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Yous a Baby (Tom Holland HC)

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Summary: Dating Tom as a fan who is younger than him (BUT NOT TOO MUCH YOUNGER OR THAT’D BE ILLEGAL)

Author’s Note: Just gonna get it out of the way the reader is at least 18, because we don’t do statutory ‘round these parts. Like even if the younger person says they’re down with dating an older person it’s still the older person’s responsibility to NOT have relations with someone who is legally a child. My friend knows someone who just got arrested for having sex with a minor and even though he said it was “okay” it really wasn’t because she’s a grown as woman who should know better. Okay rant over. I’m going through my requests now so expect more requests to be filled soon. It’s also Thanksgiving next week which means I’ll be hella mellow and will probably want to write. Also gonna try to read the first book in Chaos Walking over the break.

Requested: “do you think you could do a tom x reader imagine or hc of tom dating younger (possibly a fan??)”


Word Count: 672

Warnings: Fluff and swearing

Taglist: @tbholland @stephie-senpai @cersei-lannister @i-love-superhero @chinalois @behxndthemask @ttholland

  • Being younger than Tom was not as bad as people tried to convince you it would be like.
  • When you first got together people attempted to convince you that you had nothing in common.
  • You first started dating towards the beginning of your freshman year of college.
    • You attended school in Georgia and spent lots of time in Atlanta.
    • Partly for entertainment and partly because you were a semi-obsessed Marvel fangirl.
    • You loved seeing pictures from the set and imagined what it would be like nabbing a part on a film.
    • While working in a Starbucks (because college is expensive). 
    • Harrison and Tom walked in near the end of closing while you were beginning to clean the counters. 
    • “Welcome to Starbu- oh my God,” You gasped seeing the Spiderman right in front of you.
    • Tom offered a polite smile, his hands resting in his pockets.
    • As you went to prepare the order Harrison nudged him.
      • “She’s cute and she obviously has a thing for you.”
      • “She is pretty cute.”
    • You returned with both their orders and drew the spiderman symbol next to his name.
    • He softly laughed at the gesture.
    • “I’d appreciate if you wrote your own number.”
    • Your eyes would bug out of your head thinking you misheard him.
    • He nudged his cup towards you and you wrote down your number. 
    • From there you started texting each other and a relationship sprouted.
  • The age gap wasn’t even that big, but you and Tom liked to play around with it.
  • Tom constantly called you a baby, which drove you crazy.
    • “Hey baby.”
    • “You’re such a baby.”
    • “Love this club is for the adults and you can’t go because yous a baby.” 
  • You got him back though, calling him an old man.
    • “Hurry up you old fart.”
    • “Thomas, you can’t keep breaking your nose we need to get you life alert.”
    • “Stop flipping you’re going to break your back!”
  • He constantly patted you on the head like a child.
    • “Thomas stop touching my head.”
  • You certainly had a baby face which didn’t help him teasing you.
  • Tom teasingly insulted you whenever you started annoying him.
    • “What are you 5?”
    • “This isn’t the playground dear.”
  • Dating an actor while still being in school (college/university) definitely got difficult.
    • It was hard to make genuine friendships because most people always had something to gain from you.
    • You would call Tom crying in your dorm.
      • “Baby, what’s the matter?”
      • “N-o-o one like-e-s me, they just want you-u” while hiccuping the whole time.
      • “What do you mean baby you’re amazing?” 
      • “They don’t want to be my-y friend they want to get to you and when I don’t-t tell them what they want to here they start ignoring me.”
    • Tom would feel utterly crushed that school was so hard on you because of him.
    • After you told him that he made sure to visit you a lot more frequently so you wouldn’t be alone.
    • Eventually, people start to catch on to him visiting and would camp outside of your dorm at all hours.
      • There was a situation when two girls broke into your room thinking to see Tom there after reportedly hearing he was at the local airport.
    • You moved out of the dorms after that and into an apartment.
    • The place was small but allowed for enough privacy for the two of you.
  • The media wasn’t the biggest fan of your relationship. 
    • Whenever you were with him on a red carpet they would make snarky or rude comments, which would prompt you to try to escape the event.
    • Tom sensed how you were feeling and ran after you before you could get in the far, cupping your face in his hands.
      • “Darling, please they don’t mean anything. You know I love you. I want you by my side.”
        • Then pulling you into a dramatic kiss.
      • “I guess I’ll stay…old man.”

