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♥♥♥   i have a redbubble now!   ♥♥♥

wow amazing! i ended up creating one because as some of you might remember, a certain store is stealing and selling my and many others’ edits and artwork without permission. i decided to offer a better option. so, if you want a phone case with one of my edits on it, please get it directly from me so you don’t accidentally support the thieves! oh and mine are of course cheaper and prettier ♥

iphone cases & wallets / samsung galaxy cases / notebooks

ivyadrena  asked:

If you're still taking prompts: YOI, otayuri (friends or shippy, whichever you're cool with). You can tell how much Yurio likes a person by how often he sprawls across them like a content cat.

As silent as the night, Yuuri and Viktor peek around the corner into the living room, then hurriedly lean back before their prey can spot them.

“He’s still there,” Viktor whispers, awe in his voice. “Just… hanging on him.”

“I can’t believe he hasn’t scratched him yet,” Yuuri murmurs, and they exchange grins, then peek back into the room.

Yuri Plisetsky is still sprawled all over Otabek Altin, hanging over his knee backward with his purple 3DS in his face, blocking the occasional faint smile Otabek sends him. Otabek has his own 3DS out, and the two have been embroiled in their game together for almost an hour now.

Slowly, Yuuri points his phone at the two teens – and takes a picture. He snatches the phone back as soon as the picture is safely in his folder, and he and Viktor scuttle to the end of the hall, giggling over the latest photo they have stolen.

“Did you hear something?” Yuri mutters to Otabek, who glances at the door, smothers a smile, and shakes his head.

Several photos will find their way to Instagram the next day, of Yuri with his feet in Otabek’s face, Otabek absently petting Yuri’s back while Yuri yells at the game in his hands, Yuri leaning against Otabek’s side and yawning, and Otabek asleep with Yuri staring wide-eyed at his face, inches away from poking his nose.

“He’s like a cat, isn’t he?” Yuuri whispers to Viktor, smiling at the latest picture they took. He is glad that Yuri has made a friend, and even gladder that Yuri trusts him and Viktor enough to bring Otabek to Japan for a visit.

“It’s a sign of trust,” Viktor sighs, smiling back, just as happy and proud.

drunk jjk

- pouting a lot and slurring his words when he tries to act tough but ending up confusing himself as he tries to finish his sentences “i think its time to go home” “no i can finish one more…one more…one…” “no more drinks” “i can do it..”

- laughing way more than he does and throwing his head back in the air and laughing at practically nothing “kook what are you doing” “*silent laughing with his bunny teeth showing*” 

- trying to text his hyungs that he’s out having a blast with you but not even typing it correctly onto his phone “kookie, what’s ‘inm hvnidg af grsat tm93e’” “it says im having a great time…come on i thought u could read”

- touching your face a lot more than usual and slurring compliments while sloppily kissing your hair and your face “jungkook can you just focus on walking right now” “mmm your hair smells niceeee” 

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What video games do you play? I know you play DA do you prefer RPGs? Ever get into the Final Fantasy series?

I strongly prefer turn-based RPGs actually. Dragon Age is the first ‘action’ RPG I’ve played, because I don’t generally like that format.

Games that I play, it’s a really big mix, especially as I have the retro NES build. Primarily I play through Steam or on 3DS or on phone though. But anyway, here’s a sampling of the ones I’ve played most! Most of these I’ve completed.

* Final Fantasy VII (Was my first FF in 1997)
* Final Fantasy VIII, IX, VI, and 1->5. I own some of the later ones but didn’t love them. I actually don’t love when realism trumps what I enjoy about gameplay.
* Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Grimoire of the Rift (favourite Final Fantasy game, on the 3DS)
* Stardew Valley (I have over 500 hours logged on this *head desks*)
* All of the main Pokemon games and also;
* Pokemon Conquest (I think I have 300 hours logged on this, lol)
* Child of Light
* Epic Battle Fantasy 4
* Morphopolis
* Super Panda Adventures
* Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Bros 3
* Galaga (lol)
* The first three Megaman games
* Just about all the Sonics thanks to a friend while growing up lol
* Phantasy Star Online
* Tsum Tsum
* Cook, Serve, Delicious!
* Wip3Out (and its steam equivalent, BallisticNG), particularly Fury.
* Botanicula
* Disgaea
* Evoland
* Legend of Zelda and Adventures of Link (I’ve only ever played NES Zelda lol)
* Plants vs. Zombies
* Ori and the Blind Forest
* Heroes of Mana
* ChronoTrigger
* Tekken / Street Fighter / Mortal Kombat etc. etc. etc.
* Tetris / Dr. Mario / etc.
* Grandia
* Ecco the Dolphin
* Panzer Dragoon

