but o well it still works i guess

BigBang Reaction #6 - You tell them that they aren’t your favorite band

got7, b.a.p, and bigbang reaction to you admitting that they aren’t your favorite band?? (you’re more into hard rock and metal music please?)) ohh, and blackpink too please if that’s okay?? 

B/N = band’s name

Jiyong: He’s now extremely salty and finds every opportunity to point out every flaw in your favorite band.

“B/N doesn’t even try to make a statement with their fashion and their lyrics are repetitive and unoriginal.”

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Seunghyun: “That was a weird joke Y/n”

He would then laugh and refuse to accept that he isn’t your favorite artist

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Taeyng: he’s extremely passionate about what he does and writes about his life experiences. So because you’re his s/o, he’d write a lot of songs about you. He would be really offended and hurt if you tell him this. I would avoid admitting this to him if I were his s/o in all honesty.

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Daesung: “Oh. Well if they make you happy then I guess that’s okay… Do you still love my songs though…?”

He’s a little insecure after that and works even harder to improve his artistry to win you over

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Seungri: He’d be sassy for the next few days, and also whenever your lack of favoritism comes up. He’d take offense to this too. 

“You have no taste in music. Your opinion no longer effects me. Boi/Gurl bye” *eye rolls for dayyys*

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A/N: I can’t help but think that they’d all be bitter af about this xD lmao

Finding Her

Part 2/5

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Pairing: marliza (maria x eliza)

Premise: modern soulmate au – Eliza and Maria desperately seek their soulmate in a world where their first words to you are written on your arm from birth.

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 1698

a/n: enjoy <3

“Wow!” Eliza cried, grinning. “Um… hi. I’m Eliza … what’s your name?

The beautiful girl swallowed, having trouble thinking. “Um… Maria.”

A gorgeous smile lit up Eliza’s features. “That’s a really beautiful name! And, if I may say, you’re really beautiful too, like… your smile is amazing.”

Maria was taken aback. No one had ever complimented her smile. It was always something about her body or her face… never her smile. “Thanks…”

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Let's do a scenario with all the familie's (probably just butchered English grammar) s/o's getting into a fight with another girl. But their s/o comes out on top with barely a scratch cause they're, like, a black belt in martial arts compared to the now black-eyed prom queen. (Reiji would secretly be proud that his s/o won, but still need to punish her for being 'unladylike').

Yes, hi, hello Prom Queen 2014 here… I wonder what happened to my crown… I only did Sakamaki and Mukami if that’s okay ^^’


Shu - “Must you make such a commotion?” He wouldn’t say it to your face but he was kind of impressed you actually hit her.

Reiji - “That behavior is unacceptable and unbecoming of a lady, I thought my punishments were working too. Oh well guess I’ll have to get tougher on you.” I may be bad butt I’m perfectly good at it~ 

Ayato - “Get her Pancake!” He does not know why you were fighting her but he knows it’s hot.

Kanato - “What are you doing, you could have gotten hurt and then what? Nobody wants a beat up doll!” He sounds kind of mad that you put yourself in that situation I’d go get him some sweets to calm him down.

Laito - “Mmm I love it when my Little Bitch gets feisty, but wouldn’t you rather direct that aggression somewhere else?” We all know where this is going…

Subaru - “Hey stupid don’t do things like that, you could have gotten hurt.” He was genuinely worried you were gonna be hurt, don’t give him a heart attack please. Engine repair is not cheap.


Ruki - “Livestock you are just begging for a punishment aren’t you?” Ruki is not pleased. Whips and Chains excite me~

Kou - “Well isn’t Masokitty being naughty~” By the looks of things you beat up on of his fans, and that’s not a good thing.

Yuma - “Man Sow you hit like a girl.” He may sound condescending but he is still proud.

Azusa - “Eve, why did you… hurt her and not me?” Why must you tempt him like that?


Kino - “That’s nice dear now will get me a coffee I just got to the newest level on candy crush.” Maybe you should have punched him and not the other chick because he sure was not pay attention.

“O-oh jeez! Seems I may have…some house guests….no thanks to Dio that’s for sure…well I guess for the time being you may ask us some questions…while I still don’t know how this whole ‘technology’ thing works…but I’m glad to have new friends to help…”

heyo its me, Josuke/Lyssy/Bee (whatever u wanna call me) the mod of @dailyokusuke with a fucking nother blog for the main jojos in eyes of heaven. about and rules are still a work in progress but they’ll be up in a day or two idk enjoy

i like this colouring :O

Ties that Bind pt. 9: Mended and Whole

The sequel to Never Say Never

Pairings: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader (again! yay)

Warnings: This might make you cry so go read this in a secluded area

Word Count: 1.5k

A/N: I decided to release this a day early because of my 12 Days of Christmas Event starting tomorrow.

