but obviously it didn't work out

i am actually so so proud of sehun right now … his singing has obviously gotten so much better he’s in tune and he even has a little vibrato going on. that just shows how hard he works and how determination can really pay off i lov him

Tony Stark
• manufactured weapons and profited off people’s deaths
• decided to stop only when his own safety was disrupted
• made fun of Bruce turning into Hulk, knowing it was not the kind of a joke Bruce would enjoy
• made fun of Steve being frozen for 70 years, knowing it was not the kind of a joke Steve would enjoy
• made fun of the fact that Nick Fury had only one eye, knowing it was not the kind of a joke Nick would enjoy
• made a rape joke
• created Ultron
• kept the fact that he was creating Ultron in secret, although the Avengers deserved to know it
• laughed when it turned out that Ultron was about to destroy the world
• after his first attempt at creating Ultron had gone horribly wrong, he decided to create another, more powerful version of Ultron, having no idea whether it would be on their side
• and he did it in secret again
• after the creation of Ultron resulted in many deaths, it took a woman to confront him about it for him to start feeling guilty about it
• instead of owning up to his mistake and trying to make up for it properly, he guilt trips Avengers into “being responsible” and signing the Accords (as if it weren’t him and only him who continuously messed everything up and who needed supervision)
• called Wanda Maximoff a weapon of mass destruction
• locked Wanda Maximoff in the house with Vision, preferring not to ask for her consent or even warn her beforehand
• brought Peter Parker, a 14 year old child, into a fight with highly skilled adults who could have easily killed him
• didn’t even tell him what the fight was about and purposefully manipulated him into not listening to Steve or anyone else on his team by saying that they’re just wrong
• ignored Steve’s warning about Zemo’s plan and about many more Winter Soldiers out there
• started the fight with Team Cap, yet acted like he was betrayed
• blasted Sam Willson away after his team tried to kill him and accidentally hurt Rhodey, when Sam got down to say he was SORRY (for not dying?)
• yet wasn’t shown to be even remotely angry at Vision
• fought so hard for the accords (which even led to Avengers being imprisoned in the Raft under horrible conditions), broke the rules in about three days to go after Steve and Bucky
• knowing that Bucky was brainwashed and tortured and didn’t control himself when he killed Tony’s parents, still tried to kill him
• after he blasted Bucky’s arm off, and Steve picked him up to leave, he started screaming about how “his father made that shield” and how “Steve didn’t deserve it” (when from the very beginning it was Tony who was starting things, and Steve was defending himself and his friend)
• made sexual comments about Aunt May in front of Peter to make him uncomfortable
• after giving Peter hope that he’d become an Avenger one day, Tony ignored him and didn’t show any interest in what he was doing, letting Peter, a CHILD, think that he’d just have to be “good enough”, which was the reason Peter got into a lot of dangerous things
• installed an instant kill mode in Peter’s suit
• installed a bud into Peter’s suit without his permission or knowledge
• gave no indication that he actually listened to Peter when he told him about the villains, sent FBI to fight against Chitauri weapons (which would have been a suicide mission) and later, finding out that it didn’t work out, showed up, blaming Peter that he didn’t have faith in him
• took away Peter’s suit for no reason but the fact that Peter didn’t think Tony would have listened and decided to save hundreds of lives himself (what a hideous thing to do)
• later wanted Peter, a 15 year old, to join the Avengers and live with him, obviously hiding the whole thing from his legal guardian.

And people ask why we don’t like him?

there are some respects (especially as regards worldbuilding) in which LOTR is a lot more nuanced and detailed than many later users of the genre conventions it helped popularize and so there’s some stuff that Tolkienesque fantasy gets criticised for that Tolkien himself doesn’t actually tend to do

there’s obviously plenty to criticise in LOTR itself, but it’s not always what seems obvious based on later examples of the genre, and it’s fascinating to see how those tropes have mutated

  • me: okay but really like wymack obviously remembered kevin's mom and he knew who kevin was. he didn't know kevin was his son but do you think it hurt him to watch kevin play and think of his mom? because once upon a time wymack really loved her. and did he talk to abby about her? did he ever hope that when kevins mom told wymack she was pregnant that the child was his? did he ever really hope that it could have worked out? and what happened when kevin told him? what did he say? what did he feel? and would he ever like legally adopt kevin or call him his son out loud? but in a fatherly way? did kevin love wymack? did he ever want to fall apart and just go to wymack before he told him the truth and just feel love from a father but couldnt ask for it? do you understand i need so much information on kevin day and his father/coach david wymack
  • police: ma'am this is a line for emergencies.