Recently, I’ve been trying out a more different style to the one I have right now. It’s probably because I want to experiment with a coloring style that’s more like you’re painting. Though most times I just sketch out things out in my sketchpad, which even then is rather rare these days - gotta listen to the teacher after all.

I’m glad I got a chance to at least try out the style digitally. Proportioning is rather difficult, and I’m still practicing this style.

And I got back into D-Gray Man and wow am I glad because I found another artist I admire and their art style is beautiful <3

But anyways, still experimenting with this style, I want to change the eyes a little to something a little more semi-realistic. Or change the nose but I’m still pretty new to this style. And still not completely back! Though somewhere in December I’ll have more free time ^^/

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Honestly the way the show is making it bold and obvious with Destiel BEYOND subjective hints is what keeps me so hopeful about canon endgame; whenever I talked about the ship with GA friends I used to need to link analysis posts and ONLY THEN they'd (more or less) see and catch on the romantic aspects (Idek how many times I linked your blog omg) but now I don't even need to?? They all thought Dean wanted to kiss Cas; it's all spelled out and FOR WHAT REASON??? WE JUST DON'T KNOW... (We Do)

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I’m all for the idea that from now on once RWBY is all back together Weiss is just… excessively affectionate. Not only physically in little ways like wanting to hold everyone’s hands or hug them whenever possible but like she is even more Mom Friend than before she will be the lookout and keep vigils and not hesitate to throw herself in harm’s way for them (as she already has multiple times) but especially now because she has them all back and she lost them once and she’d be damned if she let it happen again.


Morning run gif after a horrible morning/night of sleep! (My brother kept waking me up) The run was another good one even with the terrible sleep. Cruises the first mile and then pushed for the second! I probably should have gone for the 5k but I just wanted to relax more today.

Went with my inLaws to lunch at Dick’s Cafe for a dynamite green chili cheeseburger! They are my favorite but now I am stuffed!

Hope y’all are having a wonderful Sunday!!

friends to lovers ⮩ jackson wang

annyeong! this is going to be a friends to lovers series with the ultimate ult jackson wang but it’ll also include the other got7 members. this is part 1, i will add all the other parts on this post! 

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Jackson Wang, best friend of your best friend Mark Tuan, and now also your friend. Or as you soon found out, maybe even more than that. If only falling in love would be as easy and cute as you two wanted it to be.

PART 1  (1.3k words)

Jackson Wang was somehow becoming a big part of your life you realized one morning when you woke up to one of his texts. You met him not too long ago through Mark, a mutual friend of yours. You knew Mark since many years and since he became a part of Got7 he couldn’t stop talking about how much you and Jackson would actually go along.

And you did. Two extroverts with the strong urge to entertain people and have fun everywhere. When you met him at a party after a whole year of Mark telling you about him you knew you’d get along just great. But here’s the problem with having another friend in Korea: You actually still need to get a job here. When you moved to Korea you thought you’d find something easily but it soon turned out that it was way harder than you thought. So now you always sleep at Mark’s apartment for a few weeks while you are having interviews for jobs and then you fly back home to America. 

“So when will I be able to see you again?” - The last text you got from Jackson. It’s kinda embarrassing how close you got to him in about two months. So thinks Mark, even though he was always telling you how great it would be if you and Jackson would be friends now he got kind of jealous, not in a romantic kind of way, just because the little time you have together is now shared with Jackson.

