but now have this informative graph


{how to maintain good notes}

1. Come to class with a legal pad, a pencil or pen, and a highlighter.

  • use only these materials to jot down lecture notes
  • don’t worry about formatting or how neat it looks
  • your notes only need to be legible and somewhat organized
  • you can mess up on graphs/charts/diagrams

Why? The legal pad is as simple as notebooks get. You can rip out pages, you can write upside down. One pencil and one highlighter means you won’t spend any time trying to make your notes look pretty. That doesn’t matter now. The only thing you need to focus on during a lecture is writing down the important information.

2. After class, revisit your notes and copy it into your notebook.

  • you have as much time as you need to format your notes exactly how you want
  • writing something down twice helps you remember it later
  • seeing the same thing a second time makes you ask questions about the material
  • helps you study now so that you have less review to do at exams

Why? I know many of you are perfectionists, so when you make a mistake on a diagram, you feel compelled to rip out the page or quit all together. Copying it into a nice notebook forces you to find the best way to format your notes and digest the lecture materials. You will have an organized notebook to refer back to when studying for exams and finals.

3. Create a table of contents and number the pages.

4. Print charts/graphs/diagrams and paste them into your notes.

  • excellent precision and accuracy
  • on scratch paper (or your legal pad!) try to recreate the diagrams as best as possible – use this to study

I hope these tips will help you keep your notebook neat and organized!

graphs on a Cartesian plane are mindblowing to me - specifically the fact that they’re a metaphor, one of the most useful metaphors our species has invented and utilized

If I’m at a lecture and looking at a graph of how wind electricity power generation fluctuates throughout a day (x is time) or as a function of wind speed (x is velocity), that image is a metaphor for *the way wind turbines act in response to variables*, and when I look at those couple of lines I’m translating it into an understanding of the behavior of an abstraction of a particular type of machine

moreover this metaphor is continuous - every point on the function that is drawn out has a specific meaning, e.g. ‘this specific dot tells me that at wind speed X, the power generated is Y’

even more amazing to me is that the math that governs (underlies? is a basis of?) both geometry and physics makes it so that the area under the curve translates to something meaningful as well - in this case, the amount of energy generated throughout a time period - the area is a metaphor for a physical quantity

when I do math, to reason about statistics, what I’m really trying to understand is the behavior of the world - if I have prior assumption X and observe n events, what is my new belief Y? - but I am unable to clearly understand the behavior of the world without drawing out on a piece of paper two axes + some dots or some lines - and my need to do this to get the answer effectively isn’t a feature of how the universe works, it’s a feature of how the human brain and education in my culture works* - and if I had a brain that processed information very differently, this metaphor may seem redundant or opaque or silly

* although graphs on a cartesian plane are so useful I can’t imagine what other visualization tool - and it would have to be a visualization tool - an AU modern human culture could use if they didn’t converge onto ours

more than the cosmos

[ @jonsa-creatives Yes, it’s a bit early, but happy day one! I poured my heart and soul into this fic for today. It took about a month and a half to write, and it’s 15 pages on Google Docs (I was aiming for 3 originally- oops). This is based off of the movie Interstellar, which I LOVE. Even though it was difficult to write, this piece is my pride and joy! Enjoy! ❤, Amelia ]

more than the cosmos (ao3)

day one: travel


When he stumbled upon the secret NASA base several miles away from his old, run-down farmhouse, Jon hadn’t wanted anything to do with the mission that Dr. Eddard Stark was proposing. A search for a planet that could host human life - it seemed more foolhardy than hopeful. But then, when he was introduced to astrobiologist Sansa Stark, that all seemed to change.

And now he’s standing at the docking station, helmet in one hand as he prepares to leave his entire world behind.

“I’m still working on the gravity problem. By the time you return, I’ll have solved it,” says Dr. Stark, gazing up at the massive ship. The only reason humans haven’t escaped the desolate earth is because gravity prevents such large objects to leave the atmosphere. Jon hopes with all his heart that Dr. Stark finds a way. He’s rather fond of humanity.

