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How to Write Children

The other day I started writing something I’ve been thinking about for a long time.  The first chapter starts with the characters at age 7 and, for the sake of accuracy, I pulled out my notebook from the Child Development course I took over the summer.  I know that not everyone has access to a course like that or even notes from one, so I thought I could share some tips I picked up on writing children.

Age: Infancy (birth to ~2)

Infants don’t really do much besides eat and sleep.  The only way they know how to communicate is through crying; however, they do start making noises that sound like talking as they get older, which can be noted as cooing or babbling.  First words are usually short, brief words that are nouns or actions.  Language develops quickly at 50 words by 8-18 months, and 300 by 18-22 months.

Fresh babies can only see about 7-9 inches away from their face and without much peripheral vision.  Basically, things need to be right in front of them.  Infants respond to sound much easier, though, responding more to the mother’s voice, and sounds and rhythms of speech rather than nonsensical noises.  Babies are sensitive to smell, taste, and pain, being able to determine good and pleasant from the bad.

They spend about 2/3 of their time sleeping (16 hours a day).

Around 2-3 months, the infant starts being able to hold up their head, and around 3-4 months they can start grabbing things voluntarily.  

Age: Early Childhood (2-6)

At this stage, children are developing their gross motor skills, which is the large muscles.  They are learning to balance, throw, catch, push, pull, etc.  At this point, males and females are generally equal in terms of development and abilities.  Children can begin to develop fine motor skills at this stage, but not unless they have mastered gross motor skills.

Children at this stage usually develop patterns of erratic and unpredictable eating habits.  They can develop strong or strange preferences, and often are influenced by parental food preferences.

These ages need about 10-11 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period which is usually accomplished with 9-10 hours at night and a 1-2 hour nap during the day.

Children at this stage begin “symbolic” or pretend play.  They have one-dimensional thinking, and see themselves as the center of all situations, and this is completely normal development.  These children do not understand the laws of causality.  An example of this is that highways make cars go fast, or when I wake up the sun comes out (rather than people make highways fast or the sun will always come out whether you wake up or not).

Preschoolers learn an average of 9 words per day.  They also apply the concept of overregulation, which is applying grammar to words that are an exception to the rule (a child learn that you put -s on plurals and makes the word “mouses”).

Preschoolers start to identify and respond differently to their friends than other children.  They identify friends not by qualities, but rather the toys and activities they share.

Age: Middle Childhood (7-12)

This is the stage when children usually begin losing teeth.  They start going in for regular vision, hearing, and dental checks.  This is also the stage when hormonal differences begin to occur, not until puberty however.  Children begin to develop “executive functions” of thinking, such as goal setting, information processing, and self-regulation.

During middle childhood, children are increasing their speed, strength, agility, and balance.  They are developing hand-eye coordination, faster reaction time, and flexibility.  Their fine motor skills have increased to tie shoes, fasten buttons, zip zippers, etc.

Children at this stage begin to understand the law of conservation, which is the idea that properties of an object remain the same when superficial characteristics are rearranged or changed.  They can also begin to uses class inclusion, or understand that one category or class can include subcategories (**Note: This is Piaget’s theory and has since been proven that the development in this paragraph happens earlier than he accounted).

Children begin to develop a moral conscious that is usually dependent on the world around them.  Basically, children learn that they must conform to an authority or set of rules, and misbehavior results in automatic retribution.  Children at this age may also begin to lie as a way out of retribution, but do not fully grasp the concept of deception (develops around 9-10), so lies will be short, one-word answers rather than elaborate tales.

By age 6, children will have learned 7000-13000 words.  By ages 7-9, they will understand that words have different meanings and enjoy jokes.  

Children will start to develop self esteem around this age, and is usually higher in children with close relationships with their parents, and social acceptance by their peers.  Peers become powerful during middle childhood, and there becomes a lot of pressure to conform due to acceptance or rejection.

Age: Adolescence (13-17)

Puberty may have already happened before this age, but it usually marks the beginning of adolescence.  In males, early maturation is not usually seen any one way or another; however, late maturation in males can make them feel dominated an insecure.  This is reversed in females.  Early maturation can make them feel awkward and conspicuous.

Teenagers are at the peak of physical health, strength, and mental capacity (in general terms), yet this is a very hazardous age.  Rates of death by injury between ages 15-19 are about 6 times greater than the rate between ages 10-14 because of an egocentric feeling of invincibility.

Teenagers bodies have sexually matured, but they have limited executive functions and tend to be impulsive.  They may end up reacting to peer pressure.  Sexually-active adolescents have a higher risk for Sexually Transmitted Infections (estimated 2.5 million teenagers).

