.”

Draco’s father looked amused, which just infuriated me further.

“I beg to differ-” he started, but I cut him off.

“Yeah, well, I beg to leave this loathsome conversation.” I said, abruptly standing up. I turned to Draco, who stared angrily at his father. “I’m sorry, Draco.” I said. His eyes met mine, and the anger quickly fell from his face, replaced by a look of shame.

Before he could say anything to me, Lucius turned to Draco and very sternly stated, “You will not be seeing this girl anymore, under any circumstances. Do you hear me?”

Draco sighed. “You can’t-”

I couldn’t help myself. “Well, that works out for me!” I yelled, not meaning it, but blinded by rage at Draco’s father. “I luckily will not be forced to cross paths with you, ever again.” I snapped, glaring at Lucius, who just stared back, no emotion in his face.

I turned and started to walk out of the dining hall. “Thanks for the lovely dinner, Mrs. Malfoy!” I called over my shoulder.


I stood up, the chair legs scraping the wooden floor behind me. I shot my father daggers with my eyes, as I had a very strong urge to leap across the table and punch him across the face. But, I had something more important to do.

“I can’t believe you.” I said coldly, and stormed out after Y/N.

I found her halfway down the walkway outside the front door, heading towards the gates. I called out her name, but she didn’t seem to hear me.

“Wait!” I yelled, and she finally whipped around to face me. I met her halfway down the path, the pebbles crunching beneath my feet being the only noise in the air as I made my way over to her.

“I’m sorry.” I said, ready to apologize for my father’s actions.

“No, I’m sorry.” Y/N said, meeting my eyes. “I really shouldn’t have talked to your dad like that.”

“Don’t apologize.” I replied. “He had it coming. He had no right to speak to you like that.” I pushed a loose strand of hair out of her face.

“I…” I started again, but decided against it.

“What?” she said, taking my hand in hers and fiddling with my fingers.

“I was going to say that I wish I had stepped in, but… you seemed to have it under control.” I said, smiling.

Y/N grinned as well, but that smile faded quickly. She looked down at the ground and said, “So, I guess we can’t see each other anymore.”

“Are you kidding me?” I said, causing her head to snap back up. “I’d never let my parents stop me from…”

The words died in my throat as I suddenly looked down at the spot where the mark was stamped forever onto my forearm. That was definitely my parents’ doing.

Y/N sensed what I was thinking and squeezed my hand, her palm cold against mine. I looked into her eyes, licked my lips, and softly said, “Nothing can keep me away from you, okay?”

She smiled and lifted her heels off the floor, leaning up to press her lips to mine. Her hand found its way to my neck and my hands dropped to her waist, pulling her closer. The cold air around us couldn’t compare to the warmth I felt in that moment, despite her cold hands pressed against my skin. After what felt like an eternity, she pulled away and whispered, “Okay.”

I glanced at her, back at the manor, then back at her face.

“Let’s get out of here.” I said, holding my hand out.

She took it.

i wrote this a while ago, and i’m not sure how i feel about it. i know this scenario has been written many times, so i hope i did it justice. i am planning on posting at least two more fics these next few days!! 

also, to the anon that sent me a request earlier today: i am currently working with your idea & hope to have it posted this weekend!!!