These days though, I mostly play Stardew Valley, Zen Koi and Tsum Tsum, lol. And then sometimes when I’m super mad I play Wip3Out in Elimination mode. I go through gaming phases. I can go months without doing it. And then I’ll do it really obsessively. I spend a lot of time looking for good turn-based RPGs and failing to find them. I think I’ve played most of the ones out there for the 3DS though, which is like, the last bastion of the turn-based RPG.

anonymous asked:

It's official. I hate this world. I'm literally typing this so hopefully this grown ass man that's been following me for the past ten minutes thinks that someone knows where I am. I literally have my phone, sketchbook and watercolours and I just wanted to paint in my usual spot but now I have a man following me in the middle of the woods and I am terrified.

someone should know where you are and instead of sending an ask, my friend, maybe call someone? ask them to meet you? just keep talking on the phone so the man knows someone is coming and fucks off?


stormy: so you’re telling me… that indigo had that girl over last night? not zia?

flynn: um… yes???? did you not see she was wearing his shirt and hat… also last night i woke up around midnight and i heard indigo talking in his room, i looked downstairs and z was asleep on the couch… i figured he was on the phone or something, but now…

stormy: why do you seem so upset? all we have to do is ground him you know that right?

flynn: i just can’t believe zia lied to me, to my face like that. she’s been so distant ever since she started high school..

stormy: well hun, she’s a teenager. not to mention she’s taking all ap classes and she’s cheer captain, she’s got a lot on her plate… don’t take it personal

flynn: i don’t know.. i think i might have a talk with her, i just want her to still be open with me… i hardly even know what she’s up to anymore

stormy: suit yourself, flynn, not sure how well thats gonna go over with her “teen angst” and all that… just remember, even if she doesn’t act like it, she’s still your little girl

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Prompt Starters: Dialogue #4 (Smut no.2)
  1. “I see you at the (place name) all the time but… I–”
    “It’s okay… You can talk to me… I don’t bite… Unless you want me to”
  2. “Kiss Me”
    “If I Do… I won’t be able to stop…”
  3. “We’ve been best friends for a long time now but, have you ever thought about doing… that?”
    “All the time actually”
  4. *Phone Lights Up*
    “I’m so horny.”
    “Come help me please…”
  5. “Beg for it…”
    “P-Please… I Want…”
    “Please what? I won’t know until you tell me.”
  6. “Were you just masturbating??”
    “U-Uh… No, I was just…”
    “Can I Join?”
  7. “I don’t want to do it in the bedroom tonight…”
  8. “Your moans are like music to my ears… let me hear more…”
  9. “You’re my first… Please be gentle…”
    “S-Seriously?? I don’t think I can…”
  10. *You walk out of the bathroom naked, thinking you were alone*
    “W-Wait! What are you doing here??”
    “I live here…”
    “Oh… right…”
    *Looks down and realizes you’re naked, runs back in the restroom*
    “Y-You saw… didn’t you?”
  11. “H-hey… I’m looking for my t-toy… Have you….”
    “Looking for this?”
  12. “I-I want you to have my baby…”
  13. “Are you trying to seduce me?”
    “Is it working?”
  14. “Here… let me show you how to do it.”
  15. “Can you show me?”
    *You bend over to reach for the computer mouse*
    “S-Sure… It’s like– Mmmmm, What’re you–”
    “You’re so wet…”
  16. “You taste so sweet”
  17. “You know I have a bo–”
    “I can treat you way better then he can… let me show you one way…”
  18. “God, you’re so flexible…”
  19. “You said you wanted to try fucking in public…”
    “But, this is too public!”
  20. “Shut the hell up, [Guy Name]!
    “Come over here and make me…”
Behind all glass unseen

[ Play, repeat. ]

I am in the largest room I could -
grand like a museum of empty.
Walls as grey white as we can, trash bag the light.

