but now that i see myself next to him i see my error

strangers. | (M)

Don’t talk to strangers. You might fall in love.

Words: 5K

Genre: CEO!Jimin, Dom!Jimin, Smut, Fluff, Hints BDSM.

A/N: Surprise~! Happy Birthday Jiminnie (and happy belated birthday to @jiminniemouse! I hope you like your extremely late birthday present!)  I know this is a day late but this is my first smut ever and I spent a large amount of time cleansing my soul while writing this. I would like to thank @amazon-bookworm all the hours she spent drilling the do’s and dont’s of smut I literally wouldn’t have been able to write this without you!. I would also like to thank @creamsicklesz for editing this and surviving my horrible sentence structure and grammatical errors. Thank you also to @ihearteyesmilesss, @jungee, @we-go-hard-in-the-coffeehouse, @ktaehyngs, and of course the lovely birthday girl @dailydoseofdia for motivating my to write this! Please have mercy on my smut writing abilities this is my first time (/).(\) 

Reminder: all the writing from @chokemejimin is being moved to @the95liner

Okay no more delays, enjoy! 

The first day I saw him, I was running late. As I ran through the train doors just as they were about to close, he was perched comfortable against the opposite closed door. I leaned against the walls of the train compartment, my breathing embarrassingly heavy. His eyes briefly left the book in his hand and flashed towards me, the disruptor of a perfectly silent train during his early morning commute. His gaze lingered on my face for few seconds, making my cheeks heat up, before he turned back to his book.

As I steadied my breathing, I took the chance to gaze at the man. Needless to stay, he was handsome. No, not handsome, beautiful. A dark grey suit hugged his frame paired with a simple black shirt and a silky black tie. His grey hair combed away from his face with just a few strands falling on his forehead. His eyes were downcasted, trailing on his book. 

His tongue darted out habitually licking his lips; he sensually pulled his lower lip in between his teeth. Suddenly, his gaze flashed towards me, the darkness his of irises boring into me. His appearance might be that of an angel, but his gaze was purely sin.

I calmly looked away from him and gazed out the window. Maybe if I hadn’t looked away, I would’ve noticed the beautiful smile his lips had curved into. Maybe if I hadn’t looked away I would’ve noticed his silent glances. Maybe if I hadn’t looked away I would’ve noticed that he hadn’t turned a single page in his novel since I had gotten on the train.

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See You Down There

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Requested: Can you do that imagine where jason and Y/N having a baby please ?


I gave you direct instructions which you have failed to fall through with. There is no excuse. You have ten seconds to fuck off.” Jason’s voice was stern, terrifyingly calm but underneath was an undying tone of anger for the man and his inability to complete a task.

I knew at that moment he wasn’t bluffing, when was the last time Jason Mccann had ever bluffed? And the trembling man before him obviously knew no better.

Or maybe he did - for he was in this situation after all as a cause of his reckless behaviour. Jason trusted the man with his shipment, directly told him to be here with his guns at seven sharp. Yet here he stood at Nine forty five with no guns and a terrified expression.

Sorry buddy, but you had this coming.

“Please Mr Mccann. You have to understand, I have a family!” 

“So do I.” Jason stated, directing his eyes over to me and my swelling belly. “That’s why when I’m told to do something, I get it done. I will not risk not coming home to them for filthy pleasures.”

“It was one time. I-I didn’t mean to!” The man pleaded.

“Last time I checked you don’t place a bunt in your mouth and smoke it on accident.” Jason spat. “That shipment was really important! My client was expecting me to deliver it hours ago but because of your ignorance, I lost an ally tonight.”

“Please Jason-” The man pleaded to which jason lifted a lip and snarled in anger as well as in warning. The man’s eyes widened, making quick to correct his error. “I mean, Mr Mccann. Don’t kill me. Don’t you have a heart!?”

Ooh. Wrong move buddy.

Suddenly, Jason’s lips twisted into an evil grin - one of menacing amusement that was somehow blank but full of meaning all at once. “A heart?” Jason questioned. “I used too.” He chuckled. “But you see, there’s a problem now. My heart was stolen by a beautiful woman who is now carrying my child. It lays in her hands.”

That’s when Jason directed his eyes over to me, a look of love but that stern professional glare shining straight through, informing me that no matter how much he loved me, he meant business. “So tell me baby girl. What do you think I should do?”

A sudden wave of pain rush through me. It was dull but still much noticeable - something I had found was a very common thing in pregnancy. Decided to ignore the flood of discomfort for this really wasn’t a good time to complain about my pregnancy, I glanced around the room finding every pair of eyes burning sternly through my head.

Jason was the first I saw, a look of patient love but professional demeanor. Then the gang members guarding the room caught my eyes next. They all looked on with stern eyes, ready to pounce at the request of my decision, but the man sat with pleading eyes, begging to be spared.

This wasn’t a decision I was appealed to make everyday, so my mind at this point was rushing with thoughts of indecisiveness and fear.

This man had a family to go home to as well as his own gang to run, but over all he did us wrong and disrespected not only our request, but Jason himself. And no one disrespects my husband and gets away with it. I know Jason was giving me the choice to make for myself but deep down, I knew he hoped I’d declare this mans death.

And who was I to upset my husband?

“Kill him.” I spat.

The man’s eyes widened in shock, head whipping from side to side in fear as two guards began approaching each side of his body. “No! No please! Please! Don’t do this!!”

The two members of Bizzle gang roughly gripped ahold of the mans shoulder’s, ripping him up rather aggressively. The man’s cries and screams echoed through the entirety of Jason’s office, who must I say had a large and satisfied grin on his face.

Slowly, Khalil and Za dragged the man away kicking and screaming, yelling profanities of all sorts over his breath. But One sentence in particular managed to catch me off guard, his words burning through me and panging me with worry. A pang that was physically felt as a second wave of pain endured me.

“I hope your and wife and child rot in hell!” and at that moment, I watched as Jason’s face visibly twisted from one of satisfaction to a firing rage.

It was no less than point 2 seconds before Jason had flung his body out of his chair, face red and burning with anger. “Bring him back here!”

And not wanting to anger the boss, Za and Khalil dragged the boy back, holding him down on the chair forcefully. Jason leaned forward, his face mere inches from the man. His once honey eyes presented black and I was honestly scared for the man myself.

Jason snarled, teeth visible as he spat his words. So harsh that they sent shivers down my spine. “You will regret ever meeting me, let alone wishing death upon my family. I may be a murderer but I am a child of god. And so god help me, if they’re going to hell then I’m going with them. Just not going anytime soon.”

Then he smiled, one to send even the strongest of men running. A psychotic, treacherous smile. “See you down there.”

And with a swift movement he had drawn his gun, clicked the safety off and pulled the trigger all before I could blink. The sound rung throughout the room and I flinched ever so slightly at the echo of the shell clattering to the ground.

The sight before me had bile rising up my throat, pooling in my mouth. The sight usually wouldn’t phase me but this pregnancy was making it hard to keep anything down. Blood splattered the room and the mans body lay lifeless on the seat, a hole of nothing in the center of his forehead with blood oozing down it.

It was all too much and I was found doubling over besides me. My breakfast was fast to exit my body, relieving the nausea’s feeling pooling in my stomach.Though Jason was quick to run over to me, a hand on my back as I began to stand straight again.

“You okay baby girl?” He questioned with a sincere tone. He was used to my constant nausea episodes and found it quite normal that I had thrown up.

But yet again, another wave of pain fell over my body, a burning cramp riding up from my stomach, extending as far as my torso reached. This one was a lot stronger than the last, and I was found once again doubling over, but this time in pain.

A groan of misery was emitted from my throat, a hand reaching up to clutch my stomach. Everyone in the room stiffened, eyeing me with worry as I stood back to lean on Jason’s shoulder.