“I’ll be back in 5 days. Mark said he’ll pick me up from the Airport so if your weak heart can’t stand being away from me any longer you can join him! I have a good feeling about the upcoming interview. Maybe I can finally stay.” - You really wanted to stay. 

“(Y/N)!”, Mark came straight towards you with a big smile on his face. You hugged for a few seconds and then you turned to Jackson.

Except there was no Jackson. Instead of Jackson you spotted Bambam which wasn’t what you expected but you still were happy to see him again. “Hey Bam, nice to see you again. How have you been doing?”, you asked while giving him a hug.

“Noona! I’ve been great. It’s good to see you.”, he answered really cutely but you could feel yourself blush. 

“Bam, I told you you shouldn’t call me Noona. I feel flustered.”

As soon as the basic banter was over you started to think about Jackson again. It’s weird that he wasn’t here when all he did the last day was texting you about how he can’t wait to hang out in real life again and you felt a feeling of dissapointment and a bit anger coming over you. You obviously didn’t want to ask Mark about it because you still didn’t really know how he feels about you and Jackson’s new friendship. So you just continued to check your phone every few minutes to see if he wrote you. 

You sat down in a little cafe not too far away from Mark’s home and after you checked what felt like the 300th time Mark snatched your phone from you. “He was really drunk yesterday and is still asleep. He told me I should wake him up when I go and pick you up but he just needed the rest. I bet as soon as he woke up from his coma he’ll write you. What even is the situation between you two now?”, the question didn’t sound mad at all. It was more a mixture of curiousness and teasing you.

“Mark!”, you laughed out, “Dont you think if I’d have a crush on him you’d already know, right? Like I’d tell you, you know that. We really just get along great.”

He rolled his eyes and leaned over the table while his eyes were shining, “So here is what I am thinking. I’ve known you for quite a long time now. Like our whole embarrassing puberty. Just as you said I know when you have a crush on someone. You were always miserable at dating because even though you’re so outgoing and funny you tend to label guys you might develope a crush on as, as you call it ‘such good friends’ because you are afraid that you might fall for them and they won’t. This just made me think you probably had a crush on me!” - you interrupted him with a sound that sounded like you were puking and shook your head, laughing. - “Anyways back to my monolouge. You like him. Maybe you do not know this yet but I do. I’m never wrong when it comes to you. So tell me your thoughts on him. If you’re honest I’ll take you to a super cool party tonight where not only your best friend, me, is but also all of the other members including no one else than Jackson.”

“Do you really think that if you won’t invite me Jackson wouldn’t?”

“I swear to god, (y/n)! This. is. not. the. point.”, he was getting impatient so you thought about what to tell him. But your mind was just a big blank space. 

“What do you want me to answer? I mean, yeah, he’s definitely a really handsome man. If I would have met him without knowing who he is I would have probably shown more interest in him but all in all he’s part of your group and I never thought about this and probably won’t. Why, what would you think about that?”, you asked. It made you worried how much you wanted to know if Mark would approve of you and Jackson, even though until a minute ago you never would’ve thought that there might be something like a “you and Jackson”.

But before he could answer you heard the door of the cafe opening followed by an out of breath voice loudly saying “Mark Hyung, I’m going to KILL YOU! Why didnt you wake me up?”. You didn’t have to turn around to know who it was but you still did. A blonde and sweaty Jackson stood there, coming over to you two hugging you immediatly, whispering “Sorry. I swear to god, it’s Mark’s fault.” which you just answered with a small “I know. It’s okay.” while you hugged him back. Even though you wanted to see him since you arrived now was the wrong time. You really wanted to know Mark’s opinion.

“Did you run all the way here? I texted you where we are five minutes ago. I’m impressed.”, Mark asked Jackson with an amused face. “I actually have to go now, so you came just right. Make sure (y/n) is getting ready soon enough though for Youngjae’s birthday party tonight.”, Mark got up and gave you a small wink.

