but oh god the best kind


Oh, God. I’m really not very good at good-byes. This has been such an emotional week. A year ago when we finished, I thought I was kind of coming to terms with it and able to move on. This really has been such an important part of my life.

I want to thank all of you who have made this last 10 years just the best half of my life. Dan – and I’m just so pleased I’ve shared it with you two, ‘cause  – I love you; I really do. Oh, God. David [Yates], I just don’t know what to say. Thank you doesn’t seem to be a strong enough word.

I’m never going to have this again; we’re going to have to make the most of this and enjoy it.

Thank you to all of you [fans] as well. Amazing. I’m finding it hard to now string together coherent sentences because it is really emotional.

What you’ve [gesturing to JKR] done for ginger people [crowd laughs] – I cannot put into words. Thank you, Jo. David [Heyman], thank you so much for everything. It’s been the best part of my life. Thank you.


Only because you’re the best, my first follower, and I’m waiting on a shipment of more beads. I still need to work with the colors. I kind of like the flecks of purple-y. But I just wish I had a darker grey. Anyways. Sirenia’s whelp form. ;-; hope you like it. ((-Dies because so much work-))


ALYDRAH!!!!! THAT’S SO FRICKEN BEAUTIFUL I CANT’ EVEEEEENNNNN I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE ITTTTTTT!!!! *O* Omg I <3 u so much, it looks soooo amazing! Take your time!!! 💖😍👌

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Honest to god, I hope I find love like you and Steph!!! You two are just.. so sweet!! I don't know, you're both such awesome, and good and sweet people and I hope I find love like yours.

Oh my god. Thank you for saying those sweet things about us, that made me all warm and fuzzy.

BUT! I hope you find love like this too. Honestly, it is the best feeling in the world. Steph is my best friend, my rock, my light, my partner in everything - it’s a good feeling. It’s a great feeling. Everyone deserves that kind of love.

And yeah, this was a sappy answer, but that question TOTALLY WARRANTED IT.

so i was looking for Queen misheard lyrics

I’m back again. I thought it would be a fun idea to do Queen this time, and goddamn it was. We got shit like:

Captain Corn, the most nutritious breakfast cereal on the market 


whoa alright freddie damn 

oh god ass peeling 

please don’t


don’t we all

ok thanks 

2 users have a religion argument 


I sure did 







pooh is a l w a y s the answer 

fucking HOW 


this is a lot different than my american history class 

aw damn im sorry to hear :(


должен идти быстро

and finally 

please freddie. please give them back 

MCR Misheard Lyrics 

FOB Misheard Lyrics 

Regina’s Non-Insult Options

For the teaser scene, here’s some of what Regina could have done that would not have set a bunch of us off on her:

1: Stunned silence. I think this would be the best one, tho Robin kind of was already doing it. Maybe a nice closeup of her shock changing to sadness, you know, let us have some sense that she’s sad this happened instead of irritated.

2: Expressed shock. Like “Oh. My. God.” or “Did that really just…?” to show that she is in shock as so many of her fans are claiming she is when she seems more pissed off in the actual clip

3: “How could she do this?” It’s more positive than calling Emma stupid and still conveys shock, as in the above. Also less blame-y while still showing that Regina doesn’t get why anyone would do what Emma did.

4: Comfort Henry. Easy, doesn’t even require dialogue, and needs doing. Could be combined with 1,2, or 3.

5: Hug Robin, seeking comfort because she’s in shock. Add a little of 2 or 3 in and you’re fine

Getting Together

Anon request: Can you write an imagine where the reader is Hayden’s sister and Liam’s best friend and they try to set you up with Brett?

A/N: I didn’t know if you wanted Liam and Hayden to be dating, so I kind of just made them friends. I also don’t know if this is exactly what you wanted, but I tried! Hope this is okay!

“Oh my god, I knew it!” Liam yelled with delight written all over his face. “I knew you lik—”

Brett quickly threw a hand over Liam’s mouth, “Oh my god, really? Stop talking so loud. What kind of friend are you? She’s literally right over there.”

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What kind of a friend is he that he would turn his back on his best friend like that?! I would never do that to my friends. I'm legit mad right now. Stiles deserves better, after everything he's done for Scott. After all they've been through together. I get the moral compass thing, but to not even hear him out or have an inkling of understanding. Oh god sorry I'm 'mad rambling.'

they are both at fault. stiles for not telling him sooner, before theo brainwashed him, and scott for not believing his best friend. tbh its all theo’s fault

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omfg. naoki. I have a hc that iwa has a little sister named naoko and she is a 1st year at seijou and seijou vbc = naoko defense squad bc bigger iwachan must protect smaller iwachan at all costs. they have the best sibling relationship eva and iwa is kind of a siscon but not really he just really adores his baby sis and who's that kid staring at mY LITTLE SISTER YOU WANNA FIGHT PU N K

this is so !!!!! because I was thinking the same thing with the twins oh god okay listen.

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leave it to the "professionals': an inside view on the lspd

Officer Luna:

*During an investigation on a new area gang dubbed “Funhaus”*

Luna: “So this “Kovic” fellow, pretty attractive right or just me?“ *proceeded to laugh so hard he choked on his gum*

Officer Marquis: “He kind of looks like you…”

Luna: “I stand by statement.”

*Using desk computer to run Skype program*

Officer Cwierz *partner of Luna*: “Miles, that guy looks kind of familiar.”

Luna: “Yeah, that’s my best friend from college, Kerry!”

Aforementioned Kerry: “Hey guys”

*subject turned out be Dragonface, a lesser seen member of the Fake AH Crew*

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The Little Prince pop up book

So I had a birthday and I recieved this miracle…

It’s the Little Prince book in a special edition





MAN. Emotions. EMOTIONS.