Dating Harrison Osterfield

• first off, home boy would be so nervous and shy to ask you out
- he would like, practise and Charlotte would have to help him
- even though he has known you for like ever
- he’d start off with, ‘I know I’m not Tom…’
- who really cares, I mean, Tom Holland who?
- and he’d you a cupcake and a flower for the market and give it to you
- he’d be a blushing mess
- like get to the point Osterfield
- once he’d finally ask you out, I think he would probably need to lie down because he would have worked himself up to think you’d say no
- which obviously you didn't 

• he’d buy you a small gift wherever he went
- like in Canada he would buy you a key ring to go on your car keys
- In America and Europe, he would send you a postcard from every country he visited.
- which you always thought was sweet because he would actually go out to his way to buy a postcard (even if he was only in the country for a short period of time), write it, pay for postage and send it.
- Love H x would always be on the end of them
- In China, he would bring back sweets and weird candy which you would eat with him

• he’d usually come home late at night from his flight
- he would never try and wake you up, but he always seemed to wake you up anyways
- ie, bumping the side of the bed, ‘accidentally’ turning the lights on, having a shower and you’d hear the water running.
- once you were awake, he would make some tea and you would have tea in bed
- and he’d talk about his travels
- 'and thanks to Tom…’
- 'you should’ve seen what Tom did today’
- you’d change the subject so he didn’t compare himself to his best friend

• whenever he was home, you’d always make sure to look after him
- making him tea
- cakes
- scones
- home cooked dinner

- matching pyjamas

• during the day you’d either go out for brunch or lunch, go to this parents for the afternoon or just chill at home and go for a walk if the weather was nice
- because Tom and Harrison have an apartment together, you’d have to look after Tessa whilst they were away
- also, Tom knew you guys needed your privacy
- tie or sock on door handle

• he’d live for adventure
- taking photos of everything
- 'babe, pose for the photo’
- 'I’ll ruin the view’
- 'you are the view’
- random shots and videos would appear on his Instagram and story
- you’d casually be exploring somewhere
- 'we found some shit’
- 'Harrison!’
- 'we think it’s bear shit’
- 'Harrison, we’re in London. There are no bears’
- 'you don’t know that’

• he never called or facetimed you, he preferred to write letters and postcards
- or lengthy texts at like, 4 am in the morning
- if he did call or FaceTime you, Tom would always want to speak to you
- 'I’m talking to her’
- 'but I want to speak to her!’
- 'she’s my girlfriend’
- 'I don’t care. Can you at least tell her I say hi?’
- or he’s Snapchat you but he’s never be in the photo.
- one time he FaceTimed you, he was on the Great Wall of China and it was about 5 am, so you were obviously asleep
- you’d pick up and it would just be him, with Harry jumping in the background.

• you’d always joke with Tom about getting a place with Harrison
- 'but who am I going to talk to!’
- 'uhm, yourself’
- 'what about practise lines’
- 'you don’t even practise lines with me anyways’
- 'but-’
- 'you have three brothers, annoy them for once’

• you’d go out to parties with him and Tom would be a major cockblock
- ’(Y/N) and I are going to head home’
- 'what no you can’t!’
- 'why not!’
- 'I need you here buddy’
- there was one time when Harrison was really turning you on and you both made your way to his bedroom and Tom would call him on his phone until he picked up 
- or in the spa, you’d be making out and Yom would just splash you with water
- 'not whilst I’m here, please’

