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Sojiro Shimada headcanons
  • he has an older sister who ran off with a lover when they were young. She visits sometimes to give his kids too much sugar and encourage them to do wild shit like express themselves. Of course you can finger paint on the walls Genji.
  • He liked sweets he kept a stash in his office.
  • God damn he loved his wife
  • it was a kind of business marriage, probably arranged for him, but they were lucky and fell in love. She was super funny?? It surprised him she seemed so quiet and reserved in meetings between their families he was not expecting dick jokes on the first date
  • They worked wonderfully together, he was a practical businessman and she was ruthlessly clever and charismatic. A perfect team the family had never done better. 
  • She died having Genji. His father never blamed him though. 
  • God damn he loved his kids!
  • He was always busy but still a damn good dad. He never ignored his kids and tried not to tell them “not now” if he could help it. He took every opportunity he possibly could to go out and do fun kid stuff with them. He’d do Hanzo’s hair for him and help him with his homework. He’d let Genji paint his nails and scribble on papers he didn’t need, just please, not the walls again.(Hanzo’s responsible attitude developed quite early. Think like, 4 years old following Genji while he crawls around, just kinda herding him away from things he shouldn’t touch. Probably making a face and sighing like he’s too old and tired for this, even tho he is doing it completely by his own will.This was helpful for poor busy dad.)
  • He told his kids stories before bed almost every night. Even when it was just Hanzo. When they were a little older and he pulled that “once there were two dragons who were grounded because they stayed out past curfew” Genji told him he should have ditched the family and written children’s stories. He low key liked the idea. 
  • There’s a picture of his wife on his nightstand and he talks to her sometimes. About things that are stressing him out, about how smart Hanzo is or how Genji looks exactly like her. 
  • He tried not to put excessive pressure on Hanzo, but Hanzo would just make up for it by putting pressure on himself. This is a little bit frustrating, he doesn’t wanna say, “maybe you shouldn’t aim so high”, but he hates to see Hanzo so stressed out trying to reach the bars he set for himself. He appreciates that Genji seems to take care of and support his brother, tho. 
  • He never pushed Genji to accept his role as heir to the family, but he did try to convince his son that there was a nobility in what they did. Even if they dealt in weapons and drugs and death, they provided jobs and second chances to unfortunate people, they were fair with their justice and they protected their city. 
  • He was constantly at odds with his wife’s older and younger brothers, who joined the family’s council of elders when they married into the family. The pair of them were greedy and underhanded and blamed Genji for the death of their sister. They went behind his back and gave the poor kid shit all the time.
  • He always has been and would still be very proud of his kids.
modern soc au


  • loves to dance !!! esp ballet but she can dance to whatever tbfh, she’s that good 
  • likes to wear caps, esp backwards. really loves bomber jackets too. 
  • has a couple, small tattoos dedicated to her saints 
  • is that one kid who loves to do parkour (both ironically and unironically) for instance is really good at it but sometimes just yells PARKOUR and steps over a rock
  • usually found eating lunch with her pals on the roof of the school 
  • is amazing at hide and seek like holy fuck ????? hid for 2 hours once and wasn’t found, came back the next day and was like “y'all losers SUCK" 
  • loves to study other people’s cultures, as well as history and is great as p.e (never has gotten a bad grade in the flexibility tests) 
  • likes to read poem books 
  • has a black cat as a pet named “saint" 
  • pronounced meme as "mehmeh” the first time she read it 
  • only has snapchat and instagram. is that kid who ALWAYS posts the sunset every day, esp from weird/high places and the comments are always “HOW THE FUCK DID YOU GET UP THERE" 
  • cried the most during fox and the hound 
  • always braiding nina’s hair. Knows how to do all the super advanced onces as well
  • "I don’t know, CAN YOU?" 
  •  the best one at pushing people on the swings 
  • "sorry I ran out of fucks to give try again later maybe?" 
  • gives the nicest presents. always knows what a person wants for christmas/their birthday 
  • the one who’s really into photography and is always taking aesthetic™ pics of Nina for her social media accounts 
  • Prefers tea over coffee


  • bullied for not being able to read (at least up until high school), so is super shy 
  • loves drawing. the artistic™ one who takes anatomy to be able to draw people better 
  • MASTER FLUTE MUSICIAN. On the school band. Jams hard af when he plays it 
  • is in gem math and AP chem with kuwei. 
  • loves sweet. addicted to blue jolly ranchers. his tongue is always blue 
  • constantly pushing up his thick rimmed glasses (even if they ain’t on, which causes him to poke his eye)
  • looooves all the superhero shows on the CW 
  • V neck sweaters. always
  • always has his trusty satchel
  • only has tumblr. has like 10k followers because of his artwork. 
  • ”‘illuminati’ ? is that a band?“ 
  • cat person even though he’s allergic to cat fur. absolutely adores inej’s cat. settles for owning a horned lizard named "shrek" 
  • secretly a huge fan of memes 
  • really gay for tom holland and ed sheeran (calls him "ginger Jesus”) 
  • gamer with jesper. they always play overwatch together, wylans better tho. a genji and Ana main 
  • cried the most during big hero six 
  • wylan, with blank eyes: “I like my coffee how I like my men” // jesper: *spits out his drink* 


  • sports fan obv. On the schools hockey team bc his fav is hockey. is extremely competitive when he plays it. Is constantly checking but never gets penalties (aka slamming the other players against the walls)
  • played basketball against jesper and surprisingly lost. jesper won’t let it go 
  • dog person. owns a pet pomsky (Pomeranian-husky) with nina who’s name is “bub" 
  • “long hair don’t care”draws inspiration from Harry styles 
  • really philosophical. takes all the philosophy/ethics classes available 
  • kind of sounds like Thor (thick and deep accent) 
  • a good™
  • "you’re all horrible trash”
  • “do we really have to be doing this now? I have to finish my homework" 
  • loves baking. bakes everything for the love of his life 
  • grey sweatshirts and adidas shoes 
  • wears contacts Because he hates how glasses look on him. only wears them when he’s home 
  • oblivious to all the women in love with him
  • real 👍🏻🤘🏻👌🏻life🤰🏻👼🏻🌱student📚✂️✏️athelete🏃🏼🥇🏆🥅🏒
  • has Facebook and Twitter only
  • cried the most during bambi and dumbo 
  • little spoon™ 
  • has a couple tattoos with very deep meanings


  • dancer with inej. dances like those ppl who look like robots ??? the ones who look like they freeze parts of their body while the others move. AMAZING at it 
  • loves jazz but also dubstep/edm and rap/r&b. Beyoncé is MOM/QUEEN. 
  • sometimes djs parties 
  • again, huge gamer with wylan. he’s a lucio and junkrat main for overwatch. loves like every video game ever 
  • loves all the marvel movies, in love with black panther (was team cap) 
  • dresses like a hipster but also sometimes a fuck boy (tank tops and shorts with a backwards cap style) 
  • favorite subject is business and debate. great negotiator 
  • cried the most during the lion king 
  • A+ cosplayer (especially his lucio cosplay) 
  • big supporter of human rights (LGBTA+, feminist, black lives matter, poc representation). Will LITERALLY get into fights over anyone who thinks otherwise. Fist fights, always supported by Kaz and Matthias. Got suspended for 3 days for breaking a kids nose who thought LGBTA+ people should **** ** ****) 
  • that one kid who has 50 fidget spinners and can do cool tricks with them. also manages to sell all of them 
  • skateboard pro™ 
  • always sends the blinking face meme, even if it’s out of context 
  • all the social medias. 
  • one tattoo only of a gun with a ‘bang’ flag coming out of it 


  • Speaking of YouTube, she always does cute videos. Baking/cooking tutorial videos featuring Matthias, 'i do my boyfriends makeup’, 'my boyfriend does my makeup’, 'my boyfriend buys my makeup’, does make up tutorials obviously, challenges with her best friend inej like the 'whisper challenge’. everyone loves her and says her and Matthias are their otp 
  • loves fashion design, takes that class. 
  • loves horror movies/creepy things but also Disney 
  • great at roller skating 
  • always wins the best dressed awards ad school 
  • also huge fan of ed sheeran. loves little mix more than 5h. 
  • cried the most during 'up' 
  • Can speak like 4 languages (English, french, Latin and spanish) 
  • loves traveling and learning about new cultures too 
  • dancer!inej’s biggest fan and hockey!matthias’ biggest fan 
  • always breaks snapchat streaks 
  • likes to (friendly) debate with jesper, especially over stupid things 
  • amazing with kids. babysits all the time. calls “bub” (the dog) her and matthias’ baby 
  • big spoon™ 
  • notes are so fucking pretty. buys the most expensive stationary and notebooks 
  • also huge supporter of human rights. runs the feminist club. (Jesper is the Vice President) stresses loving yourself and your body, and makes sure to design comfortable yet GORGEOUS clothes for “"plus sized people”“ 
  • wins 'dynamic duo’ award with inej 
  • always eating lollipops 
  • has a few very small tatos of cute things like roses and crowns. has one quote written in cursive on her rib


