but oh god look at them and how cute they are

bUt sEriOusly ThO


- Jonas standing up like ‘guys we’re leaving’ and already packing up all the beer but magnus and madhi being like no we wanna meet this even guy

- the incredibly cute chaos that is isak kicking the boys out and the ‘‘c’mon guys, the most important thing rn is that we leave’’ JUST KILL ME

- even probably HEARING isak kicking the boys out and PROBABLY SMIRKING TO HIMSELF ABOUT IT

- isak needing to take a moment and breathe before opening the door for ‘the guy of his life’ 


- isak looking all cute and innocent and not knowing what to do or to say or how to act


S/O Caught in a Fight.

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Thanks so much for your request~!

Namjoon/Rapmon: He wouldn’t be happy that you’d been in a fight. Namjoon is one to solve things diplomatically. However, once you explained the situation he would probably smile a bit and congratulate you on beating ass.

“S/O/N, why do you look like you’ve been run over by a truck? Is that blood? Oh God, it is! What the hell happened?

“One, it’s not mine. Two, some sasaeng thought it would be cute to run up. I simply changed her mind with a fist…or two.”

“Well, I guess I’ll congratulate you on your skills of persuasion.”

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Seokjin/Jin: He would also not be a fan of them fighting. How could his beautiful, darling Jagi get into a physical altercation? They were a classy power couple and nothing should get in the way of that, especially people ugly enough to want to fight. Jin would doctor their s/o and fret like a mother hen for a bit, lecturing and making sure they were okay.

“Jagi, I just don’t understand? How could this have happened?”

“Jinnie, she threw water in my face because her boyfriend thought I was pretty.. It wasn’t my fault. She started so I had to finish. That simple.”

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Yoongi/Suga: I think he would be “mad” because fighting is childish. More than likely he would lecture them about how they are an adult and shouldn’t be “showing your ass” in public. However, Yoongi knows what it’s like to struggle and he’d be proud of them for handling their business.

That was dumb, you know that right? Like, you are a whole adult.”

“Yes, Yoongi. I am an adult, which is why I handled my business. I didn’t wanna fight but they came out of pocket about our relationship. On top of that, they threw first punch so it was out of my hands after that.”

“Well…if they threw first punch, what could you do?”


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Hoseok/J-Hope: Hopi would be so worried! it wasn’t like his S/O to get angry, much less into fights. Hopi would take them away from the situation in an attempt to understand what exactly happened and how he could fix it and make his dear one smile again.

“Jagi…Jagiya! Listen to me! Wha- What happened? Why are you so mad?”

“Let me go Hoseok! She’s gonna regret the day she was born!”
“No! S/O/N, tell me what happened! There is no need to fight.”

“She was talking about you and she said you suck at dancing. Let me go murder her now.”

“Instead of having you catch a body, and a case for that matter, how about we go film a Hope on the Street?”

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Jimin: I think he would be a combo of Hoseok and Jin. He would be completely shocked that his S/O had gotten into a fight and would worry about their health. However, similar to Suga, he would be a little proud that their S/O has the hands and can protect themselves.

“Baby, are you okay?”

“Yes, Minnie I’m fine. Just a little sore that’s all.”

“Did you get hit in face?”

“No, but she sure did.”

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Taehyung/V: He would not be happy in the slightest. Taehyung thinks all life is precious and should be treated with respect. He would more than likely lecture them about how to settle arguments with diplomacy and conversation. He would be overwhelmingly disappointed in such behavior.

“Tae bae~ Talk to me.”


“Tae Tae, you know I don’t fight!”

“Then why did you?!”


“No! Everyone deserves respect and we are grownups S/O/N! There was a better way to deal with that.”

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Jungkook: He would not be happy either however I think he would be content that his S/O can protect themselves. He would more than likely give them lessons on how to cause the least amount of damage to themselves. he would show them basic defense techniques and ways to cause quick but lasting damage to an opponent.

“Keep your feet apart and your knees bent.”

“Like this?”

“Yeah, when you punch make sure you follow through.”

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I hope I’ve done the prompt justice.

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Little Things

In which she’s a sleep and Harry thinks about all the little things he loves about her.

Hope you like it, send me requests x.