They have in brought the glass,
big as an entire,
a sleek curved memory.

One wall, only one,
one you are closest to, we were close too,
I black matted the perfect.

So pure, it nothing is.
Touch - weeping smooth,
not a stroke seen, touched.

The glass, just so, now go. Go! Go.
Door clicks lonely,
I, a lonely am. I have locked in.

Pitch, black down on the street.
Unpocket the phone. I place it on the floor.
I press play, repeat.

I sit, glass faced, nothing seen.
Nothing. Over and again.
I believe rain might be sharp out there.

Hear me nothing. Nothing.
A part of shiny wet, the glass, was there?
Flash of outskirt yellow.

The rain is blood falling, silent. Repeat. Repeat.
Blink slow, more yellow flow at the corners.
Tears? Flowers? No. No no no.

Nothing. Nothing.
A feather sound.

But it is a cat, crushing these obsidian gardens of mine.
A claw. I fall, a cat. There it is.
Murmuring from the glass, from the cat.


Cat changing, growling cat. Growing. Is.


All tears yellowing our faces.


Jaguar tears.


I fall, I fall.
He has the glass freedom of, scratched.
Scratched, I fall, I shatter me.
The phone, broken.
I seethe traces, leaving, I feather turn.

The heron.
The cockatoo.
The again.

As he pulls into me, hold me,
hold me nothing, nothing.
As corner standing he, again.

Behind all glass unseen.

t e z c a t l i p o c a

All I can screaming hear.

  • Lelouch: I have to go now.
  • Suzaku: Thank you. Lelouch.
  • Lelouch: Forget about it. I mean, you and I ARE boyfriends after all.
  • Suzaku: For the last seven years -- wait, no, that doesn't work here.
  • Lelouch: Eh, I was saving myself for you the whole time.
  • Suzaku: How...?
  • Lelouch: It's called foresight, Suzaku.
  • Suzaku: ...Right.
  • Lelouch: And Suzaku, rest assured there is no way I'm going to let you become a murderer in the skies of Tokyo tonight.
  • Suzaku: My future self will probably be grateful not to have the regret, but how--
  • Lelouch: Foresight. *click* These hands of mine have been dirty for a long time now, Suzaku. Your coming to face me now doesn't matter at all. Hell, I welcome it even. I mean, of course, you and I ARE boyfriends. [INSANE laughter]
  • Lelouch: Oh, uh... *flounders for phone again*
  • Suzaku: So this really ups the stakes, doesn't it?
  • Lelouch: Aren't you gonna break up with me? So it won't matter?
  • Suzaku: Eh, we'll see how mad I am when I shoot your mask off in a couple episodes.
  • Lelouch: Fair enough. Then it's a date?
  • Suzaku: It's a date.

I can’t talk about this enough and if you want me to stop you’re gonna have to take my computer, my phone, my iPad, my mom’s computer, my mom’s iPad, my mom’s phone, my sisters computer… you get the point. 

But I just love how believable they made Hiccup and Astrid’s relationship. The writers could have made them declare their undying love for each other (okay that doesn’t sounds like them) (but anyway) and then not really discuss it more. “They’re finally together so now they’re gonna kiss and stare lovingly each other a few times, great.” 

But instead they made it an issue. They’re vikings. They’ve been protecting each other for years (Hiccup’s words, not mine) and it’s been fine. (you know what I mean). But now, they have to remind themselves that they can’t lose their heads and fly right into danger after the other or stop them from doing something dangerous (but necessary) because of their new relationship development. 

It’s not even that big of a deal but it adds a lot of conflict without being about  unnecessary drama. But they made it into something that they have to talk about and discuss. Mature! 

“We have to set our personal feelings aside. We can only protect each other to a certain point, like we’ve been doing for years.” 

