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I'm in love with monsta x even more now 😍😍 so I feel the need to request, --what would mx do if you were to randomly hold their hand while you guys are walking down the street, but you're just friends? (They like you and you like them but you're not dating)?? Thanks my queen!,💗

Shownu is old-school polite, so he’d probably gently let go because he doesn’t want to do anything that might be inappropriate, especially not in public. He would rather you first be secure in your romantic feelings for each other than to just hold your hand because you’re simply friends. Don’t take it the wrong way though, he just want to keep affectionate gestures - even small ones - special for when you two are actually together.

Kihyun would jump at the chance to pull out some of his wit and he’d just be like “Oh, was your hand cold or am I being flirted with right now?” depending on your answer you could either shyly mumble that yes, your hand was cold and Kihyun is your friend so he can’t let you be cold OR you could wink and be like “Which do you prefer?” and for the first time you might be able to leave him speechless.

Hyungwon would look down at your hands briefly, but then assume you didn’t want to lose him in the crowd. You’ve got to be a bit more direct when it comes to him because he’ll never draw the right conclusions. You’ll hold hand for a long time though, and at some point he might even tell you he likes the feeling of your hand in his.

Minhyuk is someone who seems completely comfortable with this kind of skinship between friends, but he likes you so he’d secretly try to do something to see how you’d react. Instead of just holding hands, he’d intertwine your fingers and maybe rub the back of your palm with his thumb. Seeing you not pull away or get uncomfortable will make feel all giddy inside. 

Wonho would kind of jump in surprise before sheepishly asking what you’re doing. People think he’s a flirt with lots of confidence, but in reality things like holding hands making him blush and he’d be like “I-Is this ok? A-Are you sure?” and you’d nod slowly and feel Wonho’s palm get sweaty. But it’s cute, both of you guys get butterflies in your stomach. 

Jooheon would immediately assume something is up and he’d be like “Why did you grab my hand? Is someone following us? Were you falling behind?” and you’d have to admit that you just did it because you wanted to, to which Jooheon will try to chuckle it off but also in his head he’ll be screaming about how this is really happening, Jooheon don’t mess this up! 

Changkyun/IM would squeeze your hand and be like “Couldn’t resist?” and you’ll be like “What do you mean?” and Changkyun, who is famously straightforward, would go “The urge to touch me.” and you’d flame up red and he’ll just be grinning, but he’d love holding your hand. He’d even swing them a bit and keep telling you that if you want to hold his hand - hold it like you mean it. 

An Unexpected Reunion (CTM Fanficiton)

So I had this idea in my head of what it might be like to see Trixie visiting Shelagh in the hospital for a while now. I even wanted to put it in my speculation fic for 6x04, but I ran out of time and I just couldn’t put this idea into words, until now. I hope you all enjoy!! 

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@therealjacksepticeye ♥️
I made this fan art ages ago but I never got the chance to get around to it.. and here I am, hoping you would see this. The top picture I drawn was just at the top of my head, the bottom is you and @markiplier the two skeleton brothers from Undertale! Mark is Papyrus and of course you are Sans! I loved the game so much and it became even more amazing with you playing it. All the characters voices were astonishing, you did a fantastic job!👌🏼

And jack.. if you see this I just wanted to say thank you for everything, you’ve got me through a lot of things but the main was you giving me happiness! My life is going downhill and right now your the only reason why I’m still trying and haven’t gave up yet. You’ve helped me get through things that I thought were in possible, if I’m ever upset, my mind always travels to your videos and you give me life again!🌸

Your the best thing that’s ever happened to me, if I’ve never found you then I wouldn’t know what I would do anymore.. I love you Sean! For the rest of my life I will, and when your feeling sad I will be there for you too- all of us will! We will never give up on you because we know you will never give up on us. You’re our EVERYTHING!🦋


P.S I’m staring to create new fan art, which is involving NIGHT IN THE WOODS!!🐱🦊🐻🐊

From- Heymiiah✨

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hey is it ever too early to start thinking of marriage? i've only been dating my boyfriend for a few months now but we sometimes acknowledge that we want to get married (not right now, but in a few years) and i cant tell if i'm just being young and dumb and in love or something else

No, it’s never too early. 

See, I think that you should consider these sorts of things before you think about getting into a relationship. Do I ever want to get married? Do I want kids? Do I want either of us to stay home with the kids or is that not a priority? etc. That way right away you can go yo, these are my priorities, what are yours? And you can decide if you even want to put the time and effort into a relationship. 

Both of you have agreed that marriage is yes, something that you are both interested in. Now you know, and you’re good to move forward and invest more time and effort.