  • prefers black coffee as well 
  • loves crime shows, whether they’re real or fake. for instance loves both 'Dateline’ and 'Criminal Minds’ also loves 'House’
  •  favorite class is psychology, learning how a person thinks and acts and feels
  • has the dregs tattoo on his arm * edge lord 9000™ * such a drama queen and diva like damn 
  • *deep sigh* "I think I’d rather go take a nap” *gets up and leaves* 
  • also loves computer science. knows how to hack shit like a pro 
  • always rough housing with jesper. broke a table once 
  • does walk with a cane. likes to slap matthias’ ass with it 
  • “bow down you fucking peasants" 
  • only types in lower case with 0 emojis and no punctuation marks. CONSTANTLY leaves people on read 
  • only has Twitter and snapchat. His posts on snapchat never have captions, yet somehow has a 200 day streak with Jesper and a 250 day streak with inej 
  • loves watching horror movies with nina 
  •  *in a fight* "oh I’ll sHOW YOU SOME DIRTY HANDS” *swings* 
  • gets second place for best dressed award 
  • always sending memes with no context in their group chat, as well as vines 
  • indie and alternative rock fan 
  • “does it look like I care because I’m sorry if it does I didn’t mean to give you that impression" 
  • head over heels for inej Ghafa like wow 
  • likes to read a lot of mystery books and non fiction books 
  • cried the most during finding dory 
  • can solve a Rubik’s cube under a minute and won’t let you forget it 
  • The one asshole who picks either Kirby or metaknight in super smash brothers brawl
  •  hates seeing the notification bubble so he always has all chats muted and notifications turned off for apps 
  • kiss ass to all the teachers to get them A’s


  • SCIENCE NERD. ALWAYS singing the bill nye theme song. Loves ASAPScience on YouTube. Master at chemistry and biology 
  • "hey did u know bill nye is, like, my dad" 
  • nina treats him like a baby 
  • loves everything to do with Star Wars while wylan loves star trek more. Fighting ensues. 
  • has a pet Siamese cat name sparky 
  • Used to have a huge crush on jesper and everyone knew it except jesper. 
  • knows the intro to the bee movie ("according to all known laws of aviation-”)
  •  jesper in the group chat: “gonna go shower be right back” // kuwei: “without me ;)?” // wylan: “KUWEI SWEAR TO FUCK” // kaz: “watch your fucking language wylan" 
  • obsessed with Pokémon go even if it died out (chose team instinct) 
  • "fight me on this" 
  • has Twitter, snapchat and instagram 
  • Always drinking ginger ale 
  • master at bop it 
  • the one kid who always forgets to pay you back for stuff 
  • is also into the CW super hero shows, so him and wylan are constantly talking about it 
  • loves cartoons and anime 
  • speaks fluent fuckboy 
  • God awful at comebacks 
  • "let’s take a selfie guys !!!” // “kuwei no-” // *snapshot sound* 
  • talks !!! Like !! This !!!! for,,, some reason ???????? 
  • huge nerd for other things too like lord of the rings and Harry Potter and game of thrones 
  • cried the most during inside out
  •  "do you think planes are scared of heights?“ // "for fucks same kuwei it’s 4am”
You Suck, Parker

Request: #111 with peter ?

Prompt: 111.  A (whispering): I really like you and want to kiss you a lot.
       B: What?
       A: I said you suck.

Word Count: 1476


A/N: Holy moly I had so much fun writing this one.

Summary: Peter and Y/N have been friends for quite some time and wow, they finally admit their feelings for each other while making a few sexual innuendos here and there. (THis is fluffy I swear).


“Y/N, when will you be home tonight?” Your mother asked you.

“Not sure. Peter and I have a Chem test on Monday and want to try and get a lot of studying in before then,”

“Meaning the two of you won’t study at all, but watch movies and then fall asleep on the couch,”

“Yeah, that sounds about right,” you you admitted.

“Alright, behave yourself and make sure you’re home by tomorrow morning,”

“Of course, mom. I’ll see you tomorrow!” You said as you left your house to head to Peter’s.

You and Peter had known each other for quite a long time, and you usually spent your Friday night’s ‘studying’ aka, attempting to study but ending up watching movies.

You would argue that you were Peter’s best friend, but Ned always says otherwise. But you and Peter were rather close, you were always spending time with him, and it was no secret to you that he was Spiderman.

And of course, you harboured feelings for the boy. For as long as you could remember you had had a crush on Peter Parker. And damn, were your feelings growing with each passing day. Peter, of course, had no idea, but you weren’t exactly sure whether that was a problem or not.

When you arrived at Peter’s door, you knocked and May let you in.

“Y/N! Peter will be so happy you’re here. He’s in his room, just go on it,”

“Thanks May! It’s great to see you,”

“Nice to see you too, Y/N,” She said as you walked away towards Peter’s room

“Knock knock,” You said, opening Peter’s bedroom door.

“Y/N, hey,” he smiled

You walked in and sat down on Peter’s chair, across from his bed where he was sitting.

“So did you bring your books?” Peter asked

“Of course not Parker. We never actually study, I thought why bother lugging heavy textbooks over here if we weren’t actually going to study,”

Peter laughed, “That’s fair, but I thought we could skip the movie tonight?”

“Skip the movie? Who are you and what have you done with Peter Parker?”

“C’mon, I had a better idea,”

“And what is this better idea of yours Mr Parker?” You questioned.

Peter smiled at you, stood up and walked across his room to his closet. He began stripping, pulling his shirt off

“Not that I’m opposed to this, but what are you doing Parker?”

Peter laughed, “I’m putting on my Spidey suit,”

“Oh, so not only are you getting naked, but you’re getting kinky,” you raised your eyebrows.

“Geez, Y/N, didn’t realize you were into that kinda thing,” Peter said, continuing to put on his suit.

“Oh there’s a lot you don’t know i’m into,” 

“Oh yeah, and what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Play your cards right and maybe one day you’ll find out,”

“I’ll definitely keep that in mind,” Peter said.

He put the mask over his face and walked over and held his hand out to you,

“Shall we, my dear?”

“And what exactly are we doing?”

“Just, come with me,”

You took Peter’s hand and followed him out onto his fire escape.

“What now, Parker?” You asked

Peter wrapped his arm around your waist and said “Now you hold on tight,”

“Oh god,” you muttered, wrapping your arms around his neck.

Suddenly, your feet weren’t on the fire escape anymore, you could feel yourself flying through the air. Your heart was rapidly beating

“Don’t worry, Y/N, I’ve got you,” Peter said.

You tightened your grip on Peter, closed your eyes, and buried your face in his neck. You felt Peter’s arm wrap tighter around your waist.

Soon, you felt Peter hit the ground, and he slowly let go of you and your feet hit the ground.

You opened your eyes and looked around, you were standing on a roof,

“Where are we?”

“I found this place not too long ago, its nothing special, but you can see so much of the city from up here, I thought it was so beautiful when I first saw it. It reminded me of you. I knew I had to show you,” Peter answered, taking off his mask.

You walked to the edge of the building and stared off watching the lights of the city. The cars’ lights reflections danced off the windows of the buildings around you. You could hear the noises of the city below, the car horns and the sirens, yet everything was quiet so high up.

“It really is beautiful up here, Peter,” you turned to look at him

“I’m glad you like it,” He smiled, rubbing the back go his head with his hand.

“Its not just the view I like, Peter,”

“Right, you like the Spidey suit, turns you on,” He joked

“More like I really like you and want to kiss you a lot,” you whispered to yourself

What?” Peter asked

I said you suck, Parker,”

Peter rolled his eyes, and grabbed your hand, “Come on, theres something else I want to show you,”

You allowed Peter to lead you across the roof of the building. There was a small garden in the corner, with a bench next to it.

“Peter, this is so beautiful,”

You approached the garden and slowly let your hand fall out of Peter’s as you bent down to admire the flowers.

“I remember you telling me you love forget-me-not’s and lilies, so I planted some earlier this season and they finally bloomed, so I figured now would be the best time to show you this place,”

“Peter, how on earth do you not have a girlfriend? You’re actually the sweetest boy I know,” you smiled, leaning over to place a kiss on his cheek.

“Well actually, there is someone I like,”

“Oh really? And who might this special someone be?” You teased, walking around the garden to lean on the side of the roof.

“Well, they know my secret,” Peter said, holding up his mask, “they also are always crashing my house and distracting me from my homework,”

Peter started walking closer towards you.

“They also can never decide what movie to watch on movie nights. Not to mention that they distract me in class too. Not on purpose, mind you, but they’re so beautiful, I can’t help but stare at them,”

You smiled, you knew he was talking about you. As soon as he started talking, you knew.

“Tell me more, Peter Parker,”

Peter was now standing right in front of you, “Well, i’ve kinda had a thing for them for a few years now. I’m kinda actually in love with them,”

“Well, in that case, there’s something you should know Parker,”

“What’s that, Y/N?” 

“There this superhero I’m kind of in love with,”

“Please tell me its not Mr. Stark, that would just make this so awkward,”

“No, but have you seen Captain America’s ass? Damn,”

Peter rolled his eyes at you.

“I’m kidding. Kind of,” you said

“Y/N,-“ Peter started

“I love you too, Peter,” You said

“Don’t you mean I really like you and want to kiss you a lot,” Peter whispered

“You dID HEAR ME,”

“Of course I heard you,” Peter smiled.