It’s just adds so much to their relationship and I love it and I appreciate it. (I do!)  So that’s why I can’t wait to see new episodes of RTTE; it’s going to be fantastic to see their relationship develop even more! 

anonymous asked:

Hey mom. I'm fighting with my real mom right now and she's making me feel like a complete failure, knowing that that's my worst fear. She knows how busy I am how much I have going on right now, and how anxious that's making me. But instead of being helpful (like she said she would) when I reached out for help, she yelled at me on the phone until I started crying and then called me weak for crying. I just don't know what to do because I can't take this much pressure, everything is too much

okay, hold the heckin’ phone.

you are not a failure, corazón.

you have stuff going on? i don’t care if you cry because of something as simple as your fuckin’ pencil lead breaking. if that helps to release frustration from being anxious, then i support you. crying does not make you weak. it makes you human. we can only deal with so much at a time. everyone has a breaking point.

i know how hard it is to breathe when things are piling up but please, sweets, believe me when i say you are so strong. the world and life are neither kind nor easy but still here you are. you are trying your best. that is what counts.

and i am so proud of you.

writing meme

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Is there a snack you like to eat while writing? Uh. No? I mean, I’ll occasionally chew gum, but usually when I write, I don’t have time to get my fingers messy with food.

What time of day do you usually write? Any time I’m inspired. Mostly in the evenings, but I also write at work between calls and sometimes on my phone if necessary.

Where do you write? Anywhere. Anywhere. Mostly in my bedroom, but also when I go out to eat by myself, or at work as previously mentioned.

How often do you write a new fic? Uhh, it all depends. Like, I’m working on TPD pretty exclusively right now, but I also have a new one-shot that I’m going to destroy you all with, and I wrote two fics for the SpiritAssassin exchange in two days. It varies tremendously but I tend to put out at least two new chapters or new fics a week.

Do you listen to music while you write? Yep. Depends, again, on a lot of variables, but I listen to whatever fits the mood of the piece I’m working on. TPD is a lot of alt-j, Chvrches, Glass Animals, Nothing But Thieves, etc.

Paper or laptop? 99% laptop, 1% phone when absolutely necessary.

Do you have a special pre-writing ritual? … no? I open Word and I start writing. I don’t sacrifice a goat or anything, if that’s what you’re asking.

What do you do to get into the writing? For the past three years, I’ve hit a goal of 1K a day average, usually closer to 2K daily. There comes a point when you don’t have to do anything to get into the writing. It’s already there. Open the document, the words come out. I’ve trained myself to write, and now it’s more comfortable to be writing than it is to not. It’s my happy place, so it’s not something I have to psych myself up for. 

What do you always have near the place you write? … my computer? Literally it changes constantly, the only thing that stays the same is my laptop.

Do you have a reward system for word counts? Newp. Except that when I’m done, I can share it with my readers, and bask in lovely feedback.

Is there anything else about your writing process your readers don’t know? I think you guys probably know this, but I’m 100% chronological, I have to write linearly. I’ve tried writing patchwork style and literally every single time, I end up killing the flow and I’m unable to get back into the groove. Also, I don’t outline. I don’t keep notes, besides what my betas and I discuss freeform. It’s all a nebulous mass in my head that somehow sort of coalesces on the page.

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        “What’s on your mind.. Y___?” My phone
yaps.I respond with something unintelligible
under my breath. I should have just said
loneliness, it’s the only thing that’s ever really
on my mind nowadays. Right now I was seeing
how many other words I could rearrange the
letters into. The only other anagram I could
come up with was “lion lenses,”and I wasn’t
completely sure that worked. Did loneliness
have two e’s or one? My prescription to
Adderall needed refilling. My sister is getting
married in June. My brother has a streak of
grey hair. My dad loathes Michael Moore. My
mom still tries to pass off Stouffer’s for ‘home
cooked.’ My girlfriend is a bottle of Everclear.
None of this was vocalized, of course. 

A young lady saw me sitting on the grass, a copy
of Animal Farm strewn across my lap, and
decided whatever I was daydreaming about
was interesting enough to warrant
conversation. She was wearing sunshine
colored rain boots, a skirt, and a face full of
freckles. She was, in a word, adorable.
“You look like your thinking ’bout
something interesting,” she hi-ho’d in a
singsong rhythm that made me want to cough
up this afternoons lunch. I didn’t bother with a
reply, I knew she didn’t care for pleasantries, I
fiddled with a pebble between my thumb and
forefinger and spat out a riddle instead:

“Does a rosebush have thorns, or does a
bush with thorns have roses?”

She didn’t hesitate before answering with
“Well you can have the rosebud before it
blooms and you just get a bush with thorns, but
you can’t have a rosebush without thorns so I
guess it’s the latter.”

