but now i know no on well like it

I don’t really hate many fictional characters or people that much but I have a deep hatred for this little asshole, Mira.

now you are probably thinking to yourself “petal why the fuck do you hate a kid so much” well first of all she has stupid ass hair but I’ll tell you the real reason.

 If you ever played the 4th generation games you know at one point you have to go through Wayward Cave where you meet this little shit who got herself fucking lost and she decides to pair up with you during the game as you navigate the cave.

 So that means all the battles you encounter are double battles. Okay this is where the real story begins. You see I actually like her at first she was cute and sweet. Until we came across a random pokemon encounter of Zubat halfway through the cave. 

Now you are all thinking “Really zubat!! those are like the most annoying pokemon you can find in caves I’m sick of them.”

 First of all shut ur mouth they evolve into my precious Crobat. Second of all these weren’t any ordinary zubat one of them was a shiny. 

So me being the fan I am was all like “Fucking yeah my first shiny of the game i’m raise this into a precious crobat which is one of my favorite pokemon!”






IT WAS A SHINY ZUBAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So I just saw a post on google saying how, 'BTS is the fakest group' and 'They aren't really friends, it's just for the camera.' and that pissed me off so much. Like....wtf?

Um…whoever said that is LYING TO THEMSELVES!!!

They’re either bitter because BTS is really popular right now, or maybe they’re just so used to groups secretly disliking each other that they don’t know what real friendship looks like anymore. But if you’ve watched like…any video with BTS in it you can see how much they genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

And it’s not just for camera either. Here’s what an ex-staff member at a broadcasting station wrote about BTS after seeing them being slandered online:

Anyway, there have been rumors about BTS’s personalities?, right? I saw other fandoms dragging them down with this… Well, I thought it was ridiculous so I decided to write about BTS I had seen for a short time. I worked briefly doing chores at a music show and BTS was present during this period. But seriously you can’t talk about BTS’s personalities like that. They’re really nice. Other celebrities mentioned them too and they said they’re very nice. Perhaps all of them except one member are very shy..? They only stayed in their waiting room. They’re not extremely quiet and they’re not very loud too. It looked like they gather around each other and play together. The waiting rooms don’t have great soundproof facilities so you can actually hear what they’re talking about and I heard them when I passed the hall and I thought they were really cute so I’ll share an anecdote. ㅋㅋㅋ I suddenly heard people laughing loudly from BTS’s waiting room so I stood there thinking “huh?” and I realized that they were telling each other weird jokes and then giggling like high school girls and they continued to play some strange game? kind of thing. Anyway, they looked like a 4D group. I could sense the vibe of high school girls from them

So in conclusion, IT’S REAL AND ITS LOVE 😍😭😘

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Well I don't know how Eleanor can be on a plane right now considering I just posted a Larry photo of Harry giving Louis a rose and I tagged her like the salt I am and she just untagged it??? Literally three minutes after I posted it I'm screaming 😂 So she can't be on the plane , damn who knew a sweet picture could make her that stressed 😂


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Well maybe now that he officially put it out there they will just act like costars and stop with the twitter shrines and heart eyes and inappropriate touching and behavior. I can see that happening now. I think the con will look extremely different and maybe this was all timed for a specific reason. At least we know the truth now, it's a shame it had to come out this way. I hope they have fun with the shamzie shippers. They won't be nearly as fun as we were.

He didn’t officially put anything out there, though. He posted an obvious picture of himself in front of a sign that said GEORGIA and then let the fandom do what they always do, which is ask questions and dig for information. This was innuendo, whether intentional or otherwise is up to you to decide.

As far as ECCC goes, it makes zero sense to piss off part of the fandom before a huge event that people have paid hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to attend. Once again, the online fandom is erupting because of dishonesty (perceived or real) regarding their personal lives. Same shit, different day - but I think many have reached their limits. Once again, another spectacular fail in handling fan perception.