“It hurts!” I yelled. “Jason it hurts!”

He was quick to grab a hold of my body. He lifted both my arms, wrapping each around his neck with both arms around my waist to stabilize me. His eyes held worry with a glint of fear - something you never saw Jason feeling. “What is it baby?” He frantically asked. “What’s hurting?”

It took everything in me to muster up the words “M-My stomach! It hurts!” I Groaned. “I think I’m having c-contractions.”

Jason’s eyes widened as he glanced down at my stomach. He had read the pregnency books I asked him to read after a litle begging but none the less still asked, “What does that mean?!”

That’s when It hit me, and I began announcing the words we had been waiting to hear ever since the day I  found out I was pregnant. “I think I’m going into labour!”

Just like Jason’s, everyone’s eyes largened, and I almost wanted to slap them for just staring at me while I groaned in pain.

“Well don’t just stand there, do something!”

And then everyone was off. Jason began instructing the gang to start up the car and grab my hospital bag from upstairs, a few rushing around to follow Jason’s orders while others proceeded to cancel all jason’s meetings for the rest of the day.

But Jason instead stood by me, his forehead leant against mine with his eyes closed.

“I’m scared.” I announced.

Jason licked his lips, lifting a hand to caress my face. “It’s okay baby girl. Just breath.”

“But I’m not ready.” Tears brimmed my eyes and I felt like I was about to colapse right then and there.

Jason shook his head. “Shh.” He cooed. “You’re ready. More than ready. You’re going to do great. Just think about it, in a couple of hours were going to be right back here, but this time with a beautiful baby girl.”

I chuckled. “Boy.”

“Baby, It’s a girl.”

“I think It’s a boy.”

Justin shook his head, a smile present on his face. “It’s going to be a girl. I can feel it.”

There was a few more seconds of smiles before I once again groaned in pain, lighting everyone back to the situation at hand. Jason opened his eyes, looking down at the bump then back to me with excitement. I just wanted to kiss him, hold my baby in my hands and never let go.

“Y/N.” Jason whispered.

“Yeah.” I hummed.

“Let’s go have a baby.”

は and が


  • は (spelled “ha” but pronounced “wa”) goes on nouns that are serving as context/background information for the rest of the sentence. Basically, you’re bringing up the topic of (noun) and then commenting on it. (は is sometimes called the “topic particle” because of this.)
  • が (ga) marks a noun that’s looking for something to do. (Or be.) This noun will be the subject of the next verb/adjective/whatever you see. (が is sometimes called the “subject particle” because of this.)

In English, we don’t really have two specific words with those jobs–we express those concepts in lots of different ways, or just leave them out completely. So when you look at translations of sentences with は and が, sometimes it looks like the は and が either don’t matter or are totally interchangeable, which isn’t true! They have completely different jobs, it’s just that there’s some overlap when you bring up a topic (with は) that happens to be doing a verb or something (and could take が). 

I found that the best way (for me) to get a feel for は and が was to listen to people try to explain it, then look at sentences and imagine how they would be different if you switched a は for a が or vice versa. So here are some examples with really wordy explanations!

Note: I’m relying on my (non-native-speaker) は・が sense for these, so if anyone finds errors, let me know.

Here goes!

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A Way to You Again: Part 12

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count:  1826

Catch Up Here

Summary: Bucky and Y/N have been fairly successful at keeping their relationship hidden from the rest of the Avengers. That is… until Nat walks into the kitchen one night and finds Bucky kissing Y/N. While Y/N is relieved that their relationship is out in the open it soon becomes more complicated than she could have ever imagined.

Author’s Notes: Thanks to the lovely @melconnor2007 for the request! This chapter has a little bit of angst and fluff.

I edited this while I was like 50,000 shades of exhausted – so if there are errors please ignore them :|.

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“Bucky, where are we going?” I asked breathlessly as we exited the subway station.

“Patience is a virtue, doll,” he smirked as he looked at me. I chuckled to myself as I shook my head – when Bucky set his mind to something it was next to impossible to get him to budge on it. He casually caught my hand in his and laced his metal fingers delicately between mine. “This is nice,” he sighed to himself as he gave me another smile.

“Yes – it is,” I smiled back.

We walked in silence through the Brooklyn streets until Bucky stopped in front of a Starbucks. “Here we are,” he announced as his face lit up with excitement.

“Buck… did you bring me all the way to Brooklyn to come to Starbucks? There’s literally at least three within walking distance of the tower,” I said bewildered. Bucky wasn’t a huge fan of fancy coffee drinks – I always pointed out that his inner grumpy old man came out when I ordered a Frappuccino.  

He snorted at my bewildered face. “No doll – this is where I lived until I left for the war. Not the Starbucks obviously – but the building,” he answered as he motioned towards the building in front of us. “I lived right up there with my folks,” he explained as he pointed towards the second floor.

“Oh wow,” I murmured – mainly to myself. Bucky had never been much of an open book about his past. I had never pushed him, because I knew it was painful for him to remember all the things he had lost.

Bucky looked down at me and smiled. “It wasn’t much, but it was home. Steve got beat up down that alleyway, and that one, oh and over there too,” he explained as he pointed to the various areas. “Honestly, now that I think of it – Steve probably got beat up everywhere in a two-mile radius. He was such a little shit,” he chuckled to himself. “We would play on this street when we were kids,” he smiled to himself before turning to me again. He could read the lingering questions so clearly on my face. “Let’s go – I have a few more places I would like us to visit,” he whispered into my ear as he grabbed my hand once again.

I followed beside him as we walked several blocks to a nearby cemetery. Bucky seemed to know the path like the back of his hand. As we neared a small hill we parted from the paved walkway and maneuvered through the tombstones. Bucky slowed to a stop in front of a newer stone. “I had it replaced when I came back to New York,” he explained to me as he looked at the stone. “I thought I owed it to them.” As I looked at the stone I read the names of Bucky’s parents with their respective dates of birth and death.

“It’s beautiful,” I whispered as I kneeled beside the stone to wipe away a wayward leaf that had rested upon it. “The daisies?” I asked as I looked at the fresh daisies adorning the grave.

Bucky shrugged sadly. “They always reminded me of my mom. She loved flowers. I bring a new batch by weekly,” he explained as he kneeled beside me.

“They’re beautiful,” I murmured as I traced my fingers softly on the petals.

“My biggest regret is knowing that they died thinking I had died a hero,” Bucky added as he placed his hand affectionately on the stone. “It’s better they didn’t know the truth, but I feel like I failed them in so many ways.”

I placed my hand softly on Bucky’s as I watched the emotions play out on his face. “Bucky, they would have loved you regardless. It was never your fault,” I whispered as I laced my fingers between his.

A ghost of a smile pulled at the corners of his lips. “My mother would have loved you. I wish she had been alive to meet you,” he whispered softly as he looked at me – affectionately tucking my hair behind my ear.

I swallowed hard at this. “Bucky, why are you…” but he cut me off.

“You said you loved me,” he remarked as he returned his attention to the stone.

“Yes,” I whispered softly.

“And yet you know nothing about me, because I was too afraid to share my past with anyone but Steve. If you’re set on loving me – you deserve to see all of me. When I didn’t respond the other day –it wasn’t because I didn’t feel the same…” he explained as he stared intently at the stone. Before I could respond he stood up and offered me his hand. “Come on, there’s someone I want you to meet,” he said as he pulled me up beside him.

A thirty-minute cab drive later I found myself standing in front of a memory care facility with my hand secured in Bucky’s. I stared at him inquisitively but this time he did not return my gaze—instead he led me into the large brick building where we strolled up to a solid oak reception desk. The woman working at the desk looked up and, upon seeing Bucky, smiled warmly. “Good Morning, Mr. Barnes. She’s been asking for you,” she replied sweetly. Bucky nodded his head in acknowledgement as he led me from the desk down a long hallway. I followed him silently to a room at the very end of the hall.

