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I turned to Jamie in sudden panic. “I can’t marry you! I don’t even know your last name!”

He looked down at me and cocked a ruddy eyebrow. “Oh. It’s Fraser. James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.” He pronounced it formally, each name slow and distinct.

Completely flustered, I said “Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp,” and stuck out my hand idiotically. Apparently taking this as a plea for support, he took the hand and tucked it firmly in the crook of his elbow. Thus inescapably pinioned, I squelched up the path to my wedding.

"Great! I’ll make sure security knows you’re coming. I will meet you in the lobby and take you up to Traci’s office at 3:00 PM. Thanks!”

h el p

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You are the nicest astrology blog ever and you make the best posts 😍 you are not as rude as some other blogs and you actually know a lot about astrology :) and your answers are always kind and on point I simply love looking at your blog -gemini ♊️

thank you so much for all your compliments!! actually smiling too hard ~ <3

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What if, when Eridan and Karkat meet irl, Eridan is struck by Karkat’s lack of decoration and insists on giving him jewelry and fancy beauty products?

FFFFffpfff bonus points for Karkat seeing him and being like “…wow, he’s still cute but he’s drESSED LIKE A TOTAL DOUCHE.” while Eridan has this total dramatic doki-doki shojo montage going on in his head about how cute and small and pretty Karkat is and how he’s going to be so happy when Eridan pampers him and gives him shiny things.


Eridan being a histrionic nerd and Karkat not taking any of his shit is my favorite way to ship Erikar. XD

When Congress kids are rude

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Oh. My. God. Your goddamn arms race story came up on my dash an hour ago and I was not prepared for the insanity I was about to read. (This of course led me to read the rest of the stories. That's the kind of insanity you only see in TV sitcoms where they do something crazy every week.) Like... Jesus Christ how are you guys alive? Also we need more stories that's probably the best shit I've read in a while.

Not going to lie everyone in that apartment had a moment where we were violently confronted by our own mortality.

It was pretty awesome.

24 Week Update

I am starting to struggle. My back aches all the time, the weight of growing this baby pulls me down at the front way more than I remember before. Im having daily hour long baths to ease the muscle pain. I have to eat every two hours otherwise I turn into the devil. But my goodness is it worth it.

My little pixie is already the size of an aubergine. She sleeps the whole time I’m moving around and loves to wake up and wriggle and squirm as soon as I’ve sat down in protest in a “please keep rocking me mama” kind of way.

MY COLOSTRUM IS IN. Hallelujah! I’m hoping that the nursing aversion I’ve been struggling with since my milk dried up will begin to subside now. I hope. Please, god, I hope it does. Nursing through pregnancy is no joke.

Oh and I’ve also just signed the tenancy contract so that I can move in with my best friend. Hopefully should all be sorted by the end of next week (we both have such busy weeks so it might take longer) but, yay, being an adult.

they always say “you don’t know what you have until you lose it” but you knew. you knew, oh god you knew. baseball gloves and ice cream cones and conversations that slowed the world. saffron laughs that lead to a different perspective of the grass, sprawled limbs light hearts.
then he told you : you’re the beauty in everything, hell I’d punch my best friend in the nose for you. he asked if he could hug you / didn’t insist a kiss.
too kind for your hard mind
now you’re sprawled on the tile floor / crimson laughing at the saffron spilled around you. punching yourself in the face because you know. you know. you know. oh god.. you know.
he would’ve melted the steel casing of your mind, but you cased it in diamond / the prettiest but most impossible.
you’re in a sea of self made misery / weighed down by what you know. but what you don’t? / he would’ve drank up your pain to keep you from drowning in it

fuck i decided to check out the progress on the homestuck game and now im like really really excited for it??????? like im so hype i thought my homestuck hype was over but nope no oh no im so fuckin hype for hiveswap and im hype for homestuck and i will alway s be homestucck trash im sorry im soRR Y„ ,

My second review.


Oh my God. Yes.

As soon as I saw Brody I liked him, of course it was a physicall thing, the boy is super good looking.

I think Brody & Jesse are the best couples for Rachel. I don’t like Rachel but she’s the stellar and you kind of want a good story, and if she has a nice romance there’ll be a good story, or so i think.

A guy like Brody could get a lot of girls, but he liked Rachel, that’s one point for him.

He was so nice with Rachel, he made her feel sexy (hard to do) and mature, and just a new york girl, he gave her the confidence Finn didn’t. 

They sound awesome together, i must admit, Finchel duets are my guilty pleasure but, they sounded so good together.

He encouraged Rachel to do new things.

He was so good for Rachel, but he got a lot of hate from the Finchel shippers. Yes he had sex with Ms. July but they weren’t official, and who wouldn’t hit that, i mean, have you see her?.

I think they didn’t knew how to make Brody a bad guy for Rachel so she can breakup with him and go back running to Finn, so they made him a prostitute. College is expensive man, tell me, he had to pay it somehow.

I would pay him. If i was rachel, i wouldn’t leave him.

I bet he was the best sex ever for Rachel.

What else can I say? The had a lot of potential and made Rachel look a little bit hot, she looks hot when she’s with him, maybe he shared his hottnes with Rachel.

I was one of the judges for Tokyo Game Show’s Sense of Wonder Night, which is a kind of demonstration/awards show for interesting indie games. There were a lot of fascinating games there. One of my favorites was a simple one called Taiso (“gymnastics”), which was made in Unity and is exclusively controlled with the accelerometer. If you have an iPhone, you can download it here.

Here’s how you play the game: Throw your iPhone up in the air. The higher you throw your iPhone, the better your score.

It’s pretty much the best game ever.

oh my god