  • Scene: Altair as the Beast, Malik is Beauty (very fetching in a gown...not really). Kadar as the plot device that brings Malik to Altair's castle to be prisoner forever.
  • Malik: I honestly expected you to be so much scarier what with your frighteningly bad manners.
  • Kadar: how about we not make him angry.
  • Malik: let my brother go.
  • Altair: if you take his place.
  • Malik: ...how about I kill you and then just take my brother?
  • Altair: ...
  • Kadar: ...Malik don't make him angry he has razor sharp teeth and claws like knives. I mean, you're good in a fight and all but he could take you. He's seven foot tall.
  • Malik: fine. I'll stay if you let Kadar go.
  • Altair: Fine.
  • Altair: no, you have to go to the fabulous room in my castle
  • Malik: fuck you no i don't.
  • Altair: I WILL MAKE YOU
  • Malik: I cannot believe that bastard is holding me prisoner in this lap of luxury.
  • Malik: I can't believe you won't feed me just because I find your company literally repulsive. Why the hell do you even need me here to begin with? Were you getting lonely with nothing but the furniture to watch you throw your temper tantrums?
  • Malik: Bitch, whatever, your furniture already likes me best.
  • (Furniture: Dude we are never, ever getting this curse broken, ever.
  • Furniture 2: I miss my arms and legs. Do you think if we drug them and lock them in a room together and they have sex it'll break the spell?
  • Furniture: ...I think if we tried they'd kill one another.)
  • Altair: I don't need books I can climb walls with my CLAWS.
  • Malik: I can feel myself growing stupider every day in you company.
  • Malik: ...I think you just insulted yourself.
  • Altair: No I didn't.
  • (Furniture: how about a song? we can just sing them into falling in love.
  • Furniture 2: no we have to put one of them in mortal danger so the other one realizes they secretly have feelings for the one in danger.
  • Furniture: ...you just want an excuse to light something on fire.)
  • Altair: I'm covered in fur, dickwad
  • Malik: I cannot believe my life right now. I am literally rubbing snow on your giant naked body while your fur blows smoke up my nose.
  • Altair: Well, if you'd done something besides stand there and LAUGH we wouldn't be in this situation, would we?
  • (Furniture: oh my god.
  • Furniture 2: song or drugs. these are our choices now.)
  • Malik: did you put something in my food?
  • Altair: What is happening to my penis? Why is this happening?
  • Malik: ...are you kidding me right now?
  • Altair: I GOT CURSED AT LIKE AGE 11 OKAY. IT'S NOT LIKE SOMEONE TOOK THE TIME TO EXPLAIN A THING. Seriously though, it like wants to get closer to you.
  • Malik: you are a seven foot tall creature with three inch knives at the end of his fingers I don't think your mammoth dick will be getting anywhere near me.
  • Altair: but it wants you!
  • Malik: ...no.
  • Furniture 2: *hums a tune*)
  • Altair: So, uh, when I got cursed the lady told me that I had to find someone to love me or I'd die at age twenty one.
  • Malik: When do you turn twenty one?
  • Altair: like tomorrow.
  • Malik: ..............................................
  • Altair: I'm only telling you because the lamps have been following me around aggressively singing about it all night.
  • Malik: at least it wasn't a feather duster with a lonely solo. What kind of love are we talking about here? Like forever or I'd do you for a night kind of love?
  • Altair: I'm not really sure. It happened pretty fast, I opened the door there was this hag and I was like ew no but she got all offended, killed my parents, took my kingdom, turned my servants into objects and abandoned me here as an eleven year old beast-child.
  • Malik: ...I did not think it was possible to feel sympathy for you but I think that's what's happening.
  • Altair: yeah, you'd think she'd be all like: look here child, there's more to life than how things look, or something. I mean I was a child. Also you're really good looking so I'm not sure what the ultimate moral of the story is.
  • Malik: *shrugs*
  • (Furniture: ok, new plan. We're going to storm the village, kidnap the brother and hold him as ransom until Malik declares his true and undying love for Altair.
  • Furniture 2: *takes all the knives* I'm ready.)
  • Altair: I...am not responsible for this.
  • Malik: I cannot believe I'm being forced into a shotgun wedding by a candelabra and a clock. OH ALTAIR THE LOVE THAT I FEEL FOR YOU IN MY HEART KNOWS NO MORTAL BOUNDS.
  • Altair: You could at least try to sound sincere.
  • Malik: whatever. get down here so I can kiss you.
  • Altair: at least I won't die without this final indignity.
  • Malik: ...*smooches Altair*
  • Altair: ...what's happening? *explodes into light, dramatically, entire castle is suddenly sparkling and pretty again, everything is awesome*
  • Malik: ...
  • Kadar: dude! kiss me!
  • Malik: what? No.
  • Kadar: you kissed him and he turned into a handsome prince with a house full of servants and an entire kingdom to obey him. Kiss me, I just want a horse and a girlfriend.
  • Malik: you are ridiculous and stupid.
  • Altair: ha! you liar. You said you didn't love me.
  • Malik: that is not what I said. I said the love that I feel for you in my heart knows no mortal bounds.
  • Altair: Yes but you were just being an asshole.
  • Malik: was I?
  • Altair: I thought?
  • Malik: maybe you shouldn't do that anymore. Now that you're man-sized and non-lethal how about we go to your room and I'll explain the whole sex thing to you.
  • Kadar: could someone untie me tho?
  • Kadar: no?
  • Kadar: that's fine.
  • Kadar: you'll come back eventually.
  • Kadar: ...won't you?
  • Kadar: MALIK!
Byron, the Princess, and the spider

I hate spiders… I saw one crawling across my living room floor. That prompted this.

Silly fluff…and a spider

Byron was on his way to meet the Princess of Wysteria for a second time. He and Albert strolled through the hall with Nico in tow.

“I believe she has a crush on you, Your Majesty.” Albert stated as he pushed his glasses up his nose.

“You think so, Albert?” Byron asked curiosly.

Albert nodded “She seemed quite taken by you.”

Byron smiled, “Very well then,” he sat down in the parlor chair, “I’d like to talk privately with her- so please send her in when she arrives. You and Nico wait outside.”

“Your Majesty.“ Albert and Nico bowed slightly and left.


Soon after the Princess arrived, the knights showed her in, and she and Byron began their discussion over some tea.

At one point Byron made a mental note to have the maids fully clean the room - it wasn’t used much and he thought they had been neglecting it. He thought he saw a cobweb in the corner and one on the chandelier above them.

The Princess was commenting on how Wysteria and Stein could ally, when Byron thought he caught a glimpse of a spider- no he was sure he saw one land on her shoulder!

”…and I for one am very impressed with Stein’s mil-“

“Princess.” Byron interrupted. He tried not to spook her- so he pointed at her shoulder, “Don’t move, you’ve got something on your shoulder.”

She looked confused, “I do?” She tried to look herself, “I’m sure I had this dress cleaned.” She frowned. “How embarrassing.”

“No - I think it’s ..” Byron stood up and edged closer to her, “… a spider.”

She suddenly became hysterical, “WHAT?!?” She dropped her tea cup and saucer on the floor, but did not take notice.

“Hold on- ” Byron started but it was too late - she began trying to move and wriggle around.

“Where is it?!?” She gasped.

“It’s .. Oh dear. I don’t see it.” Byron didn’t know what had happened to the little creature.

