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"I almost died" and/or "Hey, you’re safe now. It’s over.” With ladynoir? I absolutely love how you write their dynamic and I'm in desperate need of some ladynoir right now bc I'm stuck in the hospital and need something to cheer me up 😩

Oh no, @alpacalypticpotatoes! I hope this makes your hospital stay a little brighter. <3

“I almost died,” Chat Noir gasped. “Holy cats, I almost died.” He clutched his chest with one clawed hand, panting.

“Chat, stop being so dramatic, we need to…” Ladybug trailed off once she got a good look at her partner. He was doubled over, chest heaving and face shiny with sweat. “Chat?”

“I…I can’t…breathe…” he wheezed.

Ladybug was suddenly by his side, guiding him down to sit on the rooftop. “Hey, you’re safe now.” She brushed his hair away from his forehead. “It’s over.”

Chat Noir’s eyes were wide as he gasped beside her.

“Kitty, focus on me, okay? If you keep breathing that fast, you’re going to pass out. Breathe in for me. Okay, breathe out.” She took his hand in hers, smoothing out his palm and linking their fingers together. After a few minutes, his breathing evened out and he relaxed.

He cleared his throat. “Ah, sorry about that.”

“What happened?”

Chat Noir shook his head. “I’m not sure. It’s not like that was the first time I’ve gotten thrown off the Eiffel Tower.”

“Probably won’t be the last either,” Ladybug quipped.

He gave her a small smile. “Probably not.”

“You kind of freaked out though.”

“Yeah…yeah, I know. I think…it’s been a rough week and maybe that was just one thing too much?”

“I can understand that,” she nodded. She loosened her fingers from his but instead of pulling away she began to trace patterns on his open palm. “This can all be a lot to deal with sometimes.” 

He watched her motions. “Yeah.”

“Like, I had this huge test today that I know I totally bombed because of that stupid egg akuma yesterday.”

“That guy was disgusting.”

“Right? So while I should’ve been studying, instead I was chasing Chicken Man across the city,” she complained.

“I’m right there with you. I’m pretty sure I failed a test earlier too.”

“Mmmm,” Ladybug hummed, sliding her index finger up along his. She tapped the tip of his claw and began to slide it back down. Chat Noir’s breath hitched and she looked up, flushing and dropping his hand. “Sorry,” she muttered.

“I…I didn’t mind,” he gulped. “Uh, you can keep doing it if you want. It was relaxing.” He offered his hand. 

She eyed it for a moment before taking it in hers again, beginning with his pinky. After a few minutes, a deep rumbling began in Chat Noir’s chest. “Ignore that,” he muttered.

Ladybug scooted closer to him so their shoulders were touching. She linked their fingers again and let their joined hands drop into her lap as she rested her head on his vibrating shoulder. “You’re like my own personal massage chair,” she sighed.

“If I’m a chair, you should get in my lap.”

She was silent for a moment. “Maybe I should.”

“Holy cats, I think I’m dying again.”

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I’ve reached a decision, at least for now. This blog is most likely going to stay, so long as this method works for me and causes me less stress. Please read this through if you’re someone who asks for advice or plans to in the future!

  • anons are now permanently disabled. i’m sorry, but I can’t deal with the constant rudeness and bullying
  • we’ll now have something called anon hour. this will probably be adjusted as i try to find the best times to do this, but basically I will enable anons for a short period of time for one hour on certain days of the week. for now, anon hour will begin on fridays and saturdays around 5 pm (est). we’ll see how this works and if it needs adjusting. but I will turn anon on starting from 5 and ending at 6 pm
  • i will answer any asks you send privately if you ask, and delete any of your asks asap if you request me to.
  • if you guys have questions or even some other suggestions for this, let me know!
  • no, i don’t plan to ever enable anon again permanently anytime soon.
  • if i still continue to get nasty anons despite all of this, I really think I’ll consider leaving. something has to change, and my mental health is the most important thing here

Thank you all so much for the support. Seriously. Thank you for giving me suggestions. I really didn’t want to leave this blog and I’m glad I could try something out. I really hope this works and lessens the stress for me. 