• he would be so sweet to your family
- if you had to move far away from them to be with him, he’d always make sure that you had called them at least once a week
- he’d send them gifts
- a purse to your mum
- a golfing voucher to your dad
- if you had younger siblings, he’d always be up for babysitting them
- he’d do arts and craft and sports with them
- teach them how to film and take good photos
- major turn on 
- just picture him with kids
- god it would be so cute
- they would love him
- 'it’s okay Harrison, next time we can play’
- he’d take them to the aquarium or zoo do you weren’t with him
- or a theme park
- they would come home sick because of all the food they ate and the rides they went on

• he would be so down to earth
- he’d be so humble
- he’d always ask you how you were and at least compliment you once a day
- he would show his emotions
- boy would he cry in sad movies
- he’d be so touchy
- 'babe come here’
- 'where are you going’
- hugs and cuddles 24/7

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i worked at a coffee shop, we had a customer who ordered, then didnt pick up his drink when we called it out. 10 minutes later his espresso was obviously not really drinkable anymore, so he demanded a new one. it was rushhour so we were like "okay this is your fault but okay fine" when he gets the NEW drink, he demands his money back, the number of our manager, the names of our barista and me (cashier) and says he will shut our location down. all over an espresso we made, and he didn't pick up

BVB Feiertagsmagazin w/ Erik Durm - English translation
  • Nobby: Here he is! I'm very happy you've found your way to me once again, Erik. So far you haven't won a "Goal or No Goal" game against me, that's why I'm especially happy you're here today and I hope it stays that way. Are you confident?
  • Erik: Yeah, it didn't work out the last two times but I think it's finally time that I kick your ass.
  • Nobby: I'm excited! (laughs) Have you analysed the match against Benfica, yet?
  • Erik: Yeah, we talked about it in the hotel. Obviously, we were all sad about the result. I think our approach and way of playing was very good. I think Benfica only had one shot on goal, that one header, and otherwise we didn't give them any chances. Still sucks to lose 1:0 but we're confident that we'll be able to turn things around at home in front of our fans and proceed to the quarter finals.
  • Nobby: Have you ever experienced such a match? Being so dominant?
  • Erik: I don't think so, I mean I've only been here for 3 1/2 - 4 years and I haven't experienced something like it in that way. We were clearly the dominant team, we created many chances, even top-class ones, but yeah, sometimes the ball just doesn't want to get in. Sometimes there are matches like that. Nevertheless we have created a lot of chances, which was very important for us, for the team, and like I said we'll turn things around at home.
  • Nobby: You played badly in Darmstadt and lost, you played excellently in Lisbon and lost. Which face will we see on Saturday?
  • Erik: Well, I hope the one we showed in Lisbon only this time we of course want to get 3 points, we want to win. It's important for us to continue our home run and yeah, we feel good. Of course Darmstadt was a slip-up. Unfortunately, sometimes there are such games where nothing works out and the opponents surpass themselves and that was the case in Darmstadt. But it's still our own fault as well. But I think in Lisbon we showed a reaction and I think we'll be at the top of our game against Wolfsburg. We had 4 days to take a break and...
  • Nobby: And the spirit/mood/morale is good?
  • Erik: Well, yeah after Darmstadt we all were dejected, Lisbon as well, but looking at how we played I think we can look forward to Saturday with confidence.
  • Nobby: That's what you have to keep in mind and if you play like that on Saturday we won't lose.
  • Erik: Definitely!
  • Nobby: You're up against Wolfsburg. You usually say you don't look at how the opponent is doing. But we should and have to do that: they have won 2 of their last 4 games and lost the other 2. How do you rate/judge the team at the moment?
  • Erik: It's difficult to say something about Wolfsburg. They definitely have improved during the second half of the season, they have played good games, sometimes it's a bit of a surprise/lucky bag but to be honest, I haven't watched a lot of Wolfsburg matches. I'd rather focus on our team so I think if we follow through like we want to and if we play like on Tuesday against Lisbon we will win and we don't have to talk a lot about the others, just about us and then things will work out.
  • Nobby: Erik, you're free of injuries, you're a regular in the starting XI. Apart from the two losses how much do you enjoy your current situation?
  • Erik: Of course I enjoy it a lot. It's important for every player to be free of injuries and get playing time. I get that at the moment so I'm very happy but as I said my health is currently still my main focus.
  • Nobby: (touches Erik's knee) Is everything alright?
  • Erik: Yes, everything's ok. (both laugh) And yeah our manager is satisfied with our current performance as well and of course I'm always very self-critical. Especially after Darmstadt I was very self-critical and wasn't satisfied with myself but nevertheless I'm fit, I'm healthy and I'm happy about every minute I get.
  • Nobby: Currently, you're playing in midfield as a winger. You played the same position in the U23. Do you feel comfortable there?
  • Erik: Well, the midfield postion is mainly an offensive part, I'm still also playing in the back five in the defense. We always shift around a bit which works pretty well. Obviously, Schmelle and I always have to run a lot but I think we both know how to do that. That's why this position fits us well and yeah, being involved at the front is always fun...
  • Nobby: You were a striker originally, weren't you?
  • Erik: I was originally playing as a 9 so not that much on the wings but-
  • Nobby: You know how to score goals
  • Erik: One can hardly imagine, yeah. (both laugh) I had some inhibitions when I played for the Dortmund amateurs, didn't quite work out with scoring but after that I've become a defender pretty quickly, thanks to Kloppo, but it's still a lot of fun to be able to make a difference in the offense.
  • Nobby: The Süd will be empty. That will be a weird picture for all of us, for you as well?
  • Erik: Yes definitely! I mean, the atmosphere here in our stadium is always awesome. The süd being behind us is quite impressive. Especially when we play at home they encourage us and spur us on immensely. Yeah... it's such a shame that the Süd won't be there on Saturday.
  • Nobby: When you score a goal you'll still celebrate toward the Süd...
  • Erik: Yes! (both laugh) Yeah, if I score a goal, which for me doesn't happen that often, I'll still celebrate of course.