“James, is that you?” the woman laying in the bed asked as she turned her eyes away from the television.

“It’s me, Rebecca,” he answered softly as he walked to the side of the bed and kissed the top of the woman’s head. I immediately saw the striking resemblance between the two even though one was so young and the other towards the end of her life. I watched silently at the softness that overtook Bucky’s features as he interacted with her – seemingly forgetting my presence in the room.

“And who is this?” the woman asked as she turned her head politely towards me. Before Bucky or I could respond she continued. “Y/N, I presume?” she asked with an eye-crinkling smile – the same as the one that sometimes graced Bucky’s face. I nodded my head – forgetting how to speak for a moment.

“Y/N, this is my baby sister, Rebecca,” Bucky explained as he looked at the woman affectionately.

“Tsh! I’m not so much of a baby anymore,” she added good-humoredly. “It is quite nice to meet you, Y/N. I have heard so much about you.”

“It’s nice to meet you as well,” I beamed as I neared the side of her bed.

We spent most of the day with Rebecca – talking and laughing. As is the case with most family, she had some embarrassing stories to tell about a much younger Bucky that caused him to snort and roll his eyes while dishing it back. It seemed normal – natural even. I hadn’t known about Rebecca, but I understood why. She was one of the last links that Bucky had to his old life – one of the last shreds of normalcy, and she was incredibly important to him. I couldn’t be mad at him for keeping her a secret – I understood the importance of a sister.

“You know – he thinks he’s a bad man,” Rebecca remarked after Bucky had left us alone so he could speak with her doctors. “I’ve tried to convince him for years that he isn’t, but he’s too stubborn.”

“I know – once he has his mind set on something it seems damn near impossible to convince him otherwise,” I remarked sadly. I felt the warmth of her hand over mine and looked at her.

“You’ve changed him,” she added with a smile.

“Me? How?” I asked shocked. Bucky had kept our relationship a secret from even his best friend until very recently. If Steve couldn’t tell – how could she?

“He never smiled until a few months ago. I hounded him until he finally told me about you. He talks about you constantly. Some days it’s all we would talk about. He loves you.”

“How can you tell?” I asked nervously.

“I’ve been around a long time, dear, and I’ve seen all types of love. When you see it – you just know. It’s the genuine article, but he’s too damn stubborn for his own good. He’ll never think he’s the right man for you… but I can tell by the way you look at him that you love him too. You’ll have to fight for him… you’ll have to lay yourself bare and vulnerable, but when you do you won’t regret it. Trust me,” she added with a soft squeeze of my hand and a warm smile. “Now if you’ll excuse me – I think this old woman needs to use the facilities,” she blushed as she pushed herself up from the bed and used her nearby walker to aid her as she walked out of the room.

I mulled over the things she said. Was is possible? Could we both be so stubborn that we were sacrificing our happiness in the process? Or were we both just scared? We had both suffered so much loss in our lives – could either of us risk falling in love and being left brokenhearted? “Where’s Rebecca?” Bucky’s voice floated through the room causing me to jump.

“Oh she went to the restroom. Is everything okay?” I asked noting the concern on his face.

“I’m not sure,” he muttered before disappearing back out into the hall. I sat in puzzled silence as I waited for the two to return. Suddenly I heard Rebecca’s voice from the hall.

“Where is this?! Who are you? I want to go home!” she yelled. The desperation and confusion in her voice caused me to jump from my seat and run into the hallway where I found Bucky, with the aid of a wheelchair, returning her to her room. “Who are you?” she demanded of me as she stared at me blankly.

“Stay here,” Bucky whispered as he rolled the chair back into the room – followed by several nurses.

Bucky emerged from the room several minutes later, and immediately bee-lined to me. “Are you okay?” he asked softly as he reached for my hand.

 “Are you?” I answered. I could tell by his changed demeanor that he wasn’t. “The… the doctors said that the disease is progressing. Today was one of the best days she’s had in awhile… and they’re likely to get fewer and farther between,” he paused as he looked over his shoulder sadly. “Let’s go home,” he finally muttered as he wrapped his arm around me.

As we left the facility in silence I began to understand just how hard it was for Bucky to allow himself to be so vulnerable, and I decided it was time for me to do the same.

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Sparks Chapter 1

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Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other members of the avengers team.

Word Count: 2.1K

Summary: y/n a member of the Stark scientific research team meets Bucky after waking him up from cryo sleep. She fits him with a new arm and a friendship begins to grow

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 66 pages. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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A Fool of Mine [2]

Originally posted by luuuuuke-evans

Title: A Fool of Mine
Chapter: 2/?
Pairing: Gaston/Reader
Words: 1,987
Summary: [ Your next few days in town are spent exploring…and being chatted up by the wonderful captain. You take a visit to the tavern one night, and get quite a surprise. ]
A/N: This was honestly one of the most fun things I’ve written in a while, Gaston is just such a fun song hhh 
Part 1 can be found here
Part 3 can be found here

Over the course of the next few days, you’d managed to pick up on the town’s clockwork routine. You slowly became a part of it, going into town each morning, buying some bread or spices for the day, then relaxing in some secluded area and reading.

Today, however, you chose the well where the townsfolk (or rather, women) could be found washing clothes. There was a surprising lack of people there yet, but perhaps it was too early.

Across the village, the man who had attempted to flatter you stood with yet another fresh bouquet of flowers. This was going to be the day. After so long, today was going to be the day Belle would agree to marry him, he knew it.

You turned the page of your borrowed book, eager to continue.

‘The day that man allows true love to appear, those things which are well made will fall into confusion and will overturn everything we believe to be right and true.’

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Sonamy: Sonic Forces Story

Hey! I’m not one to write fanficiton, I’m more of a reader than writer myself, but I wanted to write out this scene before I came around to drawing it. Because every drawing I did, I didn’t like and I would start over. So I thought, why not write it out first? Which is what I did! 

I am not a great writer by any means, this is like my first official fanfiction, and it’s not even that long haha. I didn’t try to make it as good as some writers do (props to you guys) and there are definitely some mistakes in there with writing errors and proper grammar, but I simply made it so I can draw the scene. 

It’s an idea by @the-amazing-p3a for an Amy confession scene in Sonic Forces, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since I read her post! So the credit goes to her! I also wrote like a little paragraph of what I’d think they would do when they actually defeated Eggman. Of course, it’s not great or long, but whatever!

It’s going to be under ‘read more’ because I don’t want it to crowd up people’s dashboard! :)

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Daryl Dixon x Reader - Until death do us apart(Request)

anon: Could you write one we’re Reader saves Glenn in the line up but was dating Daryl…
and how she saves Glenn is by Negan making her one of his wives.
And Negan inviting the group to the wedding because he wants them to see you suffer but instead when the reader
is getting ready Darryl walks in with a ring and ask her to marry him before Negan does??? Hope that made sense.

Hope you like it ♥

WARNINGS: Little bit of angst but a lot of Daryl fluff.

P.s: The line-up is the same as the comic, so Negan choose only Glenn.



How the hell we got into this situation?

“Catch a tiger by the toe”

This morning everything was normal and now one of us will die.

“If he hollers, let him go”

One of us will die and he’s taking his decision with this stupid chilren counting rhyme.

“My mother said to take the best one”

My view is clouded by my tears.

I was crying…crying because I’m scared, I don’t want to die.

I feel someone taking my hand…it was Daryl.

Me and Daryl fought earlier because he wanted to find Dwight and get his revenge.

I was so angry, I said a lot of horrible things to him but I didn’t mean anything that came out from my mouth.

The first time I saw him again after our fight it was when Saviours took us.

He got shot and he was so pale.

I couldn’t help my loud sobs, I couldn’t lose him.