Heads Up: @blackwidovv @colt-eleven-impala-sixtyseven @theartofwriting-imagines @valynsia @missallpony1234 @thecynicalnerd @heismyhunter @waywardimpalawriter @misspadfoot02 @flowercrownsandmetallicarms @livforthegames @i-had-a-life-once @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x @rachelle-on-the-run @justarandombanana @emilyinbuffalo @jade-cheshire @anitavalija @amazing-fandom-freak @meganlane84 @lostinspace33 @thatawkwardtinyperson @hollycornish @cookiedough1830 @minaphobia @sebatianstanisbae @buckyslion @buckyb-avengers @allyp1023 @deanskitten @chisatowa @snakesgoethe @your-puddin @lilasiannerd
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Bucky entered the room cautiously. He was greeted with the scent of freshly baked cookies, a scent he once loved. He felt serene. His eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness. He squinted and tried to orient himself. He saw the food that Natasha had previously mentioned and his eyes moved to your second nest. He slowly approached your nest and found you curled up still and facing the wall,

“Y/N,” Bucky whispered. Slowly you turned to face him. Bucky gasped. You were completely pale, you had dark circles under your eyes and your lips were completely chapped,

“What are you doing here?” you whispered, “You should be out there…happy…”

“Y/N,” Bucky crouched beside you. He slowly reached for you. You pulled away.

“You shouldn’t be here,” you said weakly.

Bucky looked around the room, it was just like it was when he left almost five weeks ago.

“I’m here to get my stuff,” he cleared his throat.

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8 weeks of improvement

A big sorry for the lack of art on this blog and sometimes even weeks without a new upload! I may not churn out as much content as I’d like to, but painting all of my stuff allows me to improve faster, even tho it’s pretty time-consuming and sometimes a bit nerve-wrecking (I have no idea what I’m doing like 80% of the time haha… but I’m getting faster).

I gained a lot of new followers recently and wanted to thank yall for your supportive messages, the tons of notes and your lovely tags (I’ve read every single one of them)! It motivates me to no end and makes me work even harder. So thank you for your support, it means a lot to me!!!


I don’t have anything new to post yet, but here’s an old comics I did back in 2011 LJ days… /w\
I think it’s after the reveal showing Link was actually alive.
I’m old I don’t remember things well…

It frustrates me so much that after 5 freaking years Allen still doesn’t know Link is alive!
So yeah maybe this can still apply to future chapters.

juissiananas  asked:

1, 13, 18 and 42 💜

thank you jimi!!

1. post a picture of u

skdhjdg okay so this is a still from when my friends and i shot a video that,,,,has still not been edited o h well it’ll happen someday

i look very sleep deprived and bored. 

13. are you good at hiding your feelings?

i.. don’t think i am? but i’ve been told that i am so i guess it depends on who i’m hiding them from :’)

18. have you ever liked someone you didn’t expect to?

oh, yeah, definitely. definitely. my mind works weird ways sometimes.

42. is your life anything like it was two years ago?

nope! since then, i changed schools, graduated from said school, and i’m about to go on my gap year and become a legal (i said legal. not responsible. keep that in mind) adult! yay!

send me numbers!

You, Me, & the Little Things in Between (V, OC) Part 2

“Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes. But it’s the only thing that I know… can make us feel alive.” - Ed Sheeran 

Part 1

OC- Min Yuki


Taehyung sighed deeply for the nth time this morning, and it was really starting to bother Jimin.

It was a sunny Saturday morning at the store and Jimin was busily stacking some canned goods on aisle six, which gave him a good view of Taehyung who was currently manning the cash register. He frowned when he noticed how Taehyung just sat there in front of the cashier; fingers idly tapping the buttons of the machine. It was so unlike him to just sit there, considering Taehyung was a hyperactive one, and would usually be up and running about in the store; getting his hands on anything and everything he could help out with.

“Here are some more boxes. Deliveries just came in.” Jimin ignored Hoseok as he dropped the box by his feet, before standing up straight and rolling his shoulders. Noticing Jimin’s silence, Hoseok looked over at him then followed his gaze. His eyes settled on Taehyung by the cashier, looking out the store’s display window.

“What are you looking at Jimin?”

Jimin jumped slightly, not noticing Hoseok’s presence till then. He crossed his arms and answered, “Did you notice something different about Taehyung?”

“Um…” he wondered, seeing that Taehyung still had orange hair and was wearing the same old store uniform. “Well he’s kinda quiet, I guess? But maybe he’s just tired. Heard he’s got that job—”

“No… this is different.” Jimin insisted. “He’s too quiet and I could practically hear his brain working from here.”

“O—kay…” Hoseok shrugged as he switched his gaze to the subject at hand once again. Taehyung was now playing with the candy jar; picking them up with a sigh before returning them into the jar once again. It went on for several times before Taehyung finally gave up on it and moved to fix some boxes of mint which he thought didn’t need fixing in the first place.