“You suck, Parker,”

“Does this mean I can kiss you now?”

“I think I changed my mind. Do you have Captain America’s number? He seems like he wouldn’t be as mean to me,”

You stared at Peter while he bit back a smile.

“Yes Parker! Kiss me already,”

Peter put his hands on either side of your face, and gently pressed his lips up against yours. 

You pulled away, “You still suck Parker,”

“I think, now, it’ll be you that will be the one who sucks,”

“Oh mY GOD PARKER!” You laughed.

“Sorry, sorry, it had to be said,” he smiled.

“So Parker, are you going to take me back to your house so we can finish up that movie night, and maybe, maybe, if you’re lucky we can talk about that other thing you suggested,”

“I think by the time you even decide on a movie to watch, i’ll be asleep and it’ll be too late for anything else,” he joked

“Well it would be the perfect way to wake up, now wouldn’t it, Parker,”

“Damn, maybe I should wear this suit around you more often,”

“Believe me, its not the suit,”

“Well, then what are we waiting for?” Peter asked, putting his mask back on.

He wrapped his arm sound your waist and shot a web to another building. The two of you were flying over the city once again, but this time you kept your eyes open.


“Uhm, Harry?” Draco eyed his roommate suspiciously. He shifted nervously in his desk chair as Harry’s intense green eyes seemed to graze over him. The man had a weird look on his face and Draco did not like it.

“Yes Draco?” Harry replied, stepping out of the doorframe into their shared dorm.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Draco pushed his chair backwards until it collided with his desk. Then, when Harry showed no sign of slowing down he got up and stepped away, so he now almost had his back pressed against the wall behind him. He knew he was acting ridiculous, but so was Harry. If he didn’t know any better the green eyes coming towards him were filled with… with…

Lust was the wrong word, but it was definitely some sort of desire. And curiosity. And determination. And some form of fondness Draco could not place at all.

A combination scary enough to make him do one more step backwards. His heels hit the wall.

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which side of the coin are you on?


the calendar // panic! at the disco

Death Note Live Watch Reaction

-*Special Note: HOLY SHIT, this movie is bad

-We are in Seattle. Okay. Sure, why not?

- Anyone else notice how Light is like doing middle school homework in high school? No really, I was doing logarithms in my sophomore year. Sure, I was in honors classes, but come on?

- Light Yagami had a super sense towards the law. He would not be doing other kid’s homework for money. Sorry, but you already screwed up this character with the opening fucking scene.

-Like I am trying. I really am.

-Why does this movie have this 70s high school feel…in 2017? No really, who the fuck cares about cheerleaders and jocks anymore in school? The cool kids now are the fucking prepsters who get good grades and shit or the mopey losers on instagram.

–Oh please tell me that this hot topic heffa is not supposed to be Misa?

-Misa Amane was gothic. Not emo. Fuck….

- Also Misa was a fucking super model. She is not some ordinary white girl. She is headturningly beautiful. I am not taking away from the actress because she is attractive in that ordinary white girl across the street type of way, but no.

-Oh god, I hate the music. This is what DmC did to Devil May Cry. This is so bad. Like Death Note had ominous chanting to death metal. Not soem 80s syth pop.

- The music does not match!

-No one sees a book falling from the sky in the open? Okay.

- I get that everyone else heads inside, but why would football players? I mean it is just rain and as far I’ve seen, Football players play in the rain, snow, sleet, or hail. Even high school. Then again, I went to a school with a highly competive football team so yeah.

-The bully? I don’t know if this movie knows what schools are like now and days. Bullies are few and far in between in that make. People resort to passive aggressiveness now or cyberbullying.

- Flash Thompson in Spider-man: Homecoming is today’s type of bully. Whoever this Biff looking motherfucker is a thing of the past.

- Misa(if that is even her name) has some stupid lines. Like you are such a stupid fuck? Really? stupid fuck? Alright.

-HEY DON’t TOUCH HER! Fuck, Light, why are you screaming? They just pushed the girl. They didn’t fucking impale her or beat her up. The fuck?

-Also Light Yagami, is a misogynist who thinks women are useless and get in his way. He would step in the way to save Misa from a bully, yes, but he would not be super abrasive about it or psycho.

-They really do not get Light Yagami at all. He is not a bullied character. If Light were the one stepping up to Biff from Back to the Future, Light would immediately threaten to go to the authority(in this case adults) or talk the guy down while being impossibly smug. He would not taunt the guy out loud. And the guy would not be in Light’s face taunting him because Light is, wait for it….one of the popular kids. Yes. Light is that asshole prep kid who has the future lined up for him. He is brilliant, and smart, and pretty, and all those things women love him for and why men want to be him. They fucked this movie up from the get go.

-Threatening child abuse? Really Light? Okay

-I am trying. I really am.

- White Yagami: I was beat up and you are worried that I threatened the academic integrity of school. You should pay attention to people who make life worse for everybody, principal, and not the guy is cheats for people.

- Thank you, principal for not buying into his bullshit.

- Boo-hoo, I was not rewarded for being a male savior.

-I stopped trying btw.

- The dialogue is soooo bad. “Hey I was awake…I was a tree or something?” What? Even? Ugh?

- Well White Yagami is the type of white boy who investigates the danger in horror movies. 

-Okay, that scream will great. LMAO

-This home boy literally shrieked!

- He is really losing his shit. OMG.

- Ryuk is fucking wasteful. That is a whole lot of apple that is not eaten. 

- White Yagami is so fucking crass. Everybody is dropping f-bombs like it is the biggest word they know.

-Ryuk sounds like Ryuk.

- Ryuk is tempting White Yagami to write in the Death Note? Oh God!

- Did these assholes even see Death Note? I really have to ask because ugh!

- This is the first 10 minutes, and I can’t even. 

- Look, what made Light so special is that when Ryuk dropped the Death Note, he wanted to see what would happen. He thought someone who picked up the Death Note would just write someone’s name out of curiosity or even do some revenge kills because that is what people do. So when he tracks down Light and sees that he, after testing the Death Note out, filled out entire pages, he was shocked. Light did not need any push to start killing. He already had it in him.

- Like Ryuk is actually encouraging him? Are they exonerating Light in this movie?

-Like no?

- When did Death Note become fucking final destination?

-…You know what? Fuck this movie.I am not going to subject myself to this shit. I love myself too much to watch this and that is saying something because I have severe clinical depression.

-ten minutes in and I am done.

tips to stop binge eating

my personal experience, it’s been a couple months since i stopped and i just wanted to share it.

here are my tips that helped me stop binging:

- realize why you do it. in my case i went three years barely eating and definitely not getting the nutrients i needed so my body caught up to me and demanded i stuff my face. there are many other reasons why you may be binge eating it could also be emotional, i won’t go into much detail here.

-realize, it’s a habit. like all habits they are hard to break but once you do after a while you wont have to worry about it anymore. if youre like me youll worry about the future. “so what if i do overcome it for a while? what if it just comes back again?” and you think very negatively. youre going to need to keep your head up and stay positive!! now that youve established this is a habit and you WILL break it, more tips:

-drink water!!! for me whenever i had the urge to binge i would drink water. after i ate if i still wanted to eat more i would pour a whole pool into my mouth. of course too much water is bad though so please be mindful! i have around a gallon a day and it really does come with extra benefits that i wont get into. water will make you feel full. in my case it also helped replace the habit to just drink water slowly and go do something.

-ONLY EAT AT YOUR DINNER TABLE!! this is actually really important!! for me binges were ALWAYS in my room. i would sneak food into my room and just go crazy and stuff myself then the feeling of guilt came. everyday that i brought food into my room i felt guilt. now just like if you do your homework in your room (which i kind of dont reccomend well because) youll subconsciously ( depending what type of student you are ) attach your room to relaxation and laziness and end up not wanting to do your homework; or attach your room to stress making it a bad environment. well anyways what i was saying, same goes for eating. for me i felt way to comfortable in my room and thus when i ate i felt nothing no need to stop no one was around just me and my bed. when i started eating only at my dinner table so much changed i was aware people were around in my house i felt more productive and mindful.

- now this goes with that^ EAT WITH NO DISTRACTIONS!! stop eating while watching netflix, tv whatver youre doing. maybe youre on your phone and youre on instagram or snapchat while eating, dont do that! youre disconnecting yourself with your food, you become unaware that youre eating and that will cause you to lose touch with your stomach and the mindless eating wont stop. just sit down at your table and eat.

- eat slowly!!! gosh this helps so much. you have to wait at least 20 minutes for your food to reach your stomach so eat slow with no distractions!

- after your finished stay seated for a while and just wait i usually watch tv or netflix at this point but i stay seated for 30 minutes afterwards and drink water and the feeling of wanting to eat more will usually not be there for me.

- eat frequently but small meals! for me i eat every 2 hours but VERY small meals usually a small 300 calorie meal with a 100 calorie snack inbetween every small meal. this really helped the urge to eat. 

-track your food. this was kind of a trigger for me but it actually ended up REALLY helping me. i use the app fooducate to put down what i eat before i eat any meal or snack. in the app you can see the total calories of the day, processed food vs real food you ate, macro nutrients, sugars; all of this made me aware and made me better at food eating decisions.

