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JR: Bellamy and Echo have always had sparks. Their relationship was certainly interesting from day one when they woke up trapped next to each other in Mount Weather. It’s been a long and winding road, and obviously that road’s not over yet… They’re all together in a group in space, so you never know. What do you think about this?

That’s ^^^^ what I think about that. JRoth is the confirmed captain of the Spoiler Police so he more he tells you about a specific relationship the more you know its not going to be a big deal. 

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Im I'm taking myself off anon 2 prove Im female 2, therefore know what it's like. I have used Tinder and HotorNot and although I will admit there are a lot of fuckboys there I have never once had some1 respond negatively 2 me ignoring them. So why not take the path of least resistance?obviously because u want 2 start shit. I have never met someone who thinks its ok to speak to others the way u do. How would u feel if it was reversed.

I don’t care what gender you are dude, and I don’t care what your personal experience has been. You deal with your life and I’ll deal with mine. You respond however you see fit, and I’ll continue to politely say I’m not interested. Idk why that’s such a big deal to you. Everyone deals with things differently. BUT if I am nice and simply say I’m not interested and someone tries to pull shit damn right I am going to come back at them. 💁🏻 sorry but I don’t take shit. again: you criticizing the way I respond will not change how I respond. So just stfu and go away.

I’m just glad you came off anon so people know who to block and I can actually block you from my mobile since you can’t just stfu and go away. Much like the fuckboys I feature on here. 🙄🖕🏼 bye bye now


The point isn’t that John is thrown a rope despite being chained to the bottom of the well. The point isn’t that they managed to leap to safety from an exploding flat. The point isn’t that Mycroft, previously referred to as the ice man, is terrified and repulsed to the point of vomitting. The point isn’t that we never saw the contents of John’s letter. The point isn’t that the timeline for Eurus meeting Moriarty doesn’t actually make sense within the previously established narrative. The point isn’t that a kid went missing and no adult authority thought to check in the nearby well. The point isn’t that John’s hair grew seemingly overnight. The point isn’t Sherlock failing to notice missing glass. The point isn’t that John strong moral principle Watson could have an affair and beat his best friend to a pulp. The point isn’t that we never found out who the “mutual friend” was. The point isn’t that there was a dog bowl. The point isn’t that paper somehow survived the flat going up in flames.

The point is that all these things happened together. There isn’t just one singular thing to look at and go “that’s why series 4 sucked”, it’s all of these inconsistencies put together. I just keep seeing people say things like “omg obviously we didn’t need to see John getting unchained to know that it happened” and “would people get over the fucking letter, it wasn’t important what it said its just about the drama” and I’m like that’s totally valid if we were just looking at any one (or even a couple) of these things happening throughout this series. But we’re not. All of these things happened. Yes people are making a big deal out of little things, but it’s because when you actually add up the amount of little things…well turns out that list isn’t actually that little.

This series displayed some truly lazy writing, and not on a small scale.

Today I went to the grocery store for lunch. My ongoing mission there, besides buying food, is to reduce the accumulated change in my house and my filthy Camry. I use as many coins as I can in the store’s self-checkout machines.

Today was a good day.

There are four self-checkout machines. None were broken. No customers stood in line. As much as I want rid myself of coins I’m not enough of a jerk to make people wait while I carefully drop in coins one by one. One time I found out the hard way (got snapped at by a clerk) that a guy can’t insert coins too quickly or the machine jams. It’s a delicate balancing act where I consider number of coins, speed of coin insertion, number of waiting customers, and my hunger pangs.

My pocket was lighter by 44 pennies and 8 nickels when I left the store a little while ago. Obviously I’m working on the small denominations.

You might think $0.84, big deal. Well it’s priceless peace of mind to me. No one was delayed by my actions. I came home with ingredients for a tasty turkey and gouda sandwich. Fewer coins are in my car and house.

Like I said, today has been a good day.

Trump Gave His Kids A Big Stake In Huge Government Deal, Document Shows
A key document obtained by BuzzFeed News shows how the GOP nominee took control of a taxpayer-owned landmark near the White House with only a $2.4 million equity investment. He also gave more than 22%
By Aram Roston, Daniel Wagner

Now that Trump’s General Services Administration has decided Trump isn’t violating its lease–even though he is obviously an “elected official of the Government of the United States,” which the lease expressly prohibits from having “any share or part of this Lease” or “any benefit that may arise therefrom”–he and his kids can rake in the profits.

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You seem to love Yoosung. And so I thought I'd share in the love. Like I'm sorry if this sounds rude (I don't mean it to be AT ALL) but it's just an observation that sometimes people make Yoosung out to be a babyish, Rika obsessed person. And while the jokes are funny, I feel like his character development is overlooked in the process. Like how he overcame depression and became strong and wiser after everything that happened? I just love him so much. Precious boy.

yes,OK,ANON, i have gotten a few scattered Yoosung hate messages but i normally delete them because i dont want to pay attention to that kind of behavior and this is a yoosung kim safe space that will not even THINK about posting any hate but you came to me wanting to share the love, so ima just pop off for a sec mmk (also youre very polite which is cool cause im nOT)