@therapists: could u pls just aknowledge that mental illness actually exists and that I’m not being difficult just to annoy you and that it’s not a personal attack if my years long suffering isn’t cured after one session with you

like… I’m trying man and I know my behaviour isn’t always logical and that my patterns are unhealthy but I can’t just snap out of it because that’S NOT HOW BRAINS WORK

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so me and my ex broke up cause he tried getting with my best friend which obviously didn't work out. a few weeks later his best friend asks to see me so he picks me up. we decided to go sit in the backseat of his car and smoke a j and then next thing i know he has 1 hand around my neck while he's kissing me and the other is rubbing my clit. we ripped each other's clothes off and fucked for hours. hottest sex ever and my ex doesn't know a thing :)

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Props to Grant and Candice for the way they acted out the last scene before Barry enters the speed force some people didn't like the fact Barry was so chill but it was appropriate I think. The contrast worked Iris was distraught and Barry was calm and accepting, he knew it was what he had to do - flashpoint had caught up to him and Iris was safe he called it his 'redemption'. He's obviously going to be back but it showed that he had matured and was accepting the consequences of his actions (1/2)

(2/2) The scene is heart breaking because of Iris reaction she had just got the chance of a lifetime with Barry back and now he’s taken away it feels cruel.To some it seems strange that as she was weeping Barry was smiling endearingly at her, but I think it conveys how they were experiencing their love for each other in that moment she says “I wanted to be Iris West-Allen” it hurts but Barry doesn’t cry he puts Iris first and tells her to continue without him it shows selflessness of their love

Excellent analysis! And I agree that Barry’s reaction was well fitted, especially when Iris talked about wanting their happy ending and wanting to be a “West-Allen.” He has always been sure and confident in their love for one another, and Barry did a brave thing by accepting his fate and taking responsibility for his past mistakes. Grant and Candice did amazing, per usual. 