“Oh my god!” She shrieked, “What if it’s in my hair? Or clothes?!” She immediately began pulling bobby pins and her headband out of her hair - shaking it carelessly about - in her haste she bumped into the parlor table and knocked it over and all its contents off making a loud crash.

“Oh god- I think I feel it!” She grabbed the collar of her dress, “It’s crawling down my corset!”

“Princess-” Byron was at a loss for words as the Princess thrashed about it front of him.

“Well don’t just stand there-help me!” She said as she began undoing the front laces of her dress. “Get the back buttons- will you!


Albert and Nico heard a commotion as they stood outside the parlor.

“Should we go in there?” Albert asked.

Nico shook his head, “Byron can take care of himself.”

The noise within sounded like furniture crashing and the occasional “oh my god” could be heard. The two knights looked at each other when they heard a “hurry take it off!” from the Princess

Albert seemed irritated and he kept looking at the door, "Do you think something’s wrong?”

Nico chuckled, “No.”

“I’m going in there!” Albert said. He leaned his body into the heavy wooden doors and swung them open - barging into the room.

Nico followed after him, not wanting to miss the show.

At one point the Princess was down to her chemise and a pair of drawers. She was still frantically shaking and pulling at her clothes. She was not paying attention to what she was doing and Byron noticed she was about to back over a footstool.

“Princess watch out-” He went after her, but it was too late.

She fell backwards and in her fall she grabbed his jacket - pulling him down on top of her so that he sprawled on-top of her.

At that moment Albert burst through the doors with Nico following. “Your Majesty I heard something strange and -” Albert stopped dead in his tracks.

The Princess who was underneath Byron in practically her undergarments with disheveled hair went immediately beet red, she was already flustered and both her and Byron were breathing hard.

Albert’s face went red and he choked on his words. Nico saw the mess and immediately doubled over in laughter - "Ahahaha!!!” He clutched his stomach he was laughing so hard.

Byron looked around and seemed quite amused by the situation - and he wore a pleasant smirk on his face.

“Off you go Albert and Nico.” Byron held up his hand to wave them off.

Nico slapped Albert hard on the back and turned to leave - tears of laughter ran down his cheeks.

Albert turned hastily to follow Nico, with bullets of sweat running down his temples. He quickly closed the doors behind them.

Byron turned to look at the Princess, he grinned broadly at her, “Now- I still haven’t found that spider.”

RFA + V + Unknown: Cuddling scenarios

(Very mild spoilers for Jumin and Unknown and mild spoilers for Seven)


  • You’re both in a field, somewhere he claims hes been hiding from you for a long time and he wanted to surprise you tonight because it was a ‘special night’
  • You’re pretty sure its just because he wanted to ride his bike but
  •  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ who’s asking
  • He brought along a whole picnic too and you cant help but be impressed
  • Even if its just store bought food and goldfish bread but still
  • Cmon with that loving smile he could feed you insects and you’d still willingly eat it
  • You’re lying down next to each other, your head on his chest as you both look up at the sky, or so you thought
  • Hes staring at you, but you’re too lost in the stars to even realize
  • He probably does the “the view is great thing” while looking straight at you lets be honest here
  • But honestly though, how did he get so lucky with you?
  • You smell like strawberries and marshmallows and your eyes are so bright and alive and your lips are so pink and look so soft and
  • Oh whoops hes hugging you
  • You burst into giggles and he swears that his heart stops for a second because your laughter is the best sound hes ever heard and he would give up acting in a second if he could hear it for even one more second.
  • So he decides to continue hearing it, and tickles you
  • Zen you little shit
  • After you regain your breath again, you look at him once more only to find him staring at you with the most adoring look
  •  And that’s when you know you found the one


  • Of course hes playing LOLOL
  • Look is anyone really surprised?
  • And normally you’d play with him but you stopped because somEONE (COUGHS YOUR OWN TEAM MEMBER) DIDN’T LISTEN TO YOUR INSTRUCTIONS WHEN YOU CLEARLY SAW THE ENEMY TEAM AND KNEW WHATS UP  you just didn’t feel like playing anymore uwu
  • You’re craving cuddles but hes playing the game which basically means hes not sleeping for a few more hours smh this nerd
  • But you’re persistent, and before you know it you’re pulling his chair away slightly before just plopping down onto his lap
  • Oh hi there
  • He blushes and smiles at you
  • “hey ther-WA TCH OUT FOR THE ENEMY”
  • You roll your eyes at him playfully but you also snuggle in
  • To your surprise he turns off his microphone???
  • Hes still playing tho but hey turning off his microphone is a big step ok
  • He smells fruity with a tinge of detergent to your relief because you love him but spending a long amount of time at the computer does not normally make people smell good, but he also smells like-
  • “yoosung?”
  • “yeah?”
  • “why do you smell like the cupcakes I bought for my friend?”
  • “…oh”
  • Smh this child.
  • you both laugh though, and your night continues with small talk and small kisses pressed to the underside of his jaw and he can’t imagine it any other way.