TBH the “im not rika” joke is STALE. i,,,try not to post it cause it just perpetrates a negative image of yoosung and i know its all fun and games and blahblahblah but im just..,,tiredt. especially because a lot of people LEGITIMATELY DO NOT LIKE HIM because of his “”cousin complex”” like let me just fucking say that,, my boy is dealing with GRIEF! THE DEATH OF HIS COUSIN OBVIOUSLY HAD A REALLY, REALLY BIG IMPACT ON HIM. like remember why he fucking fails all his tests and does nothing but game all day??? those are signs of depression my homies. if you dont like Yoosung because he is still dealing with grief im???? SORRY THAT HIS GRIEVING PROCESS IS NOT ROMANTIC ENOUGH FOR YOU????? WHAT the fuck honestly. your seven-obsessed asses, when DURING SEVENS ROUTE HE LITERALLY YELLS AT MC, but then Yoosung compares you to Rika, WHICH BYE THE WAY IS A FUCKING COMPLIMENT COMING FROM HIM, and suddenly he is some kind of untouchable???? fuck that. and you better not come @ me with “shes not dead” or “but she’s a snake” CAUSE THE RIKA THAT YOOSUNG KNOWS IS ESSENTIALLY A DEAD ANGEL.,,, like…ok,,,…u dont like being compared to rika..,,,im SURE YOOSUNG DIDNT FEEL TO GREAT WHEN HIS COUSIN DIED,EITHEr. OH! AND, not only did essentially his best friend die,,BUT IT WAS LIKE THIS SKETCHY ASS SITCH WHERE THERE WAS NO BODY AND SOMEONE WHO HE THOUGHT WAS A HAPPY PERSON APPARENTLY COMMITTED SUICIDE LIKE BNCH!!!! THE BOY HAS NO FUCKING CLOSURE OF COURSE HE WANTS TO SEE RIKA IN YOU!!! TF!! open your damn eyes to the struggles of yoosung kim and respect his development as a character

BAD GIRL: Chapter 4

SUMMARY: Some history.

WARNINGS: Strong language

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“Be good to her.” Don Estevez said to Edward (Y/L/N).“Protect her. Cherish her. Love her.” His hands gripped your shoulder as tears fell from his eyes.

You were so young that you couldn’t calculate what was happening. Your biological father, the Don, shook hands with the man and his wife before your uncles gave them your suitcase and bag.

"Hello Esmeralda.” The man smiled wearily,“I’m Edward (Y/L/N), this is my wife, Jessica. We’re friends with your father and Howard Stark.”

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Frat Boy AU: 1st meeting

You were the bookworm in your family. You were drawn to words and saw everything in a very logical and collected manner. This was why no one was surprised when you got a scholar ship to go to the college of your dreams. You studied litteratur and every day for you was a new exciting day.
But it was more of a rutine by now. You woke up in your dorm room, you had a roommate, a nice girl that didn’t stay in her room too often. Obviously because her boyfriend had bought himself an apartment off campus. And after getting ready in the morning you liked to go out a little before the class would start just go get some fresh air and enjoy the nice weather. It was still summer and the hot and sunny days continued to make everyone around you happy.
For some it sucked to be caged in the class room while the sun was at its highest, but for people like you, it wasn’t that big of a deal.
So here you were - in midst of your morning ritual. Walking down the path that would lead you to your first class. Surprisingly a lot of people were outside already probably because the warm weather was that inviting. But you didn’t really focus on any them, you continued to walk along the path.
But how you wish you had been a bit more observant, because out of the blue something hit you.

“Ow!” You groaned, you had fell to the ground and the hit had left few scratch marks on your arms. Right beside you a white football was rolling around, it was obviously the culprit here. Or more precisely the tool of the culprit. The real culprit was making his way towards you. “I am so sorry.”

Shawn Mendes. That one name on campus that anyone knew. It wasn’t that hard to remember either, but his boy-like features and constant way of making himself known to other people, that was the way he was remembered by you. Shawn was something every boy in high school probably wanted to become. A real frat boy. Sure he wasn’t the leader or anything, but he was pretty popular. The reason behind his popularity was that he was so confident in himself, even when doing embarrassing things he didn’t feel stupid. To top it all of he barely ever went outside without his sunglasses. They were always on him, nobody was sure if they had ever seen him out without them.
And with those sunglasses on, he gave you a cheeky smile and held his hand out for you. “Really sorry darling, my friend is a bit bad at aiming.” You took ahold of his hand and he helped you up.

“A bit? Try a lot… And don’t call me that.” You snapped at him, and then noticed your books laying all over the ground. Quickly you started to gather them, really wanting to get away from him. While every other girl he would practically fall at his feet, he didn’t really attract you. Of course you didn’t know any personal things about him, and maybe that was it. He didn’t seem like that guy that had any real thoughts to share.

None the less he chuckled at your words and nodded in admiration. “Alright, what do you want me to call you then?” And there it was. His smile, the one charming thing about him that you couldn’t even admit you liked. He had a really nice smile. But you would never say that out loud. “How about sweetheart? Or love? Or-“

“No thanks. My name is (y/n) and if you ever, I hope not, have to call me anything then that will be my name.”  you huffed and were about to grab the last book, but before you could another hand grabbed the book at the same time. Your hand was covered by his. “Relax sweetheart.”

