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So my ten year old saw me sitting at my computer and asked what I was doing. I explained that I was writing a story about Supernatural, that this particular story is “filling in the gaps” of an episode I love because I think there is more story to tell. “It’s called fan fiction,” I explained. “When you love characters so much that you want to write more stories about them.”

After a pause he said, “I could do that.”

And now he’s sitting next to me writing Harry Potter fanfic. I don’t even care that I’m not getting anything done on my own story anymore. I’m so proud I could burst.

following up on my post last night: Jim being mentally ill is a really important headcanon to me, not just because I’m projecting and want to see more positive portrayals of mental illness in media (though that is the case), but also because the show already seems to hint at it so much??

Before Jim’s even given the responsibilities of the Trollhunter, we have Strickler pointing out how exhausted, overwhelmed, and distracted Jim seems, and then offering for Jim to come see him if Jim ever wants to talk about what’s troubling him. Now Strickler might just be a really nice teacher, but in my experience a teacher doesn’t ask you what’s wrong, let alone offer to talk about it with you outside of class, unless you’ve been behaving like something’s wrong for a decent amount of time. Continuous fatigue, excessive worrying, and an inability to concentrate are symptoms of an anxiety disorder.

We quickly learn Jim’s default mode is pretty much Panic 90% of the time. Panic and Fear. Jim himself admits that the first rule of being a Trollhunter, “always be afraid”, is the one rule he doesn’t have to work on, insinuating he’s already always afraid. An anxiety disorder also brings greater significance to rule #1. Something generally only thought of as a burden is kinda beneficial here. Being afraid makes you a hero in this world and, as someone who has anxiety, I think that’s pretty cool.

You could also argue Jim’s extreme response to the grit-shaka hints at an anxiety disorder. As another user put it: the totem could’ve just been messing with Jim because he’s human, but maybe he’s just so used to constantly being afraid and worrying and panicking that when he had no fear, when that all went away, “it was so fundamentally different than how he was used to living, he didn’t know how to handle it.” 

Jim has 1 best friend, only really talks to that person, and doesn’t seem keen on expanding his social circle beyond that except for Claire who he only gets the courage to talk to after Strickler’s encouragement. I get the sense that Jim doesn’t care much about knowing the rest of his peers and/or he’s too anxious to really try. He seems really mature for his age too, all of which can be explained by anxiety. And maybe depression.

Depression’s not as obvious as anxiety is in Jim, but he does come across as very beaten down, like all he wants is for things to stop for awhile. Indeed, there is a whole episode about Jim stopping time so he can work through his problems, and in retrospect that again seems more like anxiety–feeling like your thoughts are tangled and there’s not enough time to do anything–but I’d argue without that anxiety keeping him up and moving Jim would be left laying facedown on the ground feeling like metal weights are tied to his arms and legs, which is exactly what depression feels like.

We see hopelessness sometimes bleed into Jim’s fear. The most blatant example being when he thinks he’s going to die in his fight against Draal and he just accepts it. He “fades”, writing goodbye letters to his mom, Toby, and Claire. Cooking his mom’s favorite meal and conversing with her calmly over dinner like nothing’s wrong. Laying alone in his darkened bedroom later, looking sad and conflicted about what to do. It’s reminiscent of someone struggling with suicidal thoughts and I don’t know if the writers did that on purpose or not but that’s definitely the vibe I get.

Claire confronts Jim about his letter to her the next day, and Jim, feeling fine now, panics and rides with Claire’s assumption that he’s dealing with some mental monsters instead of telling her the truth, not unlike concealing the truth from others after a major depressive episode. Mental illness is the first thing Claire jumps to to make sense of Jim’s letter. She’s the second person to offer a listening ear if he ever wants to talk about what’s troubling him.

Barbara doesn’t read her letter. She wants Jim to just tell her whats going on with him, but he can’t because its hard and he doesn’t know how she’ll react and he doesn’t want to hurt her and wowie if fighting physical monsters and keeping it a secret ain’t a perfect metaphor for fighting mental monsters and keeping it a secret.