  • Alternately, the Magvi moment could have gone like this:
  • Griffin: You see Avi peek out from behind the cannon inside of the hanger, and he quickly runs down the stairs and jumps through the hole in the wall and helps you to your feet. Um, he's crying tears of joy, by the way. You know, because nobody told him you weren't dead. He says, "Are you okay, Magnus?"
  • Travis: "Avi, that was sick. That was amazing."
  • Griffin: Um... The two of you walk over to the edge of the Moonbase, where the wolf just flew off, and Avi's kind of like, seeing to your shoulder. He wants to punch you, but he doesn't, obviously, because you've already got this nasty wound here. But he takes a beat, and he looks over the edge, wipes his tears, and he says, "Do you want to say it, or should I?"
  • Travis: "No, you take it."
  • Griffin: He says, "No dogs on the moon." And when he's done dressing your wound, he takes your face in his hands and kind of kisses you? Uh, he says, "Sorry, I know you're not into romance, but if this whole saving the world thing doesn't work out, I didn't want to die without knowing what that felt like." What do you do?
  • Travis: Whoa, okay. Avi likes me? Didn't see that one coming.
  • Griffin: To be fair, he thought you were dead for, like, three hours. Magnus, do you do anything?
  • Travis: I place a hand on his shoulder, and I say, "Get the cannons ready."

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Idk why this made me so mad but this lady came up to me to complain aabt our tea machine not working. And like it's one of the ones with 4 options u press one and then pull the lever and tea comes out. Well she said one wasn't working and the light was blinking but nothing was coming out. The light blinks next to where it says pick a tea if u pick one it stops blinking so I told her to push hard cause it didn't do it and SHE YELLS AT ME THAT SHE PUSHED IT LIKE OBVIOUSLY NOT BITCH U DIDNT GET TEA

Teachers Assistant || Sincerely Three x Reader Headcanons

Request: Could you do a Sincerely 3 x Reader thing? I find those adorable. Thaaaaaank


  • Connor is the TA for your English class
  • He’s there; he loves the idea of teaching English thrills him but the actual act of being there terrifies him
  • You catch his eye fairly quickly, and he’s instantly intrigued
  • He always makes a point to make small talk, or check your work when he can
  • The more you two chat the more he wants to be near you
  • Of course, you feel the same
  • By the midpoint of the semester, you’re tired of waiting for something to happen so you ask him out yourself
  • He’s thrilled; shocked but thrilled 


  • Evan TAs for your botany class
  • College Evan is much more confident than high school Evan
  • Not leaps and bounds more, but he is
  •  You quickly catch on to how brilliant he is with botany after asking for clarification on a homework question that’s worded poorly 
  • Evan is thrilled to realize that there’s someone else who loves the work as much as he does
  • You love how happy and excited he gets when the two of you really start talking
  • It takes a little while but eventually the two of you start spending time together outside of class
  • At first, it’s under the guise of wanting extra help but eventually, it becomes more about just wanting to see each other
  • Evan is the one to ask you out
  • He gets all blushy and cute
  • Of course, you say yes


  • This boy 
  • He’s in the class you TA for 
  • You can tell here’s there more because he feels like he has to be rather than because he wants to
  • But as the class continues, he seems like he gets more interested
  • Or at least interested in bugging you
  • At first, you find it a little annoying because he keeps distracting the class
  • Eventually, he seems to really begin to get into the class and actually starts doing really well
  • He asks you to tutor him so  he can make up for the work he didn't do so well on during the beginning of the school year
  • When he asks you out, you’re quite surprised
  • He seems actually quite sincere and not at all his usual exterior
  • You’ve begun to really adore the boy so you agree