She smelled like vanilla and coconut, and he absolutely adored her scent.
He looked at her and couldn’t believe that she chose him, out of everyone she chose to love him.
He loved her eyes, her big and so dark eyes. She always complains about their shape and color, but he loved every detail.
He loved her cute button nose, he always tells her how adorable her nose is and kisses the top of it.
He loved her lips.
Oh god how much he loved her lips. He loved them in the most innocent way, he loved their puffiness, their natural pink shade, their softness, he just loved kissing her on those lips, so gently showing her all the love he felt towards her.
But he also loved her lips in the most filthy way. He loved how she bits her bottom lip when she’s turned on, he loved how she opens her lips and beautiful moans come out of her mouth, he loved her lips around his cock, he was a influenced by anything that’s involved with her lips.
He was in love and he couldn’t deny it anymore, he knew how much she’s scared from those three little words but he couldn’t hold it inside of him anymore.
He was so in love with her that he even found the fact that she’s scared from those three little words, adorable.
He couldn’t take his eyes off of her.
In his eyes she was perfect, she was so beautiful for him that he loved the little pimples that formed on her face once in a while and her not perfect skin.
He loved her like he never thought that was possible.
He loved her mind, her way of thinking, her words, her opinions, how she explains herself and expresses her feelings.
Her mind was as beautiful as her face and her body.
Her body, he could go on and on talking about her amazing body. He adored every detail from her head to her heels.
He loved her long neck, her breasts, her tummy, her curves, her hips, her ass, her thighs, even her feet.
He loved seeing her body underneath him, on top of him, in front of him.
he loved to see the goosebumps that appear on her skin when he touches her, he loved to feel the heat of her skin, the softness of her touch.
He loved to see her body all desperate and in need for him, to see her trembling underneath him, he loved to see the affect he had on her.
He also loved her heart. She didn’t show a lot of people her heart, the most pure side of her, her softness, her deepest secrets, her fears, her weaknesses, and he felt the luckiest man in the world when she opened her heart for him.
He could go on forever talking about her, talking about every inch of her body, soul and mind.

“It’s pretty creepy to watch me at my sleep, Styles” she smirked with her eyes closed, while her head rested on the pillow.

A beautiful smile found its way to his lips,
“I couldn’t help myself”.

She kept her eyes closed, smiling to her self, and that was a reminder to his favorite thing in the whole world, to see her happy.

“I’m just too in love with you” he added, and her smile grew even bigger.

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T and S boys reaction to them teaching their (vamp) S/O who never bitten anyone and wants their first time to bite to be with them? (i dont mind some naughtyness *.*!!!) god save me...

Shuu: “ He… lewd woman, aren’t you looking forward to feed on me…?” *later on* “Oi… that’s… tch… bite harder… why are your fangs so weak…? Ahahaha, that’s a cute pouting face”.

Reiji: “I don’t mind, yes. I rather have bite me than any other man, obviously.” *later on* “No no, wrong! Good grief, how can you be so bad at this?! It’s not that difficult… No”

Laito: “Oh, nfufufu~ This is going to be interesting! Just thinking about it is already turning me on~…!” *later on* “Bitch-chan, it’s easy, come on~ I want you to feel my blood running down you throat…!”

Kanato: “Whye, were you thinking I’d allow you to feed on other man…? FOOL! Of course you’ll have to feed on me and me only.” *later on* “ARE YOU STUPID?! WHY ARE YOU SO SLOW? JUST BITE!”

Ayato: Baaaka, Ore-sama blood will be the only one you’ll drink, from now on!” *later on* “Ha… oi, you. This is getting irritating. Should I teach you some more on how to do it? Lend me your neck, now!”

Subaru: “There’s no need to tell, do you think I’d let you bite other people?! No way!” *later on* “Pff. What’s with this? You’re incredibly dumb. Huh? I’m not blus- I don’t think yo-you’re cute!”

Carla: “You have to feed on me. Come, I’ll teach you.” *later on* “… you… are you doing this on purpose…?” [MTK: WAIT, BUT AREN’T YOU ILL??? WOULDN’T YOU PASS IT ON HER???]

Shin: “Stupid toy, do you really think I’ll let you drink other men’s blood? That’s bullshit!” *later on* “This is so annoying! Let me bite you and learn from me how to do this!”


Can we all just agree that EXO and kids is the cutest thing in the world?

If you don’t think so, I plan on convincing you. Get ready, for cuteness overload.

