but now i have to go to school ; ;


3.28.17|| sitting at my last broadcast for ΣΑΠ, and took a criminal justice exam this morning and presented a modern dance project. After this I’m gonna go study for my statistics quiz I have tomorrow.

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2ps (allies or axis, flip a coin) with a 12 y/o daughter who suddenly became very destructive towards herself and others (especially at scholl) and they often get phone calls abt her and even gotten in school restriction along with just refusing to go to school and she just seems so... off? When confronted she breaks down and confesses, she's getting bullied to no end. People rain trash over her, spread rumours, lowkey beat her. This is the situation I was in that age lmao

Aww, I hope your in a better place now lad.

Time for some payback: Immediately they go into protective parent mode, of course now they have a few people to visit. They will never again lay a hand on their daughter.

2P! America, 2P! Canada, 2P! Germany, 2P! Italy, 2P! China and 2P! Japan

Goes into the school to speak with the teachers: First they will go and talk to the teachers and if that doesn’t work, well then their daughter will be moving school. (Lowky breaks into the other school and trash’s it, real bad.)

2P! Prussia, 2P! England, 2P! Russia and 2P! S.Italy

(a small note)

I’m sure some of you may have noticed by now, but I think I’m going to put this blog on temporary haitus because of school!

I’ll try to post sometimes, but for the most part, it won’t be back up until about mid-april! Thank you all for being so patient though <3

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IDK if youve been asked this a million times before im so sorry if you have but could you recommend some other books (preferably series but it doesnt actually matter) you like?? i read trc and now im heavily craving more of the whole found family trope but id love to hear any of your fav books in general i trust your taste

nobody has asked me this actually!! unfortunately this is going to reveal that i like. do not read as much as i should/would like to. trc and soc were the first YA books i’d gotten into for a few years; when i was in college i was mainly reading books for school, so i’m not all that up to date. thanks for trusting my taste though :’) here’s what comes to mind:

  • six of crows/crooked kingdom. if you haven’t read this duology, i highly recommend it! tightly plotted and with a fantastic, diverse cast of characters. i was just blown away by how good these books are, and it sounds like the author intends to write more about some of these characters in the future
  • tamora pierce’s books. this one is iffy because i haven’t reread in quite a while and i 100% acknowledge that some of her books/the way they deal with certain topics are probably dated by now. however these were super formative for me as A Youth, in terms of what i still enjoy reading and writing today, and i think they still have their merits. great female characters and found family stuff. a friend recently read and said they mostly held up well– ymmv on this but if you like fantasy i’d definitely give her books a shot. 
  • the curse workers series by holly black. another urban YA series. cassel is the only non magic user in a family of magic users. also magic is illegal so they’re all criminals in more ways than one. also he killed his best friend a while back and feels bad about that. but who can he trust and what is the truth?!?!?!?!?!? also, in spite of what the book covers would have you believe, cassel (and his family) are people of color; holly black doesn’t specify more than that but yeah! read this a few years ago so i don’t remember it super well but there’s a really interesting form of magic in this series which makes me think of trc. also unreliable narrators.
  • i just started a darker shade of magic by v.e. schab and i’m really enjoying it!
  • code name verity by elizabeth wein. standalone, historical fiction, but phenomenal. about two young women in WWII. will really keep you guessing. don’t be like me and read it on the bus on your way home because people will see you cry.
  • chaos walking series by patrick ness. todd lives in a town where there are only men and everyone can hear everyone else’s thoughts– supposedly because of a germ that killed all the women and left all the men with this effect. needless to say, things are not what they seem. i like…… can’t even talk about this series, it MESSED ME UP but in a good way. one of the best explorations of gender politics, becoming an adult, etc etc etc in YA i’ve seen. sci fi.

there’s like. a notable omission on this theme here because i hate it so i’m not going to rec it but yeah. sorry i can’t be more help but i hope this is a good start! followers, feel free to reply with other recs.

  • Peter: I'm going out heroing!
  • Tony: Wait a second.
  • Tony: *hands him a bike helmet and safety pads*
  • Tony: Put these on.
  • Tony: *hands him a sweater* And this, it's chilly out.
  • Tony: Do you have your cell phone?
  • Peter: *groans* Yes, Mr. Stark.
  • Tony: Good! Text me when you get there. I want you going to the crime scene and straight back home afterwards, okay? And no staying out past 10:30, it's a school night.
  • Peter: Yes, sir...
  • Tony: *pats him on the back* Good, now knock 'em dead!
One Last Update

Hello, everyone.