“You’re here!”, Jackson sat down beside you. “You also cut your hair. Makes you look more playful, I like it.”

It’s Youngjae’s birthday?”, you completely overheard Jackson’s compliment while starting to panic. “I have no present and it’s already noon. Jackson, we have to leave right now.” You put money on the table, took Jackson by his wrist and went outside. There was no way you would go to his party without a present and since you had no idea what to get him you were really relieved that Jackson was by your side. You always were relieved when being in Jackson’s presence. You tried to get these thoughts out of your head and you blamed Mark for them. Without him you’d never got those kind of thoughts in the first place. 

And now you found yourself looking at Jackson, studying his face and hoping he won’t notice. This needed to stop.

And just know that if an idiot like me can go from the least confident person, who never speaks out for himself, to who you see in front of you, which may or may not be an improvement depending on your metrics, but if I can do it, you can.

@markiplier in Thank You

To this video as a whole, I wanna say thank you, Mark. You want to thank us for us letting you to do what you love, in which our response is you’re welcome, but we also want to thank you for everything as well. Thank you for making awesome content, even if things like the last video makes us wanna throw you to the sun, and thank you for being the light in a lot of our lives since many of us are going through a dark time right now, me included. 

And for this quote more specifically, I wanna say thank you for saying it. I want to be a Youtuber like you, and I am the least confident and most pessimistic person I know, but things like this coming from your mouth gives me confidence to keep trying no matter what.

Thank you for being so inspirational for us all. 



I still can’t believe I married my best friend @draketee tonight. I might’ve been a bit of a bridezilla, but I swear it was my pregnancy hormones. Lol everything turned out perfect. My dress hid most of the bump baby girl is giving me, the cake was beautiful and delicious and my mom (in the red dress) even stopped traveling to see me walk down the isle. (Her and my father actually got along too.) Daddy was very emotional the entire night and Drakes mother tried to stop her crying by being silly. Adrian and Janel (Drake’s kids) didn’t stop hugging and kissing me and I felt so loved. I felt like a princess in a fairytale. I want to thank each and every one of my friends on here who attended. It was great seeing all of you and I enjoyed the laughs and rubs on my baby bump. All of you made this day even more special. And now we are off to our honeymoon! The hot air balloon only took us to our home to change and get our luggage, lol. ❤️👰🏽🤵🏽

Wedding Song: Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

Honeymoon location: Aruba!

Okay guys, I really feel I should make this post.

As most of you know I have had severe depression and I’ve been going through anxiety or even attacks a lot. I’ve always hated on myself, I would always say that my nose, my belly, my teeth, my eyebrows, my breasts and many more things in me were ugly.

For a few months now I’ve been super busy with art and school and ever since my work was stolen I kinda lost my motivation to write.

I’ve been struggling a lot, a really lot, but as I always told myself : depression is not who I am, I’m am evie and the fact that I have depression doesn’t change me. I’m strong, I’ll stay alive, even if I didn’t want to do so in the past. So take that past self.

I’ve always kept my feelings to myself, but this year I decided to open up about them to a friend, and I even wrote a few stories based on the way I felt. I was afraid that no one would love me or like me, but I was wrong. I had a fling with someone, and even if I’d rather have a fling with someone more responsible I don’t really care. I realised it’s on me whether I get to makes the one I like to like me back. I realised I’ve always had the eyes of many men on me, I was just blind enough in my own sad world to see it. Take that past self who thought no one ever liked you. You’re not ugly you blind little shit, wake up!

I don’t know when, and I don’t know how I got to the point I am now. I feel confident with myself. I feel ready to do a few things out of my comfort zone. I’m not that afraid to talk to people. I don’t let my depression show and I’m pretty sure I’m finally doing so good. I’m motivated again.

Sure the pressure on me is so much but I’ve never felt better.

