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it’s ml editor appreciation week! so it’s time for me to do something i almost never do: make a serious text post.

i wanted to write a little bit about some of the friends i’ve made in the fandom. i’d love to write to everybody, but i don’t know a lot of you as well as i’d like to just yet, so first, for anybody i didn’t specifically address:

all of your stuff is incredible. everyone and i mean everyone in the discord makes amazing edits. you guys are so, so good at what you do and i’m amazed by all of it. it’s such a treat to get to know you all, see what goes into making what you make, and to personally tell you how much i love the result. never stop doing what you do.

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Drop and Run.

Drabble Challenge - Prompt 89 - “You’re not interested, are you?” Filled for @littlepinkpencil   

Thank you for the prompt, I tried to give you a little bit of angst.  I hope you like it. :) 

“Talk to me,” Harvey pleaded, closing the distance between them, his eyes never leaving Mike’s stressed out expression.  He wanted to touch him so badly his fingers twitched, but he feared the worst, so he settled for just being close enough to feel Mike’s breath against his face.

“You’re not interested, are you?”  He asked as a sickly feeling rolled through his stomach.  He hoped he was wrong.

“Of course I am!” Mike sputtered, indignant and annoyed that Harvey would ever think that he wasn’t.  “It’s just, why now?”

“Why not?”

“Um, I don’t know, how about because in thirty minutes you’re jumping in a cab and I won’t see you for three weeks!”   

Harvey looked like he’d bitten into a sour grape, he knew he was going to have to come clean and tell Mike that it had panned out this way because he was scared.

“I mean you can’t just say you want this, us, me, and then leave!” Mike screeched, his emotions getting the better of him.  He stopped pacing and let his body flop down onto the couch.  

Harvey sat down next to him and placed a hand on Mike’s.

“I’m sorry Mike, I was freaking out, I guess I thought there was a chance you’d reject me, and we would need the space, so I made sure I’d have an out,”  Harvey confessed, smiling weakly at Mike.

“You’re a jackass; you know that, right?” He joked half-heartedly, squeezing Harvey’s hand and rolling his eyes at him.  “Just so we’re clear, I want the complete opposite.  I want us to stop wasting time and get this show on the road,” Mike affirmed, bumping shoulders with Harvey and smiling shyly at him.  “This is gonna suck!”

Harvey pulled him up, and they walked hand in hand through the office eliciting some open-mouthed gawking.  They only had time for a quick coffee and a short walk before Harvey tightly hugged Mike and jumped into the cab, promising to Skype. 

It was a strange couple of weeks.  Harvey had said the ‘L’ word, and Mike had confirmed he was indeed on board with the idea of ‘us’, and yet when they Skyped or talked on the phone, it was business as usual with no hint that they were anything more than friends.  

Harvey was going crazy; he missed Mike so severely he’d started stalking his Instagram page, just so he could see Mike’s face, even if most of the pictures were ridiculous selfie’s.  He wanted to tell him he missed him, but he feared it would only amplify the feeling and make things worse.

Mike felt lost, he felt like he’d been given everything he’d ever wanted, but it had been taken away from him before he’d gotten the chance to enjoy it.  He was so mopey, Donna suggested he do all of his work in Harvey’s office, so he felt closer to him.

Harvey skyped late one evening just to let him know he was returning three days early.  Mike’s smile took over his whole face, and he quickly assured Harvey that he would be waiting for him at the airport.  After he had hung up, he bounced for a half an hour.  He shouldn’t be nervous he thought, they’d said things to each other, it would be okay, but what if it were awkward?  

Mike didn’t sleep.

As the flight landed at JFK, Mike’s words, ‘Let’s get this show on the road’, bought a smile to his face.  Harvey wouldn’t be letting Mike out of his sight for a least a week.

Harvey’s eyes flicker over the crowd anxiously, until they clock Mike, and then he is storming toward him, singularly focused, the sea of people between them dividing, leaving just the two of them standing face to face.

“I missed you,” Harvey says passionately, hands covering Mike’s face as he pulls him in and kisses him fervently, the love, although unspoken was like a neon sign to passersby.  He pushes Mike backwards until his back bumps into a pillar in the baggage claim area.  They break the kiss, but Harvey keeps his body firmly against Mike’s.  Mike smiles up at him, elated and stupendously turned on.  Harvey strokes his face and kisses him again but softer this time.

“You really did miss me, huh?” Mike whispers against his lips.

“Yeah, I really did.”

Authors note: Thanks for reading, I really appreciate the support.  This is my second drabble, six more to come.  They will all be posted on AO3 under - Millie’s Mini Marvey Musings.