but now that i've made it i'm looking at it and i'm kind of like

Okay… Borrowing a few of Nisha’s ( @bonneibennett ) gifs from this set to look at that last Bonenzo scene from another angle. (Hope you don’t mind Nisha!)

Now I could totally be stretching (who are we kidding I’m totally over stretching here) but maybe we can see that last scene in a more positive way. I mean, two pretty people with ridiculous chemistry together on my screen, like! The sense that Bonnie kind of might be more into him than he is her, not so much like.

I’ve said this before, I don’t think she’s into him into him, where she’s hanging out with him to be close to him cause she’s got one of those schoolgirl crushes. I do think that she is lonely and Enzo is easy to be around - no expectations, no baggage, diversion from her own loneliness (and I’m pretty sure they just tried to brush all of her issues from being trapped in the prison world under the carpet, they’re definitely still there though - but dealing with other people’s problems is easier), plus I mean accent, hot. 

So anyways, getting off topic here.. That last scene, I mean I guess it could be read as her being more into him than he is her but like I said above - he’s a diversion from all the crap in her life.

Enzo tells her he’s moving on from Lily. 

Woah, a guy that’s not going to waste even more time chasing a woman that’s clearly not into him. Plus, did he just say he was doing this because Lily made it clear? Hmm.. listening to what the woman wants. What a change. Dignity, finally got some. About time he listened to her! Good!

“Huh? Good? Go on…”

So, it would appear here she’s telling him that’s he’s better off because she’s into him but it could be more. She’s been in a place where she was with a guy who was interested in someone else. She’s also seen these triangles going wrong all around her for the past how many years? They only end in heartbreak. Clearly Enzo was not going to come out the victor here. She knows this guy, they’ve worked together (I know it was season 5, and they probably could’ve had him board the free Bonnie bus considering she saved his ass and all) and you know being the amazing person she is, she doesn’t want to see him unnecessarily hurt because you know what, there’s too much hurt in the world anyways. Why not.

I said this before, but look at that face. How many people in his life do you think he’s actually had that have genuinely seemed to care for him? Yeah he chose Camp Lily, but seriously, what has that gotten him. Every time he seems to get screwed somehow and time and again he’s making the wrong decisions. He’s looking for belonging, he’s looking for a bond with someone, the guy was locked up in a lab and experimented on for how many years, think about what that does to a person’s psyche. Every time Bonnie says something like this it is making a mark on him. He does recognize the caring, amazing person she is. He’s falling for her and he doesn’t even know it. She’s unexpected for him too. Just look at his face there. He made his choice, picked a side, and then here comes this amazing woman who manages to catch him off guard every so often.