  • The first time you two cuddled it was bc she was really stressed.
  • Bc omg she needs to make paperwork for the café and try to import some high quality beans and wheRE is that furniture magazine oh my god how is she supposed to know what shade goes best with white sand??
  • Spoiler alert its province blue
  • You literally have to pull her to the couch, but shes still insisting that she has to get up and work and fill up more forms and
  • Oh
  • You’re on her lap
  • You’re rubbing her back softly and just humming and her heart beats so fast its like the time she saw Zens Zorro poster for the first time
  • She smells of her paperback notebook, cinnamon and, of course, coffee, and holy shit you wish you could just buy her scent as a candle
  • Turn out you can its literally called cinnamon coffee candle
  • You buy it and paste her name on it. Its ur mini jaehee. u cover it in a blanket when its extinguished and cry when it finishes
  • She actually relaxes????? You did the impossible??
  • She grips on your waist like you were the last cup of coffee on earth and its quiet except for your humming and if someone had told her past self of this scenario she would have never believed it
  • But its real- you’re real and shes never been more blessed.


  • He was reading alone in the living room
  • You had gone to bed earlier, and he had decided to settle down with a glass of wine and, of course, Elizabeth the 3rd.
  • He didn’t get very far, before you emerged from the bedroom, hair a mess and eyes slowly drooping.
  • He really needs to pay for a photographer to capture you at every moment because even now you still make his heart ache with your beauty.
  • “What are you doing, still awake?”
  • “I can’t sleep, can we cuddle?”
  • He throws everything away (rip Elizabeth) and brings you back into the bedroom
  • You’re both lying down on the bed, and he can’t help but be happy because he loves talking to you at night when theres no one else to disturb the both of you.
  • “Why can’t you sleep?”
  • Silence.
  • …shes already fallen asleep hasn’t she.
  • If he knew what smh was he would have used it.
  • But instead he takes the time to fully appreciate her.
  • He always believed that he didn’t need a woman.
  • After all he had Elizabeth the 3rd. Isn’t she enough?
  • Look at his father. He loved him, yes, but to see a woman so clearly take advantage of him and have everyone realize but him? It was his worst nightmare.
  • Yet she came into his life, and she actually cared about him.
  • Rika had V, and this girl could have had anyone else in the RFA, but she chose him.
  • Even when he wasn’t acting rationally, making mistakes when he should always know better, she stayed by him. Took care of him. Loved him, even.
  • He had all the money in the world, but she was worth every penny.
  • She moves slightly in her sleep, grabbing onto him as if to ensure that he stayed.
  • But she didn’t need to worry.


  • Its late and you’re tired
  • There was one particularly annoying guest that you had to spend the whole day talking to explain every single detail of the party
  • Of course, at the end he found your service horrible and refused to go
  • :))))))))
  • You’re lying on your back on the bed with your eyes closed because you simply cant be bothered with moving. This is who you are now. If Seven wanted to talk to you he needs to get in line because now its time for-
  • Wait a minute
  • You cant hear his keyboard clicking away
  • Somethings w-
  • And before you know it you feel a very familiar body on yours
  • -rong. Godammit Seven
  • He smells like, to no ones surprised, Honey Buddha Chips and Dr Pepper, but by now the smell is comforting to you.
  • “its noth-“
  • ..
  • Did he
  • Did he really program the cat to play airhorns to the tune of Darude Sandstorm?
  • You cant help but burst out laughing, and although he laughs too, he cant help but feel relieved that the stressed look is gone from your face, even if just for a little.
  • He may joke a lot, but he genuinely cares about you so much.
  • You’re one of the only constants he has in his life. One day, if he disappears, he knows that you’re not going to give up, that you’re going to follow him and disappear too, and while that makes him feel guilty beyond relief, it also makes him feel unbelievable happy and loved.
  • Hes felt so alone for so long, but now he has you.
  • He feels his throat get restricted, and to hide his face he just hides his face in your hair, blowing raspberries to make that smile stay on your face.
  • He doesn’t go back to work that night.
  • You’ve always been there for him, so now he’s going to be there for you.


  • He loves cuddles bc he loves you so much??????????? Like oh my god im allowed to hug you close and just hold you. you’re real and you want to be with me and v.exe has broke
  • you both had spent a couple of hours in the forest, before the rain had interrupted.
  • now, you’re on his lap on the couch, looking over the photos hes taken.
  • with the rain falling outside, how you looked in an oversized sweater and your cheery comments at each photo, he had never felt so calm.
  • His hand was tracing shapes onto your thigh and he wasn’t even paying attention to the photos, he was just staring at you.
  • Your hair was so fluffy, your skin looked so soft, your eyes were so focused yet they were shining, your lips pulled back in a soft but warm smile and
  • Whoops he didn’t even hear what you said.
  • You had asked him his plans for these photos, but he was just staring at you with such a beautiful smile how on earth did you not start sobbing at that moment?
  • He smells like the rain and pine trees, but he also smell like warmth, if it had a scent.
  • You just put your arms around him and squeeze because oh my god you love him so much hes so adorable??
  • Hes blushing because hes pretty sure hes been caught staring at you but he hugs you back and you both just stay like that, giggling and talking, the camera forgotten on the sofa.
  • Hours later you wake up only to find that you are trapped. Hes asleep and he is not budging. 
  • Hope you’re ready to spend the rest of your life there.
  • Though you have a feeling you are.