Hoseok turned to Jimin and clapped him on the shoulder. “Well as much as I would love to analyze our friend over there and figure out what’s wrong, I have some deliveries to sort. And so do you.” He pointed out. “So just ask Taehyung what’s wrong already then get back to work.”

“How could you—our friend is in distress! You heartless—”

“My wallet is in more distress and we all need to earn a living, Jimin.” Hoseok rolled his eyes before motioning his head towards Taehyung. “Maybe he’s just bored.”

“Bored? This is Kim Taehyung we’re talking about.”

“Yeah, but we’re humans and we get bored sometimes. No matter how hyper we can be.“ Hoseok pointed out before grabbing the empty box by Jimin’s feet. "Just ask him if it bothers you so much.”

Jimin glared at the older slightly, annoyed that he was right, before making his way to the cashier.

“Hey Tae.”

Taehyung didn’t answer and Jimin grew more worried. He reached out and snapped his fingers in front of him, causing the orange-haired boy to jump in surprise.

“What?” Taehyung looked at him in a daze but it only took a couple of seconds for recognition to dawn on his features. “Oh. Hey, Jiminie.” He smiled.

“Hey. Are you okay?”

“Never better.” He shrugged, his smile widening.

“You sure?”

“Why’d you ask?”

“Because you’ve been staring out the window for like… well for like a long time like you’re in some kind of Adele music video and you’ve been really quiet.” Jimin stated in rush and Taehyung felt his cheeks flush at his words. He honestly didn’t even notice he was spacing out. “You’re a little out of it, I could tell. Are you sick?”

Taehyung shook his head. “No…no. Just… thinking.”

“Thinking?” Jimin scrunched his nose. “About?”

“Why do you wanna know?”

Jimin looked offended by his answer. “Because we’re bro’s? We share everything? You, me, bff’s for life?” He squinted his eyes. “Or am I just nothing to you?”

Taehyung chuckled before reaching out and ruffling his hair. “You’re so cute Jiminie.”

Jimin had been his best friend since they were in kindergarten. They’ve been inseparable since; growing up and experiencing everything together. Jimin was there when he got his first ear piercing as Taehyung was there for him when he took his first driver’s test. They basically grew up attached to the hip and that’s why Jimin could tell when there was something bothering his best friend.

“And you’re weird.”

Taehyung frowned at the term. “Am I really?”

Jimin paused, sensing the wariness in his friend’s tone. “Well, not in a bad way. You’re just quirky, I guess?” He held his shoulder assuringly. “And that’s okay! Everybody loves you for it!”

“Oh. Okay…”

“Is something bothering you?”

Taehyung bit his lip before answering. “I…I’m okay.”

“You don’t sound so sure—”

“I’m just thinking. There’s this girl—” he stopped when Jimin suddenly gasped like the air was sucked right out of him. “What?!”

“Kim Taehyung. Is having. Girl problems.” Jimin closed his eyes then opened his arms wide in a flourish. “Someone hold me, it’s finally happening.”

“Wow thanks, Jimin.” Taehyung scoffed as he threw a piece of candy his way, hitting Jimin square in the chest. “You’re a true friend.”

“I’m kidding!” Jimin chortled as he half sat on the counter. “I got excited, okay? This is like the first time. Okay, shoot. I have fifteen minutes before Hoseok scolds me for taking too long on this self-proclaimed break, so spill.”

Taehyung smiled bashfully, feeling his cheeks heat up just by the thought of Yuki. “So you know how I’m taking care of this girl—”

“Yuki, right?” Jimin asked and Taehyung nodded.

“Awww, that’s cute!” Jimin grinned, his eyes turning into slits. “It’s like another Cinderella story. Except you’re not as pretty as Cinderella—“ Jimin laughed as a handful of candies hit his chest once again. "Hey! Don’t throw food away!”

“Are you helping or insulting me?”

“I was kidding! Jeez! Fine, you’re as pretty as Cinderella.”

Taehyung rolled his eyes before sighing, “I’m just… I wanna do something for her but I don’t know what.”

“You mean like for a date?”

Taehyung flushed a deep shade of red. “N—n—not really a date. Maybe… a friendly hang-out?”

Jimin scoffed, “That is a date, Einstein.”

Taehyung whined, burying his face in his hands and Jimin is beginning to think that his friend seriously likes this girl. Like for “reals”

"I’m so…aargh!” Taehyung growled in frustration and Jimin looked at him in pity. He has never seen him like this before. "I don’t know what to do!”

“Hey hey…chill bro.” Jimin rubbed his back assuringly. "I’m here, okay? And I’ll help you through this. Every. Step. Of. The. Way.”


“Yeah! I’m gonna help you make Yuki fall in love with you!”