A metaphor that’s hammered in even MORE when human!Blinky disguises himself as Jim’s guidance counselor of all people, and Barbara isn’t even that surprised to discover Jim’s seeing a counselor. She, a medical professional, quickly accepts Jim’s dealing with some stuff and that’s why he’s been acting different and Jim, once again, just goes with the lie that isn’t entirely a lie. That’s 3 people who’ve assumed Jim’s struggling and needs someone to talk to based on his behavior: Strickler, Claire, and Barbara. 

And Jim struggling with his mental health ties in perfectly with the comparisons drawn between he and Atlas. If anyone struggles the most mentally and physically, its Atlas, having to shoulder alone the impossible weight of the world. 

So, yeah, headcanoning characters with the same struggles as you is fun and comforting, but there’s a lot of canon evidence suggesting Jim really could have anxiety and depression.

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Even when the life is over, the story of 2 people is definitely not, I want to believe that. It might sound like a simply beautiful saying, but love definitely doesn’t end.

Everyone, let’s treasure the time we have with important people. More from now on.

It’s a wonder to be born in the same age.

Okay, but the Vault Tec-Rep would have made a better main protagonist than the actual Sole Survivor and I am extremely bitter that I cannot be this Todd Howard self-insert now after seeing that fanart.

Dude just wants his steak-knives and works as a sales rep, but has no idea how screwed up the company is.That’s all we know about him. He’s even more vague than Courier Six. We don’t know if he was married or divorced, if he had children, extended family members, pets, etc. He has no relations to Shaun but that would make it more compelling to find him. Shaun’s not forced onto us like how it is for Sole.

We’re the reason why Shaun’s an orphan. If we hadn’t gotten Nate and Nora and all those other people into the Vault, they would have either died or turned into ghouls, but they would’ve went together. They would’ve had a chance. For any decent person, that’s enough incentive to find that baby. I’m pretty sure every player would feel like the worst person in the world watching Shaun get taken away and knowing all those people in the Vault died because we had a part in it.

Customizing our character wouldn’t be that hard either. Before going to Nate and Nora’s, we’d be in our Vault Tec car and check ourselves out in the mirror. That’s it. Bam. How hard was that Bethesda???


“Lou,” he whisper-shouts across the room. He definitely doesn’t need to wake up Niall or Zayn; they’ll kill him before the temperature does. Harry sees Louis fidget a little bit but stay asleep and, dammit, Harry just wants to cuddle.

Harry calls his name three (three!) more times but to no avail and now he’s silently climbing out of bed with nothing but some tight briefs on and - oh, no - he hadn’t even thought about freezing his balls off. His skin explodes with goosebumps and he feels his jaw clench in it’s first sign of chattering. Harry scampers across the floor and pokes Louis hard five times in fast succession. He thinks he’s succeeded at waking the alpha up when Louis groans quietly and swats at his hands, turning his back towards him. How dare he. Harry is out here in the wild freezing to death and Louis is just going to turn his back on him. Rude. Harry will make him pay, he’s sure of it.

But for now, all he does is pout and poke him once more with the accompanying, “Louis.”

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(This is the least exciting looking celebratory drawing ever but 600 came up so fast that I didn’t have something actually good prepared. So… we get Flowey boi and a simple background.)

I have been super useless these past two weeks and still 100 more people found their ways here and wanted to stay.
I find that extremely strange but also very flattering.
I was shocked when I hit 500, and I didn’t expect my follower count to go up ANOTHER 100. But it did… and I’m in even greater shock right now.
I don’t think I’ve done a single useful thing besides post pages and do a silly outfit challenge through these two weeks. Yet you all came.

So… a big thanks to all 600 (602 now actually) of you!! I’m always very happy to see that someone has come to stay in the dumpster and see all the garbage I toss in here every day. Thanks for all the notes, reblogs, funny and sweet comments, asks, and follows!!
I’ll see you all later with the weirdness you came here for!
Here’s to many more!!✨

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Whaddya think of Aranea in Ep Prompto? Guess all the complaining about it beforehand turned out to be fucking nothing.

I think, she can step on me any time she wants. I’ll gladly accept it.

And anon, omg, don’t remind me of all that bullshit. I still can’t believe Prompto fans seriously tried to start bullshit like that, especially now that the dlc is out and they have to thank Aranea for even having Prompto be alive to begin with. IF it wasn’t because of her, bitch boy wouldn’t have gone back to Noctis and the rest. Aranea is the real mvp and everyone that says otherwise can go fuck themselves.

