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Who remembers those little D.Gray-Academy shorts from the 2006 anime aha

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Can you do your top 10 Tomoyo outfits? (or top 5 if 10 is too much?? It's been a long time that I haven't watched the show and I don't remember if she had a lot of different outfits)

No trouble at all! Every single one of Tomoyo’s #looks is a personal goal of mine. Unfortunately they often get overshadowed by the super elaborate costumes she makes for Sakura, but I’m here to singlehandedly fix that, right now!

10. Ghost of a young Victorian girl who was born much too frail to play with the other children (07)

9. GET WRECKED or GET DECKED out in pretty flowers and braids (62)

8. “If your hair ribbons don’t match your handbag, don’t even talk to me” (22)

7. Even in the comfort of her own home she has to match her headband to her buttons and that kind of commitment can only be admired (06)

6. A young, plucky orphan from a Charles Dickens novel (34)

5. Bad hair day, but not, like, TOO bad (66)

4. “Baking? Wait let me get my crinoline and hoop skirt ready” (ending 3)

3.Super stealthy spy outfit for inconspicuously videotaping your best friend’s date, complete with matching sunglasses for your tiny sun guardian pal (35)

2. There’s only one person who could wear evening gloves to a high school play and make it work. (14)

1. Seriously. She’s literally supposed to be an EGG in this one and she still looks gorgeous (55)

Currently painting this sketch for @paperypiper (and after been inspired by @eerna ) but due to me getting a bad headache its only half done… so HERE IS THE SKETCH
1. This au is beautiful and i want to cry just thinking about it
2. Pip’s details and drawings for this au are beautiful
3. Jo’s “sketches” (legit works of art) inspired me so much because she just captured the characters so well
Okokok imma go paint more now (hopefully after my headache medicine kicks in)

on the bright side, this frees up my time for an actually well-written, healthy, and explicitly canon relationship, Malec

Eyy! I’m doin mun asks now!

(So some of you managed to caught my extremely sudden anger issue spurting into the blog. I do apologize. I posted on a wrong blog, which in this case means I ended up putting it here rather than on my main blog where no one really talk to anyone nor do they care.  

Moving on.

Some of you sent some messages in hoping I would get better 

In which I really appreciate. It’s rare for me to get such things considering how much I don’t put my issues on the internet anymore. I say ‘anymore’ because my god I ban you from searching up my old accounts on social medias when it comes to my 6th grade self. 

I got side track again. 

I am doing fine now .Those issues come fast and depends on how people around me treated me that day, it goes away on its own. Or after couple of silent emotional break downs full of tears with many teddy bears hugging, screaming in pillows so people couldn’t hear me and literally locking myself away for almost half a day.

Getting off of that. 

We hit 400 ! It’s pretty cool but I still have no idea how to celebrate. I tried streaming to celebrate but only 3 people came, I tried writing about Yuko to celebrate but those things did the worst out of all posts I posted in character, I tried asking for you guy’s ideas and none of you responded so it all comes back to me. 

But it’s okay, neglect is something I am used to. 

Maybe I can do those mun asks if you guys are interested? Wait, why am I asking you guys? A lot of you guys don’t care. If you care, some of you probably have said something on my older posts. I know there are few that do care but the majority don’t. You get the idea. 


I am human and I have my own issues. I don’t want to bother you about it so things like that old post will not happen again. Please don’t ignore my old post when I talk about how I am annoyed at people changing my character without discussing with me first. I will be doing mun asks so feel free to send in some, or not, is there anyone to read it this far? And also, the internet company where I live is literally shit rn, apparently they ran into some glitch and now internet is really crappy so excuse my slowness. 

Thankyu for reading and following me. I hope you’ll like my future posts. )

Here’s the thing? Since that anon pointed out my art looked very similar to another artist here on Tumblr, and unintentionally too! I’ve been pretty scared to post my art, And I don’t know how to fix the situation? I am now aiming to work on my style so it is not similar and is something that represents me more? Any suggestions on what to do, Should i take a break? Thanks frens!


There’s a place you just cant reach unless you have a dream too large to bear alone.
We call everything on the ice “love". 

–– Happy Birthday to Annie (@shotous) !!! ♡ * :・゚✧ ♡