Many teenagers experience sleep deprivation (<6 hours), which can lead to poor performance.  Adolescents experience what is called phase delay.  This concept is the teenagers body shifting its sleeping schedule, making them fall asleep later and waking up later.  It is natural for teenagers to have difficulty falling asleep before 11pm.

At this stage, teenagers have a great capacity for abstract thinking and use of symbols.  They are categorized by hypothetical thinking (what might be rather than what is), Utopian thinking (the future’s possibilities), and symbolic thinking (how a symbol can represent something greater).

Teenagers still experience a sense of egocentrism.  Adolescents are overly concerned about what others think of them, and feel under scrutiny or on stage (”imaginary audience”).  They also believe that their own thoughts and beliefs are special and unique, which can lead to them feeling alone and isolated.

The differences between genders (I’m sorry I don’t have any notes on trans youth we didn’t cover that) is now much more obvious due to cultural experiences.  Girls tend to be better in verbal skills such as reading, and expressive language, whereas boys tend to be better at visual-spatial abilities because of sports.  In a study of 7 million teenagers, they found no difference between boys and girls in mathematics.

*** Please note that this is a very simplified and edited version of my notes.  There are entire sections of the science behind development, and also disorders and diseases.  If you want a deeper explanation on anything, or posts about the two subjects I skipped over, please feel free to ask! ***


Hey guys! Today, I just wanted to share with you how I go about with my bullet journal. I have collected a lot of ideas from Tumblr, Pinterest and Youtube, and this is the format that suits my taste. I hope you guys find this useful or interesting! :)


1. Index

Of course, most, if not all, bullet journals start with an index page so you can make reference to it in the future. This makes things easier to find and more organized.

2. Habit Tracker 

I track various habits like eating fruits and vegetables, getting 8 hours of sleep, drinking 8 glasses of water, finishing a book, etc. I put numbers in the grids and each number corresponds to a date. If I did that certain task on that day, I will shade in the box.

3. Calendar

This is a calendar for the whole month. Here, I use post-it notes so that it can be easily transferred if the date ever changed. I also use different color of sticky tabs for school, blog and personal life, but the one above is only for blog posts since I don’t have other things to put yet. 

4. Books and Blog Posts

The one above is separated into three columns - “Books I Want to Read,” “In Progress,” and “Finished” - and I used sticky tabs to put the books that I want to read in the month of January on the first column. When I’m already reading the book, I will transfer the sticky tab to the “In Progress” column, and then to the “Finished” column when I finished reading the book.

On the bottom part of the page are the blog posts that I plan to post in January, and it’s also separated into three columns - “To Do,” “In Progress,” and “Finished.” I also move them to the appropriate columns when the task changes status. 

5. Expense Tracker

This is where I track my expenses for the month. In the first column, I put the item that I bought. In the second column, I put the date, and in the third column, I put the amount.

6. Weekly Spread

This is where I put my everyday tasks. So first I put the date, and then the bar below that tracks the number of glasses of water that I drank that day (left) and the number of hours of sleep that I had the night before (right). Then after that, I proceed to my to-do list, and I shade the box different colors once the task is done for school, blog and personal. Below that, most of the time I put 1-2 sentences about the highlights of my day.

7. Weekly Mementos

To the left of the weekly spread are the mementos that I collected throughout the week. These are mostly receipts, tickets, stubs, and any other thing that I think might be worth putting in. 

on that note, cishet aces who say “we have to deal with romance and sex getting shoved into our faces all the time you don’t know how it feels!!”

of course i do? i 100% exactly know how that feels? the most representation lesbians get is in porn, which is made by men for men and horrifically sexualises lesbians. so it’s not exactly… representation by any means. us gays get like 2.5 canonically lgbt characters a decade who aren’t mysteriously killed off and maybe like, 3.5 lgbt celebrities?

y’all scream that you’re not homophobic but seriously, if you put representation of lgbt romance/sex at the same level as straight romance/sex and use it as fodder for your “we’re constantly bombarded by sex and romance!!” gripe then you’re complaining about the little scraps of representation we get, and just, fuck you? yeah


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Art Raffle Time!!!!

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College- a looming threat that seemingly we know all about, save for when we get there, and suddenly, no one is prepared for the sudden wave of college life to push us into the chaos ocean that is class. Well, fear no longer! Here are my top 5 tips to surviving college. (keep in mind I am a first year student, this is just what i have learned so far!) 

1. talk to your professors! we all like to get our syllabus first day and get out, but make note of the office hours listed and of the required materials for the course. if you have any questions, come after class and talk to the professor- even if you don’t, come pop over, introduce yourself! it shows you are engaged in the class and take an active stance in your studies. 