The more we see of her, the more I like her. Well, I liked her already, but she keeps getting better.

Highlight "10 years later, we would also want to be together with the fans".

In the interview , each member of Highlight gave a score to their debut track “Plz Don’t Be Sad”.

Yoon Doojoon said “101 points” and continued “More then giving ourselves this score, we want to award this score to the fans”. Maknae Son Dongwoon said “100 points” and added “This seems like stepping stone for the advancement of future activities of Highlight”.

The members also talked about individual highlights of their life. Yang Yoseob said “Even though it’s the Highlight now, but if there is more to come, it would be great, and among so many of the highlights, when there will be the most highlighted one I want to bring it through with me when I’m being buried (die)” , drawing laughter from his members.

Moving on to the interview about dreams. Yang Yoseob who fulfilled his dream he had during the early days of debut, of becoming a musical actor said “ I have a heart of wanting to create a second highlight with the members” and “ I also have the desire to discover rookies” conveying what he wants to achieve in distant future.

Highlight also said “10 years later, if its possible, we still want to be together with the fans. From now on and onward, we will diligently take good care of our health” raising expectations with this ambition.


* ( Jacksepticeye’s steely eyes fills you with determination )

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If any of you need some motivation right now, I am here to tell you all as well that you CAN do this! Whatever you want or need to do in your life at the moment you 100% have the strength inside of you to try your absolute hardest to accomplish those things. You’re all capable of so much more then you even realize. You all deserve the best out of your lives and you deserve to be happy about whatever progress you make towards those goals in your life. Even if the most that you could do today is just get out of bed, you still did that. Even though that’s a small thing that’s still something worth being happy, excited and proud of yourself for.  It’s important appreciate the things you’ve accomplished today.^_^ 
So again, whatever you want or need to do in your life. You CAN do this! We ALL can do those things that we need or want to do in our own unique special ways. 
We CAN do this! :D 

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I don’t care if this wasn’t what Seán meant in the video when he said this! I’m going to try my best to use this moment as a way to give some motivation to people. ^_^

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Literally After touken became canon all the haters rises or more like they become even more aggressive. I was in naruto and bleach fandom before and it was hell, too much hate especially right after the pairing became canon. I just want to enjoy tg in peace and now in the tag i see those haters/antis since i follow tg and touken tag

Honestly Anon, I really hesitated to answer you (no offense) because I have no idea why you chose to complain to me about those haters. :/
Still no offense, but I hope you also realize that the more you openly complain about them, the more you give them what they want because you show that they’re getting to you, and so if you really want to enjoy TG in peace, well, you should simply do so, by starting to ignore them.

If there is one thing fandom experience should put into your head with a hammer, it is that you will never be able to make everyone agree on anything, especially on the matter of ships for the main characters.
Starting from there, why do you even care about how haters act or what they say? Why not simply enjoy TG and the development of Kaneki and Touka with other open-minded fans, instead of focusing on the ones who don’t agree with you? 

I know and I understand why it’s hard sometimes to simply close your eyes when it’s making you mad, but try to think of bloggers who aren’t just bothered in the tags but also in their askbox. If it’s just the tags, you have means to deal with it, starting by blocking all the hating blogs if you can’t ignore them.

TG is not your first fandom experience apparently, so just learn from what you’re experimenting and complaining about, because all the fandoms are similar: one day, TG will end and the tags will die. Until then though, people will keep on complaining about every little thing that they don’t like (be it characters, ships, writing) because that’s just how Western fandoms are. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I cannot stress this point enough though, it is the same thing in every fandom  and as much as I can understand how annoying haters can be, if you don’t start to ignore them instead of complaining, then you’re playing right into their hands and you’ll be bothered for the rest of TG, as well as for other series that you’ll discover later. And I don’t know, I’m not you, but I’m not sure that it is what you want your enjoyment of a series with a fandom to be like.