First of all, I’d like to apologize for the radio silence that seems to have become a permanent aspect of this blog. There has been so much going on in my life and a lot to keep up with.

And that’s why I’m writing this post.

While I was hoping it would never come to this, and even though it breaks my heart to have to do it, I’m shutting this blog down.

I absolutely love writing for you guys. I really, really do. But with school and personal stuff, I just can’t keep up with it consistently anymore, and that isn’t fair to you guys.

So what does this mean?

It means that I will no longer be taking requests or posting with any degree of regularity (which I haven’t been doing for months anyway, so it’s really not going to be that different, I guess). 

I’m not dropping out of the writing world completely. I still plan on posting things on this blog if I write them, but I will only be writing as inspiration strikes and when time permits, not on any sort of schedule or to fulfill any requests in the inbox (though those requests will probably still be used for inspiration at times). If something does get written, it will be posted here, but I can’t tell you when or how often that will happen.

I can’t thank you all enough for how much kindness and love you’ve shown me over the past couple of years. Starting this blog was sort of a spur of the moment thing for me. I never expected it to take off the way it did, and I am so incredibly thankful for the wonderful interactions I’ve had with all of you. I made a lot of friends, learned a lot about myself and my writing, and I had a lot of fun.

You all are so amazing, and wish you the best. Thank you for everything.

Love you all.


10 facts about yourself

I did this once already but whatever let’s just do another 10 :D

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1. I majored in Languages and Literature

2. I have done a lot of questionable and illegal shit

3. I have Ukrainian heritage

4. Just One Day was my first BTS song

5. I used to hate strawberry ice-cream, but now it’s my favorite

6. I’m under 5 feet tall

7. I ID as bi, but I’m actually pan/queer

8. I got accepted into art school, but didn’t go :’)

9. I moved to Memphis when I was 4

10. My eyes are blue and yellow but look green when I’m indoors

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thrashertshirt replied to your post “i mean im already incredibly hesitant on hearing people claim to be…”

no actually. im the same way because i feel like people want trauma to be cool now and its fucking annoying. i remember before in like 2015 it was taboo to even talk about your trauma without a bunch of uwu'ers telling u it will be okay and now its “i have did because my mom yelled at me for no going to bed on time” or some shit like that (i sent that early my bad)

for real - way back when i was in high school and was using a completely different website to first start talking about my trauma and kind of journal about it – i was told by countless people that i shouldn’t be talking about it, or “uvu it’ll b okay it gets better stay strong(:” and all of that other pseudo-positivity bullshit that does absolutely nothing for victims or survivors. or the very first time that i tried to tell my story, i had a bunch of people coming @ me like “this is obviously fake and here’s why” and “this isn’t true nobody has it this bad” and “if this really happened you wouldn’t be talking about it” and just the same generic bullshit that people throw at survivors to shut them up

only now, everybody wants to be a survivor and everybody wants to be traumatized for the most insignificant, petty, trivial bullshit and if you call it out or say “lol this isnt trauma stop invading spaces that dont belong to you” you get an angry mob of children coming after you screaming about how you “invalidated them” while the people who are actual survivors still aren’t really able to talk about it. you talk about it one place, you get people going “uvu stay strong itll b okay” or treating it like a taboo and so you make trauma survivor spaces to talk about it with other people who understand and then those get torn apart by the very same people insisting they have the right to enter them – when we made those spaces to get away from those exact fucking people aslfjasldfjaslj sl jfuCK

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Hi, i was curious about smth. Do you think skin color has something to do with stupidity? Bc your concerns about the human race are pretty reasonable but the people described sound just plain stupid and idk what them being white has got to do with it

Being white has to do with privilege. It took me a while to realize that I am privileged, but I understand now. And as I have been made extensively aware of some of my privileges, I have to shake my head at them.

White women, living privileged lives, who have never experienced shit. No poverty, no racism, and they all live in these great homes, and were lucky to have good families when growing up, and go to good schools. And one thing is, they are all fellow writers. And I like their stories, don’t get me wrong, but they only write fluffy and cute things. And their reasons are because they ‘don’t like to think about sad stuff’.