So I don’t plan to leave this blog any time soon. Don’t worry!

Right now the Senate is working on the health care repeal act. In secret. As in behind closed doors. As in they can do whatever the fuck they want back there. We already know that insurers are pulling out of the program. Now we hear that they are working on cutting medicare. So if we don’t qualify for insurance and we can’t have medicare, what are the options?  No access, that is the option. Whatever medical needs we have are going to kill us. Plain and simple. End of story. 

And there is nothing anyone can or will do. I know people say they will help and offer assurances (and please, don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the kind words) but when you come right down to it, when you lie awake at night scared to death and panicking, really the only person you have is yourself. Trying to get people to understand the absolute fear of knowing you can’t control your own, or your families health is a difficult line to follow. Explanation and desperation can easily be seen as begging and whining. And, in many social circles, unacceptable. So. When it comes right down to the wire people have to fend for themselves. How? I honestly have no fucking clue. Writing a will comes to mind. Because in the upcoming months and years, if this shit passes, a last will is really all many of us will have to show for our health battles.

*Just feeling more than a little desperate right now. Give me a bit and I’ll work on sucking it up*

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Hi hun I really need you to give me tips or advice on how not let people get to me or hurt me so easily, biggest example right now, my friends are letting me out of stuff they literally make plans to hangout without me in front of me and I come home and cry, I'm so tired of that and it's not like oh I can cut them off of my life and that's it they are literally the only friends I have ++

++ I mean I’m a senior and six months away from ending high school. but the school I go to is really small and everybody has already their designated group of friends, and I don’t like to be alone or being lonely ironic having in count that’s how I feel right now, so can you please give me some tips/advice/motivation, love you and your blog inspires me to don’t give up on things but I really need your help right now

Hi darling ✨ It’s understandable to be upset over this; those people do not sound like friends at all and dealing with that social environment is definitely not healthy. You deserve to much better than that. You deserve to be included. You deserve to be treated with kindness and respect; especially from your own friends.

Personally I think the best things you could do for yourself right now is to concentrate on self care, and if you’re feeling up to it you can always make new friends. I don’t think you necessarily need to cut off your current group just yet especially with exams going on; but it would be good for you to socialize with others, and familiarize yourself with the signs of toxic friends.

When we’re dealing with toxic behaviour in friends, there are basically three choices: Let things continue on the way they are, cut them off, or change the relationship which is unfortunately not always possible.

  • Put self care first, and prioritize with the basics such as eating enough food, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, brushing and flossing your teeth, taking medication if needed, etc. Self care makes you more energetic and mentally present, which is crucial for exam season.
  • Know that people put others down to try and make themselves feel better. This sort of behaviour has nothing to do with you personally, but this behaviour is also unacceptable. Remind yourself that you can’t control other people.
  • Be firm about your boundaries mentally with yourself and verbally with your friend group. Be clear about what you won’t tolerate, and do your best to stick it out.  
  • Distance yourself from people who make you feel left out. You don’t have to make sense of it; just listen to your feelings and go where you feel comfortable. Try to keep this up when you’re at school, but know that it can take time. 
  • Challenge yourself to talk to someone else in your classes. Say hi to different people at lunch. Give a genuine compliment to someone you’ve never seen before. The opportunity to make friends at school is everywhere.
  • Reconnect with someone from your past. Think about your good friends and family members that you may have lost touch with or haven’t seen in a while. Maybe you have an acquaintance that you’ve always admired but never had the chance to reach out to. Spending even an hour or so with someone other than your regular friend group can do wonders. You may even make a new best friend.