“And you are it”

With wide eyes I notice that Negan has Lucille pointed at Glenn.

Beside me, I can hear Maggie’s loud cries.

Glenn is gonna be a father….his son or daughter will grow up without a father…I can’t let Negan takes Glenn away from his baby.

“Maggie…I’ll find you” he mormured toward his wife.

He already accepted his fate.

Negan lift Lucille up in the air, a grin is plastered on his bearded face.

That’s enough.

“Stop, oh god pleae stop!” I cry out loud.

Negan stop right before Lucille could collide with Glenn’s skull.

I’m not looking at him, my stare is turned on the ground, my vision is clouded from my tears.

I can hear Negan walking towards me while Daryl get stiff.

Suddenly I feel Negan’s gloved hands grasping my arm and lifting me up.

“Look at this, an hot girl like you shouldn’t ruin her pretty face with some tears”.

He starts to wip away my tears from my cheeks, he’s so close to me I can feel his hot breath on my face.

“Don’t fucking touch her!” Daryl yelled but he’s quickly shutting up by a Saviour hitting him on his back with the back of the rifle.

“No! stop!”

I turn around ready to rush on Daryl’s side but a muscular arm pull me against an equally muscular chest.

“Oh that’s fuckin’ hilarious! A redneck with this hot piece of ass?”

“Don’t talk about her like that!”.

Seeing Daryl trying to fight back even thought his wound, makes more tears falling down my eyes.

“Please makes all of this stop”.

Negan forcefully spin me around so I can face him.

“Now now sweetheart, your group needs to learn a lesson here, and Lucille has already choose so…”

“Take me”.

The words leave my mouth without me thinking in what kind of situation I was getting myself into.

Negan bring his hand on his left ear, leaning down toward me:
“Sorry sweetheart, I didn’t fucking get it”.

“Take me! he…he’s going to be a father, his son and his wife need him…I offer myself as a replacement”.

“No! (Y/n) don’t do it!”.

I can tell by the sound of his  pleadings that Daryl is crying by now.

I notice Negan staring at me with a serious look on his face.

“You got some beach ball-size lady-nuts on you” he grinned at me.

He take a step back and start to walk back and fort:
“So you want to sacrifice yourself and save the asian guy huh? It’s just, I don’t fuckin’ like killing hot women like you….however…”

He get close to me and bring his right hand on my cheek:
“I’d like to have a new hot wife like you”.

I’m taken aback by his proposal.

“A wife?”

“Hell fuckin’ yeah! You’ll live in the luxury of my home, doing absolutely nothing but keep me some company” he winked at me.

I almost throw up at the thought.

“If I became your wife…you’ll let my family go, right?”
“Of fuckin’ course babydoll”.

I turn around looking at the group that has become my family.

Everybody was pleasing me to not accept.

The one who distraught me the most was Daryl.

Tears streamed down his face while he was shaking his head no.

He doesn’t want me to go but I can’t risk everybody’s lives.

I mouth an “I love you” to him before I turn again to Negan:
“You have a deal”.

“Hot diggity dog, I got myself a new smoking hot wife, you’re all fuckin’ welcome to come at our wedding”. Negan says, laughing.

He takes me by my arm and start to walk toward his van.

“(Y/n) no! Don’t go!”.

I turn my head a little, noticing Daryl trying to reach me, however, three Saviours were struggling to keep him in place.

“I’m sorry Daryl” I whisper to myself.

The journey toward the Sanctuary was pure hell, listening to Negan babbling about how lucky I am and things like that.

I couldn’t help but think about Daryl, he was the one I was supposed to marry and the fact that I couldn’t see him anymore just makes the situation worse.

The only thing that  helps me through this ordeal is the fact that Maggie and Glenn can grow their baby together.

Negan never stop talking until I finally reach my new room.

“Rest a little baby, tomorrow is our wedding day!” he grins at me while he lean down aiming at my lips.

I take a step back, staring at him with anger.

“Oh you’re a feisty one, I fuckin’ like it” he licks his lower lip before turning around and exit the room.

Finally alone, I let myself falling on the king-size bed.

Too tired to doing anything I fall asleep immediately.

The next morning I wake up to the sound of someone knocking at my door.

Wipping away the sleep from my eyes with the back of my hand, I get up and walk toward the door.

Opening my door I find myself in front of the man himself.

“Good morning babygirl, i brought you something”.

He enters the room and lay on the bed what will be my wedding dress.

Looking at it makes a knot forming into my stomach.

I’m suppose to marry my one and only love…funny I have to marry some brute to keep the love of my life safe.

“What the fuck sweetheart? You have the most sad expession I ever see! Fucking cheer up! You’re gonna live like a fuckin’ queen!”. Negan raised his voice enthusiastically.

I didn’t answer, I just take the dress and walk toward the bathroom door.

“Right, I let you gettin’ ready…wife”.

With that said he walk out of the room, leaving me alone once again.

After what seemed an eternity, I find myself in front a full-lenght mirror, admiring me.

My hair are up into a simple bun, and the only make-up I’m wearing is a red lipstick on my lips.

The dress was beautiful, with a wide skirt and strapless top, however, the more I look at it, more tears stream down my eyes.

I keep thinking about Daryl…I really need him.

A sob escape my lips and I collapse on the floor, crying loudly.

I don’t want all of this, I don’t want stay here, I wanna go home! I wanna see Daryl again!.

Suddenly the bedroom’s door slam open and immediately close again.


I lift my head toward that familiar voice.

I can’t believe at what I’m seeing.

I cover my mouth with my hands.

“Daryl?! Oh my God!” I quickly get up from the floor and run towards him, wrapping my arms around his neck.

He didn’t waste time, once I’m finally into his arms he start to kiss me everywhere starting from my forehead, to my cheeks and finally my lips.

“I’m here sunshine” he murmured, keeping me against his body.

Finally we can share a sweet loving kiss that lasted for so long.

“I’m…sorry…I love…you” I try to say between the fast and sweet pecks Daryl was giving me.

When he stops he looks at me up and down:
“You’re so beautiful…you look like a princess”.

We stare at each other smiling before we finally realize where we are.

“Sunshine, I’d like to stay here and kissing you, but we have to go before they notice us, there’s a bike parked outside, we’ll escape with that”

Daryl turn around but I stop him, taking his hand gently.
“Daryl wait! If I escape, the deal between me and Negan…”
“Don’t worry about it, we talked about that, we’ll hide until we can fight him back”.

Nodding I walk toward the bed to retrive m clothes.
“There’s no time for that sunshine” Daryl stopped me and take his knife from his boots.

With a clear-cut, he open the skirt in a way that both my legs are exposed.

Noticing my laced garter he lets out a growl.

“I swear I’d fuck you right here right now If I could” he say.

Taking my hand into his we exit the room and start running, crossing the hallway and  toward the bike…our freedom ticket.

I don’t know what will happen.

I don’t know if we’ll win or lose, but staying this close to Daryl on this bike, makes me understand that fighting for our family, for our future and for our freedom is worth it.

And that’s what I’ll do, I’ll fight side by side with Daryl until death do us apart.










Who You Are

Characters: Jensen x reader, Gen, Jared, your bff

Word Count: 2092

Warnings: little angst, then fluff

Summary: After a break up with Jensen, how will the cards fall when you find your true self?

Beta(s): @meganwinchester1999 @teenagebandjunkee 

Author’s Note: this is my first Jensen fic, so I hope you enjoy it! No hate to Daneel bc she’s amazing, but they didn’t date or anything in this fic. I used the song Who You Are by Jessie J. lyrics are in italics. News headlines are bolded. I was trying something kind of different. feedback is always appreciated! enjoy xx

Originally posted by imdreamingofhim

You finish packing your last bag with the help of your best friend. You still can’t believe you have the courage to break up with Jensen.

y/bff/n finishes putting your last box in the car as you check around the house to make sure you have everything. “Going somewhere?” You hear Jensen’s voice behind you.