They ignore the problems going on in politics right now. They ignore the racism and sexism and assault and homeless. Some have blocked certain tags so they can avoid these things specifically. And while it’s fine if they want to remain ignorant, that’s their decision, I’m appalled at their behavior. One didn’t know about Brexit while it was happening. In her own country. Another knows nothing about the presidential election results despite living in the US.

Burning a book is literally the ‘worst thing’ to them. One woman broke down in tears and demanded to know the woman’s FB profile so she could go an attack her over ‘defiling a precious book’. They were all agreeing that it’s was a cruel thing to do to a book. Claimed it was the ‘worst thing they had ever seen’!

A book. 30+ year old women losing their shit over a book.

And it shows the privilege they grew up in when they can wax poetically on how ‘abusive’ it is to turn an unwanted book into something more interesting. And when I called them out about how if it was on a serial killer’s plans to commit genocide or something, they wouldn’t be defending the book, the excuse I got was, ‘still, someone put effort into it’ and it’s ‘disrespectful and should be considered illegal’.

Frankly, the privilege was all over that bullshit and I’m disappointed. And I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this, but racism is rampant everywhere. All kinds of people hating others for their race or perceived race. So when I see a white person do something fucking stupid or selfish or just bad in general, I’m just like, ‘WHY DO THEY HAVE TO BE WHITE?!’. Like go ahead and give people more of a reason to hate or pity us why don’t you? It’s a fucking shame and literally it cannot be helped. It’s a reaction that I and people of any race, can and will have from time to time.

And I find myself mortified when I see another article about some white boy shooting up a school. Like, great job you useless douche nozzle. 

It’s gross to see how ignorant some people really are, and their privilege and the safety that comes with it, makes them want to stay ignorant.

Anyway, being white doesn’t make them stupid. In fact, some of them are pretty brilliant. But they have helped render themselves pathetically inept in important areas of life all because of their ignorance that came from ingrained privilege and a lack of need in anything.

Yeah, I’m so effin worried for the world when privilege keeps people cozy and warm in the dark. And when the shit goes to hell, the rude awakening could be fatal.

You know what class I would have literally killed a bitch for in grad school?


(eventually I’m going to accumulate enough hours here that I’ll have to actually join to be able to keep working wardrobe on things, and they’re going to count my hours from working in Seattle towards that, and now someone is saying that I should actually try to *join* in Seattle if I want to go back there, because transfer fees are $$!!, but that seems dumb if it’s a “local,” because I’m nowhere near there and I’m so very confused about the inner workings of Theater Union.)

*trigger warning*

I know this is a serious matter, but I honesty don’t want to here anymore. It seems that my life is honestly falling apart. And yes, I know people have it a lot harder than me, but this year for some reason has had a huge negative effect on me. My depression has gotten a lot worse and everyday I seem to cry. My leg isn’t making anything fucking better because I can’t move it. My friends don’t trust me or believe anything I say. I don’t have the motivation to go to school or anywhere for that matter. I just feel nothing now. I’m like numb. I just don’t what to be here anymore. I know some people on here may think that I just want attention and more notes but THAT IS FAR FROM WRONG. I’ve been having this problem for almost two years. My mom called a consular and is having me go this Thursday, but I don’t want to pour my feelings to a stranger.

I just don’t want to be here anymore.

I may take off for a few days. I may not. I probably won’t because this is all I have good going for me. My rant is done. I’m sorry for stopping y'all going through your dash. Thank you for reading if you read.

hello, everyone!! my apologies for having not posted in a while, i had finals + i had to complete requirements which required a ton of my time. school is finally over which means ive got no original content to post for now; but i’m prolly going to focus on my online classes + spanish (since i’m teaching myself how to) over the summer break. also, i have college exams prep coming up in a month or so so yep.

anyways, i’m back and i will be for good!! thank you so much for 4k, i literally couldn’t believe it when i logged on and saw. i’m literally so overwhelmed rn, thank you everyone 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Shin: *sitting in his class, eyes closed*

Student A: Ne, Shin-sama, do you want to go somewhere with us after school?

Student B: Oh~ yes, please~! Let’s do something fun, okay?

Student C: Please~ Sakamaki-san!

Shin: *opens his eyes and smiles* Maybe, if I will have time, ladies..

Students: Kyaaa~ !

Student A: We promise we won’t bore you~ *smiles sweetly*

Ayame: *peeks into Shin’s classroom*

Shin: *looks at her* Aya? Do you need something?