Finally, I must say this, one reason I really dislike this kind of asks (not that it’s your fault, you couldn’t have known, but just please hear me out for next time) is that it’s easy to complain about haters when:

  • Some Kaneki/Touka fans can be as disrespectful towards other ships or characters or plot developments as these haters you are complaining about and I find this to be really ironic and hypocritical.
  • Some fans complain about hatred everywhere and how unbearable it is, but I follow the ‘Kanetou’ tag that I often check on mobile (so no filter) and I haven’t seen hatred in there since even before ch122 (maybe I’m jinxing it with this answer though xD).
  • Haters aren’t everything to this fandom and by acknowledging them you’re basically ignoring all the great blogs that managed to detach themselves from the annoying content in the tags -> so if the tags are hard to live through for you, then simply leave the tags for a little while and focus on following cool and respectful people.

I hope you understand that I’m not angry at you or anything, it’s just that I really couldn’t care less about those haters. My dash has been haters/hatred free for a long while now and I follow many different people for many different series which all have a part of the fandoms prone to hating, so it’s just about learning to make your blogging environment what you want it to be. 

Anon, you gotta learn to coexist with them within the same fandom because, no matter what you do, they won’t disappear until TG ends, but acknowledging them is basically just giving them the feeling that their hating posts are working so… bad idea. xD

Go enjoy TG in peace Anon and don’t bother with haters. ;)

Please share around, even if you don’t plan on commissioning me! Likes are cool but reblogs/shares actually help out more! Thank you!

Commission prices raised and am charging for optional backgrounds now cause of struggling stressful life. Hope y’all can understand.

Commission Info

I am only drawing sonic-mobian characters. OCs, au verses and FCs are acceptable too.


  • Waist or Knees up (pick whichever you want) - $5 (Example)
  • Full - $10 (Example)

Line Art:

  • Waist or Knees up(pick whichever you want) - $15 (Example)
  • Full - $20 (Example)

Color and Shading:

  • Add $2 extra if you want base/flat color added to your commission.
  • Add $4 extra if you want both base/flat color and shading to your commission.

Character Limit Per Commission:

  • Am accepting up to two characters per commission. Extra characters added will cost $3 extra each.

Background Options(Default option will be simple white background or black/dark-gray depending on the commission):

  • Transparent or Gradient color - $0.50

Optional Add-On Effect With Paid Background:

  • Solid White/Colored border around character(s) - Free option with choice of paid background if chosen. (Examples)

Rules for commissions:

  • Please talk to me first before sending money for any commissions.
  • Payment first, then art. Simple as that.
  • Ship/pairing or characters fighting art is acceptable. No idea if they will be great though since still am practicing on drawing stuff like that.
  • Sonic(Mobian) characters/style only
  • Detailed references will be greatly appreciated, thanks! As well specific details you’ll like me to add is cool too.
  • No armor or complex weapons! 
  • Simple swords or guns are fine, as well for robotic limbs too.
  • Won’t draw humans, fetishes, offensive, rude and hateful stuff.
  • Won’t draw robots either rn for commissions(only place I will possibly accept drawing full on robots like Metal Sonic is on patreon alone for now).  
  • No NSFW, gore or torture.
  • Minor blood or bruises are fine.
  • I have the right to decline a commission if I feel I can’t do it or am not fond of the offer given to me.
  • Please no rushing me or pushing me if you commissioned me. I will get it done and posted asap, just life can get busy or overwhelming in times if you will understand.

Payment method: Paypal only (usa dollars) Gonna be using only invoices, meaning will need your email for sending in payment details and such.

Contact Information: (Email)chaotixvoblur@outlook.com, twitter(creativeblur), instant messager here and my askbox.

Links to my patreon, ko-fi(please consider donating!), and etc can be found here!

