but oh god his hips

Why I Asked

“Oh my god get off me.”

Alexei laughed, grinding his hips into Kent.  “Get off?”

“You know that’s not what i meant.  Why do I love you, you are ridiculous.”

“But also am best,” Alexei said, and leant down, peppering Kent’s cheeks with kisses, one for every freckle.  Or at least he tried, until Kent laughed and shoved him to the side.  

Kicking his feet up in Alexei’s lap, he stretched his arms up along the length of the sofa.  “What’s your resolution?”

Alexei lifted a brow.  “I’m not decide yet.”

Kent scoffed.  “You’re supposed to decide before the ball drops, Aloysha.  Otherwise it’s bad luck.”

“Am not so superstitious,” he countered.

Kent giggled, curling onto his side and digging his toes into Alexei’s ribs, making his boyfriend laugh.  “Dude, you don’t wash your socks during playoffs, and you eat freaking tinned kippers every Wednesday because you think it helps you get hat tricks.”

Alexei huffed, grabbing Kent’s foot and digging his fingers into the spot he knew he was most ticklish.  Kent wriggled until he got his ankle away, but he was grinning, cheeks pink.  “Asshole.”

“You love me,” Alexei said, and tugged him close by the leg.  “What your resolution?”

“Pet Kit more,” Kent said simply.  He looked over, Alexei’s wide brown eyes fixed on him, making him feel a little breathless.  He sat up quickly, and straddled Alexei in one smooth move, cupping his cheek with one hand, grabbing his glass of champagne with the other.  “Kiss you more,” he said, and then did just that.

Alexei’s hands went to Kent’s hips, gripping him tight.  “What else?” he asked, soft and quiet.

Kent cocked his head to the side.  “Buy more bath bombs with glitter in them.”

Alexei laughed.  “You buy more, you own Lush shop.  Bathroom is Lush shop.  Have too many, already.”

Kent shrugged.  “I literally cannot possibly own too many.”  He leant in and nuzzled his nose along Alexei’s.  “What’s yours?” he whispered.

Alexei dragged his hands through Kent’s hair, mussing his cowlicks, then kissed the corners of his mouth.  “Marry you,” he said simply.

Kent stared, then coughed out a, “Jesus Christ, that had better not be your proposal.  I want a fucking ring, you jerk!”

Alexei laughed, and pushed his face into Kent’s neck, biting him.  “I’m get ring.  Big sapphire, see the moon in it.”

“The moon,” Kent repeated, smiling so wide his cheeks hurt.  “Fuck you.”

Alexei tiled his head up.  “After midnight, I’m do that.  Right now I’m just want kiss you.”

Kent set his glass down before doing just that, over and over, lips dancing, pulling at each other until they were spit-slick and swollen.  “I’ll say yes,” Kent said.  He heard the crowd on TV counting, and screaming, and singing.  Three.  Two.  One.  “I’ll say yes,” he repeated again.

Alexei grinned, blinding, fierce, holding Kent tight.  “I know,” he said.  “Is why I ask.”


170119 SMA — Lucky One
Chen focus

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I am so glad the Gothel thing was resolved IMMEDIATELY.

I was THRILLED that we went back to the Snuggly Duckling. I LOVE that they brought back the poetry slam from the earlier concept of Tangled!!


I spent half the episode yelling at Rapunzel to just TELL EUGENE, and thank god, she did.

“BOYFRIEND!” She called him her boyfriend!!!

Varian is the greatest!!! And I sincerely feel like him calling Eugene “Flynn” and Eugene scathingly telling him, “It’s Eugene,” was aimed directly at the people who insist on calling him Flynn still. XD


I got my wish! Rapunzel and Eugene rode on Max together with Rapunzel in front and Eugene with his arms around her/hands on her hips! ♥

Oh god, I’m so happy. I don’t know how I’m going to last the whole series. This episode literally almost made me cry from feels, multiple times.