  • It was still late at night, but you were still up doing work
  • Or, as others saw it, watching the seventh season of Modern Family, but still
  • You were so into the show that you didn’t see the man coming out of the bedroom, a small hint of fear hidden in his eyes.
  • He closes your laptop, but before you could complain he grabs your hand and drags you to the bedroom.
  • You’re still confused, and slightly annoyed because that was a good part of the episode, but that was when you notice it.
  • The way he’s holding you so tight? The way his breathing is uneven, as if he’s run a marathon? There was only one answer.
  • He had a nightmare.
  • Of course, he denies it when you say it out loud, but the fact that he’s still holding on to you tells you that it was the truth.
  • You feel your heart swell when you realize that he wanted to be with you after he had a nightmare, but you quickly realize: you have no clue how to comfort him.
  • ????? Dr Phil never thought me these things
  • So, you start to sing, because hey, that’s the only plan you have.
  • He hated nightmares, and hated the fear and the feeling of weakness they brought him.
  • His first thought was to be with you, because being with you always made him feel safer  so you just being there would be more than enough.
  • Except he quickly realizes he’s wrong when he hears you sing.
  • O h my god is he dating a reincarnated siren.
  • Your voice is beautiful, soft and melodic as you sing the first lullaby you could think of.
  • It happened to be a song about a sky, and as you sing, he catches himself seeing a sky in his mind and hes decided that if he were to die now, he would die happy.
  • Had he known that day he sent you that message, that you would be the one to calm him down and help him through thick and thin, that you would have shown him love that he wouldn’t have known existed, he would have scoffed and said that he already knew that love didn’t exist.
  • But, as he hugs you even tighter, listening to your voice, he realizes he was wrong.
  • Boy was he wrong.

What. No. I do not love the look, why does that couch look like a new Transformer they have introduced to try and court exhausted Millennials?

It looks like it has jet blasters under it. If I nap on it will padded limbs entrap me while it shoots off into the sky towards the Decepticon base, cleverly disguised as an IKEA?

Why is it so teal? Why is it so aerodynamic? I have never feared a couch as I fear this couch.

My nightmare home starts here.

kit-kat394  asked:

Ok, so what if Cas has to go to the eye doctor for something, and he is like temporarily blind for a couple hours and Dean just makes fun of him and laughs when Cas bumps into stuff.


dean would SOOO be unsupportive and move furniture around. then just laugh as he hears cas run into the couch….

but dean not thinking it through when he forgets where he moved all the furniture, so he keeps running into shit as well.

Next thing you know dean and cas are on opposite sides of the living room, arms flailing…JUST TRYING TO GET TO ONE ANOTHER WITH OUT RUNNING INTO A BLOODY COFFEE TABLE. then thats when sam walks in to see a train wreck of a house and two people flailing their arms around.

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Happy Birthday: Derek Hale

Here you go anon! Also happy birthday!! Hope your day is amazing and that you enjoy the imagine! xx

My birthday was never really a big deal for me. I generally just kept it on the down low, not really wanting to make a big deal about it. Especially the more I got older.

My alarm went off, ringing around my ears as I slam around the bedside table for it. Yawning I stretch and roll out of bed. Like, literally crashed straight out of bed onto the floor.

I groaned from the floor, rubbing the sore spot of my hip as I begin walking down the stairs.

“Hi babe!” Derek calls from the kitchen. I mumble back a “good morning” before collapsing in a breakfast bar stool, still bleary eyed.

“Here you go.” Derek says, planting a plate of pancakes and strawberries in front of me. My eyes widen in surprise and I look back at Derek smiling.

“Thank you!” I grin, grabbing my fork eagerly. Derek smirks before grabbing his cup of coffee and his jacket.

“What’s the date today?” He asks me, and I look at him, eyebrow raised suspiciously. “The 12th.”

“Oh my new work out kit will be ready to pick up today.” Derek says casually.

Wow. I mean I know I kept my birthday on the down low but had Derek really forgotten?

“Gotta go.” He says, slinging on his iconic leather jacket. He quickly ditches his coffee and kisses my forehead before hurrying out the front door.

I blink in surprise. That was weird. I lounge around the house for a bit, eating the rest of my pancakes and flicking through the TV channels when my phone beeped.

It’s from Lydia, “Come to my house, I have a present for you!” I smile, jumping up to get ready.

I was at her house within 15 minutes. I rang the bell and waited patiently.

“Y/N!” Lydia shouted excitedly when she threw open the door. “Happy birthday!” She grabbed me into an thrilled hug.

I laugh, hugging her back, “Thank you!”

“Come up to my room!” She shouts excitedly, pulling me all the way through the house.

She sits me down, practically skipping with happiness. I laugh, feeling a warm surge of love for the redhead as she hands me a beautifully wrapped box.

“You know you didn’t ha-““Y/N, you’re my best friend, yes I did. Plus I wanted to. Now open it!” She cuts in and I rip into the paper, revealing a black box.

I shake it open and in it is a gorgeous white dress, short with a slightly poufy outskirt and lace detail.

“Oh my god Lydia! I love it!” I told her, enveloping her in another hug.

“Try it on!” She says, pushing me towards me her en-suite bathroom.

I hurry in, yanking off my t shirt and wriggling out of very tight skinny jeans.

I slip the dress on, feeling the soft material and loving it. I look at myself in the mirror and I’m amazed at the girl staring back at me.

Lydia pounds on the door, probably just as excited as I am.

“Y/N you look amazing!” She says and I notice she’s brandishing a shoe box.

“No outfit is complete without a good pair of shoes!” She squeals and I laugh, opening that box as well. Inside are the most gorgeous pair of high heels I have ever seen.