-stay strong. the first week is THE HARDEST after about a week of being able to control yourself and realizing you can, i started to just think of what i was doing as normal because i mean it was. i didnt worry about relapsing after a week i just kept doing what i was doing and had the mindset that i was all better and that i was just i dont know a way to say it but ‘normal’ you know? a person who doesnt think about food all day who eats because theyre hungry and eats normal sized meals. after the first week i just thought of myself as normal because i knew i would have constant stress and worry and be thinking about the next meal if i didnt.

-you can eat what youre craving. this was kind of hard and it was definitely a trust game with my mind and body. once youve seen that you can control your binges for at least 2 days feel free to just have a little bit of what you crave, just learn to eat it slowly and distraction free, take it all in.

- replace your junk food! junk food is a trigger it really is. i dont eat it AT ALL. it is waaayy too much of a stressor for me. be mindful of your eating habits and how healthy they are. replace your chips for vegetables or fruit!

* for me: veganism. it was such a great help and made me feel better and made me only binge on ‘healthy foods’. i would start to binge on some sort of fruit or veggie and halfway through just stop because i didnt really want to. i put a little star on this one because it’s optional but i super duper recommend going vegan it’s so good for you and the planet. i wont go into this because this isnt a ‘why to go vegan’ haha


that is all my tips that helped me get over binges. i went though my whole journey super positive no matter how hard it got, and that’s what really got me through this. i really do hope this helped. youre not alone remember that, you are strong and can do anything you set your mind to <3 

I got top surgery last month, and here are a few of my thoughts on the non-physical parts of recovery:

  • I feel more comfortable getting dressed in the morning because I don’t have to worry about whether the shirt will accentuate my chest or show my binder
  • I felt weird about my chest in the first few days post-op, sort of uneasy about it and a bit disconnected, like it wasn’t really my chest.
  • Once both drains were removed, I suddenly became totally comfortable with my chest as if everything snapped into place and it became my body again. I used to feel a bit dissociated from my chest before surgery, like looking in a mirror felt weird because what I was seeing just didn’t match how I pictured myself in my head and now it does. Taking selfies also helped me get used to what it looks like.
  • I was scared that I would need a revision when I saw the indent on my left side and it prompted me to worry for a bit that I’d regret having had the surgery and my anxiety was like !!!
  • (It turned out that it was just the drain site and the drain was higher up in my chest than I thought it would be (a few inches higher than my nipple and not near the double incisions and it got less indented when the drain came out)
  • I was so happy one night thinking about all the years in my future I’ll be able to live without a chest and I cried because now I can go to the water park and to the pool and I can just wake up in the morning and get dressed without seeing my chest in my shirt and feeling bad about it
  • I feel freed. I never have to look down and see my chest and be surprised and feel shitty. I keep checking my chest to see if it’s obvious out of habit and seeing that it’s flat just cheers me up.
  • I expected that having top surgery would change how I interacted with people daily and make me pass more, but it’s been about 6 weeks since surgery and I only passed a few times despite a ton of interactions with different people. It was a bit disappointing, but I shouldn’t have expected it to change because from the point of view of the train conductor who missy’d me I’d mostly look the same before surgery wearing a binder as I did after surgery without a binder, and it shows that my passing is linked to other factors more strongly than my chest. Pre-op I’d have no chance passing without a binder, and post-op removes that factor but it seems that without a chest as an indicator people fall back to all the other things that gender me like my high voice and feminine face– so back to not passing.
  • The changes I’ve experienced have been primarily emotional within myself and not related to any external validation as it hasn’t changed my passing as mentioned before. I do believe that it’ll make me more safe in male spaces if I get clocked as not a guy, but I don’t think it’ll change how I move in female spaces as some women have smaller chests or have had double mastectomies to prevent cancer so it shouldn’t prevent me from being read as a woman either.
  • I’ve been focusing on this for so long and using so much of my time and effort and energy to make it happen that I felt sort of aimless now that I’ve achieved what’s been the biggest and most ultimate goal so far in my life.
  • My chest dysphoria isn’t a factor any longer so I don’t have to spend painful hour after hour trying to resist the urge to self-harm on my chest or cut it off myself which was how I spent a lot of nights pre-up. Top surgery hasn’t been a panacea that’s solved all my problems, but it made 1 thing a little better and that’s worth it.
  • For the first time I Really was able to picture myself having a future. Not what I’d be doing or a career or anything, but just being able to picture my physical body being older than it is now. Just being able to imagine growing up and looking like a young adult was really hard for me before, and I just sort of figured I’d be dead by then, like it was inevitable and completely unavoidable. I think that’s mostly my depression, and I’m currently in a better place where I’m able to manage it better for the right now.
  • I want to show my chest off to everyone and it’s the most body-confident I’ve felt in a while. I posted a picture on Instagram, but I’m worried about how people will react to the scars and I don’t want to get any negativity from folks who don’t like my results and feel like it’s okay to comment on that so I haven’t posted anything on Facebook or this account.
  • I don’t feel “sexy” right now because I’m healing, but I feel like me, like how I should be, and I’m still delighted with it like the honeymoon phase of a relationship where everything is new and exciting and you just want to show pictures of you and say how proud and happy you are.
  • I had a few days of body insecurity when I realized I could see my stomach now that my chest is gone and I’ve gained a bit of weight and it shows a bit although I’m not overweight. It’s something I’m trying to get used to because I’m going to try to start exercising for the first time in like 4 or 5 years once I’m healed more, but I am trying to put the emphasis on just being active and eating healthy and not losing weight because there’s nothing wrong with a bit of chub and when I try to lose weight it usually ends up with some disordered behavior.
  • I do feel like my focus has shifted now to lower surgery, but my lower dysphoria hasn’t increased- I thought it would be like my top dysphoria converted to bottom dysphoria like how energy can’t be created or dystroyed. It’s been more like now that I’ve dealt with the top dysphoria there’s less bothering me so I can shift my attention to my lower dysphoria like when you do the big project assignment that’s really been dragging down your grade and then you’re passing the class but you notice that your grade still isn’t an A and then you start planning about doing the missing homework paper that’s worth less than the project. If that makes sense.
  • Aw yeah, I can wear tank tops! And shirts with larger collars! I don’t have to worry about my binder showing!
  • Not having to wear the ace bandage is nice because when I had to wear it I felt like I was still pre-op and binding so it didn’t feel as real in my mind.
  • My left nipple isn’t healed yet and it makes me anxious but it isn’t a debilitating anxiety, just a bit too much worrying about it.
  • I’m suddenly more comfortable with showering and taking baths, so my hygiene is getting better than it was, which I’m sure is a delight to those around me.
  • I wish I didn’t develop a chest in the first place and I wish I didn’t need to get this surgery at all, but that’s not the way things are and because I did grow a chest so this was the best choice for me.
  • I started scar care today by using scar-away strips. I’m 6 weeks post-op as of today.

I’m happy to try to answer any questions someone might have, but I made a top surgery page so check there before you ask me because there’s a chance your question is covered in that info.

I have more posts on my top surgery recovery here.

Shance Tumblr AU

…….why does my brain want to do this instead of the stuff I should actually be doing…..
Pidge jolted up from her homework to the sound of her roommate screaming followed by a loud thunk and a crash.

She popped her head into the doorway of said man’s room, raising an eyebrow at the male currently sitting on the bed, jaw dropped, eyes wide, staring at where his phone had hit the wall.

“Lance? Dude, you okay?” Pidge prompted carefully, as her friend was seemingly in shock.

“He followed me back. Oh my god.” Lance whispered, seemingly in disbelief. Pidge blinked.


“On Tumblr. That artist blog I told you about?” Lance hissed, still in shock.

Pidge’s eyebrow went higher. “The one you don’t stop talking about? The guy with the scar and the white hair?” Lance nodded frantically.

“I- I wrote a small fic based on an idea he had, tagged him in it, and yesterday he reblogged and liked it and I woke up and looked at my notifications and it was right there?!? How the fuck?!?” Lance’s voice rose in volume until he was practically yelling.

Pidge’s cat, Green, mewed and patted Lance’s lap, ears pricked curiously. Lance’s own cat, Blue, was used to Lance’s screeching and was peacefully napping on the Cuban male’s pillow.

“Lance. Chill.” Pidge deadpanned, moving over to scoop up her cat from the red faced man currently rolling on his bed screeching in a mixture of what she guessed was happy shock, probably. She also moved over to pick up the discarded phone, peeking at the notifications.

Yup. Famous art blog ShiroTheHero was definitely following BlueLionLance. No wonder Lance was practically having a stroke. The guy’s art was pretty good, as her own blog followed him too and was really only there for the gay stuff.

She glanced back over at her friend. “At least you didn’t throw your phone out the window screaming ‘I’m gay’ again.” She commented, setting the blue cased phone next to Blue on the pillow.

Lance rolled back over from where he was screaming into another pillow. “He posted a selfie! And he’s really hot! I couldn’t help it!” He wailed, pouting.

Pidge snorted in amusement. “I saw the picture too, and I didn’t have the same reaction as you. You’re literally the living embodiment of bisexual drama. Glad I’m not as gay as you, thirsty boy.” She teased.

Lance squinted at the tiny woman. “Pidge, you’re the gayest little shit I know besides Keith.” He said seriously, getting a huge grin from said lesbian.