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i was wondering if there were more shojou boys like kazehaya because hes such the cutest and i want more boy characters like him :)

You mean pure, kind, and too good for his own good?? I am on the same page as you anon! I think Luni has actually read more shoujo than me so I hope she’ll see this and add more once she wakes up. For now, I recommend:

  • hibi chou chou
  • nijiiro days (natsuki man)
  • akagami no shirayukihime
  • orange (love triangle done right and also wrong bc too painful)
  • and wow, i’m just now realizing how much shoujo i haven’t read. fear not anon! as soon as luni wakes up i’m sure she’ll see this and save you from the mess that I am
what each bts member makes me feel: a rant
  • Namjoon: i often think about how lucky we are to have namjoon as our leader. i don’t think i have ever found someone as humble, supportive and kind as him; he makes me want to be a better person and makes me want to fight for what’s right in this wrong world we live in. there’s always something to learn from him and he always gives us so much, even when we can’t give him enough in return. he deserves so much more than he has right now, and i hope with all my heart that one day he will be appreciated the way he should be.
  • Seokjin: we could all learn something from this boy. the one who cut his hair even though he would regret it, just so he could overcome his insecurities; we could all take this lesson from him and mold it into our lives. he’s often overlooked – way too often – but i always catch myself thinking about how i wish i could be more like him someday. seokjin motivates me to accept myself, to love who i am and to love everyone around me, too.
  • Yoongi: proud. that’s the word to describe perfectly what i feel when i look at yoongi. whenever things are particularly harsh, he comes to my mind, fighting for his dreams and what he believes in and it drives me further. yoongi has helped me get up from the ground when i was so lost i could barely remember my name. i look at him now and a wave of joy washes over me to know that after everything he’s been through, he is finally achieving his goals. yoongi is an inspiration to me and i hope to be like him someday.
  • Hoseok: god, this boy deserves the entire world and so much more. lucky are those that can trust and count on him, because jung hoseok is rare in the world we live in. the amount of support he shows everyone leaves me speechless and his selflessness is definitely something we could all learn from. as a born pessimist, there’s a lot i admire in hoseok and a lot i try to bring to my life; i used to question how people could be so bright but now that i’ve seen him, i strive to be more like that.
  • Taehyung: i don’t have an older brother but if i did, i would want him to be like taehyung. this boy has a golden mentality and his way of always seeing things through a different perspective amazes me. i am so soft for everything he does, from the way he thinks to the way he acts and his personality is simply mesmerizing to me. taehyung is unique and so precious; we should pay more attention to him and protect him from all harm.
  • Jungkook: i connect with this boy on way too many levels. since we have a very similar personality, i am always able to see in him things that i could improve. jungkook has shown me how to deal with being shy and that it’s okay if communication isn’t exactly my forte. he is so hardworking even though he is so young and that type of thing is what makes me admire him more and more each passing day. his dedication to learn and excel in everything he does is truly inspiring but i wish someone would tell him it’s okay to take some time every once in a while.
  • Jimin: i said it before and i will say it again: i could learn every language in the world and i would still not be able to explain how important he is in my life. still, if i were to try, i would say jimin makes me feel safe. there’s a feeling of coming home attached to this boy that i cherish and keep close to my heart even if i can’t understand it. when i think of jimin, i think of feeling warm, loved and protected from the storm breaking inside my brain. he is the only one that can truly pull me out of my dark days even all the way across the world. jimin really is my everything and there isn’t a day when i don’t thank god for being able to live in the same time as him.
  • this was long and pointless and not enough but basically all i’m trying to say is: i love my boys with everything i have and i want to protect them all.

my favorites: halo (헤일로) 

“even though we are idols who are not in their teens, i think we have more yearning than other idols. we are thankful for the fact that the dream we wanted since we were kids we now can make it come true.”  ✧ #Happy3YearsWithHALO

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Who do you think is into RnB sound other than Dinah & Mani? Personally I think Lauren needs to be doing some Indie type thing, with an actual band behind her instead of just road musicians for shows, one she writes with. The Indie scene would allow her to not be in such an intrusive, cut-throat genre like pop. You tend to have much more loyal fans in Rock/Alt/Indie, than pop, which is ever changing. Camila needs to do what she is doing for now, maybe add some Latin rhythms to her tracks. Ally???