STRESSED OUT pt 2 // Draco imagine
Part one :{ http://imagines-af.tumblr.com/post/103446041396/can-i-have-a-draco-imagine-where-draco-and-y-n-are }
As you both break for air you can’t help but smile
“Feeling better?” You ask.
“Not yet.” He says before he begins kissing you again. Slowly moving to your jaw while he takes off your green tie and robe.
He makes his way from your jaw to your neck sucking on your sweet spot. Making you gasp and moan.
Draco pulls away leaving a red hickey.
While straddling you he slowly unbuttons your shirt.
You could feel his hard dick through his jeans, on your thigh.
You begin to rotate your hips to rub his hard on.
“Oh my god.” He whispers quietly.
While he fumbled with your shirt you began to unbutton his shirt reveling his abs.
Soon u where in nothing but your skirt and bra. While Draco in his boxers.
Still on top of you, Draco behinds kissing you again moving his hands down your body.
You skim his abs before messing around with the elastic of his boxers.
You pull his boxers down making his huge dick hit his stomach before you begin pumping.
His hands now at your waist pull your skirt and panties off.
Pushing your hand away he places his hard cock at your opening.
“Damn y/n, you’re wet. Did I do that?” Draco smirks at you while he swears the tip around the opening but not going in.
“Stop teasing you ass.” You moan as he puts his tip in only to take it back out.
Without warning he thrusts in making you gasp.
Thrusting in and out he begins to slam into your G spot over and over. While his mouth finds another spot on your neck to mark.
Your nails now dug into his back as you feel yourself getting closer.
You could feel him twice inside you before he came. Him cumming pushed you over the edge, making you organum right after.
Rolling off you he kisses your forehead.
“So?” You ask as you cuddle into him.
“So what?” He asks.
“How you feeling?” You clarify.
“Pretty good for a mud blood” you could hear his smile in his voice.
You slap his chest, “I mean about the test you twat.” You giggle.
“Oh that.. I think I might have a before test ritual.” He smirks at you.
Omg I start a summer class tomorrow! I’m so nervous! But also so exited 😨 anyways hope you all liked it!!

alright but being on your knees for ashton after he’s had a rough day and telling him that you’ll do all the work, just relax and close your eyes and feel and ashton tries he really does but your tongue tracing the veins of his cock and your lips wrapping around his tip and sucking feels so fucking good and his hands are balled into fists at his sides and his head falls back, eyes screwed shut and you take more and more of him into your mouth and he just fucking unravels with his hips moving the slightest bit at first because he’s trying to let you have control and he’s trying to relax but oh god your tongue and his hips move harder and faster and one of his hands comes to tangle in your hair. when you moan at the feel of his cock his eyes snap open and he stares down at you, yanks on your hair hard and tells you to “open up wide baby girl and let me fuck that mouth” until your eyes are tearing and it’s hard to breathe but it’s all worth it when ashton groans and sinks his teeth into his bottom lip and comes, all the tension finally leaving his shoulders. he’ll wipe your tears and pet your hair and smile, “you’re so good for me princess. your turn now.”

au where remus and tonks both survive the final battle and everyone convinces remus to go back to hogwarts and teach defence against the dark arts again so the two of them and little teddy move into the castle and sometime tonks sneaks into his classes and sits in the back with barely two year old teddy to watch him teach and teddy wiggles away from his mother cause he want to go see daddy and remus just to picks him up and he teaches the rest of the class with little teddy on his hip oh my god I’m gonna die!

Dating Justin drabble #15

15. He answers the phone while you’re having sex (full list)

You rocked my hips back and forth in a circle earning low groans to escape Justin’s plump lips. His finger tips dug into my skin, pushing his hips forward to meet my thrust. “Oh my god.” You moaned, clinging my fingers on to his sweaty chest while throwing my head back. You’re currently on round three, you’ve have been going at it since he woke you up around midnight with his head buried between your thighs. Your hair hung lose reaching the middle of my back, his hands inches below it groping my ass in his large hands. Moving from off your knees you repositioned yourself on his erect cock starting to bounce a bunch of curse words leaving his mouth. He thrusted upward a loud yell leaving you throat.

