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In all your life, how many times did you stayed down because of something? How did you pass through it to be where you are right now?

I lost count of me staying down.

My solution is nothing special:






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The elgang boys at their s/o funeral @.@

Elsword is beyond crying. He’s enraged you had to die so early. What happened to the future?  He swears to himself that he will succeed in his journey, no matter what, to avenge you. 

Raven can’t bear to come. But the still silence in the base, since the rest of the gang is gone, murders him. All the happy memories flood him and he ends up leaving the base ‘cause he can’t stand it there anymore either. He comes to the funeral and it’s devastating to look at him. There’s a certain age etched into his still-handsome features. He’s lost you now too, after Seris.. You finally had opened him up to love again.

Chung lays your favorite flowers over the fresh dirt when you’ve been buried. He’s the last one to leave, and though there’s tears, he’s silent as a rock. He misses you dearly..

Add loses it. He can’t control himself any more. He’s been through so much, had so many important people die. Add had told you everything. Every little bit from his past.. What he wants from the future. You opened his heart and warmed him up. You had made him happy again. So why was it you were six feet under.  Why was it Add had to bury someone he loved so dearly again… It just wasn’t fair.  Add collapses next to your tombstone. He’s silent, but any other person around can read his expression without any difficulty. Add looks broken down… Destroyed from within. He has nothing left to cling onto to keep him sane.

Ciel brings your favorite flowers. He puts a smile on his face, reassuring everyone that, really, he’s okay. But he isn’t and it’s his tone of voice that gives it away. It’s cracked and worn from the crying he’s done. But he doesn’t want to break down here. Not next to your resting place, where your spirit would see him. He always wanted to be strong around you.. And yet he failed, and you were dead now.

Ain stays for a while. It’s sad mortals only live for so long. He’ll never have to suffer existing just as a body after death. He’ll simply vanish when his mission is over.  He looks like he isn’t torn up over it. That’s his job, to be the angel.  But deep inside, he’s screaming and yelling. Ishmael should’ve spared you. You who stole away his heart and made him yours… You of all deserved so much more life.  Ain brings something he made himself to your grave - a necklace strung by astral energy. It glows, even from within the small box he places on top of your casket before you are buried.

it is so restful to browse tumblrdotcom on my computer and not my phone now that i have a day off.  like, what a relief, to be somewhere where my blacklist works and i am not haunted by the gamble of scrolling downward, wondering if the next thing i see is going to be a hilarious meme, a gorgeous edit, or just a big old fucking spoiler for that show i don’t get to watch until a day after everyone else.  i am suffused with such joy at every small, blurry line that reads “blocked because ‘dream daddy’.”  with glee, i click on the activity link or even make a post of my own without fear of losing my progress on my feed.  i could spend all day like this.  i very likely will.

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Hi, can you help me for a very newbie question? I recently got into BTS (and Kookmin) and I'll take jungkook as example, he's born in 97 so he's 19 right now. sometimes I see on some interview he's 20 .. ok so I searched why and learn korea is adding 1 year, ok why not. But I saw on a video he said he was 21. Now i'm lost. I think I'm missing something, can you explain how it works in Korea? Thank you!

So not only is the Korean calendar one year ahead, it is by custom that everyone automatically ages when the new year comes around i.e. it doesn’t matter when your birthday is, as soon as January 1st hit, you become a year older. And then your birthday is kind of its own separate celebration.

In Jungkook’s case, his birthday isn’t until September.

He was born September 1st, 1997 (right?). By Western age he is 19, and will turn 20 in September. However, in Korean age, if you go by the add age in January system, you would’ve acted like he had his birthday on January 1st, which means he would be 20 in Western Age. Korean age = Western Age + 1, therefore he is considered 21. 

Confusing I know, but I think that accounts for it: weveryone’s birthday on January 1st, then add an extra year :) 

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Oh shit well guess you called me out. Can't be bothered responding more just nice to know that you don't give a shit about your readers unless you owe them something. Nice :)

I suppose the irony of you now claiming that you “can’t be bothered responding” is lost on you, though I would remind you that you are in my askbox. I’m responding to you.

And clearly I like my readers, otherwise why would I bother posting at all?  I don’t owe them anything, yes, but I freely give them access to what I write, just as they freely comment on it.

It’s a free exchange of thought, not a paid work.