“I know. Now quit the gay fangirling, I’ve got homework to finish for college finals and I can’t concentrate over the sound of you screaming your bisexual little heart out.” She scolded, before turning and leaving the room, Green still tucked in her arms.

Lance rolled his eyes and checked his phone again, smiling at the little notification.

ShiroTheHero is now following BlueLionLance
Tbh I do the same thing as Lance whenever a popular blog follows me or likes/reblogs anything I post. I really do scream and chuck my phone at the wall in shock, I dunno why, it’s just a reaction I have??? Eh. Well, hope you liked this little Shance Drabble! :3 (I’m calling it the Tumblr AU, should I make more maybe?)

great comet characters as shit my friends have said

natasha: *hands other friend a cookie* we’re married now!!!

pierre: if i don’t respond i’m either doing homework or dead. hopefully dead.

sonya: is there like an anti-love potion to make people you don’t like stay away from you? i really could use some of that


anatole: if i ask my friend with benefits for money does that make me a prostitute?

hélène: it’s a wonder i’m passing french when i can barely fucking speak english

dolokhov: (some girl: “that bitch would stab a bitch. wait no. she’d slap a bitch.”) *emerges from the corner* I’D STAB A BITCH

bolkonsky: where the FUCK is the fucking CHEESE GRATER

mary: there will be no candy corn slander in my good christian home

balaga: *keyboard smashes, but in real life*

andrey: while y'all were off disappointing jesus, i was in the corner pretending i wasn’t here

The Floor is Lava One Shot

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: curse word(s)

Requested by anon:  Hi!! I really like your writing it’s incredible💙💙 can you please write a Peter Parker x Reader where they’re dating and they do the floor is lava challenge in different places just like the videos?

A/N: Aw, thanks anon :’) This was a cute idea, a little hard to write, but I love how it turned out, hope you enjoy!

word count: 2.2k

You sat on the floor of Peter’s bedroom smiling down at your phone. You were currently watching Twitter videos while Peter did his homework on his bed. Of course, you were supposed to be doing your homework as well, but you merely read the first paragraph of the chemistry book before you decided to “check” your phone. He had invited you over so you two could have a study date; however, neither of you had finished your homework, so the sooner you did, the sooner you could get to actually studying for your test on Monday.

“Is there something funny about the reading that I missed?” Peter asked with a teasing smile.

You looked up at the sound of your boyfriend’s voice. He was looking at you expectantly, probably already knowing you weren’t working, so you raised the book further to hide your phone.

“Um, yeah. I can’t believe you missed the, um,” you quickly skimmed through the page to find something to say, “covalent bonds part. The name is Bonds, Covalent Bonds.” You cringed at your attempt at a chemistry joke, but your voice held hope.

Peter tried not to smile but laughed, “Okay, that was good,”

“Really?” you mumbled, sounding surprised.

Peter quirked his eyebrow.

“I mean, yeah, obviously it was good -that’s why I was smiling…at my own joke. Not at anything else,” you quickly said, trying to save yourself.

“I can see your face glowing,” he dead-panned.

“Aw, thanks babe! I’m trying out this new moisturizer-”


“It’s Chanel?” you tried.

Peter narrowed his eyes at you. “Chanel? Really?”

“Okay, I lied. It’s not Chanel, it’s an off-brand-”

“Y/N,” he laughed.

“It’s water. I’ve been drinking more water. You caught me.”

He merely gave you a look.

“My secret is out Peter I don’t know what else you want from me,” you laughed, unable to take this anymore. 

“I know you’re on your phone babe,” he said.

“Fine, fine. You caught me,” you muttered, putting the book down. “You gotta see this video though.”

You stood up from your spot on the floor to join Peter on the bed.

Peter turned away, trying to do his homework. ”Y/N no, I don’t wanna get distracted,” he whined.

“If i was trying to distract you, I could think of something better to do -if you know what I mean,” you said, wrapping your arm around his shoulder. You suggestively raised your eyebrows at Peter and he blushed.

“Um, Y/N,” he swallowed. “I don’t think we should-”

“Relax, Peter. I’m not trying to get in your pants, I just wanna show you this video,” you giggled.

He laughed nervously, “Ye-yeah, I-I knew that. I didn’t think that you were, uh, serious you know.”

You raised your brow at Peter, “So you’re saying you’re not interested?”

Clearing his throat, he mumbled, “Just play the video.”

Smiling, you played the video; it was a short compilation of “the floor is lava” challenge videos. You looked at Peter’s reaction the whole time and saw that he thought it was funny too.

“I can’t imagine actually doing that in public,” he laughed.

“Me either,” you agreed. “We should do it.”

“What?” he laughed. “No, no way.”

“Live life on the edge Parker,” you teased, lightly slapping his cheek.

He scrunched his face and held your hand in place. “My life is as on the edge as I want it to be.”

“Mm, I think it can go further,” you pushed, running your hand through his hair instead.

“Is being a crime-fighting super hero not enough?” he said, turning to look at you.

You leaned in to kiss his lips. “It’s alright, but this would make it better.”

He frowned, “I’ll think about it. Can we go back to doing our homework now?”

“How about we re-visit my previous offer,” you teased, playing with the ends of his hair. “Or do you really want to do homework?”

“Um,” he blushed. “I-”

You giggled, “It’s too fun to tease you baby.” You got up and went back to your spot on the floor. “And as much as I’d love to not do my homework, I have to get this done eventually. Don’t distract me Peter.”

Peter shook his head, biting his lip to prevent a smile, as he got back to his work.

“Peter, haven’t we studied enough?” you whined. 

“Y/N, we’ve barely gone through one section,” he said.

“One section too many if you ask me,” you said.

“Fine,” he said, closing his book. “Let’s take a break. Are you hungry?” He got up from the floor and offered you his hand.

“I’m not Hungry, I’m your girlfriend,” you smiled, standing up.

“I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that,” he chuckled, leading you to the kitchen.

“You want to pretend I’m not your girlfriend or that I made a Dad joke?” 

“At this point, maybe both,” he teased.

You scoffed in disbelief, “The audacity.”

You leaned against the counter and watched Peter rummage through the cabinets before checking the fridge. That’s when an idea popped up.

Oh this is gunna be good

Pulling out your phone, you got ready to snapchat a video. “Hey Pete,” you called. 

He was still looking around the fridge, but he managed to reply, “Yeah?”

“The floor is lava!” you exclaimed.

He looked up and shut the fridge. “What? Not now Y/N,” he said, embarrassed that you were still filming him. 

“C’mon Peter,” you cooed. “I wont post it, I’ll just save it.”

Peter sighed, but then looked around for some where to jump. He saw the kitchen island and sat on it.

“That was so anti-climatic,” you said chuckling, stopping the video.

“I’d like to see you do it!” he defended himself.

“Well, I can’t do it now! It has to be a surprise, that’s the whole point babe,” you tsked.

“It’s on,” he mumbled.

You smirked and patted his arm as you went to the fridge, “Sure it is Peter, sure it is.” 

The day after tomorrow, you completely forgot about the whole “floor is lava” thing. But Peter? No, Peter did not forget. In your defense, Peter had told you he wanted to take you out for a date in the park, so you were looking forward to that all morning instead.

Once you got to the park, Peter looked like he was bouncing with excitement. He practically pulled you along the path the whole time. You figured he was looking forward to the ice cream that you two always got from the vendor that walks around the park. And, wow, were you wrong.

“I think I’m gunna try a new flavor today, just to switch it up,” you said, looking up at Peter.

Peter looked down at you and smirked, “Trying to live your life on the edge or what?” 

“Yeah,” you said skeptically.

Why is he looking at me like that

Once you got to the ice cream cart, you went ahead to order because Peter claimed he needed more time to think. Finishing paying, you turned around, taking a lick of your ice cream and saw Peter fiddling with his phone. He held it up and, at first, you thought he was taking a picture -so you smiled. Then it hit you. And your smile turned to an expression of horror. 

“Peter, no-”

He looked you in the eyes and said, “The floor is lava.”

“I have ice cream!” you cried, looking around for a bench or something. 

I am not gunna lose to him, you thought.

You swallowed the last bit of dignity you had left when you saw a trash can and ran straight for it. In the process of sprinting you ditched the poor, sweet ice cream and used both hands to jump onto the bin. Peter, of course, filmed the whole thing and was left dying with laughter. The trash’s top wasn’t big enough for you to completely fall in, but your ass was still partially in there. Peter got closer to you and kept filming, but cut it off when he couldn’t stop laughing. It was that laugh he does where he closes his eyes, scrunches up his face, and bends over a bit. You’d normally appreciate how adorable he looked, and damn did he look adorable right now, but you were annoyed with him. You looked at people passing by and they either looked amused or bored -I mean, it’s New York, they’ve probably seen weirder stuff.

“Can you at least help me out,” you huffed, extending your hand.

Peter grabbed it to help you out. Stifling his laughter, he said, “Aw, baby, I’m so sorry but that was the best thing I’ve ever seen.”

Best thing I’ve ever seen,” you mocked, muttering to yourself as you dusted yourself off.

“I’ll buy you a new cone,” he said, biting his lip to keep from smiling.

“Fine,” you agreed. “Send me the video.”