“Wait! I want to do your hair and makeup as well so you can get the full effect!” Lydia states, pushing me into a chair as I still marvel over the shoes.

Lydia starts applying numerous amounts of make up to my face, possibly enjoying this more than I was, though I don’t think that’s possible.

“And now I’ll just fix this.” She mutters to herself, running a brush through my hair.

Finally she was happy and handed me a mirror. I barely recognised the girl in the mirror. Oh my god Lydia is like some sort of witch with a makeup brush for a wand.

“Come on! We better get going.” Lydia said, grabbing her keys and bag off her bed.

“Where are we going?” I ask, though I was still busy staring at myself in the mirror. How did she make me look like this?

“All in good time, my dear friend.” She says mysteriously as we both skip arm in arm down the stairs and to the car.

We sing songs loudly on the whole journey and I recognise us pulling into Derek’s driveway.

“We need to pick some things up first.” Lydia says as we hop out the car and up the stairs.

Lydia pulls the doors open and suddenly all the lights switched on and everyone jumped out from behind the furniture yelling, “Surprise!”

“Oh my god!” I laugh, hand over my mouth in shock.

The room was completely decked out, banners and streamers hanging from the walls. Balloons floating around the room with “happy birthday!” on them and a giant table, crammed to the fullest with every type of my favourite food. And cake. Oh my god there’s cake.

“Happy birthday babe!” Derek says, coming up to me a gorgeous smile on his face.

He kissed me before pulling me into a hug. “Oh my god Derek this is amazing!” I laugh, hugging him back after getting over the initial shock.

“You guys didn’t have to!” I smile giddily looking around at everyone’s big smiling faces.

“Of course we did!” Stiles grins, whipped cream around his face.

“Let’s get this party started!” Scott yells, turning the music on.

“You look completely gorgeous by the way.” Derek says and I giggle, blushing.

I walk round the room, hugging everyone in turn. Finally I practically throw myself at Stiles and Scott, causing them to stumble. “You guys are insane.” I say with the most amount of fondness in my voice.

They both laugh, handing me a slice of cake, which I take very quickly.

I weave my way back through the crowd, looking for Derek. I find him leaning against the wall, looking as good as ever.

“I love you, you know that?” I tell him, setting my plate down on the counter. That was the first time I’ve ever said that to him.

He smiles widely, before pulling me in for a short sweet kiss. “Love you too, gorgeous.”

can you imagine how cute liam and rubys first apartment would be oh my god

•when they first move in the don’t have any furniture so their first night there was spent on a bare mattress on the floor but they still loved it

•there’s stacks of rubys books EVERYWHERE because no furniture means no bookshelves

•when they go to ikea to finally get some they have to bring zu because she knows what’ll look good in their apartment and what won’t

•they have to call harry to help them build said furniture after liam accidentally manages to build a dresser inside out, effectively putting a damper on their whole “WE’RE ADULTS LOOK AT US GO” thing they had going on

•sometimes their sink does this weird thing where it starts shaking if you get the water too hot but they can’t call a plumber bc they broke af so they just leave it and hope for the best

•ruby has really thick hair so they have to draino the shower like twice a month (I know from experience friends this is a real struggle)

•they have a bunch of mismatched silverware and towels and plates/bowls/pans

•Liam is a surprisingly good cook so there’s always something good to eat around the house

•if the neighbors hear those two dancing to wouldn’t it be nice at 2 am one more time god help them

•they live next to a nice little old lady who’s name is Judy (goes by Jude) and ruby becomes exceptionally close with her

•imagine all the general domestic rubiam cuteness oh my god Liam waking up and making ruby breakfast and showers together because Liam’s “fiscally responsible and cares deeply about the water bill” and rainy days where they stay in bed and watch movies all day im weak

•they aren’t that messy they generally try to keep their house clean but sometimes they just get so behind on laundry

•liam’s flannels=rubys pjs

•there’s usually music playing around the house since they have such similar music tastes

•they had an office but neither of them do any kind of office work so they turn it into a music/book library and it’s pretty cool

•when they finally get a dog Liam’s lowkey jealous because he thinks she loves ruby more+ the puppy likes to take his place in bed snuggling next to ruby and that will not stand (also for more rubiam puppy go look at @bookwild
Instagram edit because it fuels me)

•they’re lazy and broke so they use the same head and shoulders shampoo and dollar store body wash

•liam is frequently asked to buy tampons and spends like half an hour in the tampon aisle each time not knowing what the hell to buy

•honestly what even are pants at this point they never wear them at home

•when rubys reading in bed and Liam wants attention but she’s just like “one more chapter” and he accidentally falls asleep

•have to call chubs because what the fuck are taxes

Close As Strangers 4

Ta da it’s finally here! You guys have been requesting this so much and I could not be happier with the love that has been poured out for this story, so thank you so much! And, special shout out to those who have given me ideas for this chapter (aesthetic-michael and smolblondeash and musicismydrug2418) it helped spark ideas for me! Now this could be the last part, but read my announcement and send in requests for a full blown fanfic!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Close As Strangers 4

Requested; again, highly (thank you so much!)