“Don’t!” “Actually yes, sweetheart. It suits you … Sweetheart.” You couldn’t see his eyes but you were sure, that the smirk on his face surely had just as cunning eyes with it. In a rush to get away from him, you snatched the book from the ground and got up to hurry away. You didn’t turn around but you could feel his eyes on you. And then his voice followed.

“See you around sweetheart!”

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Okie s/o 2d who has dark circles under her eyes (genetics and lack of sleep do their job) and she is very shy of them and constantly tries to hide them somehow and is afraid that if they see them, then he will not like it and so on (thanks In advance !!!)

•When you first start seeing each other it’s obviously no big deal that you’re wearing makeup whenever you get together. I mean, who doesn’t put on a little foundation when they’re trying to impress someone?
•It’s not something he ever really notices or has anything to say about, though.
•Eventually when you start staying over he notices how quickly you get up and run off to the bathroom. Honestly, he just thinks you have to pee in the morning and doesn’t think much of it.
•One day you sleep in longer than you’d expected. 2D was already up, clicking around on his phone. When he notices you’re up he wraps his arm around you and asks if you slept well because you look tired.
•After a lot of internal debating on whether or not you would run off to the bathroom or face the situation head on you tell him you’re fine and thats just how you look without makeup.
•He tells you how much he likes them and thinks it’s charming that the circles under your eyes match his own.
•When you don’t believe him he just shrugs and says it looks punk and he thinks they’re cool.

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karin only wants to ravage sasuke lol she is peverted and shallow. nothing "deep" about her feelings


Karin did not say she wants to ravage Sasuke; it was a mistranslation. What she (literally) says is, “When Juugo and Suigetsu fall asleep, I’m going to attack Sasuke in his sleep!” While naughty, there is a considerable difference between the harmless innuendo present in the dialogue in its original Japanese and the crude way in which it was translated into English. This was obviously meant to be humorous, and last time I checked, using light-hearted sexual jokes as comic relief isn’t a big deal. 

Karin simply happens to be confident and thus has no problems with her sexuality. I don’t understand how that makes her shallow—unless one believes that female sexuality is inherently dirty and shameful, making your remark rather misogynistic and outright draconian. SasuKarin is not the only ship that has their moments of comic relief. NaruSaku has Sakura’s violent tendencies, SasuNaru has their bickering, NaruHina has Hinata’s fainting and stuttering, LeeSaku has Lee’s boisterous approaches and Sakura’s reactions to them, and SasuKarin has Karin’s eccentricities. So what’s the problem?

This panel right here disproves your claim that Karin’s feelings for Sasuke are merely shallow. How is it shallow infatuation if her greatest wish is to see Sasuke happy? Isn’t our Western concept of idealist love altruistic? Then tell me, what is more altruistic than putting the needs of someone else above your own? And if this wasn’t clear enough, Karin’s feelings for Sasuke were the trigger that awakened her dormant Uzumaki powersThe bottom line is, Karin’s feelings for Sasuke aren’t solely infatuation, and even less limited to lust. However, I can give you the benefit of the doubt since there is the possibility that you might know the Karin from the anime where her sexual attraction to Sasuke is overplayed and exaggerated.

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Wow, another one. You're just as bad as that Soggy bitch. (or whatever her name is). This isn't about what band is better. This is about how much effort and love goes into their music and their community. Obviously, since all you dumb asses are glorifying that one anon and making a big deal out of it, its clear the clique is more mature.






Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This monster can only be Special Summoned by Tributing “Petit Moth” on the 6th of your turns after “Petit Moth” has been equipped with “Cocoon of Evolution”.
Can Be Found In: Dark Beginning 2 (DB2-EN249), Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards (TSC-001)

The card game is very fast paced to the point that a Duel can last just a pair of turns. While that keeps the thrill of not having the perfect strategy depending of the opposite player’s counters and comebacks, places slow gamestyles at a higher risk. In a time where basic setups can bring out some of the strongest monsters available, Decks requiring some turns to achieve their goals are at constant danger by opponent attacks and effects ruining all their plans. However slow strategies aren’t completely defensless, as along with teh staple tools to make their build work they have a repertoire of stalling effects ranging from locking down the opponent to protecting our cards from all threats.

“Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth” is one of the first nomi monsters to debut in the game, and unfortunately clearly shows. Despite being an Effect Monster “Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth” only offers its massive stats, as its effect only states how to be summoned. As a nomi, “Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth” can only be summoned from our hand by having on the field the monster “Petit Moth” equipped with “Cocoon of Evolution” for six of our own turns. Is undoubtly one of the most extreme summon requeriments a monster can require, specially as doesn’t provide a big winning condition compared to several monsters far easier to summon. On the bright side, thanks to the small stats of “Petit Moth” itself, “Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth” might be a product of its time but its summoning has been easied over the years.