You were definitely planning to get Peter back, the thing is, you had to make sure he wouldn’t see it coming. Now, you thought about waiting two days or so, but by Monday, Peter proceeded to show both Ned and MJ the video. It was pretty hard to have Peter forget about it when all three of them brought it up the whole week. But being the stubborn person you are, you waited until it faded out to get your revenge. Which was around the following week. 

You wanted to go shopping at the mall and begged Peter to come along since he hates shopping. Though, he changed his mind pretty quickly when you told him you would try on clothes and ask him for his opinion. The type of clothes you mentioned may or may not have persuaded him further.

Walking around the mall with Peter, you two had a great time. You almost felt bad for what you were about to do.


All it took was remembering that damn ice cream you had to kill in cold blood. And the smug look on Peter’s face. His stupid, but still cute, face. 

You and Peter were deciding what store to go into next, conveniently stopping by at the huge fountain in the middle of the mall.

Sorry in advance Peter, you mentally said.

You stood in front of Peter, just talking about what else you should get. You pretended to get a text and set your bags down to pull out your phone. “Hold on Pete, I needa text back my mom.”

He smiled politely and pulled out his phone to wait for you. Without him noticing, you got ready to record. 

“Hey Peter,” you said teasingly.

He looked up with a small smile, confused as to why you were filming him. “What?”

“That floor your standing on?” you said as he looked down, then back up. “It’s lava.”

He looked at you with pleading eyes. “Babe, let’s not do this-”

“What’s that? Peter Parker is admitting defeat? Say it clearly so I can capture this moment forever,” you said, holding the phone closer to his face.

He glared at you and quickly surveyed the premise. The only thing he could use was the water fountain. He handed you his phone and said, “Hold this.” He ran to the fountain stood on the ledge, balancing carefully. Turning to you, he extended his arms out in triumph. 

Damn it, I was hoping he’d fall in, you thought.

“Was that it Y/N?” he called out, smirking at you.

An idea popped into your head. You smirked back and held out Peter’s phone. His expression faltered.

“Babe, don’t you dare-”

I’m sure his Spidey senses or whatever can come in handy, right?

“Catch!” you said, tossing his phone.  

You threw it a little more to the left, so Peter had to reach further for it. In doing so, he lost his footing, but managed to smack the phone away before he fell in. Your mouth dropped in surprise as he made a huge splash.

“Oh my god,” you breathed, laughing slightly. You ran to pick up his phone, then went to the fountain. You went up to Peter, still recording because why not, and asked if he was okay as he scrambled to get up. Giggling at his form, you leaned out to give him a hand.

Spitting out water, reaching for you, he said, “I’m, I’m fine -I just got hot. I totally meant to do that.”

You stopped filming at this point and helped him climb out of the fountain, laughing slightly.

Once he got out of the fountain you whispered to Peter, “We should probably leave before we get kicked out.” 

“Yeah, yeah we should,” he said quickly. “Go go go,” he rushed, getting your bags and speed-walking away -you following after him. 

You and Peter decided to call it a truce since you both got some embarrassing footage of each other. Getting out of the mall, you told him, “Let’s just never do that again.”

“Yup. I’m never coming back to this mall,” he muttered, moving his wet curls out of his face.

“We can’t ever come back,” you agreed.

Peter nod his head in agreement and held your hand as you both pretended that his shoes didn’t make that squishy sound with each step.

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summary: When your father contacts Tom to protect you, he just sees a spoiled, rich girl from Upper East Side. But behind designer clothes, exclusive parties and expensive champagne there’s a lonely girl with a big heart.
[from the story] “Keep your hands off that dress” you screamed “That dress was a gift from Donatella Versace. She made it for my eighteenth birthday. I bet you can’t even spell ‘Versace’”
One of the twins rolled his eyes at your statement “Tom, I’ll give you fifteen dollars if you let me punch her”

NEXT CHAPTER: 27/10/2017

Chapter One

Mr. Y/L/N gave Tom a last glare before talking.
“A few days ago, my daughter was a victim of a not so pleasant accident outside her school, one of the most famous and prestigious Colleges in town. A group of men was waiting outside to kidnap her. Fortunately, the security intervened and pushed away these ill-intentioned people but I’m sure this will happen again. You see, Tom, I made some affairs with the wrong people and now that I’m in trouble I’m afraid that they’ll do something to her. She doesn’t know this. I just told Y/N that these men wanted to rob her and I ask you not to tell her the truth, I don’t want my daughter to get worried”
Mr. Y/L/N talked slow, he moved his hands a lot and never lost eye contact.
“Did you receive any menace?”
The businessman had a melancholy expression on his face. It was a yes.
Mr. Y/L/N opened the drawer under his desk and showed Tom a packet of letters.
“They’re all anonymous, but I’m sure they all come from the same person”
Tom opened the packet and browsed all the letters. Who did it was a professional, he thought. They used different kinds of paper and the writings were made by clippings of newspapers.
Thomas had seen so many letters like those that he lost count.
“I also have to tell you that she’s not excited at the thought of having a bodyguard, you may find some obstacles”
“That’s not a problem. I’ll make sure she understands the importance of this” Tom said throwing the letters on the desk “I think I should start right now. You should install cameras all over the house and microphones as well. I also think I should move to your place to control her 24/7. I can ask my colleagues from the court to come here. Mr. Y/L/N, I don’t want to scare you but I think you’re in danger just like your daughter, I’ve seen many cases like this one, you have to be very careful.”
“I’m more worried for my daughter” he sighed “I totally agree, you should stay at my place for a few weeks, just to make sure that she’s safe also at home. I can’t trust anybody, also in my house”
Tom nodded “Let’s do it.”

“Paddy, stop jumping on the bed. Last time you fell out and broke your arm, remember?”
The baby boy stopped and took a seat on the bed “Harry said you leave us forever”
“Harry’s a dick, don’t pay attention to what he says, Pad” Thomas replied as he put some clothes in his luggage.
“He has also said that you’ll live in the Upper East Side with rich people” Paddy insisted “Can I come with you?”
The eldest brother sighed “Paddy, I go there to work, not to have fun. Trust me, I’m not thrilled at the idea of spending a few months there”
Tom closed his second luggage and turned to look at his brother.
“You know this is the only chance I have to change our lives, right?”
Paddy nodded “I know, and maybe we can move from Bronx to Upper East Side” he exclaimed.
Tom chuckled “Who knows, everything is possible. Come here, buddy” he said opening his arms.
Paddy jumped off the bed and hugged his brother tightly “I’m gonna miss you, Tom”
“I’m gonna miss you too, Paddy” he kneeled down to look into his brother’s hazel eyes “Don’t drive Sam and Harry crazy, do your homework and wash your teeth. If you need help you have my number written on your drawer or you can call Laura, ok?”
“Ok, Tom.”
“You know, this is a big responsibility, you have to make me proud, little man”
“I promise you I’ll be super good” Paddy said with a huge smile on his face. He was happy to help the family as well.
“Good, now I really have to go” Thomas stood up and took his luggage in his hands.
He left the bedroom and found his brother Sam doing homework in the kitchen.
“Sam, can I count on you too?”
His brother just nodded.
“Harry is outside?”
Sam nodded again, his eyes were glued on a difficult exercise.
“Ok, well, bye.”
Without adding a word, Thomas left his house. In the walkaway, Laura Harris was watching her little sisters playing in the street.
“I heard you’re moving” she said.
“It’s just temporary. I have a very important job” he explained “Can I ask you to check my brothers when you have time? Just… make sure they didn’t kill each other or burn down the house”
Laura chuckled and moved a lock of hair behind her ear.
“Everything has a prize, Holland” she smiled “We should have lunch together when you come back”
“What about Steve?” Tom asked.
“He’s in jail. Again. Maybe you can keep company while he’s away”
Tom shrugged “I’ll think about it”

“And you accepted?” you asked, your mouth opened wide.
“Of course, I did it, Y/N. What did you think?” Mia laughed at your expression “And we did it also in his yacht. Twice.”
“You, my friend, are the worst!”
“You would have done the same, trust me” she gave you a cheeky smile “by the way, I heard that some weirdo tried to rob you in front of school. That must have been terrifying”
You gave a small glance on the magazines on your bed and took a sip of Chardonnay “My dad is overreacting. I didn’t go to school today because he was afraid.” you explained with an annoyed tone.
“Jeez, he wants to put you under a bell jar” Mia exclaimed.
“It’s just a period” you calmed Mia.
Your conversation is suddenly interrupted by a knock on the door.
“Come on in” you said nonchalantly.
Mia and you exchanged a confused look when you saw your father entering the room followed by another guy.
He wasn’t very tall but his body was toned, he had broad shoulders and brown curls. His eyes scanned the room from top to bottom before meeting your figure.
“Y/N, this is Tom Holland. He will be your bodyguard for the following weeks”.
You widen your eyes “What? Dad you can’t be fucking serious!” you turned around to Mia who was undressing the bodyguard with her gaze “Mia can you leave me alone with my dad and his sleuth?”
Mia gave you a sad look that meant something like “that’s not fair, I wanted to stare at him a little longer” and then she left the room.
“Dad seriously, this joke isn’t funny”
Your father shook his head “Y/N, you don’t understand the seriousness of the situation. Tom is an expert, I’m sure he won’t annoy you with his presence”
“But daaaaaad” you beat your feet on the ground “I can’t have a bodyguard following me all the time. I have a reputation”
Tom couldn’t help chuckling at your childish behaviour.
You gave him a killing look “Do you find it funny?” you asked him, your hands on your waists.
“Honestly? Yes”, ‘I’m not payed enough for this job’ he thought.
“Well, first of all, before making comments you should change your clothes, you look like a lonely blues brother. Second of all, I can look after myself. I don’t need a bodyguard. I’m not a baby.”
“Tom, you don’t have to listen to her, it’s just a matter of tim-”
“Show me” Tom interrupted your father’s apologizes “Show me how you can look after yourself”
You snorted and frowned. With momentum, you tried to punch him but Tom is faster than you and dodged you.
“Don’t unbalance when you try to punch a guy. It’s the worst thing you can do” he explained.
“Thank you, Karate Kid” you snorted again “Now, with your permission. I go killing myself”
And with that, you dramatically least the room, leaving Tom completely perplex.
It was harder than he thought