So please enjoy this photo of me genuinely being happy and spending quality time with my sister, playing supermodel and photographer

And thanks for sticking with me throughout all these hard months. I truly appreciate it.

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Saw your Lafayette post! If you don't mind me asking, what kinds of phrases DO a majority of French people use these days? To maybe give a bit of real-life education to anyone out to write Hamilton fanfiction :>

Alright ! I’m really glad someone asked this because it’s a post I’ve wanted to make for a long time. I’ll probably do another one with more informations, but right now I can think of :
-Mon pote : it’s kind of a slang for mon ami. You can use it instead, it means exactly the same thing, it just feels more natural.
-Mon frère : my brother. Pretty classic but works well.
-Mon chéri/ma chérie : It’s a pet name that means “my dear”. The first is masculine, the second feminine. I often see Lafayette saying “Cher” in fic when people mean to say “Dear”. Even if “cher” does mean dear, you can’t use it like that. “Cher” is used before a name or an object. Like “Mon cher Alexander, ma chère Adrienne, mon cher crocodile”=“My dear Alexander,” ect. If you just want Lafayette to be like “My dear, fear not” for example, you must use “Mon chéri, fear not”. You can even use chérie and chéri all alone in a sentence. “Dear, you gotta get your right hand man back” = “Chéri, you gotta…” but you can’t say “Cher, you gotta…”.
Hope that make sense ! Sorry, it’s not a lot of stuff but I’ll probably get back to that later. So stay tuned and tell me if you want more !

Ikon “They confess to a close friend”

ask: could u make how would ikon confess to their close friend ? Thank you 


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When he first developed feelings for you, he was a mess. The way he treated you suddenly changed and it was anything but discreet. He went from wrestling with you, to making sure nothing bumped into you the wrong way ever. But when it came to confessing, he was a nervous wreck. 

I’ve liked you for some time now, is there maybe even a small possibility you might like me a lot too?” 


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Bobby is kind of weird dude, but like in the best way. But suddenly he’d get weirder, making jokes that actually really aren’t funny and not being able to look you in the eye. He felt odd being around you but not with in a relationship. When he confessed he tried his best to act cool.

Do you want to hang out sometimes, but like more than friends?” 


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He was the best friend a person could have. You two were generally very close, but that one day he woke up and saw you differently. When that day came, he didn’t really change around you. He was touchier than usual, but it wasn’t very noticeable.

So this might come as a surprise, but I really like you and I want to be more than friends.” 


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He would be in total denial when he figured out that he liked you. Everytime you cracked a joke his laugh would be stiff and forced because he didn’t want it to seem as if he liked you. It was when the other’s asked him what was up, that was when he gave in.

I may or may not like you a lot.” 


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He would act so much tougher towards you, in attempts to impress you. But most of the time it would fail and cause you to laugh. It was only when you asked what was going on that he told you. 

I really like you. In a more than friends way.” 


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He would becoome shy at every gesture you made to him. He liked you more than friends and you two were very close. But when he dodged you’re every touch, that was when you started questioning him.

I think I like you more than a friend, I hope you feel the same.” 


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He would become eerily distant when he figured out he had feelings for you. You thought your friendship was over and you didn’t know why, so went to talk about it with his members. This is what pushed him to confess.

I didn’t mean to push you away. I just really like you and don’t know what to do.”  

Taylor: Zar, I really don’t think we can

Zara: So you’re telling me your going to leave everything, everything we went through together, right here right now. Why can’t we just enjoy these last months together?

Taylor: I think it would be easier for both of us if we just left it here…

Zara: So you don’t even want to fucking try? We’ve spent 2 years together Taylor. You’re just going to throw it all away?

Taylor: We both know we would get even more hurt if we tried to make a long distance work, Zar.