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Hey! I gathered you learned Polish by yourself. First thing, congrats, it really is impressive. :D I also want to learn Polish by myself, I can't afford taking classes. I learned Italian and German at school, it went well, but I'm a bit afraid now that I have to learn alone. Did you use a specific ressource? Polski krok po kroku, Hurra!!! po polsku perhaps? I would love to know. Thanks a lot for your time :)

Oh, by the way, do you have any blog recommendation for my Polish journey? Thanks again!!

Hey! Thanks for your message and your kind words :)
Learning a language on your own is not scary at all and it’s actually quite fun so I hope you will feel the same way! (Especially with a beautiful language like Polish)

The main resource I use are Duolingo, Wiktionary (for verb conjugations, noun declensions and others), and also Mowicpopolsku.com which is quite helpful with grammar lessons. Tumblr is also an amazing resource because there a lot of really nice native speakers that are super helpful and sweet! 

  • Here are my posts about how to decline nouns just in case!
  • singular & plural

Now there are a lot of really nice blogs that have helped me with Polish (there are a lot of non-langblrs so I will just list Polish langblrs that I can think of but I still love everyone and sorry if I forget one of you!!)

Everything For Everyone

Characters: Sister!Reader, Dean, Sam, Cas, Charlie
Words:  955
Requested by Anonymous:  I know you are not taking requests right now, but I thought you might like this idea for when you do. I was thinking a sister Winchester image. Both Boys are sick at the bunker and the reader has to take care of them by herself as well as do research for a hunt she found, while helping Charlie and cas out with separate problems. Before you know it, it all becomes too much for the reader, and she is so overwhelmed that she goes off on everyone. Then they all make up

A/N: If you want to be tagged in anything, just let me know. :)

          You had four books open on the table in front of you and your ears wide open for any sound coming from your brothers. You hated that they were both sick. Of course, it had to happen at the same time. So, you were nursing to sick grown men.

           The books weren’t helping at all. You weren’t even sure if you were retaining any of the information. You needed to figure out what you would be up against if you took on the hunt you thought you had found. Could you leave your brothers alone while you went on a hunt? Would they let you go on a hunt alone?

           As if he knew you were thinking about him, Dean called your phone. You had forbid them from yelling because they starting coughing if they did. So, you made them call you if they needed anything.

           “Hi, Dean,” you answered.

           “Can I have some soup?” he asked.

           “Sure. Tomato?”

           “Yes, please,” he said.

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I honestly want to know how long Lotor was sitting in the fighter tho. Like it was all tangled up so a while I think. Maybe 3 days?? Maybe more??? Just sitting there doing nothing until hot mystery Paladin LANDS ON THE FUCKING COCKPIT. WHAT THE HELL WAS HE DOING THE ENTIRE TIME?? I imagine he's just watching the Kardashians just like: "Shut the fuck up Kim you slut"

OMFGGG tbh i have a feeling his father sent him there to get shit ya know??? but PLOT TWIST: HIS DAD IS A MAJOR ASSHOLE AND JUST WANTS TO KILL HIM LMAO so thats why lotor’s just like “well fuck ive been bamboozled once again by my dad…….how disappointing…..welp this is my life now……im just gonna…..die here……inside this huge ass worm……..”



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You know how some aphobes have been saying that aces/aros can't be oppressed bc they wear pride gear? Well then I guess trans/gay/bi people aren't oppressed bc I see people wearing those flags as capes to school on the regular. Sorry for the salt I'm just bitter that they've apparently moved on to throwing /everyone/ under the bus now

It’s harrowing to watch, honestly, especially since so many of us predicted it at the very beginning–when you begin to erect walls around a community to keep out people you don’t like, especially when there isn’t even a grain of a reason they shouldn’t be there, it is absolutely inevitable that you will continue to draw the borders tighter and tighter until there isn’t room for anyone at all.