“Jimin, shh—”

“Operation make Yuki love Tae is a go!” Jimin shouted and Taehyung wished he could bury himself in the deepest trench in the world because an old lady just passed by and gave them a weird look.

So much for being normal, he thought.


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Live Screaming (Part 2 to ‘Live Streaming’)

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader
Warnings: Google translated french, swearing, weird insults
AU: Modern
A/N: Ah, the sequel to Live Streaming. My friend was bugging me. She also supplied a lot of the lines in this one. She doesn’t have a Tumblr yet. She will soon tho.
Word Count: 1399


The Precious One: okay it’s been a wE E K are we all going to pretend that night didn’t happen?

Laffy Laffy saltwater Taffy: that is exactly what we are going to do

Herc The Hunk: i haven’t forgotten it

Angry Yelling: you didn’t make any stupid decisions, herc

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libraerie  asked:

holy shizzle i feel the exact opposite !! like spanish for example is also not too difficult to pronounce but mAn the amount of pAst tensEs and mAn the diRect and inDireCt pRonouNs and sometimes too many rules can be a bit restricting but !! o well !! everyone has their own taste i guess ♡ hope you're doing well buddo !!

i feel like rules make it easier for me to understand like it’s complicated at first but i get better at it the more i practice (like with me n french!) but then i’ve been speaking english since i could talk and i still don’t know how the fucking language works

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10 facts for Tailor! :O

1. He’s absolutely against using real animal furs, unless it’s for a mourning item where the animal was already dead.

2. Despite being a fashion designer he doesn’t dress very well outside of his work clothes! He wears sweatpants and gaudy t-shirts outside of work.

3. He doesn’t like wearing super flashy clothes on him outside of fashion shows. 

4. He’s actually SUPER reserved in person. His fame is a double edged sword for him.

5. He’s an artist, mainly just for concept drawings for his clothing line, but it still counts i guess.

6. He disfigured his body himself as a fashion statement, and it’s now his staple.

7. He loves including mutants in his fashion photography. Alot of the magazines he’s featured in have mutants somewhere in there. He’s received backlash for it.

8. He also loves including disabled trolls, amputees, and trolls with heavy scarring in his photography. 

9. He’s a cohost on a few fashion competition shows, and he loves doing them.

10. When doing these fashion competitions, he’s super truthful with his critiques to help better the fashion designer. He’s a firm believer in honest critiques. 


used my built-up coins to buy Genji’s new highlight yesterday (because I make wise use of my fake video game money) and the very next game I got a potg with him \o/ it wasn’t much of one (and it glitched out a bit because apparently the potg system doesn’t like the new halloween stuff rn, haha) but idk I was still sort of proud, haha. anyway a distant sequel of sorts I guess to the doodle from yesterday, w/ modern Genji having fucked up his pumpkin highlight intro somehow (guest-starring Jesse, because (missing Jesse’s hat because it hid his face))

also Mei! (and Snowball!) because I’ve been wanting to draw her, and because I wound up playing her a lot last night and I think I did pretty well? \o/ and I got her cute spray achievement! :D


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How would TYL!Squalo, TYL!Hibari, Gokudera, Yamamoto and Dino handle their S/O when they complained to them about how they left a really visible hickey on their neck and they had school that morning?

Considering their ages, I don’t think TYL! Squalo’s, TYL! Hibari’s, or Dino’s partner would still be in school, so let’s assume they’re going to work!

GOKUDERA: “Hayatoooo,” his partner whined as they smeared concealer all over the mark he had left on their neck. “Did you even bother to think that we had school today? How am I supposed to cover this up?” Even after putting three layers of makeup on, the love bite was still visible. Blushing madly, Gokudera avoided his partner’s gaze and let out a huff of breath. “N-next time I’ll try to hold back…”

YAMAMOTO: Yamamoto laughed when he saw his partner wrapping a scarf around their neck. “Why the scarf? It’s not even cold out!” he commented, brushing his fingers against the soft fabric. Giving Yamamoto a look, his S/O pulled away the scarf to reveal a rather large love bite that he had left on their neck. Chuckling under his breath, Yamamoto leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to the bruised skin. “Sorry, ______-chan,” he muttered before pulling away and re-wrapping the scarf around their neck.

TYL! HIBARI: Hibari smirked when he saw them scowling at themselves in the bathroom mirror. He walked across the tiled floor before stopping behind his S/O, fingers brushing against the red mark he had left on their neck. His partner huffed with annoyance. “You knew I had work today! A meeting with my boss at that,” they grumbled as they began to apply makeup. Hibari only hmmed before grabbing his toothbrush. “Goddammit Kyoya,” they muttered, sulkily covering the love bite to the best of their ability while Hibari watched with amusement.