The summoning of “Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth” as well any of its smaller counterparts will require a build of its own to obtain both “Petit Moth” and “Cocoon of Evolution” as well keeping them on the field until our sixth turn of being played. Fortunately, thanks to the poor stats of “Petit Moth” we obtain a massive number of support cards to be on the field as fast as possible. Many effects will  bring it out from our Deck like “Unexpected Dai”, “Draconet”, and “One for One” without any difficulties. While “Cocoon of Evolution” doesn’t have many options to be on our hand on time, “Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth” can be prepared by cards like “Different Dimension Capsule” and “Gold Sarcophagus” to be obtained a few turns after their activation. As we wait the six turns the opponent won’t hesitate to take down “Petit Moth” with ease, so use heavy defenses going from stalling effects like “Messenger of Peace” and “Threatening Roar”, protection coming from cards like “Safe Zone” and “Forbidden Lance”. to even taking down monsters on its own with the help of Spells like “Moon Mirror Shield” and “Amulet of Ambition”. But if we’re in a big hurry to summon the Moth, “A Wild Monster Appears!” can ignore all its requeriments to be summoned from our hand in exchange of several restrictions including being shuffled back to our Deck.

“Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth” doesn’t offer much besides brute force despite all the work needed for its arrival. On the bright side is far from being unsupported, and can take full advantage of cards like “Forbidden Lance” and “Skill Drain” to have a lead on the field against many popular threats despite their drawbacks. Obviously with its high ATK we should assure that deals constant damage to take down the opponent, easily achieved with the help of cards like “Fairy Meteor Crush” and “All-Out Attacks” among others. The Moth also has options to work along even if is not on the field, not only the mentioned “A Wild Monster Appears!” but also as cost for a card like “Trade-In” to later on be replicated by the effect of “Phantom of Chaos” and take down nearly any monsters in battle.

“Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth” never was a popular card due its several flaws and risks, but gained some reputation as a challenging Deck to play with. An effectless monster which requires two other cards to survive for a huge number of turns is quite the achievement, making it the main premise of playing arround this Moth and/or its weaker counterparts. As the game became faster and more threatening for cards this old, on the other hand it gained several resources to manage its conditions easier as well having some shortcuts as alternative. Is obvious that “Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth” is overshadowed by many other nomi monsters even from back its debut, but is that kind of card that becomes quite a feat to make an entire strategy arround it.

Personal Rating: D

+ High stats
+ Various resources to ease its summon conditions
+ Well supported including a few shortcuts to be on the field temporarily

- Very slow summon conditions as well setup reliant
- Only provides high ATK despite all the work required for its summon
- “Petit Moth” and “Cocoon of Evolution” will be in constant danger until its requeriments are met
- Easily overshadowed by nearly every other nomi monster in the game

Guys!! We just got our 300th follower!! That’s such a big deal!! 

Thank you so so so much for reading & appreciating Hello World, Its Eli!! I just started making this series a month and a half ago and I’m already waking up every morning to notes from all of you beautiful people, I can’t explain how cool that feels, thank you all so much! My comics have already begun obviously advancing, I’m getting really comfortable with my style and I have so much more to say, so stay tuned! I’m planning for an announcement at 500 followers, so stay tuned for that too!

I love hearing from you guys, thank you so much for letting me know what you think, it’s so cool to talk to the people who see my comics every day ❤️❤️❤️  

please dont call wonho “lee wonho”. he obviously has reasons to why he goes by his mothers sir name, and honeslty? its none of our business. leave him alone. if him or starship want to say shit about it, let them, but until they do, be respectful of the name he goes by, and dont get in his face about it. its not a big deal. trust him. if he says his name is shin hoseok, then we are calling him shin hoseok. end of the story.

nightsilver/peterkurt AU where Apocalypse doesn’t happen

but Raven still takes Kurt to the School, cause honestly she doesn’t trust the kid not to land back into trouble, and Xavier can handle him better than anyone

Hank manages to whip up a watch that makes a hologram version of Kurt, kinda like in X-men Evolution, because, yea he doesn’t need to be ashamed, Hank understands how hard it is to look different, to be treated different, and he wants Kurt to be comfortable where ever he goes.

And Kurt doesn’t exactly mean to wear it almost constantly, he just….he likes the feeling of people looking at him, and not staring. People not being shocked when they first see him, just being a regular person.

Which isn’t a big deal at first, cause some people know what he looks like under the watch, the Professor and Hank obviously, and then Jean, Scott, and Jubilee, who always ask if he wants to take it off, they like the way he looks, its badass.

And that’s fine with him, being seen as a normal guy, with normal teleporting powers, until he tries to poof into a hallway one day and runs- literally- right into a certain speedster.

and peter’s just like “woah! hey didn’t see ya, kinda appeared out of no where, you know that??”

And Kurt still trying to make sure his watch is okay before Peter grabs his arm and “wait, are you that teleporter? from germany??” and Kurt just kinda nods like ?????? “Cool! hey, you know, I always wanted to learn german, we should hang out, teach me a few phrases” cause Pete just wants to know okay?? not like he came to the school to find out about a certain parent, and hey! maybe even learn some german so maybe he could connect with him, nooooooo, besides this poofing guy seems cool!

So this starts the weird friendship between the two, movie marathons, sneaking out past curfew, culture clashes, just generally running havoc around the school

and Kurt’s happy, Peter is the best friend he’s ever had, and maybe developing a small feeling or two towards him doesn’t do any harm except….

Except Peter doesn’t know what Kurt looks like, and its been forever since they started being friends, and now if feels like a big dirty secret, Kurt knows its not but he can’t help being scared.