There are some members that I have no gifs of with kids, so I’m sorry about that. I know there are also more gifs than this but I can’t just add every gif of them with kids ;3

Also I recommend that you go to google and search exo with kids, cause there you will find the most adorable pictures of exo with kids that I’m not gonna feature in this because this is only gifs xD BUT SRSLY ITS SO ADORABLE GO LOOK AT IT

It’s like it’s his own kid! ;-;

Them playing with the kids is so adorable, seriously *cries*


look at him helping the children! SQUISHY


how to be these kids :’‘D

kris with kids makes me love him more omg x.x


I love this so much ugh

wtf lay? xD

a little kiss ;3


Look at them both being cute with the kids ↑

Also, we can’t leave church oppa out, can we? no we cannot.

and now tao ;-; He’s so cute with his little girl

*steals kid*

xiumin with kids, seriously. i cant

Barista Jaebum & Hairdresser Jackson AU
  • So Jaebum and Yugyeom work as baristas at a quality cafe in the city
  • Across the street is a super super fancy hair salon
  • Jackson is the lovable, excitable hairdresser-in-training at said super fancy hair salon
  • and is also Jaebum’s bf
  • During his break times, Jaebum walks over to visit Jackson and always brings him his favorite drink
  • Jackson loves telling him about his customers, and about the new things he learned from the owner of the salon (jyp)
  • The other hairdressers are in love with Jaebum too (because sometimes he brings them drinks too)
  • And when Jaebum leaves, they all get giddy and talk about how cool Jaebum is
  • Jackson sometimes gets embarrassed because they talk so loudly, gossiping with each other across the room about the two of them while working on customers’ hair
  • But tbh Jackson loves it cus he loves when people see Jaebum for the softie he is
  • “Your boyfriend looks so scary but oh my god youre too cute”
  • “He’s a keeper Gaga”
  • “How did you even snag him what the hell”
  • And Jackson would tell them stories of him and Jaebum and answer all their questions
  • Because he really loves talking about Jaebum
  • Sometimes while he’s talking, he stares dreamily into the distance and the other hairdressers look at each other and actually cry because its so adorable
  • There’s a piano in the salon, and Jackson loves to perform for his coworkers even if he didn’t know many songs and always forgot the lyrics
  • After playing them a song once, Jackson tells everyone that Jaebum would have sung it better
  • (and then starts on a rant about how good of a singer his boyfriend is)
  • So now every time Jaebum comes over, they beg him to sing for them and he begrudgingly agrees
  • Back at the cafe, Yugyeom teases Jaebum about it, pushing his limits
  • And Jaebum would give him such a good ass kicking if they werent in public
  • Alas they were, so all he could do was get flustered and red and try to ignore it
  • The few times Jackson comes over to the cafe, Yugyeom gets all quiet and shy cus Jackson’s so handsome and nice but intimidatingly so
  • And Jaebum can never keep the smug grin off his face
  • Like “hell yeah this is my amazing boyfriend, what you got?”
  • But with time, Yugyeom and Jackson become buddies and start hanging out, to Jaebum’s absolute horror
  • One day, Jackson requests Jaebum bring Yugyeom with him during break time, and Jaebum can’t say no
  • even if he really really REALLY wanted to say no
  • The hairdressers instantly start doting on Yugyeom and somehow get him to sing for them too, and Jaebum’s just dumbfounded
  • Enter Bambam, the new stylist
  • stopping here because im seriously gonna write this hecky gotta keep some suspense amirite

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do u ship hoseok x seokjin? i think i saw it on one of ur tags. i dont think i've ever heard of that ship, so what are u fav moments to convince me? :P

oh my god YES dsfdjghsdhg there are maybe 3 people who ship 2seok and i dont??? know why??? its lonely over here but we manage bc its worth it,,, anyway, 2seok are pure, soft boyfriends who are just full of love and mutual support; they have the best time together, laugh a lot and joke around all the time all while having rly gross heart eyes for each other.. so lets get into this (under a read more cause i’m Passionate and this is gonna get very long)

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[x] - REQUESTED BY ANON (this is such a cute idea!!)

K-2SO: *looking at you* I’m picking up a life form in (y/n)’s bag. What are they hiding?

Y/N: I’m not-!