-Lou the Lobster

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Wait your LGBT???? Love your writing even more now 🌈🌈🌈😍

i’m bisexual, yes. i don’t think that changes my writing at all, though; please don’t view it any differently knowing that. i want to be judged on my merits, not my minority status. i’m glad you enjoy my work, though :)

You know what? At the end of the day, I didn’t need Trini to say “I’m gay” or “I’m bi” for me to acknowledge her as an LGBT character and as someone who is not straight, even though I would have preferred more, it was enough for me  for now. Yes, it was pretty vague but it seemed pretty clear as to what she was saying. Her entire story worked into that, like how her parents want to label her or how they don’t like how she dresses or her relationships etc. If it wasn’t enough for some people, I can totally understand that, and we should all accept that we all took it differently. Plus it does seem more obvious the more you watch that scene, but the media kind of overdid it a little with how big the scene actually was. The real question is whether they going to develop Trini’s sexuality more in any sequels

Try | Chapter 8


When Rick grabbed the shed’s door knob, she stopped him.

“Not in the dark. I wanna see everything. I mean, I don’t wanna be presumptuous…”

“Be presumptuous,” he said, grinning. He framed her face with his beautiful hands and kissed her.

But he stopped before she could even melt into him.

“What?” she asked, unnerved by how he was now looking at her.

“Uh,” he said, and he took a step back. “I just thought of somethin’. I just thought of a stupid thing.”

“What?” she asked, feeling lost and more than ready to be found. She did not want her hot, widower friend backing away from touching and kissing her.

“We don’t have any protection,” he said, his tone a mix of frustrated and disappointed.

Michonne didn’t bother asking if there were any prophylactics on the grounds. Who the hell was gonna go get them? Him, with his lewd bulge? Her, with her wet panties? She wasn’t going to leave him until they’d both had an orgasm.

“We can, uh…” She laughed at that fact that this conversation was actually happening. “We can do it old school. Do what sex ed said not to? You can pull out.”

Rick chuckled, but he looked uncomfortable. “I can’t. I mean…there’s still a chance.”

“That I’ll get pregnant?” she teased. But his cringey smile disappeared, and she sobered very quickly. “Oh. Jesus Christ, I’m so sorry. Of course,” she said, feeling like a dolt.

“It’s okay,” he assured.

“No, it isn’t,” she countered. “Jesus.”

A baby wasn’t a reality for her. Motherhood wasn’t. But fatherhood was a very fresh reality for him. Judith was almost two months old. And her mother had died quickly after the birth. Of course he was risk-averse right now.

Hell, she should be, too. Her grief over Andre was not a barrier to pregnancy.

“Michonne, honestly, it’s okay,” he said, as he wrapped an arm around her waist. He pressed his lips against hers long enough for her forehead to relax.

“The way you say my name should be illegal,” she murmured against his lips.

“The way you say my name should be illegal,” he countered.

“How do I say your name?” she asked as she pulled back and wrinkled her nose.

“You know. You put this special emphasis on it. You say it like you mean it, no questions, ifs, ands, or buts. Just…” he prompted her.

“Rick,” she obliged.

“Yeah,” he confirmed, smiling.

She chuckled. She didn’t get it, but then again he probably didn’t get what he did to her name either.

When she sobered, she said, “I understand,” referring to his hesitation.

5 Things

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  1. Lipstick/gloss
  2. Lip balm 
  3. Old receipts 
  4. Wallet
  5. Phone


  1. 1. Clothes
  2. My lil gold elephant!
  3. Books everywhere
  4. Makeup
  5. Me, majority of the time


  1. Have something I’ve written published
  2. Travel
  3. Live in NYC, even if just for a little bit
  4. Find a career that I’m passionate about
  5. Be more fearless


  1.  Marvel
  2. Marian Hill
  3. What’s Your Number
  4. Tumblr
  5. Moana​


  1. organize my life
  2. that’s it that’s all
  3. oops
  4. i’m a mess
  5. it’s a big task


  1. i’ve never been in a relationship
  2. I’m Puerto Rican and Filipino on my mom’s side
  3. I can bake pretty well
  4. I’ve been writing since elementary school
  5. I’m constantly daydreaming

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But Dans spoken out against the restricted mode thing on Twitter. Also YouTube has now finally acknowledged the problem and even apologized (which is rare for YouTube) and said they'd fix it. I mean I understand you want dan to speak our more, but idk

ya dude that message was in response to this post where i acknowledge dan’s tweet, give him some praise for making it, and then wish he would voice his own thoughts instead of just supporting someone else who’s talking about it by writing a 2-word reply in the middle of the night (is that “speaking out” ?? really?) i’m all for dan staying mum on the topic if that’s what makes him most comfortable,, i guess,,, (although i don’t understand what would be discomforting about saying ‘youtubes age restricted mode is blocking lgbtq+ content and that’s bad!) but then i dont think people should be giving him dollops of praise for how outspoken and radical he is either lol 

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AHCA failed because the public actually likes much of what the ACA did. Making the AHCA even more rightwing will just alienate moderate republicans so it still won't pass. But of course you can't understand that not every republican shares your views.