Zara: Oh don’t fucking Zar me Taylor, I can’t believe you aren’t at least willing to try. I’m done with you. You know I’m starting to think you never actually loved me. If you did, you wouldn’t have left me like this, breaking up with me in the middle of a fucking restaurant. Enjoy your life Taylor. I’m never coming back

Markiplier Gets A PUPPY!!
Everyone say hi to CHICA!!

Off the topic of everything else for a moment, I would like to remind everyone that it’s been 2 years since this video
2 years since Mark got Chica

This is the dog who:

  • Mark said in this video we’d probably get sick of, but now we make jokes about wanting her to take over the channel
  • has helped raise so much money for charity because everyone wants to donate so she’ll be pet and told she’s a good girl
  • we actually ask to see during livestreams
  • comes along with us on van adventures
  • is loved my millions

She is one special dog, and I hope you let her know @markiplier 


I’m usually not the person to write these up, but after tonight’s vlog… Well, even if you never see it, I want it out there. 

Thank you. And I know people tell you this day in and day out, but thank you. 

Through this community that you created, I have found… More than I could have ever hoped. I made some of the best friends I could have dreamed of having. I bonded with my now-boyfriend faster than anyone in my life. I’ve found something that, no matter how many people roll their eyes when I say I’m a huge fan of a youtuber named Markiplier, it doesn’t phase me. Because you’ve been there. Because in middle school, when my life was hell and nothing made sense, you were there. Because in high school when everything hurt and I was lost and confused, you were there. Because my freshmen year of college, when I was terrified of being an adult for the first time, I came home, and your videos were there

Because no matter what life’s thrown at me, I’ve always had your silly, stupid, perfect videos to sit down and watch. 

Because today, I was angry, and upset, and struggling to re-calibrate, and you dropped the “Don’t remember” video and it all just… went away. 

I was laughing with my boyfriend and my friends on Discord. Everything was… Okay again. 

So thank you, Mark. For this. For everything. I honestly… I don’t know where I would be without your influence. You… You make me want to be a better person. You make me want to make the world a better place. You make me want to be the best me I can be. And you make me proud to tell people I’m a fan of a silly, stupid dork named Mark. 

I’m just one of over 8 million, but… Thank you. 

Gintama manga chap 660

Dear Gintama gods and Sorachi-sama,

If the price I have to pay for having the Shinsengumi return to the Yorozuya’s side is to see them slaughtered in front of them by Utsuro, then frankly, I rather they never make it to the scene. I screamed in horror at the sight of Yamazaki being cut down, and even when Kondou got a stab into Utsuro there at the end, I still screamed because I know by now that wound is nothing to that monster. It would only take one split second for Utsuro to turn around and behead Kondou. Even the thought of it is enough to make ill with anxiety. I am not even exaggerating, Sorachi-sama: I literally want to vomit at the thought of losing both Yamazaki and Kondou. If you were to take both of them from us at once, I honestly will have to take a break for a month or more to mourn.  And if you plan to take more than those two from us…I can’t even deal with the mere notion of that. In fact, I don’t even want to give voice to that dread lest the horrifying thought reaches you and implants itself into your psyche when you never intended to head down that Hell of a direction in the first place.  

At this point, any additional beloved personnel that comes near Utsuro I will immediately be deeply fearful for since he is virtually unbeatable on Earth. I know Umibouzu has his trump cards, but I am also not discounting what Utsuro is saying about Earth being an endless source of energy for him, and I wish they would pay more attention to that as well. They need to get that monster off the planet immediately! I actually said that out loud at the beginning of the chapter as Utsuro so generously reminded them of his lack of weakness. I wish everyone would just get away, put some distance between them and Utsuro, and then aim those Altana weapons at him. I don’t mean to abandon Sadaharu since he’s still in that cocoon, but they absolutely cannot engage in close-range combat with him. They are simply no match for Utsuro. As much as I love the Shinsengumi boys and I think sun rises and sets on them, I also am very aware that they are too human to be a serious match against Utsuro. They are hardly a match for Gintoki; they have zero chance with that monster, blind or not. They could chop off one of his arms in addition to blinding him and they will still be no match. I hate that Utsuro is that powerful, and I sometimes do worry that he’s in danger of being too powerful, to the point where there’s no way to reasonably and logically defeat him, so that’s why I am holding on to that tiny bit of hope that maybe getting him off of Earth is the way to go.