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I find my self writing sentences like this a lot in my first draft - “there was something about the way she said that made him uneasy,” or “something about the empty room sent a chill up her spine.” I know it’s fine for now, but I can’t think of any other alternatives. Do you know any? 

Well, I think the first problem is that you’re relying too much on a vague understanding or description. You’re not thinking hard enough about what’s actually happening. Instead of saying “something about the way she said it made him uneasy,” tell us what that something was. Instead of saying, “something about the empty room sent a chill up her spine,” tell us what she found to be creepy.

For example: 

“There was an eerie hopelessness in her voice that made him uneasy.”

“The musty old room was impossibly dark and unnaturally silent, and it sent a chill up her spine.”

This is a lot more interesting than not explaining what’s causing the person to think or feel a certain way. ;)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

Both @n-k-y and myself are people of color.

Starlert blocked both of us for saying that white people claiming they’re victims of racism when a previously white character is reimagined or head canoned as a person of color is stupid.

And now they say that nothing I or Rochelle say has value.

Well isn’t that nice?

White PEOPLE, so dramatic, am I right?

I don’t know why starlert is calling me a racist though.

I have like, four white friends?

How can I be racist?

And dude, I like…reblog pictures of white people all the time?


Most importantly I can’t be racist to white people…

Because racism is a institutionalized system of oppressing races based on the belief that ones own race is superior.

And I never said that.

All I said was that white people saying that it’s “white genocide” to re imagine a white character as colored are being ridiculous.

Because I have this radical notion that a white dominated media having one of their icons changed to another race in order to make new narrative might just be alright.

And not comparable to the eradication of Jewish people in Nazi death camps.

But sure.

Animentality is a racist.

Block me, guys.

If you think that that’s white genocide?

Block me.

And get the hell off my blog you ignorant piece of shit.

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Souda is such a bro with Komahina

Haha of course, they are my friends after all !

…Me too?

Hm? Well yeah? I mean sure we didn’t start really well but I like to think that it’s behind us now and that we are cool now. No?

No, no. You’re right ! It’s just…I didn’t know you consider me as your friend. I know I can be a bit strange sometimes…

Well yeah, I would be lying if I said that I never found you strange.

But it’s okay. I understand now that it’s just a part of who you are, so weirdo or not, we are still friend !

….Thank you.

Eh, no need to thank me for such a thing !

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“Sit back, let me take care of you,” she argued with her loving, doting, stubborn asshole of a boyfriend.

He sat back against the headboard, taking the offered cup of coffee as he huffed loudly. “I’m fine, Y/N. I’ve had worse.”

She rolled her eyes. “Well, be thankful that werewolf didn’t have your leg,” she motioned to the currently encased leg that Dean was now resting on the shitty motel bed.

He pulled the cup to his lips, refusing to speak anymore. He then promptly spat it back out. “What the hell—?”

“It’s coffee.”

“This is not coffee,” Dean shook his head, sticking his tongue out like the taste was hurting him.

“Well, that’s what the vending machine outside claimed it was.”

“This tastes like crap.”

“Setting aside the fact that you apparently know what crap tastes like—” That comment had earned her a bitchface Sam would’ve been proud of. “—you shouldn’t move around so much.”

Dean pouted, looking not unlike a surly child.

Y/N sighed, looking down at her boyfriend. She carefully crawled onto the bed beside him and curled into his side. “I’ll make you a deal—you sit here and let me take care of you, and I’ll watch one of you bullshit Westerns.”

“They’re not bullshit.”

“I’ll even watch one with Clint Eastwood and a monkey.”

There was a beat of silence. “…I want real coffee first.”

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Placing my phone in my handbag and making my way to my bedroom door, with my hair tied back and my sweatpants and sweatshirt on, I look like I am going to the gym but I’m not, I am going to see Cassandra. Pulling open my bedroom door and making my way down the hall, my family are still here which I don’t mind, just because they entertain me and keep my mind busy. I have got Liana another job, well actually they asked for her to do this. Burberry want my daughter to model their clothes on the catwalk, this is a big thing for her because I am not sure on what she will be like, but I accepted either way. I am just going to concentrate on my daughter and her future, this is my motivation right now and that is her. I told Chris, well I text him and he tried to change the subject but I blanked him, least he knows that his daughter will be walking that catwalk in LA.