He’s gone and now there’s a TINY STAR!!! MAAAAAAAN


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OKay but imagine: Tanaka gives Yachi little presents (like keychains and necklaces and little things he thinks she'll like) and Yachi just blushes and kisses his cheek and cant stop smiling for hte rest of the day because gosh, she really has the best boyfriend in the world. Compare that to Yachi giving Tanaka presents, (which I am 99% positive are homemade,) where hE WILL YELL TO THE WORLD HOW SWEET AND KIND HIS ADORABLE GIRLFRIEND IS AND HOW LUCKY HE IS - tora anon


Sneak Peek

Here, have a random bit of fun from chapter 8:

“You are the worst kind of friend,” Jasper says, glaring at her angrily.

“You’re no Phoebe, either.”

“What?” Jasper is genuinely confused.

“Phoebe. She is the best friend,” Raven says. “Duh.”

“No, she is not!” Monty shoots back immediately.

“Definitely not,” Octavia agrees.

Anya frowns. “Who is Phoebe?”

“Phoebe Buffay?” Raven says, disbelief evident in her tone, “From friends? The TV show? Come on!”

“Oh. Yes, I know that show.”

“Thank God,” says Raven, sounding relieved. “You had me worried there for a moment.”

“And Phoebe is your favourite?” Anya asks, amused by the choice.

“Yeah, she’s just so wonderfully random and odd. And carefree. And you know she has one hell of a backstory. God, I wish we knew more about her past.”

“Okay, that’s all true,” Octavia butts in, “and Phoebe’s great, but how can you not think that Joey is the best? He’s Joey! He’s innocent and naive and kind and caring and goofy and all around brilliant. And he loves pizza. It’s a no-brainer!”

“No way, you’re both wrong,” Jasper cuts in. “Ross is obviously the best.”

“What?” Raven and Octavia both cry out at the same time.

“I’m sorry, Ross?” Anya says skeptically.

“Yeah, Ross. He’s hilarious in awkward situations. He has some of the best lines. And I mean that episode where Emma gets locked alone in the house and he does that whole sarcastic speech about the eagle, and it catches fire, and then the baby jumps to it and they’re swirling in the whirlpool that fills the apartment… God, it gets me every time.”

The conversation soon devolves into a surprisingly heated debate. People begin to stare with amused looks on their faces, welcoming the entertaining distraction. At one point, a random girl walks over and interrupts to throw in her support for Phoebe (which earns her a high-five from Raven) before walking away to rejoin her own group of laughing friends. It only ends when Octavia exclaims that she has an exam the next day and everyone needs to shut up.

So I’m a horrible cheat who’s been teaching herself anatomy by tracing or trying to copy pictures of couples as best she can, but then my hand slipped and it started to become Mira and Alistair.  (I had to trace her hand because oh my god I cannot draw them, but the picture was too darkly lit for black line work, so I tried this and I’ve been too lazy to invert the colours, cause I kind of like how it looking?)

I actually have a funny non stripping story to tell you guys. A few months ago I was at the mall with my gorgeous best friend and this guy came up to us and started hitting on her asking her out and for her number and stuff even after she told him that she’s married. we were standing at a bubble tea kiosk waiting on our drinks while this happened and there was this cute little Mexican boy who was like 11 or 12 standing there kind of silently watching the whole thing. So anyways the guy gives up on my best friend and turns to me and I’m like “oh god” and my best friend is like “no she’s taken too” dude would not let up though! Then the little kid standing next to us says “leave them alone” to the guy and he’s like “who’s this???” And my best friend puts her arm around the kid and says “this is my little brother!” And the guy just gives us all a dirty look and walks off 😂😂😂😂 oh god I couldn’t stop laughing.

a-holy-man-and-a-dog said: // I love the Fenris x Zevran ship. Not because I feel like they have any sort of emotional connection or romantic chemistry. Nope. I just want to see my elven husbands frick. Selfish self-indulgent ship is self-indulgent.

more power to ya, friend, i just think they’d have the best fucking chemistry??? and like zev has that kind of humor that fenris tries not to laugh at, but he can’t help it. like every single stupid innuendo that zev blurts out, fenris will have to fight not to giggle, and every time he doesn’t succeed, zev will just give him the biggest fucking shit-eating grin like “HAHA I GOT YOU”

and just… their hurts are pretty similar, i think? born and raised and molded into tools for destruction, trained only to kill and obey orders, never really given the chance to choose for themselves until they took it? and idk i just think they’d be good for each other


Thank you all for all the words of encouragement that you are giving while reblogging my 5k post <3 I am reading them all and it makes me so, so happy and thankful that I have such amazing, supportive friends here. I am still on such a high from today’s run (SOOO looking forward to my next run on sunday!) and that combined with your kind words makes me feel so, so amazing. 

And of course, thank you ALL who likes, reblogs and supports me through this. It really lights up my day, you don’t even know how much it means to me to have you with me through this <3 <3 <3

Not a fair girl pt.3 [Nate Maloley ff]

I came back to living room screaming at them: “Oh God! Just stop! Show me this or I’ll leave!”

Eva: Turn on this fucking TV!

I didn’t want to look at them so I sat on the floor opposite to TV.
They were saying something to me but I haven’t listened to them, I wanted to focus on what I would see.

There were parts of my & Sam Bynez’s video from freshman year. We were best friends then. I said this stupid kind of friends…

She took a lot of pics of me when I was sleeping with some guys on parties. Boys were totally drunk, so were I. 
She introduced every guy in the video. After 5 mins of watching this shit I was about to cry, I felt so shamed.
She was always so kind to me, but on every party where I was she haven’t been drunk. Then I knew why…

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