but now is okay

Welp! I’ve been meaning to draw Finny from @dailyskyfox for a while, because gosh darnit I love that blog and this guy is a cutie.

an ink luigi turned into a soft luigi

I was talking about the current bnha arc with a friend and at some point he’s like “is Shinsou still a thing” and when I told him that yeh, he isn’t dead or anything, he’s like “then once they capture Chisaki they should just get Shinsou to mindcontrol him into fixing Mirio” which, honestly, while highly improbable is still the best option for how to give Mirio his quirk back I’ve heard to this point

he also called Chisaki “chiwawa” so probably that’s why I loved the idea so much ngl


[ i’ve ranted about whiskey’s writing so much in the tags that i’m just tired now and this’ll be my last little bit of it for a while. i’m just upset about the waste of his character. yes, characters can have flaws, but that’s not an excuse for lazy writing. What seems to be a barely thought out plot point that was just squeezed in at the end and didn’t do anything for the character but make him less than interesting. Idk if killing Poppy was “too easy” or what, but like… It didn’t seem all the way thought through. I am literally just so fucking angry about this. It was a total cop out. We all know it. It was lazy as shit writing.

We could have had him actually saving Eggsy bc he reminds him of a son he never had. We could have had him nominating Ginger at the end bc he realizes that she can handle field work and that she isn’t the same as his wife. I want a Whiskey that steps down and gives up his place for Ginger bc he knows now and is confident that she can handle it.


Okay okay but think about: Victor and Yuuri giggling through kisses, swaying to some music playing in the background and generally being loving husbands???


Kirishima: “This is the first time I see you in your every-day clothes, do you always dress like this?”

Bakugou, thinking about his endless amount of skull tees and how long it took him to dig that plain red shirt out of his closet: “Obviously.”

Local Vampire Hopelessly Charmed by Adorable Ghost, More News at 10