“Nowhere that concerns you.” You try to walk past him, but he blocks the front door.

“I think it does concern me when Gen send me a text yesterday that you’re moving out.”

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Sparks Chapter 13

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 3.3K

Summary: Bucky and y/n go to a children’s birthday party! Bucky’s arm getting poked and prodded by little toddlers. 

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 40,000 words. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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PLL 7x18 Choose or Loose - Thoughts

- One of the best episodes of the entire series. Not just season, but series. Intense from start to finish. 7B: the season of NO DAMN FILLER. Well, aside from Jenna’s dress and Addison… but my gosh it feels good to tune in to episodes weekly where it’s just intense from start to finish. 

- TWINCER VIBES!!! Right after I post this, I’m going to go edit my Twincer theory post. We got so much in this episode. “Spencer” hooking up with Toby AND had a scar on her. Why would Spencer have a scar? We would know about a dangerous event Spencer did. But no. That has no explanation. Our Spencer does not have a scar. Also, “Spencer” was dressed in full black, almost like she just took her hoodie off and is wearing the underlay (like Aria was). Also, “Spencer” gave the girls new phones. Last time that happened, it was Mona giving Hanna a new phone, and Mona was A. I will DIE if Twincer is actually present right in front of our eyes, like attending the group meetings. And overall Spencer just wearing different clothes across the episode.

BIG EDIT that’s what happens when I stay up late to watch the episode.. I forget the basics. Happened last week too. Spencer got the scar from the windshield when Archer was killed, or from the gunshot wound. I think I got a bit ahead of myself with the Twincer theory stuck in my head!

- “Spencer” says to Toby “you know what its like to be the outsider. Removed from friends and family”. What made her say this? Nothing was said or done in this episode to prompt our Spencer to say this. Twincer?

- Mona Mona Mona. Ok, she comes in with answers regarding Aria. Good on her. But, there comes a point where “she’s Mona” isn’t gonna cut it. HOW did she find out it’s Aria? You saw her in the Brew holding an envelope… ok?? And?? Anyway. If they spent time explaining that, there would’ve been less time for the rest of the episode. Whatever, I get it. But it did slightly annoy me that the way they worked out Aria is involved is because Mona worked it out without telling us how.

- Mona is not AD!! She probably killed Charlotte.

- I liked the way the story with Aria’s betrayal paned out. Guys, I couldn’t even handle seeing arguments within the group over someone being an A minion… imagine if a liar was ACTUALLY AD. This episode just confirmed for me why, throughout all the years on here, I’ve been so against the theories that a liar is A. I don’t think there’s a lot of evidence and clues nor would it make sense but mainly I wouldn’t be able to handle it.

- They were VERY angry at Aria but honestly they had the right to be. Aria wasn’t just sending meaningless “I’m watching you” texts. She actually did shit. Bad stuff. And in my mind I was WAITING for Spencer to go up to her and apologise because Spencer, of them all, should get it. And she did!! I was so happy. That was good logical choices for these characters.

- Wait so is Marco gone for good? I was not shocked he took the case off. To me that shows he cares about Spencer and doesn’t have the guts to arrest her, which means all of Spencer’s condescending talk to him worked! Good one Spence.

- Welcome back Tanner. I love her. Tanner gets shit done. Her return brought me right back to 4A when she made a quote that 4 years later I still love - “I want to find out what it is about those 4 pretty girls that attract so many corpses” (or something like that). 

- Spencer did make a good point: why is Tanner so quick to assume the worst of the girls, when Tanner did learn and witness firsthand that there have been people trying to bully and harass the girls? In this case, the girls are guilty, but Tanner doesn’t know that… why can’t this be another framing, like last time? I believe the writers did a small error in character judgment. Tanner shouldnt be assuming the worst of the girls even amongst all the evidence. Someone frickn built a dollhouse for them once. If I were Tanner, I would consider that something similar is going on. Again, it isn’t - the girls did kill someone - but Tanner doesn’t know that. 

- Loved the element of a timer throughout the episode. That was a formula for a successful episode from 701 so it was a nice addition.

- I thought it was nice that no one said “Hanna you killed him, you give yourself in”. I kind of expected the writers to take that easy route. But, they didn’t, which is good, because that wouldn’t be true to the characters. I loved that scene where they all talk about each of their own contributions that lead up to that. Sure Hanna pressed the accelerator but how did they get there? All of them.

- Oh Aria. Your keys are in the trunk. Good luck driving off without having to open the trunk again. I think my car would start, as long as the keys are detected to be IN the car, but maybe it doesn’t work if they keys are in the trunk? PLL logic, idk. 

- I don’t know about anyone else but Aria’s phone calls with AD didnt make me cringe for once. Unlike the FaceTime calls. I thought the calls were actually creepy. But I’m probably the only one.

- You all know I’m here for the mystery and not the romance but my gosh did I appreciate the ships. All of them. The ending montage of all ships was just beautiful. I got a bit teary! (Because I know in 13 days this is all gone.) I don’t think a scene with the ships has gotten to me like that for probably years. No, definitely years. They nailed that. 

- NEXT WEEK!!! FFS CAN THEY STOP SPOILING THEIR OWN SHOW IN THE PROMO. I would’ve DIED if they told us who killed Charlotte, without having expected it! Now I know it’s coming and it won’t be a massive shock when they reveal it was Mona Oh and the “who’s coming for you” scene is being played next week.. 90% chance it’s just a dream. Ugh. Because who is possibly coming for Ali ?? They’re all in trouble? And why would she call herself Mrs Rollins? I can see them taking the easy way out and calling it a dream.

- Overall, honestly that was a 10/10 episode. Screw answers, they’re coming in 2 weeks. Heck, some even next week. Just judging it based on what it was, that was PLL at its absolute best. A LOT of mystery, and even good romance. Less than 2 weeks to go!

It’s Theory Time

The first thing I want to talk about is Ymir.

I know it is very complicated to her and her Home/Origin, all we know so far is that Ymir lived on the street as a child until she was taken by a man who made her to the “Ymir” which her should play.

She didn’t even know her real name or remember it and I’m not sure if Isayama will mention this in the last Arc, or whether Ymir does not have any meaning in his manga anymore.

However, if Isayama will give her a name, it would make things easier for me and take a load from my shoulders because I suspect that Ymir may have something to do with the Jäger household or descended from them.

The current Eren looks very similar, from the haircut, the “ruffians look”, the skin color as well as the hair color. Both have some similarities. I am aware that Isayama combines many externalities of an existing character with a new one, but the similarity between Eren and Ymir is also very perplexing apart from the freckles.

Look how similar the two are. If my eyes don’t fool me both have the same nose as the facial shape is very similar. But this is not the only reason that I found that Eren and Ymir are similar to each other. The next Similarities are they Titans.

Grisha Jäger, Zeke Jäger, Eren Jäger and Ymir share the same “Elves Ears”. 

So far, only Titanshifters from the Jäger household and Ymir had these elf-like ears. Titanshifters such as Frieda Reiss, Uri Reiss, Reiner Braun, Bertholdt Fubar, Annie Leonhardt and Eren Kruger don’t seem to be in possession of these elf-like ears.

Not to forget the “devil” in the history books of the Eldians also had these elf-like ears. Maybe the whole thing has something to do with the bloodline or something like that. Also why these Titans depicted above resemble the devil very much from the history books.

The next Thing I want to point out is the actual status of Ymir. 

I don’t think Ymir is still alive. There are many reasons that unfortunately speak for the fact that Ymir has most likely exhausted all her potential.

The first is her letter, which she wrote to Historia. In the letter, she mentioned that she will soon be dead, but don’t regret anything. For me are these words very clear. 

