but now tumblr is being nice and i can!!!!


See these are two very nice photos of Tony from last night, where a nice little um, detail, has gone MIA. Now we’re on Tumblr and we can say all we please and have a good time being sarcastic or speculating as we please.

I promise you, if I see ONE single person being so damn STUPID as the last time this happened, and go to Tony’s twitter and MENTION HIM asking about this, or making a comment about this? I will ROAST that person publicly, complete with roasted potatoes.

Fair warning because apparently people are SO DAMN STUPID and RUDE as to not understand basic rules of decent behavior even toward a celebrity. YOU DO NOT ASK about missing rings, EVER, not even if you’re a journalist, LET ALONE if you’re a meaningless fan, someone he doesn’t know in the slightest. You do not COMMENT on missing rings, EVER, directly to a celebrity. You shut up with them and comment separately without EVER including them.
Can’t believe I have to explain this and threaten public exposure, but it’s come to this point.

Meantime, I told you to observe certain things lately because everything happens for a reason. I made ONE single comment on that Eisen interview because there was no need for more.

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Yo! Because linkyspooky blog recommend me to ask, yep I just want your opinion version about furuta in the last panel too. I mean in whole plot story and furuta character analysis perspective💞💞

Thank you so much for asking!

I suggest reading the last bit of @bloodycarnations​ post here [x] because it explains a lot of what I think nicely.

It’s making Furuta, the wearer of masks, from a metaphor to a literal on panel reality. It’s a metaphor both myself and others have been using to describe him for a while, and this panel makes it all the more explicit. It’s a joke prop, but it’s also a disguise. It’s not just the party glasses, it’s also the nose and mustache. The reading of it all combined is thus: This comedy and party attitude are a disguise.

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Newly Archived Fanfic

I went through my “not yet archived” tag this morning and archived the majority of them. Nothing “new” in the sense that it’s all been on my tumblr, but if you’d like to see them on AO3, they are now there!  

Each title is a link, but for LJ/DW users where this crossposts, the link is also in parentheses after each blurb. 

Nice Work If You Can Get It: A coda to “Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do”, in which Steve reconsiders his policy against being a Kept Man.( http://archiveofourown.org/works/805427/chapters/20055307 )

The Exhibit: Set in the Izzyverse; Steve and Bucky chaperone Izzy’s class field trip to see the Captain America exhibit, and discuss their legacy. ( http://archiveofourown.org/works/2152299/chapters/20055418 )

The Vice-President’s Snowball Initiative: Set in the Leader Of The Free World universe, regarding Steve’s love of a good snowball fight. ( http://archiveofourown.org/works/6579205/chapters/20055592 )

The Buche De Noel Job: A short coda to the Cyborg Arm Job universe, where Bucky is the fourth member of the new Leverage International. ( http://archiveofourown.org/works/6242446/chapters/20055892 )

The DIY Family Job: Eliot Spencer stole a baby, but in true Leverage fashion, that’s the least of their problems. ( http://archiveofourown.org/works/8749018 ) 

A Taste Of Vinegar: The Leverage crew invades Nero Wolfe’s brownstone, trying to figure out why Wolfe is after Eliot. Turns out Wolfe just wants a recipe. ( http://archiveofourown.org/works/8749222 )

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I just want you to know that I read two of your Jamilton fics but I can't remember the names (sry. I think the room where it happens and red cups? I might've gotten that one wrong) but like they're amazing!!! Every now and then I think about how good that fic was and how nice it was to actually read something. And your art??? Amazing! 1,000,000/10 I'm always showing it to my friends (making sure they know it's you (Tumblr name)) bc it's sooo good! You're a huge inspiration to me! Thnx 4 being U!

im weeping openly
Thank you you’re so nice❤️❤️❤️

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I'm in a psych ward right now and it isn't a nice place :( can you recommend some fluffy fics to maybe take the edge off sometimes?

Oh sweetie, I know, I am so sorry. I’m so proud of you for being you: I know you can get through where you’re at. I believe in you <3 <3 <3 As for fluffy fics, I’m linking you to some of my own, but other folks should please hit the replies with more!! I’m sending you all my love, darling <3 <3 <3










missidinamenzel  asked:

Finals are killin me man, any way you can tell another story? You've been like my salvation this week.

hahahahaahahaha literally a year later!!! literally a year. never be my friend, i will forget to answer your emails and constantly double-book my time. 