He has never expected to return to the pilot’s seat. After NASA was shut down and he went back to farming corn, it seemed like he was doomed to live a life bound to the crops that failed year after year. But now, here he is, about to embark on a journey that could determine the future of mankind.

“I’ll take care of Sansa,” says Jon, “and Robb, too.” It can’t be easy for Dr. Stark to let his two oldest children dive into the cosmos. Jon had known the Starks from his days as a pilot. They were always there for each other, like a wolf pack.

“Hey, Dr. Snow, ready to hop on the highway to hell?”

There are two robots going with them on the journey. Jon turns to face one of them - Ghost - who looms over him. The robots are tall, rectangular forms that are comprised of smaller rectangles to help them move, and small screens that display data. Ever since Jon arrived, Ghost has taken a liking to him. The other one, Lady, is over with the other crew members. He catches Sansa’s eye, and she offers a bright smile

“Ghost, what’s your humor setting?” Dr. Stark asks.

“Ninety five percent, sir.”

“Let’s tone that down to an even eighty.” Ghost lumbers away, and he turns to shake Jon’s hand.

“Good luck, Jon Snow. We’re counting on you.”

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Everyone knows how to “Google,” but not everyone Googles efficiently. This one-minute video from Hack College offers these three essential tips:

Be Specific. Find pages within sites using site:[website URL] and your search phrase, find authors using author:[name], and type intitle:[word] to find a page with that word in the title.
Format. Use filetype:[jpg or other extension] to find images and all sorts of files (such as docs and pdfs)
Broaden Your Search. Use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard search operator to fill in the blanks. For example, “Why money is *”
Taking this further, you can als

Find exams to practice with and other reference materials. Taking the “site:” operator a little further, you can search only education sites by typing in site:edu. This comes in handy when search for exams you can use to practice with: “site:edu advanced chemistry exam.” Combine this with the “filetype:pdf” or “filetype:doc” format for additional exams and documents. You can find a list of Google search operators on this Google help page and even more advanced operators here, but there are also non-official filetypes, such as “hlp for help files and js for Javascript files” you can search for (which we know thanks to the NSA, oddly enough).

History/politics students (or anyone interested in government) should also remember they can search site:gov.

Find more research. Use the “related:” operator to find similar sites to broaden your research. For example, “related:www.lifehacker.com” or “related:www.nsa.gov” to make sure you’re covering all your bases in your research.

Limit search results. Let’s say your professor doesn’t want you to use certain sources. Use the minus sign (-) operator to exclude results from a certain site (e.g., “encryption -site:Wikipedia.org”). You can also do this to refine the results when a word can mean more than one thing (e.g., “jaguar -car”).

Similarly, if there’s only a range of dates, measurements, or other numbers you want to find, use two periods (..) to set that range, e.g., “manufacturing 1990..2001” or “laptops ..$1000” (leave out one of the numbers to set a minimum or maximum).

Combine modifiers together. There are all sorts of powerful things you can do when you combine these search tricks. For example: “site:nytimes.com high school "test scores” -SAT2010..2014"

Here are more research tricks in one handy infographic.

Use Google Search Shortcuts to Pull Up Quick Answers
Google Tips and Tricks Every Student Should Know

You shouldn’t have to dig around or visit web pages for easy answers.

Get definitions. Use “define [word]” to quickly bring up a word’s definition.

Make your browser do math. Also, start typing in your browser to do instant calculations and conversions (you don’t even have to hit enter!)

Have Google fill in the blanks. Just start typing something in, and Google’s autocomplete will likely give you the answer. For example “Martin Luther King Jr. was born on ” will show you “January 15 1929” and “Thomas Edison invented ” will list a few notable inventions. Google’s Knowledge Graph might even show you quickly the answers you’re looking for beneath your search. If autocomplete doesn’t help, add the “*” wildcard to get more answers (e.g., “Obama voted * on the * bill” to give you stories on a bunch of different bills).

Check out 20 Google Search shortcuts that can come in handy, and if you’re using Google Now, you have over 60 commands you can use to get quick information just by saying “Okay Google.”

