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You used to look at me, the way I look at the sunset— the way I will look at the sunset today, and for the rest of my life. You used to touch me, like my love was your drug, like you couldn’t get enough. But now you don’t. When you don’t feel like being nice, you’re mean. You turn off your feelings, the way I turn off my bedroom light at night. And it doesn’t make any sense to me. It doesn’t make any sense to me, how you can be so senseless.

Hey @taylorswift ! You’ve been so supportive, kind to us, and just incredible recently and I just wanted to put something together to thank you. You’re honestly the best, greatest thing in our lives and we all appreciate your consistent support. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. This is a collage of about 100 fans just to thank you for how kind you’ve been recently.

We all love you SO much. Thank you for being our best supporters and such a huge source of happiness for us all. I hope that you see this and know how much we love you and how many people have your back.

People also submitted messages that I added below. I know that they would love for you to read them. Love you babe.

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Don’t you love it when you type out a really nice post on mobile and then click “post” but while it’s being sent through the tumblr headquarters it passes by david Karp’s desk and he likes it so much he grabs it right out of the computer screen and swallows it whole so it never makes its way onto the actual website?? So none of your friends can see the nice post you typed out on the mobile tumblr app but at least davids appetite has been satiated for now? I just love that wish it happened all the time honestly


See these are two very nice photos of Tony from last night, where a nice little um, detail, has gone MIA. Now we’re on Tumblr and we can say all we please and have a good time being sarcastic or speculating as we please.

I promise you, if I see ONE single person being so damn STUPID as the last time this happened, and go to Tony’s twitter and MENTION HIM asking about this, or making a comment about this? I will ROAST that person publicly, complete with roasted potatoes.

Fair warning because apparently people are SO DAMN STUPID and RUDE as to not understand basic rules of decent behavior even toward a celebrity. YOU DO NOT ASK about missing rings, EVER, not even if you’re a journalist, LET ALONE if you’re a meaningless fan, someone he doesn’t know in the slightest. You do not COMMENT on missing rings, EVER, directly to a celebrity. You shut up with them and comment separately without EVER including them.
Can’t believe I have to explain this and threaten public exposure, but it’s come to this point.

Meantime, I told you to observe certain things lately because everything happens for a reason. I made ONE single comment on that Eisen interview because there was no need for more.


BUT GUYS! JUST IMAGINE JOE AND TAYLOR BEING MARRIED AND THEY’RE ON LIKE ELLEN OR SOMETHING AND ELLEN BEING LIKE “So what it is like? Married life now.” AND JOE GOING “What do you mean? It’s the same it’s always been. She lays on her bed with her cats and scrolls through tumblr laughing at her fans, she kind of ignores me” AND EVERYONE LAUGHING AND TAYLOR GOING “oh shut up! What he’s not telling you is that he helps me scroll through my feed and laugh at the fans. They’re really happy for us and Joe treats them like they’re his own, it’s nice.”


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I want to say I love your blog and you're my Buffy / Angel / Veronica Mars source on tumblr. I just want to talk about Joss Whedon for a second. Some of this stuff I wasn't aware of like firing Charisma for being pregnant and I'm just learning about it. I been a long time fan of his and this news along with the recent reveal of his Wonder Woman script has really soured my view of him. Its ironic that this guy taught me men (like me) can be feminists and now i've learned how bad he is at it.

First, I’m really flattered. Thanks so much and it’s nice to hear you’re here for all the shows I blog about :)

I, too, once was a huge admirer of Joss Whedon. To a certain extent, I still am. He is a great storyteller, funny as hell, creative and I love the way he plays with the English language. I, too, once believed he was a great feminist model - both as a writer and as a man. And then I started to see the cracks in his feminist discourse because it’s desperately lacking in actions to back it up.

I think he tried (tries?) to be a feminist, but he has a long way to go and to learn from his past mistakes - the bigger problem being that he seems reluctant to admit any mistakes were made in the first place…

I think he could benefit a lot from informing himself and listening to the minorities he so vigorously claims to support.

I think Buffy was his most progressive work and the shows that succeeded it got progressively more and more problematic in terms of representation. 