ANYWAY, someone else (@ TUMBLR: what if….you tried…..not being QUITE so bad at messaging??? just a thought!!!! just an idea to try.) asked me for another Boarding School Story™ and i was racking my brain trying to think of something, because contrary to what i feel like might be popular belief, i didn’t get up to too many hijinks in high school. 

i mean i was in our version of detention a lot but that was for things like “skipping breakfast” and “being late always” and “writing an inflammatory speech about how unfair it was that we had to eat breakfast in the dining hall when we could be using that time to SLEEP” and “dyeing my hair with bright streaks against the express written rules of the student handbook”.

  • okay in hindsight i was actually….. in detention….. a lot.
  • they used to email our parents every time we were in detention and it got to the point where my mother emailed our dean of students and asked if, to save time, she was only emailed when i WASN’T in detention.
  • but i feel like i wasn’t a troublemaker??? 
  • like okay objectively i was…in trouble often but–

the POINT IS, my young and very gentle delinquency aside, the only time i was ever in like, real trouble is the time that my boyfriend and i got stuck on the roof of the boys’ locker room in the football stadium.

i guess the important background info here is that where was an hour every night between study hall and final dorm sign-in that students were allowed to leave their dorms and ~mingle with one another, though there were all kinds of rules about where you could and couldn’t be.

  • school was like “you have to be in a lighted area” and students were like “lmao.”
  • there was also a hilarious rule during co-ed visitation on the dorms that you had to have “your door open and everyone had to have at least one foot on the floor at all times” which is an adorable way to try and curtail the Teenage Get Down.

anyway, the boyf and i were looking for a cool fun place to hang out and talk about, god, i don’t know, whatever it was that we talked about. 

a few things about this boyf:

  • we had a spanish class together and he was very tall. 
  • he had a lot of other good qualities, including “he was so nice to me all the time even when i was horrible” and “excellent deadpan” but my initial interest was because he was SO. VERY. TALL.
  • a pretty good summary of our relationship as a whole was that he called me to be like, “hey, we’ve been….talking a lot…….i was wondering what you were trying to do with that” and i was like “uh———i wasn’t——i like—-UHHHHHHHHHHHH” and he was like, “WELL DO YOU WANT TO LIKE, GO OUT??” and i was like, “SURE BUT I HAVE TO GO NOW BYE”
  • ah, to be young.

so boyf and i went for a fun little adventure looking for some ~privacy and struck upon the BRILLIANT idea of scaling the locker room building and hanging out on the roof, because nothing says “romance” like “the smell of a football equipment”. so he managed to find a ladder somewhere and up we went. a lovely time was had by all until i looked down at my watch and realized i had five minutes to be back on dorm.

“oh, shit,” i said, and getting to my feet and jogging to the edge of the roof. i looked down.

“hey, boyf?”


“where did you put the ladder?”

he looked up. “i left it where you’re standing.”

i looked again. #confirmed for no ladder.

“are you sure?”

“yeah, where else would i put it?”

“well, where did you get it?”

“i don’t know, i found it….on……the grass………”

  • A WORD OF ADVICE: don’t ever just assume that ladders left lying around are for public use!!! they are ALMOST NEVER for public use.

“is it possible that was someone’s ladder, and they came and took it?”

  • SPOILER ALERT: it was possible!!! in fact, it was probable!!!
  • SPOILER ALERT #2: it was, in fact, security’s ladder, and security had taken it, assuming, of course, that two idiot students hadn’t just taken their ladder and climbed onto a roof that they 120% were not supposed to be on at 10pm.

“well,” said boyf.

“well,” i said.

“i could jump down and then catch you,” he offered.

we looked at one another. we looked down at the ground. we looked back at each other.

“you’re not THAT tall,” i said. 

so, our options:

  1. jump off the roof.
  2. call for help.
  3. accept that we now lived on this roof forever, build a home out of what we could scavenge, and never face the consequences of our actions.

“so, do you want to just live here?” i asked. “we could be happy.” 