Sincerely Three

  • These three I swear
  • At first, you don’t realize they’re a throuple because they don’t really act like it when coming and going from class
  • They’re friends obviously but you wouldn't have known
  • They ask you if you’d do a group study session at a local coffee shop over the weekend
  • You’ve been hitting it off with all three of them so you agree 
  • “Perfect, it’s a date!” Connor grins, winking at you before walking out of class, with Evan and Jared in tow
  • When they finally arrive, the boys all hug you before Evan and Jared sit next to you
  • Connor offers to order for the four of you, and he leans down to kiss the boys on the cheek before he does
  • That’s when it really starts to click with you
  • While Connor orders, the three of you start talking about their relationship
  • As you’re packing up your things to leave, Connor goes, “Hey so….do you wanna grab dinner sometime. Just the four of us? You dont have to, I know it’s intimidating for there to be four of us but we really like you and uh-”
  • He starts rambling to cover for his nerves, but you just start grinning
  • “Connor, breathe.”
  • “Huh?”
  • “Of course! I’d love to! It’s a date!” 
  • At this point, all four of you are grinning at each other like idiots
  • “Perfect!”
  • They all kiss you on the cheek before leaving 

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yo so uh this is probably pretty OOC and whatnot but i came up with this headcanon a while ago that bakugou plays the piano?? he picked it up against his will when he was younger bc his elementary school quirk counselor thought it would help him practice control and calm down. (the latter obviously didn't work out lmao) he didn't really like it at first, but i think that as he progressed, it became another thing for him to perfect and be the best at.

!!!!! this is a really good hc actually! i like it a lot

  • the first few times they made him try to play piano he exploded the keys out of spite
    • after a lot of time outs and scoldings from his mother, he eventually (albeit grumpily) agreed to properly learn 
    • he already had a surprising amount of quirk control as a child, but piano just helped him more 
      • they only made him try for extra control bc of how volatile his quirk is lmao
    • they find out that he has perfect pitch
      • it helps with his lessons!
    • he stops lessons around middle school but continues to play
      • he likes the sound & it’s good stress relief
      • he still wants to be best at being a hero; being really good at piano is like… secondary but still important to him
  • the first time his classmates learn he can play piano is chaotic
    • everyone’s just surprised at the gap between his personality and the vibe that piano-playing gives them
    • kaminari feels betrayed bc yet again his friends have demonstrated attractive qualities. damn it
    • deku’s just surprised that bakugou still remembered how to play bc he hadn’t heard bakugou’s music since around elementary school
  • developed a habit of tapping tables with his fingers like he’s touching piano keys
    • mostly done when he’s impatient or bored

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So obviously I don't know how tall you are, but seeing as how some of these boys are freaking GIANTS, I was wondering if you every had troubles doing touch ups and such while they were on location and didn't have a place to sit down? Did most guys end up crouching to help you out or did you just have to reach up as best you could?

i am short. i am extremely short. and yes… most of these individuals are considerably taller than myself. 

but to initially answer your question, most of the individuals that i worked with were/are extremely considerate and either crouch and bend at the knees, or take a stance that allows them to come either eye level or closely within eye level of myself in order to not cause too much strain. 

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I worked at a JTWaxx a few years ago and asked a customer if she wanted to sign up for the credit card. She said she wanted to so I gave her an application to fill out. She then chewed me out that she didn't want to give out her real information, so I should put in a fake address and social. I told her this wouldn't work, but she insisted so I did. Then she chewed me out again when it was (obviously) declined. What I did was probably illegal too...

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Can we all just agree please please please. do not harass the girls about C's bday. They didn't post last yr.. they are not gonna post this year. C didn't post either.. she barely mentioned them as group too. Just leave them all alone. you can wish C. a happy bday.. but please don't harass or bully the others because you want to make them be close again. I'm sad too.. but obviously they gotta work stuff out on their own.

I might’ve failed inktober, mostly from lack of motivation n being busy with other stuff, but instead of trying to force myself to catch up i’m just gonna do something a bit more loose for November - which i’m calling Design-ovember, so be prepared to see designs based on prompts throughout next month

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Is the lifting life all its cracked up to be? How differently do you feel from when you didn't work out? Thanks!

Uh well I mean I’m in the best shape of my life so it feels pretty dam awesome but lifting for me I just really enjoy doing it but obviously in the beginning I myself had to get over the learning curve and get over the gym anxiety and all that but it’s good and I’m happy where my body is now