“I forgot to set my TiVo to record Mad
Men,” I said disgusted.


I flicked the pebble at her feet, it bounced
off the golden rain boots and landed with a soft
plunk in the high grass. She giggled and sat
down next to me, a glob of wet leaves jumped
out of the way. Someone should be taking care
of the lawn, but no one seemed to care.
She whispered something amorous and
put a hand up to my face. It felt warm, but
unnatural; she still had her clothes on. I’d been
naked for about a year now, and the worst
decision I’d made in that year was canceling
my Netflix subscription. Of course, I always
had clothes on. Today it was a windbreaker
and slacks, but my train of thought was
interrupted by a slow, wet kiss on my cheek.


The alarms in my head went off, a total
violation of my personal space just occurred. I
couldn’t tell you why I was so disgusted, she
was gorgeous, but I think she sensed she’d
erred when she felt me pull away.
“What’s on your mind?” She tilted her chin
and looked up at me with dreamy eyes of light

“There are two kinds of people on planet
Earth. Writers and readers.” I started off
slightly amused, “Writers don’t have to write,
don’t get me wrong, but they are the curious
breed that lives in a world they can create.
The writer sees the world through a lens of true
novelty, everything is original and everything
has meaning. It’s poetry. Writers know the
freedom of a world without limits, but the writer
lives in a world full of people so dramatically
different from him he has to hide his true
nature. He lives in a world full of people so
different from him, that he can’t dare speak of
all the fun he’s having. And he has to with the
weight of that secret everyday, a gnawing
tension that sloshes around the gut. But not
readers, they know the world and how free
from worry and pain it can be. Life is simple,
all you have to do is listen to what works.
Readers digest the information given to them;
it’s passive, it’s automatic, and doesn’t require
any thought. The reader, lives in a world they
can discover. The reader gets to walk around
happy in the world they live in, comfortable,
they don’t have those shadows hanging over
them. The tough questions, they don’t spend
any energy asking them, they could care less.
They’re comfortable and in life you’re one or
the other - either you see the world as
something you can create, a beautiful
landscape of infinite possibilities which makes
you both free and a slave, or you see the world
as something you can discover, a world before
you that is just waiting for it’s journeyman and
the journey will always be comfortable. That’s
the difference between us; you’re a reader, I’m
a writer and we don’t even live in the same

-lp (2013)

anonymous asked:

i saw my boyfriends phone open on his bed and it had a chat room on it with like videos and stuff and now hes chatting to girls on snapchat which is fine because im ok with him having female friends but what bothers me is that he will sit openly with his phone most times except when messaging on snapchat and ive seen him on that chat website while lying next to me but he quickly shut it off and put his phone away. what should i do? is he cheating? i havent said anything im so scared :( sorry <3

hi anon! i think it’s pretty normal to be anxious, especially if it’s a new relationship (or if you’re new to relationships). the fact that he put his phone away might not mean anything. i put my phone away for a lot of reasons, like i’m looking at gifs of kittens and it wouldn’t fit the current convo, or idk, a lot of ppl are v private about their phones and what they do and who they talk to.

 you could always ask him? like “hey, funny joke? wanna share?” or just ask who he’s talking to. and if it’s a new relationship you can talk about being worried about these other people, and you should be able to talk about your concerns. if he blows off your worries and doesn’t listen about why x or x bothers you, then it’s not a good sign. talking about jealousy and how to handle it is very normal for people in relationships, and knowing what bothers your partner and actively help assuage those anxieties is a Good Thing. 

i don’t have an answer for whether he’s cheating or not, but if he makes you feel like shit, you should dump him. 

take care, anon! wishing you the best. also remember you are lovely and wonderful and you deserve someone who treats you well. 