I think you should continue to find value in the fact that he and his work helped you understand feminism and want to strive to be a feminist yourself.

But I’m glad you’ve been able to educate yourself and understand that as inspiring as he and his work were to you, he’s certainly not the be-all and end-all feminist model. Quite the contrary.

He’s fucked up. Repeatedly. I still hope he will learn because damn if he truly were a feminist, I can’t begin to imagine how fucking groundbreaking and epic his work could be. He’s a great writer and storyteller whose work suffers from the lack of evolution in his personal views, you know? It’s such a damn pity, to be frank. 

⭐️⭐️  BLOGRATES  ⭐️⭐️

Can you believe I reached another incredible goal, just 2,5 months after reaching a milestone for me? Because I sure as hell am overwhelmed because of all the love and support I have received since being on tumblr. Honestly, I don’t wanna sound sappy here but I didn’t think that I would meet so many nice people. Let alone being so involved in fandom when I only started with tumblr to post some edits from time to time. And look where I am now? Addicted af. lol

Anyway, in all my time that I’ve been here on tumblr, I never did blogrates so…. why not now?! Since a “follow forever” gets a bit boring at one point. And the Malec fic rec is coming next week anyhow. So, let’s do this.


>> mbf this procrastinator
>> reblog this post, likes don’t count!
>> send me 🦋 + tell me if I should change my current Malec OTP tag to something more related from the show || optional: you can also rec me a song or a Malec fic instead
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i see a lot of posts these days like “we shouldn’t call superwholock cringey and bad it’s just kids having fun” and to an extend that is true, but a large reason why people started heavily criticizing superwholock is because the shows tended to be racist, sexist and homophobic/queerbaiting and the fandoms mostly consisted of girls who had a field day fetishizing gay male relationships and hating on any female or black character without anyone criticizing it

the mentality of “2012-2014 was cringey but at least people were nice” is fundamentally flawed because people weren’t fucking nice, the superwholock fandom was aggressive, you’d get death threats if you called those shows bad or didn’t like a ship. it was a fucking shitshow, and nobody was nice, it was just that this site hadn’t yet delved into social justice as much as it was just “omg my gay babies!!!!!” and nobody had apparently developed critical thinking yet, so if you were going with the flow you didn’t have an issue 

“let kids have fun” is a good sentiment if it’s referring to kids enjoying things that are labelled as bad like idk undertale or some shit, or drawing self insert OCs, but in the case of shit like superwholock or the entirety of “old” tumblr it doesn’t fit because it wasn’t harmless fun, homophobia was rampant and there were as many death threats being thrown around as now, I’m sure of it. “let kids have fun” shouldn’t be a free pass to excersize harmful behaviour without anyone saying anything. 

young girls who aren’t exposed to critical thoughts on their homophobic treatment of gay men as a plaything grow up into homophobes who think they’re activists, and are terrible role models for the next generation of young girls who get into fandom stuff, and this harms MLM irl, it dehumanises us in the eyes of these girls. the same goes for the racism and sexism, the “I’m not like other girls” mentalities

as much as the current age of going way too far on social justice sucks ass i’m glad that not everyone can get away with this kind of shit anymore, I’m glad that the grown adults who grew up in these fandom spaces absolutely unchallenged in their views are being called on their shit now and that younger people are seeing it and realising that it’s wrong, because the old tumblr wasn’t “cingey but people were nice” it was bad. it was a shitty environment full of fetishisation and racism and i feel like people forget how bad it was because they weren’t educated on those matters themselves at that point, so they just weren’t aware and just remember it as everyone having fun 

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I'm just saying that this fandom is so embarrassing like a magazine really? Meet the blogger? No thanks why can't you guys not be normal so I can actually be in the fandom but I can't associate with it despite me loving klaroline because of this crap like so humiliatingly embarrassing! I'm surprised you're not ashamed of it too!

Ah so you’ve messaged me because you thought I should know better. I see.

I hate to disappoint anon, I really do but unfortunately fun, silly, trivial things like being featured as a blogger in a fake magazine based on a fictional couple excites me. I now have a false sense of achievement. There. I said it.

