but obama did have his moments too

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hey can you like write a post of what happened at the show? like troyler moments, etc? thanks a million

It was all so amazing Idk how to put it in words but I’ll do my best:

Tyler started off with some good ole comedy, joking about some particularly hilarious news headlines. He segwayed into a video from Queen Jackie, who said hi and gave Tyler permission to crown a Queen at his show, since she couldn’t be there; so he pulled up 3 mom-daughter pairs and had them play a game where he asked them questions relating to their internet life, and the pairs whose answers matched won a point. Most number of points were crowned :). Then Zalfie video-called and talked about stuff they liked to do at slumber parties; Tyler ended up playing a variation of madlibs with us—fanfiction version. (It was him and Nick Jonas and involved classic mamrie and a lot of beans). Then came a call from the Holy Trinity, and Tyler and Korey played a variation of would you rather, where Tyler said he would choose Troye to be stuck on an elevator for 5 hours (Insert much screaming). THEN TROYE CALLED and mentioned how he loved Tyler’s videos where he told stories about himself, so Tyler used questions from Twitter as prompts, sorta, and told us about meeting Barack and Michelle Obama, how he started youtube, the time he found a dead body, and the time he shit his pants in college. Then he did the vine thing and wound down and said goodbye :) In between parts he answered Q&Slay questions and whenever Korey came one they would do a cute handshake thing. <3

I’m not mentally sound at the moment so I probably left out or mixed up some stuff so correct me if I did but omg it was amazing and so well done and better than I could have imagined. :D Hope y’all will get to experience it too!