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“There are a remarkable number of you suddenly coming to visit. Before you ask, I should like to inform you that I have a new rule for selecting virgins:

In order for a being (be it person, spirit, animal, darkspawn, or other sentient life-form) to request virgins, the requester must be a virgin themselves. Only a virgin may ask for and receive virgins.

  • Martha Kent : … Pete found out , and Chloe … and they accepted you for who you are …as their friend whom they love very much no matter what star you were born under.
  • Clark Kent :  Just not sure Lana’s gonna feel the same way.
  • Martha Kent : Then maybe she’s not the one you were meant to be with.
  • Clark Kent : Mom , I can’t imagine ever loving anyone else ...

In ‘ Lockdown ‘ , Tom Welling , Erica Durance and Annette O’Toole .

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EXO reaction on the European girl confessing to them requested by anon

Xiumin :  You heard her guys, give way to the future groom. * pushes the members away and walks to her *

Luhan : So you are saying you like me ? * be cool be cool take it slow, hums to himself * so when are we getting marry ?

Kris : Congrats, you finally said it ! After a year.

Suho : Well, daddy will be waiting in wedding hall, honey.

Lay : I love you, I love you too ! * blows kisses *

Baekhyun : * gasps * Did she just - Did she mean Baekhyun when she said Byunhyun ?

Chen : What is she saying ? She is not swearing, right ? * can’t understand *

Chanyeol : Is she saying she has a boyfriend or she wants a boyfriend ?

D.O : Well baby, I need time to think * a minute later * YES! I love you too. I spend an hour to think and I know I can’t do without you.

Tao : She– she finally confessed. * hugs everyone *

Kai : What ? What is she saying ? Someone help ! Translate ! I have a good feeling about what she is saying.

Sehun : Maknae has a girlfriend before hyungs !

1. Xiumin

“When did you learn how to play the drums like that?!”

2. Luhan

“Wow, I like this…you look hot as fuck baby…”

3. Kris

“Baby, you’re so good at that…You look so cool.”

4. Suho

“Wait, why do I find out about this now?!”

5. Lay

“Baby, that’s really, really good!”

6. Baekhyun

“Can you pretty please play that when Kyugnsoo falls asleep?”

7. Chen

“Wow, well I’m impressed. Not every girl can do that…”

8. Chanyeol

“Aaaand…the student surpassed the teacher…”

9. D.O.

“Well, you are good….but why the drums? Couldn’t you pick something…quieter?”

10. Tao

*jamming hard*

11. Kai

“Well, now you can play the drums and I can dance and we’ll be a team, OK?”

12. Sehun



I notice some things are sexual here. In the first picture Happy Raven is looking at Beast Boy’s ……um…?? 0_o Well, you know… and in the second picture Raven is touching Beast Boy’s butt? Teen Titans Go goes way deeper into that. XD

ninetalesanswers asked:

Pardon if it's too personal a subject, but what did you do to get banished?

Jeian: O-Oh, uhm… Well, I could tell you, but it was more my brother’s actions than mine so…

[ Jeian looks at his brother expectantly, then frowns upon seeing his back turned. He sat still and from the looks of it, he wasn’t turning around anytime soon. Fuan turned his head slightly, red eyes glaring first at Jeian, then at their visitor. ]

[ His tail fiddled with the tassle hanging from his necklace as he weighed his options. It wouldn’t do much harm to tell the guy what he did, but… no, he couldn’t bring himself to trust this guy. Not yet. ]

Fuan: It’s none of your business, stranger. Who are you anyway? We’ve been travelling for a while, but you’re the first foreign Ninetales we’ve seen. Are there more of you around here? (I sure as hell hope not…)

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fluff scenario with Oni and his s/o. (like, the orphanage kids Oni took care of calling them Papa and Mama.) just good old fluff.

“Hey, papa! How come you and mama never hold hands?” Oni had to stop himself from choking on the tea he was drinking. Looking down at the little boy, he tilted his head slightly. “What do you mean?” He asked. “I mean, you and mama are married, right? So why don’t you guys hold hands and kiss and stuff?” Oni scratched his head slightly. Mama? Oh, the little boy meant his s/o. “Well you see, we aren’t married.” He said. ‘Yet’ was the word in between the lines. “But you two are together all the time! I asked the landlady and she said you two were married!” The little boy insisted, before gesturing for some of his friends to join him. “I want to see mama and papa hod hands!” the other kids joined in, begging to see Oni hold hands with ‘mama’. “A-alright, I get it, alright? I’ll call… mama over.” He said. When his s/o did arrive, they were confused and embarrassed as to why he suddenly scooped them up to press a kiss against their temple, and they were even more embarrassed to see the group of kids watching rather intently from not too far away. “W-wait! Not in front of the kids!” They stuttered. Oni couldn’t help but grin slightly. “They wanted to see us hold hands. So I called you over.” he said. “Th-this is more than just holding hands!” They yelped as he pressed kisses against their temple and face. 

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Why don't you have descriptions on your posts any longer? :'o

Like captions? Well, that probably means that the stuff showing up on your dash right now I queued at like 3am and I was too tired to think of something clever to say.

Baeically, I only queue when I’m exhausted, so either there’s really stupid comments or none at all. No in between lol