but now there's just no fuse

today I found out that in russian junkrat is called крысавчек which is literally just the russian words for rat and handsome boy fused together (крыса + красавчик) and its the best translation for anything that ive ever heard i never wanna call him junkrat again theres only handsome rat boy now


I wish we’d see more of Opal. We barely know anything about what she’s like (basically just that she’s forgetful, and that’s just something the crew says, not something that’s actually been shown), way less than Sugilite and Sardonyx, for instance.

Power Down

Short fic for TAU. Have some more fresh-after-Transcendence Pines Parents struggling with what’s happened to their kid…

Six broad, tall pillar candles were kept in the cupboard for emergencies. Six candles in one cupboard, never removed unless they were needed, always put back right after their work was done.

Mark swept the flashlight from corner to corner, digging through the Easter decorations also stored there as though he might find what he was looking for hiding behind a cute bunny shelf-sitter. Just as he first thought, there wasn’t a wick in sight.

“Anna!” he called. “Did we put the candles somewhere else last time?”

“No, I’m sure they’re in there.”

“I can’t find them!”

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