TYL! SQUALO: Squalo’s S/O stomped into the room, plopping down in the chair opposite his desk. “Do you see this?” they asked, pointing to the prominent love bite he had left on their neck the night before. “Hmm, wha-OH!” Squalo shouted when he saw the mark, turning slightly red as he hurriedly looked back down at his paperwork. “What about it?” he mumbled as he signed another sheet of paper. “How the fuck am I supposed to cover this? I have work today, ya know,” the groaned, their shoulders slumping down. “Well sorry I got a bit excited!” he answered, furiously writing on his next paper. “The goddamn things you do to me…” he mumbled, still looking down. His partner blushed before excusing themselves. They guessed they could just cover the mark with makeup…

DINO: “Dinooooo,” his S/O whined while inspecting their neck in the mirror. They prodded and poked at the love bite he had left on their neck and groaned when they realized how visible it was. “Dinooo,” they called again, waiting for their boyfriend to come to the bathroom. “What is it, love?” he asked as he sauntered over and leaned on the doorframe. “Look at this present you left me,” they said as they turned to show him the mark. Dino blushed red and looked at his feet. “Sorry about that…” he trailed off as he scratched the back of his head. “No worries,” he S/O chirped, grabbing some concealer. “A little makeup should do the trick.” As they opened the container, they winked at Dino before beginning to cover up the mark, making him blush a little more.

Good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught. {Luke Hemmings Imagine} WARNING: SMUT

Requested: Yes

User: Anon

Request: Can you do a smut where your the good girl and Luke Hemmings is the bad boy but he finds out your not such a good girl and you have a daddy kink?

Authors Note: Hi love bugs! I’m sorry I haven’t updated in forever!! But I am back now and I have tons of imagines in store for you all. I loved this idea and I’m sorry to the anon for being late but I made it long and descriptive. Also my birthday was Tuesday (Jan 12th.)  Lol I feel old but I’m not. Okay well I hope you enjoy!! Love you xx 

“(Y/N)” his deep voice said my name. 

I froze, becoming more nervous by the second. 

“Y-yes?” I closed my locker and turned to Luke who towered over me. 

“I was wondering if you could come over and help me with the science homework. I’m on the verge of failing.” he pouted ever so cutely.

I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear, nodding at him slowly. I had nothing better to do and Luke was nice to me. 

Unfortunately, he was considered a “bad boy”. You know, one who does everything except what’s right. He has so much potential and if he put more effort into his studies I know he’d pass with flying colors.

“Really!” he beamed. 

“Sure, why not?” I smiled softly. 

“Yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” he cheered before pulling me into a bone crushing hug. 

“It’s um really no problem, Luke.” I managed as he was cutting of my air way. 

“Sorry.” He laughed, setting me down onto the safe floor again. 

“I’ll meet you back here at the end of the day and we can just drive to my place. Sound okay?” 

I once again nodded, not really able to speak. He isn’t mean to me like he is to others but something is different about him and it just makes me nervous and intimidates me.

The warning bell rung, signaling there was only a few minutes left of passing period.

“I gotta go but I’ll see you later cutie.” He winked and walked away. 

The blood immediately rose to my cheeks, making them as red and roses. 

I fanned myself and walked to my 4th period class, Chemistry. I walked in and took my normal seat towards the back. The entire time I couldn’t focus on what the teacher was saying but what exactly would happen after school. 

{2:35 P.M.} 

The final bell had rung and students were rushing out of the classrooms, eager to get their belongings, and go home. 

I made my way to my locker rather slowly, going over how my afternoon and possibly evening were going to go at Luke’s. I felt quite nervous honestly. He’s known for being a bad boy and sleeping around with people. 

Oh god, what if he tries to get me in bed with him? I couldn’t possibly dream of having sex with Luke! 

“Hey what are you thinking about? I’ve been calling you for like a few minutes now.” Luke dragged me out of my thoughts, laughing in the process. 

I turned my head to him. 


Oh you know, just thinking of what would happen during our study session and if you wanted to try and have sex with me. I don’t want to have any type of physical relations with you, not that I don’t think you’re attractive because believe me, you are. But I don’t want to be one of the girls you toss after. 

“…Nothing much, just my homework.” I lied, deciding against the long and detailed answer. 

“Alright then? Let’s go. My moms still going to be at work if that’s okay.” 

My palms became sweaty as a part of my nightmare came true.

“Um no.. That won’t be a problem.” 

“Okay good. We’ll just be in my room the whole time as well.” 

Yeah (Y/N), we’ll just be in my room fucking the entire time. No problem. 


“Why do you always stutter when I talk to you.” he looked at me, opening the passenger door so I could get in. 

I waited until he got in as well.

“I-I guess you make me nervous.. I never noticed..” I spoke quietly. 

“No reason to be nervous, it’s just me.”

I nodded my head ending the conversation before I could embarrass myself even further. 

The rest of the car ride was in silence, not awkward but comfortable, and the only sound was the music playing quietly from the radio. 