Ymir had deliberately decided to go with Bertholdt and Reiner to their hometown. Probably it may be that Ymir felt guilty because she had unconsciously eaten the childhood friend of Reiner and Bertholdt. After Bertholdt mentioned that someone had to find them, Ymir showed a kind of compassion or the like. 

My theory is that Ymir was eaten by the Marley at a next warrior to save Reiners and Bertholdt’s life. Reiner and Bertholdt are in the mission to find the coordinate and steal this (Eren’s abduction) failed. They were aware when they had reached the wall Maria in Chapter 50 together with Ymir that the two will die when they return home. Just because they have failed like Annie as a warrior. Reiner gave Ymir a chance to go, because she would have died too if she had continued with them. Ymir said that it’s fine.

I think Ymir didn’t care whether she were going to die or not. Because after she realized that Eren has the coordinate, she knew that a safe life within the walls is still possible for Historia. Everything Ymir just wanted, is to protect Historia and this has she met in my opinion. Also, she aired her past in the letter that she wrote to Historia and now we can rule out that Ymir has nothing to do with the actual “Ymir Fritz”.
I don’t know why Isayama would bring Ymir back. I think Ymir is dead, because after a Timeskip of four years it’s impossible for her to come back from the nothing, even though the words in her letter were clear. 

In the meantime, we are all aware that the failed warriors must hand over their titans to the new warriors on the basis of a test.

At Ymir I could imagine that is not so true. She knew that the Beast Titan could be useful to Reiner and Bertholdt. I can’t imagine that Reiner and Bertholdt knew at the time Zeke or they have pretended to know nothing about this Titan. In the clash of Titans Arc, the only thing that has been so far was that the Beast Titan was an intelligent Titan and that he could talk to Mike. I wonder if Zeke, as he was wandering around the old castle, had actually been a titanshifter or whether he himself became a “mindless Titan”. 

I think these questions we get answered only by Zeke and I’m sure that Isayama has to show us before some of his past in the last Arc.

The question that finally comes to me is, if it should be true, that Ymir was eaten by another warrior, then I ask myself from whom?

I have a guess which I will now set up. My guess is still that Ymir was eaten by the Beast Titan.

Why? Very easily. In the Clash of Titans Arc, we saw the Beast Titan without any “claws”. I have seen the Arc very often in the manga and I can not notice that he had pointed claws. Not even when he climbed the walls.

This is clearly shown in the picture. Zeke had no sharp claws in the Clash of Titans Arc before. 

Later, when we saw the Beast Titan in the Return to Shiganshina Arc, and he threw the team from Erwin with stones, or even when he fought against Reiner to decide whether to first get the coordinate or save Annie, we have seen that he has the Claws as Ymir’s Titan has. Reiner and Bertholdt returned in the Return to Shiganshina Arc without Ymir but with Zeke, which we also saw for the first time in his human form.

I don’t think Isayama is a character error or the like. Zeke alias the Beast Titan had the claws in the Return to Shiganshina Arc the first time and not already in the Clash of Titans Arc.

The Jaw Titan looks very similar to the Titan of Ymir on the basis of the movements and presumably the size. Nevertheless, he doesn’t have anything in appearance in the Titan of Ymir. The fingers of the Jaw Titanes look very machine-like and also the “sharp” teeth are not equal to the Dancing Titans.

To find out more, we needed a flashback about the warrior children via Reiner, Bertholdt, Annie and Marcel. This is the only way to tell what Ymir’s Titan took from Marcel Titan when she had distorted him. I noticed that Ymir had these claws as mindless Titan, so her Titan must have “inherited” only the sharp teeth as well as the fast movements when she had eaten Marcel.

Clearly, we can see that Ymir had the claws even before Marcel had eaten. I therefore also conclude that she had got the claws of the Marcel Titan. The only thing that had changed in her appearance after she had distorted Marcel were the teeth and not more.

If Zeke had actually eaten Ymir, then I wonder why he got his claws. Is this a new feature that is added to the Titan when he eat another Titanshifter or is it just a simple coincidence?

Please tell me that you think about my Theorie or your opinion. (๑>ᴗ<๑)


The last Thing I would like to point out is Reiner Braun.

He is still alive at the moment and I think Isayama has planned something special with him. I don’t even think that Gabi or the other new warriors like Colt, Falco, Udo or Zofia will become the next guardians of the Beast Titan and the Armored Titan.

First, Isayama has to introduce us to Zeke’s past, what happened to him when he betrayed his parents to the Marley soldiers, and to one he seems to know Annie Leonhardt very well, since he spoke to her with -chan.

Also, I see no reason for Isayama to kill Reiner in the next chapters, because Reiner is the only character who can tell us what happened with Ymir and I think Isayama has yet to clarify the status of Ymir.

I wonder if Isayama has a reason to make Reiner alive. Reiner survived many (I believe there were five if I’m not mistaken) near death and I guess in the current chapter, where he should serve as a shield for Zeke, he will have survived that too.

Interesting I find with Reiner his surname “Braun”.

And that is something that I absolutely want to go into.

At the beginning of the manga, a former soldier of the scouting legion, was also called Braun. I assume that his first name was Moses.

It’s a bit frightening that the two have a few similarities.
The hair looks very similar, just like the serious look, the slightly slotted eyes as well as the eyebrows and that masculine face.

Perhaps that is just a coincidence of Isayama but why names the soldier also Braun as Reiner. I really don’t understand that. Well, with us in the world, there are certainly many families who have the same surname as Müller, Meier or Fischer and they are not related to each other, but in the work of Isayama I don’t think that this is just a coincidence, I think that The surname Braun will play an important role in the last arc, especially because there is also a serum that contains the name “armored Braun”.

This serum was mentioned in the Urprising Arc and was used by Eren Jäger to get the armor for his Titan Form, thus closing the hole in the Wall Maria in the Return to the Shiganshina Arc.

The serum is produced by the bone marrow fluid of a titan, but which person produces this serum and where does this fluid come from? Is it the work of Marley or Eldia? In Grisha’s past, one could see that the Marley soldiers had filled the serum in syringes and administered the human to turn them into titans. Eren Kruger also gave a serum to Grisha, which he had used for Eren Jäger. 

So I think that outside the walls, probably in the hometown of the Marleys, there is someone responsible for the production of the serum.

We don’t know very much about Reiner’s past. But perhaps it can be that his family has something to do with the production of the serum.

Also, I can imagine that Reiner has probably a special bloodline, because he and Zeke are both born on the 1th August and Grisha also said, at Zeke’s birth, that he will be a warrior and bring it far. Grisha looked at Zeke as something special, which also has to do with his bloodline, since in Zeke is royale blood.

Reiner and Zeke also have very strong and distinctive names. The name Reiner means “the warrior or the divine counselor”

Zeke’s name means “God strengthens, the powerful or also God”

For me are these very strong names and another reason why Reiner Braun could be something special or his family is can get still important in the last Arc.

That’s all that I have talk about and I hope Isayama will still enlighten us. (・∧‐)ゞ

PS: Sorry for my bad English but English is not my Country language and this is why I am not so good in it. I hope you can understand that what I am trying to tell you. (;人;)

Daryl Dixon x Reader - You’re perfect to me (Request) [SMUT]

@prettyepiic: Hello there I have a request for Daryl x Reader.

One that involves Daryl comforting the reader after she finds out her boyfriend cheated on her, and leaves her for someone else. She feels even less desired because she’s a bigger girl.

Daryl tells her that he’s fallen for her and they end up together and in love…

But could there be a light sensual smut scene? 

Something romantic I hope you’ll write it!

Thnks♥ if you add names the reader is named Holly.

P.s:Your work is amazing!!!

I hope you like it ♥

WARNING: Sexual situations, cheating , cute Daryl ♥

English is not my first language so, sorry for eventual errors.