I’ve been working on healthcare reform policy for a couple years now so I’ve actually a pretty good idea of what the public likes and wants. The public likes the preexisting conditions clause and that their kids can stay on their insurance until they turn 26. Beyond that, they like the theory and hate what happened in practice. The ACA isn’t working for the vast majority of Americans and they are demanding a big change.

Congress loves the Band-Aid Effect. Washington has a tendency to make very small, meaningless changes, pat themselves on the back like they’ve saved the world, and fail to follow through with anything that has an impact. If the AHCA had passed, healthcare costs wouldn’t have gone down significantly, but that would have been the end of the discussion. The Republicans who came out against the AHCA did so because they want to pass something substantive, and for the first time in several years, Republicans have the opportunity to actually do so. We don’t need to worry about compromising with the far left now, so let’s start with something further to the right and if we need to pull it back towards the center right to pass the bill, we can do that. But why are we starting at a point left of center when we don’t have to? 

My point with that post was that the public wants Washington to give them something different but the AHCA wasn’t something different. Paul Ryan and the others were timid in their approach and that’s what killed their chance of passing any reform. 

ahhh I’m too tired to finish this right now;;

I’ll finish this tomorrow

i’m gonna get to visit lily in july!!!!!!!! i’m so excited!!!!!!!!! i’ve wanted to visit her since forever and now that we’re girlfriends i want to even more and i finally get to!!! i’m so happy and so gay and i love her so much

ok, that’s a lie, I can and did watch most of Dino Thunder despite it having a horrible themesong. It was ok up until the point where Tommy was randomly encased in amber. In Space is a shitshow though. I can’t handle the ‘serious’ characters and their scenery chewing. As a kid, it was my jam, but not now man. Wild Force is arguably worse because its a shittier narrative with even more camp and I ate that up as a kid, I was RELIGIOUS about that season. I wanted to get into RPM because jesus christ its like if Mad Max and Terminator had a mighty morphing baby, UP UNTIL you get to the actual ranger parts, and then you realize the sentai this is all based around is utter crap and unwatchable nonsense. 

hi I have Opinions about Power Rangers

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oKay you know what makes me really mad?? The fact that you can't battle/battle with Gladion or Hau in the battle tree. Even Hau said he was gonna register a spot in the battle tree sMFH

You know what, I’ve always been mad about that too, especially with Hau!!! I also wish there was more people you could recruit in the tree too, I mean the selection we have now is pretty good, but I want more people!!

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Hi! :) I came to terms with being ace pretty easily a couple years ago, but I'm struggling a LOT with being an aro. I love all the support and positivity being spread around and cheers to all who embrace their aro-ness (you're all so strong and perfect, i love you!), but i personally can't help but feel a really awful longing for something, or like i'm... not right, that i COULD if i just found the right person. it feels like i'm missing something. lonely. just...without. (1/2)

(2/2) i considered the possibility of a qpr, but even that is a bit of a squick depending on the day. want… but can’t. this is more a confession than anything–(therapy isn’t an option for me right now, and i’m too private and afraid of reactions i might get from even very close friends and family; “just wait, you’ll find someone one day”)– so thank you for having this space for someone to just pop in and talk for a minute. <3

Hi anon,

I’m happy you were strong enough to come confess! I know it can be  struggle for some, and I know for some people it’s not exactly a happy realization at first. And that’s okay! I believe it’s very possible for you to come at peace with it.

Best of luck in your journey, anon!

- Mod V

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I'm dying to hear about your experience at the show!(or if you're not ready to talk about it yet, no worries!) What was your favorite part? Anything you didn't really like? I'm so happy you had a great time (&I know it was very emotional) ❤❤❤

I think I’ll make a full on post when I get back to Oregon as I only brought my iPad with me and I don’t want to make a long huge ass post without a read more.

Ugh my favorite part? I don’t even know?

But fuck, the whole show was amazing. I tried to stay off my phone during the second night so I could soak it all in. And not to be that Hobi stan, but his stage presence is unfucking believable. I could not keep my eyes off him the entire time. He was made for that stage and just typing this out right now as me tearing up.


Also being able to spend time with the noonanet girls and I met a few readers. And I’m just v overwhelmed and happy.