Luke pulled into the driveway of a rather large house, My eyes widened in shock, taking in the beauty of the home. 

“This is your house?” 

“Yeah.. It’s alright I guess.” he shrugged and got out, I mimicking his actions. 

I shook my head, wondering why he didn’t appreciate how good his house was. He unlocked the door and walked in and my eyes nearly fell out of my head. Everything was white, a precious no stain perfect white and I could tell it was all very expensive. 

“Come on (Y/N),let’s get started.” 

I nodded swallowing the lump in my throat and followed him up the grand staircase. 

“Your house is beautiful.” 

He mumbled something I couldn’t quite catch but I left it alone. He opened the door to his room and led me in. The room was a dark navy blue, and on his walls were posters, pictures, and song lyrics from tons of bands I recognized. 

“I didn’t know you listened to Blink-182.” 

“Are you kidding me? They’re one of my favorites.” 

“What’s your favorite song?” I asked, making small talk before our study session. 

“Umm, it would have to be After Midnight.” 

“I love that song.” I smiled, glad that we had a common interest.

“Favorite album?” we said at the exact same time, making us both laugh. 

“Neighborhoods.” we spoke again, our timing absolutely perfect. We both erupted into a fit of laughter. 

“Your choice in music is amazing.” he complimented. 

“Thank you.” I blushed, not used to hearing any compliments.

“We should um.. Get started now.” 

He nodded and pulled out his text book. 

I listened to him talk about what he didn’t understand and why he didn’t understand. 

“I’m telling you, she’s failing me on purpose.” 

I laughed at his accusation and shook my head and began to reteach the lessons and give him questions just to make sure he understood. 

“So if you have oxygen, what would be the atomic mass.” 

“It would be 16. So there would be 8 protons and 8 electrons the 8 neutrons right? “ 

“Yes!” I clapped and grinned. 

“Yes, yes, yes!” he cheered and engulfed me into another bone crushing hug.

“Owww, Luke.” I whined. 

“It hurts.” he chuckled, pulled back and looked into my eyes. 

His hand pushed a strand of my hair behind my ear. My hear rate slowly increased as he leaned forward, getting closer and closer before pressing his soft lips on mine. 

I closed my eyes slowly, letting him fully take over. He held my face with both of his hands while mine were on his arms. I wasn’t even fully sure if I was doing this right but I didn’t even care becuase he didn’t seem to. 

His warm tongue slipped past my lips and into my mouth were he explored every inch.  One of his hands fell from my face and to my waist were he pulled me closer to him, the small space between us becoming non-existent. 

I moaned as his hand gave my ass a squeeze.  He moved backwards to the bed pulling me on top of him. 

Did I really want to do this? I don’t want to get hurt. I don’t want to be tossed aside like a piece of trash. 

I slowly pulled back.

“What’s wrong?” he looked at my with confused eyes.

“Luke, you sleep with people and then toss them aside. I don’t want that to happen to me..” 

“You think I would do that to you?” he furrowed his eyebrows.

“(Y/N), why do you always think I’m nice to you, and I stop people from picking on you, and I make sure no guys try to get with you?” 

“I-I don’t know…” I really didn’t. I just assumed it was becuase he was being nice but I don’t think that’s the case anymore. 

He smiled. 

“You’re making this really hard (Y/N)” 

“What do you mean?” 

“I.. I like you..” he looked down and his face became red. 

He likes me? How..? Why? I’m nothing special. There are plenty of girls at school that are basically in love and obsessed with him so why me? 

“You like me?” 

“Of course I do, who wouldn’t?” he said as if it was the most obvious thing ever. 

“I..I like you too.” I said quietly. 

“You do?” he looked up at me, grinning. 

I nodded slowly. 

“Of course I like you daddy.” 

My hands flew to my mouth and his eyes were wide. Way to fucking go (Y/N). The hottest guy in school just told you he liked you and YOU go and call him daddy!? This is it, someone just kill me now, that would hurt less. 

“Did you just call me daddy?” he smirked. 

“N-no.. W-well I did but I d-didn’t mean to…” I stuttered, face redder then ever. 

“Yes you did. Say it again, I like it.” 

I shook my head no. 

“Please baby girl?” he pouted so cutely. 

“Fine… Daddy.” I looked away. 

He grabbed my chin and made me look at him. He kissed me again and smiled. 

“Good girl. Do you know what good girls get (Y/N)?” 


“They get special treats.” He slipped his hand up my shirt and I shivered from his touch. 


“No, you can only call me daddy okay? If you call me Luke I’m going to have to punish you and you don’t want that do you?” 


“No what?” 

“No daddy.” 

“Good.” he smirked again. 

“Take your clothes off baby.” 

I nodded, discarding the thin top and throwing it across the room. He licked his lips and stared at my breast that were spilling out of my bra. I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them off also throwing them across the room. 