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@likingthistoomuch requested an angsty (with happy at the end) Victorian or Regency Sherlolly where Molly breaks off their engagement because of how she believes Sherlock feels about Irene. I’m gonna go with Victorian and I also went with Sherlock’s POV. Enjoy! ;)

Sherlock passed by the library in his parent’s estate, catching sight of Molly lingering by the fireplace and wringing her hands a bit. The silvery gown she wore glistened with the kiss of the nearby flames, and for a moment she looked almost unearthly. 

“Ah, Miss Hooper,” he announced casually as he entered the room. “Watson said he saw you head this way. Perhaps it would be best if you rejoined the party, seeing as my father is preparing to announce our engagement.”

She remained silent.

Sherlock frowned to himself. Something wasn’t right. 

“Miss Hooper?” he questioned, stepping further into the room now.

“I cannot,” she said very softly.


Molly turned then, revealing the shimmer of tears on her cheeks which matched her gown. She gave him a quick smile.

“Mr. Holmes, I cannot go through with this. This engagement and marriage…it is so obviously a mistake.”

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No Place like Home

for @txf-fic-chicks  post-episode/missing scene fic challenge … cranked out after feeding the dog and cat and before leaving for church … proofed while my kid watched, at high volume, Shawn Mendes sing ‘Mercy’ … any and all errors are her fault :)


She needed to eat.

He needed to eat.

That’s not to say they wanted to eat but need took precedence over desire to curl up and die while the Peacock brothers headed to points unknown with their mother in the trunk and a straight family tree laid out in front of them, uncurving, unbranched and unthinkable.

Scully saw that he was guiding her towards the diner across the street and thinking about shaking his steadying hand from her elbow, she felt him lean in, “we need food before we drink liquor or else we’ll be drunk as soon as we open the magic bottle and passed out by the third sip.”

She couldn’t argue the sound logic and relented, her feet shuffling her across clean roadway and up unchipped curb to a diner that looked like it fell out of Maybury, much, she cringed, like Andy Taylor had. About to slip further into her depression from the last four days, she perked up at the smell of homemade food and ‘Chantily Lace’ playing passively through the speakers. Leading her to a corner booth, complete with red, shiny vinyl seats and chrome table edges, he gestured in a gentlemanly fashion, “ladies choice. Left or right?”

Choosing left so her back was to the wall, she slid in, involuntary smile floating up at the memory of 5-year old Dana and her family eating out on the rare occasion her father deemed them rich enough to afford a restaurant dinner for his family of six.

Mulder caught the memory skirting across her face and tapped her hand, “hey, dime for the thought behind the smile.”

Settling into the cool backrest, the material creaking slightly under her movement, “once in a blue moon, dad would be home and he’d look at the family checkbook and doing all kinds of math in his head and dramatically scribbling for effect on the corners of several old newspapers, he would decide that the bank account could handle taking six people out to the local diner in town for dinner. Now, today I understand that he would have taken us regardless but all his showy dramatics back then made us appreciate our night out more than probably most kids did. We didn’t see him as much as most families so a night out was special enough but then when we’d see just how special it was and we thought it was costing him a small fortune, we made sure not to fight, we were extra polite, we talked and tried to one up dad with stories of how tragically exciting our elementary school lives really were in comparison to his boring existence on a Navy carrier.” Thanking the waitress for the water she’d just set down, Scully pulled the glass towards her, spinning the ice with her straw before looking back at him, “there was a diner like this in town, blue and green instead of red but I swear to you, that waitress over there is the same and I desperately want to ask if she lived in San Diego in the 70’s.”

Mulder, glancing over his shoulder, returned to her gaze a moment later, smiling as well, “I double dog dare you.”

Scully felt some of the angst of the case draining away, “no, I’m good for now with the wondering and the suspecting, proving isn’t necessary to existence at the moment.”

“Fine. Take away my fun.” Opening the menu, “what are we eating? Want to share a shake? Pretend we’re 13 and on our first date?”

With an eye-roll, she poked his leg under the table with the rounded toe of her boot, “I don’t share ice cream well, Mulder. I’m greedy and terrible and need to selfishly have it all to myself. I will, however, give you the cherry from the top in compensation for the denied double-dog dare.”

Tapping the side of her calf back in response, “fair enough.”


Burger and meatloaf consumed, shakes slurped and cherry surrendered, Mulder sat back, “what’s next, G-woman. We don’t leave until tomorrow morning.”

“Well, you’d mentioned gallons of liquor and I’m still pretty okay with that idea.”

Figuring there had to be some kind of liquor store around the town that time forgot, he signaled the bill, stood to leave and held out his hand, “come on. Inebriation awaits.” Dropping a sizeable tip, he then charged the meal to the Bureau and led her out with his now standard hand on her back, guiding her forward simply because it always felt like the natural thing to do.

He chose to turn left randomly and before reaching three storefronts down, Mulder pulled her to a stop by the back of her shirt, halting their beeline to liquor and forgetting. Looking over her shoulder, “what?”

Mulder, eagle-eye that he could be, was pointing to a flyer in the window of the Post Office, “we should go see that.”

Following his finger, she read the sign, “you want to go to Home Elementary School’s production of,” squinting slightly to make sure she was reading it properly, “Wizard of OZ?”

“Yeah. We need some culture, Scully. We never do anything cultural, worldly, sophisticated.”

The eyebrow flew miles into the air, “elementary school plays are cultural, worldly and sophisticated?”

“We just lost, into the general population, an entire incestuous family who keep their mother in a trunk. We need this more than we need the entire contents of a liquor store, trust me.”

Realizing he was completely right, “let’s go.”


The folding chairs wiggling in haphazard rows across the cafeteria floor transported her back to an age where folding chairs were meant to wiggle in haphazard rows across the cafeteria floor. She grinned as she bought her $3 ticket and nearly giggled at the flying monkey who took it at the door, the small boy poking his friend and whispering, “go show them two seats and they’re tall so put them in the back.”

The friend whispered back, “shut up, Tim, I know what to do.”


In an 8-year old huff, the friend led them to two seats in the back row, handing them copy paper programs before walking away. Scully leaned up to Mulder, talking low into his shoulder, “they think I’m tall.”

“They’re delusional kids huffing glue. You’re the shortest thing in adult world and they’ll be bigger than you by sixth grade.” Dropping into a chair and patting the one beside it, “now, sit before they call the giant squad to come take you away.”

Smacking him hard on the upper arm, she settled in, “you are enjoying this too much already.”

“If I had popcorn, I’d be in heaven.”

While he lamented his missing snack, around them parents and kids, grandparents, friends, assorted other relatives filled the seats for the next 15 minutes, the room soon darkened and the play beginning.


An hour later, they had witnessed four stage-frightened kids, one tremendously loud and surprisingly on-key Dorothy, two fighting trees who threw their apples at each other instead of the main characters, several set mishaps including the curtain falling to reveal the wizard before the wizard was to be revealed, a crier, two trippers and a nervous nose-picking palace guard who then screamed when he realized his nose was bleeding from the aforementioned furious gold-digging.

Once Dorothy finally got back to Oz and all was set right with the world, the lights went down, another kid wailed at the sudden darkness, then, the stage lit up again, a straggling line of kids awaiting applause in the middle of the floor and visibly fearful it wouldn’t come.

They didn’t have to worry … because Mulder was there and he was so damn happy with what he’d just experienced that he jumped from his seat, clapping as loud as his cupped hands could achieve, his yelling praises and congratulations and hooting driving the rest of the hesitating audience up and standing, first looking at Mulder and each other to see if this was proper etiquette then realizing their kids needed hooting and yelling.

Scully buried four fingers in her mouth, letting out a wolf whistle that echoed throughout the cinderblock room. More whistled joined and it took nearly four minutes for the room to quiet again to a manageable level. Kids cheered, bowing and giggling, coming out to the audience to find their families while Mulder and Scully stood quietly alone, grinning at the best night they’d had in a very long time.