Cassian: Don’t deny it, (y/n), K is right. What’s in your bag?

Y/N: Oh god, I- okay. *opens bag to reveal a rabbit* Look how cute it is, Cassian! We have to keep it.

Cassian: Absolutely no- 

Jyn: Yes! *Jyn glances at you* Don’t be a downer, Cassian, let’s keep it.

Cassian: *beginning to smile* Jyn! Don’t encourage them! *looks at the rest of the crew who are laughing* Oh alright! I guess we’ll keep it. But it needs a name.



RWBY Vol. 4 Ep. 8 Thoughts

- *sees title* I dunno if I want to learn about the Nevermores and the bees
- Oh thank God Qrow is still alive
- *unintelligible distress sounds at Jaune*
- “He was using you as bait” Well when you put it like that, it makes Qrow look like an asshole which he is
- Stress is a sign of poisoning Qrow
- *slams fist on table* I’M ALWAYS A SLUT FOR MYTHOLOGY
- I’m glad we actually got around to explaining relics in a timely manner
- Oh my God are we getting Salem backstory?
- “Not much is known about her” *flip table* GOD DAMN IT
- For some reason it feels wrong to see them have bird cages
- Blake, why ya gotta reference Weiss like that?
- I love Mama Belladonna
- Oh my God I’m dying from Cute Belladonna overload
- Aaaahhh Ghira why are you so loveable
- I was not emotionally prepared for this
- God damn it Sun
- Worried Nora makes my heart hurt
- And here you can see Ruby’s world views shattering just a little bit more
- There’s my sassy Nora. 
- “My semblance is bad luck” THEN WHAT THE FUCK IS THE TURNING INTO A BIRD
- Alright Jaune, dial back the sass
- Yeah I’m siding with Blake on this one Sun; you kinda fucked up real hard
- Sun you are just a real ball of energy

Overall: Hi yes I need the next episode like yesterday

ok I was talking about how shouritstu and terumobs instagrams would look like w/ @eggntoaster and i need to share

terumob: cute photos with pastel filter. photos from dates in cafes. Teru posting a photo of strawberry shortcake they ate, with Shige in the frame, sitting in the back in a big coffeeshop armchair, sporting a cute cozy outfit. Cutesy selfies, kissing Mob on the cheek with a caption like “out with my cute bf”. Photos of their shoes, while they’re sitting in the park, colourful autumn leaves in the background. Photos of them going shopping, Teru taking pictures of Shige in many cute outfits. Teeth rotting fluff.

ritsushou: photos of them drinking cheap wine under a bridge. selfies of them gross-aggressively making out. Ritsu filming Shou doing triple backflips. A photo of Ritsu sitting on Shou’s lap on a cemetery bench. “Fashion” series black-and-white photos of the boys posing in cool outfits in front of old brick walls that are really close to falling apart. Photos of their sneakers + a hand holding a bottle of cheap alcohol, from their days out drinking by the riverside. Pictures of them hanging out in abandoned buildings, kicking out windows. Two little edgelords in love. 

can we all just appreciate how blatantly in love Undyne and Alphys are with each other throughout the whole game? when you’re with them, it’s so hard to find something that they do that doesn’t involve the other person. 

the only reason Undyne has soda at her house is bc of Alphys. Alphys brings all the gifts she wants to give to Undyne on her date with you. Undyne always calls Alphys cute, and before they officially got together, Alphys was like “LOL PLATONICALLY, RIGHT?? HAHAHAHAHA SHE’D NEVER BE WITH ME!!!” Undyne called Alphys to ask her about the weather as a poor excuse just to hear her voice when there is no fuckin weather in Hotland oh my god. Alphys watches Undyne fight and i fuckin bet you she just sits there going “god she’s so hot”. Undyne only lets Alphys into her bedroom. i can only fuckin assume that Undyne got that dress Alphys had, and when she saw her wearing it she was like “whoa! you look really cute!”. when Undyne and Alphys first met, Alphys was staring at the abyss in the garbage dump, and a lot of people have suggested (bc of the different neutral endings), that she was considering suicide, and that at that moment when Undyne began to talk to her, her entire fate just changes. 

also, the entire roleplay scene. also when Undyne says the garbage dump is a great place to pick up girls. also when Alphys freaks out when she forgot to watch the fight you had with Undyne. they’re both huge embarrassing nerds. gigantic nerds. 

