but now there's just no fuse

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I was just curious as to what you have against the steven x connie ship I mean I'd understand if people sexualize them because they're like 12 and people shouldn't sexualize them that's gross, but what's wrong with people shipping them? o:

I REALLY really dont like them being played as super romantic with each other considering that theyre so young it makes me rlly uncomfortable for that alone but also. like. steven is connies only friend really and imo its not good for your ONLY friend to be your partner as well,,, even aged up we just know stuff about them from their age now and :/ plus Steven doesnt seem to feel that way towards her and hes gotten kinda :( about things that would hint at them being together yanno so?? I think tho that in canon their friendship is very strong and theres nothing wrong with them being friends only and not romantic partners tbh like sure theyve had ‘moments’ but theyre just kids and reading into is kinda gross imo 

also they fused but that shouldnt be proof that theyre in romantic cahoots cause a strong bond between people doesnt HAVE to be romantic love like in garnets case just like it doesnt HAVE to be hate like in lapiz and jaspers case 

just my onion :O