“Shhh baby.” He husked with a slight chuckle making me laugh. “I know I fuck you good but you have to be quiet.” He pressed his finger against your lips. You smacked it away digging my teeth into my bottom lip as his hands moved from your ass to fondle with breast. You gaped your mouth wide open trying to keep up with his pace. Placing your hands over his, you moved them in the same motions as he did an intense feeling sparking up your spine. Bucking his hips under you he slowly sat up, his tattooed back leaving the white sheets. Moving his hands from my breast he held both your hands behind your back with one hand using the other to hold my waist. His mouth wrapped around your hard nub, your wrist trying to wiggle out his tight grip to grab onto his hair.

“Shit. Shit. Shit.” You repeated. His other hand slapped you ass making it bounce slightly, your yelp echoing through the room. Just as he was about to say something his iPhone lit up the partly dark room, a drake song being his ring tone. Glancing at it he pondered the thought of whether or not he should pick it up. His hands left your body reaching over to place the phone in his hands.

“It’s Scooter, I have to answer it.” He said as you looked at him dumbfounded. Before you could say anything he pressed the green button answering with a ‘hello’.

Rolling your eyes at him you got off him searching around for your black lace robe in the dark. Gripping the fabric in your hands you slid it on stomping out the room to make sure he heard you. He has some fucking nerve if he thinks you’re going to continue after him answering the phone while you’re having sex. Unless someone is dying you should not ever do that. Who in the hell would ever? Opening up the fridge light illuminated out of it along with the kitchen light that is already on. Grabbing a water bottle off the middle shelf, you closed it twisting the top off to take a sip. I’m not having sex with him for another week…he thinks he can just answer the damn phone. Knowing Scooter he probably just wanted to go over his schedule or something.

You gulped down the water drinking half the bottle as you heard the faint sounds of Justin walking in the distance. He strolled into the kitchen completely naked giving you a ‘what the fuck’ look. “What are you doing?” He asked, scratching the back of his head while making his way towards you. You remained silent ignoring his cockiness. He leaned against the granite counter, grabbing your chin in his hand so I would look at him. “I was about to give you the best orgasm of your life and you want to ignore me now.”

“Yeah–was.” You mocked his words, cringing. “Until you decided to answer the phone while we were having sex.” You nearly yelled feeling your body start to heat up. He laughed shaking his head at your irritation. You scuffed for the second time tonight starting to walk past him.

“He’s my manger Y/N” He replied, grabbing your waist and turning you around to clash into his body. You gazed away from him not paying attention to anything he just said. “Don’t play with me right now. I won’t hesitate to fuck this attitude out of you.” He smirked, brushing his lips against your neck.

“You’re an asshole.” You pushed him away from you. “And the only reason I was about to have the best örgasm is because I was on top. I would’ve never start to cum that quick if you were.” You sassed tossing your hair over your shoulder.

“Is that so?” He posed, a smug grin on his lips. He slyly picked you up, placing you on the granite island while managing to open your robe up. Spreading your legs he didn’t waste anytime before putting his mouth on you. You tried pushing his head away the extreme pleasure taking you by surprise. Tightening his grip on your thigh he swirled his tongue on your clit a mournful cry parting from your lips. He growled lowly pushing his mouth further onto you. You resisted the urge to scream, your fingers tangling into his dirty blonde hair. Breathing heavily his tongue whirled every alphabet letter on your sensitive spot. Wrapping your legs around his head as you laid my back on the cold counter. His hands touched your breast squeezing them, your back arching. Pulling at his hair, you bit your lip harshly already feeling out of breath. As you reached your high he licked up and down your arousal setting you over the edge. Taking a last few licks he stood up fully bringing you up by your hair to attach to his wet lips to yours. His tongue intertwined with yours a sweet sensation filling your mouth. Peeking behind him to look at the clock it read 3:42am. “Ten minutes.” He winked, pecking your pink lips. “It took me ten minutes to make you cum, sweetheart.” He added, picking you up off the counter.

“I’m still mad at you.” You barked as he shut the kitchen lights off and carried you up stairs.

Nash Grier - Lovebirds on vacation

Request:  Can you please do a imagine where (y/n) and Nash go to Hawaii with everyone and they get caught in their room and (y/n) is so embarrassed about it? Thank you!

“HAWAII HERE WE COME!” the guys shouted as we got out of the car. We all were on vacation in Hawaii, I was so happy Nash wanted me to join the squad. We have been together for two years now but we rarely got to see each other, he had to work a lot. But know we had so much time!