“I was about to get you” Noella met me in the lobby “really? What is up?” walking along with her “uhm the dining hall” she pointed, turning to the left to see what is in the dining hall. I stopped in my tracks “what?” I said staring in shock “same” Noella said at the side of me, seeing Mel climbing over the roses, the dining room is filled with roses, the whole room. Gawking at the whole room “here” Mel passed me the small card “so who sent this?” I asked them, I have no idea who would do such a thing “well we don’t know, these guys came and said there is no name, we was told to deliver them. Someone spent some money” dropping my handbag to the ground, opening the small envelope “I have no idea either” I mumbled, pulling the card out ‘sorry’ is the only words written on it, turning the card over to see of any clue, but then I realised it’s from Chris with ‘CB’ written in the corner “any clue with who sent it?” Noella asked, shaking my head and placing the card back in the envelope “wow, this whole room filled with roses, is it valentine’s day yet?” Rorrey said behind me “clearly” picking my handbag up, staring at the room just thinking what am I going to do with them.

Turning around and seeing my mom in front of me “somebody loves you” she pointed “I guess” walking by my mom, I am not in the mood for it. I just need to speak to someone that is not related or will not judge me, I need to vent. I am angry, just angry at myself and done with self-loathing, I realized I can’t rely on anyone so I need to suck this shit up, my feelings pushed aside, fuck men. Stepping outside to the back yard “Liana, baby” seeing my daughter and Majesty in the pool with Rajad “be careful baby” worries me when she is in this thing “mommy is going to see a friend ok? I will be out for a little while, nana is going to look after you so please be good” crouching down at the edge of the pool “ok mommy” Rajad held Liana and bought her over “I love you, see you soon baby” pushing her hair back “love you” she cheesed “please look after her” I said to Rajad before getting up “I will be back” turning around to walk back in.

Walking back inside the house “mom, I am going to see a friend but I will be back. Liana’ Ballet class is in an hour so please take her, Rich will be back to drop you off” I said to my mom “ok baby, see you soon” I know once again I am not taking Liana but this is the only time I can see Cassandra, she is allowing me in her home because I refuse to go to her office. Seeing Rich stood in the lobby “thank you” I said to him, I feel bad because this is so last minute for me and him. Feeling someone tug at my arm, stopping to look behind “are you sure everything is ok with you?” Mel whispered “yeah, everything is fine. I cried and I am over it, I just need to see a friend and I will be back” Mel stared at me frowning “you seem to be closing off your feelings, I can see that hard face back” giving Mel a slight smile “well I need to start thinking of my daughter, I need to stop being a little bitch for that matter” Mel let my arm go, she looked at me in sadness.

Sitting in the back of the SUV, I don’t know why Chris is even apologising, it is what it is. It happened and what else can I say, I just don’t know because I am so confused with everything. In one hand Chris telling me he is changed, he has stopped having sex, he wants me but then he was the same guy that walked out and cheated with the same bitch that is throwing this shit to my face, she reminds me of everything that went wrong and I hate him for it. He did that and I just can’t, my name is being dragged in the dirt because of this. I am angrier at the fact she did a throwback, that bitch Ava knows because she did a throwback and she had the nerve to have a picture of my daughter, of my daughter and her. Chris fucking allowed that and that is the reason why I fucking cut that shit off, I am so angry but I need to remain silent, I can’t say anything. Makes me hate Chris more and more, she just opens the door to all the fuck shit he did while he was away, he really didn’t want me then but he wants me now, fuck him.