“Holy fuck.” he whispered as he stared at my body. 

He pushed me back on the bed and started attacking my lips, my neck, and my breast with kissing and hickeys. 

I moaned quietly as he sucked on my breast leaving a dark purple hickey on the top. 

He kissed down my body, down my stomach and pressed a swift kiss to my dripping sex before kissing my thighs. 

He grabbed my panties with his teeth and dragged them down slowly. The cool air attacked me, making me gasp. 

“Shh shh.” he said before kissing my cunt hard and eating me out. 

I moaned loudly as he licked a bold strip down my heat. He sucked on my clit hard making the fire inside of me  grow bigger. My hand found its way to his hair, pulling and tugging on his roots as hard as I could. He moaned and I could tell he had a pain kink. 

He pushed his tongue inside of me, sticking it in and out making me arch my back. 

The moans I tried to contain could not be contained as they got louder with each thrust. 

“Daddy!” I yelled letting him know who was satisfying me and who could only please me like this. 

“Oh my fucking god.” 

I bucked my hips, pushing his tongue in deeper making me squirm. 

“Luke…” and he stopped. 

“If you call me Luke one more time I will stop everything.”

I whimpered.

“No please finish. I’m sorry daddy.” 

He shook his head, smiling.

“Not so innocent anymore are you darling, he said before sucking on me again. 

He stuck his finger inside of me, making me cry out. 

“God, don’t stop please, please don’t stop!” he fingered me fast and hard adding another one along the way. 

His lips were attacked to my clit and he started sucking on it again, this time more harsh and needy this time. 

“D-daddy!! Oh f-fuck!” I stammered. 

I grabbed the back of his head pushing him deeper inside of me then ever and just like that I came so hard around him, harder then I had before. I pulled away from me, smirking while my cunt was throbbing and leaking with come. 

I closed my eyes and I heard the ripping of the foil packaging. I was ready for this wasn’t I? Luke and I were going to have sex and I wasn’t going to stop him. After he slid the condom on I stood up and pushed him on the bed and he lied on his back 

“What are you doing baby girl? He asked.

“I wanna ride you daddy, is that okay with you?” I said innocently, hoping to get a rise out of him.

“Fuck, yes, yes, yes. Please ride me.” he begged, biting his lip and pulling the flesh between his teeth in the most delicious way.

I smirked to myself, happy that I got the reaction I wanted. I climbed on top of him and slowly lowered myself onto him. I gasped quietly at how far he was stretching me and how thick and large he was. 

He let out a large sigh of satisfaction. I moved my hips slowly, he looked at me like I as if I were the most precious person in the world. He grabbed my hips and circled my hips faster, clearly agitated from my constant teasing. 

I moaned rather loudly as I bounced up and down on him. Our bodies smacking together creating the most delicious sound. I craved this feeling. I sunk my self all the way down, his dick hitting my G-spot hard, causing me to cry out in pleasure. 

“Daddy! Oh god.” 

He groaned from beneath me, his once blue eyes were now darker and tainted with pure lust. I watched as his eyes focused on my breast on how they bounced up and down. He sat up and wrapped his arms around my, thrusting in and out of me hard and fast. His lips were on mine as he swallowed my moans. It was a delightful bliss. I dug my nails into his shoulders for some type of relief. 

He surprised me by flipping us over and pounding into me. 

“I loved seeing you in control baby, but it’s daddy’s turn to show you what he can do.” he smirked. 

The way that he referred  to himself as ‘daddy” made me want to let loose once again. My hand slipped down and began toying with my clit by rubbing it, smacking it, twisting it in my fingers, pinching and everything else. 

The room had begun to smell of sex but I didn’t care becuase the way Luke was thrusting into me just made me want to forget the rest of the world and my problems and only focus on how his long, thick, dick was going in and out of me. 

“Daddy I’m not gonna last much longer.” I whimpered, warning him I was close. 

“Neither am I darling.” he groaned. 

My nails dug into his back as he went even faster and deeper then before. He moaned loudly as I broke the skin. 

“Daddy!” I screamed as I came around his cock. 

He released himself inside the condom and began panting from exhaustion. 

Luke slid out of me and lied next to me. 

“That was..” – I began 

“Amazing.” he finished. 

He sat up on his arm and looked down at me and smirked. 


“You’re not so much of a good girl after that now are you?” 

“Oh shut the hell up.” we laughed together. 

He smiled and lied back down. His arm was around my waist and he pulled me closer to him. His kissed my shoulder while I closed my eyes. 

“That’s okay though, (Y/N), you’re my bad girl now.” was the last thing I heard before I drifted into a deep slumber. 

Fuuka's Christmas Corner: Day 2

Oh my, how time flies! Already we are opening the calender’s second door!

