but now he's dead

now i’m imagining sherlock while he was “dead” pacing the floor at 3 am in some tiny dingy flat halfway across the world, too pissed off to sleep because he suddenly remembered that mycroft said that sherlock was alarmed by sex once, a couple of years ago, and sherlock just now thought of a good comeback

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Look. He's dead. And now you get to deal with your catatonic walking corpse of a lover and funeral arrangements and everything else because he failed the boy. The kid you wouldnt even let call you his father. How does that make you feel, Khadgar?

“Shut up!” He snarled out, “Shut up! This is not true! It can’t be true!”

So what I learned from the trailer:

Felix is PISSED and I love it. I have suspicions that Locus is dead now, though, and I’m very concerned. He’s either dead or he’s somewhere else but Felix was so mad??? He might be knocked out.

Team dad Wash believing in his smol children like oh my god, I missed that from back in Season 11 like “I believe in you. All of you.” Simmons probably fainted at how much dad was being directed at him.

And Carolina like “Tucker take Epsilon” uuugh. Now we KNOW he’s going to die this episode or the next? And Tucker’s going to have to be the one to do it and Carolina may not be able to say goodbye and oH lord. I’m very sad and excited!

And who are the guys with the Mantis? The Pirates, I assume, but are they at the comm tower? Yeah, probably, Wash and Carolina just couldn’t go in there because they had to take down the Mantis.

AAAAA I’m so excited!!! #TheEndIsNear

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I'm pretty sure someone's going to exact sheer revenge on Clark for giving the whole of Gensokyo nightmares.

[Nonsense.  Everything will be fiiiiiiine.  After all, everyone else who caused incidents that might destroy Gensokyo as we know it are all good friends now!]

[It’s a good thing he doesn’t stay dead.]

So I just noticed this in the Joker+Scare Toxin scene. That entire scene is showing us Joker’s worst fears. We see a destroyed statue of himself, an empty wake, and Vicki Vale hosting a radio show in which no one remembers him. And in the same scene, there’s this newspaper.

So does this confirm that one of Joker’s greatest fears is losing Harley? To not be remembered by even her? Harley is the one person he can always count on to remember him, and the thought that she of all people would move on, terrifies him. This is more than “someone took something of his”. That’d be anger. No, he’s genuinely terrified that now that he’s dead, Harley will forget about him and move on.

  • Tucker:Back in Blood Gulch, we lost Leonard Church. Caboose killed him with our own tank and it's sad that he's dead now.
  • Church (from Carolina's AI slot):QUIT TELLING EVERYONE I'M DEAD
  • Tucker:Sometimes I can still hear him.
Demon Within - Closed RP

To say things were stressful would be an understatement. Moving back into the apartment wasn’t going as smoothly as Lewis had hoped. He should have expected as much, though. You can’t pick up your life right where you left off after a year, especially now that you’re dead.

He couldn’t leave the house very often and when he did Lewis was forced to wear sunglasses to cover his dead eyes. Wasn’t ready to go home and face his family, couldn’t get a job, Lewis was stuck at home whenever they weren’t on a case. Which they hadn’t taken many since his return. Vivi said they needed some down time to readjust.

And to make matters worse, he didn’t know where he stood with any of the others…

He’d learned Mystery wasn’t actually a dog but a Kitsune. The 600 year old beast helping explain to the ghost what really happened in the cave that night. It had helped convince Lewis of Arthurs innocence. He hadn’t been willing to listen to his supposed murderer or the girl working off of barely-there memories. But when a dog grows 5 times its normal size and begins talking, you start listening! But now things just seemed so awkward between them. Recalling all the times he had baby talked Mystery, made him beg for treats, made him want to skull palm himself. At least the not-dog had enjoyed the belly rubs… Or was that just part of the act also?

The situation with Vivi wasn’t much better. She was still a little sore at him for ever thinking Arthur would willingly murder him and tried to get revenge. She was also pissed that Lewis had erased her memory (something he hadn’t consciously done, btw) but he’d reluctantly gave them back. He was rather torn when the bluenette admitted that she didn’t feel comfortable re-starting their relationship. He tried to be understanding, after all, feelings change over a year, thinking someone was dead. Maybe, hopefully, if given time, Vivi would change her mind.

And then there was Arthur…

Oh he could write whole books about all the emotions he felt towards the blond. He knew now Arthur wasn’t to blame for his death. But that didn’t erase the time he’d spent stewing in rage and lusting for revenge. Lewis caught himself many times a day slipping back into that mindset. A passing thought about how easy it would be to get payback. And it always ended with him feeling guilty and hating himself for thinking that way again. Lewis could tell his return put the blond in a good deal of stress too. But couldn’t for the life (ha!) of him think of a way to settle this mess between them. Instead, Lewis tried to keep his distance from the blond. Aside from cooking the two living inhabitants meals and occasionally bumping into him while cleaning the apartment the ghost made almost no contact with Arthur.