I’m a human. It’s nice being recognised amoungst your peers what can I say.

The magazine is literally just some fun anon. It’s a way of the fandom uniting and a platform for authors.

I understand why you’d deem it a little pretentious and extra but hey we’re an kind of an extra fandom.

Meet the blogger? No thanks.

Okay? Then don’t

No one’s forcing to read the magazine or follow klarolinemagazine on tumblr or twitter or follow me for that matter.

Why can’t you guys be normal?

That’s a broad statement. Are any of us shippers and fan girls/boys really quote unquote ‘normal’? One could argue even having a blog and caring that much about two fictional characters (who arent even together on their fictional show) isn’t normal behaviour.

I have news for you hun. You don’t have to be part of the fandom. You can ship Klaroline in your own private corner and go about your business.

I’m sorry we’re such an embarrassment to you. But frankly anon I think you’re being silly. It’s not that serious. If you think the mag is cringe worthy fine but it’s nothing to get fired up over.

If the irritation persists might I suggest yoga? Aroma therapy, green tea? Or maybe just a very large chill pill.

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Hey I sent in a ask for the letter thingies but with deku. Did Tumblr eat it? 😣

((Maybe? I’ll do it now, though ^^))

D: How they react to being flirted with?

Blushes very brightly and freezes up. Afterwards, he’s proud because ‘he talked to someone in a romantic way!’ despite not saying anything. 

E: How are they with children?

Children adore him. He is very nice to them and will listen to everything they have to say, no matter how much sense it makes or doesn’t make. Also, he can calm down a kid throwing a tantrum in 3 seconds flat, it’s really fascinating.

K: How do you know when you’ve upset them?

He’s not that easily upset, but when he is, he’ll quickly get over it, by realising nothing will be done by sulking around. So, basically, you won’t upset him, period.

U: What’s their voice like?

Panicky and close to screaming 90% of the time.

The truest true story to ever be true because it happened

Okay so I was looking at a picture of the Mona Lisa earlier, and for some reason it reminded me of @virusap

I was also reading a really good book, and it took me a second to realize that @puns-and-fics didn’t write it Bc it was so good.

THEN I decided to take a break from remembering and go look at a painting of a duck, but it was so well-painted that it reminded me of @badromantics so that didn’t work.

I ran away, screaming in terror at what my mind has become, when suddenly, i fell. Just like how y'all fell for the twist at the end at A Rather Small Event. In fact, that reminded me of the one person who wasn’t shocked, @reincarnationchance Bc they’re psychic, I guess.

So I began to crawl on my hands and knees, desperate to escape the empty void of Tumblr, when all of a sudden, my leg was spilt open by a sharp seashell, not unlike the one in @almariza-hive-mind ’s icon. I screamed again.

Standing now, I sprinted away from that place, and found solace in a nice drawing by @spibbles , until I looked closer. This wasn’t a spibbles drawing! IT WAS A COPY! I, of course, without checking or a second thought, began to scream wildly at @spoiledbuni for being a Spibbles copy. Because, as we all know, they totally are. Totally.

THEN @jamilton-central popped into my head. The thought of my amazing spouse was enough to draw me out of that evil mindset, and I realized that maybe, just maybe, drawing Hamilton DOESNT make someone a Spibbles copy!

So now I lie here in wait, hoping against all odds that Tumblr will not find me. I can only hope that the memes can be avoided once and for all. Wait…what am I typing this on?



ahhh I can’t believe this is real! how did I get this many lovely beautiful people to follow me???

i want to thank sooooo many people because I honestly wouldn’t be doing this without them! <3 <3

I’LL also being doing some sim requests because i don’t have enough money to do a giveaway! ILY ALL

@littlemissnellie: I wanted to start with the first person who messaged me here on tumblr, which was Eleanor!!! I know we haven’t been talking too recently but when we do, I love our little chats because it always just makes my day :) I want thank you soo much for being my first friend on here because it made me comfortable to branch out and message other people!! AND THANK YOU FOR THE IDEA TO DO THIS LOVE!