More other answers that may be helpful:

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what to do on nights where you feel sad and alone

When school is over, I really want you to consider pushing even further outside of your comfort zone to connect with new people. You are sooo lovable and please remember that you deserve friends who treat you well. I wish you luck darling. I’m thinking about you. 🌹💝

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Hi! Just wondering if you answer all asks about episodes from memory or do you look them up based on the question? Do you usually know what episode it is and just need to look up the exact title?

it’s half “i’ve watched this episode so many times it’s burned into my brain and can answer questions about it in my sleep” and half “i literally just googled phrases from the question and an answer came up, why are you waiting a week to get an answer from me when google is Right There” 


You carried the last two boxes up to your new apartment, your small, five year old son in front of you with his Captain America and Thor action figures. Neither of you expected your husband to die so soon in life. It had been nearly a year now. Your husband was shot when trying to stop a robbery at a bank. You recently found the courage to take off your wedding ring, only to buy a fake silver chain to put it on.

You found yourself struggling to pay for your house and bills by yourself. You had to downgrade to a two bedroom, one bath apartment in Brooklyn.

“Need any help?” Your across the hall neighbor, a strong man with blonde hair and blue eyes, asked. “No, but thanks.” You answered while opening your door. “Offer is always on the table.” He replied. “I’m sure I’ll need it one day.” You honestly answered. He nodded before going back into his apartment.

You went into yours and sat on your couch with a huff. Your little boy looked up to you with teary eyes. “Oh, baby, no. Don’t cry.” You cooed. He shook his head and ran up and hugged you. “It’s okay.” You whispered and kissed his cheek. You knew he was tired. The building didn’t have an elevator and you two lived on the fourth floor and he helped carry some of the very very light boxes. You had carried the rest in, four trips up and down the steps with him. “Come on, let’s take a nap.” You said and carried him to his room, where his messy bed was. He sniffled and looked at his blankets, “Where Furry?” He innocently asked, referring to the soft, forrest theme blanket your mom made him. “He’s in his box. Do you want me to find him?” (Y/S/N) nodded before you looked.

It took about two weeks to sort everything out in the apartment. You currently been woken at twelve in the morning to answer your phone. Your brother told you that your mom was in the hospital and you needed to come. You panicked. You didn’t want to bring (Y/S/N) with, he would throw a fit and not listen and be more of a reason to panic for you.

Steve. Your neighbor. Please, let him help. You rushed to his door and knocked on the door quickly. He opened his door, with a slightly groggy. “Hi, I’m so sorry to bother you, but can you please just make sure that  (Y/S/N), stays alive and well until morning?” You asked, in a bit of a hurry. “My mom is in the hospital and I need to be there.” You added. “I’ll do it, (Y/N).” He responded.

You sighed of relief and kissed both of his cheeks, just in pure relief and excitement. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” You exclaimed and kissed his cheek again. “I’ll be back in the morning. If he wakes up, tell him explain in the morning.” You breathed and ran down the steps.

Steve rubbed his eyes and grabbed the book he was recently reading before going into your apartment. He made a make shift bed out of your couch and read his book.

Around two, your boy came in the living room and sniffed, putting his favorite blanket to his face with his Captain America and Iron Man action figures in his hands. He walked over to Steve and pushed on his sleeping body. Steve woke and noticed your son, “Hey buddy.” Steve muttered. Your boy groaned and walked over to him. “What’s going on?” He asked and put his book down. Your boy whimpered and crawled onto Steve’s chest. “Did you have a bad dream?” Steve questioned, honestly not sure what to do. (Y/S/N) whimpered and nodded. “I get them too. They’re not fun.” Steve told him. “They’re not real though. It’s okay. We’re okay.” Your son adjusted on Steve and started to sleep again.

When you came back to your apartment around nine in the morning. You walked into a living room full of block towers, action figures on those towers, and a neighbor that might help your son become a good man.

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i hope alec punches robert in the face .. like as soon as robert shows his ass at the institute i hope alec doesn't even let him say a single word and just punches him to the ground .. then he kicks him out and when robert says "you can't do that" alec should say "head of the institute binch .. i can do whatever the fuck i want" and then he informs robert that luke is his father now and there's no need for robert to ever show his ugly face again. the end. lmao ..

all this needs is magnus, jace and izzy in the background like

SU theory

I just realized something. Well we all know how much the crewniverse loves foreshadowing. And in the episode “Lars’ Head”, when Steven is going back to Homeworld, he tells Lion how he wishes he could understand him.