Organize and Cite Research with Google Drive
Google Tips and Tricks Every Student Should Know

Google Drive comes with a research tool that finds information for you while you work on your paper. It also conveniently grabs the citation and inserts it, already formatted, for you into your document. Handy!

To use it, go to Tools > Research in your document or presentation and enter your search term. You can also right-click on a word or phrase in your document to search it. Click on the Google icon to specifically search images, Google Scholar, quotes, and more.

In the research pane, hover over a link to preview the page, click on it to open in a new tab, or drag-and-drop selected text into your document. The “cite” button will grab the citation (in MLA, APA, or Chicago styles) and the “insert link” button will insert the source website into your document.

Search Google Books and Use Google Scholar
Google Tips and Tricks Every Student Should Know

In the olden days, we had to go to the library and look up books that possibly had information in them as resources for papers. Now, you can just do a Google book search (which includes magazines) for anything that’s relevant, copy quotes, and pull all the information needed for your bibliography.

Head to books.google.com to start researching your topic or use Google’s advanced book search for options like book language, author, publication dates, and more. In the search results, you can also click on “Search tools” to filter books by ones that are available with a preview, select books or magazines, and filter or sort by date.

Public domain books can be downloaded as PDF, and out of copyright or books with author/publisher permission are fully viewable. You can search within books too, and have your search phrase highlighted, as well as add books to your library for future reference.

Additionally, when you search on a title, Google’s book overview page will list popular passages, a word cloud, bibliographic information, and other reference information.

You know what else people don’t talk about enough? (A Kaiju question)

How big Arch (Ultraman) Belial is.

Here is Arch Belial HOLDING Ultraman Zero. In his hand. Ultraman Zero is full size in this picture. Let’s think about that for a second. The average size of an Ultraman (Zero included) is about 50meters. That’s a pretty universal standard for kaiju, within and across many franchises. The only thing that comes close to this imposing size is probably Giga Berserk from Ultraman Max (seen below)

This is Max fighting Giga Berserk AFTER Max uses his size increase ability (previously displayed in the series’ Baltan episodes), and this roughly triples Max’s size (earlier in this episode, Max is shown being hung up by Berserk almost crucifixion style, sort of a throwback to Ultraman Ace). 

At an rate, this puts Arch Belial at the incredible size of 300meters. This is almost as tall as the Eiffel Tower (short by one measly meter), and taller than almost any other kaiju in any other franchise. This is taller than Godzilla on his BEST DAY (Godzilla’s tallest incarnations include Heisei Godzilla topping out at 100meters, Legendary’s Godzilla at 108.2 meters, and Super Godzilla of the namesake game at 180meters).

The universal standard for Godzilla is usually the Heisei era, so we’ll use that for comparison (seen below).

This is out of the Godzilla Compendium, an official archive source of Godzilla information up to the end of the Heisei era, so it’s as official as it get as far as size sources (this image is cropped such that the pinnacle of the size graph is representative of 150m). Now, lets show what Godzilla looks like compared to Arch Belial.

… I mean there you have it folks. On the left side you see the original picture of the cropped size chart, two-fold, representing 300 meters. And on the far right, you see the equivalent of three Godzillas, 100 meters each. And between them, you see ONE Arch Belial (Zero still in hand). Yes I am measuring Belial up to the crystal spine protruding from his shoulder, but that is how the official measurement is based. At 3 Godzilla’s and 6 Zero’s, Arch Belial is possibly one of the most incredibly powerful, if not the absolute largest kaiju ever.

Yesterday at work was so slow that I made a table comparing the different ages of kpop artists in light of debut date and the average position of leaders in terms of their group age ranges.

Today is a new day and I have no idea what to do with this information.

Cheater Pt.2

[A/N:Hey guys!!! Sorry it took so long for part 2 but I hope you enjoy it!!!]

Part 1  Part 3

Taeyong was stomping down the hallway to Ten’s apartment that he shared with Johnny. He knocked on the door, furious about how Ten had given you false information. Ten had done many things to make him made before, but this was the last straw.