  • boyf was more willing to accept responsibility for his actions than i was, which is also why he was willing to try to be friends when we broke up and i hid in my dorm room for a solid 3 months until he graduated.

after a few minutes if our shouting, security and the coach of the football team–who must have just been on duty?? i don’t think they like, called him every time there was a football stadium-related incident.–gathered at the boys’ locker room and glared up at us in the dark.

“HOW did you even get UP THERE,” shouted mr football coach. 

“there was a ladder!” boyf protested. “it was right there! it was a public ladder!”


“i’m gonna jump down,” said boyf again.

  • you know, all these years later i’m still not sure if he was nobly trying to take the brunt of the scolding or just like…. really wanted to jump off the roof.

“please stop trying to jump off this roof!!!!!” i snapped.

after probably five minutes of incredibly awkward two-level scolding, in which we sat with our legs hanging off the edge of the roof and the football coach said things like, “WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS,” and “WHAT DID YOU THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN” and “IT IS SO EASY TO BE ANY OTHER WAY THAN THIS” security arrived with “their” “ladder” that “wasn’t” for “public use” or whatever.

  • i don’t know if you’ve ever been scolded while literally looking down at the authority figure you’ve pissed off but like, it is incredibly weird.
  • like on the one hand you feel like you have all the power, because you’re like “LOOK AT THE TINY PEONS BELOW ME,” but also you know logically that you don’t have all the power and you have to at least look contrite because in 5 minutes you’ll be on the ground and then the authority figure will hold all the cards again.
  • also it just feels rude to have your shoes dangling above an authority figure’s head but like, what else are you supposed to do?? it’s weirder to stand???
  • standing feels aggressive when you’re on a roof looking down???

boyf and the football coach walked me back to my dorm.

“uh, bye,” i said, feeling for some reason like i would never see boyf again and we were both going to prison.

“GOODNIGHT,” said the football coach. “YOU WILL BE HEARING FROM THE DEAN.”


“you can see why it might seem….to outside parties…..like you were on the roof for……private reasons,” said the dean, scolding both boyf and i outside the chapel just to remind us that we had let not only ourselves down, but also probably jesus.

“WE WERE STARGAZING,” boyf and i said in tandem.

“but you can SEE why it might SEEM like you were doing something ELSE,” the dean said. “if it happens again i’ll call your parents.”

“if it happens again i’m totally jumping off the roof,” boyf whispered to me when the dean had turned away.

“OH MY GOD,” i said.

satire-please  asked:

Because of you, I keep tagging Prince Sidon as *Link's Shark Boyfriend* on tumblr. :D I can't help it. Prince Sidon is just so supportive and FREAKING NICE WITH NICE ARM MUSCLES AND A GREAT SHARP SMILE. So I kinda ship it now, but what about you?

TBH I know next to nothing about the Zelda franchise other than Link and Zelda so me dabbling with Prince Sidon is just me being silly. I don’t really ship it hardcore, I just think he’s really cute 

rusc-of-airgead  asked:

Hey Pop, just wanted to say that whilst I'm not the most communicative, or interactive ( and that I can come off over the top when I do) if you ever want to chat about anything drop me a note. I've not had the spoons to deal with tumblr itself for about 3months now, but I'm finally getting back in the swing of things. Despite this you've still been on my notifications list the whole time. So you just keep being you okay? You are definitely not obsolete in this fandom. Promise. *Hugs*

*hugs back* Glad to hear you’re starting to drift back into hell, Rusc.

So the last time I was active on tumblr I wasn’t able to block people from this blog, only my personal blog……. but now it’s come to my attention that I can block people from this blog as well?! Bless. I’ve just spent the past 20 minutes sifting thru porn blogs and all of your blogs. Can you imagine the emotional roller coaster I’m on being disgusted one second and filled with glee the next? It’s nice to re-acquaint myself with all the cool people that follow this blog though <3