Luke x Reader

Luke’s POV

The weekend after that phone call with Y/N was a weekend off for the boys and I, and decided I would fly home to confront my relationship with her. I couldn’t let it end that way. The boys decided they’d just party it up near the next venue that we were playing it, and wanted me to keep them updated on things once I got there. With black sunglasses and my black leather jacket, I sat in the back of a taxi frantically texting Y/N telling her I was back home, and that we needed to talk. My phone was saying the messages were delivered but I didn’t know if she turned off her read receipts or if she really wasn’t getting the messages. My heart beat quickened as I approached our apartment and practically ran out of the taxi carrying my duffle bag and pushed the button many times to get up to my floor as fast as I could.

I tried calling her phone upon coming to our door, and my fingers shook and fumbled with my keys. I slammed the door opened and looked all throughout the apartment, calling out her name.

“Y/N! Y/N! Oh my god please still be here…” But she wasn’t. Our furniture, pictures, kitchen appliances, and nic nacs were still in tact, but all of her clothes, beauty things, and other necessities were gone, and the place was still spotless. It was earily quiet, and the heaviness of the room weighed in on my chest as I sank down to my knees. In front of my face I saw a piece of paper, and quickly scooted closer to grab it. It was Y/N’s handwriting, I could spot it a mile away.

Luke, if you’re reading this then that means you’ve realized I’ve left you. Things haven’t been going well for us for a long time, ever since you left actually. It’s been getting harder and harder to stay away from you, and I was beginning to think we were only wasting time. But I just want you know, I never was unfaithful to you. When Andrew came over and told me he loved me, I realized that day that I will always want you no matter who comes into my life. You never let me finish that explanation and then you told me about Arzaylea. I just hope you guys have a good relationship going for you, and I only wish you happiness and success with your band. Tell the boys I miss them. And I miss you, so much. I’ll always love you Luke, but we have to move on. Now it just feels like you’re a stranger. Goodbye Luke.

I crumpled up the paper in my hand as the tears welled up in my eyes. I soft sob came out of my lips, and I threw the paper in the trashcan, only for my eyes to be stopped by something else again. Something that made my heart stop, seriously.

It was a white and pink stick sticking out of the trash can, with two lines etched into it. My arm, without even hesitating, slowly went to pick it up and look at it closer to see if this thing was even real. My chest sank bringing it closer to my eyes and seeing the positive lines. She was pregnant.

My body was feeling so many emotions at this point that I didn’t know what to think; I didn’t know what was true and what was false. Y/N said she wasn’t unfaithful to me, but my mind was going in all different directions and the first thought that popped up in my head was her sleeping with Andrew. And that she was pregnant with his kid. In the back of another taxi, I was huffing and puffing still trying to desperately get a hold of my girl, but still nothing. I was on the way to Andrew’s place since that was the only place I was sure Y/N was. Her parents didn’t live close enough to us and she didn’t trust her other friends the way she trusted Andrew. I’ve driven her there enough times before to remember where he lived.

Once I got to his house I banged onto the door as hard as I could multiple times, the anger coming out in me. I was scared that if I didn’t calm down, I’d do something detremental, and wouldn’t forgive myself if I did. Andrew opened the door first with an annoyed face but once he saw me his face went pale and his eyes wide. I grabbed him by the collar and pushed him against the wall behind him. He started breathing rapidly and his muscles tensed.

“Who the hell do you think you are coming into my apartment, telling my girlfriend you love her, then getting her pregnant! That’s low man! I trusted you! I trusted you to take care of my girlfriend and be her best friend while I was away, not to try and move in on her all of a sudden!”

“Luke!” That voice. That heavenly, beautiful voice, even though she was yelling. Her small figure emerged from his kitchen, pulling off yellow gloves, the ones you use to wash dishes. She chucked them onto the counter and rushed to pull me off of Andrew.

“Don’t hurt him! He didn’t do anything for you to be angry with him!” My body softened at her finally being in front of me, trying to calm down my anger behavior. She seemed slightly frightened by me, but still tried to have confidence as she yelled at me. She sighed, and faced Andrew.

“Give us some time to talk.” She turned to look back at me for a second, then at the ground. “Please.” Andrew gave me a deadly look before rubbing Y/N’s arms then walking out of the living room slowly. Without looking at me, she started walking over towards his couches and sat down still staring at her feet. Her fingers on her temples, and mine rubbing my chin as I sat down next to her.

“How’d you find out…”

“I read your stupid note that about made me lose my mind. And when I threw it away, I saw test. Just tell me Y/N, are you really pregnant?” I heard her sniffle and her hands made their way to her eyes trying to stop the tears from dripping. I could only take that response as a yes.

“Well, Andrew’s a lucky-“

“It’s not Andrew!” she screamed looking up in my eyes finally. I gulped and felt my lungs tightened before I could utter a response.

“T-Then…” she nodded, only causing her to cry harder and this time she didn’t care about letting me see her walls break. This was the saddest I’ve ever seen her. She was broken, confused, terrified, every bad emotion put into one person, and I only wish I could take all of that away from her, but this was the only thing I couldn’t help her with physically.

“B-But…how, I mean it’s been so long since…”

“Luke it hasn’t been that long. I didn’t want to tell you but…the day after you left for tour I was feeling really sick and really down. That’s part of the reason why I didn’t go out a lot. I was throwing up for days and didn’t eat because nothing looked appetizing to me, it all made me sick. And my moods had been changing. One second I’d be so happy then the next I’d start crying into my dinner. I’m guessing that’s why I was so mean to you sometimes. I was just too scared to test out the possibility of being pregnant so I waited until I knew for sure. Then, my period didn’t come, and I just had to finally test out the theory.” She grabbed my hand and placed it on her growing tummy. She wasnt showing yet, but I could already feel something different, something I’d give my whole life to.