Johnny opened the door, hair messy and pajamas still on. He looked at Taeyong, confused and frankly worried. Taeyong looked ruined. He looked tired, angry, sad and the most unusual, messy. He was in a pair of sweat pants and a sweatshirt, hair still uncombed and only one shoe on. If he didn’t have a look of hatred on his face Johnny would have been hestirical.

“Good Morning?” Johnny said hesitantly as Taeyong stood in front of the door, breathing wildly. “Would you like some sugar or?” Johnny joked slightly, hoping it would lighten the mood. It didn’t. Taeyong met his eyes and if looks could kill, Johnny would be a dead man.

“Where’s Ten?” Taeyong growled so low it was hard fro Johnny to hear.

“Ten? Uh….maybe in his ro-” Johnny started before getting cut off by Taeyong storming into the apartment. Johnny was appalled, Taeyong never acted like this. Even if he was mad, he was never this angry.

Taeyong made his way to Ten’s room, opening the door with a bang and seeing a lump under the covers. He threw the covers off to see pillows and a few more blankets along with a note sayinig he’d be gone for the day.

Taeyong shrunk to his knees, hands gripping the blankets tightly as he tried desperately not to scream. How could this happen? Where did it start? Where does it end? How do i explain this to Y/N? He asked himself. there wasn’t an answer now.


You sat in your bed. Everything was silent. Taeyong wasn’t in the kitchen like usual. He wasn’t making breakfast for you two to share in bed when you woke up. He wouldn’t be coming soon to wake you up with a flutter of kisses. You didn’t know where he was. Probably with Joy you scoffed. out of all of your friends you thought Joy would be the last to betray you like this. Obvious you were very wrong.

All of the things that have been happening have got you thinking what else have i been thinking that’s wrong? From friends to business choices you’ve been tragically wrong lately and it was starting to get to you.

There had been a new job that had opened recently and many people in your office wanted it. It offered a raise and more time off to do personal things. It was a win-win and you were dying to get it. Maybe then you could try to fix this crack in your relationship with Taeyong. Now, the job was defiantly not yours. It was probably Song Taeyeon’s. The only reason why she had gotten it is because she slept with your boss, which you were offered too, but you would never ever do something like that. He even started to go off on you, saying that you lead him on. Needless to say you quit your job that day. That was Friday and now it’s Sunday. You would have to find a job soon so you could move to a different apartment.

Before that though, you would have to start packing your things to stay at Amber’s. You defiantly weren’t staying here and she was the best friend that was always there for you. especially because Joy now meant less than nothing to you now.


“Wait, what happened?!” Johnny exclaimed as he held a crying Taeyong in his arms.

“I don’t even know anymore! It’s all a blur and I don’t know where it started or where it’ll end.” Taeyong cried. He was beyond sad. Beyond angry. Beyond any definition of words to describe his feelings right now.

“I’m sure Ten just saw it at the wrong angle, he can explain to Y/N. Don’t worry it’ll all be fine soon.” He assured his histaricl friend.

Taeyong hoped it would be better soon, but couldn’t help but think it wouldn’t be. Ten seemed to have you wrapped around his finger.


(Ending #1)

It’s been about a month and you’re still living with Amber. In fact you share rent money now and you’re much better friends, closer than ever. Taeyong has seemed to move on from you. You’re not really friends with Ten anymore, instead your dating. You’ve been together for about two weeks and Ten seems thrilled about it. You don’t know if Taeyong knows yet, but you don’t really want to tell him yourself. You don’t really want to talk to him at all.

You feel terrible for being upset for false pretenses, but he still did kiss Joy. Amber had been there as well and saw the whole thing. She even took a picture. It all made sense when she explained to you when you got to her apartment.

She told you all that had happened and the conversation she heard before they kissed. It made your heart hurt but you couldn’t find it in yourself to go up to Taeyong after that morning. He didn’t feel like he could explain to you what had happened. To this day he still thinks that you don’t know the whole story.