Ayame: *whispers* I need you.. right now..

Shin: *smirks and turns back to the students*

Shin: I’m sorry, ladies, but I might be occupied.. excuse me. *smiles*

Shin: *stands up, walks to Ayame, picks her up princess-style and carries her away*

Students: *looking at each other*

Student C: Ne.. is that his girlfriend maybe?

Student B: No way.. I thought she was his little sister? *gasps* Or do you think-

Student A: NO! That can’t be!

Student C: It sounded like that though…

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Would you consider writing more of the miraculous au at some point? I'm still completely in love with it!


You don’t have to worry about that au haha XD Me and @emthimofnight have the series planned out past the point where Killua and Gon have graduated college, and they’re both only in high school at this point in the story! So we have a lot of ideas I’m really looking forward to writing :D

This week is a little crazy for me, and the hxh Big Bang is due soon so I’m focusing on school and that right now. But once all of that stuff is done I’ll go back to writing the miraculous au! I promise :)

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Hey! I'm the 19 year old cosmetology student with alarm clock issues! 😅 Thanks for answering my question and thanks for running this blog. It's helped me a lot. I have another question though. How does one stay motivated to live life? Like how does one stay motivated to work, go to school and adult because right now, I'm struggling. I don't know if it's due to mental health, which I've struggled with for years, or if it's something else. I love cosmetology though. Snd mor hlp frnd. Plz.

Sorry it took me so long to respond! I struggle so much with this same exact issue on a daily basis, because I have a hard time juggling my work life, home life, and creative life. It’s hard to come home from nine hours of customer service and have the energy to do anything but collapse on my couch and watch Netflix.

1. Goals: Everyone should have a list of goals or a goal to move towards in life. They don’t need to be huge goals or spectacular ones. Goals help answer the eternally looming “what next” question. Choose a goal (or goals) and write them down on a piece of paper. Put said paper somewhere you frequent often (I like putting mine in the bathroom so that I have to stare at it every time I pee). Here are some sample goals:

  • Saving $200 this month
  • Passing your math class
  • Finishing your graphic novel
  • Getting to the gym twice a week

2. Balance: Look at this post. It’s my favorite post on managing your time more efficiently. You want a weekly schedule that allows you to do the space for everything you want/need to do:

  • School related work (studying, homework, etc)
  • Adulting related work (mopping, dishes, shopping, etc)
  • Goal oriented work
  • Down time (down time and goal oriented work are not the same thing!)

If you’re working on yourself in order to achieve your goal, you should still consider it “work time” instead of “free time”. Schedule a couple of hours a day for goal work during a time that you’re not feeling drained or overwhelmed.

3. Space: Make yourself a “productivity space” and a “relaxation space”. Don’t sit down in that same old favorite spot of yours’ and expect yourself to get everything done. Spoiler alert: You won’t! If you don’t have another space in your house or apartment, find a free public space to hang out in:

  • Public Library
  • Local park
  • Café
  • College campus

4. Atmosphere: While some people can work under extreme stress and upset, I am not one of them. I need a nice calm environment before I can even consider getting anything done. Here are some things that I like to do before beginning:

  • Full stomach (don’t let food distract you from a project or assignment)
  • Music/noise generator (these are my favorite noise generators)
  • Ambiance (candles, incense, etc)
  • Comfy clothes (especially for the more tedious tasks)
  • Inspiration (I like to set my desktop background to an inspiring picture while I work)

5. Breaks: This suggestion is specifically focused on tasks that need to be done on the computer, like school work or research. So many of us spend 24/7 hooked up to the internet. I’m not complaining, I love the internet! But it’s so important to get up every couple of hours and go for a walk around the room. To do some simple stretches. Lay on your back on the floor and put your legs up on the wall or on a chair to get the blood circulating to your feet and legs.

6. Stay positive: It’s not always going to be easy to manage your life. In fact, most of the time you’re going to be frustrated and upset that things aren’t happening the way you had imagined they would. Don’t be discouraged by this! A little bit of progress goes a long way, and it’s important to stick with it. Make a commitment to yourself and to your progress.

7. Treat yourself: I am a big fan of treating myself. I’ve been treating myself every Saturday to a Panera Pick 2 because I’ve been rocking that six day work week and managing to only loose my mind a little bit. If you work really hard and put your all into something, you deserve to spend some money on something that will give you instant gratification.

I hope this helps fren!