And as dire as Yamazaki’s injury looked, I am also holding on very hard to the hope that it either looks worse than it actually is—maybe it’s only a flesh wound and Utsuro didn’t hit any of his jugular veins—OR, and this is a longer shot probably, with Kondou injuring Utsuro, maybe some of his immortal blood will land perfectly into Yamazaki’s mouth, transforming him into an immortal as well. Naturally, I prefer the second scenario since there is something comically fitting and sublime about Yamazaki outliving everybody at the end. Of course he’d be miserable as an immortal, probably spend most of them time holed up in some one-room apartment eating anpan while staring at some unsuspecting female across the street. Although, for the first hundred years or so, maybe he could enjoy some happy times with Tama; hopefully as a robot, her mechanical gears will prolong her lifespan past that of a normal human female. That is, if Gengai is able to turn her back on…wow, it’s been more than six months since we last saw her and Kintoki.  

If it seems like I’m being mildly flippant about Yamazaki’s condition, I really am not. If I don’t find some light at the end of the tunnel I will probably drive myself crazy with worry until next week when we hopefully find out just how serious is his injury. I have to add his and Kondou’s name now to my weekly prayers for Sadaharu’s safety. Actually, I am going to throw in Hijikata and Okita’s names as well since they are too close to Utsuro for comfort, and it is obvious the sight of all their Shinsengumi brothers being obliterated like that will no doubt spur them into potentially reckless action. There is no way to say this without sounding crass and cold, but if I’m going to be completely honest, if any named Shinsengumi members have to be sacrificed during this fight with Utsuro, I much rather it be either Tetsunosuke or, to a lesser degree, Saitou. It pains me to say that because I do like Saitou a lot, and I don’t dislike Tetsu, and I hate to even put that idea out there into the cosmos since it might also make its way to you, but I must still say that because the core four, Kondou, Hijikata, Okita, and Yamazaki, means the world to me. So dear Sorachi-sama, Gintama gods, please, please have mercy: spare the lives of Kondou, Hijikata, Okita, Yamazaki, and Sadaharu, who are in immediate danger of meeting certain death at the hands of that Altana-sucking monster.

Yours truly,

A silly fangirl with yaoi dreams


PS: I am truly grateful that Gintoki and Hijikata have once again reunited and are side-by-side; it was a drop of happiness in the ocean of debilitating apprehension. 

I am back at it with another rant, sorry

I have just heard that Bts has signed with an American music label. [@redwithlove07 has informed my that is just a marketing and distribution company, but I honestly still think this applies to what we might see in the near future] As of right now, I don’t know if this is good, bad, or even true. I am also not saying I don’t want Bts to grow in popularity. These boys work extremely hard and deserve the world. But I think we all need to think about what this might entail, if what is being claimed is true. I will focus on the good first, before moving on the not so great, and then finally to the bad.

1. Bts’ songs will be played WAY more often on American radio stations. This will help with Bts being discovered by potential new fans, bigger achievements and awards, higher chart rankings, and possibly even more tour dates and locations.

2. Bts’ activities- Talk shows, performances, interviews, ?musical use in movies and tv shows?, award shows, and appearances in general- will be managed easier. Meaning it will be easier for bts to attend and do these activities. Plus better, more accurate schedule of their times in America.

Moving on to the not so great….

