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Blind!Roy Headcanons

Au where Roy is blind the entire time (credit to this post for the idea !!)

  • Riza is always by Roy’s side, guiding him around and reading things for him
  • She helps Roy aim his flame alchemy and guns by telling him where the enemies are (much like in episode 62 of brotherhood)
  • Black Hayate also acts as Roy’s service dog
  • Since Roy can’t see, Hughes obsessively describes the pictures of his family in great detail to Roy instead
  • Roy pats Ed’s head to make sure he is still taller than him (but at the end of the series when Ed grows taller Roy can’t help but be proud)
  • Riza driving Roy around everywhere
  • While in Ishval, Roy almost throws up many times because he might not be able to see the burned corpses, but he can smell the terrible stench in the air (his other senses are heightened)
  • He can also hear better than most, so he reacts quickly when someone sneaks up behind him (team mustang makes sure to let Roy know of their presence when around him)
  • Riza will often shield Roy from attacks by jumping in front of or over him
  • Al and Ed also shield Roy by creating wall barriers or Al using his armored body
  • Roy feels bad that he will never get to see Al’s body in the flesh
  • Roy misplacing things and forgetting where he left them (calls Riza to sort out the issue)
  • Roy grabbing people’s arms to make sure they’re with him and to know where they are
  • Riza often looks at Roy and softly smiles at him
  • Ed admiring Roy because they are both disabled and Roy is still so ambitious and determined, Roy is his role model