Now, if it were paid, then yes, by all means kick down my door and demand the deliverable, but in the meantime…

Oh god, how can I put this in a way you’ll understand?

Oh yes.

Go fuck yourself.

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- tiny

School-age AU

Q frowned, gazing around at the other schoolboys in the amusement park until he saw a likely-looking suspect. He walked up to the blond boy and tapped him on the shoulder. “Excuse me, have you seen my plushy?” He held up his mobile and showed the boy a picture of Turing, his stuffed cat, who he’d won at a darts booth earlier in the day.

It was silly to search, maybe. He could easily win another cat. But…Q hated losing his things, and besides, he’d already named this one. Turing was his responsibility now.  

“Lost him, have you?” the blond boy asked, glancing at the picture. He looked a couple of years older, maybe year eight instead of year six, but he hadn’t hit a growth spurt yet, so he was just Q’s height. He was wearing a nice but well-worn navy coat, with shoes that had somehow avoided the mess of dirt and fair food on the ground. That was partly why Q had approached him—with the hope that here was someone who might know what it was like to need to take care of things.  

Instead he was turning out to be a dumb blond who asked stupid questions.

“He’s missing, yes,” Q answered. “But the only possibility is that someone has taken him, probably an older student from your school.” After all, he had the students in his own school well in line. 

“So it’s the case of the kidnapped tabby,” the boy said with a wry smirk.

Q nodded curtly and turned to go. If the boy was just going to be an unhelpful smart-arse—

“Wait!” The boy put a hand on his shoulder. “Any clues?”

Q turned back. “I last had him in the Skull Island section,” he said. “I had to leave him in a cubby before I could get on the ride, and when I got back, he was gone.”  

“Lots of year tens around? Including one with weird hair and braces?” the boy asked.

Q searched his memory and nodded.

“I’ll bet it was Silva, then, and I don’t mind spoiling his fun. I’m James, by the way.”  

“Let’s come up with a plan, then, James,” Q said, “and we can—”

But James was already off, racing towards a gangly teenager with braces. “Silva! Give him back his cat!” he yelled only a moment before rugby-tackling the boy who must be Silva to the ground. The two boys disappeared in a crowd of other kids from their school yelling “Fight, fight, fight!”  

Q sighed and turned to a shooting game where you could earn a water gun prize if you scored high enough. If Bond was right, then he could give the gun to him and thank him for his help. And if he was wrong…well, acquiring a little weaponry wasn’t going to hurt his odds of rescuing Turing.

did someone say green diamond drabble? no? well, here you go anyway?


You’re lost. 

You can hear their voices now, almost mocking, but ultimately right. “We told you not to go there,” they’ll say, hands on hips and worry etched across their faces. “Why didn’t you listen?”

The feeling of dread creeps up your skin, and your eyes water, but ultimately it won’t matter. A scolding will be waiting for you when you get back, if you get back. All because you wanted to see what the Earth was like.

And it’s not like you’re enjoying your time here anyway. You gaze at the green around you, the same color as your skin, and you frown at it. You look up, the blue sky greets you, darkening with each passing moment, and your frown deepens. The sun’s staring down at you, brighter than you can ever imagine, and you feel as if it’s judging you for just being there.

Well, great. You’re imagining mom and mother now. The sun and the sky aren't them, you know. But they remind you of your parents all the same, and you can’t help but stifle a sob from escaping your throat. You should have listened to them, but you were curious, you wanted to know.

Just look around then, just stare at the pink flowers adorning the grassy fields. 

Because somehow, when you look at them, you feel better. Somewhat. It’s an odd feeling, resting in your chest, on your gem. A fluttering, like something familiar, like a long lost sister whispering gratitude and resignation, thanks yous and good lucks. They sway with the breeze, almost like they’re dancing. For you?


But, when the breeze stops, and when the sun sets; when the sky turns dark, you remember you’re still lost, and you’re still going to get the scolding of a lifetime when you get back.

If you ever get back.

**incohenent screaming from caz**

just some sketches i did but never finished/posted bc….. i’m not actually sure?? confidence issues i guess

i’ll probably redraw and refine these later c:

whispers thank you for all the notes, comments, and follows btw. y’all give me random bursts of courage and i end up posting things and i have not regretted any yet—- (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

Sometimes you lose people, and there’s just nothing that you can do about it. Sometimes you lose something that you love. Sometimes you’re replaced by someone else and shifted to a not-so-important place in that one confidant’s heart. Sometimes relationships change and you end up feeling a little bit lonely. Sometimes you just aren’t the right fit, you just aren’t the soul that that other person needs.
—  🖤
Midnight Mystery: A Denny's Story

12:00 pm. It was a cold and windy night, which was quite unusual for Los Angeles, California. But then again, this wasn’t an average night. You could just feel it on your skin. Something wasn’t right, and you were going to get to the bottom of it.

