but oh colours

The Colours of Love

You make a flippy-turning feeling light and swirl under my throat that seeps into my chest that forms there. It spreads and pulses throughout my torso, extending to my stomach and traveling up my neck. Chills prick across my upper back, my shoulders, and settles as the soft, thin hairs on the back of my neck stand. You make my chest throb as the pulsating continues spreading the feeling and fill my empty cavity of feeling. Its blue and purple and magenta as it forms colourful veins in my body, the colours swirling and mixing together to create a pushing heavy mixed light flowing in and out from the center. The center, the middle of that desolate cave, fills with extravagant colour and feeling as I think of you. A smile pricks to my lips as the colour reaches there, the pulsing speeding and rushing, going and growing stronger and harder as my stomach does flips. It grows hard to breath for a moment as the colour fills up my lungs and any available space. Shocks and chills, colour and fills, reaching to the deepest darkest depts until I’m so full of your colour that I can’t think of anything else. Then it pulls, gravitates back to the center and pulls away from my gut, arms, and back, remaining to beat inside my chest alongside my heart.