L, i remember she said they want a RnB album so i assume she likes it too as much as D and N & it suits her as well but i agree with indie and maybe even jazz like amy, i don’t know what suits A maybe pop?

not 2 hav a gross ego or what not but i am just so proud 2 b myself and not anybody else. like i wouldnt rlly choose 2 b any other way. i hate all the ppl who hav hurt me but thank god i am not them. but i almost hav 2 thank them 4 making me who i am today bcus ive never had as much motivation and inspiration 2 succeed and b beautiful and creative and unique and rise above as b4 all my difficult experiences. and i def have 2 thank even more all the ppl i luv and who luv me who treat me so special and make me feel and believe im just as wonderful as they think i am. like i guess just thx 2 everyone i have ever met in a way cuz i dont think i could ever feel as golden as i do now. this all sounds ridiculous. but i just am so happy 2 have self esteem finally and stability and success and to be getting mostly everything that i want out of life


Kyle’s POV

It had been a long day and we were both ready for bed. I was just about to change when K.C grabbed my hand and dragged me outside. This was it. He was going to tell me his deep, dark secret. Whatever he had been doing on his phone, whoever he was talking to, it was about to come out now.

“Kyle,” he said as he took my hands. My face was weary and my heart was pounding. I had no idea how much the prospect of losing K.C hurt until I thought about him saying he was leaving now.

“Kyle,” he said more seriously, drawing my full attention to his eyes. “You know I love you, right?” I blinked a few times as my head nodded of its own free will. “You know you’re all I’ve wanted for a long time. I think even from the moment I met you.”

I gaped as he fell to one knee suddenly. “So,” he began as he slipped a hand into his pocket and produced a ring. “Let’s get married.”

I kept staring awkwardly at him as I took the ring from his hand. Now I stared awkwardly at the ring. He stayed on one knee, his face uncertain. “I know it’s early, but I count all the years I’ve known you; even if we weren’t dating then.”

“K.C, I…I…”

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#70 with Dean Ambrose?

“I can’t stand seeing you like this.”

Ever since Dean lost the IC Title, he was a little lost backstage. His storylines weren’t moving him forward in any capacity, and he was obviously tired of it.

After one night of wearing the bear costume on Raw, Dean came backstage and just paced in a dark hallway by himself. It was heartbreaking to see him like this, to see him so obviously wanting more but not being given anything of substance. Not to mention how pissed he was that his title run wasn’t too spectacular thanks to more booking issues. He was just a ball of stress and exhaustion.

“Dean?” you asked, approaching him in the hallway.

“Go away,” he spat, facing away from you as he paced.

“Dean, just listen to me for a minute. Please?” you tried again, inching even closer.

“I don’t wanna talk right now,” Dean said, his footsteps coming to a halt.

“You don’t have to talk, just listen,” you assured him, finally coming up behind him and placing a hand on his shoulder. His body sagged forward, his posture crumbling, and you sighed, wrapping your arms around him. “I can’t stand seeing you like this. It’s not fair.”

“I’ll get over it, move past it. It’ll be alright,” Dean promised, his own arm coming to wrap around you.“

It was silent after that, just the two of you wrapped up in each other’s arms while Dean calmed down, becoming his usual self once again. And then he lead you away, arm still around your waist.

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Hey I got fired earlier this year and thought my life was over. I cried in my room for days, thinking no one would want to hire me. But that is not the case. I'm employed now at a job that is better suited for me that I wouldn't have found otherwise. I hope your friend feels better and I hope he doesn't give up, because I'm sure there's more opportunities ahead uwu

I’m so glad you’re in a better position now! Gosh I’m not even the one who lost their job and I’m stressing out TT ^ TT aaa… I love you! Thank you so much for supporting me! I hope he doesn’t give up either! He’s trying his best and I’m recognizing it! ♡

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(Hi I'm going to scream here bc u said it's ok to do so) ur fics r a blessing. Btw now i kind of need the Compliment Yuuri Party to be a thing in my life. I have so many feelings about this boy; he's so freaking amazing He moved all alone to another country to achieve his dream. Even before vitya came into his life, he was already japan's top skater and made it to the gpf; and wle dealing with anxiety! I wish he was more aware of how amazing he is. Im so proud and just want to hug him, really

YES this is exactly the right place to come screaming about Katsuki Yuuri’s appreciation i’m open to it 24/7 and also aaahhhhhh you’re so nice im??? thank you;;;;;;

Okay hear me out we can’t have a real party because of dumb multiverse theories where the characters don’t really technically exist in this reality but I’m gonna throw the hot, sweet potato to someone who can and is absolutely in line with our constant “I love Katsuki Yuuri and everything that he stands for” mood.

(I posted this on ao3 too!)

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