I hit 1k followers I can’t believe this!!! thank you all so so much for following me and being incredibly friendly and supportive, you all mean a lot to me and have made tumblr feel like a safe place where I can freely talk and express myself. when I started this blog less than a year ago I never imagined it meaning as much to me as it does now, literally this blog is my entire life, and I never imagined meeting so many fantastic people!! so to celebrate reaching 1k I’ve decided to do a follow forever

italicized = mutuals       bold = faves 


@amazedphill | @amusedan | @angelicboylester | @asslikephilfacelikedan | @atticmonkeyss | @aubadelester | @aurellialester | @averyiscoldpizza | @aye-howell | @azurephan | @badass-howell @beautiphil-sun | @bedbuglester | @beyondyouandme | @bless-howell | @blisslester | @blobfish-howell | @bloomhowell | @blueberrylester | @blushingsquishydan | @brumousdan | @buttercuplester | @carrotdeath | @chaiteahowell | @chloro-phill | @cinnamoncrunchphan | @cloudlesstae | @cluelesslester | @comicphans | @crescentlester | @cringe-attacks | @crises-of-existentiality | @crispyphil 


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i’m sorry if I forgot to mention anyone and thank you again for helping me reach 1k, ily frens 

So I woke up today and


I’ve been on Tumblr for only three months and I could NEVER hope for such an enthusiasm around my art. By the way, thank you for all the nice comments on that last MysteryPearl comic !! I really enjoyed making it and I hope you enjoyed it too !

Now let’s get down to Bismu-:COUGHCOUGH: … to business ! I want to organise something to celebrate this, but I have NO FREAKING IDEA HAHAHAHH. So the point is: if you have ideas of what we can do, please submit them to me through my ask box! It can be anything, really.

Oh, and of course, if you’re curious about anything, feel free to ask, I’d be really happy to talk with you guys~☆

anonymous asked:

Do you know that you are the ultimate goal for most of the people on tumblr? Pretty, smart, really nice and loved by everyone! You seem to be friends with everyone - that must be/ is wonderful :)

okay I’ve legit been staring at this message for like 10 minutes now thinking about how to answer because I legit don’t know what to say

this is probably one of THE sweetest messages I have ever gotten and I can’t thank you enough for being SO SO SO kind

but believe me I’m really not that great and I really don’t think I’m “goals” or anything haha

all of you guys are amazing and beautiful, hilarious, kind, genuine people and if it seems like “everyone loves me” (which I highly doubt tbh haha) then just because there are so many sweet and wonderful people in this fandom (including you, you wonderful anon)

but thank you so so so much for this message, it really made my day and I can’t thank you enough for all these kind words ♡♡♡♡

Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours, when you are done tag up to ten people.
Tagged by: @colpapabear (baeee 💚💚)
Tagging: @spuddiesbuddies @disgcsting @thankchrist
A - Age: 17 (two months and five more days to go~!)
B - Biggest fear: At this moment, losing my grandmother and being alone
C - Current time: 2:43 p.m.
D - Drink you last had: Chocolate milk x3
E - Every day starts with: Feels and whining (thanks weather and tumblr)
F - Favourite song: Oh gosh… right now, Wouldn’t It Be Nice by The Beach Boys
G - Ghosts, are they real: meh… I believe angels and demons can roam the earth, but spirits either go to heaven or hell.
I - In love with: My boyfriend and (in a straight way X3) my two best friends.
K - Killed someone: wiTH FEELS
L - Last time you cried: This morning ^.^‘
M - Middle name: Jade-Margaret 
N - Number of siblings: 2
O - One wish: to be happy longer than a day
P - Person you last called/texted: a family friend X3
Q - Questions you are always asked: “Omg are you still with him?” “You’re Mexican?” and (trigger warning?) “How/When did your parents die?"
R - Religion: (Baptist) Christian
S - Song last sang: Ain’t No Mountain Tall Enough ^.^
T - Time you woke up: 5:30 a.m (kill meh)
U - Underwear color: white because idc what I look like, only I will see X3
V - Vacation destination: …./dream/ vacation is Germany, but 'tis but a dream.
W - Worst habit: Living. Jk, it’s getting disappearing without saying a word.
X - X-Rays you’ve had: My teeth for braces..
Y - Your favorite food: BBQ pull pork ^.^
Z- Zodiac sign: Tardis I think..

bonkai fam is something not real i can tell.

i remember the time i joined tumblr I reblogged a nice pics and music but then S6 happened and I’m like guys it’s me or there is a chemistry between  Bonnie and Kai??¿¿ I remember being one of the first people in bonkai tag, remember all theories that we've built about pics from 6x17 and now Kai is dead and tvd is cancelled (finally) but these people from bonkai fandom are still here and the words can’t describe how much I love all of you.