//My Mutuals Circle - AKA The Reasons You All Matter To Me So Fucking Much <3


@tavis-of-bannorn - You’re the reason we’re here. You have my actual phone number. We’ve had a conversation that began with the words “Are you CALLING me? WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME?” at 3:00 and the reply was “OH GOD I’M SORRY MY FACE HIT THE BUTTON I DIDN’T MEAN TO!!! Ffs…” We write some incredibly symbolic stuff entirely on accident without trying and then discover it later and just…stare at it like “Oooooooo” as if we did something awesome pretty (we did dammit). You step in when people are being assholes and tell them you asked Patrick Weekes so they can all shut up. You take the time out of your ridiculously busy schedule to snuggle me back when I need it. You have offered to make me Chicken Cake if I ever see you in real life, and have assured me I won’t die if I eat it, and so I promised to eat it XDDD Omg. You’re the literal embodiment of Wednesday Addams. I love you. Thanks for being there. You know where to find me if you need me. The fun part about having my phone number means you get to use it too. ;)

@aylenlavellan - How many times have I randomly just hit you with a crazy plot and you’ve just been all YAASSSSSS LETS DO IT. That’s us. The crazy idea train. You made me gorgeous art of Martine (why you do that? omg it’s still gorgeous *goes to stare more*) but more than that you follow me everywhere, on everything, like a crazy stalker except one I like, so I had to follow back XD. You’re the one who sits and tells me that it’s gonna be okay, the one who helps me write through triggery things even knowing how fucking hard. You’re a healing little light in the middle of a lot of stuff, and I know you have my back, and you’ll check in on me if I go AWOL for a bit. You have an adorable dog called Cola, and you can literally talk for ten straight minutes unwittingly about all the reasons you love my characters XD <3 You’re always there to talk, and you always say goodnight, and I dunno…I just really like that you always say goodnight? XD <3 Thank you for being here. I love you. And I’ve got your back. You need anything, you shout. :)

@tal-fucking-vashoth - Jac, the words “I just wanted to help” come to mind. I know how crazy busy you are, and how hard you work. I know that oftentimes I’m the friend that fills the “Advice-Giving” space for you, and I don’t mind doing that (because I’m an insufferable know-it-all with all the answers, obviously ;P). I rely on you, in truth, and so it’s okay for you to rely on me too. We’re not the kind of friends that talk every day, but we are the kind that are going to be right there when someone needs an injection of good old adult common sense (both sides). The idea that I can still get a *soft gasp* everytime I write *hug* still makes me laugh, and thank you for liking my videos before you ever knew me and not knowing it was me you write with ;) Thank you for all your support, and I hope this friendship only grows stronger. 

@brokenbiirds - Charlie, my other crazy plots friend. I love what we write, and that will always be true. But we are so much more than that. I love the way that we get entirely lost in it. I won’t lie. You’re absolutely my escapist friend at times. I love that a lot, and I need that a lot. It’s very easy for things to be bogged down in work at times. Thank you for all the ways you support me. You’re the friend that perseveres, and I know there are times that I represent that to a lot of people, so it means the world that I have someone like that too (I’m not as strong as I look). You keep me standing, keep me plodding on, looking forward, facing the rest of the world out there. You’re the driving force to just keep going, and that…well…you already know. It means everything. You’re the friend that texts me at one in the morning because I needed help, and then followed up for three days straight to make sure that I was still alright. You know if I can ever do the same, you know damn well where to find me <3. Thank you. I love you. I mean that forever. Thank you for not giving up on me.

@snowball-with-knives - Haha we don’t speak all that often but you’re the goofy friend that keeps things real. You’re more the ghost that haunts my dash, drawing penises on the mirrors and reminding everyone to drink coffee. Seriously, you make everything a riot, and even while I’m shaking my head (because I don’t come installed with humor.exe apparently) I love it. All of it. You’re zest and zeal, the spice that keeps everything exciting. I love seeing you around, and all your posts, and I love Anthy, because dammit Purple Prose can be as amusing as anything. <3 

@teaganhawkeward - Arija <3. Thank you for your patience with me, for the way you’ve followed me for so long. You’re the shadow that quietly reassures, the soft little reminders. Everyone needs a bit of soft encouragement and that, my friend, is you. You do it in both words and actions, from quiet sacrifices you make for me (believe me, I appreciate every damn thing you’ve ever given me, and I know I’m bad at saying it), to the way you’re good at making me smile when I need a little pick-me-up. You’re easygoing, at least to me, and I enjoy the softness and the warmth in the things we write. Thank you for injecting a bit of hope into Sahlin again. You really did. And thank you as well for giving Herah a light in the dark too. Thank you as well for the ways you’ve helped me outside of RP <3. Good luck in your job this summer and shout if there’s anything you need :D <3

