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11 cute norwegian words

Norwegian bokmål - English

  • En paraply - an umbrella
  • En kjærlighet på pinne - a lollipop (it literally means “love on a stick”)
  • Å sove - to sleep
  • Ei stjerne - a star
  • En vott - a mitten
  • En bamse - a teddy bear
  • Sukkertøy - candy (pretty old-fashioned word)
  • Et klistremerke - a sticker
  • Nydelig - beautiful/gorgeous
  • Ei dyne - a duvet
  • Snø - snow

Here’s a tiny list of some of my favourite words in Norwegian :^)


and you thought jeon wonwoo wasn’t gonna ruin your life ✿

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3 - "Please don't leave" for renkuri (O3O)

girl ur just out for blood arent u ilu

thanks for sending a prompt, angel! <3

warning for angst and uh semi explicit sex? ¾ explicit? lmao

edit: read on AO3 here!

“Clear… We have to go back.”

Ren stands beside Clear, holding an umbrella over his downcast head. The unrelenting rain pounds into the beaten dirt of the cemetery, drenches the lawn and glides down the black canopy of Ren’s umbrella. It drips copiously onto Ren’s shoulder, but he pays it no mind.

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Akashi + Mibuchi + Himuro + Nijimura tying to make their crush understand that they like her not her popular best friend.

lolz u can do it bois

Akashi: He couldn’t understand why you couldn’t understand the obvious hints he’s been dropping off. He bought the flowers for you, not for your best friend. You’re the one he’s inviting to have lunch with him. You’re the one he’s taking interest in, not her. Once frustration completely gets into him, he’d just stop using actions and would just declare his feelings through words (lmao somehow reversed but lol u go askashi).“(f/n), I guess it’s finally time to stop playing these games. I developed a liking on you since God knows when. Go out with me.”

Himuro: You were the most difficult girl he’d handled (so far). His grade in flirting is A++, making you think he’s just being the flirty Himuro you knew. Little did you know that he’s actually frustrated as hell already. He’s trying his best to make you flustered with his light touches, yet you still think that he’s crushing on your oh-so popular best friend. He’d go all out, cornering you, making sure that he got you trapped between his arms. “(f/n)-chan, you’re really really amazing. Please do consider my feelings,” he says sweetly, giving you his infamous killer smile before winking.

Mibuchi: He’s honestly fascinated because you’re too dense and he found it very, very adorable. He’d put on his chill, taking things really slow, giving compliments here and there, being one hell of a gentleman just for you. However, since he’s still human, his patience would run out eventually. Once this happens, he’d boldly confess his honest feelings for you, clarifying that he’d never take a liking on your best friend. “(f/n)-chan, do you want to have some coffee or tea with me some time? Everything’s on me.”

Nijimura: He tried his best to be patient with you, but he’s actually sick of being ‘like a big brother,’ who’s ‘making a move on your best friend’. He’d really be irritated because his efforts in protecting you only appeared to be brother material to you. Once his  temper runs out, he’d become more eager in protecting you even more. When you ask why he suddenly became a daddy, he’d finally confess, “I like you idiot. Stop shipping me with that queenka best friend of yours.”


Myungsoo — MBC Wishing Star

I like to think that when druids were babies they would sneeze and change into a cub or something.

Which could explain specs for them because that could be their like natural animal or form… Parents playing with their kid when suddenly their daughter turns into a moonkin, and they get really excited and take pictures and title them “BABY’S FIRST STANCE <3” and all the picture books are full of the little girl having cute little mishaps with her moonkin form and eventually all of her other ones as well.

Like one time during recess, she was playing with her friends when a boy comes over and starting messing with them, she gets so upset she turns into a little bear and chases the boy around the field.

Idk man i just have a soft spot for baby druids.