You looked down at your hand, knuckles white from nervously gripping onto the crumpled paper note. You decided to read it again, just to be sure you were at the right place. “Denny’s. Devonshire Street. Midnight. Be there. Come alone.”

You sighed heavily, and looked up at the building in front of you, looming in the darkness. Yep, this was it. The inside was dark from what you can tell by looking through the windows. You slowly approached the steps leading up to the large, glass doors. As you walked up each step, you reconsidered this whole thing. What if it was some sort of trap? What if this was where you were going to die? But, the ominous interior of the so-called “restaurant” was beckoning you inside. It’s as if this was your destiny. Cold, unavoidable, and mysterious.

You finally made it to the top of the stairs, and you peered through the glass double-doors. The inside still looked as dark and empty as before. Your shaking hand made it to the door handles, and to your surprise, the door swung open quite easily. They were expecting you. You stepped inside, but still not a sound besides the shuffling of your feet. 

A light comes on. Just a single spotlight over one of the empty booths. As your eyes adjust to the sudden shock of light through the inky blackness, you notice a menu on the illuminated table. It was propped up against a napkin holder, opened to the first page. As you approach it with caution, you notice a golden key set on the table in front of the menu. You lean in to read the page, but realize that there weren’t any food items listed, except for one: pancakes. In every space where there should be a breakfast item, it was replaced with the word “pancakes”. Your stomach begins to rumble. You are hungry… hungry for answers.

Grabbing the menu and the mysterious key, you keep walking through the room, occasionally bumping into tables and chairs in the dark. You make a left turn somewhere and another light comes on. It’s a bit dimmer this time, so it’s not as bad on your eyes. It’s the light at the doorway of the kitchen. As you make your way towards it, you hear a sound behind you. Some sort of creaking noise, like you were being followed…

You whip your head around, but there was nothing there. Just the same empty tables and chairs. You must be imagining things now. Yeah… just imagining things. When you walk into the kitchen, all the lights come on simultaneously. At least, inside of the kitchen that is. There’s nothing abnormal about it. It’s just a regular old kitchen. Something about it seems oddly familiar though. You’d like to think it’s just a bit of déjà vu, but you’re sure you remember this location from before.

You start looking around for some sort of secret entrance or hidden door, but find nothing. You must have missed something… there’s got to be a clue. You look through pots and pans, bags of flour, loose floor tiles. Anything to reveal what to do next! Just then, out of the corner of your eye, you see a poster on the wall. That’s it! It’s what the menu was trying to say. The poster had a badly photoshopped stack of pancakes on it, so there has to be something important near it. You run towards it, and rip the poster from the wall to discover a metal safe built into the wall. It was pretty plain except for a keyhole, which obviously fit the key from before. You shove the shiny, golden key into it’s designated spot and turn it. Instead of the safe opening though, the entire wall split into a doorframe! The key must have activated the entrance, and it’s finally time to see what you’ve been waiting for.

When the door swung open, it revealed another dark room. You take a deep breath, and step inside. The second your foot passes the doorframe, a set of extremely bright lights come on, and your eyes are momentarily blinded once again. When they adjust, something beautiful is revealed. Something magical. Something one can only dream about.

Wait a minute. This can’t be real… this isn’t real at all! This is just a dream! It’s just a dream!

You woke up covered in sweat, tears running down your eyes and your pillow soaked. You were gasping for air, your breaths coming in short and fast. You glanced out the window from your bed, and noticed that it was morning. It was just a dream after all, but it was exactly what you needed. You’ve been waiting for some kind of vision, a sign, a dream. And now, you’ve got it. Before you lost the image in your mind, you raced to your desk and opened up your laptop, desperately waiting for it to start up. You plopped down into your rolling chair, and typed in your password. It was ‘pancakes’, of course. You pulled up one of those electronic sticky notes that hang around on your desktop, and began typing in the description of that magical image you saw in your dream. Yes… this is it! The inspiration you’ve been hoping for!