2. stay organized! it is so easy to loose things, assignments, and especially the syllabus. you are most likely going to need all of these papers, and though this seems obvious, it is so, so important to keep up with everything professors give you- if they have a wiki page, use it! keep note of exam days, lecture days, all of that jazz, so you are not late or missing important class time/assignments (most professors will have a calendar on their wiki if they have one at all) 

3. dress comfortably, but not sloppily, to class. everyone knows that you should dress nice on the first day to make a good impression, but I advise keeping up with a neat, yet comfortable wardrobe. it shows people you care enough not to look like a mess, and it’s just better for you all around- at least, kin my experience. (would not advise ‘fancy dress’ or heels, though! stay comfortable, if you can!) 

4. not all your notes need to be studyblr worthy, or even legible to anyone but you- you need to be able to quickly take notes during lectures or presentations, so they need not be pretty. if you study better with pretty notes, i would make a rough copy during class and then, later, if you have the time, make a nicer, prettier copy- don’t waste valuable class time making ‘cute’ notes! do what you have to do! 

5. try to be a little social! you don’t have to attend wild parties (lord knows i don’t) and if you are a somewhat introverted, anxious or depressed person like i can be, i would advise having a small group of friends you can contact in each class if you have missed a day and need the work or notes for the missed day. it truly helps you stay on top of things if you miss class, and it is wonderful to have friends that will support and help you! 

that ends my first studyblr masterpost//long post sort of deal! hope you found it helpful! xoxo- kat 

New Year Chastity Challenge!

Hey, perverts - it’s the start of a new year. Any seedy resolutions? 

I’ll be having my cock locked away soon. And, of course, that’s where you come in!

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So, Tumblr… What kinky shit will you be getting up to in 2017?

Grimoire envy

The reason grimoires you see on tumblr are really artistic and such is because:

1) A witch will probably only post pictures of their grimoire if they are proud of how it looks.

2) Usually to get a lot of reblogs a grimoire picture is going to be fairly attractive to get people’s attention.

It is not:

1) Because grimoires have to be super artistic and pretty.

2) Because most grimoires look like that.

Fundamentally a grimoire needs to be useful. If you are an artist of course you will incorporate art into your grimoire. Same with any talent, include it into your grimoire work. Most grimoires are just scrawled notes for personal use.

Tarot Tip: Energy Calibration

If you have a growing deck collection, & tend to use 1-2 decks/week, it doesn’t hurt to recalibrate your other decks occasionally. Doing these sorts of check-ups help to keep you connected, plus this serves as a wonderful way to do something witchy without feeling obligated to set up your altar, or anything extraneous if you don’t feel like it.


1. Choose which stones/crystals you’d like to surround your decks (optional). For me this helps keep myself, the pendulum, & the deck focused on aligning our energy for what needs to be done. Of course having my fav crystal - quartz crystal - at the top anchors all of our energy. Note to self: get some more crystal  points 😜

2. Take a moment to settle down clear some thoughts. You don’t need to be in a completely meditative state, but this can help you focus on your intent.

3. Use whatever pendulum you have - it doesn’t have to be similar to what’s pictured. It could be your favorite button tied to an old necklace chain your grandma gave you. 

4. Start calibrating! What usually happens for me, is the pendulum will move in one direction - cross horizontally/vertically - move in another direction - then come to a dull sway. This last part is usually how my pendulum indicates that it’s done calibrating, done answering my questions, or is unsure of a resolution. 

Mini pendulum tip: if/when you recognize your pendulum is struggling, this is a perfect opportunity to bust out your tarot cards. In this case, an elaborated answer is required beyond a “yes”/”no”/”maybe”.

Decks pictured: Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot (left), Daemon Tarot (right)


Back to School Haul! 

So I know that most of you are probably back in school right now, but I don’t start until next Wednesday so I figured I would share my school supplies haul with all of you! I had quite a bit of supplies left over from last year so I didn’t need too much, but of course I had to get some stuff :)

1. Binder (Wal Mart) that I needed to put my loose leaf text book in- It’s a pretty colour and a perfect size for what I needed it for!

2. Notebooks (Typo)- To rewrite my notes in, New York is my life so I had to get it.

3. Composition Books (Wal Mart)- To write my notes in during class. I like that they don’t have rings or anything so it’s easy to write on both sides of the pages! 

4 & 5. Phone charger (Wal Mart)- Not really school supplies but my phone has been dying in like three hours lately so I needed one to keep in my school bag lol.

6. Sharpie pens (Wal Mart)- They looked like the write well and I needed some pens so why not right?! 

7. Post It flags (Wal Mart)- I love using these to book mark pages in textbooks and my note books!

8. Marble patterned pencil case (Typo)- This is beautiful and I needed something to keep my copious amounts of pens and markers and highlighters in so again why not right?