i’m so glad for these girls. these nerds. i’m so happy for them. i literally. i’m so glad.


welcome to the league of flower crowns. → 2/???

super spooky purple void edition. look at those monsters. look at how they can give you nightmares and visions of horrible things and silence you from ever saying a thing about it. aren’t they cute? :)

(as requested by anonymous + @voidreaver-khazix. credit not necessary, likes/reblogs appreciated.)

wolffem  asked:

How would the 2ps react to their smol crush asking them out on a date (but they're kinda shy so they're blushing and stuttering a bit). Also I adore your blog❤

2p France: He’d actually smile! And trust me he’d say yes in a heart beat by act super chill and smooth.

2p England: He hug the life outta them and scream yes.

2p America: He’d actually get flustered and ask “Wait, your actually into me??”

2p Canada: He doesn’t change much on the outside but his heart is screaming.

2p China: He’s smile real big and be very happy.

2p Russia: Oh my god he’s so flustered it’s cute. He’s also stuttering over his words and finally he just takes a breath and looks at you “Yes.” And quickly runs away because he’s so amazingly happy but he’s freaking out too.

2p Italy: He’d act smooth but he’s actually surprised.

2p Germany: He’d be really happy and confess his surprise to you.

2p Japan: He’ll kinda just break.

2p Prussia: “Really? Me?” He can’t believe it and thinks it’s a cruel joke at first but is happy when it’s real.

2p Romano: He loves how shy you are and he’s blushing too and he agrees and hugged you.

2p Spain: He’ll Stare at you and then part your head “I’ll pick you up at 6.”

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Hello. I was wondering what the 2ps would do if their s/o tried to sneak up on them and scare them? I wish you luck with your blog!

2p America: “Aaa! Oh doll face~ You didn’t actually scare me. I knew you were right behind me. I just wanted to see your reaction. ” He would be scared and jump a little but then play it off and pretend like he knew you were there the whole time.

2p England: “Aah! Poppet you scared me. Thank god it was only you.” He would definitely get scared and jump. Depending on how scary you were he would scream. But he would calm down once he knew it was you.

2p Canada: “Hm? You should know by now it’s hard to scare me.” He wouldn’t be scared and would turn around and give you an annoyed look. He would roll his eyes but in the inside he would be screaming at your cuteness.

2p France: “Really? This again?” He would be bored or unamused if you didn’t scare him. If you did scare him he would find it slightly funny. But over all he couldn’t care less.

2p China: “Ah! Oh my god s/o you scared me. Now you got to make it up to me somehow~” Oh god. This guy will be scared but he will quickly calm down. He will want you to do something in return to make up for scaring him. If you aren’t in the mood he will back off immediately.

2p Russia: “*sigh*. S/o. Aren’t we a little to old to go scaring each other all the time.” This guy loves you but, he finds it immature. He will be slightly scared and then feel as if he needs to lecture you to make sure you know how you could have really scared him.

2p Italy: “Bella, just what were you trying to do? You know I can’t be scared.” This guy is a liar. He may try to sound all tough but you secretly scared the crap out of him. Of course you don’t need to know that part. He may roll his eyes but smile and kiss your head.

2p Germany: “Ah! S/o? Is that a camera? Haha babe you got me good. No hard feelings but I eventually have to get my revenge. ” This guys is a prankster. This was probably payback for some prank he pulled on you. He would be scared but then laugh it off before promising revenge. Warning: don’t start a prank war with him. It won’t end well for either of you.

2p Japan: *literally isn’t scared at all. and just stares at you. * this could go two ways. either you won’t scare him at all and he will just look at you for a couple seconds before walking away. Or he wouldn’t get scared but he will act scared just to see you happy.

2p Romano: “Ahh! Don’t scare me like that! I could have spilt my drink on my new shirt!” Once this guy calms down he will laugh with you. But don’t do it again. He doesn’t want to mess up his hair and clothing. This time he’ll let it go though.

2p Prussia: Please don’t scare this precious baby. He will most likely be very scared and you will have to calm him down and it won’t be a good situation. If you say boo or something it won’t be a big deal. But that’s it.