We were arguing on who should get the biggest room in the apartment, but me and Nash won, as we were the only couple in the group.

“Okay guys, but be quiet! We don’t want to hear you moan all night!” Sammy warned us with a smirk on his face and then Kenny thrust his hips upward.

“Oh my God” I said blushing and immediately hiding my face in Nash’s neck. The guys always joked about us and teased me with sex, they knew how shy I was about these things, I didn’t like to talk about it.

“Yeah, don’t count on it man, we are on vacation, we do what we want!” Nash grinned down at me causing me to redden even more.

“You guys are like hormonal teenagers, can you shut up about sex for a minute?” I rolled my eyes and left the boys alone still laughing.

I went to our room and started to unpack my things, when I heard Nash entering the room then closing the door behind him.

“Alright baby, what if we try out that big ass bed right now?” Nash murmured into my ears hugging me from behind as I was putting my clothes into the drawers. He started to trail kisses down on my neck, completely distracting me from what I was doing.

“We need to unpack our things” I said but I already stopped packing with a smile on my face.

He always knew how to get what he wants. Moments later he just spun me around and attacked my lips. Who cared about unpacking when you had a sexy and extremely needy boyfriend?

He pushed me down on the bed, climbed on top of me. I tugged at his shirt trying to get it off him, he helped me willingly, so seconds later he was finally shirtless. He slid his hands under my dress while kissing through my collarbone. I grinded my hips upwards so it met with his and it completely triggered him. He growled something to my neck and then pulled my dress up so a second later it was gone.

“This is my beautiful girl” Nash murmured into my skin kissing down my chest, his fingers were now on my back unclasping my bra. After he succeeded he just threw it away leaving me almost completely naked. I laced my fingers into his soft hair meeting my hips with his once again, I could feel how ready he was and he started to kick his shorts off when suddenly the door opened.

“Hey lovebirds, we thou- OH MY GOD!” Sam and Hayes stood in the doorway completely shocked, I screamed and tried to cover myself with the sheets, luckily Nash’s body blocked the view from the guys, who were still standing there.

“GET OUT!” Nash shouted angrily, while I literally got so red I looked like a tomato.

Sam turned around and pushed Hayes back so he could close the door, while the two of them were laughing so hard they seemed to forgot how to breathe.

“Oh my God” I groaned in shame burying my face into his neck.

“Be careful guys, we don’t want to go home with a plus one!” Sam commented after he closed the door.

“Nash, kill me, this is so embarrassing.” I swear I could die at that moment. “They teased us all the time already, they won’t leave us alone after that!”

Nash got off me and passed me my clothes knowing this totally killed the mood.

“Don’t worry Y/N, it’s not that big of a deal” he claimed. We got dressed, he took my hand and then went outside. I was hiding behind his back still scared what the boys will say seeing us.

Everyone was in the living room and when they saw us they started to laugh so hard, in addition Sam and Hayes imitated on the couch what they saw a couple of minutes ago. I wished I could have just disappeared, I have never felt more ashamed before. The guys were making kissing sound and things like that, it was so awful.

“Okay, that’s enough!” Nash warned them but he was smiling too, I couldn’t believe how calm he was. “At least I get some, you are all just jealous!” he said hugging me proudly. They found it funny, but I didn’t enjoy it that much.

And of course I was right, they all couldn’t shut up about it no matter what happened, someone always brought it up. But we couldn’t do anything about it. At least we learned that we should always lock the door before doing anything.


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Every time...

Person:“ who is your bts bias?”

Me:“of course it is Jungkook cause he is a little wanna be fuckboy who can do anything and succed but there is Suga who can make me melt with his rap and I relate to him in a spiritual way but then I think about Jimin and his voice and his cuteness and his hips and I’m like “oh god this desicion is hard"and then Jin comes along to screw my mind even harder and I remember how sweet and handsome and caring he is and how much I love and look up to him but I cannot ignore the fact that Namjoon’s voice makes my heart go like crazy and my legs go weak so maybe he is my bias breaker too but I need to aknowledge how much I love Taehyung and his cuteness and his smile and how he seem to be a little kid but then a sexy beast comes and sings with his super deep voice and of course I need to think about Hobi and how crazy funny he is and how he always cheers whoever watches him and how I love his voice and dancing skills so like … Yeah”

Spice (Namjoon Smut)

*Oh god, what did I just write*

*Two requests combined~*

Word Count: 1569 words~

-Requests Closed-

You wanted it. Oh god, you wanted it so bad.