Until it all comes to a head one day, Kurt has his watch off for one reason or another, alone in his room, when Peter bursts in, excited about something and just about to tell Kurt when he stops, cause there’s just something big, and blue, and is that a tail???

and Kurt just freaks out and poofs away, maybe towards the roof, but of course it doesn’t take Peter very long to find him, c’mon he has the speed man

and they just stare at each other til Peter blurts out “I once got really scare at a haunted house during halloween when I was a kid, like really, wet your pants scare, and I started running, and I kinda was half way across the state when I stopped, so my mom didn’t let me do very Halloweeny things til I was like, 13″

and Kurt’’s just “????what???”

“Okay, yea, didn’t come out right, what I’m trying to say is that, I’m weird, you’re weird, we’re all kinda weird, but that’s sorta the point to this place right?? And if you got a but more weird to you, than hell yes” 

and than Kurt just poofs over and hugs the crap outta Peter and they just hug it out for a bit til Peter can’t stay quiet anymore and it just

“And you know what?” I really dig the color blue”

“really? I guess I started liking the color silver myself”

Breaking the One Damn Rule: Part 1

Sure, you’re 100% down with having Pietro Maximoff’s baby—you couldn’t imagine anyone else fathering your children. But neither of you planned for this, you’re not even supposed to be together according to S.H.I.E.L.D.. Finding out while Pietro was away on a mission was bad enough and now telling him during an attack, with your future family in danger, was not what you had in mind; and this is exactly why they forbid Pietro from having serious relationships in the first place. Whoops.  

Warning: Pregnant!Reader, Sexual situations/references (sorta), language, slight angst?

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Words: 1, 853

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Blind Date: Nessian Fanfic

Nesta is unknowingly set-up on a blind date by her younger sister Feyre. How will she react when a charming man approaches her at the bar with a confident smirk? What will Cassian do when he realizes that he has encountered a wildcat of woman who doesn’t fall for his charms as he expected?

Modern Nessian:Chapter 1 

Nesta inhaled deeply while nursing her headache with a glass of scotch in the corner of the bar. She thought her last year in college would be easy-going, but apparently fate had a way with making sure Nesta couldn’t have a relaxing semester. She currently juggled a 15 page marketing report and mid-term group presentation with two of the laziest students in her business class.

She brought the cool glass to her lips and took another drink. Her day hadn’t gotten any better when she left her classes to work at the restaurant. Most of the customers she served earlier today were couples who could hardly keep their hands off of each other long enough to actually eat their food. Nesta couldn’t help but to roll her eyes as she sat there drinking her scotch.

Who would love another person to the extent that they would go so far out of their way to act so delusional? Or at least have some public decency not to grope one another under the table?

Nesta huffed in agitation while taking another long gulp from the glass. Love was just an excuse so someone could get into another person pants.

The clock on the wall read 6:20 p.m. much to Nesta’s aggravation when she noticed.

Where the hell is Feyre? Can’t even show up when she scheduled this meeting?

“Need another glass?” The bartender asked.

Nesta shook her head in refusal while glancing toward the door looking for her youngest sister to walk in. Another five minutes passed as Nesta rolled up the sleeves of her white button down shirt that she still had on from work.

If she doesn’t show up in the next five minutes I am done. I can’t wait here for another 30 minutes on Feyre’s whim.

An exhausted sigh escaped her lips and as she took another sip of scotch when the barstool next to her suddenly became occupied with a large body and a deep warm voice.

“Hey there,” the friendly male voice sitting next to her said in her direction.

Nesta paid no heed to the man. She wasn’t in the mood to talk with anyone considering how her day had been shittier than most this week.

Cassian walked into the bar Feyre, a close friend of his, had mentioned where to meet Nesta. He was running late do to office work at Rhysand’s company, but hoped that he wasn’t too late. He walked further into the dimly lit bar with the scent of beer and cheap smoke filling his senses. Luckily it was early enough in the day that the larger crowd had yet show up in the bar. Cassian quickly scanned the sparse patrons. He searched for a face that matched the description Feyre had given him. Their conversation from the day before filtered into his mind.

“Nesta won’t be expecting you, but I think you can handle her Cassian,” Feyre said.

Rhysand snorted. “From what you told me I think we should be worried that Cassian might end up in an emergency room if we are lucky. Or facedown in a ditch at its worst.”

Cassian raised a brow and smirked. “Does she play rough? If so I am no stranger to a tussle in the sheets if she’s looking for that kind of partner.” He then raised his eyebrows suggestively to which Feyre merely chuckled and Rhys rolled his eyes.

He is going to be in for a rude awakening Feyre and Rhys thought silently.

Feyre shook her head. “More like she can cut you with a single glare. Seriously Cassian just try to be a gentleman and charm her up.” Feyre paused and made sure to emphasize. “Just don’t push it if it’s obviously not going anywhere.”

Cassian nodded. He never pursued a woman if it was evident that they weren’t compatible, whether for meager physical fun or whatever both partners were looking for. In truth he was anticipating the challenge Nesta posed. He had heard about Feyre’s oldest sister being described as being a vicious viper with her words. He could handle whatever nasty words she sent him and give it straight back if it came down to it.

So when Cassian finally noticed Nesta sitting in the corner of the bar he walked over to occupy the seat beside her.

He initiated the conversation, but the woman kept looking forward obviously ignoring his greeting. Cassian frowned at the unexpected lack of response. He ordered a drink as he thought of a new way to gain her attention.