Slamming the car door behind me “woah, the door is about to break off” Rich said, breathing out as I made my way up the drive “you going to be good here? You want me to wait outside” he said behind me “no, just drop Liana off at Ballet class and then come back to me, I will be fine” the door opened and there stood Cassandra “Robyn” she smiled, I couldn’t help but smile back “long time” she opened her arms, embracing her hug “you look so well” stepping back, turning around to Rich “see you soon Rich, I’ll be fine” he looked at me all weird, he does not know this woman so he is reluctant to go “come on in” turning around to go inside “nobody is home besides my French bulldog, my son is at school” she closed the door behind me.

Cassandra’ home is so nice and cosy, it’s small, looking around the open plan room with kitchen area “so it is just you and your son?” I questioned, I am nosey “yes, it is just me and my Brandon. Before you ask his father lives in Philly, he sees him now and then and to be rather truthful with you after having Brandon we didn’t get on. I am more happy like this, happy with my son around. If the right man comes along it would be great but for now, I am happy” Cassandra is so sweet “that is nice to know, least you have a son. Is that him” pointed at a framed picture on the wall “yes, he wants to be a basketball player, just like every boy. I support him in everything though” smiling at him, he is cute “he was asking me who I was speaking too, that night you called. I was like boy, stop being nosey. I am always here for you and you know that” I feel bad that I called her so late, she don’t want money either and that is worse.

Cassandra placed her left leg over her right “enough about me, I am glad you came to see me. I haven’t seen you since that day and I can personally see an improvement. There seems to be a slight confidence in your eyes and tone of voice, which is a great thing but I am interested to hear what triggered this emotion? You told me you was going to the release party and I would like to know what happened after.” I was actually enjoying hearing about Cassandra’ life “well, when we talked and you said for me to go, I did. Everything went well and I did feel a little conscious about a lot of it, but I had my family with me. Liana had the time of her life and it warmed my heart to see, Chris looked after us well, had us well protected. I have told you the situation with Ava, well she messaged me. I was shocked and I am still confused on how she got my number. I was at the party and read this text, Ava put in the text how Chris had her there while we was together and how we never had a happy relationship, she questioned me saying why did Chris ask for her number while with me. She said how I am just as stupid as she is if I was to get back with Chris because he made me look stupid, and she named a few industry people that were there when he asked for her number, at that moment I felt my heart drop and I wanted out. I started walking and my friend tried to stop me but I walked and then things just came at me, someone wanted a picture and the bodyguards were pushing and dragging me along” closing my eyes as I stopped talking, things got so hectic.

Opening my eyes slowly “speak when you’re ready Robyn” placing my arms across my stomach “Chris did come, he wanted to know what happened but I said to him no. I hate him, and then Ava had the nerve to post a picture of my daughter and she, Chris was there. He is really making me look stupid, for all I know he is lying to me. I appreciate what he has done but he has also fucked me over and I ran to him, I am so stupid” wiping the tears that fell with my hand, Cassandra passed me some tissue “now I just don’t want to know, my daughter sat with me as I cried and then I felt so bad because she shouldn’t see that. For two days I sat in my room thinking, crying to myself and asking god why me” taking in a deep breath “this is the last time I will cry, I am done. I won’t do this to my daughter, I won’t let any man hurt me anymore” Cassandra nodded her head, staring at me like she staring into my soul and I hate it because I feel judged “what hurts you the most Robyn?” she said calmly “if you was to pick a certain moment from when you read that text, a part, what part would you say got you?” looking down at my hands thinking “that she made me look stupid, I am just like her” Cassandra didn’t say a word “from my understanding Chris shamed her. I have read these things, so I would say she is a scorned woman” I think Cassandra is speaking to herself.