I just want to thank you for reading it and I want to wish happy bday to @donttellpeterparker !!!

anonymous asked:

I read your tags on that byeler post and holy shit i love u this made my day like this day just started but i wont read anything better, pls do tell more

OH MY GOD THANK YOU???!!!!! that whole thing took me like 45 minutes to write oh my god, its so nice to be noticed for once haha (also ur day just started? I’m so glad I made ur whole day lmao. It’s currently nighttime where I am.) Anyway, tumblr deleted like half of my tags from that post cuz I guess I wrote too many? idk man, it was horrible, whenever I tag posts I always check it on my blog to see if it worked correctly cuz tunglr.cob is always messing things up and BOI WHEN I SAW THAT I WAS FUCKING LIVID OH MY GOD U HAVE NO IDEA. Ok so I’m going to try and recreate my tags below from memory, in bulleted form. they won’t be exact but I’ll try my best (here’s the post now go read my tags if u haven’t seen them lol) 

If you ask mike, it was only lasted a few days, and the rest of the gang looks into the camera like they’re on the office

At first, mike is pretty nervous about the topic, like he’s super worried (mike: do u h8 me bc I like bois 2???)

(Literally everyone at once: are you serious?? Have you seen will, That boy is gay as fuck.) (will didn’t say the second part he was not ready for that, ya boi was shook)

Mike is “low-key” relieved (and by low-key I mean extremely high key that boy literally collapsed on the couch from relief)

(Dustin: Mike seriously?? We’re ur best friends how could we possibly hate u??)

Even if any of them did have qualms, they wouldn’t show it. They were all outcasts, and they stuck together no matter what

Lets be real tho, they probably didn’t they are all best friends and love each other unconditionally

Mike hasn’t told anyone that he has a crush on will (eleven: Crush?? Mike ur literally in love with him.) he actually begs eleven not to tell them (Mike: Please, you can’t say anything to them, I’m not ready yet.)

Eleven agrees, but internally she’s all like: Mike, they already know, ur so fucking obvious, Lmao.

Except will tho, will low-key (read: high key) loves mike too, but neither of them have realized it yet because they’re both oblivious idiots

Everyone sees that they’re in love except for them and its so infuriating

Eleven has to endure mikes “pining phase” for MONTHS b4 she basically forces them into a room together (alone) to confess

She has to for her own sanity (but also because she wants her bffs to be happy.)

But seriously if mike didn’t say anything soon she would have to kill him and then herself (yikes, he was actually that bad lol)

Will went through a pining phase too (his started about a year b4 mike and eleven broke things off) although instead of pestering Lucas, Dustin, or Max about it he literally has 3 (three) spiral notebooks (college ruled, not that wide ruled bullshit) full of doodles of Mike with hearts around his head (and a fourth one in progress)

He was supposed to be using them for schoolwork, but he gets distracted a lot in class

No one (NO ONE) Is allowed to see those notebooks except for will himself

(Max, probably: Hey will can I borrow you’re notes, I lost mine? Will, slamming notebook #4 shut: NO! Max: *is visibly shook*)

poor Joyce has no idea why he keeps going through so many notebooks?

Anyway, the whole gang is together for a sleep over in mike’s basement (where else would they be?) and eleven takes mike aside and tells him that he has to tell will 2nite or she will fucking scream (she’s totally not kidding)

Mike: but what if he doesn’t like me back?? He’ll probably hate me if I tell him that…… 

Eleven: mike ur so stupid omg he fucking likes u back ok trust me

(She caught a glimpse of notebook #2 a while back when she and mike were nearing the end of their relationship, and she never told anyone.To this day, will doesn’t know that she saw it)

Mike: *skeptically* ok but even if that’s true I cant just say it in front of everyone

Eleven scoffs, drags mikes by the wrist over to will, drags will by the arm and basically throws them both into the bathroom and locks them in with her powers


Eleven: nope :) (how does she do that this is a verbal conversation) not until you tell him.

Will, a very confused boy: huh? Tell me what? Mike what the fuck is going on?!?! What is she talking about??

Mike eventually confesses everything to will (except the pining phase, that was fucking embarrassing)

(Eleven tells him about it later, and mike tries to deny it, but will thinks its so cute???? Like so cute he wants to puke hearts??? But that might just be the butterflies in his stomach)

Mike tries to be smooth when he’s confessing to will but he’s a stuttering fucking mess

Will is so shooketh he doesn’t know what to do with himself so he just grabs mikes hand and says “me too” (he’ll deny it later, but he was on the verge of tears pretty much the whole time)

Mike smiles like the big goofy idiot he is, and eleven, seemingly satisfied opens the door

The gang claps and cheers, and mike and will are confused. Then they look down at their hands, with their fingers still intertwined and are more confused

Lucas: took you long enough

Mike and will: ????????????????

Dustin grabs them by the shoulders and pulls them into a group hugThey stay like that for at least 10 minutes, mike and will hugging each other in the middle, and everyone else crowding around them

Mike pecks will on the cheek and then whispers into his ear quietly: “I love you so fucking much, Will.”

Will Is basically a tomato at this point, a happy tomato, but a fucking tomato nonetheless. (Mike had never seen him so red)

He buries his face into mikes chest, and whispers back: “I love you, too, Mike” (mike blushes almost as red as will)

The others pretended not to notice this little exchange, but oh god did they notice, and it was the cutest fucking thing they’ve ever seen

After awhile they break apart, because its getting hot in mike’s basement

mike and will are left standing outside the bathroom door, still hugging each other. (Neither of them wanted to let go just yet)

Will holds on to mike like his life depends on it, and eventually he hears “Jesus will I can’t fucking breathe”

Will lets go immediately, and mike puts an arm around his shoulder and leads him to the couch

Every one is waiting for them, and no one can stop smiling (especially mike and will, god, those 2 are so fucking in love with each other its not even funny)

this took me way longer than I thought it would omg. I added a few things that weren’t in the original tags that got deleted but they fit in pretty nicely? idk lol I thought it made it that much cuter haha. This was originally supposed to be just a response to the post but I got a little carried away. Tbh I probably put more effort into writing this than I put into my actual homework that I get actual fucking grades on lmao (help). Speaking of which, I have homework that I have to go do now, hahaha. hope u like it lololol

We all know that big award’s ceremonies are coming, and all fandoms are voting like crazy for their favorite groupes. As an ARMY, all my social media right now is full of things like “You guys aren’t working hard enough; We were winning yesterday, what happened?!; You lazy fans will make our boys lose!”. Oh, well, I’m sorry for being a high school student with lots of homework, tests and projects to do, clearly I am doing something wrong with my life…. I’m not saying that dedicating time for you idols is a bad thing, but I’ll really appreciated if fans were more aware that not all of us have a lot of free time to do massive streamings, voting every single day or even have enough money to afford one single album… and that doesn’t make us “bad” or “fake” fans.


@lovesettokillxo asked : Hey today is my birthday so I wanted to know if you could write something along the lines of being Jungkook’s best friend but him only seeing you as a little sister unlike how you see him… and he finally sees you in different light on your birthday (p.s can you include thigh riding and rough kooki that would make my entire life thanks 🙏🏽)

A/N: Happy Birthday! This is my present to you lol….

Originally posted by nnochu

Summary: He’d always seen you as his best friend, his partner in crime. But on your birthday something changed. He wanted… more. 

Warnings: smut, language, the usual warnings for my writing lmao

Word Count: 2107

When you were two you’d met Jungkook at the park. The two of you had gone down the slide together and it was there that he’d asked you to be his best friend forever. When you were five, you’d started kindergarten, Jungkook by your side. The two of you had drawn pictures for each other but still Jungkook remained your best friend and you remained his. When you were thirteen, you’d begun to understand that maybe, just maybe, Jungkook was more than a best friend to you. However, it was clear Jungkook saw you as his best friend and only his best friend. Upon entering high school, the two of you hadn’t had many classes together but still managed to eat lunch together with your other friends and study together after school. It seemed that nothing had changed between the two of you. You were best friends and you always would be.