While he waited Cassian looked at Nesta and got a better impression of Feyre’s oldest sister. He took note of her appearance that most people would glance over. Nesta was pale as if she didn’t get out in the sun too much, but her skin looked soft enough that Cassian wondered if it would be delicate under his touch. Her long hair held a dark golden sheen that was difficult to see until she tilted her head slightly. Thick strands were pulled into a tight high ponytail that ran down the middle of her taut shoulder blades.

Nesta was pretty. Cassian would admit that, but the frown marring her face would send most away before they ever got the chance to talk with her. Cassian grinned. He was up for this challenge and so the chase began.

“Hey, don’t mean to interrupt your no doubt intriguing thoughts, but can I ask you a question?” Cassian said this time causing Nesta to turn her head toward him. Her bluish grey eyes cut into his hazel ones like steel.

“What?” Her clipped tone held no warmth.

“Just wanted to ask what a lovely creature like you was doing over here stewing over some scotch.”

Nesta couldn’t believe this. This man was trying to hit on her.

“Fuck off,” Nesta turned. Completely dismissing Cassian.

“Damn looks like someone came along and bit you in the ass,” Cassian smiled a toothy grin in challenge.

“And if you don’t pick your ass off that bar stool and leave me alone you’re going to wish you never walked in here.” Nesta snarled while glancing at the clock again wondering why her sister still wasn’t here.

“Nice to see that my ass is on your priority list,” Cassian replied thoroughly enjoying himself as he riled up this spitfire of a woman

Nesta faced Cassian and studied him more closely. He was attractive, or at least had a rugged handsomeness about him Nesta noted. Dark tousled hair hung to reach to top of his shoulders. It looked as if his hands had run through the black strands many times for that slightly messy style. Faint stubble across the lower half of his darkly tanned face could not hide his angular cheekbones. Muscles in his arms and broad chest were prominent from underneath his gray shirt. What captured Nesta’s attention the most were this stranger’s hazel eyes that burned like flickering embers. She was so caught up in the man that is took his knowing smirk to shake her from the evaluation. Her cheeks began to warm in embarrassment.

“Why don’t you go bother someone else,” Nesta snarled. Pissed off at both at this man and herself for getting distracted by his looks. “I’m actually waiting for someone and you are in their seat.”

“Really?” Cassian looked around the bar in exaggeration to humor her. “Looks like I am right where I belong if you ask me. With me sitting right beside the hottest thing in this hell hole.”

Nesta whipped her head around seeing red. Anger coursed through her veins turning into a raging inferno. She would not be toyed with. Not by anyone and certainly not this bastard.

Cassian, noticing the fire in her eyes, prepared himself with a shit-eating grin on his face. “What’s wrong Nesta? Can’t take the heat?”

Her name gave her pause. Nesta clenched her hand around the empty glass to the point her knuckles turned white.

Nesta hissed, “What did you say?”

Cassian played coy. Wanting to stretch this game out a little longer. “Well I’m not one to brag, but let’s be honest and admit I’m the most handsome man here.” Cassian gave Nesta a taunting grin. “Luckily I found the most charming woman here to spend my evening with.”

“How do you know my name?” Nesta bit out in a harsh tone.

Cassian paused. Taking a long moment to drink his beer before responding. “I make it a point to know a pretty lady’s name. That and your sister told me.”

Nesta was silent. Cassian became aware of the feral glint that appeared in her eyes. “So why are you here and she’s not?” Her voice took on a lethal calmness as her eyes turned sharply toward his.

“I’m here to charm you my dear,” Cassian drawled, waving a hand between the two of them, “and considering how you checked me out earlier I would say it’s going splendidly.”

Nesta snorted. Arrogant overconfident bastard. Someone ought to put him in his place. “I assume that’s what you think, but I am not some simpering girl who you can easily charm at a bar.” She assessed him again looking up and down disdainfully. “Actually you know what would be charming? You leaving and me never seeing your face again.”

Cassian chuckled. “You really know how to make a guy feel special don’t you Nesta?” He took another drink as Nesta fumed beside him. He couldn’t help but think that she looked cute with her cheeks turning scarlet and her lips pursing enough to draw his eyes to the redness of them.

She noticed his averted attention and reached for her purse that rested on the bar.

“So eager to give me your number?” Cassian had downed almost half of his pint by this point.

Nesta pulled out some bills to pay for her drink before standing up. “Obviously Feyre is not coming considering she is over 30 minutes late,” Nesta grabbed her purse as the bartender collected his money. “And I am not staying to deal with the brute she sent instead.”

Cassian turned in his stool to face her completely. “Leaving so soon? Nesta we haven’t even began to have fun yet.” His eyes were playful and suggestive. His grin baited her to do something. Anything.

Nesta scowled. “I am not interested. Nor will I ever be in a bastards whose egos are big enough that it would give the entire city of Prythian a run for its money.” There were enough men in this city that thought they could do whatever they wanted while ruining other people in the process. Nesta shivered from a harsh memory that flashed in her mind.

A time when she thought she could trust someone. A time when she thought she was strong enough to take on anything the world threw at her. She vividly remembered the moment when those beliefs were shattered with a night filled with terror. She refused to be put in a situation like that again.

Cassian narrowed his eyes in confusion. Nesta’s once fierce glare became clouded in another emotion. Fear.