Now though, you have a new job. You work for SM! You’re not an idol(Or trainee) but you work with development and information. It’s nice to see Amber and Ten everyday. Not so much fun to see Taeyong and Joy, but what the hey? Although it’s not very fun to see that they’re “dating” now. At least that’s what SM wanted to call it. You try not to worry much though, all you have to worry about is Amber, Ten, and the stupid graphs you have to make everyday.

[TBH I Don’t really like this ending (That’s why it says ending #1) but it’s what the og requester wanted so… yep! I’ll have 1 more ending soon (HOPEFULLY!)]+{I’m sorry i cant’s spell hesterical or what ever the flipping word is, i tried man times and failed each and everyone, i just hope you understand what it’s supposed to be}

~Admin Aussie

anonymous asked:

this was partially addressed under the 'do i have bpd?' section, but i have only recently learned about what bpd is and now i'm starting to think i might have it, but i'm worried i don't really, and that i'm just reading about the symptoms and thinking i experience them when i don't. is it common to only think/realize you have certain symptoms after reading about them, when you didn't think you did before?

It’s very common! It’s not unique to BPD, either. Nobody, not even neurotypicals, has perfect self-awareness. People with personality disorders, however, struggle even more with perceiving and processing our identities, thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Sometimes alexithymia plays a role, as we can’t understand what we’re feeling or find words to express it. We might know it when we hear it described, but not be able to describe it ourselves.

Because our symptoms colour all of our perceptions so much, it’s hard for us to even perceive symptoms as separate from our sense of self. Basically, we think that our mood swings, impulsivity, etc, are us. We may know that our symptoms distress us, but we may believe we wanted or chose our thoughts and feelings anyway. This (as well as our tendency to think in black and white, all or nothing terms) can make us feel that we are just bad people, because we blame ourselves for symptoms we don’t know how to control.

I think only having rolemodels without BPD can be bad for us, especially if we don’t know about BPD. We assume that everybody else feels similar things to us, when actually they don’t! To us, it looks like they are easily jumping over all the hurdles that trip us up, when in fact they don’t have those hurdles in their minds at all.

In addition, if you don’t know about BPD, you’re not looking out for the symptoms! It doesn’t mean you didn’t always have those symptoms. Look around and think about how many blue things there are around you right now. Until I told you to do that, you probably didn’t know how many things around you were blue, but now everything blue is jumping out at you. They were there the whole time though!

People with BPD also tend to feel like imposters or fakes very often. Both our symptoms and our own efforts to cope with them make us second-guess ourselves constantly. When I’m afraid that I’m faking a reaction or symptom, these things can help:

  • Taking it seriously - if it’s not as bad as it feels then I’ll be fine anyway, but ignoring/invalidating symptoms may only make them worse in the end
  • Asking myself how else I could act/react and thinking about which action/reaction suits my needs and the situation best
  • Applying healthy coping strategies that fit the symptoms
  • Writing down how I feel right now without judgement
  • Keeping a journal or diary of symptoms
  • Reading over things I have written in the past about my symptoms
  • Making a chart or graph to visually demonstrate to myself what symptoms I have and when
  • Reading BPD resources and experiences of other people with BPD
  • Talking to other people with BPD about how their symptoms feel and what triggers them
  • Talking to a therapist or doctor about my symptoms or asking for more information about BPD
  • Using self affirmations
  • Asking the people around me what their observations of me are

In summary: You are not invalid if you didn’t recognise your symptoms as symptoms before you started learning about BPD. You just didn’t know what to look for before!

Recommended reading: Do I have BPD? / Am I faking? / Identity issues in BPD / Am I suffering enough?

- Exo

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hey anne! i hope you're doing a bit better after your mental health break! this question isn't urgent at all, so take your time. i know you're busy. i was wondering how to make a study guide. i've never actually made one to use, i usually just study from my notes but idk this seems beneficial. thanks for the help.

Thank you!