@thosewhospeak - I hope you don’t take this the wrong way when I say that you’re my careless friend. I mean that with the best of intentions. You’re the one that trips me up a lot, forces me to reconsider a lot of things about myself and therefore grow, and you do it without really trying. I really value that, so don’t think of this as an insult. Careless here means that you’re not tiptoeing around me. You’re just a little bit of reality to occasionally break the Tumblr Bubble. That matters, and it’s so damn important. So, you’re the friend that keeps shit real. I love the depth of the things we write (often without trying). I love that we don’t have ships too, not because I don’t LIKE ships, but because I love the rivalry/friendship that we write so much better, because romance is everywhere but my god struggling friendships from people with some staggeringly different points of view are hard to come by in any media, and especially hard to do so with women, and the fact we have that with Tama and Herah makes me so fucking happy. <3 Thanks, always, for being the one who sometimes treads on my toes, and makes me take a reality check from time to time ;) 

@dragonageimpostors - Aji, thanks for being insufferable and insisting on being my friend. XD Haha. Seriously though, thanks for *snurglesleeps*, for snarky banter, and for constantly coming back for more. Thanks for following me everywhere. And…thanks I suppose for listening to my videos to chill yourself out (though maybe that just means they’re boring XD). Sigh. Thanks for reminding me at times to just be a bit more human. Thanks too for checking in on me while I was gone, and also for the way you’re so bloody insistent on sticking around ;) Thank you as well for writing long paragraphs, and for being so active all the time. XD It makes you a constant presence, even when we’re not actually engaging in a conversation at the time. I already told you my story of my very first American friend. You lot are all the same with your waltzing in like you own the place and making demands to be friends :P But it’s appreciated. I know a lot of people who don’t come to me first, and it means a LOT that you do. So thanks for that. And thanks for listening when shit makes me grumpy or blegh. *snurglesleeps* P.S. I’m still not cute.

@aeluned - Hello, hello across the world. I know you’re absent again for the moment, and life has been hectic and busy. Thanks for inundating me on a fairly regular basis with cats, and for coming up with crazy plots (that can’t always be me). Thanks for having a character that drags Sahlin into the light, even when he’s like O.o and wins him over anyway. Thanks for your support over on the other blog as well, and for being such an endless fan of Herah (kick-ass ladies gotta stick together). Thanks for living in a timezone that makes it really awkward to talk to you (but only if I have a shit sleep schedule haha), and for being my European friend, because omfg there are some things that you just have to shake your head at, yes? XD Thanks for sticking by us so long. You’re one of the longest RP partnerships I’ve got, and you and Eluned made such an impact on Sahlin’s world, that it mattered. Forever. And always will. <3

@kaaras-adaar - My clone friend, always keeping things weird :P You are the permanent reminder to take myself more seriously, and less seriously, to both love myself and look at myself closely to see how I can be better. Thank you, Sam, for listening, but also for understanding. Thank you for 3:00am triggered texts from a bath. Thank you for recognizing and naming the things I feel when at times I struggle to myself. Thank you as well for your trust, and for sharing, and for hearing my own stories in turn. Thank you for being the rapid-fire writer, the one who can sling back threads like it’s a game. Thank you for writing the hard things - our threads are not always pleasant rays of sunshine, and there are dark things we touch upon that others would rather avoid, but the growth that comes out of them (and not only for characters) has always and will always mean all the world. Thank you for the silliness, the quiet ways you show you care. Thank you for still being here, after so many things *rolls eyes*. I love you. And thank you as well for knowing how to make a fucking cup of tea -.-

Hey folks! You haven’t been seeing much of me because I spent this last weekend volunteering at supanova comicon and gaming as a stage manager! I’m here until Wednesday when I’m going back to melbourne to do it all over again, and then shortly after that I have a trip to Seattle planned that’s been like 8 months in the making! I have so much happening right now and I don’t have much time to draw, but my phone has an spen and I did manage this :)

SUPER PUMPED FOR TAZ THIS WEEK THOUGH! I even met a taako and a magnus running a booth at nova! Shout out to @hawberries for the great booth and little felt Steven the fish (and who I also realized I’ve bought something from for at least 3 or 4 conventions now!)