but now it can be both waah

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P1/2 I wrote you an ask before re: how the mind has changed its thinking ways. You replied w/ you're tired of thinking the same when being called delusional. I want to write back again & stress to you to consider the source now in this fandom as well as in life in general. I've followed you for 1.5 years & can tell you you are not a delusional person. You're smart, caring, prioritizing, dedicated person who saw something that hundreds of others saw, both as fans+those who know SC professionally

p2/2 & personally as well. Don’t let others way of thinking-whether it was to kick you off the ship or to bring you back on (though I want you back on waah)-& name calling make you 2nd guess what you saw. You didn’t make believe. I get you’re sick of it but I hope you don’t feel bullied out bc like I said-consider the source. Those ppl aren’t half the person you are. It’s a shame ppl w/ such low morals kicked out a person who brings such joy to this fandom that outshines their hate at every turn