That smirk, the way his hips thrust, you wanted it all. But he wasn’t giving it to you. You wanted more. Much more.


“Yes, Namjoon?”

“We’re going over, right?”

“Of course, Jin begged me to come over.”

Jin invited you, extending his invite to Namjoon to stay the night. Namjoon stayed with you in your house, he loved waking up next to you and there was nobody to disrupt you from your activities.

“Ready.” You drove over to the dorm, Namjoon opening the door with his key.

“Y/N, you’re here!” Jin hugged you first and the others backed off. You hugged everyone else lightly and Jin pulled you away in the kitchen.

“It’s nice to see someone else than this 6 boys. How have you been?”

“Great, just wished I didn’t want to become a psychologist. So many essays and lectures.”

“I see why Namjoon fell for you, you two are the same. How have you two been?”

“He’s amazing as always, wouldn’t trade him for the world.”

“That’s good. Oh, why I dragged you in here! Can you set up these?” You and Jin cooked together, he loved your company when you gave him tickets to a cooking show.

He wasn’t the most passionate chef but he still enjoyed tasting all the samples they gave out. You set up the snacks and he did his part. You carried out the snacks on a tray and you noticed how the seating arrangement was.

You are going to be sandwiched between Namjoon and Jin. Great. Namjoon told you how Jin used to have the tiniest crush on you but gave up when you started dating Namjoon.

There were moments where it felt like he forgot that you were taken. The lingering touches, the inside jokes, his smiles. The little things that you didn’t notice were incentives, he wanted to be with you.

“Babe?” You sat next to him, your mind racing over what could happen.

But Jin wasn’t the kind of guy that would steal his friend’s girlfriend.

Maybe you’re overthinking this.

“Is everyone ready?”

“Just press play, hyung.” The lights dim, the only luminous thing being the tv and Jin wasn’t focused on you.

At least, not yet.

His hand unconsciously brushed against your thigh, a habit of his that must have forgotten. You didn’t say a thing, not wanting to make a deal out of it. You sworn you saw Namjoon dart to the same place Jin’s hand was but you thought nothing of it.

“Y/N, can you hand me the smarties?” You reached of the bowl, your shirt riding up a little and his hand covers yours. It was longer than a brief moment of contact and you were starting to get nervous.

Why were you reading so much into such harmlessly simple gestures? You grabbed a bag of chips, trying to distract yourself with the crunching sounds of potato chips.

“Y/N, look!” Jin pointed before stealing the chips from your hand.

“Jin.” You whined, playing it off as annoyed but you were hoping he would take as you saying ‘cut it out’

You don’t always get what you wish for.

He simply winked at you and you could feel Namjoon shuffling next to you. He wasn’t happy about this.

Was he going to show it? Not here.

You knew you were in trouble, this unintentional flirting that you couldn’t even disguise as being friendly was definitely your problem. And you were going to solve it one way or another.

“Babe, come here.” He leaned in, whispering into your ear and obliged. You sat in his lap, resting your head on his shoulder. His arm wrapped protectively around you, the other held your hand and you looked at him.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”

“I get to see you every morning, a picture wouldn’t suffice.”

“Is it because I’m clothed?”

“Okay, lover boy. I’m not getting in your pants.”

“Then, let me get into yours. I’m sure it’ll be more fun that way.” He teasingly nibbles on your ear, you squirming in his arms and catching the attention of one of the boys.

“OI, lovebirds we’re trying to watch a movie here.”

“Keep your eyes on the screen, then.” He scoffed and you smiled.

“I’m getting more snacks, does anyone want anything? Y/N?”


“We’re fine, hyung.” Namjoon was pretty curt with him, regardless of how polite his words were. You tried to just immerse yourself into the movie but Namjoon kept teasing you.