A wave of anger began to boil in Cassian’s gut and flow through his hand that gripped his glass. Maybe there was a reason behind Nesta’s viciousness that stemmed from something that Cassian was afraid to consider. He knew that look though. He had seen it too many times to people who didn’t deserve the pain they were dealt.

Cassian silently reached for his wallet in his back pocket. Nesta thought he was going to write down his number on a scrap piece of paper, but then she saw him rifling through bills.

“I want to pay for your cab,” Cassian explained when he saw her puzzled look. “I was supposed to be here at 6, but got caught up in work so take the money for a ride back home.”

Nesta shook her head and refused the offer. “I’m not taking money from a stranger.”

Cassian blinked. He completely forgot to introduce himself as he was caught up in his time with Nesta. He stood up and his tall form made Nesta take a step back as his body neared her at his movement. Too close. So close they brushed arms as he rose to his full height.

“Cassian,” he reached out a hand for her to shake which surprisingly she did, but only for one brief moment. Her slender hand became engulfed in Cassian’s calloused warm grasp. Nesta released his hand quickly as if burned by the heat while Cassian merely smiled. Curiosity filled his eyes as he watched her reaction.

Nesta tipped her head back to look up into his eyes. She didn’t cower under his searching gaze that seemed to burn with something more than amusement.

“Well Cassian,” Nesta gave a tiny nod of acknowledgement. “I’m leaving.”

With that she turned and walked away not noticing Cassian watching her the whole way out the bar and onto the street. She didn’t look back, but Cassian was hooked. This woman shut him down in a matter of minutes, but already he was looking forward to another encounter. Another chance to beat her at this game. He sat back down at the bar while pulling out his phone to text Rhysand.

The date went well.

Really? Are you sure you met the right girl?

It was Nesta all right. You were right about her attitude .

Feyre and I warned you. So I take it if it went well you still have all your limbs attached.

Cassian couldn’t help, but imagine Nesta sitting on the bar stool with that fierce expression on her face. He chuckled before responding back to Rhys.

Well there is one limb in particular that is especially interested, but yeah I think Feyre should invite her sisters on our next group outing.

First off I would watch that limb of yours around Nesta. You are bound to lose it if you don’t mind yourself. Second, are you seriously that into her Cassian? Feyre doesn’t want you and Nesta killing each other over your constant flirtations. If Nesta wasn’t into you then let it go. (I highly doubt she took you up on an offer for a second date.)

Rhys, trust me, I am not giving up yet. I have a good feeling about this

Nesta was interested. Cassian thought back to her heated glance as she looked over his body and the faint flush on her cheeks.

I just need to see where it goes. If all else fails it’s her loss.

Fine. But you better know what you’re getting yourself into.

Cassian sat at the bar reading the last text. What was he getting himself into? He knew Nesta didn’t appear overly interested, but he could see in her eyes that there was something between them. It was brief, but the moment was there. Now all he could think of was when he would see her next and more importantly what he would say to her in order to bring out that fiery look that drew him in.

Nesta inhaled the city air as she walked swiftly down the street to the subway station. She kept thinking back to that man - Cassian.


She huffed out a breath in aggravation. Who does he think he is? A bastard that can’t seem to mind his own business apparently.

Nesta continued on her way until she remembered that somehow Feyre was involved in this situation. When I see her again…

A quick text message was sent to Feyre. It blatantly explained that the barbarian she sent to the bar in her stead, better watch himself on the streets if Nesta catches him walking by and that Feyre better have a damn good reason why she sent him to meet her.

Minutes passed by. And Nesta’s hand was still warm from the touch left behind by Cassian.

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So, remember when I gave people a head’s-up about some guy making sockpuppet accounts because he didn’t like that people theorized that a character on a Disney cartoon might be trans?

I’ve seen a couple arguments this guy has made to the tune of “Disney would NEVER make a character trans and/or gay”, and…I feel I gotta be the bearer of the following news.

(Bear in mind, I am not saying this means we’re 100% for sure gonna get confirmation of Trans Marco, I’m just offering a counter-argument. I don’t know what the writers are up to any more than the rest of you.)

1. LGBTQ+ representation has seen a big surge in American kids’ entertainment, including some Disney properties. Obviously the biggest example is Steven Universe, which features several examples of gay/bi characters (i.e. Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby and Sapphire) , or characters that don’t fit in the gender binary (i.e. Stevonnie). We also have Legend of Korra ending with two women being paired off romantically, Gravity Falls confirming that Blubbs and Durland are a couple in its last episode, and more and more instances of same-sex parents popping up in cartoons and live-action kids’ shows. Hell, remember when it was a big deal that the Disney Channel show Good Luck Charlie featured a character with two moms? And I’m not even listing every example on TV right now, let alone entertainment in general (hello, ParaNorman)

2. Disney is not quite as conservative as you think. While there have been instances of creators getting requests to hold back on some things (just ask Alex Hirsch), I think Disney is very slowly dipping its toes into more progressive waters, with the only major setback being possible censorship in foreign markets (and really, it’s Disney, they’ve got enough money to not worry about that). On top of that, everything I’ve heard about working at the company itself indicates a very LGBT-friendly workplace environment. I’m not saying they’re perfect in this aspect, but it sounds like they’re trying.