9. Cue Cards/Flash Cards/Index Cards/Whatever you call them (Wal Mart)- I use these all the time to help me study definitions and concepts!

10. Macbook Air marble case (Amazon)- I needed a new case to protect my baby (especially at school) and I fell in love with this one, so I had to get it!

Have a great day! 💖

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Thank you Followers!

So this boy recently checked the number of Followers, and he found that it reached past 2,000! To celebrate, this boy wants to do a spanking challenge, and humbly requests his Followers to participate. For every Like or Reblog this post gets, this boy will spank himself once, and will post the end result upon completion. this boy do a final note check on Thursday and will hopefully have the pics up by Friday. Oh and here’s just a small pic of the ass that will be receiving the spanking, just for reference of course. 

anonymous asked:

(1) GOD so i read that steggy snippet you posted a while ago and it just struck me how fundamentally different steve's romantic relationships are with peggy and bucky just GOD like with bucky they never (ok rarely) say i love you because WHY THE HELL WOULD THEY of course they love each other they're everything they're each others lungs and veins but with PEGGY he can't even help it he's so in awe of her he just says i love you like a million times uncontrollably like its such a miracle that this

(2) incredible woman is there in front of him and in love with him and he gets to kiss her and touch her and he’s so in love with them both and he’s so GONE for them!!!! and i guess on that note hint the au that steve and bucky survive, steve and peggy totally get married right?? how does she feel about her husband also being in love with bucky? i was thinking about how 21st century steve and bucky have the time to like lounge around and eat pizza and fuck on the couch but PEGGY IS TOO BUSY

(3) so she lets the boys chill and steve can be her househusband (who fights evil sometimes WHATEVER) and bucky can deal with the marathon sex at odd hours shit that steve pulls. ALSO who does bucky marry??? is it angie?? peggy totally meets her first and describes her to steve like “so i met this girl” “okay” “who is totally hot” “OKAY” and then they scheme to get bucky to meet her so they can fall in love and have a wonderful polyamorous time but their first meeting goes unexpectedly south
(4) and initially bucky and angle’s relationship is FRAUGHT with miscommunication and ust until they realise that they’re actually pretty good together (and also bucky gets jealous/curious about angie’s fabled– by peggy– kissing prowess and probably never lets go of that like peggy made out with his wife before he did) and then bucky and peggy just have a nice low-key time while the DRAMA COUPLE that is steggy is fighting crime and the government and what have you. the end

OMG i love this?? 

People who are against self diagnosis need to chill the fuck out I literally walked into therapy one day like “have I ever told you I’m like 85% sure I’m autistic?” and my therapist was like “no? But thanks for telling me finally. It makes sense though, send me some of the stuff you’ve been reading on it so we can compare notes” and then like 2 sessions later was like “hey do u want me to write that ur autistic on the paperwork?” It’s not like you need to pass an autism obstacle course and get written permission from the president. Not to mention an autistic person is autistic even if they don’t have a diagnosis. Like, if you isolate an autistic person from society and medical procedure they won’t be less autistic. Mind your own medical records.

Fic: A Supermarket In Ohio

A Supermarket in Ohio 

Pairings: Kurt/Blaine (past), Blaine/David Karofsky
Word count: 2,050
Rating: General 

Summary: “So weird, running into each other in the grocery store now like regular adults. But I guess that’s what happens.”

Notes: This is not a Blaineofsky fic, but to misquote the-multicorn, it’s an exploration of canon. Special thanks to wowbright and damnpene for their beta-reading help.

Read on AO3

His dad said, “Sure, Kurt, of course you can stay, as long as you need. Whenever you need it. But don’t think you’re getting out of doing chores while you’re here. Everyone pulls their own weight in this house.” Which Kurt knew was his dad’s way of saying I’m worried you might get lost in feeling sad. So he cleaned the bathroom and took out the trash and made dinner two nights a week. And today, when Carole asked, he took the shopping list to the Meijer’s out on Elida Road to buy their groceries for the week.

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2. I’m a teacher so my hours online vary week to week depending on how much grading I have to do and, of course when the weekend finally gets here.

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6. I want to combine numbers 4 and 5 for this one. If anyone wants to talk to me about a sensitive subject, I will totally have an open and honest conversation with that person as long as hate stays out of it.

7. (last one, thanks for your patience) You—yes, you reading this post–you are an amazing human being and I want to thank you for checking out my tumblr blog. I hope you liked it.  Please keep being awesome. :)

Asagao Academy Guide

Hey ya’ll, I’m playing through all the routes and thought I’d write down how to get the good ends for the sake of everyone. Especially after Shane gave me such trouble. (goddamnit, Shane)

I’m not quite finished yet I will keep updating! 

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