@lonelysimmer4: Haylee!!! You were the second person to ever message me on tumblr and can I just say thank you? You were always soo sweet and nice <3 AND maybe someday I’ll use an alpha hair! but i don’t know if it will be now :3 ALSO I’m already done with season 1 of AHS and can I just say it was bomb?

@awkwardnoodlesimmerblog : AHh girl! When i first messaged you here on tumblr, we immediatedly clicked because of our terrible grammar skills and our love for sim DRAMA! Your legacy is honestly so good and I always look forward to what you are going to go with the plot each time you post! AHH ilysm because I will always love our convos.

@emroo102: I know we have only just started talking rather recently but omg I feel like I already know you! Thank you for always being so sweet and making me laugh so much! I also can’t believe that you thought my sim icon was a cas glitch :) omg I think i died when you told me that!

@silentllamas (she deactivated but I still wanted to include her!): I wish you didn’t deactivate but I just wanted to thank you so much for letting my rant on tumblr about school and all that! I still can’t believe our schools are so different to each other and you have different subjects each SEMESTER?? CRA-Z. thank you APUSH buddy! :)

@chasingxxstars: I know we just started talking super recently, but I already feel like you will be such a great friend!! Our convos always makes my day and I can’t wait to know you even better! Also I know our time differences are drastically different, but I love we can make it work :) ALso thank you for letting me rant about school and how stressful it is :3

@verdantsimmer: We haven’t talked too much lately but when we do, I just love our convos! AND YOUR DOG’S NAMES ARE SO CUTE I CRY, I WISH I WAS CREATIVE! i hope your cat gets so much better and message me whenever you can girl!


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Because I don’t want to be petty and because you don’t need this right now,
I will not bring it up and I won’t force an apology.
I can’t be mad at you for not listing me as your priority,
But neither can I state being too kind or nice as a virtue because what it really is, is a tragedy.
And because I am a writer, this time I choose to make this a comedy.


Ok everyone, please share this to EVERYONE you can on tumblr please. So I went to A-kon 28 and managed to record Matthew Mercer doing lip sync battle. This is his section so please please PLEASE share this since Youtube is being nice and allowing me to keep this up without flagging my account -for now-. Enjoys and I hope A-Kon invites him again next year woot woot!

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kathi, sweetie 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖  thanks so much for this really heartwarming message~ and just so you know i would love to send this back to your inbox for unlimited times but i don’t know why my ask sometimes not being delivered to some ppl :’(
so instead of going through the uncertainties that is whether or not my ask will be received by all these wonderful ppl listed below, i will mention them here ^-^ 
i really hope you don’t mind sweetheart  💖

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I think I’m the only bibro that actually likes that Cas is back…

But I definitely thought ‘fan service’ when they decided to only include Dean and Cas’s reaction shots. I mean, who is Sam?

I know that most of this episode was *finally* dealing with Dean’s perspective instead of just having him angst without any real insight into his deeper thoughts and feelings, and so largely the episode hinged on seeing his emotional reaction to things both in the big picture and as they arose, but it would have also been nice to acknowledge that Sam had his friend back too, sorry, it’s how I feel.

It’s less about me ‘making something about Sam that wasn’t about Sam’ - like I might get accused of, and more about the fact that if you know that some of your loudest fans are fucking insane, don’t give them anything that they can get too excited about without taking the edge off after.

This all said, I get why it was really relevant to include Dean’s reaction in particular, because Cas represents hope that they can still get a win- Dean needs a win- which is as obvious as a slap in the face in this episode.

There’s a lot of brothers fans getting pissed off that Sam isn’t all Dean needs at this point- and as usual there’s this massive discord in the fandom between the people who are Dean/ Cas shippers and Dean/ Sam shippers.

But can I ask the shippers to like, take a step back a second, because this episode was really all about Dean and his headspace.

Even as a Sam leaning bibro- I fully own up to this all the time- I totally got why it was entirely necessary to take a little stroll through Dean’s psyche this episode. Look at how he has been behaving lately, nothing except our own speculation that there had to be a reason for it has been keeping people on his team. People were literally giving up on a guy they’ve followed and loved for 13 years for the sake of 4 episodes!