I’ll make a longer video addressing this very topic in a few weeks, but a brief overview of how I make study guides:

  1. Get out your notes, PowerPoint printouts, textbook, handouts, worksheets, whatever and have them in one place
  2. Organize info. For history, I’ll usually organize chronologically, whereas for math or science, I’ll organize by topic
  3. Get a blank slate. Butcher paper, a whiteboard, a Word document, a sheet of lined/unlined/graph paper–whatever works best for you.
  4. Start reading. Find out where your notes and the textbook line up. Make connections between the concepts you learned in class and the practice problems in your homework. Summarize the important points from each lecture your teacher gave.
  5. Synthesize. Got all that figured out? Good. Now write it down. Draw from multiple sources and compile that information on your study guide.

Some other tips:

  • Use colors. Not only will your study guide be prettier to look at, but it will also be easier to read and remember.
  • Draw pictures. If you’re a visual person, charts and diagrams will work wonders.

Hope this is good enough for now. I’ll make a video explaining more later. (Or at least a post with lots of pictures.)

SHINee Valentines Fic Exchange #17 - for tokkitaepup

Title: Countdown
Pairing: Taemin/Key
Rating: R
To: tokki​taepup
From: your valentine
Summary: Kim Kibum works for the government on a top secret research project. When the newbie comes in thinking he’s hot shit and Kibum instead has to prove himself to this new kid, this Lee Taemin, shit hits the fan. Especially when they are assigned to work together in keeping this secret research project guarded and something goes terribly wrong, forcing the deep-seeded (and somewhat unrealized feelings they both have for one another) to the surface. The nation’s safety might be at risk, but the only thing that the government workers are focused on at the moment are how fast each other’s hearts are beating when they get close.

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hornkerling  asked:

Mordin, 7

7: Clarity

Mordin Solus hates waste. Prefers to save materials, components, tools, information. Too much information lost already, inaccessible. Maelon’s death, waste of a good brain. But: intelligence and knowledge misused. Unethical experiments, involuntary test subjects, dangerous goal. Foolishly motivated by guilt. Poor management of emotions. Should have seen it earlier. Could not be trusted. Likely to begin experiments again, new location, new clan, new victims. Success or failure, both dangerous. Too much risk to leave him alive.

Maelon’s data, however…

Mordin thinks about the saved data. More often now that Collector mission is over. Makes a good break from preparing report on Collectors for STG (need to put the right information in the right ears, spread the word; the dalatrasses will do what they will, but STG should know truth). Data to collate, graphs to create; important to make report in most efficient and persuasive manner.

Valuable, sometimes, to give cognitive processes a break. Think about something else, like Maelon’s data. Maelon intelligent, though misguided. Learned a great deal through reprehensible experimentation. Possible key to curing genophage.

By now, Mordin has had the debate with Shepard multiple times. Krogan suffer under genophage, true; but still, original parameters apply. Unchecked krogan population growth led to aggression, led to Krogan Rebellions. Nearly destroyed galactic order; might have destroyed asari, salarian, even turian populations. Genophage was necessary act of desperation, like uplifting krogan in first place. Salarian mistake then. Genophage not a mistake. Necessary. Easy for humans to criticize.

Yet, true that krogan suffer now. Intention to keep krogan population stable, prevent population growth, since krogan showed either no inclination or no ability to do it themselves. Made them a threat to all. Must not be forgotten.

Still. Decline in krogan society not intended. Ah! Yes. Mistake. Failed to consider impact of forced sterility upon krogan psychology. Lack of ability to give birth and rear young leading to despair, lack of future planning. Especially affecting to female krogan; majority unable to exercise maternal instinct, physical and emotional trauma of multiple stillbirths. Error possibly due to difference in salarian vs. krogan reproduction. Salarians oviparous.

Mordin makes a note. Worth considering in future research. Possibly work out something for publication. He finds that he’s making more notes about the data, almost without thinking about it. How he might continue Maelon’s line of research. If, if necessary and desirable to cure genophage, this is how to do it. Yes.

Science can answer what and how, but not should. Ethics another dimension. Maelon’s data cannot answer that.

Troubled, Mordin puts the data aside and returns to the Collector report.