2p Spain: “That’s the best you can do?” I’m guessing this guy has seen it all. To scare him you’re going to have to do something crazy. Good luck. But he may act all annoyed at you but don’t worry. He still loves you

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Yo I'm like 99% sure that girl was hitting on you

oh, the one in the library? Nah.

I’m the captain of that class, she was just there to pass/ask me how to pass.

I talk way too much and am the senior that’s been through every inch of American History and American political science. The hegemon.

God, this sounds arrogant, but I don’t know how else to phrase it. I got a perfect score on my last two tests and I only studied an hour or so for each.

I mean, I’m not like ‘smart smart,’ but I am uniquely good at American history/politics and expressing myself about them. For very very complicated reasons I won’t go into, I cried when I read the declaration of independence when I was 16 and have been knee deep in the stuff since then.

Anyway, that would be cute, but she was just like ‘I want to pass,’ and ‘this is the girl that the teacher compliments whenever she talks,’ ect.

You left, not me (LucasxReader)

Request: Hi! Can you do a Lucas friar imagine where they’re back in Texas and the reader is his ex girlfriend and he just kind of left without telling her goodbye or anything and he takes the gang to a diner where she works and they have this big scene, with yelling and tears and he says how leaving her without a goodbye was the biggest mistake he ever made and it’s really cute and fluffy at the end? :) 

A/N: I love making these imagines! Thank you for the request!

You were working in your dad’s restaurant when you heard a group of people come in. “If you seat them in your section, I’ll let you keep all the tips!” Your dad said with a smile. You smiled back and walked up to the front. “How many?” You asked looking at the available table sheet. You looked up and saw a similar face. “Oh my god Zay!” You laughed. “Y/N!” Zay laughed opening up his arms to hug you. “How’s my best lady friend doin’?” Zay asked with a big smile on his face. “Great. Four seats?” You asked. “Five actually. Our friend is in the bathroom.” The other guy in the group replied. “Okay. Five it is then.” You smiled. You grabbed five menus and a couple of more straws. “Follow me.” You smiled. You walked to a booth and placed down the menus. You put down silverware and you pulled out your note pad. “What would you three like?” You asked. They all said sweet tea and you wrote it down. “You still want the usual right, Zay?” You asked. “Yep.” He replied. “Does anyone know what your friend would like or do I need to come back?” You asked. “Just then a voice spoke from behind you. “Y/N?” The voice asked. You felt the air catch in your throat. You turned around and saw Lucas standing at least 3 feet away from you with jeans, a cowboy hat, a plaid over shirt, under it was a black tanktop, and cowboy boots. The same outfit you last saw him in before he left and never said goodbye. 

You walked up to him and slapped him across the face. You heard the friends in the booth get out but they were stopped by Zay. “Let me get this table.” Your waitress friend, Ellie, said taking your pad. “What was that for?” Lucas half yelled. “You know exactly what it was for!” You snapped back. “Y/N, go and settle this outside.” Ellie said again. You stormed off and you heard Lucas following you. “WHY?!” You screamed as soon as you got onto the porch. “Y/N..” Lucas said. “You left me! You were wearing this exact same outfit before you left and never came back!” You screamed and you felt tears running down your face. “Because I had to go immediately!” Lucas yelled back. “BUT YOU DON’T PHONES IN NEW YORK?!” You screamed. Lucas took a deep breath. “I’m sorry I didn’t call!” Lucas screamed back. “You left, not me! Don’t be mad at me for being mad at you.” You felt the knot in your throat break and more tears ran down your face. “Look,” Lucas walked up to you and cupped your cheeks. “I didn’t want to say goodbye because I wasn’t going to be able to leave if I did.” Lucas replied. “That was the biggest mistake I could ever make here.” You sniffled. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” He said kissing your forehead. “You better tip me well.” You said a few minutes after you two had hugged. Lucas laughed and kissed the top of your head. “You know she threw her phone across my room and it shot right out my window.” Zay said from the doorway and all three of you laughed. You hid your face in Lucas’s chest as he and Zay cackled. “I can’t believe your little arm has that much power.” Lucas laughed. “Shut up.” You said into his chest. That made Zay and Lucas laugh harder.  

okay but like can we talk about how cute people are when they sleep like they look so peaceful and cute they make little noises sometimes they move a certain way they do little yawns while they’re sleeping you see them breathe slowly but at a consistent rate and I think it’s the greatest thing ever to watch someone fall asleep