“How do you feel right now, if I was Chris right now because it seems like he is the source of your heart pain. If Chris was here right now, sat here what would you say to him?” Cassandra spoke while looking at her notepad “I would ask him why, why do you want me now? Are you wanting me because you pity me, because you feel bad. Why didn’t you try and get me back before then, you never tried after because you was busy fucking her. Chris was so content in being this man hoe he is but now he is celibate? I have been so stupid, I have been blind while everyone saw, out of all this I am the stupid one. I went into the relationship with Mychal still carrying feelings for Chris and he knew it, I was so blind. Now we have that connection that will never go because of Liana, I can never cancel him out. He is stuck there, I hate him. I hate men so much!” blowing my nose, I have a headache now but I just needed to get this off my chest.

“You did answer your own question that Chris will always be around, as you said. I don’t think you hate him, you hate that he’s hurt you. Remember when I said you need to get rid of things that bring negativity to you, you need to look to the future, one of these is that. Now because this a different situation because you both have a daughter, you have some underlying questions that have now come to light and for you to move on and look ahead you need to face Chris. You need to talk it out and tell him what he has done to you, you need to free that heart of yours” I can never face Chris, being in a room with him is my worst fear because I just fall for his stupid face “he has bought the trash I left in that home to my home, he said so much and I believed him” I shrugged staring at the wall “who was to say he wasn’t lying, what made you feel he is not telling you the truth?” looking at Cassandra “I don’t, I just know that boy is slick with his words, does and says things that are at that time not the truth. He has never fully admitted to the things he has done, he held his hands up but never told me what happened and why” Cassandra placed her notepad down “you are making great progress, this Robyn I see is great. Like I said, you need a fresh break, you need to speak to Chris and you need to come clean so then I can help you to move forward” this is going to be so hard “what if he talks his way through it, he has sent me roses. A whole room full of roses, I don’t want it” Cassandra smiled lightly “you need to do what makes you happy, the lies and betrayal is consuming the bond you both got. You can trust your own judgement, I know you will be just fine. Just seeing you like this Robyn makes me happy” I guess I have to do this.

Biting on my nail watching this stupid interview that this bitch has made, how the fuck has she even got air time “she is on radio for being my ex bitch! How?” my mom shushed me again, staring at the TV. Ava has really fucked me over, I thought this bitch was sweet too “I thought you was supposed to shut her up Mark? How is she allowed to release this huh?” I have a lawyer that can’t do shit “Chris you have to understand the female has nothing to lose, I filed the papers and she released it before she even got them. She played you, we will still get her” clenching my jaw seeing Big Boy speak to her “I thought this nigga was cool with me” shaking my head “money is money, gossip is gossip. This whole thing gives insight to the life of you dumbass, just be quiet” my sister said, I can’t stand to hear this shit “you made some serious stories up about Chris, you said on Instagram and I quote. You snorted cocaine off my thigh, that is some serious allegations for a man that has a child and could lose any kind of contact with his child if the baby mother was to push it further because we know he does see his daughter” Big Boy said “I don’t know how y’all even watching this” getting up from the couch “he did do that. It wouldn’t make a difference to him because he doesn’t even see his daughter, what daughter. His mother sees his daughter, he visits” with the remote in hand I ended up throwing the remote at the TV “I said turn it fucking off!” how can they even watch this “and you have met Liana” Big Boy said “yeah, that was before he took Rihanna to court out of spite, she was seeing other men and he didn’t like it. We argued on it like a couple, so he denies but he kept me because he wanted me” I am done listening to this, walking away.

Getting my phone out of my pocket “Chris I need you to be truthful with me right now, this has gone live and I am afraid we will get the police investigating you” Mark said behind me “what? Say it, ask me then” tapping Ava’ name “have you?” Mark asked “on my daughter’ life I didn’t, she is lying because the fuckin media will soak this up and say it’s true, I wouldn’t fucking do that!” I spat, Ava picked the phone up which I am shocked at “why you doing me like his? Honestly, why?” walking up the stairs “you think you can put my name down the drain, I can do the same. One thing about you, you had so many bitches that kept your secrets but I have been around you for far too long and know you” she doesn’t know me “you got your fame, leave me alone now Ava. Just get the fuck off my dick!” walking into my bedroom “then get Mark off my case then” she retorted, I snorted “hell the fuck no, you know Mark is going to make you so broke after this” Mark is still getting her ass “I know for a fact this isn’t upsetting you, what is upsetting you is that your little bitch Rihanna is upset with you, well good” disconnecting the call, I have royally fucked up but I don’t see how she can bring my name any further down.