3. Trans characters can exist in kids’ entertainment without bringing up genitals or whatever you’re worried about. I’d like to turn part of this argument over to Charlotte Finn at Comics Alliance, who, like many people, sees transgender overtones in the character of Tip/Princess Ozma in L. Frank Baum’s Oz books. She was inspired to write about this after reading the graphic novel adaptation of Land of Oz put out by Marvel (again, a Disney-owned company!), and pointed out how a character written over 100 years ago in a book for children very closely matched a usual transgender experience:

One way that Marvelous Land of Oz is not out of date, however, is with the fate of the central character, Tip — who turns out to be the most important person in the narrative, since Tip is actually Princess Ozma, transformed to look like a boy in order to be kept hidden. This happened to her as an infant, so yes, Ozma is literally assigned ‘male’ at birth, a transgender term for the gender they tell a person they are based on sexual characteristics shortly after being born. (In this case it’s a wicked witch instead of a doctor who’s great once you get to know them, but still.)

Upon this revelation, Tip/Ozma goes through denial, then quickly realizes that this is what’s meant to be, and all of Tip/Ozma’s friends treat her with acceptance and kindness. The vast majority of the Emerald City is glad to have Ozma as their sovereign, once she returns to reclaim the throne from General Jinjur. So really, this plot point in The Marvelous Land of Oz hasn’t aged at all and is not only ahead of its time, but ahead of ours.

A frequent defense of the regressive nature of many fantasy worlds is that they take place in Ye Olde Medieval Times But Let’s Add Magic, and therefore outdated attitudes just come with the territory. The Marvelous Land of Oz takes a different path, and postulates a world where the presence of the strange and unusual makes us more tolerant, not less so. In a world where your best friend is made out of straw and you got indigestion from a wishing pill activated by numbers, finding out that you’re not the boy everyone said you were supposed to be is small potatoes in comparison.

Honestly, if kids in the 1900s could handle this sort of plot twist, I think kids today are more than capable.

So yeah, just my two cents. Again, not saying anything’s for certain in regards to any trans theory regarding any cartoon character right now, but I like giving a little food for thought, and I’ll take any opportunity to defend how progressive kids’ shows can really be.

anonymous asked:

I was really excited but now I can only think they're doing the live show to tell us they're moving out separately which is just ridiculous bc 1 they would never announce it on a live show they would probably just tell us in a tweet or mention it without making a big deal out of it 2 it's obviously okay if they are moving out and I shouldn't get anxious about it 3 basically someone needs to make my brain stop I'm so sorry I'm just rambling anxiety got the best of me

ok before i actually answer this i just want to give you a digital hug and let you know that everything is fine and when i talk about this i’m not trying to invalidate how you feel. i understand the nerves especially after making such an emotional investment in these two guys and the life they’ve built together. but with that being said, i think the prospect of dan and phil moving apart is incredibly implausible, to the point of being absurd. leaving aside the fact that dan has spent nearly the entirety of his adult life cohabitating w phil and the fact that neither of them honestly would know how to function alone bc they’ve lived together for half a decade, and in that time clearly fallen into deeply ingrained habits involving each other, and also leaving aside the fact that i just altogether don’t see why they would have any desire to move apart whatsoever, i think on a purely practical level it makes no sense. like, at bare minimum their careers are inextricably tied together and they spent all of this year hammering home the idea of them as a partnered duo (what better confirmation of that does one need than phil sharing an individual award w dan at the boncas). so they’re going to, AT MINIMUM, continue creating together. in which case, how would it make sense for them to go to separate places when they need each other to make their videos?

but obviously i think all of this cuts far deeper, and dan and phil are partners in every sense not just professional. they share everything. tv viewing habits, breakfast lunch and dinner, a massive dvd and games collection, a plushie collection, a mug collection, all of their filming equipment and cameras, their art and their rave tree and their Tetris light and their golden pig and their muse poster and also nearly all of their friends. they’ve got each other’s fingerprints saved to their phones. they skype after only one day apart. they’re literally just as grossly co-dependent and obsessed with each other as they seem and the idea of them suddenly throwing all of that away makes no sense to me in any capacity. i’m sorry if this seems overly emphatic or critical, and i don’t mean any of it to be rude or patronizing, i just really disagree w this idea that i’ve seen become more and more widely discussed for no apparent reason. i think a lot of it has to do w phil’s age and it frustrates me that people in this community think that life has to end when someone turns 30 lol, that’s honestly not that old and it doesn’t mean he suddenly has to dive into some heteronormative understanding of “family” and settle down w a wife and kids. for all intents and purposes dan and phil already are settled down. they begin and end every day together. they have for the last 5 years and probably also the two years before that even when they were long distance bc skype existed. it makes no sense to ignore all of that and presume that due to some combination of phil’s age and idk …stable contentment, a lack of drama, etc. that something dramatic needs to happen now to shake things up. to me, it’s a lot simpler to just accept how happy they are together and not question it. i hope this is reassuring to you and that you feel a bit better about all of it xx

anonymous asked:

It's not a big deal because their are not in a relationship. If they so they will spend much time as possible together. Cole obviously prefer go to parties than staying with her. Pretty simple

You know that it’s possible for people in relationships to spend time apart right? And they were already with each other earlier that morning so if Cole wants to hang out with some friends, then let him