1. This isn’t really a concern of mine with bts signing with an american label company, but more of a fear. This was explained to me by a friend. Who was your favorite artist 2 years ago? What was your favorite song 2 years ago? Using my answers as an example,  Shut Up & Dance by Walk The Moon, How often do you hear that song on the radio today? Like once in the last 9 months. How often have you even heard a Walk the Moon song on the radio? Again like once in the last 9 months. Think about that. How often do forget that songs exist because you are constantly listening to new music. Eventually America will forget about Bts. I’m not saying ARMY will, but for the people who only listen because its new and awesome.

And Finally moving onto the bad…

1. Pressuring Bts into producing an English album that they are not comfortable with. Now I have already talked about this in a mini spur of the moment rant I posted. But I feel it needs to be discussed again. As I am watching the increasing number of interviews that are featuring bts I keep getting a little pissed at the questions that have been asked. i.e. “Are you going to produce an english album or song."  And do I have some VERY strong opinions about that. BTS have already stated multiple times that they aren’t comfortable enough with the language (except Namjoon for obvious reasons) to make that happen. You can see this in all their english interviews. Yes, if you look back at the ones from a year or two ago, the boys have gotten better. But, they are still clearly struggling and uncomfortable with the english. I (and many other army) am 100% against an English album unless that is what bts as a group has decided that is what they want to do. WITHOUT THE INFLUENCE OF AMERICAN INTERVIEWERS, AMERICAN COMPANIES, OR NEW AMERICAN FANS. bts should be the ones who decide where they want their music to go. Even their label company, BigHit, has said this. They try not interfer with their music as much as possible.

2. Bts getting slammed by new American fans and hurt, mentally and/or physically, in the process. We have seen this happen before in America. For example, the Stranger Things cast. Those kids are constantly hounded on by "fans” of the show to where it has taken a toll on their health both mentally and physically. I was angry enough at the people causing this issue with the boys of Stranger things that I might explode if I even start to see this happen with Bts.

There are many more concerns I have about this happening, but as you have seen, this post is actually quite long now.

I will continue to love and support bts no matter what happens in the future, no matter how much my family hates it, no matter what others think of bts.

Thank you, to all the people, army or not, who took the time to read this.

~LovelyJoonieOverload (mystickitten on Army’s Amino) Out

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Hey, so I'm doing Nanowrimo for the first time and its really hard, I've just almost hit 10 000 with only ten days left when I'm meant to be at 30 000 right about now. Like I always knew writing was super difficult but its different actually trying it. So I just wanted to send you props for being able to write so well.

Thank you! Yes, writing is hard!

Good work for writing 10,000 words, though! And it’s good to set arbitrary goals like in NaNoWriMo - reach for the sky! But if you only make the tree-tops, it’s great you left the ground. You wrote 10,000 more words than you would have written if you hadn’t tried to write any at all. So even if you don’t make the 30,000, you’re still doing great :)

Ok so I grew up learning about climate change and the need for clean energy. I’m 21 years old so let’s put that to about 10 years ago. Let’s say that even more kids grew up learning about climate change and clean energy after me (plus everyone in my generation). So, in another 10-15 years from now, there’ll be senior people who know about climate change, green energy etc in positions of POWER across different fields. So hopefully then we can really push for clean energy and make it completely normalised? 

Not that we have 10-15 years. We’re already feeling the effects of climate change so by 2030 it will be too late to do anything meaningful if things continue at their current rate

Basically we’re fucked.

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I know a couple of people don’t like that Michonne and Rosita are pairing up together but I kind of like it. It’s good to see Michonne talking to one of the girls instead of just Rick and sometimes Carl. ( I do love both of their relationships tho) Now I’ve always wanted to see more of a friendship with her and Maggie but Rosita will have to do for now. But I’m so excited for next week. The queen is back!!

Agree completely. I understand why people don’t like Rosita, but it’s long overdue that she has meaningful interaction with the other female characters. I would also like for it to be Maggie, but I’ll take anything at this point, lmao. And tbh, that one scene with Rosita was better than everything that happened in this episode. I’m betting we still won’t get much Michonne next week, but I’m still so happy to see her again.