“A stack of pancakes, but the butter on top is larger and zoomed in, and it’s photoshopped to look like an ice cream scoop with a cherry on top and sprinkles. It’s a pancake sundae!”

You cease your furious typing, take a deep breath, and stretch out your arms. This is the kind of genius your Denny’s blog needed.

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Hi! New around here... May I ask what do you like about Madancy? Mads sure seems to fancy Mr. Dancy, Hugh.. not so much )=

My dear sweet baby fannibal, I need to stop you right there. 

Since you say you’re new, I’ll help you out.

“Well, it came about because one of the things that was very important was that Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter have a likeability, not only on screen but with each other. The fact that Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen are very good friends in real life cinched the deal, in my mind. That was important because I knew it was going to translate to screen. We wanted the audience to like these two men liking each other.” — Bryan Fuller on how he ended up casting Mads Mikkelsen (x)

“Hugh Dancy was the first actor cast and that made the project all that more appetizing for Mads Mikkelsen, who knew Hugh and worked with him in the past and rightfully adored him.— Bryan Fuller (x)”

“Me and Hugh (Dancy) were two of the knights (in King Arthur). So we were sitting for half a year on horseback and we became friends way back then. It’s just been a gift. We’re doing a show like this where you’re working so close together. It’s nice to be comfortable with each other, and that was just a gift that it turned out to be me and Hugh”— Mads Mikkelsen 

“Mads is a remarkable combination of things. He’s more than capable of fighting for what he wants. He’s amazing.”— Hugh Dancy

“Well obviously what I’m going to miss is just sitting down in a chair and having chit-chats with Hugh Dancy.” — Mads Mikkelsen on Hannibal S3 (x)

“It’s great. The very first time we sat down, talked about the show, Mads came up at the conversation. I worked with Mads nine years ago now on ‘King Arthur’. Completely different. Could not be more different. But during that period I got to know him and really like him. As a man as an actor. And had followed his career ever since then. I knew it was going to be great. That relationship is so complicated and interesting. It has to be believable. That’s one of the highlights of the show for me.” — Hugh Dancy

“So, spending that much time with a fellow actor, as I knew I would do with Hugh, it was just a fantastic gift that we knew each other. We are not only in the room, but to a degree, we have to be emotionally naked in certain situations.” — Mads Mikkelsen spoke about friendship with Hugh and cast (x)

(Mads Mikkelsen from Red Dragon Con, post)

(Hugh Dancy, The Path interview, post)

He’s worked with the actor Hugh Dancy previously and agrees that such a genuine friendship lends something special to their on screen relationship. “It was a great gift for both of us, that we were able to spend some much time together on the show. We were kind of in a boat of insecurity from the beginning, but it was nice to have a friend there, if you go down or you stay up. To be able to be comfortable with someone in a room, day in, day out of filming, 12 hours a day, was an extreme gift for both of us. We found a way of working together really fast. Hopefully I’ll get to spend time with him during the third season as well, but if not I’ll just have to go drink some beers with him!” — Mads Mikkelsen (x)

“I would say an actor like Mads, but there aren’t any, there’s just Mads.” — Hugh Dancy during the SAG Foundation interview (x).

And finally:

“Collaboration with Mads, who I love, who’s a wonderful actor and incredible partner in that respect “ — Hugh Dancy on what the show means to him

Hugh has become one of my very, very, very good friends. We knew each other from before, but it’s been so intense to spend three seasons together. I was there when he had his first little baby. It’s been a fantastic journey. We were just very, very lucky that we ended up with each other. Imagine if we had ended up with someone we didn’t like.” — Mads Mikkelsen (post)

Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy are friends. I’m not sure where you got the impression that they aren’t or that one dislikes the other.

Mads likes Hugh. 

Hugh likes Mads. 

They’re friends.

And their amazing chemistry and friendship (and various aesthetic reasons) is why I ship the fleet of ships that belong to Hugh and Mads and their characters.

So, after all of this, if you’re interested in some more Mads and Hugh liking each other and goofing around together goodies, check out my tag ‘danish crumpet’.

its au time you sons of hecks

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2017 book releases I’m most looking forward to

I’m sorry no I’m not but bro

can we just take the time to acknowledge Sasuke’s face when Nardo gets hurt!?


The fact that I have to give up on you hurts even more, because the only reason I’m giving up on YOU, is because you gave up on ME a long time ago.
—  Me