Yet something had changed. You were in love with Jungkook, you couldn’t deny that. And he was blissfully oblivious. Typical. Your love wasn’t the only love he was oblivious to. Half of the girls at your school were fawning over him, and he seemed to have eyes for none of them. In some ways, that was a relief. In another, if he couldn’t see their love, would he ever be able to see yours?

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Besides a curse word here and there and some awkward fluff, nothing much

A/N: I don’t know where this idea came from but I definitely took some inspiration from a churro I ate earlier

word count: 1.8k

“Mom,” I said banging my hand against the trunk of our parked car, “MOM!” 

After school, my mother and I went grocery shopping, and I was currently trying to get her attention from the back of the car to the front seat where she was happily chatting away to god knows who on the phone. When my mom talks on the phone, it seems as though she never stops talking, and it’s almost impossible for me to get her attention. 

My mother huffed from the front seat and pulled the switch that opened the trunk.

“Thank you,” I muttered to myself.

I pulled the trunk all the way up and began to formulate a plan to get most -if not all- of the bags out of the car. Ya girl is not taking more than one trip to the eighth floor of this apartment building.   

As I started loading multiple bags on each arm, my mom finally decided to step out of the car and help me.

“Ok. Uh huh,” my mother laughed, “Yeah, okay, bye now! Mmhm, of course! Bye bye now, bye.”

“I lost count of how many times you said ‘bye’,” I joked to my mom as she helped with the rest of the bags.

“So now my kid thinks she’s a comedian huh,” she teased playfully, closing the trunk in the process.

“I’m no Kevin Hart, but I try,” I shrugged.

My mom rolled her eyes and led us to the apartment.

“Can you wake me up when dinner is ready? I’m gunna take a nap,” I told my mom after I helped unload some of the groceries.

“A nap? It’s 4 in the afternoon,” my mom questioned me as she started taking pans out to cook with.

“Yeah, well all that exercise today really tired me out,” I said.

“Are you talking about school or taking up the groceries just now?” she said while quirking an eyebrow.

“Both,” I smiled.

“Don’t you have homework to do?” she further prodded.

Mother,” I sighed dramatically and placed my hand on my chest, “you know I am most productive when the sun goes down.”

I call my mom “Mother” when I want to be dramatic -which is quite often if I’m being honest. But it seemed to work because she laughed and finally gave in.

“Alright, but I’m not letting you take those four-hour-long naps, just until dinner is ready, okay?” she scolded me.

“If dinner happens to take you four hours to make then..” I said walking away to my room down the hall.

“I heard that young lady!” my mom called from back in the kitchen.

I grinned to myself and dropped my backpack at the foot of my bed. I took my shoes off and sighed contently.

Finally, I thought to myself, I can nap my problems away. Said problems being a test I have on Friday -two days from now.

My window blinds were still open from this morning, so I decided to shut them; however, it felt real stuffy in here so I opened the window to let that New York breeze in. 

“That’s better,” I said out loud to myself.

I suddenly became conscious when I heard talking. Grumbling into my pillow, I was hoping that whoever was talking would, I don’t know, stop.

I am too comfy to move, I thought sadly to myself. 

I turned over and hoped that I could fall back asleep, but god damn, this person would not. stop. talking. I grabbed my phone from my night stand and saw that I only slept about 50 minutes.

Not even an hour, I sighed.

Furrowing my brows, I realized that the talking was coming from outside my window. My window? Who the hell is on my fire escape? My eyes widened at the thought of a potential burglar. I did the first thing that came to mind and grabbed my baseball bat that I kept under my bed. If there is anything I can learn from Stiles Stilinski, it’s that a baseball bat always comes in handy. I also had 911 dialed on my phone -just in case. I didn’t want to call the cops until I knew for sure. I mean, It could be my down stairs neighbor talking loudly on their fire escape, right?

I crept to my window slowly and quietly across the carpet. The talking got louder and my anxiety got stronger. I tightened my grip on the bat in one hand and shoved my phone into my back pocket once I got to my window sill. I decided to rip the band-aid and just pulled my blinds up really fast. I heard a yelp immediately and stared in shock at the sight in front of me.

“What the fuck,” I whispered, my heart hammering in my chest. 

Sitting on the rail of my fire escape was some dude in red and blue tights. He looked like he dropped something and reached for it. I gasped in shock because this guy is seriously about to fall to his death because of a-

“My churro!” he cried as he reached for it with one hand.

He grabbed his churro and shoved his phone into his belt? What in god’s name is he wearing? And how did he do that?

My brain finally caught up and I realized that he practically stuck to the side of my fire escape. He fumbled with his mask and tugged it down. Then he climbed over the railing -as if he’s done this several times- and gave me a wave.

“Uhh hel-,” he cleared his throat and tried to sound deeper, “hello there mam, how ya doin’?”

I waved my bat at him and said, “How did you do that, how- how did you get up here and why are you wearing a- what are you wearing?”

He shuffled on his feet and raised his arms at me, “Whoah whoah whoah, okay there Babe Ruth, let’s take it easy, yeah?” 

I raised my brow at him skeptically and mumbled, “You don’t look like a burglar.”

“A burglar? What? I’m, I’m not a burglar, I’m Spider-Man!” he said, almost sounding offended.

Spider-Man? Oh my god, I know this dude! How could I forget that video of him stopping that bus? It was all over school the next day.

“Wait, you’re the guy from Youtube? You look different. And you sound more like a Spider-Boy. Spider-Kid? Spider-Guy?” I rambled stupidly. I was starting to calm down. This guy didn’t seem like a threat to me; especially when he was waving that churro around at me as he talked.

Man, okay? Spider-Man. With a hyphen,” he said, trying to use that deep voice again.

I set my bat down and propped my elbows against the sill, resting one of my hands under my chin, “Yeah. Okay, Churro Boy. Oh, I mean Churro-Boy with a hyphen.”

“Churro- you know what, I don’t have time for this,” he mumbled in his regular voice, starting to leap over my rail.

“Wait!” I called out to him.

Why did I do that?

He turned to me, waiting for me to say something.

“Is that a new,” I paused thinking of the right word, “suit?”

“Yeah!” he said, perking up and stepping back down, “It’s sort of a new upgrade, it’s pretty cool. Way cooler compared to my old one at least”

Must’ve said the right thing. I almost said costume. Maybe that would have offended him..

Well, it definitely seems cooler,” I smiled slightly, “anyway, next time you wanna talk to your -whoever- on my balcony, can you warn me? I was trying to nap and you talk…a lot.” 

 If I wasn’t mistaken, it seemed like he was blushing under that mask; he stumbled over his next words.

“Oh, uh, god I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that someone was in there -I mean usually I just go unnoticed when I do stuff like this, which is pretty often. Surprisingly. The crime rate seems to be low in Queens, and it’s Queens! You’d expect a little more action around here, don’t ya think? I gave an old lady directions today and she gave me a churro,” he laughed lightly, scratching the back of his neck when he realized he was rambling, “oh wow I do talk a lot don’t I? Sorry…again.”

He is so cute. What? No, what am I thinking? Stop it Y/N. His voice isn’t nice or cute and the rambling is annoying! Definitely NOT adorable!

You’re fine, it’s fine. I tend to ramble a lot too when I’m nervous,” my eyes widened as I lost my cool demeanor. “I’m not saying you’re nervous though. Maybe you are? I mean, you almost dropped your churro and that was…scary,” I laughed awkwardly. “I’m Y/N by the way,”

I stuck my hand out through the window and he clasped it with his own, shaking it back. “Yeah, I know,” he said letting go.

My face contorted into one of confusion, “You know my name? Do we know each other?”

He stumbled once again, “Huh? No! I meant I- I know that…it was scary! The churro thing. Almost dropping it. Yup. Terrifying, even!” He sighed to himself after seeing my expression and then said in a softer voice, “I’m sorry, I’m just nervous.” 

“Oh, okay,” I said unsure.

That voice…

Just as I was about to reply, I was cut off by my mom.

“Y/N! Dinner is ready!”, my mom called from afar.

I turned back and yelled a reply, “Okay! I’m up!”

When I turned to apologize to Churro-Boy for the interruption, he was standing on the railing again. 

“I uh, gotta go,” he said, pointing over his shoulder towards the city.

 “Oh,” I said suddenly disappointed, “no yeah I totally get it. Gotta go give old ladies directions and collect those churros right?” I tried joking. 

“Obviously, I want my churro collection to grow so,” he joked back. “Do you- do you want the rest of it? I’m kinda full anyway”

He offered the churro to me and I took it, “Eh, why not. If Spider-Man offers you a churro, one cannot deny it, right?” I smiled softly.

“Right,” he confirmed. “Churro-Boy out,” he saluted as he shot a web and swung away.

I mock-saluted him even though he didn’t see it as I bit into the churro. I closed my window and took out my phone to get rid of the 911 dial; I didn’t wanna risk butt dialing the cops. I could only imagine how that conversation would go. After I put my phone away, I made my way into the kitchen and greeted my mom.

“Morning Mom,” I mumbled, taking a bite.

“Where did you get that churro from?” 

I smiled knowingly and said, “Your friendly neighborhood Churro-Boy gave it to me”

“I don’t even wanna know,” she muttered. “But that better not be code for drugs.”

Mother!” I exclaimed with my posh voice, “I would never!”

Part 2