Weeeeeeell… Lars has just become a creature like Lion. So what if Lars can now communicate with Lion???

Do you understand how much vital information Lion could have?? We all talk to animals, right? And Rose had a lot of secrets! She needed someone to vent to! What if Lion has all the answers Steven has been looking for and Lars is the only one who can find out???

It’s just a theory, but a totally valid one. Think about it.

McHanzo Week Day 4: Red || Blue

Hey folks! Sorry for the wait but my head wasn’t quite where I needed it to be for most of the day. So it took me a little longer to write my entry for day 4. As a side-note. I mention a lot of things in these little ficlets and don’t explain them straight away. Memories, experiences, etc. The thing is, I would like to continue this on after the McHanzo Week is over. There will be parts where questions will be answered. Thanks for your patience and now have fun!

Day 1     Day 2     Day 3

They planned on staying for three days to take care of necessary reparations and to restock their food and water supplies. On the second day, though, Reinhardt along with Torbjörn went below deck to check on a leak that they had fixed temporarily. Their faces were grim when they returned to Jesse.  Their stay would have to be prolonged for a while because the leak was worse than they had anticipated. Torbjörn had wondered how they made it to the port at all.

The plan had been to stay for three days. They were now on day five and Jesse had to admit, at least to himself, that he was getting a little antsy. Sitting still for long had never been his strong suit. He needed to be on his way, out on the sea. He needed to move.

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something that always bugged me

In the few last panels of gaiden, we are shown this

Ino says hi to sasuke because she had just returned from completing a mission, and as she says it’s been a while.

And Sarada takes this as Ino flirting with her father and wants to step in to stop it.

Now this may be all funny and stuff, but why? Why would she feel the need to block Ino from flirting or even feel like she was in the first place? Does Sakura not tell about her best friend to Sarada? It’s not like she is unaware that Ino is married to Sai and they already have a kid her age. I’m sure that Sakura did tell Sarada about Ino having a crush on Sasuke, but is that all? LIke this is not the image Sarada should be getting at all about Ino..  it really is not a good look.. 

Answers for me you can think of? 

yo skip this if you dont wanna know a bunch of random things about me

my babe my mate my dude @niqhteyes tagged me in another thing and now i’m gonna annoy you all here we go

Rules: answer each and then tag 15 people (lmao fifteen. sure)

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— How many years had it been? Since the Host became who he was now? Dark didn't remember and didn't entirely care. But here he was, looking over the other as a wave of nostalgia washed over him. He rolled his neck with a subtle crack and narrowed his eyes. "HoST. How HaVe yoU bEEn?" Fake the pleasantries and get to finding the information he needed. That was his plan.

“I’ve been quite well.”, the Host answered, tugging at his sleeve. He hated talking with Dark, he always brought a sense of fear into him. He knew the other wanted information, so he hoped he could simply provide and be left alone.

well this picture is finally done…. and tumblr killed the colours. but my god has this picture given me way more trouble than needed. in photoshop my picture looks way less pink. seriously, this looks terrible now. and it also took me way too long to complete.

hope you guys all like my picture of our lovely Space Jesus.

also the background is an official background… i’ll replace it one day but not now.

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Mineta is a pervert ... (I wonder if he will find a girlfriend one day) I think he became perverse because of his balls on his xD head

while i don’t hate mineta and i think he has the potential to grow as a character and into a hero, i’m really not comfortable with people treating his behavior as “okay” or “normal”. sure, he’s a gag character, but writers need to tread carefully between showing something as funny and normalizing things like sexual harassment. 

i’m not going to answer any more mineta-related asks for now, this train of conversation is making me really uncomfortable.

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Someone needs to tell Magnus that he's right at least once an episode because he is always right about everything

Oh my god, yes. Magnus is taking care of so much shit and he deserves some recognition.

Or hey, even better than acknowledgement, what if he actually GOT PAID for all the work he’s been doing for these ungrateful shadowhunters???????? Since he’s the High Warlock of Brooklyn and this is literally his JOB and everything. Imagine, Magnus getting paid for his work. What a concept.