Oh… How did you know I was going to bring that up, Elizabeth-san? I thought explaining the wreath yesterday, explaining the calender today would only be fitting… And then, there are also the submissions we got…

…Oh, never mind me, I am just talking to myself! I’d like to begin now.

Today’s session stands under the sign of the Magician Arcana!

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A Cold Night In Gotham

One shot: Could you do a one shot, Where when Bruce first sees you he’s Batman, and then he sees you working for him at one of his party’s, he can’t keep his eyes off of you and you feel him looking so you turn and look at him, He gets up and asks you to dance?
Announcements: Hope you enjoy!
Warnings: None

It was a cold night in Gotham, not unusual, but still unpleasant. Currently you were walking home from your job- sorry, ex job, in the middle of the night. You knew it was stupid, being out this late at night by yourself, but your ride never showed up so you didn’t really have any other choice. You stuffed your frigid fingers into your pockets and made your way across the street, trying to stay in the better lit parts of the sidewalk. All of a sudden, it started raining down on you in sheets. You were about to groan in protest to the weather when a sweaty palm clamped over your mouth and pulled you back into a darkened ally.

“Scream, and I’ll kill ya, got it! You got that!”

You nodded in reply, trying to fight back the tears that were threatening to come spilling out at any moment. Whirling around you were met face to face with a skinny man, and looking down you caught the flash of silver that signaled he had a gun.

“Give me all you got! But you make a single move I swear I won’t think twice about blowin’ your face all over the ally walls, now hurry up!”

You moved slowly and managed to grab your wallet. It didn’t have much but you weren’t about to argue with the guy. It didn’t make you feel any better that he was possible shaking just as bad as you were, remember kids, shaking hands can get people killed! You reached out your wallet to the skinny man, but your hands were shaking so badly that you dropped it.

You held your breath and looked at him, “Well come on,” he said,
“Get it! And be quick about it.”

Slowly crouching down you let yourself break eye-contact for a moment and searched for the wallet. All of a sudden, the man yelped and a second later his gun went off, echoing off of the walls of the ally. You shut your eyes and shied away from the loud sound, falling on your butt and trying to scoot away in the process.

After a few moments, you opened your eyes and looked up, containing the small gasp that tried to escape from your lips. A figure in all black with what looked like horns on his head stood not even five feet away from you, tossing away the skinny man’s gun as he dropped to the cold, wet ground.

Scrambling back to your feet you looked at the figure, “Wh- who are you?”

He half turned towards you, “I’m the Batman,” and with that, he took something from off of his belt and soared up and back into the night.

You stared, shocked at the place where he had been, and then looked up after him, “Thank you!” you yelled over the roar of rain, and started back on your way home.


A few weeks passed, and eventually your friend hooked you up with another job, this time it was working as a server for one of the rich guys in Gotham, Wayne was his name. It took quite a while to get the job though, you had to go through about a hundred background checks before you were even interviewed, but that was ok, it paid pretty well which was good enough for you. Tonight was your first actual major party, well, charity ball that you had worked at yet, which excited you. You shook out your shoulders, straightened your clothes, carefully grabbed a platter with multiple glasses of champagne, and walked out of the kitchen doors and into the quieter atmosphere of the party.

You walked around for a bit, handing out glasses, taking away the old ones. To be honest it was kind of boring, just standing there, smiling like a robot to every guest who bothered themselves to look in your direction, it was getting kind of difficult to suppress your yawns. Soon though, you started to feel uneasy, like you were being watched. Carefully you began to swivel your head, looking around the large room for the source of the feeling, finding nothing you shook your head. You were just being silly, you thought, nothing is happening and no one is staring. You smiled slightly, you’re just being paranoid, turning around you almost spilt the tray onto someone that was standing right behind you.

“Oh!” you said, managing to gain control of the drinks, “I’m sorry sir, I didn’t see you there… Mr. Wayne! I’m so sorry.”

Bruce Wayne, your boss, stood behind you, smiling, “It’s ok, don’t worry about it. What’s your name?”

“Y/N,” you replied

“Well, Y/N, I was wondering if you would like to dance?”

You stared at him, “That would be lovely, but I am still working.”

He looked around, “Well, I know the boss, and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t mind. Especially for someone as beautiful as you.”

Your cheeks flushed bright pink, was he actually serious? “O-ok, I guess. Thank you.”

You set down the tray of drinks and followed Wayne out onto the little area where people were dancing gracefully to the song.

“I must warn you,” You began, “I have no idea how to dance.”

He chuckled, “Don’t worry, just follow my lead.”

It took you a moment, but then there you were, spinning gracefully around the dance floor in your not-so-expensive servers outfit with none other than Bruce Wayne, the billionaire. You couldn’t really see but you thought that everyone was staring at the two of you. To be honest you were kind of warming up to the guy, it’s like you’ve met him before.

Just another cold night in Gotham? Yeah, right.