I know every motherfucker has seen the interview, I know my album release has gone to shit too. Pressing record on my phone camera “I ain’t finna do no interview but I know y’all seen what Ava has said and if any of you know me then you know she is one of those bitter girls, I have never done the shit she is saying. I love my baby Liana Brown with all my heart and I would never do anything like that, I ain’t the best nigga alive and I ain’t an angel but I love my little lady. I wouldn’t be so disrespectful just because I know when my daughter is older she finna see this shit, people can believe what they want but just remember she is looking for a come up” stopping the recording, I didn’t think this would’ve happened but that is because I care about Robyn and I know she is seeing all of this.

You know how we were so used to all these Isak and Even moments a few weeks back, being updated almost every day? Well now, knowing that we will actually see them being a beautiful official couple soon (I hope) seems like a vague concept? Like some conspiracy theory coming true? Like it’s not really possible?

Ok so I was hanging out with my best friend irl and I was really nervous at first to talk to her about my name but now I have a friend irl who calls me Damien!!! She actually really liked the name and thought that it fit me really well and y’know she can’t call me Damien most of the time but like whenever we’re alone she’s gonna start calling me Damien and ahhhhhhh to have this irl is??? sO nice

~Mod Damien

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Hi! I don't know if you noticed that or it's just me but i do think that clarke's outifit has a meaning.In this season I see her wearing two t-shirts of two different colours (blue and grey) which are also the colours of the Bellarke's t-shirts.What do u think?

Someone made a note that Clarke’s shirt this season is blue, like Bellamy’s shirt in season 1. While Bellamy’s shirt this season is kind of taupe/khaki like Clarke’s shirt in season 1. This I find interesting. I was so busy thinking Bellamy’s shirt was like Well’s I failed to notice that they had switched colors. This makes sense because Bellamy and Clarke often take on the lessons learned or taught by the other, they repeat lines the other said, they take the side first taken by the other. They are two sides of the same coin.

Now why Clarke is wearing two shirts? I don’t know. Will she be removing one at some point? And the top shirt has buttons. Will that be unbuttoned more? I don’t really know what it means exactly yet.

Any ideas?

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im gunna cry, i love namjoon so much like i have been an OG fan since they debuted and seeing him like this makes my heart burst so much, and seeing how mich you love namjoon as much as i do makes my day so much. like hes grown so much and i feel privileged to see this happen and see how much hes grown as a rapper, leader, dancer and a person. okay today i m not O K A Y and i just need a hug and i need to know if hes happy and safe and he's eating well and sleeping well and im just gunna go now

wow I literally sent this ask to myself because #S.A.M.E come here anon we can try together over his amazing personal growth 

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i still cant believe that someone who claimed to love tony stark and be team iron man because they thought they were right, suddenly changed teams because tony punched bucky. like it's even worse than the tony haters part of tumblr, at least they dont pretend that they care about his character. this is the fakest tony fan blog i've ever seen. did you know that it's possible to like both tony and bucky? and still be team iron man? i think not. lmao glad i unfollowed

pal… buddy… listen

here are some facts for you since you researched me so well:

  • i changed teams last year in april when the movie was released this is not a recent fact
  • i switched teams NOT because tony punched bucky but because team iron man went after bucky when it was zemo all along

picking teams at this point is so 2016 and right now there are no more teams but you didn’t realize that since you were still stuck on choosing sides

fakest tony fan blog? i’m a marvel blog not solely tony blog and you my son you made my day

also there is no need to let me know when you unfollow me i really don’t care about your opinion