I smiled and rubbed her belly, and she giggled at my touch, before having a straight face again.

“Luke, I don’t expect you to be a huge part of this baby’s life…and mine. I know you got Arzaylea and I know for a fact she isn’t going to be happy about this so, just take care of her and I can take care of this baby.”

“What the hell are you talking about? I want this baby more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life. I can’t wait to deal with your mood changes and food cravings. To take care of you when you’re feeling sick and going shopping with you for baby goodies. Y/N…let me be a part of this journey. You can even come on tour with me. I don’t want to miss a single second of this any further.”

“But Arzaylea, you guys are together now I can’t pull you away from that.”

“Y/N I was lying. I only said I loved her because I thought you loved Andrew. It was my way of coping with pain but I know now that wasn’t the way to do it. I’m so sorry Y/N, please let me be a part of your life again, and our little munchin.”

Her hand fell on top of mine on her stomach and began rubbing circles on her smooth skin. I could tell she was thinking hard about this decision. This wasn’t just a makeup or breakup thing anymore, this was about bringing in another human being together and being responsible adults.

“I know this decision is going to be hard for you, but I love you so much, and now, I love this little baby more than I ever knew I could love anything. You don’t have to forgive me right now, but let me be in my childs life.” She looked up at me with hopefuly eyes, and her lips soon fell on mine. I was shocked, I didn’t expect her to even want me anymore since Andrew has been the one doing my part since tour started. But I wasn’t going to complain, so I picked up her face in hands and deepened our kiss, giving her all the love and passion I had inside of me that I couldn’t and wouldn’t give to anyone else. She smiled as I kissed her, and I pulled away staring into her gorgeous hazel eyes that I missed so much.

“Come on tour with me, we’ll leave tomorrow babe. The boys are going to be so happy that they’re going to be uncles.” She smiled big and nodded, giving me a sigh of relief. I was going to be a father, and I got my girl back. Life just couldn’t get better.

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32 with peter maximoff

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Title: Broken.
Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader.
Words: 644
Rating: T. (Mentions of Sex).

To say that you were angry would be putting things very lightly. You were furious. Glancing down at the glass that was scattered around the living room was enough to make you blow up. It wasn’t even a full minute since you arrived home, and it was already destroyed. “Oh my god, I’m going to kill him.” You uttered to yourself, throwing your bag down onto the nearby couch, storming off to find the broom and dustpan. “I swear to god, one day… I’m going to tie all his shoelaces together…” Biting down on your bottom lip roughly to refrain yourself from cursing out loud, you returned to the living room with the broom. “Peter!”

“In the bathroom,” He sounded smug, nearly amused as if he knew what he had done, “Ocupado.”

“Get your ass out here before I beat it red.”

“Threats are not going to get me out of here.” Peter uttered, knowing you could still hear him, “you’ll have to do better than that, (Name)! I’m serious! I’m trying to tweeze my eyebrows, and this one hair won’t come out and-”


That seemed to be enough to get him to at least peep his head out of the bathroom, glancing down the hallway to meet your eyes. Yikes, he thought to himself, you were beyond the point where he could give you a kiss and some chocolate to make up for what he had done. “Yes, dear?” He hadn’t meant for his tone to come out sarcastic, but there he was, being the sarcastic ass he was.

Did you knock the lamp off the table?”

Scoffing, he looked to the side and swallowed, “No, the dog did.”

“We don’t have a dog.”

He paused, pursing his mouth to the side in thought, “Would you believe me if I said a dog came into our house, ran around only the living room, and then left?”


He looked at you, popping his lips. “Would you believe me if I said it was a cat?”



“No.” You sighed, bending down to pick up the bigger shards of glass before sweeping the smaller. Your hands moved carefully, as to not cut yourself, “Why don’t you just admit you were running in the house again, and be done with it?”

“Because I know you, and I’d never hear the end of it?” He offered up.

“So, you admit to doing it.”

“Damn it,” Peter muttered under his breath, pushing back some of his silver hair, “Yeah, it was me. I’m sorry, (Name). We should consider moving the furniture, it’s really close together.”

“Oh my god, Peter… That was a new lamp!” You snapped.

“I’m sorry.”

“Ohhhh my god…” You threw the glass away, glaring at him. He had yet to come out of the bathroom, and still had only his head peeped out so he could look at you, “What am I going to do with you?”

“May I suggest something with ropes and leather?”


“Teach me a lesson, (Name).”

“We tried that, and you-”

“I STARTED CRYING, I KNOW.” He swallowed, “we could try it again though, I won’t cry, promise.”

“You said you wouldn’t cry when we went to go see Empire Strikes Back, but you did.”

“That,” He pointed his finger at you, “There was an eyelash in my eye, and I told you that and I thought you understood.” You stared at him, bemused. “Which, apparently you didn’t.”

“I’m just saying,” You chuckled ever so slightly, “I whipped your chest once with the riding crop, and you were out of it.”

“I was not expecting it.”

“Oh, really?” Cocking your hip to the side, you continued with a small smirk, “My warning, ‘I’m starting’, wasn’t enough for you?”

“It just started so fast, I wasn’t ready.”

“I was too fast for you?”


“Yeah, that’s what I thought.”