The movie ended, your thoughts about Jin flirting with you subsided and Namjoon wanted to drive.

“You know what you did, baby.”


“You were leading him on. And you liked the attention, didn’t you?” He parked, both of you getting out and walked up to your apartment.

“Namjoon, I-”

“Why didn’t you say stop? How could you just him touch you like how I’m supposed to?” You unlocked the door, even the familiar environment couldn’t calm the hostility.

“He was just playing..”

“Playing? So what, you’re going to keep playing with him?”

“Namjoon, you’re-”

“Overreacting? When my girlfriend lets one of my best friends flirt with her? Is that what you were going to say?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Let’s play a game.”


“It’ll spice things up, that’s what you wanted. Plus, I think we’ll like this game. Strip.”


“You like playing, right? Then, let’s play right now. I said, strip.” You’ve haven’t seen him like this, this emotionless commands that were, ironically, put on by emotions.

You did strip, maybe he would show leniency. He touched you, squeezing and pinching at your skin. You gasped, this sensation foreign to you. He kissed you roughly, his hands grabbing your ass hard.

“Namjoon.” You yelped when he pulled away and he glared at you.

“Go lay on the bed.” His heavy footsteps that followed you as a reminder and you lie down. He opened a box, and you sat up to see its contents.

“Didn’t I tell you to lie down?” You lie down again, him rummaging through the box.

“Close your eyes.” You felt silk wrapped over your eyes and he grabbed your wrists. The cold feeling of metal chafing at your skin. You squirm, Namjoon running his hand over your back to calm you down.


“Call me daddy, Y/N.” He spoke into your ear before you felt his tongue slowly lick the skin.

“Turn over and spread your legs.” You did as he said, his finger began stroking you.

“D-D.” You felt a cold, slippery substance over your dripping wet pussy.

“Get up.” You were on your knees and you felt something plunge into you.

“Oh my god-”

“Don’t fight it, baby.” You bit your lip, as he continued to fuck you with, what you guessed was, a toy. You moaned his name, your mind becoming incoherent.

“You’re starting to like this, aren’t you baby?”

“M-More-ahh.” You could tell he was smirking, seeing you ready to beg for him. The toy pumped in and out of you, the friction overly simulating to your body.

You were so close and then he pulled it out, the feeling of emptiness making you whimper.

“Don’t be selfish.” You held his hand come down on you, the sting of pain on your ass. Your voice strained with every smack, the pleasure dulling out the pain.

“Da-Daddy-ah.” He stopped, and you sensed him moving closer. You could feel his hand running over your body, teasing and touching your soft skin.

“You’re not going to cum until I say so. Understand?”

“Y-Yes, daddy.” He planted kisses against your spine before you could hear the sound of his pants dropping. Your senses heightened as he pulled into you, the feeling of his cock filling you up pushed out the air in your lungs.

“So tight.”

“A-ah.” Your wrists were chafing against the cold metal of the cuffs, every thrust almost knocking you off balance.

He spanked again, the hard slaps only adding to pleasure he was giving you. You feel your hair being tugged, the strands tangling themselves around his fingers.


His thrusts became fast to the sound of your voice, the harsh sound of your skin slapping together not enough to dull the sound.

“You like it when I punish your little pussy?”


“Such a good little girl.” He tugged harder on your hair, your moans getting released in gasps. Your body was tingling, the way he was treating your body overexcited you.

You loved it.

“G-Give me more, d-daddy-fuck.”

“Don’t be selfish.” He hissed, giving you a hard smack and you bit your lip. His hand slipped down your clit, twisting and pinching the sensitive nub.

“Oh, daddy.” You mewled, he untied your blindfold. Your eyes readjusting to the dim light of the room, only unscented candles were lighting the room. You watched the wax melt, your body almost doing the same until your climax took over.

A mangled scream erupted from you and you collapse onto the sheets. He came as well, his seed flowing into the condom before throwing it out. He released you from the cuffs, his thumb smoothing over the chaffed skin.

He pressed his soft lips to the skin, making you blush.

“Let’s do that again, daddy.”

~Admin Blake