The ticket taking flying monkey turned from his parents in the row ahead of them, “hey, which kid do you belong to?”

Mulder gave him an appraising look, wondering fleetingly what it would be like to be owned by a kid, “none, actually. We were just passing through and decided to take in a show.”

The kid nodded, then looked up at Scully, “sorry I didn’t realize you were that short. I would’ve had Tim put you closer up.”

Scully smiled at him, “I saw the whole thing and it was wonderful. Thank you for doing such a good job.”

Something twinged in Mulder’s chest as he watched her speak to the younger boy. He wanted to see her with her kids, watch her raise them in Scully fashion, science quizzes at the dinner table and midnight slime concocting at the kitchen counter because she had to prove Mulder wrong about the consistency and use of Borax in solution.

He would revisit the fact that he was at these midnight sessions and dinner table tests another time but for now, he took her elbow as the kid turned back to his parents, “come on, shorty, time to go.”

Instead of moving, Scully put her hand on his shoulder and climbed onto the folding chair, making her taller than him by several inches. Standing in front of her now and grinning up like a love-struck fool, she grabbed his tie, fiddling with it for a moment, “not so short now, am I?”

“Nope. Not at all.”

Returning his grin, she wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly, crowds be damned, “thank you for the culture, Mulder.”

Arms around her waist, he held her steady and safe high up in the air, “thank you for the world, Scully.”

New Man - Scott McCall

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Summary: (Based on Ed Sheeran’s new song ‘New Man’). (Y/N) goes to a party and drunkingly calls Scott. 

“Yeah Matt and I are going to Lydia’s tomorrow night. You?” I asked my friend loudly knowing that Scott was sitting on the other side of me on the next workbench. 

“No I can’t! My parents have grounded me after they found out what me and Ian had been doing in our ‘study sessions’”. I laughed and looked behind me to see Scott looking at us. He quickly turns his head away and I smirk. “Anyway, hows your diet going? You look so good!” 

“Oh, yeah. Um it’s great. I feel so energised!” I giggle trying to make it seem as real as possible. I felt so incredibly tired all the time and I just wasn’t in my right mind. “Matt and I have been hitting the gym like all day every day.” I could physically feel Scott rolling his eyes when he heard me. “Bells about to go.” I say as I check my phone. “I’ll see you Monday I guess. Have fun being grounded!” I wink at her as the bell rings and I walk off to my locker. On after grabbing my bag I accidentally bump into someone.

“Oh sorry! I- Oh hey Scott.” I smiled sweetly.

“Hey (Y/N). You look tired.” He says actually somewhat worried. 

“Nah! I guess I’ve been working out a little too hard” I giggle.

“You can drop the act, (Y/N). I know you’re not happy.” 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” I say with a monotone voice. “See you tonight” I say and walk out of the school.

“Hey babe!” I say as I get into Matt’s car holding my cider. 

“Oi, watch the drink. Don’t spill it in the car.”

“It’s a cider Matt. Even if it does spill it’s not going to do anything.” I roll my eyes as he continues to talk about how expensive his car is and then goes on to talk about his training session. “By the way I love the dress. Can’t wait until tonight.” He winks and I cringe slightly. 

We finally pull up at the party and I quickly get out of Matt’s car. He wraps his arm around my shoulder and we stride into Lydia’s. Immediately as soon as we get inside Matt leaves me and goes to play beer pong with his mates. I go over to where people are dancing and I start letting loose.

“(Y/N) are you ok?” I hear someone ask after I stumble and fall onto the table where the punch is. 

“Yeah I’m flyinnnnggg” I smile. 

“Come on, I think it’s time you go to bed.” The voice says and they lead me to another blurry figure who sounds not too happy about the idea of leaving early. Next thing I knew I was waking up in someone’s arms slightly more sober but not enough to have bothered to look at who was holding me. I suddenly was engulfed in a soft blanket and realised I was back in my room. I waited what felt like a few seconds and shuffled over to look at who had put me down but time must’ve gone faster than I thought because there was no one in sight. Then, out the corner of my eye I see my phone light up and I drunkingly grab it and drop it on my face. 

“Ow” I whisper to myself before unlocking my phone and opening my contacts to text Matt that I’d gone home until I stumble across a much more interesting name. Scott McCall. I press on his name and after 3 rings he answers. 

“(Y/N)? You’re still awake? Go to sleep.”

“Scoooooootttt. I miiiisss youuuu.”

“It’s too late for this (Y/N); I’m tired.”

“I miss you though Scotty. I miss the way you kiss me and the way you hold me… and how good you used to f-”

“I’m in the car with Stiles. Watch what you say.” He says jokingly. 

“Do you miss me Scotty?” I heard a deep sigh on the other end and then felt a terrible feeling in my stomach. “Uh, oh.” I say and run off to go empty my insides into the toilet. I trudge back into my room and fall straight onto my bed, forgetting about the phone thats still sitting on my bedside table. 

“I love you Scott.” I whisper as I fall into a dreamless sleep. 

Monday at school I walk through the doors feeling as worn down as ever. Drinking on Friday night when I had barely anything in my stomach because of Matt and his stupid diet was a bad idea. I was just feeling better until I got a call from my friend yesterday saying she saw Matt hanging out with another girl and kissing her. I walked to my locker with my head down trying to hide myself from everyone. 

“Hey, you okay?” I look up to see a worried Scott who got even more worried when he saw the way I looked. “Jesus Christ (Y/N)” He pulled me into an empty classroom and hugged me as I began to cry. 

“I’m sorry.”

“Why are you apologising?” 

“Because, we’re not together anymore. You broke up with me and I’m still dragging you down.”

“About that. I was wrong. I thought that I wasn’t capable of protecting you while I have… you know… all this going on” His eyes flash gold and I sniffle. “But I realised that what’s the point of having this if I can’t protect people. Especially those I love.” My head snaps up towards him. “Look, I know you don’t remember but on Friday you said some things and it really got me thinking. I miss you too. Although you’re with Matt now…”

“Not for long” I scoffed. “Long story, don’t worry.” We stood in silence for a moment until I felt a tingle in my heart. 

“Can I have a hug? I’ve really missed you.” I mumble and Scott wraps his arms around me. I feel his heart beat and everything just feels right.

I’ll try to remember to edit this after I go do my chores but if I forget excuse any errors :) xx

Hidden (Part 17)

Jaebum is surrounded by the same two officers that had questioned Hanna, in the same chair as well.

“We have here that you’re a threat.” Officer Jang who had called him, looks at his notepad for his resources.

“I am?” Jaebum doesn’t quite understand how.

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A New Livelihood (Werewolf! Jimin x Werewolf! Reader) Chapter 4

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Note: Hello everyone! Surprise! I’m back after what honestly feels like forever. I do not deserve readers as good as all of you. You are so very patient and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. As usual, no editing was done, so please don’t hate me for any errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, or the awful thing known as autocorrect. I hope you enjoy the long awaited Chapter 4!

Pairing: Reader x Jimin

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Rating: PG - PG13 (for this chapter)

Characters: Aera (Reader), BTS, and Jung (Reader’s brother)

Word Count: 5,177

Summary: Aera (or really Y/N) belongs to a pack of more traditional werewolf values led by her brother, Jung (or really Y/B/N). The very brother that murdered their parents in cold blood solely for the purpose of ascending to the position of Alpha. With her tyrant brother in control, Aera (or Y/N) is forced into a mating ritual with a rival pack in order to cement their alliance with her own pack. Things take a turn for confusing when this forced ceremony turns out to be far from forced. Aera (Y/N) must learn to adapt to an entirely different lifestyle, one that stands in drastic contrast from her own, while simultaneously navigating the confusing and passionate nature that is the mating bond.

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