It’s ridiculous how much stuff you like I like (music, art, fashion, film etc) Even when it's a new tv show\film we ship the same otp and I’m like HOW? I swear I don’t need to search blogs I’d like through tumblr all I need is follow someone from bonkai fam. YOU GUYS AMAZING AND I LOVE YOU!

Ways Black Tumblr/Black Fandom can cope with this anxiety

Here’s how I’m dealing with all of this anxiety that’s been going around lately:

Right now, I’m writing a fluffy fanfic piece about Baron Mordo (Doctor Strange) and Finn (Star Wars). I’m gonna make it as sickeningly sweet as possible. Because that’s something that I need right now.

Here are other ways I’m gonna cope:

I’m gonna write poetry.

I’m gonna write original fiction about black queers being in love.

I’m gonna watch terrible films

I’m gonna read nice, happy fanfics

I’m gonna work on my BlackInFanfiction Power Rangers Masterpost.

I’m gonna stare at pictures of Eka Darville

How’re you guys gonna cope? Reblog and add more (I think it might be good to get our minds off of the killings for a while)

Okay so I just woke up to find Hanzo’s tag all messy because apparently Blizzard confirmed his legs aren’t prosthesic. Now, I don’t really want to be that guy but seriously? Why are people even pissed at that? Why the one billion posts explaining it can’t be??? And being this #tumblr obviously the insults started flying…. listen to me now kids, aren’t you tired of all this drama all the time? I mean do you want to believe Hanzo’s legs are prosthesic? Fine! Who’s literally stopping you from doing it??Did ever something being canon stopped anyone from enjoying an alternative way of seeing things? Tbh I never thought his legs where prosthesic but I didn’t hate upon anyone doing that, because you can enjoy and think whatever you please. I don’t mind at all, it’s somewhat nice to see art or content in another perspective so it’s also constructive. Buuuut don’t come out insulting people or bitch over the fact for ages because it’s first of all boring and second not very intelligent. Don’t make the rude ass one just because your head canon wasn’t confirmed because it’s so extra and unrequired. Enjoy what you please, don’t judge others and others won’t judge you. But for the love of god don’t write useless salty posts insulting whoever comes at hand.
You were nice, Overwatch fandom. Very nice. Don’t change that.

It’s Only A Beginning (14/?) Louis/Nick

Louis/Nick, Tumblr/high school AU. Continued from here. Read the whole thing here

“I don’t know whether you can turn up for a date in an anorak.”

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The different stages of being a tumblr user

1. Hey this is fun, there’s all my fandom, and people here are nice :)


3. I hate tumblr but but it’s too late I can’t get off the train now but omg I hate this place so much

Balmung, I need you!

So I wrote a post awhile back about karma, and generally being nice. http://mistralwanderer.tumblr.com/post/140271280826/karma that one of you wanna read it.

I’ve been doing this for awhile now, and I’ve realised there’s only so much I can do alone. So I’m making a linkshell, with the aim being to help people who need it and generally brighten up people’s day without expecting anything in return. I’m thinking help people get clears, help them farm things they want, hell even help them craft something they’ve been wanting.

Basically, if someone deserves something nice to happen to them, we’ll be there. Random acts of kindness are what it’s all about.

And that’s where you come in balmung. I need people willing to help. So if you’d be interested in doing some nice things for people, reblog this post for me so I know you wanna help? And if you don’t think you have the time to help, or aren’t able to, signal boost this for me?

Balmung, assemble! I know there’s decent people on this server, prove it to me!


hello!! i just wanted to let you know in an official psa if you see me interacting with the same people ooc over and over again, that doesn’t mean i have my ‘clique’ and we can’t be friends! some people i’ve known for longer periods than others, which is usually why i talk to them frequently, but that doesn’t meant i’m trying to exclude you!! literally all you have to do to talk with me is coming into my askbox and go LISTEN NERD WE’RE FRIENDS NOW and i’ll over the moon!!

i’m making this psa because the roleplay community, especially on tumblr, seems like a clique-y place. and, frankly, i know it’s not nice being on the outside looking in. it easy to feel left out, i understand, but know that i love to make new friends!! don’t be shy – sometimes, you got to take the first step to make relationships happen :)