but now i think i like it



decided to try something different and do some digital painting for the new star ep! i actually think this turned out really good to so im pretty proud of myself tbh, anywayyyyyyy yea i fucking loved the new ep and i want to know everything there is to know about there family now, which sucks cause we don’t know shit!!

Although I love watching BTS and I’m happy they’ll be performing on Sunday, watching all of the interviews they’re on make me remember why I stopped watching American television and went to Korean shows instead LOL the boys are handling the questions well and I love BTS so much but damn are the interviewers asking dumb, shallow questions

Every time I underestimate how long editing will take. I’ve been editing for 7 hours! 7! I’m at 13/18 pages and it’s 5am, so I’m gonna head to bed. But it’ll definitely be up tomorrow!! I s2g! I need to get this fucking story out of my system lol! 

I’m feeling petty

Hey guys im taking myself off the grid for a while (a week? Maybe 2?) so if u send in like asks or requets or mgs and I dont get to them quickly it’s bc of that and im totally not ignoring u

fluidcreativity  asked:

okay i’m behind on just about everything but what’s with the age difference thing on always open? 🤔

are you talking about the question that was asked during the el2017 always open segment that was met w/ laughter???

Hilda Berg in Threatnin’ Zeppelin

oh and also thnx for comin to the streams when i was making this >:’))


HEY @actualbird HERE ARE SOME DOODLES FOR U from that ficlet u wrote!!! i just thought it was super sweet, i hope u don’t mind!!!!!


When Ladybug and Adrien gave each other an air kiss


The age of killing your darlings on TV for the shock factor is dead. It’s been dead since Game of Mainstream Appeal killed off Sean Bean for the eight thousandth (8000th) time in onscreen fiction. The only possible shock left (the only one) is to make your main character queer. This is the time of the Shock Gay. The Surprise Asexual. The Bi-the-Way.

Bring all your characters out of the closet to startle and amaze in 2k18. I will be shocked you had the guts. I will be thrilled. I will watch your piece of crap show