I know that it has been a big part of his identity up until now, but not everything in Dean’s head can be or should be about Sam. Dean had his own shit too! I mean, on a basic level guys, this is why I don’t like how shipping plays with people’s minds and also how romantic nonsense plays with people’s perceptions of happiness.

The whole point of this was that Dean was not okay IN HIMSELF. He pretty much has depression- he’s talking like anyone who has it. “I’m just dragging him down” is something he says about Sam- that’s TEXTBOOK depression. Dean is not on Dean’s team anymore- he hasn’t just given up, he has given up on who he is. When you feel like that, it doesn’t matter how much someone loves you, goes out of their way for you, does all the things that used to make you happy to cheer you up, they can’t fix that because *gasps* it’s not about them!!!

When people who ship Dean (mostly the Destiel shippers, gotta say) but also claim to be Dean’s fans, it makes me side eye when they can’t even consider that the only thing that will make Dean better is something changing in his perspective. His *whoever you ship him with* is not the sole reason for Dean’s wellbeing- and that on its own is so messed up as an attitude I can’t go there.

Dean needs to be okay with himself. It doesn’t matter how much you love people, if you have fallen out with yourself you see yourself as a burden to those you love and you lose all objectivity and ironically, empathy, because you are in a really really really really dark place. I mean, if you could empathise at that point then you could probably hope- but I won’t get into explaining that to Tumblr because it’s very late/ early here and that’s a philosophical can of worms I don’t want to open right now.

So basically, I understand why Dean needed *something* to go right for him. He needed a reason to believe in what they do, but in particular- what he does.

Dean put an unfair pressure on Sam in the last episode really, before you think this is me attacking Dean, calm down because it’s definitely not. It was kind of addressed in this. Sam was playing the dutiful wife and running around being nice to him because he was in a panic. Namely 'OMG DEAN’S MENTAL WELLBEING HAS BEEN PASSED OFF ON ME I HAD BETTER MAKE HIM HAPPY’.

Dean literally told Sam he needed him to hope for both of them- but that can only ever be a temporary set up. The internal hope needs to come from somewhere and you can’t expect someone else to carry that. Dean KNOWS this- so that’s why he felt he was 'dragging Sam down’. He put a weight on his brother, yes, but he really loves him, so he couldn’t actually bare to watch him carry it anyway! That’s what came out in this episode to me.

As Jensen said in an interview before this season aired, it was 'about what Cas represents’. It’s true- it is. Dean’s faith has been partially restored with Cas’s return, and it’s not even about Cas, it’s all about Dean.

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I recently finished reading the series for my first time (I'm 35 years old). The moment it ended my heart was in pieces over Snape. It didn't occur to me that anyone could possibly dislike him until I went on Tumblr. I feel personally offended by the Snape hate. I wonder if it's an age thing? Perhaps the concept that being a flawed person and being a bad person not being the same thing are beyond the comprehension of those who read the series of children and first impressions are hard to shake?

honestly i think part of it is a tumblr thing. i’ve been part of hp fandom since i was 12, back when it was all email lists or private yahoo groups or (later on) fanfic.net and livejournal and like… the amount of snape hate then vs now is so astronomically different it’s kind of boggling. sure there were people who didn’t like snape, but i rarely saw people who hate him as fervently as antis do here. 

and part of that is the tumblr culture of Pure vs Problematic but it’s also probably just a problem of the tumblr hivethink in general where one fandom headcanon becomes accepted as gospel even when it has little to no basis in truth or good analysis. and you’re right in that a lot of tumblr fans are in their teens so it can be harder for them to see the nuance in characters than it might be for older fans. and reading it as an adult can change a lot of things - like stuff i would have been mortally offended by as a kid reading the book, i now view with less anger now as an adult, esp in regards to snape. (example: i was super upset that snape got lupin fired as a kid, but as an adult i’m way less horrified bc i can recognize that lupin, despite being a nice teacher, did a really fucked up thing and put a lot of kids in danger and deserved to be fired.)